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- The bibliographical miscellany, or supplement
to the bibliographical dictionary. 2 vol.

London, 1806. 12

Discourses on various subjects relative to the
being and attributes of God, and his works in

creation, providence, and grace. 2 vol.

London, 1828, 9. 8

A concise view of the succession of sacred li-
terature, in a chronological arrangement of
authors and their works, from the invention
of alphabetical characters, to the year of our
Lord 1300. 2vol. ; [vol. i., in two parts; the
second by J. B. B. Clarke ; vol. ii. by J. B.
B. Clarke]. London, 1830, 32. 8

Another copy.

The Holy Bible, with a commentary. 1836.

A commentary on the New Testament. 3 vol.
[Wants titles.] London, 1834. 4

mineralogy at Cambridge. Travels in various
countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. 11 vol.
4th ed. London, 1817-1824. 8

* The life and remains of E. D. C. By the
Rev. William Otter, A.M. 2 vol.

London, 1825. 8

ner Temple. Reports of the discussions at the
monthly meetings of the society for promoting
Christian knowledge. 1833-1838.

London, 1839. 8

Diplomatic relations with Rome, a departure
from the Act of Settlement. 8th ed.

London, 1848. 8
ticism and poetry ; or, the patriarchal bless-
ings of Isaac and of Jacob metrically analysed
and translated ; with appendixes of readings
and interpretations of the four greater pro-
phets, interspersed with metrical translation
and composition. London, 1810. 8

CLARKE (JOHN), D.D., Dean of Samm.An
enquiry into the cause and origin of evil : in
which the principal phenomena of nature are
explained according to the true principles of
philosophy ; more particularly in answer to
Mr Bayle, and other defenders of the ancient
Manichsean scheme of two independent prin-
ciples. Being the substance of eight sermons
preached... in the year 1719, at the lecture
founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle.

London, 1721. 8

[And in a collection of sermons preached at

the Honourable Robert BOYLE'S Lecture. ] 1739

An examination of the notion of moral good
and evil. London, 1725. 8

!LARKE (JOHN), Master of the grammar-school
at Hull. An essay upon study.

London, 1731. 12

! LARKE (J. E.). Dissertation on the dragon,
beast, and false prophet, of the Apocalypse, in
which the number 666 is satisfactorily explain-
ed. And also a full illustration of Daniel's
vision of the ram and he-goat.

London, 1814. 8

A concise view of the succession of sacred
literature ; [a continuation of the work com-
menced by Adam CLARKE]. 1830, 32

LARKE (LAURENCE), A.M. A compleat his-
tory of the life of... Jesus Christ, with the



lives, travels, ami suinjrings of the Apostles
and Evangelists. Illustniu d with explanatory
notes. To which is prefixed, the life of the
blessed virgin Mary. London, 1740. 4

CLARKE (MATTHEW). Sermons. .. .To which are
added, some memoirs of his life, and the ser-
mon preach'd at his funeral by Daniel Neale,
A.M. London, 1727. 8

CLARKE (SAMUEL), Minister of St Bennefs-Fu.t:,
London. A mirrour or looking-glasse for both
saints and sinners. /. ' . !<!''.. ,s

The marrow of ecclesiastical historic, conteined
in the lives of the Fathers, and other learned
men, and famous divines... from Christ's time
to this present age Together with the livelie
effigies of most of the eminentest of them cut
in copper. London, 1650. 4

- Medulla theologise : or the marrow of divini-
ty : contained in sundry questions and cases
of conscience, both speculative and practical ;
the greatest part of them collected out of the
works of our most judicious, experienced, and
orthodox English divines. The rest are sup-
plied by the authour. London, 1G59. fol.

- The lives of sundry eminent persons in this
later age. 1. Of divines. 2. Of nobility and
gentry of both sexes ; with his own life, and
the lives of the Countess of Suffolk, Sir N.
Barnardiston, Mr R. Blackerby, and Mr S.
Fairclough, by other hands.

London, 1683. fol.

CLARKE (SAMUEL), son of thepreceding. Minis-
ters dues and peoples duty : or a bill of ac-
counts between ministers and people.

London, 1661. 4

Scripture justification ; or, a discourse of jus-
tification, according to the evidence of Scrip-
ture-light ; wherein the nature of justification
is fully opened ; the great point of justifica-
tion by works, both of the law and gospel, is
clearly stated ; all those scriptures which con-
cern justification, with divers others, are ex-
plained. Together with a thesis concerning
the interest of Christ's active obedience to our
justification. London, 1698. 4 C

The Holy Bible, or, a family Bible, with an-
notations. 1737. See BIBLES ENGLISH. A.

CLARKE (SAMUEL), D.D., great-grandson of S.
Clarke of St Bennefs-Fink. A collection of the
promises of Scripture, under their proper heads
...With an appendix relating to the future
state of the Church. Edin., 1815. 16

CLARKE (SAMUEL), D.D., Rector of St James's,
Westminster. The works of S. C. With a
preface giving some account of the life, writ-
ings, and character of the author, by Benjamin
Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester. 4 vol. [Vol.
i. and ii., 5th ed.] London, 1738, 42. fol.

A sermon preach'd at the parish church of St
James's, Westminster, November 17, 1710.
Being the day of thanksgiving for the suc-
cesses of the fore-going campaign.

London, 1710. 8

The Scripture doctrine of the Trinity, in three
parts. Wherein all the texts of the New Tes-
tament, relating to that doctrine, and the

principal passages in the liturgy of the Church
of England, are collected, compared, ami BZ-
plaii !'-,'. 171-'. 8

A letter to the Rev. Dr Wells, in answ..

his remarks, Ac. London, 1714. 8

* The Scripture doctrine of the most holy and
undivided Trinity vindicated from the mia-
iv presentations of Dr Clarke. [By James
KMCHT.] To which is prefixed, a letter to
the Rev. Dr, by Robert Nelson. 2d ed.

London, 1714. 8

A reply to the objections of Robert Nelson,
Esq., and of an anonymous author [Janus
Knight, D.D.], against Dr Clarke's Scripture
doctrine of the Trinity. Being a commentary
upon forty select texts of Scripture. To w 1 1 i < 1 1
is added, an answer to the remarks of the
author [Dr Gastrell, Bishop of Chester] of
some considerations concerning the Trinity,
and the ways of managing that controversy.

London, 1714. 8

Another copy.

* The true Scripture doctrine of the Trinity
continued, and vindicated from the misrepre-
sentations of Dr Clarke, in answer to his reply.
By the author of the Scripture doctrine pub-
lished and recommended by. Mr Nelson.
[James KNIGHT.] London, 1815. 8

* A discourse shewing that the expositions
which the ante-Nicene Fathers have given of
the texts alleged against the Rev. Dr Clarke
by a learned layman, are more agreeable to the
interpretations of Dr Clarke, than to the in-
terpretations of that learned layman. By a
clergyman in the country. [Daniel WHITBT,
D.D.] London, 1714. 8

* An apology for Dr Clarke, containing an ac-
count of the late proceedings in Convocation,
upon his writings concerning the Trinity. Be-
ing a collection of original papers, viz., 1. The
complaint of the Lower House, June 2, 1714.
2. The answer of the bishops, June 4. 3.
Their message directing an extract, June 12.

4. The extract by the Lower House, June 23.

5. Dr Clarke's reply to it, June 26. 6. A
paper laid by Dr Clarke before the bishops,
July 2. 7. A letter to Dr Clarke occasioned
by it. 8. Part of his answer. 9. A paper
from Dr Clarke delivered to the Bishop of
London, July 5. 10. The resolution of the
Upper House, July 5. 11. The resolution of
the Lower House, July 7. Published by the
author of the above-mentioned letter to Dr
Clarke. London, 1714. 8

* Three letters to Dr C. from a clergyman of
the Church of England [Rev. John JACKSON,
Rector of Rossington] ; concerning his Scrip-
ture-doctrine of the Trinity. With the Doc-
tor's replies. London, 1714. 8

The modest plea, &c. , continued ; or, a brief
and distinct answer to Dr WATEBLAND'S
queries, relating to the doctrine of the Tri-
nity. 1720

A discourse on the being and attributes of
God, the obligations of natural religion, and
the truth and certainty of the Christian reve-



lation. In answer to MrHobbs, Spinoza, the
author of the oracles of reason [Charles Blount,
Mr Gildon, and others], and other deniers of
natural and revealed religion. Being sixteen
sermons preached... in the year 1704 and 1705,
at the lecture founded by the Hon Robert
Boyle. 4th ed. London, 1716. 8 r

Eighth edition. In which is inserted a dis-
course concerning the connection of the pro-
phecies in the Old Testament, and the appli-
cation of them to Christ. There is also an
answer to a seventh letter [from Bishop But-
ler] concerning the argument a priori in proof
of the being of God. London, 1732. 8 r

Ninth edition. London, 1738. 8

Another edition [of the sixteen sermons] ; in
a collection of sermons preached at the Hon.
Robert BOYLE'S lecture. 1739

Several letters to the Rev. Dr Clarke, from a
gentleman in Gloucestershire [Bishop BUTLER]
relating to [Dr C.'s a priori argument] with the
Dr's answers thereunto. London, 1716. 8
Fifth edition. London, 1731. 8

Sixth edition. London, 1738. 8

A collection of papers which passed between
the late learned Mr Leibnitz, and Dr Clarke,
in the years 1715 and 1716, relating to the
principles of natural philosophy and religion,
with an appendix. To which are added, Let-
ters to Dr Clarke concerning liberty and ne-
cessity ; from a gentleman of the University
of Cambridge : with the Doctor's answers to
them. Also, Remarks upon a book, entituled
A philosophical enquiry concerning human
liberty. London, 1717. 8

Another copy.

Three practical essays on baptism, confirma-
tion, and repentance. 4th ed.

London, 1721. 12

* An answer to the remarks upon Dr Clarke's
exposition of the Church-catechism. [By Ar-
thur Ashley SYKES.] 2d ed.

London, 1730. 8

* A defence of the Answer to the remarks
upon Dr Clarke's exposition of the Church-
catechism. Wherein the difference between
moral and positive duties is fully stated. Be-
ing a reply to a pamphlet entitled, The na-
ture, obligation, and efficacy of the sacra-
ments considered. [By Arthur Ashley SYKES. ]

London, 1730. 8

Sermons... published from the author's manu-
script, by John Clarke, D.D. With a preface,
giving some account of the life, writings, and
character, of the author : by Benjamin
[Hoadly], Bishop of Salisbury. 2d ed. 10
vol. London, 1730, 31. 8

A paraphrase on the four Evangelists. . . .With
critical notes on the more difficult passages.
10th ed. 2 vol. London, 1758. 8

* Historical memoirs of the life of Dr S. C.
Being a supplement to Dr Sykes's and Bishop
Hoadley's accounts. Including certain me-
moirs of several of Dr Clarke's friends. By
William Whiston. 2d ed.

London, 1730. 8

Third edition. London, 1748. 8
CLARKE (THOMAS). History of intolerance ;

with observations on the unreasonableness and
injustice of persecution, and on the equity and
wisdom of unrestricted religious liberty.

Waterford, 1819. 8

CLARKSON (DAVID), B.D., Felloiv of Clare-Hall,
Cambridge. Select works of the Rev. D. C.
Edited for the Wycliffe Society, by the Rev.
Basil H. Cooper, B.A. With historical no-
tices of the life and writings of the author, by
the Rev. J. Blackburn. London, 1846. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The practical works of D. C. 3 vol.

Edin., 1864, 65. 8

The practical divinity of the PAPISTS discover-
ed to be destructive of religion. 1070

No evidence for diocesan CHURCHES in the
primitive times. 1681

Diocesan CHURCHES not yet discovered in the
primitive times ; or, a defence of the answer
to Dr Stillingfleet's allegations out of antiquity
for such Churches. 1682

[And with the true history of Councils, by

Richard BAXTER.] 1682

Primitive Episcopacy, evincing from Scripture
and ancient records, that a Bishop in the
Apostles' times, and for the space of the first
three centuries of the gospel Church, was no
more than a pastor to one single Church or con-
gregation. London, 1688. 8

Another copy.

A discourse of the saving grace of God [on
Ephes. ii. 8]. London, 1688. 8 C

A discourse concerning liturgies.

London, 1689. 8

Sermons and discourses on several divine sub-
jects. London, 1696. fol.

CLARKSON (THOJMAS), M.A. An essay on the
comparative efficiency of regulation or aboli-
tion, as applied to the slave trade, shewing
that the latter only can remove the evils to be
found in that commerce. London, 1789. 8

A portraiture of Quakerism, taken from a view
of the moral education, discipline, peculiar
customs, religious principles, political and civil
economy, and character of the Society of
Friends. 3 vol. 2d ed. London, 1807. 8

The argument, "that the colonial slaves are
better off than the British peasantry," an-
swered, from the Jamaica Royal Gazette of
June 21, 1823. London, 1823. 8

Thoughts on the necessity of improving the
condition of the slaves in the British colonies,
with a view to their ultimate emancipation ;
and on the practicability, the safety, and the
advantages of the latter measure. 2d ed.

London, 1823. 8

History of the rise, progress, and accomplish-
ment of the abolition of the African slave trade
by the British Parliament. A new edition,
with prefatory remarks on the subsequent abo-
lition of slavery. London, 1839. 8

CLARKSON (WILLIAM). An inquiry into the
cause of the increase of pauperism and poor

1 -'2


rates ; with a remedy for the same, and a pro-
position for equalizing the rates throughout
ml niitl Wales. London, 181.".

CLARKSON (WILLIAM), Missionary to India.
Christ and missions : or, facts and
of evangelism. /. ,''/., l>.".s. rj

CLASON (JAMES), Minister at Ratho. Sermons.

With a biographical memoir by the Rev. P.

' Clason, D.D. , 1843. 12

CLASON (PATRICK), D.D., Minister of Free Buc-
cleuch chur<-h, J-^linburgh. Considerations on
the propriety of erecting the chapels of ease in
the parish of St Cuthbert into parish churches,
and on the necessity of increasing the church
accommodation : with a statement of the means
by which these objects may be accomplished.

,1833. 8

Speech in the Presbytery of Edinburgh, 28th
January 1835, on a motion regarding a suit-
able provision for the ministers of the Gospel
in the new and extended burghs of Scotland.
With illustrative notes. Edin., 1835. 8

Strictures on the statement of the central
board of Scottish dissenters, in a series of let-
ters to Bailie M'Laren. , 1835. 12

Two sermons preached in the Free High
church, Edinburgh, Nov. 6, 1853, after the
funeral of the late Robert Gordon, D.D. By
P. C. and William CCXXLXCHAM, D.D.

Edin., 1853. 8

CLAUBERGITJS (JOHAX>T>S), Professor in the
College of Duisburg. De cognitione Dei et
nostri quatenus natural! rationis lumine, se-
cundum veram philosophiam, potest compa-
rari. Exercitationes centum. Editio novis-
sima atque emendatissima.

Harlingce, 1685. 8

CLAUDE (JEAX), Minittcr of Charenton.
CEuvres posthumes de J. C. 5 torn.

Amsterdam, 1688, 9. 8

Another edition. Amsterdam, 1690. 8

Reponse aux deux traittez [par A. Arnatdd
et P. Nicole] intitulez, La perpetuite' de la f oi de
1'Eglise Catholique touchant 1'EucHARisriE.


The Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist in all
ages : In answer to what M. Arnatid alledges
touching the belief of the Greek, Moscovite,
Armenian, Jacobite, Nestorian, Coptic, Ma-
ronite, and other Eastern Churches. Where-
unto is added an account of the book of the
body and blood of our Lord, published under
the name of Bertram. In six books.

London, 1684. fol.

La defense de la Reformation contre le livre
[par Pierre Nicole] intitule', Pre'juge'z le'gitimes
contre les Calvinistes. 2 torn.

Amsterdam, 1683. 12

Faithfully translated into English by T. B.

London, 1683. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition. To which is prefixed a
sketch of the author's life. ...By John Towns-
end. 2 vol. London, 1815. 8

*La defense de 1'Eglise contre le livre de Mr.
1 :<le, intitule', La defense de la Reforma-
tion. [Par le P. DAMK- i KI ] _' f.m.

. L689. 12

Reponse au livre de Monsieur I'Kve^u
Meaux [J. B. Bossuet] intitule, Conference
avec M. Claude. 2 partt.

Charenton, 1683. 8

Les plaintes des Protestans cruellement op-
primez dans le roiaume de France.

we, 1713. 8

An essay on the composition of a sen
Translated from the original French. ...With
notes. By Robert Robinson. 2d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1782. 8 D

Fifth edition. With alterations and improve-
ments. By the Rev. Charles Simeon, M.A.

Cambridge, 1827. l'_

CLAUDERO. The curious history on several
occasions, being part of the works of the noted
poet Claudero, son of Nimrod the mighty
hunter, and late secretary to the Chevalier
Taylor, his Majesty's oculist and ophthalmia-
ter pontifical. s. 1. et a. 12

CLAUDIANUS (CLAUDIUS). Opera qvue exstant
omnia. Et Aviani ^Esopicanun fabularum
liber. Ex emendatione virorum doctorum.

DtMei, 1618. 12

Principum, heroumque, poetae prsegloriosissi-
mi quse exstant, Caspar Barthius...restituit.

Francofnrti, 1650. 4

Ex emendatione Nicolai Heinsii.

Amstelodami, 168*

CLAYTON (GEORGE), Minister of York Street
chajrtl, Wahrorth. The recollection of the mi-
series of a pagan condition, a motive to zeal
in the missionary cause. A sermon [on Ephes.
ii. 11, 12] preached before the London Mis-
sionary society, May 9, 1821.

London, 1821. 8
CLAYTON (JoHx). Sketches in biography.

Edin., 1825. 12

CLAYTON (ROBERT), D.D., Bishop of Clogher.
The chronology of the Hebrew Bible vindi-
cated : the facts compared with other ancient
histories, and the difficulties explained, from
the flood to the death of Moses, together with
some conjectures in relation to Egypt during
that period. London, 1747. 4

Another copy. [Wants title.]

An impartial enquiry into the time of the com-
ing of the Messiah : together with an abstract
of the evidence on which the belief of the Chris-
tian religion is founded ; in two letters to an
eminent Jew. London, 1751. 8

An essay on SPIRIT. 17 '."-I

Haren. A discourse occasioned by the death
of Daniel Webster. New York, 1853. 8

CLEAVER (ROBERT), Minister at Drayton, Ox-
fordshire. A plaine and familiar exposition of
the first and second chapters of the Proverbes
of Salomon. London, 1614. 4

A plaine and familiar exposition of the Pro-
verbes of Salomon, [chap, ix.-xx.] By John
DOD, and R, C. London, 1611-1615. 4



Bathshebaes instructions to her sonne Le-
muel : containing a fruitfull and plaine expo-
sition of the last chapter of the Proverbs.
Describing the duties of a great man, and the
vertues of a gracious woman. Penned by a
godly and learned man, now with God. Per-
used and published for the use of God's Church,
by John Dod, and William Hinde.

London, 1614. 4

- Three sermons upon Marke, the ninth chap-
ter, 22. 23. verses. London, 1611. 4


tory and properties, chemical and medical, of
tobacco. Glasgow, 1840. 4

CLELAND (JAMES), LL.D. Abridgment of the
annals of Glasgow. Glasgow, 1817. 8

Exemplification of the weights and measures
of the city of Glasgow, and the under ward of
Lanarkshire. Together with an account of the
weights and measures of several towns in Scot-
land. Glasgow, 1822. 8

Enumeration of the inhabitants of the city of
Glasgow and county of Lanark, for the Go-
vernment census of 1831.

Glasgow, 1831. fol.

CLEMENS, ROMANCS, Saint. Opera cum edita
turn inedita, turn vera, turn supposititia ; sc.
Epistolie duae ad Corinthios, et Constitutiones
apostolicae, Gr. et Lat. ; Recognitiones, in-
terp. Rufino Torano Aquileiensi ; Clementina
atque epitome de gestis S. Petri ; [cum opp.
SS Patr. per J. B. COTELERIUM]. 1724

Opera genuina. [Gr. et Lat. ; cum opp. SS
Patr. apostol. cura Richardi Russel, torn, i.]


Quae supersunt ; [Vol. i. Patrum apostoli-
corum, ed. Guliebnus JACOBSON.] 1838

Ad Corinthios epistolse duae [Gr. et Lat.], ex-
pressse ad fidem MSti cod. Alexandrini col-
lati cum editione Junii a Millio et Grabio ; il-
lustrate notis Junii et Cotelerii, necnon Johan
Boisii...Cum MSto cod. accurate de novo con-
tulit, notisque eas illustravit, et textum pluri-
mis in locis emendavit ; praef ationem etiam de
usu Patrum prsecipue apostolicorum, ac dis-
sertationes duas, alteram de divinitus instituto
clero, de imitate Ecclesiae alteram, praemisit
Henricus Wotton. Cantabrigice, 1718. 8

Another copy.

[Et cum Patr. apostol. epistt. ed. Fr. X.

REITHMAYR ; Gr. et Lat.] 1844

[Et cum Patr. apost. opp. ed. Car. Jos.

HEFELE. Gr. et Lat.] 1855

Interpr. Jo. Jac. Wetstenio ; [torn. i. Bibl.

vet. Patr. per A. GALLANDIUM.] 1788

Translated by William Wake ; [with the ge-
nuine epistles of the apostolical Fathers, by
W. WAKE.] 1719

Translated [the first epistle only] by Temple

Chevallier ; [with a translation of the epistles
of Clement of Rome, Polycarp, and Ignatius.
...With an introduction and brief notes... by
Temple CHEVALLIER.] 1833

Constitutiones sanctorum Apostolorum, doc-
trina catholica scripta libris octo ; Gr. et Lat. ; !

[torn. iii. Bibl. vet. Patrum per A. GALLAX-
DIUM.] 1788

De constitutionibus apostolicis, libri octo.
Nunc primum e tenebris eruti...Jo. Carolo
Bovio interprete. Antverpice, 1564. 12

Gr. and English ; with the various readings

from all the manuscripts. Published by Wil-
liam WTiiston. London, 1711. 8

Recognitiones ; cum notis J. B. Cotelerii ;
[torn. ii. Bibl. vet. Patrum, per A. GALLAN-
DIUM.] 1788

Et [Bib. Patr. Eccles. Lat. selecta...curante

E. G. Gersdorf. Vol. i.] Lipsice, 1838. 8

Syriace. Paulus Antonius de Lagarde edidit.

Lipsiai, 1861. 8

Opera qute extant, recognita et illustrata per
Joannem Potterum, Episcopum Oxoniensem.
[Gr. et Lat.] 2 torn. Oxonii, 1715. fol.

Another edition. Recognovit Reinholdus
Klotz. [Bibliotheca sacra Patrum Ecclesiae
Grsecorum. Pars iii.] 4 vol.

Lipsice, 1831-34. 12

CLEMENS (IsACtrs). Disputatio ex physica
special! continens problema quo quasritur cur
flamma sursum tendat, et quidem sub figura
pyramidali ? Ultrajecti, 1652. 4

A homily spoken by his Holiness, upon
Christmas-day, after the solemnization of
mass, in the cathedral church of St Peter, in
the year 1702. s. 1. et a. 4

NELLI], Pope. Epistolae et brevia selectiora
ac nonnulla alia acta pontificatum ejus illus-
trantia. . .Edidit Augustinus Theiner.

Parisiis, 1852. 8

CLEMENT (DAVID). Bibliotheque curieuse his-
torique et critique, ou catalogue raisonne' de
livres difficiles a trouver. 9 torn. ,

Gottingen, et Leipsic, 1750-1760. 4
[Ends with the entry, " Hesiod."]
CLEMENT (DENIS-XAVIER). Sermons. 9 torn.

Paris, 1770, 71. 12

Maximes pour se conduire chre'tienneinent
dans le monde. Nouvelle edition.

Paris, 1772. 8

CLEMENTIUS (IsACUs). Disputatio physica de
aqua. Ultrajecti, 1651. 4

CLENARDUS (NICOLAUS). Institutiones lin-
guae Graecae. Editio sexta.

Colonice, 1574. 16


CLERGY. Sketches of the Edinburgh clergy of
the established Church of Scotland. [By
John ANDERSON, Jun.] Edin., 1832. 8

The grounds and occasions of the contempt of
the clergy and religion enquired into. In a
letter written to R. L. [By John EACHARD.]
10th ed. London, 1696. 8

Some observations upon the answer to an in-
quiry into the grounds and occasions of the
contempt of the clergy. With some additions.
In a second letter to R. L. [By John EACH-
ARD.] 6th ed. London, 1696. 8

A vindication of the clergy from the contempt



imposed upon them by the author [John EACII-

he grounds and occasions of the con-

li-inpt of the ctorgy and religion, with some

short reflections upon his further observations.

London, 1672. 8

CLERGYMAN. The clergyman's instructor; or,
A collection of tracts on the ministerial dutirs.

gjy George Herbert, and Bishops Taylr,
urnet, Sprat, Bull, Gibson, Hart, and Wil-
son.] Oxford, 1807. 8
- Another copy.

The clergyman's assistant ; or, A collection of
acts of Parliament, forms and ordinances rela-
tive to certain duties and rights of the pa-

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