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CROMWELL (OLIVER).* A short critical re-
view of the political life of Oliver Cromwell. . . .
By a gentleman of the Middle Temple.

Lwtdon, 1742. 12

* An historical and critical account of the life
of O. C. By William Harris.

London, 1762. 8

Letters and speeches : with elucidations by
Thomas Carlyle. 2 vol. London, 1845. 8

CRON (GEORGE), M.A. A letter to the Rev.
Robert Buchanan, Peebles, in regard to his
speech, May 31, 1818, in the General Assem-
bly of the Church of Scotland, respecting at-
tendance on the class of Church history in the
University of Edinburgh. Edin., 1819. 8

wards a system of mineralogy. Translated
from the original Swedish, with notes, by
Gustav von Engestrom. To which is added,
A treatise on the pocket laboratory... written
by the translator. The whole revised and cor-
rected, with some additional notes, by Ema-
nuel Mcndes da Costa. London, 1770. 8


tli- tfcots congr< . West-

history of the state and sull'er-
ings of the Church of Scotland from \'.
storation to the Revolution. With an introduc-
tion containing the most remarkable occur-
s relating to that Church, from the lie-
formation to the Restoration, lid ed. 2 vol.

1751. 8

Another edition. , J812. 8

S ted fastness in the faith. A sermon [on 1
Pet. v. !>] London. 17iHi. 8

CROPPER (JAMES). Relief for West-Indian dis-
tress, shewing the inefficiency of protecting du-
ties on East-India sugar, and pointing out other
modes of certain relief. London, 1823. 8

CROSS. A scholastic-all discourse against symbo-
lizing with Antichrist in ceremonies ; especi-
ally in the signe of thecrosse. s. I., 1607. fol.

Le mystere de la croix, amigeante et conso-
lante, mortifiante et vivifiante, humiliante et
triomphante, de Je'sus-Christ, et de ses mem-
bres. Ecrit au milieu de la croix au-dedans et
au-dehors. Par un disciple de la croix de
Jesus. [Reprinted.] London, 1860. 8

CROSS (WALTER), M.A. An exposition of the
second verse of the fourth chapter of the
epistle to the Romans... with an appendix on
chap. iii. 27. The former being the summ of
fifteen sermons, the latter of five, for further
explication of the great doctrine of justifica-
tion. London, 1694. 4

The instrumentality of faith asserted, prov'd,
explained, compared with, and preferr'd to a
conditional relation thereof, in order to par-
don and happiness, when strictly taken in a
legal or fcederal sense. Delivered in several
sermons. London, 1695. 4

of St Mary-at-hill, London. Modern hagi-
ology : an examination of the nature and
tendency of some legendary and devotional
works lately published under the sanction of
the Rev. J. H. Newman, the Rev. Dr Pusey,
and the Rev. F. Oakeley. 2 vol.

London, 1846. 8

History of the Christian Church. By Alfred
LYALL,...and J. C. C. L<,S

CROSWELL (ANDREW), V.D.M., Boston. The
heavenly doctrine of man's justification only
by the obedience of Jesus Christ. In a ser-
mon from Rom. v., ver 19... With a preface in
which the Protestant doctrine of justifying
faith, is explained, and briefly defended.

Boston, 1758. 8

Free forgiveness of spiritual debts : being a
discourse on Luke, vii. 42. Boston, 1766. 8

Observations on several passages in a sermon
preached by William Warburton, Lord Bishop
of Gloucester, before the society for propagat-
ing the Gospel in foreign parts : 21 February
1766. Wherein our colonies are defended
against his most injurious and abusive reflec-
tions. Boston, 1768. 8

CROTTET (A.). Petite chronique Protestante
de France, ou documents historiques sur les



Eglises reformees de ce royaume, recneillis,
nils en ordre et publics par A. C. xvie siecle.

Paris, 1846. 8

CROTTY (MICHAEL). The Catholic, not the Ro-
man Catholic, Church, exhibited in letters of
the Reverend Messieurs Michael and William
Crotty, Catholic priests of Parsonstown.

Dublin, 1836. 8

- Catholics undeceived ; being a further expo-
sure of Dr Murray and his priests.

Glasgow, 1836. 12

CROUSAZ ( JEAN-PIERRE DE), Professor of philo-
sophy and matJiematics, Lausanne. Traite du
beau. Nouvelle edition. 2 torn.

Amsterdam, 1724. 12

- Examination of Mr Pope's essay on man.
Translated from the French.

London, 1739. 12

CROW^EUS (GuiL.). Elenchus scriptorum in
sacram Scripturam, tarn Grsecorum quam La-
tinorum, &c. in quo exhibentur eorum gens,
patria, professio, religio : librorum tituli, vo-
lumiiia, editiones varise. Quo tempore clarue-
rint vel obierint. Elogia item aliquot viro-
rum clarissimorum. Quibus omnibus pree-
missa sunt S. Biblia, partesque Bibliorum,
variis linguis, variis vicibus edita.

Londini, 1672. 8

London, 1839. 8

CRUDEN (ALEXANDER). A complete concord-
ance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and
New Testament. In two parts.

London, 1738. 4

Sixth edition. To which is added a concord-
ance to the books called Apocrypha. In two
parts. To which is added a life of the author,
by Alexander Chalmers. London, 1810. 4

- Eighth edition. To which is added a life of
the author. Berwick, 1817. 4

- Another edition. London, 1839. 4

- Tenth edition. London, 1842. 4
CRUDEN (WILLIAM), A.M. Nature spiritual-
ised, in a variety of poems.

London, 1766. 12

CRUICKSHANK (JAMES), A.M. -Observations
on the Scotch system of poor laws.

Aberdeen, 1813. 8

CRUM (WALTER). Experimental inquiry into
the number and properties of the primary co-
lours. Glasgow, 1830. 8

CRUSCA (AcAD. DELLA). Vocabolario degli Ac-
cademici della Crusca. Venetia, 1686. fol.

tarius in Jesaiam Prophetam observationes
continens selectas et maxime necessarias ad
veram vaticiniorum sententiam investigandam
et argumentis firmandam ; curavit C. F. Pezol-
dus. Lipsice, 1778. 8

CRUSIUS (MARTINUS). Civitas coelestis, seu
catecheticae conciones : item, trium summorum
anniversariorum festorum conciones : aliquot
denique orationes et epistolse : a Martino Cru-
sio editse. Tubingce, 1586. 4

CRUSO (TIMOTHY), Minister of a dissenting con-
gregation in London. The mighty wonders of

a merciful providence, in a sermon [on Numb,
xxiii. 23] preached Jan. 31, 1688.

London, 1689. 4

Sermons on various important subjects. 2 vol.

Edin., 1798. 12

CRUSOE (ROBINSON). Lebensbeschreibung dts
R. C. [By Daniel DEFOE.]

Philadelphia, 1809. 12

moral freedom. Edin., 1829. 8

Another copy.

- Convocation of the Protestant people. A
statement of facts, versus the misrepresenta-
tions of Messrs Simon Prince and John Mair
of Glasgow. London, s. a. 8

CUBITT (GEORGE). Scripture expositions : con-
taining, The Philippian jailer, or conversion
[Acts, xvi. 30, 31] ; Enoch, or personal piety
[Gen. v. 24] ; Obed-Edom, or family religion
[2 Sam. vi. 11, 12] ; Antioch, or primitive
Christianity [Acts, xi. 26]. London, 1844. 12

CUDWORTH" (RALPH), D.D., Master of Christ's
college, Cambridge. A discourse concerning
the true notion of the Lord's Supper. By
R. C. London, 1642. 4

Third edition. To which are added, two ser-
mons, on 1 John, ii. 3, 4 ; and 1 Cor. xv. 57.

London, 1676. fol.

The life of Christ the pith and kernel of all
religion : a sermon [on 1 John, ii. 3, 4] preach-
ed before the Hon. House of Commons, at
Westminster, March 31, 1647.

Rcpi-inted. Glasgow, 1647. 8

The true intellectual system of the universe :
the first part ; wherein all the reason and phi-
losophy of Atheism is confuted ; and its im-
possibility demonstrated. London, 1678. fol.

Another copy.

Systema intellectuale hujus universi, seu de
veris naturae rerum originibus commentarii,
quibus omnis eorum philosophia, qui Deum
esse negant, funditus evertitur. Accedunt re-
liqua ejus opuscula. J. L. Moshemius omnia
ex Anglico Latine vertit, recensuit, variisque
observationibus dissertationibus illustravit et
auxit. Editio secunda. 2 torn.

Lugd. Batav., 1773. 4

The true intellectual system of the universe :
with a treatise concerning eternal morality. . . .
To which are added, the notes and disserta-
tions of Dr J. L. Mosheim, translated by John
Harrison, M. A. With a copious general index
to the whole work. 3 vol. London, 1845. 8

The true intellectual system of the universe...
A treatise on immutable morality ; with a dis-
course concerning the true notion of the Lord's
Supper ; and two sermons on 1 John, 2 : 3, 4,
and 1 Cor. 15 : 27. First American edition ;
with references to the several quotations in
the intellectual system ; and an account of the
life and writings of the author : By Thomas
Birch, M.A. 2 vol. Andover, 1837. >

CUDWORTH (W T ILLIAM). Saving faith... by
John ANDERSON, D.D., Rev. Eben. Erskine,
and W. C. 1843

CULBERTSON (ROBEKT), Minister of the



A vindication <>f the principles of Se-

crdi-rs, ui>n the head of occasiunal commu-
nion ; with answers to the principal objections.

/;./;., ioo. 12

- The covenanter's manual ; or, a short illustra-
tion of the Scripture doctrine of public \<.\vs.

F.'lln., 1808. 8

Scriptural union ; or, the promised harmony
of the views and feelings of the professors of
religion in the latter-days. A sermon, ]
ed on occasion of the proposed union between
the two branches of the {Secession.

,1819. 8

- Lectures, expository and practical, on the Book
of Revelation. A new edition, 3 vol.

,1826. 8

solatoria de parentnm liberorum, alienorurn
atque propriorum peccatis.

JV- . 1550. 8

CULSAMOND. The Culsamond mystery. From
the Banner of Nov. 13, 1841. [Intrusion of
Mr Middleton.] Aberdeen, 1841. 12

Report of the opinions of the Judges, and de-
cision by the Court of Session (First Divi-
sion), in the cause, the Rev. W. Middleton,
and others, suspenders, against Alex. Ander-
son, and others, respondents : March 10, 1842.

E'Un,, 1842. 8

Another copy.

gant and learned discourse of the light of na-
ture. London, 1654. 4

Another edition. Edited by John Brown,
D.D. With a critical essay on the discourse
by John Cairns, M.A. , 1857. 8

Another copy.

Peterborough. An essay towards the recovery
of the Jewish measures and weights, compre-
hending their monies ; by help of ancient
standards, compared with ours of England.
London, 1686. 8

De legibus naturte, disquisitio philosophica, in
qua earum forma, summa capita, ordo, pro-
mulgatio, et obligatio e rerum natura investi-
gantur ; quin etiam elementa philosophise
Hobbianae, cum moralis turn civilis, conside-
rantur et refutantur. Editio tertia.

Lubecte et Francofurti, 1694. 8
Made English from the Latin, by John Max-
well, M.A. London, 1727. 4

SANCHONIATHO'S Phoenician history, trans-
lated from the first book of Eusebius, De prae-
paratione evangelica. With a continuation of
Sanchoniatho's history by Eratosthenes Cy-
renseus's Canon, which Dicaearchus connects
with the first Olympiad. These authors are
illustrated with many historical and chronolo-
gical remarks. With a preface giving a brief
account of the life of the author, [Dr Cumber-
land] by S. Payne, M.A.

London, 1720. 8

CUMBERLAND (RICHARD). A few plain rea-
sons why we should believe in Christ, and ad-
here to his religion ; addrest to the patrons

and professors of the new philosophv.

London, ISOL 8
l.MMINC (.IMHN), M.A, Minuter oj

< Vi"< 'inn. The grounds of the pre-

sent differences, among the London mi;
In two parts. Part I. A dissertation concern-
ing the authority of SanptaVMOBteqw D

matteis of faitli II. Considerations on the

professed .-igreenieiit of the non-subscribing
ministers, with the subscribers, in their senti-
ments concerning the doctrine of the Trinity.

Another copy.

Another c< >

i, D.D., Minister of the Scots
Court, London. An apology
for the Church of Scotland ; or, an explana-
tion of its constitution and character.

y,'/,,,/,,/,, 1837. 8

A short statement of the origin and natii;
the present divisions in the CHURCH 01

LAND. 1840

Present state of the Church of Scotland : a
letter addressed to the Most Noble the Mar-
quis of Cholmondeley. 2d ed. , with a preface
and copious notes. London, 1843. 12

Another copy.

The Hammersmith Protestant discussion... be-
tween the Rev. John Gumming, D.D., and
Daniel FRENCH, Esq., during the months of
April and May 1839. New edition, with a
copious index. 7th thousand.

London, 1851. 8

CUN^EUS (PETRUS), Professor of law in the uni-
versity of Leyden. De repubk'ca Hebrseorum.
Libri hi. Editio altera, priore emendatior.
Lifd. JJatav., 1031. 12


CUN1NGHAME (WILLIAM), of Laimhaw.The
apostasy of the Church of Rome, and the iden-
tity of the Papal power with the man of sin
and son of perdition of St Paul's prophecy, in
the second Epistle to the Thessalonians, proved
from the testimony of Scripture and history.
Glasgow, 1818. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. With an appendix, contain-
ing an examination of the Rev. W. Burgh's
attempt to vindicate the Papacy from those
charges, and to fix on the Protestant Churches
the imputation of falsely interpreting the pro-
phecies of Antichrist. Glasgow, 1833. 12

Another copy.

The Protestant interpretation of St Paul's pro-
phecy of the man of sin ; vindicated from the
objections of the Rev. William Burgh, in his
lectures on the second advent : being an ap-
pendix to The Church of Rome the apostasy,
and the Pope the man of sin, and son of per-
dition. Glasgow, 1833. 12

Another copy.

A critical examination of some of the funda-
mental principles of the Rev. George Stanley
Faber's sacred calendar of prophecy ; with an
answer to his arguments against the millennial



advent and reign of Messiah.

Glasgoiv, 1829. 8

A dissertation on the seals and trumpets of
the Apocalypse, and the prophetical period of
twelve hundred and sixty years. 3d ed.

London, 1832. 8

Fourth edition. London, 1843. 8

The premillennial advent of Messiah demon-
strated from the Scriptures. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1833. 12

Third edition, with a preface, containing stric-
tures on a tract entitled ' ' The time of Christ's
second coming identified with the day of judg-
ment." London, 1836. 12
The doctrine of the millennial advent and
reign of Messiah, vindicated from the objec-
tions of the Edinburgh Theological Magazine,
in a letter to the editor of that magazine.
With an appendix, containing remarks on Dr
Hamilton's recent work on millennarianism.
2d ed. With some strictures on a review of
the author's "premillennial advent of the
Messiah," &c. , in a late number of the Edin-
burgh Christian Instructor.

London, 1837. 12

A review of the Rev. Dr Wardlaw's sermon on
the millennium ; with an answer to his argu-
ments against the millennial resurrection and
reign of the saints and martyrs of Jesus. 3d
ed. With an appendix, containing strictures
on certain passages of Dr Wardlaw's sermon
on civil establishments of Christianity.

London, 1840. 12

The chronology of Israel and the Jews from the
exodus to the destruction of Jerusalem by the
Romans. With remarks on the systems of
former chronographers. Glasgow, 1835. 8
A synopsis of chronology from the era of crea-
tion, according to the Septuagint, to the year
1837 ; with a discourse on the astronomical
principles of the scriptural times, showing that
they comprehend a complex harmony of deep-
ly scientific order and arrangement, demon-
strating their exact truth, and evincing that
their author is the omniscient Creator.

London, 1837. 8

The Septuagint and Hebrew chronologies tried
by the test of their internal scientific evidence.

London, 1838. 8

The fulness of the times ; being an analysis of
the chronology of the Seventy. In two parts.
Containing also a dissertation on the year of
our Lord's nativity ; an examination of the
sacred chronology of Mr Clinton's Fasti Hel-
lenici ; and an enquiry into the system of Jo-
sephus. With an introductory dissertation,
wherein is established the epoch of the fall of
Adam, &c. 2d ed. London, 1839. 8

The scientific chronology of the year 1839. A
sign of the near approach of the kingdom of
God. Luke, xxi. 31. London, 1839. 8

A supplement to the scientific chronology of
the year 1839... Comprising the arithmetical
solution and chronological application of the
number 666. London, 1840 8

The season of the end ; being a view of the

scientific times of the year 1840. With prefa-
tory remarks on theories of geology as opposed
to the Scriptures, and an appendant disserta-
tion on the dates of the nativity and passion.
London, 1841. 8

Another copy.

A short essay on the scientific measures of the
mundane times, and on the general reasons for
rejecting the Hebrew, and receiving the Sep-
tuagint chronology. 2d ed.

London, 1843. 12

CUNNINGHAM (ALEXANDER), British envoy at
the Court of Venice. Animadversiones in
Richardi Bentleii notas et emendationes ad
Q. Horatium Flaccum.

Hafj(R Comitum, 1721. 8

The history of Great Britain : from the Revo-
lution in 1688, to the accession of George the
First. Translated from the Latin manuscript
of A. C. To which is prefixed, An intro-
duction, containing an account of the author
and his writings, by William Thomson, LL.D.
2 vol. London, 1787. 4

CUNNINGHAM (ELIZA). Eachdraidh Beatha
Eoin NEWTON agus E. C. 1817

Pakefield, Suffolk. A letter to the Right Hon.
Lord Bexley, containing a statement made to
the committee of .the British and Foreign
Bible society, as to the relations of that insti-
tution, with France, the valleys of Piedmont,
Switzerland, and Germany.

London, 1827. 8

* Review of the Rev. Francis Cunningham's
letter to Lord Bexley ; account of the annual
meeting of the British and Foreign Bible so-
ciety. Edin., 1827. 8

eminent and illustrious Englishmen from Al-
fred the Great to the latest times... Edited by
G. G. C. 8 vol. [Wanting vol. vi.]

Glasgow, 1835-37. 8

CUNNINGHAM (JAMES ?). Some questions re-
solved concerning Episcopal and PRESBYTE-
RIAN government in Scotland. 1690

CUNNINGHAM (JOHN). The ordinance of co-
venanting. Glasgow, 1843. 12

Another copy.

CUNNINGHAM (JOHN), Minister of Crieff.
The Church history of Scotland from the com-
mencement of the Christian era to the present
time. 2vol. Edin., 1859. 8


of Harroiv. A world without souls. 6th ed.

London, 1816. 8

Sermons. 2 vol. 3d ed. [Vol. ii. of 1st ed.]

London, 1823, 24. 8

Morning thoughts in prose and verse on single
verses in the successive chapters in the Gospel
of St Matthew. 3d ed. London, 1824. 12

and professor of divinity in the Neio College,
Edinburgh. The works of William Cunning-
ham. Edited by his literary executors. Vol.
I. The Reformers, and the theology of the
Reformation. Vol. II., III. Historical theo-



logy. Vol. IV. Discussions on Church prin-
los. * l' S(i:; - '

- Another copy.

- Lecture on UMUktON and lawfulness of union
between Churcli ami St:ite. Delivered .-it
Edinburgh, 27. Nov. 1834. Edin., 183:.. N
OM the principle of Church ESTABLISHMENTS.
| From Eraser's Magazine, Aug. 1836.] 1836

- Reply to tho statement of certain ministers
:'.nd elders, published in answer to Dr Chal-
mers's " Conference" on the subject of the
moderatorship of the next General Assembly.
2d ed. , 1837. 8

- Another copy.

- * A word more on the moderatorship ; in a let-
ter to the Rev. William Cunningham. By a
bystander. Edin., 1837. 8

- Another copy.

- Letter to John Hope, Esq. , Dean of Faculty.
Occasioned by his letter to the Lord Chancel-
lor on the present claims of the Church of
Scotland. Edin., 1839. 8

- Another copy.

- Another copy.

* A layman's letters to the Rev. William Cun-
ningham, in reference to his letter to the Dean
of Faculty. [By Alexander PETERKIN. ]

., 1839. 8
Another copy.

Tracts on the intrusion of ministers. Nos.
vii., viii., and x. Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

Speech on the independence of the Church, in
reference particularly to the present state of
the Auchterarder case. Delivered... on Txies-
day, the 9th April, 1839. Edin., 1839. 8
Another copy.
Another copy.

Review of pamphlets on the commemoration
of the [Glasgow] General Assembly.

Edin., 1839. 8

Strictures on the Rev. James Robertson's ob-
servations upon the veto act. Part i. Legal
and scriptural branches of the argument.

Edin., 1840. 8
Another copy.
Another copy.

Defence of the rights of the Christian people
in the appointment of ministers, from the con-
stitutional standards and history of the Church
of Scotland : with continuation of strictures
on Mr Robertson's observations on the veto
act. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. Edin.,1841. 8

Speech delivered at an extraordinary meeting
of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, held on the
6th January 1841, in moving resolutions
against the recent decision of the Court of
Session in the case of Marnoch. Reprinted
from the "Witness." Edin., [1841.] 8

Another copy.

Review of the report of the STRATHBOGIE CASE.


The objects, nature, and standards of ecclesias-
tical authority. Edin., 1842. 12

I Letters on tho Church question, in answer to
a speech of the Rev. Mr Kob.Ttsmi of Kllmi.

. isi-j. 8

Another copy.

- Letter to tin- Rev. James Bryce, D.D. [Tho

:nlix to I)r MKYCK'S letter to the m
of tlie <'.. 11 vocation.] ',,., 1843. 8

Three letters of Dr Cunningham and Dr 1 :

on (!: <( power of the civil magistrate.

I '.'I'm., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Animadversions upon Sir William Hamilton's
pamphlet, entitled " Be not schismatics, be ii"t
martyrs, by mistake," &c. Edin., 1843. 8

i Another copy.

i Three letters on Sir William Hamilton's
pamphlet, entitled " Be not schismatics, be
not martyrs, by mistake." With Sir William
Hamilton's reply to the first letter.

Edin., 1843. 12

Remarks on the twenty- third chapter of the
confession of faith, as bearing on existing con-
troversies. Edin., 1843. 12

Inaugural lecture addressed to the theological
students of the Free Church of Scotland, Nov.
9, 1847, at the opening of the session of Col-
lege succeeding the death of Rev. Dr Chalmers.

Edin., 1848. 8

Another copy.

! Speech delivered at the meeting against papal
aggression, held in... Edinburgh, December 5,
1850. Edin., 1850. 8

Two sermons preached in the Free High
church, Edinburgh, Nov. 6, 1853, after the
funeral of the late Robert Gordon, D.D. By
Patrick CLASOST, and W. C. 1853

Address [at the close of the session of the New
College 1855-56]. Edin., 1856. 8

Address delivered at the conclusion of the ses-
sion of the New College, Edinburgh, 1st April
1857, containing animadversions upon a recent
review of the works of Dr Chalmers.

Edin., 1857. 8

the Free Church, Prestonpans. Collegiate edu-
cation versus collegiate extension ; with ani-
madversions on the pamphlet of the Rev. An-
drew Gray. Edin., 1850. 8

CUPER (GISBERT). Supplement a 1'histoire cri-
tique des dogmes et des cultes, [par Pierre
JURIEU]. Amsterdam, 1705. 4

CUPPLES (GEORGE), Minister of the Free Chwli,
Kilmadock. Peculiar jurisdiction of the
Church as distinguished from that of the State.
Doctrine of the Church of Scotland. [Stirling
tracts, No. vi.] Stirling, 1842. 8

CURATE (JACOB), pseud, i. e. Robert CALDER.

mentum Gr. 1658. See BIBLES GREEK. F.

Opera theologica. Amstclodami, 1675. fol.
- Another edition. Amstelodami, 1775. fol.

Another copy.

Synopsis ethices. Editio tertia. Accessit
Henri : Jenkesii pnefatio, de natura et con-
stitutione ethicae, preesertim Christianas ; ejus-
que usu et studio. Huic postreuue editioni



annexa est Renati DES-CARTES ethice.

Cantabrigice, 1702. 16

CURETON (WILLIAM), M.A., Rector of St Mar-
garet's. Vindiciee Ignatianse ; or the genuine
writings of St Ignatius, as exhibited in the
antient Syriac version, vindicated from the
charge of heresy. London, 1846. 8

- Corpus Ignatianum : a complete collection of
the Ignatian epistles, genuine, interpolated,
and spurious ; together with numerous ex-
tracts from them, as quoted by ecclesiastical
writers down to the tenth century ; in Syriac,
Greek, and Latin ; an English translation of

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