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Church and school extension.

Edin., s. a. 12

Address to the Glasgow central committee for
supporting and extending the parochial insti-
tutions of Scotland : June 17, 1835.

Glasgow, 1835. 8

The system of national education in Ireland :
its principle and practice.

Cheltenham, 1838. 12 U

Hints on the qiiestion now affecting the Church
of Scotland, addressed to members of the



Church of England, with a letter to Viscount
Sandon, M.P. Glasgow, 1840. 8

- Another copy.

A letter to certain members of the convoca-
tion. Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

- Two letters addressed to the deputation from
Glasgow, and the ministers and elders adher-
ing to the majority of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

ADDRESS to the members of the General As-
sembly, s. a.

COLSTON (JAMES), Printer in Edinburgh. His-
tory of Dr Boyd's fourth High School class, with
biographical sketch of Dr Boyd.

Edam,., 1862. 8

COLTON (0. C.), A.M., Vicar of Kew and Pe-
tersham, Surrey. Hypocrisy : a satire.

London, 1812. 8

- Lacon : or, many things in few words ; ad-
dressed to those who think. A new edition.

London, 1837. 8

American in London. 1833

- Church and state in America.

London, 1834. 8

Another copy.

COLUMBA, Saint. The life of St Columba...
commonly called Colum-Kille, the Apostle of
the Highlands. Edin., 1798. 8

COLUMBIA. Columbia's welcome to the free.
[Single leaf.] s. I. et a.

Columbiis ; or, a collection of authentic docu-
ments of that celebrated navigator, now first
published from the original manuscripts, by
order of the Decurions of Genoa ; preceded
by a memoir of his life and discoveries, by
D. Gio. Batista Spotorno. Translated from
the Spanish and Italian.

London, 1823. 8

De re rustica ; [cum scriptt. REI RUSTICS].


Of husbandry. In twelve books : And his
book concerning trees. Translated into Eng-
lish. London, 1745. 4

COLVILL (SAMUEL). The grand impostor dis-
covered : or, An historical dispute of the Pa-
pacy and popish religion. Part i.

Edin., 1673. 4

- Another copy.

- Another copy.

COLVILL (WILLIAM), Preacher at Edinburgh.
Refreshing streams flowing from the fubiesse
of Jesus Christ. In several sermons.

London, 1655. 4

- The righteoxis Branch growing out of the root
of Jesse, and healing the nations. Held forth
in several sermons upon Isai. chap. ii. 1-10.
Together with some few sermons relating to
all who live under the shadow of the Branch.

London, 1673. 8

COLVINUS (LUDIOMACUS). Papa Ultrajectinus :
seu mysterium iniquitatis reductum a clarissi-

mo viro Gisberto Voetio. In opere Politiae
ecclesiasticse. Londini, 1668. 4

COLVIUS (THEODORUS). Problemata ex omni-
bus philosophise partibus selecta.

Ultrajecti, 1650. 4

COMBATE. The combate between two seconds.
One for obeying the present government. The
other, the second part of a demurrer ; unde-
servedly called religious. London, 1649. 4

COMBE (ANDREW), M.D. Observations on men-
tal derangement ; being an application of the
principles of phrenology to the elucidation of
the causes, symptoms, nature, and treatment
of insanity. ' Edin. , 1831. 8

- The principles of physiology applied to the
preservation of health, and to the improve-
ment of physical and mental education. 3d ed.

Edin., 1835. 8

Fourth edition. Edin., 1836. 8

- The physiology of digestion considered with
relation to the principles of dietetics.

Edin., 1836. 8

Another copy.

COMBE (GEORGE). Outlines of the phrenologi-
cal system of Drs GALL and SPURZHEIM. 1819

Review of Sir G. S. Mackenzie's illustrations
of phrenology. Edin., 1821. 8

Phrenological observations on the cerebral de-
velopment of David Haggart, who was lately
executed at Edinburgh for murder.

Edin., 1821. 8

Letter to Francis Jeffrey, Esq. , in answer to
his criticism on phrenology, contained in No.
88 of the Edinburgh Review.

Edin., 1826. 8

On human responsibility as affected by phre-
nology. [Edin., 1826.] 8

The constitution of man considered in relation
to external objects. 2d ed.

Edin., 1835. 8

COMBER (THOMAS), D.D., Dean of DurJiam.
A companion to the temple : or, A help to de-
votion in the use of the Common-prayer, di-
vided into four parts. London, 1684. fol.

Another copy.

Vol. ii. Containing, A scholastical history of

the primitive and general use of liturgies, and
stated forms of public, or Common-prayer. A
discourse on the offices for the fifth of Novem-
ber, the thirtieth of January, and the twenty-
ninth of May. A discourse upon the form and
manner of making, ordaining, and consecrat-
ing Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, according
to the order of the Church of England. An
exposition of the Lord's prayer. A discourse
of Excommunication. A dialogue about Tithes.
London, 1702. fol.

Friendly and seasonable advice to the Roman
Catholicks of England. 5th ed.

Edin., 1686. 12

A scholastical history of the primitive and ge-
neral use of liturgies in the Christian Church :
together with an answer to Mr Dav. Clarkson's
late discourse concerning liturgies.

London, 1690. 8
COMESTOR (PETRUS). Historia scholastica sa-



cne Scriptune scricm brevem nimis obscuram
elncidans. (Ji. 1-.) Argentine, 150: >. tl.

COM M KNT. ( '< >M M KNTAUY.' Verklarin- van
de geheele Heilige Schrift, door senlgeu van de
voomaamste Engelsche Godgeleerden. Met
oene Voorreden van den heer Joan vandeii
lloiiert. 17 Duel.

Amsterdam, 1741-1757. fol.

A commentary upon the Holy Bible from Henry
and Scott ; with occasional observations and
notes from other writers. 2d ed. 6 vol.

Eon, 183U :;:.. lii

- Short comments on every chapter of the Holy
Bible. London, 1839. 8

The illustrated commentary on the Old and
New Testaments, chiefly explanatory of the
manners and customs mentioned in the sacred

Scriptures Being a re-publication of the

notes of the Pictorial Bible.

London, 1840. 12

Explanatory and practical comments ; being a
series of short lectures upon the New Testa-
ment... by a clergyman of the Established
Church. 2 vol. Dublin, 1829, 34. 8

COMMISSIONS. Forms of commissions, &c.
[of representatives to the General Assembly].

s. I., [1783.] fol.

COMMON .PRAYER. The Booke of Common
Prayer, and administration of the sacraments,
and other parts of divine service for the use of
the Church of Scotland.

Kilt H., jirinted by Robert Young, printer to the
King's most excellent Majestic. M.DC.XXXVII.


[This copy contains also, The Psalter, or
Psalmes of David : according to the last
translation in King James his time. Pointed
as they shall be said or sung throughout all
the churches of Scotland. Edin., printed by
Robert Young, printer to tJie King's most ex-
cellent Majestie. Anno M.DC.XXXVI. fol.]

Another copy. [Without the Psalter.]

- Another edition. With a paraphrase of the
Psalms in metre by King James the VI.
E<lln., printed by James Watson, 1712, from
the copy printed at Edin. in the year 1637, by
Robert Young, printer to King Charles the First.


The Book of Common Prayer and administra-
tion of the sacraments, and other rites and
ceremonies of the Church, according to the
use of the Church of England ; together with
the Psalter... and the form and manner of...
ordaining... Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.

Cambridge, printed by John Field, 1G62. 8

Another edition.

London, printed by John Basktt, 1727. 8

[This edition contains also the whole Book of

Psalms, by Sternhold, Hopkins, and others,

printed at London by William Pearson.


Another edition. Edin., 1756. 8

Another edition. Oxford, 1772. 8

Another edition. London, 1814. 8

Another edition. Together with such of the
Sunday lessons, as are taken from the Old Tes-

tament. With notes. By Sir John Bavl. y,
Km. London, 1824. 8 6

Another edition. ><>rd, 1836. 32
[This edition hits also the proper lessons to be

read at morning and evening prayer on the
Sundays and other holy-days throughout tho
year. 1835. The New Testament. 1838 ;
and Tate and Brady's Psalms. 1833.]

Another edition. >/, 1837. 8

Another edition. 1840. 8

The two Books of Common Prayer, set forth
by authority of Parliament in the of
King Edward the Sixth, compared with each
other. [With a preface by the editor, Edward
Cardwell.] /</, 1838. 8

Liturgia, seu liber precum communium, et ad-
min istrationis sacramentorum, alinminque ri-
tuum atque ceremoniarum Ecclesue juxta
usum Ecclesiae Anglicanae : una cum Psalterio.
...Itemque forma et modus faciendi, ordinandi
et consecrandi Episcopos, Presbyteros, Dia-
conos. Londini, 1G96. 12

Another edition. Huic edition! precum for-
mula accessit, qua;, durante comitiorum eccle-
siasticorum consessu, utriq ; domui Convoca-
tionis usui esse solet. Triginta novem Eccle-
siae Anglican articulis insuper adjectis.

Londini, 1703. 12

Another edition. Epistolae, Evangelici, et
Psalmi inseruntur juxta Sebastian! Castellionis
versionem. Londini, 1716. 12

Another copy.

Editio quinta. Londini, 1733. 12

Translated into Manks for the use of the

diocese of Mann. Lowl",'. 17'>."i. 8

Collected, and translated into the Mohawk

language under the direction of the late Rev.
W. Andrews, the late Rev. Dr Henry Barclay,
and the Rxev. Mr John Ogilvie. s. I. , 1769. 8

La liturgie on formulaire des Prieres pub-
liques...selon 1'usage de 1'Eglise Anglicane.

Londres, 1706. 12

Translated into Hebrew. London, 1836. 8

La liturgia Ynglesa, o el Libro de Oracion
Comniun...segun el uso de la Yglesia de In-
glaterra....Hispanizado porD. Felix Anthony
de Alvarado. Londres, 1707. 8

Leabhar na h-urnuigh reir
gnathachadh na H-eaglais Shasgonaich.
[Translated by Patrick Stewart, of Foss.]

Dun Eideann, 1794. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. Inbhernis, 1819. 12

Another copy.

Another edition. J.nin, s. a. 8

The Book of Common Prayer, and administra-
tion of the sacraments, and other rites and
ceremonies of the Church, according to the
use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
United States of America : Together with the
articles of religion, forms of ordination and
consecration, office of institution, &c. &c.
From the Philadelphia authorised edition.

London, 1833. 12

Liturgia Tigurina : or, The Book of Common
Prayers, and administration of the sacraments



and other ecclesiastical rites and ceremonies,
usually practised and solemnly performed in
all the churches and chappels of the city and
canton of Zurich in Switzerland, and in some
other adjacent countries ; as by their canons
and ecclesiastical laws they are appointed ; and
as by the supreme power of the... Senate of
Zurich they are authorised, established, and
commanded. With the orders of that Church.
Faithfully translated out of the Helvetian into
the English tongue, by John Conrad Werndly.

London, 1693. 12

The Tephilloth, or daily prayers ; according
to the order of the Polish and German Jews,
in Hebrew and English, as publicly read in
their synagogues, and daily used by all their
families. Faithfully translated from the ori-
ginal Hebrew by A. Alexander. 2d ed.

London, A.M. 5548, i. e. 1787. 8
The order for daily prayer, with the liturgy and
other offices of the Church. London, 1843. 12
[Prefixed is the Rationale of the offices and
liturgy of the Church. The whole consti-
tutes the liturgy of the followers of Mr Tait.]
The old non-conformist, touching the Book of
Common-Prayer and ceremonies. Unto which
is annexed, the reasons why Scotland refused
the Book of Common-Prayer.

London, 1660. 4

The reasons agreed upon by the reformers of
the Church of Scotland, for which the Book of
Common-Prayer, urged upon Scotland, anno
1637, was refused. As also the reasons agreed
MINSTER, for laying aside the English Book of
Common-Prayer. Together with Mr George
GRAHAM'S renunciation and abjuration of Epis-
copacy. Edin., 1744. 8
Another copy.
Another copy.

Advice to the readers of the Common-Prayer,
and to the people attending the same. With
a preface concerning divine worship. By a...
Layick of the Church of England.

London, 1682. 4

The public divine service of the Church, or
the Common Prayer-book, proved to be taken
out of the Holy Bible, and agreeable to the
practice of the primitive Church ; and now
published for the information and instruction
of those who dissent from the Church of Eng-
land. With a preface by the Rev. Dr Brett.

London, 1713. 8

A brief discourse of the troubles begun at
Frankfort, in the year 1554, about the Book
of Common Prayer and ceremonies. Reprint-
ed from the black-letter edition of J.575, with
an introduction. London, 1846. 8

Suggestions for a revision of the Prayer Book.
With the opinions of the Archbishop of Can-
terbury, the Bishops of St Asaph, Chester,
Limerick, &c. &c. London, 1859. 8

Declaration of the clergy against alteration of
the Book of Common Prayer, &c. &c.

London, 1860. 8
[See also LITURGY.]

COMMONS, HOUSE OF. Journals of the House
of Commons, [1547-1834] vol. 1-89. [Want-
ing vol. 61, 62, 63, 69, 71, 76, 77, 80, 85, 87,
88.] . [London], 1803-1834. fol.

General index to vol. 1-75. 6 vol.

[London], 1803-1825. fol.

Reports from committees of the House of
Commons which have been printed by order
of the House, and not inserted in the Jour-
nals. [1715-1773.] Vol. 1-4.

[London'], s. a. fol.

A letter from the House of Commons assembled
in the Parliament of England at Westminster,
to the Right Honorable and Right Reverend,
the Lords, Ministers and others of the present
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
sitting at Edinburgh ; containing a narrative
of the proceedings of the Parliament of Eng-
land in the work of Reformation, and of their
resolutions to maintain the government of the
kingdom established by law, and of their en-
deavours for settlement of peace, and for pre-
servation of the Union between the two king-
doms. London, 1648. 4

A true extract out of the Commons Journal :
of the most principal proceedings of that Ho-
nourable House, in this last short meeting ; in
order to the preservation of the King and king-
dom from the growth of Popery, and also for
reducing the growing greatness of France.

London, 1678. 4

An exact collection of the debates of the House
of Commons, held at Westminster, October 21,
1680. London, 1689. 8

The humble representation of the House of
Commons to the Queen, with Her Majesty's
most gracious answer thereunto.

Edin., 1711. 4

Report of committee of secrecy of the House
of Commons. London, [1799.] 8

Another copy.

Proceedings in the House of Commons, which
issued in the appointment of a royal commis-
sion for inquiring into the opportunities of
religious worship, and means of religious in-
struction and pastoral superintendence, af-
forded to the people of Scotland.

Edin., 1835. 12

Report from select committee on standing or-
ders revision (1842) ; as agreed to by the
House, 2d August 1842, and made standing
orders of the House of Commons.

London, 1842. fol.
COMMUNINGS. Communings with the heart.

Suggested by passages in the four Gospels.

With aids to self-examination, and prayers

compiled from Scripture. London, 1855. 8
COMMUNION. De la frequente communion.

[Par A. ARNAULD.] Paris, 1648. 8

Septieme edition. Paris, 1683. 8

A persuasive to communion with the Church
of England. [By Robert GROVE.]

London, 1683. 4

The case of lay-communion with the Church
of England considered. [By John WILLIAMS. 1

London, 1684. 4 s


The case of mutt communion : whether it l>e,
lawful to srparate from a Church upon the
account i if pri.miscui MIS congregations and inixt
communions. [! % >v Samuel FKKKMAN. |

Loiufon, 1684. 4

A companion to the altar : shewing the nature
.iml necessity of a sacramental pivp;ir;itiiiu, in
onler to our worthy receiving tin- holy com-
munion, wherein those fears and scruples
about eating and drinking unworthily, and of
incurring our own damnation thereby, are
proved groundless and unwarrantable. Unto
which are added, prayers and meditations pre-
parative to a sacramental preparation, accord-
ing to what the Church of England requires
from her communicants. id, s. a. 8

Terms of ministerial and Christian communion
imposed on the Church of Scotland, by a pre-
vailing party in the General Assembly... con-
sidered, in some conferences between two
neighbouring ministers. Glasgow, 1753. 8

- Purity of Christian communion recommended
as an antidote against the perils of the latter
days, in three discourses, [on 2 Tim. iii. 1-5]
delivered... in Richmond court, Edinburgh.
To which is added an appendix, containing
some thoughts on the weekly celebration of
the Lord's Supper. Edin., 1796. 8

A Free Church communion in the West High-
lands. [From the Scottish Guardian, August
4, 1843.] Glasgow, 1843. 12

COMPANION. The Christian's companion in
the principles of religion and the concerns of
human life:... In four parts. To which are
annexed, The terms of our salvation, &c.

London, 1771. 8

The closet companion ; or an help to serious
persons, in the important duty of self-exami-
nation. Edin., 1791. 8

The companion to the newspaper, 1833-5.
3 vol. London, 1834-36. 8

A companion for the afflicted ; or, texts of
Scripture, containing duties, prayers, and pro-
mises, with verses of hymns occasionally added.
5th ed. 2 parts. London, 1836. 12

The Christian's daily companion, presenting

an entire view of divine truth By thirty-one

clergymen of the Church of Scotland.

Glasgow, 1843. 8

The Christian's daily companion : a series of
meditations and short practical comments, on
the most important doctrines and precepts of
the holy Scriptures ; arranged for daily read-
ing throughout the year. Glasgow, s. a. 8

Another copy.
COMPASSION. The compassion of God.

London, s. a. 12

COMTE (AUGUSTE). Cours de philosophic posi-
tive. 6 torn. Pom, 1830-42. 8
COMPTON (HENRY), D.D., BisJiop of London.
Eighth letter to his clergy, upon a conference
how they ought to behave themselves under
the toleration. London, 1692. 4
CONANT (Mrs H. C.). The English Bible.
History of the translation of the holy Scrip-
tures into the English tongue. With speci-

, of the old English versions.

'/on, 1856. 12

CONANT (JOHN), B.D., Pastor of Lymington,
Somenetuhire. The woe and weale of God's
people, displayed in a sermon [on Jer. xxx.
7) preached before the Hon. House of Com-
mons, July 26, 1643. '-,.. ir.ia. 4


CONCLAVES. Ilistoire des Conclaves dcpuis
Clement V. juaqu' & present ; traduite de
1'Italien ; [par Vanel, conseiller en la cour des
romptes de Montpellier]. Purw, 168'.. 4

CONCORDANCE. A concordance to the holy
Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

London, 1762. 8

Concordance to the metrical Psalms and Pa-
raphrases. Edin., 1856. 8

The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee con-
cordance of the Old Testament. 2 vol.

London, 1843. 8

The Englishman's Greek concordance of the
New Testament. [By William BUKOH, or DE
BURGH.] London, 1839. 8

CONDER (JAMES). An arrangement of provin-
cial coins, tokens, and medals, issued in Great
Britain, Ireland, and the colonies within the
last twenty years. l/>*n*ich, 1798. 4

CONDER (JOHN). Living Christianity delineat-
ed in the diaries of Mr Hugh Bryan, and Mrs
Mary Hutson. With a preface by the Rev.
J. C. and the Rev. Thomas GIBBONS.

London, 1760. 12

CONDER (JOSIAH). Reviewers reviewed ; in-
cluding an enquiry into the moral and intel-
lectual effects of habits of criticism, and their
influence on the general interests of literature.
To which is subjoined a brief history of the
periodical reviews published in England and
Scotland. By John Charles O'Reid. [Pseud.]
Oxford, 1811. 8 d

On Protestant nonconformity. 2d ed.

London, 1822. 12

The law of the Sabbath, religious and politi-
cal. London, 1830. 8

An analytical and comparative view of all reli-
gions now extant among mankind : with their
internal diversities of creed and profession.

London, 1838. 8

Syria and Asia Minor. 2 vol. ; [The modern
traveller, vol. ii. , iii.]. London, 8. a. 12

Arabia ; [ibid., vol. iv.]. London, s. a. 12

Egypt, Nubia, &c. ; [ibid., vol. v. and vi.].

London, s. a. 12

Burmah, Siam, &c. ; [ibid., vol. vii.].

London, s. a. 12

Italy. 3 vol. ; [ibid., vol. xxxi.-xxxiii.]."

London, 1831. 12

A memoir on the geography and ancient history
of Armenia ; [with missionary researches in
Armenia, by Eli SMITH, and H. G. O.
DWIGHT.] 1834

The literary history of the New Testament.
Comprising a critical inquiry into the author-
ship, chronological order, characteristic fea-
tures, internal evidence, and general scope of
the sacred documents. [London], 1850. 8



Mureaux. (Euvres completes. 16 torn.

Paris, 1822. 8

Trait^ des systemes, oil 1'on en de'mele les in-
conve'nieiits et les a, vantages.

Amsterdam, 1771. 12

Cours d'e'tude. Noilvelle Edition faite d'apres
1'originale. 16 torn. Paris, 1795. 8

La langue des Calculs. Paris, 1798. 8
CONDOM, BISHOP OF. See Jacques Benigne


CONEY (THOMAS), D.D., Prebendary of Wells.
Honesty and plain-dealing an usual bar to
honour and preferment. A sermon [on Numb,
xxiv. 11] preached at St Mary's before the Uni-
versity of Oxford, upon Act-Sunday July ix.
1710. Oxford, 1710. 8

CONFERENCES. Conferences between the
Danish Christian missionaries, resident at
Tranquebar, and the heathen natives of Hin-
doostan. Now first rendered into English
from the original manuscript by an officer in
the service of the Hon. East India Company.
London, 1812. 12

fessionum fidei, orthodoxarum, et reforma-
tarum Ecclesiarum, quse in prcecipuis qui-
busque Europse regnis, nationibus, et provin-
ciis, sacram evangelii doctrinam pure profiten-
tur. Geneva, 1581. 4

[The following are the confessions of which
the above Harmony is composed : Confessio
Augustana, 1530 ; Quatuor civitatum, 1530 ;
Basiliensis, 1532 ; Helvetica prior, 1536 ;
Saxonica, 1551 ; Wirtembergensis, 1552 ;
Gallica, 1559 ; Anglica, 1562 ; Helvetica pos-
terior, 1566 ; Belgica, 1579 ; Bohemica, pos-
trema, 1573.]
Another copy.

Translated from the Latin. A new edition,

revised and considerably enlarged, by the Rev.
Peter HALL. 1842

Corpus et syntagma confessionum fidei quse in
diversis regnis et nationibus, Ecclesiarum no-
mine fuerunt authentic^ editse : in celeberri-
mis conventibus exhibitse, publicaque aucto-
ritate comprobatse. Quibus annectitur, in
omnibus Christian* religionis articulis, Catho-
licus consensus, ex sentientiis veterum qui
Patres vocantur, desumptus.

Geneva?., 1612. 4

[The above Corpus et syntagma contains the
following confessions : I. Confessiones fidei
editse ex Symbolo Apostolico. In concilio
cecumenico. 1. Nicreno. 2. Constantinopoli-
tano primo. 3. Ephesino. 4. Chalcedonensi
...II. Confessio Helvetica, Gallica, Anglicana,
Scoticana, Belgica, Polonica, Argentinensis,
sive quatuor civitatum Imperii, Augustana,
Saxonica, Wirtembergica, illustrissimi Elec-
tpris Palatini, Bohemica, Consensus Eccle-
siarum Majoris et Minoris Polonize, Lithu-

- Editio nova. Geneves, 1654. 4

[This edition differs from the preceding in the

following particulars : 1. The confessio

Helvetica is printed from the edition of
Zurich, 1651. 2. The confessio Belgica is
printed as it was revised, corrected, and ap-
proved by the Synod of Dort in 1619. 3. It
contains the confession of Basle ; the Judg-
ment of the Synod of Dort ; the confession
of Cyril, of Constantinople ; and the general
confession of the reformed Churches in Po-
lonia, Lithuania, and the provinces annexed,
according to the Assembly of Thorn.]
Sylloge confessionum sub tempus reformandte
Ecclesise editarum, videlicet, Professio fidei
Tridentina. Confessio Helvetica (1566). Con-
fessio Augustana (1530). Confessio Augus-
tana (1540). Confessio Saxonica. Confessio
Belgica. Subjiciuntur catechismus Heidel-
bergensis et canones Synodi Dordrechtanse.
Editio altera et aiictior. Oxonii, 1827. 8
[This edition, revised by Bishop Lloyd, con-
tains the Augsburg confession, both as pre-
sented to Charles V. at the Assembly at
Augsburg, in 1530, and as altered by Me-
lancthon, and laid before the Diet of Worms,

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