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s. 1. et a. 12

DIBBLE (SHELDON). History and general views
of the Sandwich islands' mission.

New York, 1839. 12

duction to the knowledge of rare and valuable
editions of the Greek and Latin classics ; in-
cluding an account of Polyglot Bibles ; the best
Greek, and Greek and Latin, editions of the
Septuagint and New Testament ; the Scriptores
de re rustica ; Greek romances, and lexicons
and grammars. 3d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1808. 8

Fourth edition. London, 1827. 8

A bibliographical, antiquarian, and picturesque
tour in France and Germany. 3 vol.

London, 1821. 8

The library companion ; or, the young man's
guide and the old man's comfort in the choice
of a library. London, 1824. 8

DICK (ALEXANDER), First Secession minister in
A berdeen. Sermons, or notes of sermons. With
a sketch of his life, and of the origin of the
Secession in Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 1852. 8

stance of a speech delivered at a meeting of
evangelical dissenters of different denomina-
tions, held in Edinburgh on 13th September
1832. Edin., 1832. 16

Dissertation on Clmrch polity.

Edin., 1835. 12

*The principle of voluntary Churches defended ;
being remarks on " Remarks on the speech of
A. C. Dick, Esq." By a plain man.

Glasgow, 1833. 12

DICK (DAVID). All modern slavery indefensible.

Montrose, 1836. 12

In favour of the Free Church, and also of the
abolition cause : or, on American slavery and
the Free Church of Scotland. . . .By one not of
the Free Church. Edin., 1848. 8

DICK (JOHN). A testimony to the doctrine, wor-
ship, discipline, and government of the Church
of Scotland, and the covenanted work of refor-
mation as it was professed in the three king-
doms : together with an account of the perse-
cution of some of the most eminent in our days,
for their adherence to the same, as it was left
in write by Mr John Dick. To which is added,
his last speech and behaviour on the scaffold.

s. L, 1684. 4

DICK (JOHN), D.D., Professor of theology to the
United Secession Church. Confessions of faith
shown to be necessary, and the duty of Churches
with respect to them explained, in a sermon
[on 2 Tim. i. 13] preached at the opening of
the Associate Synod, April 26. 1796.

Edin., 1796. 8

The qualifications and call of missionaries : a
sermon [on Acts, xiii. 2] preached before the
Edinburgh missionaiy society, 1801.

Edin., 1801. 8

An essay on the inspiration of the Holy Scrip-
tures of the Old and New Testament. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1803. 12



Third edition. Glasgow, 1813. 8

Another o>py.

Lectures on some passages of the Acts of the
Apostles. Glasgow, 1805. 8

First American, from the second Glasgow, edi-
tion. New York, 1844. 8

Sermons. (ila.-xjow, 1816. 8

Lectures on theology. With a memoir of the
author by his son. 4 vol. 2d til.

., 1838. 8

* Religious toleration : a letter addressed to
the Rev. Dr Dick, professor of divinity to the
United Secession Church. By a lav man.

Glasgow, 1823. 8

DICK (ROBBRT), D.D., Min^'-r <>f Trinity col-
lege </</ /v/i, KiHitlmryh. The counsel of (Jann-
liel considered. A sermon [on Acts, v. 34-39]
preached before the society for propagating
Christian knowledge, Jan. 4, 1762.

/;./;., 1762. 8

DICK (THOMAS), LL.D. The philosophy of reli-
gion ; or, an illustration of the moral laws of
the universe. Glasgow, 1826. 12

The philosophy of a future state.

Glasgow, 1828. 12

On the improvement of society by the diffusion
of knowledge. 2d ed. Edin., 1837. 12

Christian beneficence contrasted with covetous-
ness ; illustrating the means by which the world
may be regenerated. 2d ed.

London, 1838. 12

The solar system. London, s. a. 16

The Christian philosopher ; or, the connection
of science and philosophy with religion. 2 vol.
A new edition. Glasgow, s. a. 8

- Another copy.

DICK BEQUEST. Report to the trustees of the
Dick bequest. With an appendix containing
papers used in the examination of teachers.

j-:<i;,t., 1844. 8

D1CKERMAN (NATHAN W.). * Memoir of N.
W. D., who died at Boston (Mass.) Jan. 2,
1830, in the eighth year of his age.

New York, s. a. 12

DICKENS(CHARLEs). Household words, a week-
ly journal. Conducted by Charles Dickens.
Vol. i.-iv. London, 1850-54. 8

DICKIE (GEORGE), A.M., M.D. Typical forms
and special ends in creation. By James M'Cosn
and G. D. 1856

call to professing Christians on temperance.

Edin., s. a. 8

DICKINSON (JONATHAN), A.M., President of
Princeton college, New Jersey. Sermons and
tracts. JWiw,, 1793. 8

Familiar letters to a gentleman on a variety of
seasonable and important subjects in religion.
New edition. Edin., 1819. 12

Another edition : with an introductory essay,
by the Rev. David Young, Perth.

Glasgow, 1829. 12

Another copy.

Another edition. Philadelphia, 1841. 8

Another copy.

The true Scripture doctrine concerning some

important points of Christian faith.

J'l,iUi'l>-lj>liM, 1841. 12

Another ropv.

DICKSON (DAVII.). PrvftMor o/ cKmmty M

B iiiihtt njli. Select practical writ-
ings of D. D. , j.sio. b j

Another copy.

The answeres of some brethren of the mini.i-
terie to th ; the ministers and j>n>-
fessours of divmitie in Aberdeene, concerning
the late CuVKXAXT. 1638

Expositio aualytica omnium apostolicaruin
Epistolarum. Seu brevis introductio ad plcni-
ores commentaries, in usmn studiosorum theo-
lo^iju. . GUusgiue, 1645. 4

A short explanation of the Epistle of Paul to
the Hebrews. Cambiidge, 161

Therapeutica sacra, seu, de curandis casibus
conscieiitiif circa regeneratioiiem, per fuederum
divinorum prudentem upplicationem. Libri
tres. Edin., 1656. 4

Another copy.

Truth's victory over error. Or, an abridge-
ment of the chief controversies in religion,
which since the Apostles' days to this time,
have been, and are in agitation between those
of the orthodox faith, and all adversaries what-
soever. Wherein, by going through all the
chapters of the CONFESSION of faith... there is
a clear confirmation of the truth. 1684

Dickson and Durham against Independency :
or, some qxiotations out of Mr D. D.'s treatise
on the confession of faith, intituled, Truth's
victory over error ; and out of DURHAM on the
Revelation . Together with an appendix , touch-
ing obedience to and praying for the civil ma-
gistrate, out of the foresaid treatise by Mr
Dickson. Edin., 1738. 4

The Psalms of David in metre. Together with
the annotations of D. D. 1754. Hee BIBLES

A brief explication of the Psalms ; with a life
of the author, by Rev. Robert Wodrow. 2 vol.

Glasgow, 1834. 12

True Christian love. (Hymns.) To which is
added, Honey drops, or chrystal streams flow-
ing from Christ the fountain and head thereof.

Glasgow, 1754. 8

DICKSON (DAVID), D.D., Minuter of St Cutli-
bert's, BaMbwrgk. On the education of the
lower orders of society. A sermon [on Prov.
xxii. 6] preached... July 13, 1806, before the
Society of the orphan hospital.

Edin., 1806. 8

The advantage of being in the house of mourn-
ing : A sermon [on Eccl. vii. 4] preached
Nov. 19, 1817,the day of the funeral of H.R.H.
Princess Charlotte. Edin. , 1818. 8

Sermons. Edin., 1818. 8

The goodness of God, in the late favourable
harvest, illustrated : A sermon [on Ps. Ixv.
11] delivered in Edinburgh, October 28, 1819.

Edin., 1819. 8

*Copy of documents in favour of the Rev.
David Dickson, Rev. Alexander Brunton, and
Rev. David Scott, as candidates for the pro-



fessorship of Oriental languages.

Edin., 1812. 8

DICKSON (JAMES), Minister at Markinch. Prac-
tical discourses. Edin. , 1731. 8

DICKSON (JOHN). A letter to a minister in the
country : asserting the national covenant, the
solemn league and covenant, well warranted
from the New Testament, and therefore law-
ful and perpetually binding. In answer to a
late anonymous letter. s. I. , 1727. 8

Another copy.

DICKSON (JOHN), Eutherglen. A letter written
from the Bass prison. s. I. et a. 4

DICKSON (J. BATHURST), Minister of Free High
church, Paisley. Speech delivered on the 2()th
Oct. 1852, at a public meeting in Paisley, held
on behalf of Francesco and Rosa Madiai.

Paisley, 1852. 12

DICKSON (ROBERTUS). Dissertatio medica in-
auguralis de phthisi pulmonali ;
gradu Doctoria...eruditorum examini subjicit
R. D. Edin., 1826. 8


DICTIONARY. Lexicon Graecolatinum cui...
ingens vocabulorum numerus accessit : idq ;
partim ex Grsecorum lexicis, partim ex recen-
tium lucubrationibus...nimirum G. Budsei,
Erasmi, L. Valise, H. Barbari, A. Politiani,
L. Coelii, aliorumque ejusdem classis.

Parisiis, apud Collegium Sorbonce, 1530. fol.

Novum lexicon Grseco-Latinum in Novum
Testamentum. 2 vol. London, 1829. 8

- Teutonicae linguae semina et germiiia, sive Lexi-
con Germanicum. . .una cum grammatica linguae
theotiscae...Accurante Serotino.

Noribergce, 1671. 4

- A new dictionary of the English and Dutch
[and Dutch and English] language. [2 vol.]
2d ed. Nimmegen, 1832. 12 C

A new Hebrew-English lexicon containing all
the Hebrew and Chaldee words in the Old
Testament Scriptures, with their meanings

. in English.

London (Bagster & Sons), 1844. 8

Dictionnaire de I'Academie Frangoise. Cin-
quieme edition. 2 vol. Paris, 1813. 4

- Pocket dictionary of the English and Arme-
nian [and Armenian and English] languages.
2 vol. Venice, 1835. 16

- Dictionarium Scoto-Celticum : a dictionary of
the Gaelic language. . . .Compiled and published
under the direction of the Highland Society
of Scotland. 2vol. Edin., 1828. 4

- The youth's spelling, pronouncing, and expla-
natory theological dictionary of the New Tes-
tament. London, 1818. 12

- The Union Bible dictionary.

Philadelphia, 1839. 8

A biographical and martyrological dictionary
...extracted from the Scriptures. ...Fox's Acts
and Monuments, and the works of the most
eminent writers... by a clergyman and others.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1790. fol.

A general dictionary of arts and sciences : or,

a complete system of literature By the Rev.

James Scott... Charles Green... William Fal-

coner... James Meader...and a society of gen-
tlemen. 3 vol. London, 1765, 66. 4

The philosophical dictionary for the pocket.
Written in French by a society of men of let-
ters, and translated into English from the last
Geneva edition, corrected by the authors.
With notes containing a refutation of such
passages as are any way exceptionable in re-
gard to religion. London, 1765. 8

Dictionnaire des sciences philosophiques, par
une Societe de professeurs de philosophic.
6 torn. Paris, 1844-52. 8
[The other Dictionaries or Lexicons in the Li-
brary will be found under the names of their
authors or editors.]

DICTYS CRETENSIS. De bello Trojano historia ;
[cum Bibliotheca historica DIODORI Siculi].


DIDEROT (DENIS). ffiuvres completes. 20 torn.

Paris, 1821. 8 J

O3uvres inedites. [Contenant le Nerue de Ra-
meau, le Voyage en Hollande, Correspondance
de 1765 a 1770, et tables.]

Paris, 1821. 8

* Me'moires historiques et philosophiques sur
la vie et les ouvrages de D. D. Par J. A.
Naigeon, de 1'Institut. Paris, 1821. 8


Pense'es sur 1'interpretation de la NATURE.

DIDOCLAVIUS (EDWARDUS), pseud., i. e. David


DIDYMUS, of Alexandria. Liber contra Mani-
chaeos : Greece et Latine. Interprete Francisco
Turriano ; [CANISII Lectiones antiquse, torn, i.,
p. 197]. 1725

De Spiritu Sancto liber unus. S. Hieronymo
interprete : [GALLANDII Biblioth. Vet. Patr. ,
torn, yi., p. 264]. 1788

In Epistolas catholicas breves enarrationes. In-
terprete Epiphanio Scholastico ; [ibid. , p. 286].

DIETLEIN (W. O.). Das Reich Gottes.

Berlin, 1846. 8

DIEU (LuDOVicus DE). Apocalypsis Sancti
Joannis. 1627. See BIBLES POLYGLOTT. C.

Grammatica linguarum Orientalium, Hebraeo-
rum, Chaldseorum, et Syrorum inter se colla-
tarum. Lugd. Batav., 1628. 4

Animadversiones in Acta Apostolorum, ubi
collatis Syri, Arabia, .^Ethiopici, Vulgati, Eras-
mi, et Bezae versionibus, difficiliora quseque
loca illustrantur, et variae lectiones conferun-
tur. Lugd. Batav., 1634. 4

Critica sacra, sive animadversiones in loca
quaedam difficiliora Veteris et Novi Testamen-
ti. Editio nova. Suflixa est Apocalypsis D.
Johannis Syriaca, quam ante aliquot annos
ex MS. Josephi Scaligeri autor primus edidit,
versione Latina notisque illustravit.

Atnstel, 1693. fol.

Aphorismi theologici, quibus fides reformata
explicatur et defenditur. M. Leydeckerus...
edidit, et prsefationem...prsefixit.

Ultrajecti, 1693. 8

toria ecclesiastica Novi Testamenti a Christo



nato, usque od Philippnm Melancthom-m.

Amstelodami, 1726. 8

DIGBY (Sir EVERARD). Several papers or letters
chietlv relating to the QUN-I'OWDKK I-LOT.


DIGBY (GEORGE), Lord Digby. Letters between

the Lord George Digby, and Sir K^mlm Digby,

Kt. , concerning religion. Lnn<l<>n, 11151. 12

DIGBY (Sir K I:\KI.M), Kt. Letters between tin-

Ld. George DIOBY, and Sir K. D. Hi:, I

DILIGENCE. Diligence for both worlds.

London, s. a. 12

DILL (E. M.), A.M., M.D. Homo and her bap-
tism : the questions briefly answered, Is Rome
a Church of Christ ? and, Is her baptism valid .'
Belfast, 1859. 12

DILL (RICHARD), A.M., Minister of Ormond-quay
Presbyterian church, Dublin. Speech on the
case of Mr Neilson, delivered before the Ge-
neral Assembly, in Armagh, 9th July 1852.
Also a letter to the Presbyterians of Ireland,
on the report of the law committee, embodied
in the minutes of the Assembly of 1851.

Londonderry, [1852]. 12

Prelatico-Presbyterianism : or, curious chap-
ters in the recent history of the Irish Presby-
terian Church. Dublin, 1856. 8

The Presbyterian and Protestant dissenter in
the army and navy. London, 1858. 16

God's word at Wilden, Bedfordshire. A Chris-
tian direction to heare sermons profitably.

London, 1606. 8

A preparative for God's guests to come to his
holy Supper. London, 1606. 8

A golden keye, opening the locke to eternall
happiness. Containing seven most sweete and
comfortable directions to a Christian life.

London, 1609. 8

varii argumenti, partim e Georgio Herberto
Latine (utcunque) reddita, partim conscripta
a W. D. Adscitis etiam aliis aliorum.

Londini, 1678. 8

Vita L. CHADERTONI. 1700
DILLON (JOHN JOSEPH), of Lincoln's Inn. Con-
siderations on the royal marriage act, and on
the application of that statute to a marriage
contracted and solemnized out of Great Bri-
tain. 2d ed. London, 1811. 8

Cursory suggestions for the consideration of
an approaching meeting of the British catho-
lics, in a letter to E. Jerningham, Esq.

Glasgow, 1813. 8

The claims of the Irish catholics, considered,
as they regard the institutions of Scotland,
civil and religious, in a letter, occasioned by a
motion lately made in the Presbytery of Glas-
gow. Glasgmv, 1813. 8

Hints for an argument against the reception
of a petition by either House of Parliament
from the PRESBYTERIES of Scotland. 1813

Charlotte chapel, London. Lectures on some
of the articles of faith of the Church of Eng-
land. London, 1835. 12

DILLONTJS (1 s). Theses theologies

de Deo Uno et Triim, ad mfiiUm DoctorU
Hiibtilis Joaiiiiia Dims So. ti, <| pi-aside F.
Antonio MacCurthv...dcfcndut F.D.

1G75. 4


Gneci. Accedunt pi-rditanim fabularum frag-
iiK-nta. Recognovit L -t j-iM-faMis ist (}. D.

/, //write, 1830. 8

DING (LAURENCE). The scholar's assistant ; a
collection of tunes of much esteem in the
Churches, and dissenting congregations in
Scotland. 4th ed. ..., a. a. 8

DIODATI (EDOUARD). Essai BUT le Christian-
isme envisage" dans ses rapports avec la purfec-
tibilite" de IVtre moral. Geneve, 1830. 8

DIODATI (GIOVANNI), Professor of divinity at
Geneva. La Sacra Bibbia, tradotta in lingua
Italiana. 3641. See BIBLES ITALIAN. A.

Pious annotations upon the Holy Bible.
[Wants last leaf.] London, 1642. 4

Fourth edition. London, 1664. fol.
DIODORUS, Siculus. Bibliothecre historic^ li-

bri xv., hoc est, quotquot Grsece extant de
quadraginta, quorum quinque mine iterum
Latink diligenter recogniti, et chronologia il-
lustrati eduntur. Sebastiano Castalione to-
tius operis correctore, partim interprete. In-
ter jecta vero est, DICTYS Cretensis et DARETIS
Phrygii de bello Trojano historia, et TRYPHIO-
DORI JEgyptii, Ilii excidium, G. Xylandro in-
terprete. . .In calce operis accessere fragmenta
historica ejusdem Diodori Latink versa.

Basilece, 1578. fol.

Bibliothecse historicse libri qui supersunt, in-
terprete Laurentio Rhodomano. Ad fidem
MSS. recensuit Petrus Wesselingius, atque
Henr. Stephani, Laur. Rhodomani, Fulvii
Ursini, Henr. Valesii, Jacobi Palmerii et suas
adnotationes, cum indicibus locupletissimis,
adjecit. [Gr. et Lat.] 2 torn.

Amstelodami, 1745. fol.

DIOGENES, Laertiiis. De vitis, dogmatibus et
apophthegmatibus clarorum philosophorum,
Libri x. Graece et Latine. Cum subjunctis
integris annotationibus Is. Casauboni, Th. Al-
dobrandini et Mer. Casauboni. Latinam Am-
brosii versionem complevit et emendavit Mar-
cus Meibomius. Seorsum excusas ^Eg. Mena-
gii in Diogenem observationes auctiores habet
vol. ii. Ut ct ejusdem Syntagma de mulieri-
bus philosophis ; et Joachimi Ktthnii ad Dio-
genem notas. 2 vol. Amstel&dami, 1692. 4

DION, Cassiiis. Dionis Cassii Cocceiani Historise
Romanpe Libri xlvi. , partim integri, partim mu-
tili, partim excerpti. Francofurti, 1592. 8

Historiae Romanss quaa supersunt. [Complec-
tentes] Fragmenta librorum i.-xxxv. cum an-
notationibus maxime Henrici Valesii. Libros
xxxvi.-liv. integros cum annotationibus J. A.
Fabricii ac paucis aliorum. Libros Iv.-lx.
passim mutilos et breviatos cum annotationibus
J. A. Fabricii et nonnullis aliorum. Libros
Ixi.-lxxx. ex compendio lo. Xiphilini, cum
annotationibus H. S. Reimari, Grfeca ex codi-
cibus MSS. et fragmentis supple vit, emenda-



vit, Latinam versionem Xylandro-Leunclavia-
nara limavit, varias lectiones notas doctorum
et suas cum apparatu et indicibus adjecit Her-
mannus Samuel Reimarus. [Gr. et Lat.]
2 vol. Hamburgi, 1750, 52. fol.

DIONYSIUS, the Areopagite, Saint. Opera om-
nia quoe extant, et commentaria quibus illus-
trantur. Tom i. In quo universus sancti
textus, et Georgii Pachymerae paraphrasis
Grsece et Latine, cum annotationibus Bait.
Corderii in singula capita, continentur. Om-
nia studio et opera ejusdem Baltharis Corderii
S. J. Doct. Theol. Nova editio.

Lutet. Paris., 1C44. fol.

Tom ii. In quo S. Maximi scholia, Pachy-

merse paraphrasis in epis tolas, et authores va-
rii, qui aut vitam S. Dionysii descripserunt,
aut dignitatem ipsius Areopagiticam asserue-
runt, continentur. Opera et studio Petri Lans-
selii et B. Corderii. Accessit nunc primum
Areopagitae defensio adversus haereticum Cal-
vinistam per. . .Dominum D. Joannem de Chau-
mont. Nova editio. Lutet. Paris. , 1644. fol.

DIONYSIUS, Bishop of Alexandria, surnamed
the Great. Quse superant ex ejus operibus et
epistolis nunc primum collecta et illustrata.
Gr. et Lat. ; [in Biblioth. vet. Patr. per A.
GALLANDIUM, torn, iii., p. 479]. 1788

Commeiitarium in principium Ecclesiastae. Gr.
et Lat. ; [p. 110 append, ad torn. xiv. Bib-
lioth. vet. Patr. per A. GALLANDIUM]. 1788

DIONYSIUS, of Halicarnassus. The Roman an-
tiquities of Dionysius Halicarnassensis, trans-
lated into English ; with notes and disserta-
tions. By Edward Spelman. 4 vol.

London, 1758. 4

DIONYSIUS, Periegetes. Orbis descriptio ; com-
mentario critico et geographico ac tabulis il-
lustrata a Guilielmo Hill, A.M.

Londini, 1679. 8

Geographi Groeci minores ex recensione et cum
annotatione Godofredi Bernhardy. [Gr. et
Lat.J 2 vol. Lipsice, 1828. 8

DIRECTORY. A directory for the public wor-
ship of God throughout the three kingdomes
of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Together
with an ordinance of parliament for the taking
away of the Book of Common Prayer ; and for
establishing and observing of this present di-
rectory throughout the kingdom of England,
and dominion of Wales. London, 1644. 4

[And with various editions of the Westmin-
ster confession of faith. ]

With an Act of the General Assembly of the

Kirk of Scotland, for establishing and observ-
ing this present directory. Together with an
Act of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scot-
land approving and establishing the same.

Edin., 1645. 4

[And with various editions of the Westmin-
ster confession of faith.]

- - An ordinance of the Lords and Commons, as-

sembled in Parliament, for the more effectuall
puting in execution the directory for publique
worship, in all parish churches and chappells
within the kingdomo of England and dominion

of Wales, and for the dispersing of them in all
places and parishes within this kingdome, and
dominion of Wales. London, 1645. 4

- The directory for the public worship of God,
agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at
Westminster, with commissioners from the
Church of Scotland. Edin., 1739. 8

[And with various editions of the Westmin-
ster confession of faith.]

With propositions concerning Church go-
vernment, and ordination of ministers.

London, 1651. 12

A directory for Church government, Church
censures, and ordination of ministers. Agreed
upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westmin-
ster, s. I., 1764. 8

The directory for family- worship, approved by
the General Assembly of the Church of Scot-
land, for piety and uniformity in secret and
private worship, and mutual edification. With
an act of the General Assembly, anno 1647,
for observing the same. s. I., 1764. 8

[And with various editions of the Westmin-
ster confession of faith.]

DIROM (Lieut. -Colonel). Plans for the defence
of Great Britain and Ireland.

Edin., 1797. 8

DISAPPOINTMENT. Disappointment and
other poems. [By James AIKMAN.]

Edin., 1826. 12

DISCIPLINE. Ecclesiastics disciplines, et An-
glicanse Ecclesiae ab ilia aberrationis, plena e
verbo Dei, et dilucida explicatio. [By Gual-
terus TBAVERS.] Mupelke, 1574. 8

A full and plaine declaration of ecclesiastical
discipline owt off the word of God, and of the
declininge off the Church off England from the
same. [By Thomas CART WRIGHT.]

s. l.eta.,15U. 4

[A translation by Cartwright from the Latin
work of Travers.]

A parte of a register, contayninge sundrie me-
morable matters, written by divers godly and
learned in our time, which stande for, and de-
sire the reformation of our Church, in disci-
pline and ceremonies, accordinge to the pure
worde of God, and the lawe of our lande.

[Edin., 1593]. 4

The first and second booke of discipline. To-
gether with some Acts of the Generall Assem-
blies, clearing and confirming the same : And
an Act of Parliament. s. L, 1621. 4

The books of discipline, and of Common Or-
der ; the directory for family worship, the
form of process, and the order of election of
superintendents, ministers, elders and dea-
cons. Edin., 1836. 12

Another copy.

A short sum of the first book of discipline for
the instruction of ministers and readers in
their office. Edin., 1739. 8

Another edition. s. L, 1764. 8

The second book of discipline or heads and
conclusions of the policy of the Kirk : agreed
upon in the General Assembly 1578.

Edin., 1739. 8



- Another edition. . I, 17C4. 8

Articles of milikirio discipline. (Observed in
the army of Scots covenanters assembled on
Dunse Law, Anno 1639, under General Leslie.)

y;./;/i., 1639. 4

A fair warning to take heed of the Scottish
discipline, as being of all others most injurious
to the civill magistrate, most oppressive to the
subject, most pernicious to both. [By John
BRAMHALL, D.D.] 8. 1, 1649. 4

The practice of discipline, or, some directions
for the right managing of ecclesiastick disci-
pline. By an elder of the Church of Scotland.

.Edtn.,1705. 4

The penitential discipline of the primitive
Church, for the first 400 years after Christ :
together with its declension from the fifth cen-
tury, downwards to its present state, impar-
tially represented. By a Presbyter of the
Church of England. [By Nathanael MAR-
SHALL, D.D.] London, 1714. 8

The want of discipline shewn to be a great
cause of the present corruption of Christians,
and the remedies thereof. s. I. et a. 8

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