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upper House, but passed in the lower House.

s. I, 1711. 4

Another copy.

did acknowledgment of sin,... appropriate in
the present circumstances of the Church, on
the occasion of the convocation of ministers,
Nov. 17, 1842. Reprinted, Edin., 1842. 12

Statement in reference to the resolutions of
the convocation of ministers, intended to ex-
plain certain points of difficulty which were
fully discussed in the convocation before the

resolutions were adopted By a committee

appointed by the convocation.

Edin., 1842. 8

Resolutions of the convocation of ministers.
(November, 1842.) Edin., 1842. 4

Address to the people of Scotland, issued by
appointment of the convocation of ministers,
held at Edinburgh, November 1842. [By
James BUCHANAN.] Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Resolutions adopted at a meeting of the com-
mittee which was appointed by a meeting of
elders from all parts of Scotland.

Edin., 1842. 4

The convocation ; or, -what have the ministers
done ? addressed to the people of Scotland.
By the author of an address to the ladies of
Scotland, concerning their Church ; [i. e. Miss
TOUGH.] #//!., 1842. 12

| Circular issued by the committee of convoca-
tion ; [on the necessity of raising funds j.

! List of ministers and probationers who ad-
hered to tli, resolutions of the convocation at
Edinburgh, 22d Nov. , 184 :.' /;./... 1, si:;. *

Appeal to the parochial ministers who have
signed the resolutions of the convocation. By
an Elder. Glasgow, 1843. 8 J

Report of speeches, delivered at the meetings
of those adhering to the resolutions of the
convocation, held... at Edinburgh, 22d March,
isi:;. Edin., 1843. 4

Convocation ode. Written not by an Edin-
burgh lawyer. Edin., 1843. 4

Convocation. [A poem.] . I. eta. 8

The Elder's warning a lay of the convoca-
tion. [By W. E. AYTOUN.] Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

- First [and second to tenth] communication
to the friends of the Church of Scotland.
Under the authority of the provisional commit-
tee constituted by the united committees of
the convocation of ministers and general meet-
ing of elders. Edin., 1843. 4

CONYBEARE (JOHN), D.D., Bisliop of Bristol
The penal sanctions of laws considered. A
sermon [on Ezra, vii. 26] preached at St Mary's
in Oxford, at the assizes... and before the Uni-
versity, July 20, 1727. 2d ed.

<i..-furd, 1728. 8

, The mysteries of the Christian religion credi-
ble. A sermon [on 1 Cor. xiii. 1 2] preach'd
before the University of Oxford, at St Mary's,
October 21st, 1722. 3d ed.

London, 1732. 8

A defence of reveal'd religion against the ex-
ceptions of a late writer [Matthew Tindal] in
his book, intituled, Christianity as old as the
creation, &c. London, 1732. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- Third edition. London, 1732. 8

- Scripture difficulties consider'd. A sermon
[on 2 Peter, iii. 16] preach'd in the cathedral
church of St Peter, Exon, Aug. 31, 1732.

Oxford, 1733. 8

The nature, possibility, and certainty of mi-
racles set forth ; and the truth of the Chris-
tian religion proved from thence. A sermon
[on Heb. ii. 4] preach'd before the University
of Oxford, at St Mary's, December 24th, 1721 .
4th ed. London, 1733. 8

True patriotism. A sermon [on Ps. cxxii. 6-9]
preach'd before the honourable House of Com-
mons, April 25, 1749. Being the day of thanks-
giving for the general peace.

London, 1749. 8

The virtue of being merciful stated and en-
forced. A sermon [on Prov. xi. 17] preached
before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor... and
governors of the several hospitals of the city
of London... on Easter Monday 1751.

London, 1751. 8

A sermon [on Ps. Ixxviii. 2] preach'd before
the House of Lords, in the Abbey church of



Westminster, June 11, 1751. Being the anni-
versary of His Majesty's accession to the
throne. Oxford, 1751. 8

A sermon [on James, i. 27] preach'd in the
cathedral church of Bristol, Sept. 5, 1751. At
the anniversary meeting of the sons of the
clergy. Oxford, 1752. 8

Sermons. 2 vol. London, 1757. 8

of York, and professor of poetry in the Univer-
sity of Oxford. The Bampton lectures for the
year 1824 ; being an attempt to trace the his-
tory and to ascertain the limits of the second-
ary and spiritual interpretation of Scripture.
Oxford, 1824. 8

of Axminster. An analytical examination into
the character, value, and just application of
the writings of the Christian Fathers during
the ante-Nicene period. Being the Bampton
lectures for 1839. Oxford, 1839. 8

and Epistles of St Paul, comprising a complete
biography of the Apostle, and a translation of
his letters, inserted in chronological order. By
W. J. C., and the Rev. J. S. HOWSON. 2 vol.
London, 1853. 4

COOK (GEORGE), D.D. The history of the
Church of Scotland, from the establishment of
the Reformation to the Revohition. 3 vol.

Edin., 1815. 8

Substance of a speech, delivered in the Gene-
ral Assembly, 22. May, 1816 ; containing an
inquiry into the law and constitution of the
Church of Scotland respecting residence and
pluralities. Edin., 1816. 8

Another copy.

History of the Reformation in Scotland : with
an introductory book, and an appendix. 3 vol.
2ded. Edin., 1819. 8

A general and historical view of Christianity,
comprehending its origin and progress, the
leading doctrines and forms of polity founded
on it, and the effect which it has produced on
the moral and political state of Europe. 3 vol.

Edin., 1822. 8

- Substance of a speech delivered in the Gene-
ral Assembly, 16th May, 1822, previous to
the election of a moderator.

Montrose, 1822. 8

An illustration of the general evidence, estab-
lishing the reality of Christ's resurrection.
2d ed. Edin., 1826. 12 J

* The Chapel question considered, in a letter
to the Rev. George Cook, D.D. [By Rev.
Andrew GRAY.] Edin., 1834. 8

- A few plain observations on the enactment of
the General Assembly, 1834, relating to pa-
tronage and calls, respectfully, but earnestly
addressed to the patrons, presbyteries, and
people of Scotland. Edin., 1834. 8

Second edition. Edin., 1835. 8

- A speech delivered in the General Assembly,
23d May, 1838, on the overtures relating to
the spiritual independence of the Church.

Edin., 1838. 8

Reasons of dissent by Dr Cook and others ; and
answers thereto [by Dr CANDLISH] on the part
of the Commission of the General Assembly,
relative to the decision of the Commission of
14th August 1839, in the reference from the
Presbytery of Auchterarder.

Edin., 1839. 8

* Letter to Dr C. and the moderate brethren
on the non-intrusion controversy. By the aii-
thor of a letter to the dissenters.

Edin., 1841. 8

Another copy.

Resolutions to be moved by Dr Cook as an
amendment on those announced by Dr Makel-
lar, 23d May 1842. [Edin., 1842.] 8

* Memorial submitted to Her Majesty's go-
vernment, by the Rev. George Cook, D.D.,
and a committee, appointed at a meeting of
ministers, elders, and others, members of the
Church of Scotland, held at Edinburgh, 12th
August, 1840. With improvements, annota-
tions, and strictures, by a non-intrusionist.
[John HAMILTON.] Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

A speech delivered in the General Assembly,
24th May, 1843, introducing a motion in rela-
tion to the ministers and elders who have with-
drawn from the Established Church.

Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

COOK (JAMES), Captain, R.N. A voyage to the
Pacific ocean. Undertaken by the command
of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the
Northern hemisphere. Performed under the
directions of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore,
in His Majesty's ships, the Resolution and
Discovery ; in the years 1776-80. 3 vol. Vol.
i. and ii. written by Captain James Cook. Vol.
iii. by Captain James KING. London, 1785. 4

COOK (JOHN), A.M., Minister of Laurencekirk.
A letter on Church defence associations, ad-
dressed to his parishioners. 2d ed.

Montrose, 1841. 8

Substance of a speech delivered at a meeting
called by a deputation from the convocation,
held at Laurencekirk, Feb. 15, 1843. Second
thousand. Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Evidence on Church patronage : being a digest
of the evidence given before the committee of
the House of Commons, in March and April
1834, on patronage in the Church of Scotland ;
by Lord Moncrieff, Principal Macfarlan, Drs
Macgill, Cook, P. Macfarlan, Lee, Welsh,
M'Crie, &c., and Messrs Bell, Whigham, Dun-
lop, &c. &c. Edin., 1838. 8

COOKE (HENRY), D.D., Belfast. An authentic
report of the speech delivered at the General
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, upon the
occasion of the renewal of ministerial commu-
nion between that venerable body and the
General Synod of Ulster. Belfast, 1836. 12

A letter from the Rev. Dr C., Belfast, to the
Rev. Dr Ritchie, Edinburgh, in answer to Dr
Ritchie's challenge. Belfast, 1837. 8

A second letter to the Rev. John Ritchie,



D.D., in reply to hia second challenge.

COOKE (JoHx), M.A., Rector of \-

The preacher's assistant, (after tin- manner
of Mr Letsome) containing a series of the texts
of sermons and discourses, published either
singly, or in volumes, by divines of the Church
of England, and by the dissenting clerg >
the Restoration to the preseht time. [With
historical register of all the axithors.] 2 vol.

/ ', 1783. 8

COOKE (JoHX ESTF.X), M.D. Works on Epis-
copacy. By John BOWDEN, D.D., and J. E.
C. 1831

COOKE (JOSEPH). On justification by faith, and

the witness of the Spirit ; being the substance

of two sermons [on Acts, xiii. 38, 39] preached

in the Methodist chapel, Rochdale. 2d ed.

Rochdale, 1806. 12

Methodism condemned by methodist preach-
ers, or, a vindication of the doctrines contain-
ed in two sermons, on justification by faith,
and the witness of the Spirit.

Rochdak, 1807. 12

COOKE (RoB.). See R. Cocus.

COOKE (THOMAS), B.D. Episcopacie asserted :
as it now stands established in our Church and
commonwealth. London, 1641. 4

COOKE (WILLIAM), M.A. A sermon [on Deut.
xxviii. 49] preached before the University of
Cambridge on January 30th, 1781.

Cambridge, 1781. 4

tatio medica inauguralis de Hepatis VI. in
valetudine tuenda, et in morbis curandis ;
quam, gradu Doctoris...eruditorum exa-
mini subjicit J. C. C. Edin., 1812. 8

COOPER (ALEXANDER), Traquair. An essay
upon the chronology of the world, from the
creation to the birth of Christ... With a parti-
cular explication of Daniel's seventy weeks.

E>l!n., 1722. 8

COOPER (AMBROSE). The complete distiller.
2d ed. London, 1760. 8

COOPER (ANTHONY ASHLEY), EarlofShaftesbury.

Letters. s. I, 1746. 12

Original letters of LOCKE, Algernon SIDNKY.
and Anthony, Lord Shaftesbury. 1830

COOPER (BASIL H.), B.A. The Free Church of
ancient Christendom, and its subjection under
Constantino. London, s. a. 8

COOPER (DAVID), M.D. Prayer and preaching,
the great duties of ministers of the Gospel.
A sermon [on Acts, vi. 4].

Glasgow, 1747. 8

The great design of the Gospel explained and
applied : in a sermon [on Heb. iv. 2^ preached
before the Presbytery of Air, March 5th, 1735.

Edin., s. a. 8

COOPER (EDWARD), Rector of Yoxall, Stafford-
shire. Sermons, chiefly designed to elucidate
some of the leading doctrines of the Gospel.
5th ed. London, 1814. 8

Letters addressed to a serious and humble en-
quirer after divine truth, with a peculiar aspect

to the circumstances of the present times.

'Ion, 1817. 12"

Practical and familiar sermons designed for

iiial and domestic instruction. 7 vol.
1 1 th ed. London, 1819-26. 12

The crisis ; or, an attempt to shew from pn>-

. , illustrated by the signs of the
the prospects and the duties of the Chun li <>f
Christ at the present period. With an inquiry
into the probable destiny of England during
the predicted desolations of the papal king-
dom*. iM od. London, 1825. 12
- Third edition. London, 1826. 12

COOPER (Mrs MARY). * Memoirs of the late
Mrs M. C. of London. By Adam Clarke, LL.D.
7th ed. I.'mdon, 1839. 12

COOPER (P.). The Anglican Church the crea-
ture and slave of the state, being a refutation
of certain Puseyite claims advanced in behalf
of the Established Church.

London, 1844. 8

COOPER (SAMUEL), D.D., Rector of Morley and
Yelveston, Norfolk. Consolation to the mourn-
er, and instruction both to youth and old age,
from the early death of the righteous.

Yarmouth, 1786. 8

The one great argument for the truth of Chris-
tianity, from a single prophecy, evinced, in a
new explanation of the 7th chapter of Isaiah ;
and in a general refutation of the interpreta-
tions of former commentators.

Yarmouth, 1787. 8

COOPER (THOMAS). Facts illustrative of the
condition of the negro slaves in Jamaica :
with notes and an appendix.

London, 1824. 8

j COOPER (THOMAS), D.D., Bishop of Winchester.
An admonition to the people of England :
against Martin Mar-Prelate.

Reprinted, London, 1847. 8

Another copy.

An answer in defence of the truth against the
apology of private mass... To which is prefixed
[as in the original edition] the work answered,
entitled, An apology of private mass, an
anonymous popish treatise against Bishop
Jewel. Edited for the Parker Society by the
Rev. W. Goode, M.A. Cambridge, 1850. 16

COOPER (WILLIAM), D.D., Archdeacon of York.
Discourses. 2 vol. London, 1795. 8

COOPER (WILLIAM), Pastor at Boston, New Eng-
I'linl. The doctrine of predestination unto
life explained and vindicated : in four sermons
[on Rom. viii. 29, 30] preached to the Church
of Christ, in Brattle Street, Boston, New Eng-
land. . .With some additional passages and quo-
tations. Edin., 1805. 12

COPLESTON (EDWARD), D.D., Bishop of Llan-
daff. An enquiry into the doctrines of neces-
sity and predestination. In four discourses
preached before the University of Oxford.
With notes, and an appendix on the seven-
teenth article of the Church of England.

London, 1821. 8

Remains of the late E. C. With an introduc-
tion containing some reminiscences of his life,



by Richard Whately, D.D.

London, 1854. 8

COQUEREL (ATHANASE), fils. Christologie ou
essai siir la personne et 1'oeuvre de Jesus-Christ
en vue de la conciliation des Eglises Chre-
tiennes. 2 torn. Paris, 1858. 12

Jean Galas et sa famille, etude historique
d'apres les documents originaux, suivie des
de"peches du C te . de Saint- Florentin, ministre
secretaire d'etat, et d'autres fonctionnaires
publics, et des lettres de la sceur A. J. Fraisse,
de la visitation, a Mademoiselle Anne Galas.

Paris, 1858. 12

- La Saint BartheMmy. Paris, 1859. 8

Pastor of the Walloon Church at Amsterdam.
L'orthodoxie moderne, nouvelle edition avec
une introduction sur cette question, Qu'est-ce
que 1'orthodoxie ? Des notes et un appendice.

Paris, 1855. 12

COQUEREL (CHARLES). Histoire des Eglises du
Desert chez les Protestants de France, depuis
la fin du re"gne de Louis XIV. jusqu'a la Revo-
lution Franaise. 2 torn. Paris, 1841. 8

CORBET (JOHN), Minister at Bonyl, Dumbarton.
The ungirding of the Scottish armour : or, an
answer to the informations for defensive armes
against the King's Majesty, which were drawn
up at Edenburgh, by the common help and
Industrie of the three tables of the rigid cove-
nanters of the nobility, barons, ministry, and
burgesses, and ordained to be read out of pul-
pit by each minister, and pressed upon the
people to draw them to take up armes, to re-
sist the Lord's anointed. Dublin, 1636. 4

CORBET (JOHN), Minister at Chichester. A dis-
course of the religion of ENGLAND. 1667

- An account given of the principles and prac-
tises of several non-conformists. Wherein it
appears that their religion is no other than
what is profest in the Church of England.

London, 1682. 4

- An inquiry into the oath required of non-con-
formists by an act made at Oxford. Wherein
the true meaning of it and the warrantableness
of taking it, is considered.

London, 1682. 4

- The non-conformists plea for lay-communion
with the Church of England, &c. [To which
is added] A defence of my endeavours for the
work of the ministry. [Without title page,
and beginning at p. 5.]

[London, 1682.] ? 4

- A humble endeavour of some plain and brief
explication of the decrees and operations of
God, about the free actions of men : more es-
pecially of the operations of divine grace.
[3 parts.] London, 1683. 4

- The remains of the Rev. J. C. Printed from
his own manuscripts. London, 1684. 4

CORBETT (EDWARD), Fellow of Merton college.
God's providence, a sermon [on 1 Cor. i. 27],
preached before the Hon. House of Commons,
Dec. 28, 1642. London, 1642. 4

CORDERIUS (MATURINUS). Colloquiorum cen-
turia selecta, secundum editionem G. Willy-

mot. Aucta...a Gulielmo Ritchie.

Edin., 1814. 12

Another edition. Edin., 1828. 12



CORMACK (JOHN), A.M., Minister of Stow.
Account of the abolition of female infanticide
in Guzerat, with considerations on the ques-
tion of promoting the Gospel in India.

London, 1815. 8

An inquiiy into the doctrine of original sin ;
with a critical dissertation on the words " all,"
" all men," "many," &c., Rom. v. 12, &c.,
and I Cor. xv. 22. ' Edin., 1824. 12

Another copy.

Pastoral hints to his parishioners. 3d ed.

Edin., 1835. 12

- Illustrations of faith. Edin., 1839. 12

CORMACK (JOHN ROSE), M.D. A treatise on
the chemical, medicinal, and physiological
properties of creosote. (Harveian prize dis-
sertation for 1836. ) Edin., 1836. S
Another copy.

Natural history, pathology, and treatment of
the epidemic fever, at present prevailing in
Edinburgh and other towns : illustrated by
cases and dissections. London, 1843. 8

CORNARO (LEWIS). Discourses on a sober and

temperate life. Translated from the Italian.

London, 1768. 8

CORNEILLE (PIERRE). Les chef-d'oeuvres de
P. C. Avec le jugement des savans a la suite
de chaque piece. Nouvelle Edition.

Oxford, 1746. 8

Theatre de P. C., avec les commentaires de
Voltaire. 12 torn. Nouvelle edition.

Paris, 1797. 8

Chef-d'oeuvres dramatiques de Corneille,

DESTOUCHES. 3 torn. Londres, 1782. 12 U

CORNELIUS (ELIAS). * Memoir of the Rev. E.
C. By B. B. Edwards. 2d ed.

Boston, 1834. 12


ligion recommended : in a sermon [on Gal. iv.
18] preach'd at the assizes at Salop, August
4th, 1710. London, 1710. 8

CORNWALLIS (Mrs), of Wittenham, Kent.
Observations, critical, explanatory, and prac-
tical, on the canonical Scriptures. 4 vol.

London, 1817. 8

CORPE (JOHN). Some very remarkable facts
lately discovered, relating to the conduct of
the Jesuits, with regard to Mr Bower ; which
will greatly contribute to unravel the mystery
of that affair. 2d ed. London, 1758. 8


CORRECTION, HOUSES OF. A bill (with the
amendments) for the amending, and rendering
more effectual, the laws in being relative to
houses of correction. s. 1. et a. 8




CORTES i Ili.ns \\i>i). The despatches of H.
C., the o>ii<|m-i<'r nf Me.\ir<.i... Translated. ..liv
George Folsoni. New York, 184:;. s

COR VAN (A- Theses theologies <lr

sponsalibus et matiimonio, :ul meiitem Joan-
nis Duns Scoti d<>ctoris suKtilis. Quas prie-
side Patricio Duffy dcfendet A. C.

LaouH'n, [1074.] 4


Leyden. Defensio sentential D. Jacobi Ar-
ininii, do ]>r;< drstinatione, gratia Dei, libero
hoininis arbitrio, A e. adversus ejusdem a D.
Daniele Tilt-no... editam OOnudentionem.

. 1613. 8

Responsio ad Joannis Bogennanni annota-
tiones, quibus vindicatam a D. Hugone Gro-
tin pietatem illustrium ordinum Hollandi;u et
Westfrisue denuo impugnavit. 2 partt.

Lugd. Batav., 1614. 4 C
COSENS (JOHN), D.D., Minuter ../7V,/,/;.

Sennons on useful and important subjects.

2 vol. London, 1793. 8

COSIN (JOHN), Bishop of Durham. A scholasti-

cal history of the canon of the holy Scripture,

or the certain and indubitate Books thereof as

they are received in the Church of England.

London, 1657. 4

- Another copy.

- Another edition. London, 1672. 4

- The history of popish transubstantiation. To
which is premised and opposed the catholick
doctrine of the holy Scripture, the ancient Fa-
thers and the reformed Churches, about the
sacred elements, and presence of Christ in the
blessed sacrament of the Eucharist.

London, 1676. 8

A new edition. To which is added, a memoir
of the author by Rev. J. S. Brewer, M. A.

London, 1840. 12

A collection of private devotions ; in the prac-
tice of the ancient Church, called, The hours
of praj'er. Taken out of the holy Scriptures,
the ancient Fathers, and the divine service of
our own Church. 9th ed.

London, 1693. 12

- A letter on the validity of the orders of the j
foreign reformed Churches ; [with two treatises ,
on the Church, by Thomas JACKSON, and Ro-
bert SANDERSON. Edited by William Goode]. ',

1843 j

COSIN (RICHARD), LL.D., Chancellor of the dio- [
cese of Worcester. An answer to the two first
and principal treatises of a factious libell, put
foorth latly... under the title of An abstract of
certaine acts of Parlement.

London, 1584. 4

[See the full title of the work to which this is
an answer, under CHURCH GOVERNMENT.]

An APOLOGIE for sundrie proceedings by juris-
diction ecclesiasticall. 1593

Conspiracie for pretended reformation, viz.
Presbyteriall discipline ; a treatise discovering
the late designments and courses held for the
advancement thereof, by William Hacket, Ed-
mund Coppinger, and Henry Arthington ;
[with the life of John WHITGIFT]. 1699 >'

COSSAIim S ^GABRIEL). Sacrosancta concilia

.-.1 iv_'iaiii edition, m exact, i.. .-,iu.liu Philip}.!
i: et G. C. 17.

n.\). The four witnesses : being
a harmony <>f the (losjiels mi a new principle.
Translated. l>v David Dundas Scott.

1851. 8
- Another e<ij-v.

I-OROE), M.A., Fellow of Wadham
rvations tending to illus-
trate the Book of Job, and in particular the
wnrds "I know that my Redeemer livetli,"
.!..!., rix. 25. Oxford, 1747. 8

s), S. J. Enchiridion

con troversi anna ]>r;rri]>n;uum nostri teni{M,ri.i
de religione, in gratiam sodalitatis 1>
virginis Maiice. Nunc aliquot locis, ac bona
controversiarum parte locupletatum atquo
emendatum. Coloni<zA(jrij>pin<e, 158!. h j

Apologia pro prima parte Enchiridii sui, con-
tra Franciscum Gomarum.

Colonies A<n i/ijiinii', 1604. 8
society and manners in Portugal. In a series
of letters from A. W. C., late a captain of the
Irish brigade in the service of Spain, to his
brother in London. 2 vol.

London, [1787 J. 8

Grrccse monumenta. J. B. C. e MSS. codicibus
produxit in lucem, Latina fecit, notis illustra-
vit. 3 torn.

Luteciw Farisiorum, 1677, 81, 86. 4

SS. Patrum, qui temporibus apostolicis flo-
ruerunt, opera. Editio altera. 2 torn.

Amstelcedami, 1724. fol:

COTONUS (PETRUS), S. J. Institutio catholica,
in qua exponitur fidei veritas et comprobatur
adversus haereses et superstitiones hujus zevi.
In quatuor divisa libros qui totidem Joannis
Calvini voluminibus et institutioni opponi
queant. E Gallico vertit L. C. R [i. e. Ludo-
vicus Cresollius] ejusdem societatis presbyter.
Moyuntice, 1618. 4

COTTA (BERNHARD). Deutschlands Boden, sein
geologischer Bau und dessen Einwirkungen.
2 abtheilungen. Leipzig, 1854. 8

Right Hon. Lord John Russell, M.P. Public
granaries and the cycle of the seasons, in con-
nection with trade and agriculture, and the
policy of the English and French governments,
&c. London, 1856. 8

COTTERILL (THOMAS), A.M. Family prayers :

composed principally in expressions taken from

the holy Scriptures, and from the established

services of the Church of England. 9th ed.

London, 1836. 12

COTTLE (JAMES), LL.D. Some account of the
church of St Mary Magdalene, Taunton, and
the restoration thereof : together with several
notices on ecclesiastical matters.

London, 1845. 8

COTTLE ( ). Romanism an apostate Church.

By Non-clericus. [Pseud.]

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