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of Paul to the Philippians.

London and Glasgow, 1859. 8

Paul the preacher ; or, a popular and practical
exposition of his discourses and speeches as
recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.

London, 1859. 8

EADMER, Monk of Canterbury, of the order of
St Benedict. Opera. [Ad calc. opp. ANSELMI.]


Another edition ; [ad calc. opp. ANSELMI].

1853, 54

Historia novorum sive sui sseculi, libri vi., res
gestas (quibus ipse non modo spectator dili-
gens sed comes etiam et actor plerunq ; inter-
fuit) sub Guilielmis I. et II. et Henrico I. An-
gliae regibus, ab anno nempe salutis MLXVI ad
MCXXII potissimum complexi. In lucem ex
bibliotheca Cottoniona emisit Joannes Selde-
nus, et notas porro adjecit et spicilegium.

Londini, 1623. fol.

EARBERY (MATTHIAS). A vindication of the
history of clemency, with reflections upon the
late proceedings against the author. In a
letter from himself at Paris, to his friend in
London. To which is added, an edition of
the said history, with additions. Addressed
to all that ever design to be in arms against
an establish'd government, for their informa-
tion and benefit. London, 1720. 12

imprisonment and deliverance of Dr Giacinto
Achilli, with some account of his previous his-
tory and labours. London, 1850. 8 U

Another copy.

The testimony to Christian union of Austra-
lia, France and Germany, in January 1859.
Edited by Sir Culling Eardley, Bart. With a
letter to the Rev. Dr M'Neile, of Liverpool.

London, 1859. 8

EARLE (JABEZ), D.D. The Popish doctrine of
purgatory repugnant to the Scripture account
of remission through the blood of Christ. A
sermon preached at Salters-Hall, March 27,
1735. 2d ed. London, 1735. 8

Sacramental exercises, in two parts. 7th ed.

Edin., 1783. 12

The advantages of reading the Scriptures. A
discourse, at the lecture in East Cheap, Lon-
don. Newed. Edin., 1797. 12

EARLE (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Salisbury.
Microcosmography ; or a piece of the world
discovered ; in essays and characters. A
new edition. To which are added, notes and
an appendix, by Philip Bliss.

London, 1811. 8

EARLY RISING. The duty and advantage of
early rising. London, 1783. 12

EARNSHAW (SAMUEL), M. A. Dynamics, or a
treatise on motion. To which is added a short
treatise on attractions. 2d ed.

Cambridge, 1839. 8

EARTH. The sacred Scripture theory of the
earth. By the author of Popery dissected ;


[Alexander DRYSPALF.].

upon-Tyne, 1798. 8

The political destiny of the earth, as revealed
in tho Bible. 3d el /.../c/<./i, 1842. 12

EAST (ANN). * Peace in believing, exemplified
in a memoir of Ann, the beloved wife of the
Rev. John East. 2d thousand.

London, 1837. 12

EAST (JOHN FRASEE). "The happy moment :"
or, recollections of a departed son. By the
Rev. John East, M.A. Bath, 1835. 12

EAST (TIMOTHY), Birmingham. DEATH-bed
scenes. 1825

The evangelical RAMBLER. 1836

A series of discourses on the proper deity of ]
the Son of God and the primary design of his
mission. London, 1844. 8

EASTBURN (M ANTON), M.A., Rector of the
chiirch of the ascension, New York. Lectures,
explanatory and practical, on tho Epistle of
St Paul to the Philippians.

New York, 1833. 8 D

EASTMEAD (WILLIAM). Observations on hu-
m.-m life. 2d ed. London, 1825. 12

E ASTON (THOMAS), D.D. A review of Dr Chal-
mers's Atonement discourses.

Glasgow, 1818. 8

How ought the Church question to be settled ?
A letter to the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel,
Bart. Edin., 1841. 8

Another copy.

EATON (JOHN), M.A., Minister at Wickham-
Marker, Suffolk. The honey-combe of free
justification by Christ alone. Collected out
of the meere authorities of Scripture, and
common and unanimous consent of the faith-
full interpreters and dispensers of God's mys-
teries upon the same, especially as they ex-
press the excellency of free justification.

London, 1642. 4

EATONUS (NATHAN AEL). Inquisitio in varian-
tes theologorum quorundam sententias, de
Sabbato, et die Dominico, quam ex veritatis
studio instituit, et exercitii gratia proponit...
N. E. Franikerai, 1633. 8

EBRARD (J. H. A.). Wissenschaftliche Kritik
der evangelischen Geschichte.

Frankfurt a. M., 1842. 8 |

Biblical commentary on the Epistle to the He- !
brews. In continuation of the work of Olshau-
sen. Translated from the German by the Rev.
J. Fulton, A.M. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.] :

.Edin.,1853. 8 j

Biblical commentary on the Epistles of St I
John, in continuation of the work of Olshau- j
sen. With an appendix on the Catholic Epis- !
ties, and an introductory essay on the life and
writings of St John. Translated by Rev. W.
B. Pope. [Ibid.] Edin., 1860. 8

ECCLESIASTES. Ecclesiastes, sive concionator
evangelicus. Londini, 1730. 8 ;

ECCLESIASTICS. An inquiry into the powers
of Ecclesiastics. [By Thomas GORDON.]

E /;,i,, 1807. 12

[The above is a selection from the larger trea-
tise by Mr Gordon which was published in

London in the year 1766, and answered, in

1777, by I'ish<ip Alu-nn,-tliy DllUMMONl).]

An"ih.r c-py.

An answer to a late inquiry into the powers
of Ecclesiastics, &c. In a letter to tho au-
thor. [By William Abernethy DRUMMOND.]

/"/., 1777. 12

Another copy.

ECHARD (LAURENCE), A.M., Archdeacon of
Stowe. A general ecclesiastical history from
the. nativity of our blessed Saviour to the first
establishment of Christianity by human laws,
under the Emperor Constantine the Great.
2 vol. 2d e.d. London, 1710. 8

Fourth edition. London, 1718. 8

Tho Roman history, [from the building of the
city to the taking of Constantinople by the
Turks]. 5 vol. [Vol. i. 7th ; ii. 5th ; in. and
iv. 4th ; v. 3d ed.l -fan, 1713. 8

Another copy. [Vol. i. 8th ; ii. Gth ; iii. and
iv. 5th ; v. 4th ed.] London, 1719, 20. 8

The history of the revolution and the estab-
lishment of England in the j'ear 1688.

London, 1725. 8

pendium theologies Christianas theoretic bib-
lico-historicai. Altonce, 1791. 8

ECKHARDUS (TOBIAS), Rector of the gymwi

in Quedlinburg. Non-Christianorum de Chris-

to testimonia...ex antiquis monumentis propo-

sita et dijudicata. Editio recognita et auctior.

Quedlinburgi, 1736. 4

ECKING (SAMUEL), Baptist minister at Chester.
Three essays on grace, faith, and experience...
To this second edition are added, a short ac-
count of the author ; considerations on the
faith of devils ; the confession of faith deliver-
ed at his ordination ; and a few observations on
Sandeman and Cud worth. Chester, 1791. 12

ECKIUS (JOANNKS). Enchiridion locorum com-
munium adversus Lutherum, et alios hostes
Ecclesise. Parisiis, 1543. 16

Another edition. Parisiis, 1572. 16
ECONOMICS. Clerical economics ; or, hints,

rural and household, to ministers and others of
limited income. By a clergyman of the old
school; [John AITON]. Edin., 1842. 12

EDEN (WILLIAM), 1st Lord Auckland. FUMX
letters to the Earl of Carlisle... on certain per-
versions of political reasoning ; and on the na-
ture, progress, and effect of party-spirit and
of parties. On the present. . .war between Great
Britain and the combined powers of France
and Spain. On the public debts, on the pub-
lic credit, and on the means of raising sup-
plies. Edin., 1779. 8

Substance of his speech, April llth, 1799, on
the proposed address respecting the union be-
tween Great Britain and Ireland. [Wants
title.] . Dublin, 1799. 8

EDERSHEIM (ALFRED), Ph. D., Minister of the
Free Church, Old Aberdeen. History of the
Jewish nation after the destruction of Jerusa-
lem under Titus. Edin. , 1856. 8

EDGAR (SAMUEL), Presbyterian minister in Ar-
magh. A defence of Presbyterianism, against


the charge of persecution and intolerance pre-
ferred by a member of the General Synod oj
Ulster. Armagh, 1836. 12

The variations of Popery. 2d ed.

London, 1838. 8

Another copy.
Another copy.

EDGEWORTH (MARIA). Essays on practical
education ; by M. and R. L. EDGEWORTH. A
new edition. 2 vol. London, 1815. 8

practical education ; by M. and R. L. E. 1815

Memoirs of R. L. E., begun by himself, and
concluded by his daughter, Maria Edgeworth.
2 vol. London, 1820. 8

EDINBURGH. Set of the city of Edinburgh ;
with the Acts of Parliament and Council rela-
tive thereto. Edin., 1783. 12

Thoughts on the means of preventing evils
similar to those which occurred in the city of
Edinburgh in the year 1812. By a member
of the Merchant Company of Edinburgh. Se-
cond impression. Edin., 1812. 8

Report of the committee appointed at a meet-
ing of the commissioners of police, and other
inhabitants of the city of Edinburgh, held on
the 8th December, 1812. Edin., 1813. 8

Report of the committee, to whom it was re-
mitted to suggest a plan for affording relief to
the labouring classes in the city and suburbs.

Edin., 1816. 8

Statement relative to the improvements on the
city of Edinburgh, by a new approach from the
west, &c. Edin., ,1826. 8

Observations on the moral condition of the
lower orders in Edinburgh ; with a plan for
their improvement, respectfully submitted to
the lay-elders of the city. By an elder of an
old town pariah. Edin., 1834. 8

Edinburgh election. Report of the speeches
delivered on the hustings on the nomination
of candidates, May 28, 1834.

Edin., 1834. 8






- ACADEMY. Report by the committee of con-
tributors to the Edinburgh academy. April
1823. Edin., 1823. 8

Report by the directors of the Edinburgh aca-
demy to the proprietors at their general meet-
ing, on 7th July 1834. Edin., [1834]. 8

- Prize list, public exhibition day of the Edin-
burgh academy. Thursday, 31st July 1834.

Edin., [1834]. 8

BLIND ASYLUM. Annual report of the state
of the Edinburgh asylum for relief of the in-
digent and industrious blind. From May 20th,
1795, to May 20th, 1796. Edin., 1796. 8

CHURCHES. The endowed and voluntary
Churches in Edinburgh compared.

Edin., 1834. 8

State of the Edinburgh churches. Tory church
building scheme. (From the Scotsman of
March 1835.) Edin., 1835. 12

Another copy.

CITY MISSION. First report of the Edinburgh
city mission : 1834. Edin., 1834. 8

Second biennial report of the Edinburgh city
mission... for 1834, 1835. Edin., 1835. 8

society for relief of the destitute sick, insti-
tuted at Edinburgh, July 8, 1785.

Edin., 1802. 12

treasurer's committee, to the Town Council,
respecting the ecclesiastical revenues of the
city of Edinburgh. Edin., 1835. 8

Report by the Lord Provost's committee on
remit by the Town Council of Edinburgh, re-
garding the probable future value of the reve-
nues of the city clergy. With an appendix of
relative documents. Edin., 1837. 8

minary address from the president of the Edin-
burgh Free-thinkers Zetetic Society to the mo-
derator of the Church of Scotland. 2d ed.

Edin., s. a. 8

GUILDRY. Proceedings of the guildry of
Edinburgh, at the meeting of the incorpora-
tion in the Freemason's Hall, Niddry Street.
Dec. 16, 1817. Edin., 1818. 8

Report to the general meeting of the guildry
of Edinburgh to be held on Tuesday the 19th
October 1819. Edin., 1819. 8

HIGH SCHOOL. Remarks on the proposed new
High School. Edin., 1823. 8

Minutes of the Town Council, and report of
the committee, respecting the proposed new
High School. Edin., 1823. 8

Course of study in the Rector's class, High
School, Edinburgh, during the session ending
August, 1823. [Edin., 1823.] 8

Address from the Town Council of Edinburgh,
on the subject of the new buildings for the
High School, of which the foundation was laid
on 28th July, 1825. s. I. et a. 8

INFIRMARY. Report by the managers of the
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1818.

Edin., IBIS. 8

Letter to the general court of contributors of
the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh ; contain-
ing observations of the minutes of evidence ;
and on the report of the committee appointed
to enquire into the state of that house. By a
contributor. Edin., 1818. 8

A second letter to the general court of contri-
butors of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh ; .
containing remarks on the proceedings at the
meeting held on the 30th March, 1818. To
which are annexed, the report of the commit-
tee, the reported speech of the Lord President,
and the resolutions of the general meeting of
the 30th March. By a contributor.

Edin., 1818. 8

ordinary directors of the Edinburgh Lancas-
trian school society, to the general meeting of



the society, held... the llth day of May 1812.
To which IB subjoined, an address to the pub-
lic, &c. /;./;,., is 13. 8

LUNATIC ASYLUM. Short account of the rise,
progress and present state of the lunatic asy-
lum at Edinburgh, with some remarks on tin-
general treatment of lunatics, pointing out the
advantages of avoiding all severity.

., 1812. 8

- ORPHAN HOSPITAL. Statutes of the corpora-
tion of the orphan hospital and workhouse at
Edinburgh. To which is prefixed an account
of the said hospital from its establishment in
1733. /:/.., 1777. 12

- PRESBYTERY. Case for Mr John Wilde, Ad-
vocate, Professor of civil law in the University
of Edinburgh, against a sentence of the Reve-
rend Presbytery of Edinburgh, refusing to stop
proceeding in the moderation of a call to the
Rev. Dr James Finlayson to be one of the mi-
nisters of the High Church of Edinburgh, in
the room of the Rev. Dr William Greenfield.

s. I. et a. 4

Considerations on the late overture of the
Edinburgh Presbytery. From the Caledonian
Mercury 28th February 1842. By an elder
of the Church. Edin., 1842. 8

- Pastoral address prepared by the committee of
Presbytery on preaching stations and territo-
rial operations. Edin. , 1848. 8

SEAT-RENTS. State of the question respect-
ing the seat-rents of the churches of the city
of Edinburgh. Edin., 1834. 8

Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Pro-
vost of Edinburgh, on the seat rents of the
city churches, &c. By a member of the Pres-
bytery of Edinburgh. Edin., 1834. 8

UNIVERSITY. Laws for conducting the busi-
ness of the theological library, in the Univer-
sity of Edinburgh, enacted by the Senatus
Academicus, 12th Ap. 1817.

[Edin., 1817.] 8

A catalogue of the graduates in the faculties
of arts, divinity, and law, of the University of
Edinburgh since its foundation.

Edin., 1858. 8

VOLUNTEERS. A view of the establishment of
the Royal Edinburgh volunteers ; with an al-
phabetical list of the corps, June 15th, 1795.

Edin., 1795. 8

WATER COMPANY. Address by the interim
committee of the Edinburgh and Leith water
company, to the inhabitants of Edinburgh and
Leith. Edin. , s. a. 8

EDMOND (JAMES). Letters to Sir William Se-
ton, Baronet, regarding the veto and non-in-
trusion. Aberdeen, 1840. 8

EDMONDS (T.). A scriptural representation of
the abolition of the fourth command, so far
as it is related to the observance of a particu-
lar day ; and a vindication of their conduct
who observe the first day as the Sabbath. In
five letters to a friend : in which the argu-
ments of the Sabbatarian are considered and
refuted, and the observation of the Christian
Sabbath enforced. Teirkeslury, 1801. 12

EDMONSTONE (Sir ARrmi:.vr.i.), /'"*. Some
remarks on (la- state of the Established Church
in Ireland. -/oic, 1836. 8

EDUCATION. Strict thoughts on education,
occasioned by loose hints on education. A
didactic poem in four parts. Edin., 1782. 8'

The origin, nature, and object, of the new sys-
tem of education. LoH'lon, 1812. 12

A statement of the experience, of Scotland,
\\ith regard to the education of the jieoj,!,- ;
with remarks on the intended application of
the schoolmasters to parliament. [By C. AN-
DERSON.] Dumfries, 1825. 8

Prospectus of an educational institution, on
Christian principles, proposed to be establish-
ed in Edinburgh. Edin., 1825. 8

Another copy.

Report of the proceedings at the public meet-
ing of the friends of national education in the
Music Hall, Edinburgh, on January 25. 1854.

Edin., 1854. 8

On national education : An essay, originally
published in the British educator.

Glasfjow, 1856. 8

Minutes of Committee of Council on educa-
tion (1839-1851). 17 vol.

London, 1840-1851. 8

Answers made by schoolmasters in Scotland to
queries circulated in 1838, by order of the se-
lect committee on education in Scotland.

[London, 1841.] fol.

The present aspects of the Scottish education
question with a historical survey. By a lay-
man. Edin., 1856. 8

Report from the select committee on educa-
tion of the poorer classes in England and
Wales ; together with the minutes of evidence.

[London], 1838. fol.

Minutes [of Committee of Council] ; with
appendices. 1847-8-9. England and Wales.
Schools of parochial unions.

London, 1849. 8

Minutes [of Committee of Council]. Schools
of parochial unions, England and Wales. Re-
ports by ... Inspectors. 1848-49-50.

London, 1850. 8

The substance of speeches on the subject of
Irish education, delivered at a public meeting,
held in the United Secession church, Brough-
ton Place, Edinburgh, May 14, 1832.

Edin., 1832. 8

Letter on the Government scheme of educa-
tion for Ireland ; addressed to the dissenting
ministers who have expressed their approba-
tion of that scheme. [By C. J. BROWN, D.D.]

Glasgow, 1832. S 6

Reports of the commissioners of national edu-
cation in Ireland, from the year 1834 to 1842,
inclusive. Dublin, 1844. 8

Sixteenth [seventeenth and eighteenth] report
on national education in Ireland, 1849-1851.
6 vol. Dublin, 1849-51. 8

Report of the General Assembly's committee
on increasing the means of education and reli-
gious instruction in Scotland. May 18, 182G.

Edin., 1826. 8



Statement by the General Assembly's educa-
tion committee, of deficiencies in the means of
education for the poor in certain of the large
towns in Scotland, &c. 1836.

Edin., 1836. 8

Another copy.

- Educational statistics of the highlands and
islands of Scotland. Prepared by the General
Assembly's education committee, from returns
made by the parochial ministers. 1833.

Edin., [1833]. 8

General Assembly's scheme for promoting
education in the highlands and islands and
throughout Scotland. September 1837.

[Edin., 1837]. 8

- Report [1829-1838] of the committee of the
General Assembly for increasing the means of
education and religious instruction in Scot-
land, particularly in the highlands and islands.

Edin., 1829-38. 8

- Report [1831-1840]. Edin., 1831^tO. 8

- Report [1831, 32, 33, 35, 36].

Edin., 1831-36. 8

EDWARD V., King of England. Grants, &c.
from the Crown during the reign of Edward
the Fifth, from the original Docket-Book, MS.
Harl. 443. And two speeches for opening
Parliament, by John RUSSELL, Bishop of Lin-
coln, Lord Chancellor. With an historical
introduction by J. G. Nichols, F.S. A. [Edited
for the Camden Society.] London, 1854. 4

EDWARD VI., King of England. K. Edward
the Vlth. his own arguments against the Pope's
supremacy. Wherein several popish doctrines
and practices, contrary to God's word, are ani-
madverted on ; and the marks of Anti-Christ
are applied to the Pope of Rome. Translated
from the original, written with the King's own
hand in French, and still preserved. To which
are subjoined some remarks upon his life and
reign, in vindication of his memory from Dr
Heylin's severe and unjust censures.

London, 1682. 8

- * The life and raigne of K. Edward the Sixth.
By Sir John HAYWARD. London, 1630. 4

EDWARD (ROBERT). The doxology approven.

Edin., 1683. 8

EDWARDS (BELA B.), Professor at Andover.
Writings of B. B. E. With a memoir by Ed-
wards A. Park. 2 vol. Boston, 1853. 8

- An inquiry into the state of Slavery in ancient
Greece. [Stud. Cab. Lib., vol. i.]

Edin., 1835. 8

- Inquiry into the state of slavery in the early
and middle ages of the Christian era. [Ibid. ,
vol. ii.] Edin., 1836. 8

Selections from German literature. By B. B.
E. and E. A. PARK. Andover, 1839. 8

- Classical studies : essays on ancient literature
and art. By B. SEARS, B. B. E., and C. C.
FELTON. 1843

- Discourse [from Acts, xviii. 24] on the life and
character of Thomas Chalmers, D.D., deliver-
ed in the chapel of the theological seminary,
Andover, July 18... 1847. Andover, 1847. 8

- Encyclopedia of religious knowledge : or, dic-

tionary of the Bible, theology, religious bio-
graphy, all religions, ecclesiastical history, and
missions... Brought down to the present time,
and embracing, under one alphabet, the most
valuable part of Calmet's and Brown's dic-
tionaries of the Bible ; Buck's theol. diction-
ary ; Abbott's Scripture natural history ; Wells'
geography of the Bible ; Jones' biographical
dictionary ; and numerous other similar works.
...Edited by Rev. J. Newton Brown.

Brattleboro, 1850. 8

EDWARDS (BRYAN). An historical survey of
the island of Saint Domingo, together with an
account of the Maroon negroes in the island of
Jamaica ; and a history of the war in the West
Indies, in 1793, and 1794. Also, a tour through
the several islands of Barbadoes, St Vincent,
Antigua, Tobago, and Grenada, in the years
1791 and 1792. By Sir William YOUNG, Bart.
London, 1801. 4

The history, civil and commercial, of the Bri-
tish colonies in the West Indies... 4th ed.
[With a continuation to the present time.]
5 vol. [Vol. iv. and v., 5th ed.]

London, 1807-19. 8

EDWARDS (EDWARD). Memoirs of libraries :
including a handbook of library economy.
2 vol. London, 1859. 8

Libraries and founders of libraries.

London, 1864. 8

EDWARDS (FREDERIC E.). Monograph of the
Eocene Mollusca. Parts ii. and iii. [Palseon-
tographical Society. ] London, 1852, 54. 4
EDWARDS (H. MILNE). A monograph of Bri-
tish fossil corals. By H. M. E. , and J. HA-
CINE. Parts i. , ii. , iii. , and v. [Palseontogra-
phical Society.] London, 1850-54. 4

EDWARDS (JOHN), D.D., Minister of St Peter's
church, Colchester. A farther enquiry into
several remarkable texts of the Old and New
Testament which contain some difficulty in
them : with a probable resolution of them.

London, 1692. 8

A discourse concerning the authority, stile,
and perfection of the Books of the Old and
New Testament. With a continued illustra-
tion of several difficult texts of Scripture
throughout the whole work. 3 vol.

London, 1693-95. 8

Second edition. London, 1696. 8

The Socinian creed ; or, a brief account of the
professed tenets and doctrines of the foreign
and English Socinians. Wherein is shew'd
the tendency of them to irreligion and atheism.
With proper antidotes against them.

London, 1697. 8

Ho^wroiKfro; 2o!p/. A compleat history or
survey of all the dispensations and methods of
religion, from the beginning of the world to
the consummation of all things ; as represent-
ed in the Old and New Testament. 2 vol.

London, 1699. 8

Exercitations critical, philosophical, histori-
cal, theological. On several important places
in the writings of the Old and New Testament.
In two parts. London, 1702. 8


The preacher. A discourse, shewing what are
the particular offices and employments of those
of that character in the Church... To which is
added, a catalogue of some authors who may
be beneficial to young preachers and students
in divinity. 2d ed. London, 1705. 8

Part ii. A discourse shewing I . What i >ar t i -

cular doctrines ought to be preached by the
dispensers of the Gospel... With continued ad-
vice to students in divinity, and to young
preachers. To which is annexed, The hearer :
or a brief discourse, shewing what are the quali-
fications that are required in those persons who
would receive benefit and advantage by hear-
ing the word preached. London, 1707. 8

Veritas redux. Evangelical truths restored :
namely, those concerning God's eternal de-
crees, the liberty of man's will, grace and con-
version, the extent and efficacy of Christ's re-
demption, and perseverance in grace... Being
the first part of the theological treatises which
are to compose a large body of Christian divi-
nity. London, 1707. 8

Another copy.

The doctrine of faith and justification set in a
true light. In three parts... Being the second
part of the theological treatises, which are to

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