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DUCHAL (JAMES), D.D., Dissentiny minister in
Dublin. Presumptive arguments for the truth
and divine authority of the Christian religion ;
in ten sermons : to which is added a sermon on
God's moral government. London, 1753. 8

Sermons. 2d ed. 3 vol. London, 1765. 8
DUCHESNE (Le P. J. B.). Compendio de la

historia de Espaiia. Escrito en Frances por el
R. P. D. . . .Traducido al Castellano por el R. P.
Joseph Francisco de Isla. 2 torn.

Madrid, 1799. 8

DUDGEON (THOMAS). Tracts on the Church and
State of Great Britain in 1842.

Edin., 1843. 12

DUDGEON(WiLLiAM). The philosophical works
of W. D. s. I., 1765. 18

DUDLEY (C. S.). An analysis of the system of

the Bible society, throughout its various parts.

London, 1821. 8

DUDLEY (ROBERT), Earl of Leycester. Corre-
spondence of R. D. during his government of
the Low Countries, in the years 1585 and 1586.
Edited [for the Camden Society] by John
Bruce, F. S. A. London, 1844. 4

DUFF (ALEXANDER), D.D. Extract of a letter
respecting the wreck of the Lady Holland East
Indiaman, from the Rev. A. D., one of the
passengers in that ship, addressed to Dr Inglis,
as convener of the General Assembly's com-
mittee for the propagation of the Gospel in In-
dia. Edin., 1830. 8

Another copy.

The Church of Scotland's India mission...
being the substance of an address delivered
before the General Assembly of the Church,
25th May, 1835. Edin., [1835]. 8

The Church of Scotland's foreign missions.
Account of Dr Duffs tour through the Pres-
byteries of Scotland. [Edin., 1836.] 8

A vindication of the Church of Scotland's India
missions: being the substance of an address,
delivered before the General Assembly of the
Church, May 24. 1837. Second thousand.

Edin., 1837. 8

Sixth thousand. Edin., 1837. 8

New era of the English language and English
literature in India ; or, an exposition of the
late Governor-General of India's last act, rela-
tive to the promotion of European literature
and science, through the medium of the Eng-
lish language, amongst the natives of that po-
pulous and extensive province of the Britisli
empire. Edin., 1837. 8

Female education in India, being the substance
of an address delivered at the first annual
meeting of the Scottish Ladies' association...



for the promotion of female education in India.

/;./;., i83i>. 8

Missions the chief end of the Christian clmuh ;
also, the qualifications, duties, and trials, of
an Indian missionary : being the substance of
services held at the ordination of the Rev.
Thomas Smith, as one of the Church oi
land's missionaries to India. Edin. , 1839. 10

Another copy.

Another copy.

Farewell address, on the subject of the Church
of Scotland's India mission ; being the sub-
stance of a speech delivered before the General
Assembly of the Church, the 22d May, 1839.
2d ed. Edin., 1839. 8

- India and India missions : including sketches
of the gigantic system of Hinduism, both in
theory and practice ; also, notices of some of
the principal agencies employed in conducting
the process of Indian evangelization, iVe. Ac-.
2d ed. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

The cause of Christ and the cause of Satan...
with special reference to the defeats and tri-
umphs that signalize the history of redemption.
A discourse... delivered on Sunday, 13th Au-
gust, at the first meeting for public worship,
in connection with the Free Protesting Church
of Scotland, Calcutta. Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition. Calcutta, 1843. 8

Explanatory statement addressed to the friends
of the India mission of the Church of Scotland,
as it existed previous to the disruption in May,
1843. E-liii. t 1844. 8

Another copy.

The sole and supreme headship of the Lord
Jesus Christ, as illustrated in the history of the
Church of Scotland. Edin., 1844. 12

Another copy.

The sole and supreme headship of the Lord
Jesus Christ over the Church, explained and
vindicated. Ediu., 1844. 12

The Jesuits : their origin and order, morality
and practices, suppression and restoration.
2d ed. Edin., 1845. 8

* An appeal to the Churches on behalf of the
highlanders. A letter to the Rev. Dr Dufi',
Moderator of the last General Assembly of the
Free Church of Scotland, by a Western high-
lander. Edin., 1852. 8

Speech on foreign missions and America, deli-
vered in the General Assembly of the Free
Church of Scotland, May 29, 1864.

Edin., 1854. 8

Sermons... by the Rev. Theodore J. W. WYLIE,
J. N. M'Leod, and A. D., D.D. 1854

DUFF (PATRICK). Sketch of the geology of Mo-
ray. Elgin, 1842. 8

DUFF (WILLIAM), M. A. National prosperity the
consequence of national virtue, and national
ruin the effect of national wickedness. A ser-
mon, on Ezra, ix. 13, delivered July 9. 1784.
To which is subjoined an address to the proprie-
tors of land in Scotland. Aberdeen, 1785. 8

DUFIEF (NICOLAS GOUIN). Nature displayed in
her nii'di- oi ti .-aching language to man. ..Adapt-
ed to the French... The fourth edition.

l<>n, 1820. 8

Dl'FLOS (ADOLF). Lebens-bedurfnisse, ihro

Aechtheit und Gute. 2te Inn u-herte Auttage.

, /:,,.</, 1840. 8

DUFRENOY (PIERRE- ABM AND). Explication do
la carte ge'ologique de la France. Avcc hi
carte. Par P. A. D. et Elie de BEAUMONT.
3t.m. s, 1841-48. 4

On the use of hot air in the iron works of Eng-
land and .Scotland. Translated from a report M. D. in 1834. London, 1830. 8

DU GARD. Notes intended as materials for a
memoir on the affairs of the Protestants of the
department L>u Gard. London, 1816. 8


at arms. A short view of the late troubles in
England ; briefly setting forth their rise,
growth, and tragical conclusion... To which is
added, A perfect narrative of the treaty at
Uxbridge in an. 1644. Oxford, 1681. fol.

The history of St Paul's cathedral in London,
from its foundation... Whereunto is added, a
continuation thereof, setting forth what was
done in the structure of the new church, to the
year 1655. Likewise, an historical account of
the Northern cathedrals, and chief collegiate
churches in the province of York. 2d ed.,
corrected and enlarged by the author's own
hand. To which is prefixed, his life, written
by himself. London, 1716. fol.

rium ad scriptores mediae et inlinuu Latinita-
tis. Editio nova locupletior et auctior. Opcia
et studio monachorum ordinis Benedicti e
Congr. S. Mauri ; [Maur. Dantine, Carpen-
tier, Guesnie", Nic. Toustain, Le Pelletier,
Charl. Toustain, et Thibaut]. 6 torn.

Parisiis, 1733-36. fol.




DUIGENAN (Right Hon. PATRICK). * An an-
swer to the Right Hon. P. Duigenan's two
great arguments, against the full enfranchise-
ment of the Irish Roman Catholics. By a mem-
ber of the Establishment. Dublin, 1810. 8

DUKE (RICHARD), M.A., Rector of Witney, in
Oxfordshire. Fifteen sermons preached on
several occasions. Published from the au-
thor's original copies. Oxford, 1714. 8

Another copy.

DU LAC (MKLCHIOR). La liturgie Romaine et
les liturgies Francaises, details historiques et
statistiques. Paris, 1849. 8

L'Eglise et 1'etat. 2 torn. Paris, 1850. 12
DULAURE (JACQ. ANT.). Nouvelle description

des environs de Paris. Deux parties.

Paris, 1786. 12
DUMAS (L'abbe* HILAIRE). Histoire des cinq
propositions de Jansenius. Liege, 1699. 12
[The above work has also been ascribed to Mi-
chel Le Tellier.]



DUMAS (JEAK-BAPTISTE). Traite' de chimie,
applique'e aux arts. 6 torn.

Paris, 1828-43. 8

Me*moires de chimie. Paris, 1843. 8

Essai de statique chimique des etres organises.
Par MM. D. et BOUSSINGAULT. Troisieme
Edition. Paris, 1844. 8

- Lecons sur la philosophie chimique professe'es
au College de France ; recueillies par M. Bi-
neau. Paris, s. a. 8


DUMESNTL (J. B. GARDIN). Latin synonyms,
with their different significations, and exam-

Eles taken from the best Latin authors. Trans-
ited into English, with additions and correc-
tions, by the Rev. J. M. Gosset.

London, 1809. 8

DUMFRIES. Resolutions adopted at the an-
nual meeting of the commissioners of supply
of the county of Dumfries, on the collision
between the civil and ecclesiastical courts.

s. I, 1840. 4

DUMONT (HuBERT-AxDRE). Me'moire sur la

constitution giSologique de la province de Lidge.

Bruxelles, 1832. 4

DU MOULIN (Louis). Rerum nuper in regno
Scotiae gestarum historia. Per Irenseum PHI-


Dantisci, 1641. 8

Another copy.

The power of the Christian magistrate in sacred
things. London, 1650. 8

Pareenesis ad sedificatores imperii in imperio ;
in qua defenduntur jura magistratus adversus
Mosem Amyraldum, et caeteros vindices potes-
tatis ecclesiasticae Presbyterianse. In prsefa-
tione excurritur in Johannis Dallaei Apologiam
pro duabus Synodis. Londini, 1656. 4

- Of the right of Churches, and of the magistrate's
power over them. London, 1658. 16

Papa Ultrajectinus ; auctore Ludiomaeo COL-
vmo. 1668
[The above work is entered fully under Colvi-

nus. The author was Du Moulin, who con-
cealed the Latin form of his name by convert-
ing the letters of which it is composed into
Ludiomseus Colvinus, i. e. Ludovicus Moli-

JUQULUM causse, seu nova ratio per quam to-
tus doctrinarum Romanensium complexus, et
una papa, ej usque imperium funditus evert-
untur. 1671

Patronus bonje fidei, in causa PURITANORTJM,
contra hierarchicos Anglos. 1672

La nouvelle decouverte du Mystere d'Iniquite'.

La Haye, 1672. 4

A true report of a discourse between Monsieur
de 1'Angle, Canon of Canterbury, and minister
of the French Church in the Savoy, and Lewis
Du Moulin ; 10th Feb. 1678.

London, 1679. 4

A short and true account of the several ad-
vances the Church of England hath made to-
wards Rome ; or, a model of the grounds upon
which Papists for these hundred years have

built their hopes and expectations that Eng-
land would ere long return to Popery.

London, 1680. 4

Another copy.

Conformity de la conduite de ceux qu'on ap-
pelle communement Independans avec celle
des anciens Chretiens. Londres, 1680. 8

DU MOULIN (PIERRE), Father of the preceding.
Defense de la foy catholique contenue au
livre de Jaques I. , Roy de Grand Bretagne et
d'Irelande, contenue en trois livres ; centre la
reponse de F. N. Coeffeteau. s. I., 1612. 8

De la vocation des pasteurs. Derniere Edition.

Sedan, 1618. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. Geneve, 1624. 8

Anatome Arminianismi, seu eneucleatio con-
troversariurn quse in Belgio agitantur, super
doctrina de providentia, de prsedestinatione,
de morte Christi, de natura et gratia. Editio
secunda. Lugd. Batav., 1620. 4

Postrema editio ab auctore recognita et aucta.

Lugd. Batav., 1621. 4

Accroissement des eaux de Silod ; pour es-
teindre le feu de purgatoire et noyer les satis-
factions humaines et les indulgences papales.

Geneve, 1624. 8

Defense de la confession des Eglises reformees
de France ; avec une epistre au Roy; centre
les accusations de sieur Arnould Jesuite, de-
duites en un sermon fait en la presence du Roy
a Fontaine-Bleau. Geneve, 1625. 8

Another copy.

Anatomie du livre du Sieur Coeffeteau, inti-
tule', Refutation des faussete's contenues en la
deuxieme edition de 1'apologie de la Cene, du
ministre Du Moulin. Geneve, 1625. 8

Nouveaute' du Papisme, oppose'e a 1'antiquit^
du vray Christianisme ; centre le livre de M.
le Card, du Perron, intit. , Replique a la re-
ponse du Roy Jaques I. Geneve, 1627. 4

Les elements de la philosophie morale.

Geneve, 1627. 8

Elements de la logique Frangoise.

Geneve, 1631. 8

Du juge des controverses ; traitte" auquel est
defendue 1'autorite' et la perfection de la S.
Escriture, contre les usurpations et accusations
de 1'Eglise Romaine. Geneve, "1631. 8

Des traditions et 'de la perfection et suffisance
de 1'Escriture Saincte. Geneve, 1632. 8

(Dix) decades de sermons. 2 torn.

Geneve, 1641-54. 8

Anatomie de la Messe. Ou est monstre' par
1'Escriture Saincte, et par les temoignages de
1'ancienne Eglise, que la messe est contraire a la
parole de Dieu, et eloigne'e du chemin de salut.
Cinquiesme Edition. Charenton, 1647. 8

Newly translated from the French. To

which is prefixed, A concise history of the
Eucharist. By the Rev. Robert SHANKS,
A.M. Edin., 1833. 12

DUNBAR (GEORGE), Professor of Greek in the
iiniversity of Edinburgh. An analysis of the
formation of the radical tenses of the Greek
verb : with an essay on tho original and gene-



ral power of the particle 'Ax. Edin., 181.'!.

Pmsodia (Jrciva: sivo inctmnnn
i'\positio : live in'ii dissri-tatio, Anglic!- Hcripta,
do usu digamma in Iloniori carminibus.

K,li, t ., IXin. H

Exercises on the syntax, and observations on
some peculiar idioms of the Greek language...
2ded. /:-/;-.., 1816. 8

The NON-INTRUSIONISTS ; their principles, con-
duct, and their consequences. 1842

DUNCAN ( A i, K \.\M.Kii), D.D., Mid Colder.
The devout communicant's assistant : or, the
nature and end of the Lord's Supper explain-
ed, and the obligation to partake of it consi-
dered. Klin., 1777. 12

The evidence of the resurrection of Jesus, as
recorded in the New Testament. A sermon
[on Acts, x. 40, 41] preached... in Edinburgh,
June 5, 1783. . , 1783. 8

DUNCAN (ALEXANDER), Mid Calder, son of tlie
preceding. Two discourses, delivered at How-
gate, after the funeral of the Rev. William
M'Ewen ; with a memoir. Edin., 1827. 8

A sermon on the vario\is forms of universal-
ism, with an appendix on assurance.

Glasgow, 1831. 8

DUNCAN (ANDREW), Sen., M.D., Professor of
the theory of physic in the university of Edin-
burgh. Elegiorum sepulchralium Edinensium
delectus. Monumental inscriptions, selected
from burial-grounds at Edinburgh.

Ed**., 1815. 8

Another copy.

Letter to the Right Hon. Kincaid Mackenzie,
Lord Provost of the city of Edinbiirgh.

/*/;., 1818. 8

Tribiite of veneration, addressed to the first
meeting of the Loyal Edinburgh Association,
for commemorating the reign of George III.

^ E.I in., i82i. 8

- (Letter) to the Lord Provost, magistrates, and
town council of the city of St Andrews.

Ed hi., 1822. . 8

A discourse read at the annual election meet-
ing of the Caledonian horticultural society,
Dec. 4, 1823, stating the advantages which
would accrue to the Church of Scotland, from
a professorship of horticulture in the Univer-
sity of Edinburgh. /;</; n . , 1824. 8

DUNCAN (GEO. JOHN C.). The Church's danger,
and the Church's duty. A letter to his pa-
rishioners. Dumfries, 1842. 8

DUNCAN (GULIELMUS). Clavis Homerica....
Editio nova. Edinburgh 1831. 8

DUNCAN (HENRY), D.D., Minister of the Free
Church at Ruthwdl. An essay on the nature
and advantages of parish banks for the sav-
ings of the indiistrious. 2d ed.

Edin., 1816. 8

A letter to John H. Forbes, Esq. , Advocate ;
containing an answer to some remarks and
statements in his " Observations on banks for
savings," and his " letter to the editor of the
Quarterly Review ;" to which are added some
cursory remarks, relative to a proposed Act of
Parliament for the protection and encourage-

ment of banks for savings in Scotland.

Edin., isir. 8

Another copy.

A letter to W. R. K. Douglas, Esq. M.P., mi
the expudii -in-y of the bill brought by him into
Parliament, for the protection and encourage-
ment of banks for savings in Scotland.

DHM^IM. 1819. 8

Circular letter to the managers of banks for
savings in Scotland, comprehending some ob-
servations on the parish bank act, and hints
for framing the rules of institutions taking the
ln-iu'lit of that statute ; with an appendix,
containing a copy of the act, and a schedule
explaining the rules of succession to movuablo
property by the law of Scotland.

Dumfries, 1820. 8

A series of letters to the Rev. George Cook,
D.D., on the late enactment of the General
Assembly, relative to patronage and calls, oc-
casioned by his recent attack on that measure,
in a pamphlet, entitled, " A few plain obser-
vations," &c. &c. Edin., 1834. 12

Another copy.

Sacred philosophy of the seasons. 4 vol.
4th ed. l^l hi., 1840, 41. 8

Alternate periods of revival and decay : a ser-
mon [on Ps. Ixxxv. 6] preached at the opening
of the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland, on Thursday, May 21, 1840.

Edin., 1840. 8

A letter from the minister of Ruthwell to his
flock, on the resolutions adopted by the late
convocation. Dumfries, 1842. 12

* Memoir of the Rev. H. D., D.D. By his
son, the Rev. George John C. Duncan.

Edin., 1848. 8

ease, or the manifestation of design in morbid
phenomena. 2d ed. London, 1857. 8

DUNCAN (JOHN). The philosophy of human
nature, containing a complete theory of human
interests. To which is added, An essay on tho
origin of evil. Edin., 1815. 8

DUNCAN (JOHN), D.D., Professor of Hebrew in
the New College, Edinburgh. Work of the
Spirit sanctification Scripture doctrine of
repentance of confession and mortification of
sin, &c. opus operatum auricular confes-
sion penance, &c. [Lect. on Protest. ]

. I. et a. 12

DUNCAN (JOHN M.), Pastor of the reformed As-
sociate congregation, Baltimore. A plea for
ministerial liberty. Baltimore, 1824. 8

A discourse on the official relations of New
Testament elders. Baltimore, 1826. 8

A reply to Dr Miller's letter to a gentleman of
Baltimore, in reference to the case of the Rev.
Mr Duncan. Baltimore, 1826. 8

An essay on the origin, character, and tenden-
cy of creeds and confessions of faith, as instru-
ments of ecclesiastical power.

Baltimore, 1834. 12

The eunuch's confession ; or, Scripture views
of the sonship of Jesus Clirist.

Philadelphia, 1835. 8



- Lectures on the general principles of moral
government, as they are exhibited in the first
three chapters of Genesis. 2d ed. 2 vol.

Baltimore, 1836. 12

A discourse [on Psalm xxxiii. 12J.

Baltimore, 1841. 8

DUNCAN (Mrs M. G. L.). AMERICA as I found
it. 1852

DUNCAN (THOMAS), Minister of the Presbyterian
Church, Newcastle. A letter to the Rev. Cle-
ment Moody, M.A., on the present doctrinal
state of the Church of England, in reference
to the scheme for erecting ten day-schools in
Newcastle. Newcastle, 1854. 8

- Speech of the Rev. T. D. at the Synod of the
English Presbyterian Church, held at New-
castle in April, 1857, on the use of instrumen-
tal music in public worship ; and statement by
the Rev. Alexander MUNRO, D.D., Manches-
ter, on the same occasion. London, 1857. 8

DUNCAN (WILLIAM), Professor of philosophy in
Marischal college, Aberdeen. The elements of
logic. In four books. Edin. , 1815. 12

of the Free Church at Peebles. A new Hebrew
and English, and English and Hebrew lexi-
con. In three parts. To which is appended
a new Hebrew grammar. London, 1841. 12

DUNCANSON (ANDREW), Airdrie. The saint's

duty, and Britain's safety. A discourse [on

2 Chron. vii. 14] delivered Feb. 27, 1794. In

which the real causes of the war are stated.

Glasgow, 1794. 8

DUNCES. The state dunces. Inscribed to Mr
Pope. London, 1733. fol.

DUNCIAD. The Dunciad, variorum. With the
prolegomena of Scriblerus.

London, 1729. 4

- The new Dunciad : as it was found in the year
1741. With the illustrations of Scriblerus, and
notes variorum. London, 1742. 4

DUNCOMBE (JOHN), M.A. The civil war be-
tween the Israelites and Benjamites illustrated
and applied, in a sermon [on Judges, xxi. 6].
Canterbury, 1778. 4

- Evening contemplations in a college ; being a
parody on Gray's elegy ; [with The grave, by
Robert BLAIR]. s. a.

DUNDAS (HENRY), afterwards Lord Viscount
Melville. * Biographical sketch of H. D., ori-
ginally published in the Edinburgh Correspon-
dent. Edin., 1811. 8

- Letters to the chairman of the court of direc-
tors of the East India company, upon an open
trade to India. London, 1813. 8

* Copy letters, &c. printed as an appendix to
the tract, intituled Letter to Lord Viscount
Melville, keeper of the signet for Scotland.

Edin., 1814. 8

DUNDAS (JOHN), of Philipstoun, Advocate. An
abridgment of the acts of the General Assem-
blies of the Church of Scotland : beginning
with the General Assembly held at Glasgow,
in the year 1G38. And ending with the Gene-
ral Assembly held at Edinburgh, in May 1720.

Edin., 1721. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

State of the processes depending against Mr
John Simson, professor of divinity in the uni-
versity of Glasgow. Edin., 1728. 8

DUNDASS (JAMES), A.M., Presbyter of tfo Church
of Scotland. A view of the election of BISHOPS
in the primitive Church. 1728

A supplement to the view of the election of
Bishops in the primitive Church : wherein
that treatise is cleared from the objections
made against it, in a book lately published,
entituled, An essay on the nature of the
Church ; and A review of the election of
Bishops in the primitive Church. As also,
the most material errors of that book are ex-
posed and refuted. Edin., 1730. 8

An impartial enquiry into the rise and pro-
gress of the ancient usage of prayers for the
dead ; and also a query answered, viz. Whether
it be safe or sufferable to alter a liturgy estab-
lished either by authority or long custom ?
With an appendix, containing an examina-
tion of Mr James Raitt's call to officiate as
episcopal minister at Dundee, and of the au-
thority he claims as a Bishop.

Edin., 1743. 8

DUNDEE. An instructed historical account of
the settlement in the episcopal congregation
of Dundee in 1727 ; and of the intrusion there
in 1743. Being a full and proper reply to a
late pamphlet of Mr James Dundass. To
which is prefixed an apology for diocesan Epis-
copacy ; and subjoined a defence of the inde-
pendency of the Church of Scotland, against
some late claims and encroachments.

s. I, 1744. 8

A true narrative of the case between the epis-
copal congregation in the Seagate of Dundee,
on the one part ; and Bishop Raitt, with the
Rev. Mr William Robertson, on the other.
With an appendix : containing, some remarks
upon part of an anonymous pamphlet, intitled,
An instructed historical account of the settle-
ment in the episcopal congregation of Dundee
in 1727, &c. To which is added, a letter from
Mr Smith to Mr Fife. Edin., 1745. 8

The nullity of the Pretended-Assembly at
SAINT ANDREWS and Dundee. 1G52

A vindication of the freedom and lawfulnesse,
and so of the authority of the late General As-
sembly, begun at Sx ANDREWS, and continued
at Dundee. 1052

Complaint and petition from the Kirk-Session
of Dundee, to the General Assembly of the
Church of Scotland. s. I. et a. 4

Proceedings upon the reference by the Presby-
tery of Dundee, to the General Assembly 1799,
anent the ordination of elders, a. I. et a. 4


DUNDONALD. Proof adduced by the Kirk
Session of Dundonald, in support of a charge
made by them against James Dykes in Cock-
hill, accusing him of the crime of adultery
with Margaret Dickie, upon which the Pres-
bytery of Ayr pronounced a sentence of ex-



communication against him, upon tin- 27th of
March, all'inni-d l>y tin- Synod ,,i" <;i;n-ow ami
A\ r !tli April 17'-'- ( , '"it from whidi ho has
appealed to the \\m-r.ililc AssrinMy of the
Church of Scotland. To be heard at :
of the Assembly, in May or Juno IT'.' 1 .'.

*. I et a. 4

DUNFERMLINE. Case for the Rt. Hon. Ro-
bert Dundas of Arniston... patron of the kirk
ami parish of Dunforinliuo, the Rev. Mr Allan
M'Lean, his Majesty's presentee... respon-
dents ; against John Eckford, merchant in
DunfermLine appellant. To bo heard at tin-
bar of the General Assembly, in May 1791.
Respondents case. .-. '. et a. 4

The spirit of the union ; or, a narrative of the
treatment received from the United Secession
Church courts, by the congregation of Queen
Ann's street, Dunfermline, in their late at-
tempt to elect a minister. [Wants title.] 8

Free thoughts, on the case of the Presbytery
of Dunfermline, address'd to the clergy.

s. I, 1733. 8

Registrum de Dunfermelyn. Liber Cartarum
Abbatie Benedictine S. S. Trinitatis et B. Mar-
garete Regine de Dunfermelyn. [Bannatyne
Club.] Edln. t 1842. 4



the law of Scotland relative to the poor.

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