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the Syriac text, copious notes, and introduc-
tion. London, 1849. 8

Spicilegium Syriacum ; containing remains of
Bardesan, Meliton, Ambrose and Mara Bar
Serapion. Now first edited, with an English
translation and notes, by W. 0.

London, 1855. 8

Remains of a very antient recension of the
four Gospels in Syriac, edited and translated
by W. C. 1858. See BIBLES SYRIAC. C.

providentia Dei... cum aliis nonnullis ejusdem
opusculis...nunc primum in lucem editis.

Basilece, 1544. 8

Pasquillus Ecstaticus, una cum aliis etiam ali-
quot sanctis pariter et lepidis dialogis, quibus
prsecipua religionis nostrte capita elegantissime
explicantur. ...Adjectse quotquot sunt quses-
tiones pasquilli. s. I. et a. 8

CURLING (W.), M.A. The spirit of Christ not
the spirit of the popish religion. Preached
Nov. 5, 1841. s. 1. et a. 8

CURLL (WALTER), D.D. A sermon [on Heb.
xii. 14] preached at Whitehall on the 28th
April, 1622. London, 1622. 4

The life of J. P. C....By his son, William
Henry Curran. 2 vol. 2d ed.

Edin., 1822. 8

CURRIE (ARCHIBALD). The principles of Gaelic
grammar. Edin., 1828. 12

CURRIE (JAMES). A few thoughts on the
Church of Christ, suggested by a sermon lately
published and entitled " The Church of Scrip-
ture and the Church of the Disruption."

Edin., 1860. 8

CURRIE (JOHN), A.M., Minister of the Gospel at
Kinglassie. Jus populi divinum, or the peo-
ple's right to elect their PASTORS, made evi-
dent from Scripture. 1727

The overture considered.... In a letter to a
member of the ensuing General Assembly. 2d
ed., with some additions. Edin., 1732. 8

A full vindication of the people's right to elect
their own pastors. Wherein a discovery is
made of the false reasonings, misrepresenta-
tions, inconsistencies, &c. of [Rev. George
Logan] the author of two late pamphlets ; the
one intituled, A modest and humble enquiry
concerning the right and power of electing and
calling ministers to vacant churches ; the other,
The public testimony made more public.

Edin., 1733. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

The SEARCH : or, an enquiry into the conduct
of the author of the Modest and humble en-
quiry, in his late writings against the people's
right to elect their pastors. 1734

An essay on separation : or, A vindication of
the Church of Scotland. In which the chief
things in the testimonies of these Reverend
brethren who lately made a secession from her
are considered, and shown to be no ground of
separation or secession. Edin., 1738. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

A short vindication of the essay on separation :
or some observes by the author thereof on the
remarks made upon that performance by the
Rev. W. Wilson, Perth. Edin., 1738. 8

Another copy.

A vindication of the real Reformation-prin-
ciples of the Church of Scotland concerning

* Light out of darkness : or, a dialogue be-
tween Mr Cunie and a countryman. Being a
direct reply to an answer to a cry from the
dead, appended to Mr Currie's vindication ;
and a significant reply to Mr Currie's essay on
separation, and vindication itself.

Edin., 1741. 8

CURROR (WILLIAM), Minister of Pitlessie. *A
short account of the life of Mr W. C. By
John Warden, teacher, Cupar.

Cupar, 1811. 12

CURTIS ( ), Apothecary in Edinburgh.

REVELATION the best foundation for morals.


CURTIS (JOHN HARRISON). Observations on
the preservation of health in infancy, youth,
manhood, and age. 3d ed.

London, 1839. 12

CURTIUS RUFUS (QtJiNTtrs). Historiarum libri,
accuratissime editi. Lugd. Batav. , 1633. 12

De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni libri super-
stites. Cum Freinshemii supplementis. Suis
variorumque notis illustravit A. Huguet.
2 torn. Parisiis, 1834. 8

Another edition. [Wants title.] 12

De la vie et des actions d'Alexandre le Grand.
De la traduction de M. de Vangelas. Edition
nouvelle avec les supplemens de J. Freinshe-
mius. Traduits par feu M. du Ryer.

Amsterdam, 1684. 8

CURTIUS (SEBASTIANUS). Radices linguae sanc-
tae Hebraese biblicis moralibus sententiis,
adagiis, particulis historicis, aliisque elegan-
tioribus e sacro codice depromptis loquendi
formulis expressse. Geismarice, 1649. 4

CUSTOMS. Jewish and Eastern customs... Col-
lected from the most celebrated travellers and
the most eminent critics. Dundee, 1825. 8
CUTHBERTSON (D.). Addresses delivered at
the annual distribution of prizes, to the pupils
of the Glasgow grammar school, 1828-1833.

Glasgoiv, 1833. 12


CUTHILL (A.), Ayr.Pullic sins, aggravated

liv tin- i-jiji'viiu'iit <>f j^ivat. puMic blessings,
illustrated from tlio case of the Jews, and the
present compared with the former position of
the Church of Scotland. A sermon, delivered
in... Ayr, on the 4th day of May, 1843.

1-^1 in., 1843. 8

CUVIER (CLEMENTINE). * The flower faded ; a
short memoir of C. C. ...With reflections by
John Angell James. 3d ed.

London, 1837. 16

FREDERIC DAGOBERT). Essay on the theory
of the earth. Translated from the French by
Robert Kerr, F.R.S. With mineralogical
notes, and an account of Cuvier's discoveries,
by Professor Jameson. 2d ed.

.,1815. 8

An essay on the theory of the earth. With
geological illustrations, by Professor Jameson.
6th ed., translated from the last French edi-
tion, with numerous additions by the author
and translator. Edin., 1827. 8

Le regne animal distribue* d'apres son organi-
sation, pour servir de base a 1'histoire natu-
relle des animaux et d'introduction a 1'anato-
mie comparee. Nouvelle ddition. 5 torn.

Paris, 1829. 8

The animal kingdom arranged in conformity
with its organization. With additional de-
scriptions of all the species hitherto named,
and of many not before noticed, by Edward
Griffith, and others. 9 vol.

London, 1827-30. 8

CUYLER (CORNELIUS C.), D.D. The signs of
the times. Philadelphia, 1839. 12

Another copy.

The parity of the ministry.

Philadelphia, 1844. 12

zum Tode schicken sol. B. L.

Magdeburg, 1563. 4

de vitiis PAP ARUM. 1699

of Carthage. Opera. Ad MSS. codices recog-
nita et illustrata studio ac labore Stephani
Baluzii. Absolvit post Baluzium, ac preefa-
tionem et vitam S. Cypriani adornavit unus
ex monachis congregationis S. Mauri.

Parisiis, 1726. fol.

Opera genuina. Ad optimorum librorum fidem
expressa, brevique adnotatione instructa. Cu-
rante D. I. H. Goldhorn. [Bib. Patr. Eccles.
Lat. selecta...curante E. G. Gersdorf. Vol.
ii., iii.] Liptice, 1838, 39. 8

Opera. Editio nova, accurante D. A. B. Cail-
lau, nonullisque cleri Gallicani presbyteris.

Parisiis, 1842. 8

The genuine. works of St Cyprian.... Together
with his life, written by his own deacon Pon-
tius. All done into English from the Oxford

edition ; and illustrated with diverse notes.
To which is added, A dissertation upon tlio
case of heretical and schismatical baptisms, at
tin- close of the famous council of Carthage,
lu Id iii the year of our Lord, 250. Whose
acts are also herewith published : By Nath.
Marshall. London, 1717. fol.

De idolorum vanitate liber. [Cum Octavio.
per M. MIXUTIUM FKI.H-KM. ) 1709

* The life and times of Saint Cyprian. By
Geo. Aylifle Poole, M.A. Oxford, 1840. 8

CYPRUS. The history of the war of Cyprus.
Written originally in Latin. Translated by
Robert Midgeley. London, 1687. 8

Hierosolymitanum a corruptelis pontificiis,
quas recentissimus ejus elucidator Antonius
Augustinus Toutteeus, aliique ei afnnxerunt,
Prseside Salomone Deylingio...publicu purga-
bit et vindicabit auctor F. G. C.

Lipsia, 1726. 4

CYRILLUS, Saint, Bishop of Jerusalem. Opera
quse reperiuntur ; ex variis bibliothecis, praj-
cipue Vaticana, Grsece nunc primum edita,
cum Latina interpretatione Joannis Grodecii,
plerisque in locis aucta et emendata studio
Joannis Prevotii. [Gr. et Lat.]

Lutetice Parisiorum, 1631. fol.

Another edition. Ad manuscriptos codices
nee non ad superiores editiones castigata, dis-
sertationibus et notis illustrata, cum nova in-
terpretatione et copiosis indicibus. Cxira et
studio D. Antonii-Augustini Toutte"e, Presb.
et monachi Benedictini e congreg. S. Mauri.
[Gr. et Lat.] Parisiis, 1720. fol.

CYRILLUS, Saint, Bisliop of Alexandria. Opera.
[Gr. et Lat.] Cura et studio Joannis Auberti.
6 torn. Lutetice, 1638. fol.

Compendiaria orthodoxae fidei explicatio ; [una
cum ATHANASII dialogis.] 1570

Cyrilli adversus anthropomorphitas liber unus
Gr. et Lat. Ejusdem de incarnatione Unige-
niti, et, quod unus sit Christus ac Dominus
secundum Scripturas, ad Hermiani dialogi
duo, nunquam antehac editi, interprete Bona-
ventura Vulcanio, cum notis ejusdem, quibus
epistolae aliquot Isidori Pelusiotse et Joannis
Zonarse, idem quod Cyrillus hisce libris argu-
mentum tractantes ; multaque loca ex Cyrilli
libris nondum editis sunt inserta.

Lugd. Batav., 1605. 4

Pro Christiana religione adversus Julianum
imperatorem libri decem, interpretibus Nico-
lao Borbosio et Joanne Auberto ; [cum operi-
bus JULIANI]. 1690

CYRILLUS LUCARIS, Patriarch of Constan-
tinople. CONFESSIO Christianse fidei. [Gr. et
Lat.] Geneva:, 1633. 4

Another copy.

Entschuldigung an den Herzog zu Sachszen
widder seine Angeber. s. L, 1524. 4


D. (A. M. T. C.). A letter from a Master of Tri-
nity college, Dublin, to the electors, on the
present vacancy in a high and important office
in the university of Cambridge ; with the let-
ters of the candidates, &c. London, 1811. 8

D. (G. D. T. M.). [These initials stand for Ge-
rardus de Trajecto Mosse Doctor, i. e. Gerard

D. (J.). Velitationes polemic* : or, polemicall
short discussions of .certain particular and se-
lect questions. London, 1651. 16

D*** (M.), i. e. Antoine Nicolas DEZALLIER D'Au-


D. (M. A. D.). A guide to the clergy.

Glasgow, s. a. 8

D. (T.), Thomas DE LAUNE.

D. (T.). An appeal to the genuine records and tes-
timonies of heathen and Jewish writers : being
full evidence for the truth of the Christian
religion, and its primitive doctrines. Part i.
London, 1730. 8

DABNEY (ROBERT L.), D.D., Virginia. A dis-
course on the uses and results of Church his-
tory. Inaugural address delivered in the
Union theological seminary, Virginia, May 8,
1854. Richmond, 1854. 8

- The world white to harvest : reap ; or it
perishes. A sermon preached for the board of
foreign missions of the Presbyterian Church
in New York, May 2, 1858.

New York, 1858. 8



DAGGETT (HERMANN). A system of questions
adapted to a compendium of the system of
divine truth, by Jacob CATLIN, D.D. 1826

DAILLE (JEAN), Minister of tlie French Protest-
ant Church at Cliarenton. Traicte" de 1'employ
des saincts Peres, pour le jugement des dif-
ferends qui sont aujourd'huy en la religion.
[Deux livres.] Geneve, 1632. 8

- A treatise concerning the right use of the Fa-
thers in the decision of the controversies that
are at this day in religion. Written in French
byJ. D. [In two books.] London, 1651. 4

Another edition. Translated from the French,
and revised by the Rev. T. Smith, M.A. Now
re-edited and amended ; with a preface by the
Rev. G. Jekyll, LL.B. 2d ed.

London, 1843. 12

- De usu Patrum ad ea definienda religionis ca-
pita quae aunt hodie controversa, libri duo,
LatinS e Gallico nunc primum a J. Mettayero
redditi. Geneva, 1656. 4

- LafoyfondeesurlessaintesEscritures. Centre
les nouveaux methodistes. Paris, 1634. 8

Ab auctore recognita, emendata, aucta, et

Latine ex Gallico reddita. Adjecti sunt de
simili argumento duo insignes THEODORETI,
vetustissimi ex quinto Christianismi sseculo
Episcopi, sermones, sive libelli.

Geneva, 1660. 8

De la creance des Peres sur le fait des images.

Geneve, 1641. 8

Apologia pro Ecclesiis reformatis.

Amstelodami, 1652. 8

De pseudepigraphis apostolicis, seu libris octo
constitutionum apostolicarum apocryphis, li-
bri iii. Hardervici, lt>53. 8

De jejuniis et quadragesima liber.

Daventrice, 1654. 8

Another copy.

Apologia pro duabus Ecclesiarum in Gallia
Protestantium synodis nationalibus ; altera
Alensone, anno 1637 ; altera verb Carentone,
anno 1645 habitis : Adversus Friderici Span-
hemii Exercitationes de gratia universal!.
2 torn. Amstelcedami, 1655. 8

Another copy.

Vindicise apologise pro duabus Ecclesiarum
Protestantium synodis nationalibus... ad versus
Epicritam [Maresius, or Des Marets] gratiam
Dei universalem oppugnantem.

Amstelcedami, 1657. 8

Vingt sermons, prononce's a Charenton sur cer-
tains jours et certains temps de Fanne'e.

Geneve, 1658. 8

Melange de sermons, prononce's a Charenton
en divers temps, et sur differens sujets. Pre-
miere [et deuxieme] partie. '

Amsteldam, 1658. 8

Exposition sur la divine Epitre de 1'Apotre S.
Paul aux Filippiens. En vingt-neuf sermons,
prononce's a Charenton... 1'an. 1639, 1640, 1641,
1642. Deux parties. Edition deuxiesme.

Geneve, 1659. 8

Translated from the French by the Rev.

James Sherman. London, 1843. 8

De duobus Latinorum ex unctione sacramen-
tis confirmatione, et extrema, ut vocant, unc-
tione, disputatio. Genevce, 1659. 4

Exposition de 1'institution de la S. Cene, rap-
porte'e par St Paul en sa I. Epitre aux Corin-
thiens. Auxquels on a ajoute'. . .un sermon du
mesme de la presence du Seigneur avec ses
fideles, sur S. Jean, xii. 8. Geneve, 1663. 8

Adversus Latinorum de cultus religiosi objecto
traditionem, disputatio qua demonstratur ve-
tustissimis ad A. D. ccc. Christianis ignotos et
inusitatos fuisse eos cultus, quos nunc in Ro-
mana communione solent eucharistise, sanctis,
reliquiis, imaginibus, et crucibus deferre.

Genevce, 1664. 4

De cultibus rcligiosis Latinorum libri no vein.



I. Do baptismi cferimoniis. II. Do confirma-

tione. Rrli<jui vii. de eucharistiffi ritihus.

Quibus denionstratur novitas cterimoniamin,

qute ad duo sacramenta a Christo institute,

rtiin ad i ucharistiain, in commuiiiunc

Romana adjecfce aunt. Opus po.sthumuin.

Geneva;, 1672. 4 C

Another copy.

Do scriptis, qute sub Dionysii Areopagitse et
Ignatii Antiocheni nominibus circunifenmtur
libri duo....Adjecta eat brevis commom-factio,
de Ruffiniana Origenicorum aliquot operum in-
terpretatione. Geneva, 1666. 4 r

An exposition of the Epistle of St Paul to the
Colossians. Translated from the French by
F. S. Revised and corrected by the Rev.
James Sherman. London, 1843. 8

DALE (ANTONIUS VAN), M.D. De oraculis eth-
nicorum dissertationes duse : quarum prior de
ipsorum" duratione ac defectu, posterior de eo-
rundem auctoribus. Accedit et schediasma de
consecrationibus ethnicis.

Amstelcedami, 1683. 8

DALE (JEREMIAS VAN). Disputatio politica de
jure primogeniture et majoratus. Quam...
sub prsesidio...D. Berckringeri...publice defen-
dere conabitur J. van D.

Ultra jecti, 1645. 4

DALE (THOMAS), M.A., Vicar of St Pancras.
An introductory lecture delivered in the Uni-
versity of London, 1828. 3d ed.

London, 1828. 8

The Sabbath companion, being essays on the
first principles of Christian faith and practice.
[First series.] London, 1844. 8

Second series. London, 1844. 8

DALGLEISH (JOHN), Dundee. A sermon con-
cerning self-denyal, preached in the New-
North church of Edinburgh, July 18, 1708.

Edin., 1711. 4

DALGLEISH (WILLIAM), D.D., Minister of
Peebles. The Scripture-doctrine of the eternal
generation of CHRIST. [Wants title.]

The sum of Christianity, in four books. 2 vol.

/;/;,(., 1784. 8

Sermons on the chief doctrines and duties of
the Christian religion, in their natural order.
4vol. Edin., 1799-1807. 8


DALKEITH. An account of the purging and
planting of the congregation of Dalkeith. Con-
taining, I. The copy of a late paper, intituled,
Information for Mr Alexander Heriot, &c.
II. A short relation of the Presbytery of Dal-
keith, their procedure in reference to the sen-
tencing of Mr Heriot, and their planting of
the congregation of Dalkeith. III. An an-
swer to that paper, called, Information for Mr
Alexander Heriot (designed) minister at Dal-
keith. Edin., 1691. 4


DALLAS (ALEXANDER), A.M., Rector of Won-

ston, Hants. The cottagers guide to the New

Testament : that is, the life and doctrine of

our Lord Jesus Christ, plainly set forth. 3 vol.

London, 1837-40. 8

DALRYMPLE (Sir DAVID), Lord Hailes.No-
ii, ..rials and letters relating to the history of
I'.inain in the reign of James I. Published
from the originals. (,'/.<>;/.,", 17<">2. 8

Memorials and letters relating t<> t lie history of
Britain in the reign of Charles the First. Pub-
lished from the originals. Glaggoir, 17'i'i. J

Another copy.

Remarks on the history of Scotland.

, 1773. 16

Annals of Scotland, from the succession of
Malcolm III. surnamed Canmore, to the ac-
cession of Robert I. . 177ii. 4

Another copy.

From the accession of Robert I. surnamed

Bruce, to the accession of the House of
Stewart. Edin. , 1779. 4

Another copy.

Annals of Scotland, from the accession of Mal-
colm III. [1057]... to the accession of the
House of Stewart [1371]... To which are added
several valuable tracts relative to the history
and antiquities of Scotland. A new edition.
3vol. Edin., 1797. 8

Third edition. 3 vol. Edin., 1819. 8

Remains of Christian ANTIQUITY. With ex-
planatory notes. 3vol. Edin., 1776-80. 8

Another copy. Vol. ii., iii.

Disquisitions concerning the ANTIQUITIES of
the Christian Church. 1783

An inquiry into the secondary causes which
Mr Gibbon has assigned for the rapid growth
of Christianity. Edin., 1786. 4

Second edition. To which is prefixed, a brief
memoir of the life and writings of the author.

Edin., 1808. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

An account of lay-patronages in Scotland, and
of the fatal differences they have occasioned
betwixt the Church and lay patrons ; with ob-
servations on the arguments for restoring them
in 1711. [Select anti-patronage library.]

Edin., 1842. 8

[And with Tracts on PATRONAGE.] 1770

Of the eminent heathen writers, from Seneca
to Marcus Antoninus, who are said to have
disregarded or contemned Christianity. [Theo-
logical tracts, edited by John BROWN, D.D.,
vol. i.] Edin., 1853. 8

DALRYMPLE (Sir JAMES), Bart. Collections
concerning the Scottish history, proceeding the
death of King David the First, in the year
1153. Wherein the soveraignity of the crown
and independency of the Church are cleared ;
and an account given of the antiquity and
purity of the Scottish-British Church, and the
noveltie of Popery in this kingdom. With an
appendix, containing the copies of charters of
foundation of some churches ; with genealogi-
cal accounts of the donors and witnesses.

Edin., 1705. 8
Second edition. Glasgow, 1766. 8

DALRYMPLE (JAMES), Viscount of Stair, Lord
President of the Court of Session. The institu-
tions of the law of Scotland, deduced from its



originals, and collated with the civil and feu-
dal laws, and with the customs of neighbour-
ing nations. In four books. The 3d ed., cor-
rected, and enlarged, with notes.

Edin., 1759. fol.

DALRYMPLE (JOHN), Earl of Stair.- A. vindi-
cation of the divine PERFECTIONS. 1695

DALRYMPLE (Sir JOHN), Bart. Memoirs of
Great Britain and Ireland. From the disso-
lution of the last Parliament of Charles II.
until the sea-battle off La Hogue. 2 vol.
2d ed. London, 1771-73. 4 C

Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, from
the battle off La Hogue till the capture of the

French and Spanish fleets at Vigo Vol. ii.

[An appendix to vol. i. & ii. of " Memoirs,"
and completing the work.] Edin. , 1788. 4 r

DALRYMPLE (GILBERT), D. D., pseud, i. e. Ge-

DALRYMPLE (WILLIAM), D.D., Minister of
Ayr. A history of Christ, for the use of the
unlearned : with short explanatory notes, and
practical reflections. Edin. , 1787. 8

- The Acts of the Apostles made easy ; by a
short paraphrase, notes, and reflections.

Air, 1792. 8

DALSERF. A protestation, by a part of the

parishioners of D f , against the settlement

of that pretended preacher, Mr J n K k,
as minister of said parish. Dairy, 1800. 12

DALTON. Case, Robert Henderson of Cleugh-
heads, Esq. ; and others, heritors, elders, and
heads of families in the parish of Dalton, li-
bellers of Dr William Bryden, minister of the
said parish of Dalton ; pursuers. The said
Dr William Bryden defender. The pursuers'
case. To be heard at the bar of the Venerable
Assembly, May 1784. s. I. et a. 4

Case of Dr William Bryden, minister of the
parish of Dalton, defender ; against Robert
Henderson of Cleughheads, a non-residing
heritor, and others in the said parish, pur-
suers. To be heard at the bar of the Vene-
rable Assembly in May 1784. The defender's
case. s. I, [1784.] 4

Case, Robert Henderson of Cleughheads, Esq. ;
and others, heritors, elders, and heads of fami-
lies in the parish of Dalton, libellers of Dr
William Bryden, minister of the said parish of
Dalton ; pursuers. The said Dr William Bry-
den, defender. The pursuers' case. To be
heard at the bar of the Venerable Assembly,
May 1785. s. I, [1785.] 4

- Case, Robert Henderson of Cleughheads, Esq. ;
and others, heritors, elders, and heads of fami-
lies, in the parish of Dalton, libellers of Dr
William Bryden, minister of the said parish of
Dalton ; pursuers : the said Dr William Bry-
den defender. The pursuers' case. To be
heard at the bar of the General Assembly May

s. I. et a. 4

DALTON (ANDREAS). Theses theologicse de jus-
titia et jure...defendent Antonius MULFAIL et
A. D. 1G79

DALTON (J.). Fifteen sermons... preached at
Coventry. Coventry, 1771. 8

DALTON (JOHN). Meteorological observations
and essays. London, 1793. 8

A new system of chemical philosophy. 2 parts.

Manchester, 1808, 10. 8

DALTON (J. S.). The companion to Westmin-
ster abbey. London, s. a. 12
DALTON (WILLIAM), A.M., Minister of St Jude's
church, Liverpool. The word of God vindi-
cated, in reply to the Rev. F. Martyn, Ro-
mish pastor of Walsall. 2d ed.

London, 1830. 12

Fifth edition. London, 1830. 12

The family altar ; or, prayers for every day in
the week ; with occasional prayers and medi-
tations. 2d ed. Liverpool, 1832. 12

Fourteen expository discourses on the Lord's
prayer, and other important subjects.

London, 1833. 12

The duty of watchfulness and prayer for the
coming of Messiah's triumphant kingdom and
millennial reign. Glasgow, 1835. 12

The scoffers of the last days at the coming of
Christ. Glasgow, 1835. 12

The coming of the day of God.

Glasgow, 1835. 12

DALY (ROBERT), A.M. A sermon [on Luke, vi.

9] preached in aid of the funds of the Sunday

school society for Ireland, 23d March, 1817.

Dublin, 1817. 8

DAL YELL (JOHN GRAHAM). A tract, chiefly
relative to monastic antiquities ; with some
account of a recent search for the remains of
the Scotish kings interred in the abbey of Dun-
fermline. Edin., 1809. 8

DALZEL (ANDREAS), Professor of Greek in the
university of Edinburgh. Collectanea Grseca
majora. Tom. ii. Edinburgi, 1797. 8

DALZEL (ARCHIBALD), Governor at Cape-Coast
Castle. The history of Dahomey, an inland
kingdom of Africa ; compiled from authentic
memoirs ; with an introduction and notes.

London, 1793. 4


DAMASUS, Saint, Pope. Opuscula, et gesta cum
notis M. M. Sarazanii iterum collecta, nunc
vero primum aucta, et illustrata diatribis dua-
bus, altera de gestis Liberii exulis. Altera an
Damasus faverit aliquando Maximo Cynico
adversus Gregorium Nazianzenum ; et Necta-
rium. Quibus...adjiciuntur etiam opuscula
apocrypha ejusdem. Romce, 1754. fol.

Epistolae et carmina ; [Bibl. vet. Patr. per A.
GALLANDIUM, torn vi., p. 321]. 1788

vels through the interior of Africa, from the
Cape of Good Hope to Morocco... between the
years 1781 and 1797. Faithfully translated
from the German. London, 1801. 8

Cardinal, and Bishop of Ostia. Opera omnia
nunc primum in unum collecta, ac argumentis,
et notationibus illustrata studio ac labore D.
Constantini Cajetani. 4 torn.

Bassani, 1783. 4

DAMIRON (JEAN-PHLLIBERT). Essai sur 1'his-


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