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Apostle, to the Hebrews. Edin. , 1711. 4

ANDREWS (J.), LL.B. The Scripture doctrine
of divine grace. 3d ed. Chatham, 1813. 8

Sermons on the most important subjects.
Second edition ; also an additional sermon.

London, 1815. 8

Great Britain from the death of Henry VIII.
to the accession of James VI. of Scotland to
the crown of England ; being a continuation
of Dr Henry's history of Great Britain, and
written on the same plan. Vol. i.

London, 1806. 8


ANDREWS (SAMUEL J.) The life of our Lord
upon the earth, in its historical, chronological,
and geographical relations.

London, 1863. 8

ANDREWS (SiLAS M.) The Sabbath at home.
[Presb. Tracts, vol. i.] Philadelphia, 1840. 12

Another copy.

ANDREWS (W. E.> The Catholic Vindicator...
in reply to " The Protestant," from Dec. 5th,
1818, to Dec. llth, 1819. London, 1819. 8


ANET (LEONARD). Le salut de la socie'te' et de
la famille. Discours prononce'...le 29 Mai,
1851. Bruxelks, 1851. 8

- La Messe condamne'e par 1'enseignment des
peres des premiers siecles. Examen historique
de la doctrine de 1'Eucharistie.

Bruxelles, 1854. 12

ANGELONI (BATTISTA). Select letters on the

English nation. Translated from the Italian.

Dublin, 1763. 8

ANGELS. Lectures on the Scripture revelations
respecting good and evil Angels. By a country
pastor, author of "Lectures on the Scripture
revelations respecting a future state," [i. e.
Richard WHATELY]. London, 1851. 12


ANGLICANISM. England, Greece, or Rome?
A letter to a friend, by a convert from Angli-
canism. York, 1853. 8

ANGLIC ANUS. View of the character, position,
and prospects of the Edinburgh Bible Society.
In seven Letters. Edin., 1827. 8

*Anglicanus : the falsehood of his account of
the meeting of the Newcastle, North Shields,
South Shields, and Sunderland Bible Society,
attested and exposed. Edin. , 1827. 8

Another copy.

ANGLICANUS. Universal redemption, a truth
according to the Scriptures, defended from the
misrepresentations and cahimnies contained in
a late pamphlet, entitled, " The Gairloch here-
sy tried." In a letter addressed to the Rev.
R. Burns, D.D. , author of the aforesaid
pamphlet. Glasgow, 1830. 12

ANGLO-SCOTUS. A new exposure of the Re-
verend leaders of the Voluntary Church asso-

ciations, lately organized to oppose the Estab-
lished Churches of the empire, and particu-
larly the Church of Scotland ; in a letter, con-
taining eight demonstrations that they are a
degenerate body of professing Christian mi-
nisters. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1833. 8

Second edition.

Newcastle-upm^Tyne, 1834. 8

Anglo-Scotus again ; or, the lucubrations of a
Rev. correspondent of the United Secession
and Voluntary magazines exposed, and fresh
facts adduced illustrative of the growing secu-
larity, profanity, and revolutionary spirit of
the Rev. leaders of the Voluntary Church as-
sociations. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1834. 8

Another copy.

- A further exposure of the Rev. Dr Ralph
Wardlaw, his meeting-house, and his Volun-
tary associates ; in a letter addressed to him.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1834. 8

Another copy.

Correspondence between the Rev. R. Pengilly
and Anglo-Scotus, with notes and additional
information, by Anglo-Scotus.

Newcastle, 1834. 12

The West-of-Scotland arch-voluntary ; or, the
Rev. Andrew Marshall, the Anti-burgher mi-
nister at Kirkintilloch, called to account for
his mendacious, dishonest, and impertinent
lucubrations in the 24th number of the United
Secession Magazine.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1835. 8

ANGUS (WILLIAM), A.M. English grammar :

with numerous exercises, a large collection of

Anglicisms, Scotticisms, Iricisms, &c., and a

Key. 5th ed. Glasgow, 1839. 8

The beauties of paradise lost.

Glasgow, 1841. 12

ing and admonition by the synod of Angus
and Mearns... against the undue accepting of
presentations to parishes ; with a preface and
postscript by a private hand. s. I. , 1733. 8

ANN (Si). An abridgment of the prerogatives
of St Ann, mother of the mother of God ; to
which a preface is added concerning the ori-
ginal of the story. [By W. CLAGETT.]

London, 1688. 4

ANNAN (WILLIAM). The difficulties of Armi-
nian methodism. 3d ed. Pittsburg, 1838. 12

ANN AND ALE. The liar's weapons wrested from
him : or, remarks upon a scurrilous pamphlet,
entitled, The new reformation in Annandale
set in its true light, &c. Edin. , 1745. 8

ANN AT (FRANQOIS). Lettre de Monsieur Jan- Pape Urban VIII. contenant la de-
dicace de son livre intitule' Augustinus, sup-
prime'e par ceux qui eurent soin de la premiere
edition de ce livre. Et quelques autres pieces,
qui peuvent decider la question de fait. Le
tout avec les reflexions de F. A.

Paris, 1666. 4

ANNE D' AUTRICHE. *Memoires pour servir
a 1'histoire d' Anne d' Autriche, epouse de
Louis XIII. Par Frangoise Bertaut, dame de
Motteville. 5 vol. Amsterdam, 1723. 12



ANNE, (, ""

*The liu- i.f i % uei-u A., as well before i
ceasion to the. throne ;ui alu r. '_'\.-|. (\V;mts
title). 17-1- 8

inoirs of Queen Anne, being a compleat
supplement tn tin.- history "1 lit r iviu r n, wherein
the trans.ictions <>f tlic four last years are fully
related. To which is prefixed. ..a succinct ac-
count of affairs from the Ilc'fonu;itiou...with
the issue th<i. <!'.. ..ainl the succession of the
present royal faiuily to the crown of Great
Britain... from original papers, and other suf-
ficient vouchers. Loiulon, 1729. 8
- Another edition. London, 1742. 8

ANNESLEY (SAMUEL), LL.D. The first dish at
the Wiltshire feast, Nov. 9, 1654 ; or, a ser-
inon [on 1 Chron., xii. 32] preached at Lau-
rence Fary to those that there offered their
peace-offerings. Loit<!"n, Ki.~5. 4

ANNUAL. The Edinburgh Academic Annual
for 1840. /;./;/(., 1840. 8

ANNUITY-TAX. Report of the sub-committee
appointed by the inhabitants' committee to in-
vestigate the origin, progress, and present state
of the various assessments in support of the ec-
ck siastical establishment of Edinburgh ; with
a recommendation for an immediate applica-
tion to Parliament for the repeal of the an-
nuity and impost taxes. Likewise an appen-
dix, containing official statements relative
thereto. ., 1832. 8

Address to the inhabitants of Edinburgh on
the annuity-tax. By a lover of justice.

Edin., 1834. 12

Report of the speeches delivered at the soiree
given as a public testimony in favour of Coun-
cillor Russell and Mr Chapman, for their un-
compromising conduct in reference to the an-
nuity-tax. With an appendix.

E<U,i., 1836. 12

Report from the select committee... with the
proceedings of the committee, minutes of evi-
dence, appendix, and index.

London, 1851. 8

Address to the citizens of Edinburgh on the
subject of annuity and impost taxes.

Edin., s. a. 8

ANQUETIL (Louis-PiEKRE). Precis de 1' his-
toire universelle. . .Quatrieme Edition. 12 torn.

Paris, 1811. 12

Histoire de France, depuis les Gaulois jusqu'a
la mort de Louis XVI. Seconde Edition. 15
torn. Paris, 1813. 12

ANQUEZ (LEOXCE). Histoire des assemblies po-
litiques des Re'forme's de France. (1573-1622.)

Paris, 1859. 8

ANSCHARIUS, Saint, Archbishop of Hamburg.
* S. A. vita gemina. . .una per S. Rember-
tum, altera per non prioris
vitse versio . . . Svecica quam dedit . . . Nicolaus . . .
Junctim mine ista. . .edidit Claudius Arrhenius.
Holmice, 1677. 4

ANSELM, Saint, Archbislwp of Canterbury. See


ANSELMUS, Saint, J/v/t/W./> nf Canterbury.
Opera ; nee non EADMERI, monacal Cantua-

: s , h istoria no vm-i 1 1 1 1 , e t al ia opuscula. La-

M studio D. < Jahrielis < Jerberon. Secuinla

10. . I7'_'l. fol.

Editio nova, opusculis recens editis illustrate.

mi. .1 I'. .Migne. 2vol. [1'atp
Cursus, vol. 158, 159.] 1853,54. 8

Meditationes B. A., cum tractatu ile humani
generis rudeinptionc... opera. H. BoomuJio; [ad
calc. meditatt. Aur. Auut >TIM, lii.'{7.j

Another edition. [Ad calc. meditatt. Auous-
IIM, U149.]

Contemplations... translated by G. Stanhope,
D.D. ; [with the meditations of S. Auot'si i > i:,

Cur Deus homo ? Libri duo.

London, 1863. 8

* The Life and Times of A. Translated and
abridged from the German of F. R. Hasse...
by the Rev. William Turner, M.A.

London, 1850. 8

ANSON (GEORGE), Viscount Anson. A voyage
round the world. By Lord Anson. Compiled
from his papers by Walter RICHARDS, 1781.

ANSPACH. Requete des bourgeois de la ville
d'Anspach, a sa Majeste* le Roi de Prusse,
avec les observations d'un magistrat d'Ans-
pach. Traduit de 1'Allemand.

A Londres, 1806. 8


moral and divine, in five discourses viz.
I. Against Atheism. II. Of Providence. III. Of
learning and religion. IV. Of trifling studies,
stage-playes, and romances. V. Upon the in-
carnation of Jesus Christ, and redemption of
mankind. Edin., 1701. 4

ANSWER. The full and final answer examined.
[Wants title.]

ANTHOLOGY. Anthologiae Sacrse libri iv.

Lugduni, 1591. 16

ANTI- APOCRYPHA. Review of the statement
by the dissentient members of the committee
of the Glasgow auxiliary Bible society, of the
grounds of their dissent from the resolution
to separate from the British and Foreign Bible
Society. Glasgow, 1826. 8

ANTICHRIST. The trial of Antichrist, other-
wise, the man of sin, for high treason against
the Son of God. Dublin, 1806. 12

Another edition. DunfermUnc, 1819. 12

narrative : or, a faithful account of the French
prophets, their agitations, extasies and inspi-
rations. To which are added, several other
remarkable instances of persons under the in-
fluence of the like spirit, in various parts of
the world. Glasgow, 1742. 8

ANTI-MAMMON. Anti-Mammon ; or, an ex-
posure of the unscriptural statements of
' ' Mammon " [by John Harris] ; with a state-
ment of true doctrine, as maintained by sound
divines, and derived from holy Scripture. By
two clergymen. London, 1837. 12

ANTIQUITATES. Antiqiutatum variarum au-
tores. Lugduni, 1560. 8



ANTI-SOCINUS. Anti-socinus. Hoc est, solida
et exacta confutatio omnium et singulorum
errorum, quos olim Ariani, Ebionitse, Samo-
sateniani, Pelagian!, et Tritheitse, horribili
audacia propugnarunt ; et nuper demum Ser-
vetus, Ochinus, Blandrata, Fr. Davidis, Soci-
nus, 0. Osterodus, eorumq', complices ab inferis
revocanmt ; cum solida et orthodoxa assertione
Deitatis Jesu Christi, et Spiritus Sancti, et
imputationis meriti Christi pro nostris peccatis,
&c. cum innumeris aliis. [Auctore Joachim
BERENGER.] Francofurti, 1612. 8

ANTI-SPECULATOR. Two letters, addressed
to a noble Lord, on the manufactures, agri-
culture, and apparent prosperity of Scotland.
With a few strictures on the speculations,
morals, and manners, of the nineteenth cen-
tury. Edin., 1804. 8
Another copy.

Proceedings of the first Anti-State-Church
conference, held in London, April 30, May 1
and 2, 1844. London, 1844. 12

- Tracts of the British Anti-State-Church Asso-
ciation. London, 1846. 12

Tracts of the British Anti-State-Church Asso-
ciation. London, 1851. 8

lis universa...a Philippe de Carboneano novis
tractatibus aucta. 4 vol. Bassani, 1794. 12

ANTONINUS, Augustus. Iter Britanniarum,
commentariis illustratum T. Gale. Opus post-
humum ; revisit, auxit, edidit R. G[ale] ; ac-
cessit anonymi Ravennatis Britanniae choro-
graphia. Londini, 1709. 4

LIUS), Emperor of Rome. M. A. Imperatoris
de seipso et ad seipsum libri xii. G. Xylan-
der Greece et Latine primus edidit : Nunc
verb emendavit, et notas et emendationes ad-
jecit Mericus Casaubonus. [Gr. and Lat.]

Londini, 1643. 8

Another edition. [Edited by R. Ibbetson.]

Oxonice, 1704. 8

- De rebus suis libri xii. Gr. and Lat. [Ad
calc. opp. Thomse GATAKERI, 1698.]

- Pensdes morales. Traduit du Grec.

Paris, 1681. 12

The meditations of the Emperor M. A. A.
Translated from the Greek : with notes, and
an account of his life. 2d ed. 2 vol.

Glasgow, 1749. 8

ANTONIUS (R. P.). Commentarii in libros
Aristotelis Stagyritse de Coelo et Mundo : una
cum dubiis et qusestionibus in Schola agitari
solitis. Nunc iterum in Germania editi.

Colonice Agrippino?, 1626. 4
ANVIL (JACK). The village disputants ; or, a
conversation on the subject of the present
times, between Jack Anvil the blacksmith and
Tom Hod the mason : submitted to the peru-
sal and consideration of all the mechanics,
journeymen, and labourers in Great Britain.

London, 1816. 12

Compendixim of ancient geography.,. Translat-

ed from the French. First American edition.
2 vol. New York, 1814. 8

gies Procancellariorum Academise Altorfinse.
[Camerarius, Remus, Oelhafen, Richterus, et
Tobias Oelhafen.]

Norimbergce et Altorfii, 1721. 4

APOCALYPSE. The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ
...briefly, yet minutely, explained and inter-
preted to the xix. chapter inclusive.

London, 1829. 12

The nature and purpose of God as revealed in
the Apocalypse. 3vol. Edin., 1857-58. 8

Another copy.

APOCALYPTIC BEAST. The future of France
and the world ; or, the Apocalyptic Beast in
connexion with the Antichrist of the last days.
In three lectures by presbyters of the Church
of England. London, 1859. 8

APOCRYPHA. A plea for the Protestant canon
of Scripture, in opposition to the Popish canon
...or a succinct account of the Bible Society
controversy, respecting the circtilation of the
Apocryphal writings : with the history of the
translations of the English Bible and Apocry-
pha, at the period of the Reformation.

London, 1825. 8

Remarks on the controversy respecting the
Apocrypha. Reprinted from the Eclectic Re-
view. London, 1825. 8

A vindication of the proceedings of the Edin-
burgh Bible Society, relative to the Apocry-
pha, against the aspersions of the " Eclectic
Review," in a letter to the members of the
committee of the parent institution.

London, 1825. 8

Review of the Evangelical Magazine and Chris-
tian Guardian, for May 1826, on the Apocry-
pha controversy. Edin. , 1826. 8

Statement [first, second, and third] by the
committee of the Edinburgh Bible Society re-
lative to the circulation of the Apocrypha by
the British and Foreign Bible Society. [Se-
cond edition of first statement.]

Edin., 1826. 8

Another copy.

Review of " Apocrypha. Perthshire Bible So-
ciety." Edin., 1826. 8

Review of the Apocrypha controversy, con-
taining supplementary catechism addressed to
the London committee, &c. Edin., 1826. 8

Review of the Apocrypha controversy.

Edin., 1826. 8

- New and important facts in the Apocrypha
controversy. Funeral of the corresponding
board. The Earl Street committee's new
bible. Meeting of the Philo-Apocryphists in
Rose Street chapel. Narrative of the London
committee's septuagint doings. Edin. , 1828. 8

The Apocryphal New Testament, being all
the Gospels, Epistles, and other pieces now
extant, attributed in the first four centuries to
Jesus Christ, his apostles, and their compa-
nions, and not included in the New Testament.
[Published by William Hone.]

London, 1820. 8


APOLLONII (GuitiELMtrs). Jus majestati-
ca sacra, sive, tractatus theologicus, do juiv
magistral us circa res ecclesiasticas, ]
...Nicolai VedeTii tractatui, dtocfliMOpBfel Con-
stant ini magni. 2 torn.

Medivburgi Zelandorum, 1642, 43. 8

Another copy.

*GRALL/E, seu vere puerilis cothurmis sapirii-
ti, quo se jactat apud imperitoa Guilk-lnms
Apollonii minister ecclesue Mittelburgensis
vere anus in centionibus, qxios edidit de jure
majestatis circa sacra. 1G46

*GRALLATOB f urens, denovoin scenani proilm -
tus cum pantomimo suo, Bombomachide Ulis-
singano : seu responsio ad epistolas Guilk'lmi
Apollonii... et Jodoci Lareni...quas in lucem
dedero adversus Grallanun amh<>rum. 1647.
[Other works on this controversy will be found
under J. LARENUS and N. VEDEMUS.]

Consideratio quarundam controversiarum ad
regimen ecclesiae Dei spectantium, quse in Ang-
liae regno hodie agitantur. . .Londini, 1644. 8

Translated out of Latine. London, 1645. 8

Another copy.

APOLLONIUS, Pergceus. Conicorum lib. iiii.
methode novo illustrata et succincte demon-
strata per Js. Barrow. [Cum ARCHIMEDIS
opp. 1675.]

APOLLONIUS, Sophista. Apollonii Sophist*
Lexicon Grsecum Iliadis et Odyssete. Ex
editione Parisiensi repetiit, recensuit et illus-
travit, Hermannus Tollius.

Lugd. Bat., 1788. 8

APOLLONIUS, Tyaneus.The two first books of

PHILOSTRATUS, concerning the life of A. T. . . .

published in English. . .by Charles Blount, Esq.

London, 1680. fol.


APOLOGY. An apologie for sundry proceed-
ings by jurisdiction ecclesiastical!... divided
into three parts... whereun to I have presumed
to adjoine that determination concerning oaths
[written in Latin] made by M. Lancelot AN-
DROWES. [By Richard COSIN.]

London, 1593. 4

A modest apology, &c. (Wants title). 8

An apology for not joining the Protestant
Episcopal church. By a presbyter.

Philadelphia, 1843. 12

APOSTATE, APOSTASY. Concerning the
Apostate Christians that think to do miracles
by dead men's bones, &c. ...concerning Proga-
tory...the Traditions the Jews taught... and
the Traditions the Apostate Christians teach
people to follow. London, 1688. 4

The great Apostacy ; or, the Church of Rome
proved to be not the Church of Christ... Being
the substance of a reply to William Cobbett's
history of the Protestant reformation in Eng-
land and Ireland. London, 1839. 8

Another copy.

APOSTLES. A short account of the first preach-
ing of the Gospel bv the Apostles.

London, 1830. 12

APPARITIONS. Letter on apparitions; ad-
dressed to a lady. s. 1. et a. 8

APPEAL. Appeal from Scotland ; or the cry of
a whole nation of dissenters, urging their
claims to the redress of their grievances; a
speech, addressed to the Right Hon. tin- Lord
Chancellor of England, as Judge in Equity.
By a Voluntary advocate [Rev. Adam THOM-
SON, Coldstream]. 2ded. Edin., 1834. 8

An apj>eal to the people. *. 1. et a. 8
APPKL (Fi:inER. FERDIN.) De jure liturgico

ratione habita ad agenda, quse nupiTi
niiniatris Ecclesite evangelic commendata
sunt. /-.>:, 1825. 8

APPERLY (JAMES). Revealed truth vindicated.

London, 1845. 8

APPETITES. An inquiry into the origin of the
human appetites and affections, showing how
each arises from association, with an account
of the entrance of moral evil into the world.

/ :<>-<>ln, 1747. 8

APPIANUS, Alexandrimis. Romance Historian.
Alexander Tollius textum. ...emendavit, cor-
rexit, et H. Stephani, ac doctorum quorundam
virorum selectas annotationes adjecit. 2 torn.
[Gr. and Lat.] Amstelodami, 1670. 8

APPLETON (JESSE), D.D., President of Boivdoin
College. The works of Rev. J. A., D.D., em-
bracing his course of theological lectures, his
academic addresses, and a selection from hia
sermons : with a memoir of his life and
character. Vol. ii. Andover, 1836. 8

APPLEYARD (E. S.) Claims of the CHURCH OF
ROME, considered. 1844

Another edition. 1848

Principles of PROTESTANTISM. 1848
APPRENTICE. A present for an apprentice.

By a late Lord Mayor of London.

Glasgow, 1750. 16

The apprentice's Sabbath friend, containing
forty family sermons from the works of the
Rev. Hugh Binning ; and biographies.

Edin., 1833. 8

APTHORP (EAST), D.D. Discourses on pro-
phecy: read... at the lecture founded by the
Right Rev. William Warburton, late Bishop
of Gloucester. 2 vol. London, 1786. 8

Another copy.

APULEIUS (Lucius). Opera, interpretatione et
notis illustravit Julianus Floridus. In usum
Delphini. 2 torn. Parusiis, 1688. 4

Metamorphoseon libri xi. Cum notis integris
P. Colvii, J. Wowerii, G. Stewechii, G. El-
menhorstii, et aliorum, imprimis cum animad-
versionibus hucusque ineditis F. Oudendorpii.
Prsefationem pnemisit D. Ruhnkenius.

Lugduni Batavorum, 1786. 4
AQUILINIUS (C^SAR), pseud, i. e. Scipio HEN-


AQUINAS (THOMAS). Opera omnia. Ad fidem
vetustissimorum codicum MSS. et editorum
emendata, aucta et cum exemplaribus Romano,
Veneto, et Antverpiensi accuratfe collata. Nunc
primum in Galliis prodeunt. Partim a Joanne
Nicolai, ex ordine fratrum Predicatorum... ;
partim ab aliis Patribus ejusdem ordinis emen-
data. 23 vol. Partsiis, 1660. fol.

Summa Theologica. 3 part. Parisiis, 1638. fol.



Summa theologica cum commentariis Thomse
de Vio, Card. Cajetani, et elucidationibus lit-
teralibus P. Seraphini Capponi a Porrecta.
Cui etiam accedunt in fine ejusdem S. Thomse
Qusestiones quodlibetales, et peculiares qui-
dani alii Tractatus. Editio novissima. 10 torn.

Eomce, 1773. fol.

Accurante et denuo recognoscente J.-P.

Migne. 4 torn. Paris, 1858. 8

ARCHAMBAULT (P. J.). Dictionnaire des
analyses cliimiques ; par J. H. M. VIOLETTE,
et P. J. A. 1851

ARBUTHNOT (Mrs G.). A guide to the study
of the Holy Scriptures, in the form of a cate-
chism, for the use of young persons.

London, 1839. 18

ARBUTHNOT (JOHN), M.D. Tables of ancient
coins, weights and measures, explained and
exemplify 'd in several dissertations.

London, 1727. 4

ARCHER (JAMES). Sermons. 2d ed. 4 vol.

London, 1794. 12

ARCHER (JOHN), Preacher at Alhallows, Lom-
bard Street. The personal reigne of Christ
upon earth ; in a treatise wherein is fully and
largely laid open and proved, that Jesus Christ,
together with the saints, shall visibly possess
a monarchicate state and kingdome in this
world. [2d ed.] London, 1643. 4

[The first edition of this work was published in
1642, under the name of Henry Archer. The
author's real name was John.]

ARCHER (JOHN), Minister of Tunbridge-Wells
New Chapel. The kingdom turned about. A
sermon preached at Tunbridge- Wells, August
8, 1714. On occasion of his present Majesty
King George's happy accession to the throne.
2d ed. London, 1714. 8

nicorum lib. iiii. THEODOSII sphserica, me-
thodo novo illustrata et succincte demonstrata
per Js. Barrow. Londini, 1675. 4

ARCHINARD (A.). De la religion dans ses rap-
ports avec I'e'tat. Geneve, 1834. 8

ARCKEL (DANIEL AB). Disputatio philosophica
continens positiones quasdam de physica gene-
rali. Ultrajecti 1641. 4

ARDROSSAN. Case of Mr John Duncan, pre-
sentee of the parish of Ardrossan. To be heard
at the bar of the Venerable Assembly, in May
1789. s. 1. et a. 4

ARETIUS (BENEDICTUS). Commentarii in pri-
orem (et secundam) epistolam Pauli ad Corin-
thios. Lausannce, 1579. 8

Another edition. Morgiis, 1583. 8

Commentarii in epistolas Pauli ad Philippen-
ses, Coloss., et in utramque ad Thessal.

Morgiis, 1583. 8

Commentarii in epistolam ad Hebraeos.

Morgiis, 1583. 8

Commentarii in epistolas canonicas.

[Morgiis], 1589. 8

In Novum Testamentum Commentarii. Editio
postrema. Geneva, 1618. fol.

A short history of Valentinus Gentilis the
tritheist ; wrote in Latin by B. A. , and now

translated into English for the use of Dr.
Sherlock, with a preface by N. N. [i. e. Dr.
South.] London, 1696. 8

ARGYLL, DUKE OF. See George-Douglas CAMP-

ARGYLL, DUKE OP. See John-Douglas-Edward


Hebraica. 1657

ARIST^EAS. Historia Ixxii. interpretum. [Gr.

et Lat.] Accessere veterum testimonia de
eorum versione. [Edited by H. Hody, H.
Aldrich, and E. Bernard.] Oxonii, 1692. 8
ARISTOPHANES. Comcedise undecim. [Gr.,
edited by S. Grynseus.] BasilecK, 1532. 4

Another edition. Lugduni Bat. , 1600. 8

Ex optimis exemplaribus emendatae : cum

versione Latina, variis lectionibus, notis, et
emendationibus. Accedunt deperditarum
comoediarum fragmenta. A R. F. P. Bnmck.
4 torn. Oxonii, 1810. 4

Another copy.

Ad optimorum librorum fidem accurate edi-

tse. 3 torn. Lipsice, 1819, 21. 8

Edidit F. H. Bothe. 4 torn.

Lipsice, 1828, 30. 8

Cum scholiis et varietate lectionis. Recensuit

I. Bekkerus. Accedit versio Latina. Tom ii.

Londini, 1828. 8

ARISTOTELES. Opera omnia quse extant
Greece et Latine. Veterum ac recentiorum
interpretum, ut A. Turnebi, J. Casauboni, J.
Pacii, studio emendatissima. Cum Kyriaci
Strozse libris duobus Greeco-Latinis de repub-

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