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compose a large body of Christian divinity.

London, 1708. 8

Second edition. London, 1728. 8

Theologia reformata ; or, the body and sub-
stance of the Christian religion, comprised in

- distinct discourses or treatises upon the Apos-
tles' creed, the Lord's prayer, and the ten com-
mandments. 2 vol. London, 1713. fol.

Theologia reformata : or, discourses on those
graces and duties which are purely evangelical,
and not contained in the moral law... Being
an entire treatise in four parts ; and if added
to the two former volumes, makes a compleat
body of divinity. London, 1726. fol.

The doctrines controverted between Papists
and Protestants particularly and distinctly con-
sidered ; and those which are held by the for-
mer confuted. With an introduction giving
an account of the rise and gradual progress of
Popery : and of the decay of it at the Refor-
mation. London, 1724. 8

EDWARDS (JONATHAN), Principal of Jestw col-
lege, Oxford. A preservative against Socinian-
ism, shewing the direct and plain opposition
between it and the religion revealed by God
in the Scriptures. [In four parts. Part i.,
2ded.] Oxon., 1693-1703. 4

The doctrine of original sin, as it was always
held in the Catholick Church, and particularly
in the Church of England, asserted and vin-
dicated from the exceptions and cavils of the
Rev. Dr Daniel Whitby. Oxford, 1711. 8

Another copy.

EDWARDS (JONATHAN), A.M., President of
Princeton college, New Jersey. The works of
President Edwards. 8 vol. A new edition.
[Edited by E. Williams and E. Parsons. With
memoir by Samuel Hopkins, D.D.]

London, 1817. 8

Another copy. [With supplementary volumes. ]
10vol. A..K./../I .,../ /;,/;,,., 1817, 1847. 8*

With an essay on his genius
and writings, by Henry Rogers. 2 vol.

London, 1836. 8
Another copy.

Another edition. With an essay on his genius
and writings, by Henry Rogers : and a memoir
by Sereno E. Dwight, revised and corrected by
Edward Hickman. 2 vol. London, 1840. 8
Another edition. A reprint of the Worcester
edition, with valuable additions, and a copious
general index. 4 vol. New York, 1844. 8
A faithful narrative of the surprising work of
God in the conversion of many hundred souls
in Northampton... New-England. In a letter
to the Rev. Dr Benjamin Colman of Boston...
Published, with a large preface, by Dr Watts
andDrGuyse. Edin., 1738. 8

Some thoughts concerning the present revival
of religion in New-England. In five parts.
Reprinted. Edin., 1743. 8

Sinners in the hands of an angry God. A ser-
mon [on Deut. xxxii. 35] preached at Enfield,
July 8th 1741. With a preface by the Rev.
John Willison, Dundee. Reprinted.

Edin., 1745. 8

Second edition. Boston, 1753. 8

Another edition. Philadelphia, 1840. 12

True grace distinguished from the experience
of devils ; in a sermon [on James, ii. 19] preach-
ed before the Synod of New- York, Sept. 28,
1752. New York, 1753. 8

The great Christian doctrine of original sin
defended, evidences of its truth produced, and
arguments to the contrary answered. Con-
taining in particular, a reply to the objections
and arguings of Dr John Taylor, in his book,
intitled, " The Scripture-doctrine of original
sin proposed to free and candid examination,"
&c. (Reprinted.) London, 1766. 8

Another edition. Dublin, 1768. 12

A new edition. Glasgow, 1819. 12

A careful and strict enquiry into the modern
prevailing notions of that freedom of the will,
which is supposed to be essential to moral
agency, virtue and vice, reward and punish-
ment, praise and blame. 4th ed.

London, 1775. 8

Another edition. London, 1790. 8

Another edition. London, 1816. 8

A new edition : with an introductory essay, by
the author of ' ' Natural history of enthusiasm . "

London, 1831. 8

Two dissertations concerning the end for which
God created the world ; and the nature of true
virtue. Edin., 1788. 12

A dissertation concerning the end for which
God created the world. [Theological tracts,
edited by John BROWN, D.D., vol. ii.]

Edin., 1853. 8

An humble inquiry into the rules of the word of
God, concerning the qualifications requisite to
a complete standing and full communion in the
visible Christian Church. With an appendix
by Mr Foxcroft. 2d ed. Edin., 1790. 12



A history of the work of redemption ; com-
prising an outline of Church history.

New York, s. a. 12

- Another edition. With a new life of the au-
thor, and notes, by James Brownlee, Advocate.

Edin., 1832. 12

The treatise on religious affections, somewhat
abridged. New York, s. a. 12

- Charity and its fruits ; or Christian love as
manifested in the heart and life. Edited from
the original manuscripts, with an introduction,
by the Rev. Tryon Edwards, D.D.

London, 1852. 8

EDWARDS (JONATHAN), D.D., Son of the pre-
ceding, and President of Union college, Sclienec-
tady, New York. The works of J. E., D.D.
With a memoir of his life and character, by
Tryon Edwards. 2 vol. Andover, 1842. 8

Another copy.

- The necessity of atonement, and the consist-
ency between that and free grace, in forgive-
ness. [Theological tracts, edited by John
BROWN, D.D., vol. i.] Edin., 1853. 8

EDWARDS (JUSTIN), D.D. The temperance
manual. New York, s. a. 16

EDWARDS (PETER). Candid reasons for re-
nouncing the principles of antipaedobaptism.
2d ed. London, 1799. 12

Third edition. To which is subjoined a trea-
tise on infant baptism. By James KIDD, D.D.

Aberdeen, 1822. 12

The fourth edition. With a prefatory notice
by James Kidd, D.D. Aberdeen, 1841. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

- Another edition. Pittsburgh., 1841. 32

* Short observations relative to Mr Peter Ed-
wards' Candid reasons. Irvine, s. a. 8

EDWARDS (THOMAS), B. A. Reasons against
the independant government of particular con-
gregations : as also against the toleration of
such churches to be erected in this kingdome.
Together with an answer to such reasons as are
commonly alledged for such a toleration.

London, 1641. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Antapologia : or, a full answer to the apologe-
ticall narration of Mr Goodwin, Mr Nye, Mr
Sympson, Mr Burroughs, Mr Bridge, mem-
bers of the Assembly of divines ; wherein are
handled many of the controversies of these
times. . London, 1644. 4 r

Another copy.

- Another edition. London, 1646. 4'

- The first and second [and third] parts of Gan-
grsena : or, a catalogue and discovery of many
of the errors, heresies, blasphemies and pernici-
ous practices of the sectaries of this time, vent-
ed and acted in England in these four last yeers.
[Parts i. and ii., 3d ed.] London, 1646. 4

Another copy. Part i. London, 1646. 4

The casting down of the last and strongest hold
of Satan. Or, a treatise against toleration ;
and pretended liberty of conscience.

London, 1647. 4'

EDWARDS (THOMAS). The paraselene dismant-
led of her cloud. Or, Baxterianism barefac'd.
Drawn from a literal transcript of Mr Baxter's,
and the judgment of others, in the most radi-
cal doctrines of faith ; compar'd with those of
the orthodox, both conformist and nonconfor-
mist ; and transferr'd over by way of test, unto
the Papist and Quaker. London, 1699. 4

Another copy.

EDWARDS (THOMAS), D.D., Vicar of Nuneaton,
Warwickshire. The doctrine of irresistible
grace prov'd to have no foundation in the writ-
ings of the New Testament.

Cambridge, 1759. 8

Another copy.

Prolegomena in Libros Veteris Testament!
poeticos, sive dissertatio, in qua F. Harii de
antiqua Hebrseorum poesi hypothesin ratione
et veritate niti fuse ostenditur. Subjicitur
metricse Lowthianse confutatio.

Cantabrigice, 1762. 8

EGANE (ANTHONY), B.D. The book of rates,
now used in the sin custom-house of the Church
and court of Rome. Containing the bulls,
dispensations and pardons for all manner of
villanies and wickednesse, with the several
sums of monies given and to be paid for them.
London, 1674. 4

EGBERTUS, Arch-Bishop of York. Dialogus de
ecclesiastica institutione ; [ad calc. opp. theol.
BEDJS]. 1693

EGERTON. The Egerton papers. A collection
of public and private documents, chiefly illus-
trative of the times of Elizabeth and James I.
from the original manuscripts, the property of
the Right Hon. Lord Francis Egerton, M.P.,
President of the Camden Society. Edited [for
the Camden Society] by J. Payne Collier.

London, 1840. 4

EGERTON (Lady Francis). Journal of a tour in
the holy land, in May and June, 1840.

London, 1841. 8

EGERTON (STEPHEN). A briefe method of CATE-
CHIZING. [Wants title.] [ London, 1630] ? 8

EGINHARDUS. Memoirs of Europe towards the
close of the eighth century ; written by Egin-
hardus, secretary and favorite to Charlemagne,
and done into English by the translator of the
New Atlantis. 2d ed. London, 1711. 8
[The real author of this book is Mrs de la
Riviere Manley.]

lum : sen G. E. cum Georgio Buchanano pro
dignitate paraphraseos Psalmi civ. certamen.
Cui adnectitur Gul. eodem certa-
mine judicium ; nee non consilium Collegii
Medici Parisiensis de ejusdem Eglisemmii
mania, quod carmine exhibuit Arcturus Jon-
stonus...Subjungitur etiam ejusdem Psalmi
alias paraphrases poeticae sex, auctoribus toti-
dem Scotis ; [cum Poett. Scot. mus. sacr. per
Arcturum JONSTONTJM]. 1739

EGYPT. The antiquities of Egypt ; with a par-
ticular notice of those that illustrate the sacred
Scriptures. London, 1841. 8

Another copy.



. Repertorium fiir biblische und morgen-
liiiulisclie Litteratur. 18 Thi-il.

/.. ;/.-.;/. 1777 85. 8

- Allgemeine Bibliuthek der biblischen Littera-
tur. 10 /. . 1787-1801. 8

Commeutarius in Apocalypsin Joannis. 2 vol.

(.initiii-jit, 17!H. 8

- Einleitung in das Neue Testament. 3 J:iiiili-.
[Band i. 2te. Ausg.] Leipzig, 1810-1820. 8

Another copy.

Einleitung in das Alte Testament. 5 Biindc.
Vierte Ausgabe. Gtittingen, 1823, 24. 8

EKKER (Ecco). Disquiaitio critica et historica
de dementis Romani priore ad Corinthios
Epistola gradu Doctoratus sum-
mis<iuc in theologia honoribus ac privilegiis
in Academia Rheno-Trajectina rite et legi-
time consequendis, pubiaco ac solemni exa-
mini submittet E. E.

Trujecti ad Rhenum, 1854. 8

ELDER (ROBERT), A.M., Minister of the Free
f'liiirch at Rothesay. Vindication of the
Church from the charge of rebellion in her
present position. 7:'i/</t., 1842. 12

ELDERS. The suffrages of the people : or, An
essay wherein the people's right to elect their
elders is clearly proved from Acts, xiv. 23.

Edin., 1734. 16

The right of the elders to expound the Gospel ;
proved from Scripture and the books of dis-
cipline. By an elder. 2d ed.

Edin., 1833. 8

- Another copy.


ELDRIDGE (ROBEY), M.A. Two sermons [on

1 Thess. iv. 13, 14] preached April 23, 1837,

in consequence of the death of Miss Reade.

Oxford, 1838. 8

ELEGIES. Elegies and sonnets.

London, 1785. 4

ELEUTHERIA. Eleutheria : or, An idea of the
reformation in England : and a history of non-
conformity in and since that reformation... To
which is added, The conformist's reasons for
joining with the non-conformists in... worship.
By another hand. London, 1698. 16

ELGIN. Case, the managers of the chapel or
Little Kirk of Elgin. To be heard at the bar
of the venerable Assembly, 1799.

s. I. et a. 4

ELIAS (JOHN), Methodist minister at Anglesea.
* A memoir of the Rev. J. E. By Rev. E.
Morgan, A.M. With an introductory essay
by the Rev. J. K. Foster.

Liverpool, 1844. 12

ELIJAH, the Prophet. The coming of Elijah,
the Prophet, before the great and terrible day
of the Lord ; with a preliminary outline of his
history before his translation to heaven in a
chariot of fire. Ed. in., 1832. 12

ELIS (CLEMENT), Rector of Kirby, Nottingham-
shire. Rest for the heavy-laden : promised by
our only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all
sincere believers, practically discoursed upon.
London, 1756. 12

KLIS (JouniwV S.T.D., Rector of St Mary's,

Articiilunim .\\.\i\.

Ecclesue Anglicun:u defemio, una cum IK>V.I
eorundem versioiif. His accedunt AKIH i i.i
Lainbetliiini. una cum Rev. et doct. viroruiu
in eos ceusura, A.C. Editio tertia.

J Hutdodami, 16%. 12

- Another copy.

ELIS^EUS, Bishop of the Amadunians.The his-
tory of Vartan, and of the battle of the Arme-
nians ; containing an account of the religious
wars between the Persians and Armenians.
Translated from the Armenian by C. F. Neu-
mann. London, 1830. 4

ELIZABETH (CHARLOTTE), t. e. Charlotte Eliza-
beth Brown, afterwards C. E. T..NNA.

cleum, adhibitis veterum interpret um explica-
tionibus, grammaticorum notationibus, recen-
tiorum doctorum commentariis. 2 vol.

Reyimontii Prussorum, 1835. 8

Gloucester and Bristol. A critical and gram-
matical commentary on St Paul's Epistle to
the Galatians. 1854. See BIBLES ENCLI-H.

A critical and grammatical commentary on St
Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians. 1855. See

A critical and grammatical commentary on St
Paul's Epistles to the Philippians, Colossians,
and to Philemon. 1857. See BIBLES ENG-

A critical and grammatical commentary on St
Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians. 1858.

A critical and grammatical commentary on the
Pastoral Epistles. 1856. See BIBLES ENG-

The destiny of the creature : and other ser-
mons. Preached before the University of
Cambridge. London, 1858. 8

Historical lectures on the life of our Lord
Jesus Christ, being the Hulsean lectures for
the year 1859. London, 1860. 8

Another copy.

ELLIOT (GILBERT), 2d Earl of Minto. Speech
at a general meeting of the county of Rox-
burgh, held at Jedburgh the 15th August
1803, on moving an address to His Majesty.

Kelso, 1803. 8

ELLIOT (R.), A.B. Sermons on the most im-
portant and interesting subjects of Chris-
tianity. London, 1764. 8

ELLIOTT (CHARLES), D.D. Delineation of Ro-
man Catholicism, drawn from the authentic
and acknowledged standards of the Church of
Rome ; namely, her creeds, catechisms, deci-
sions of councils, papal bulls, Roman Catholic
writers, the records of history, &c. A new
edition, with numerous important additions.
...By the Rev. John S. Stamp.

London, 1844. 8

- Third edition. London, 1851. 8
stone. Letters from the North of Europe ; or



a journal of travels in Holland, Denmark,
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Prussia,
and Saxony. London, 1832. 8

ELLIOTT (EDWARD BISHOP), A. M. , Vicar of Tux-
ford. Horse apocalypticae, or a commentary
on the Apocalypse, critical and historical ; in-
cluding also an examination of the chief pro-
phecies of Daniel. Illustrated by an apoca-
lyptic chart, and sundry engravings from me-
dals and other extant monuments of antiquity.

3 vol. London, 1844. 8
Second edition. With an appendix, contain-
ing, besides other matter, a sketch of the his-
tory of apocalyptic interpretation, and indices.

4 vol. London, 1846. 8

- Reply to Dr Candlish's four letters, on certain
passages in the " Horse apocalypticse. "

London, 1847. 8

ELLIOTT (HENRY VENN), A.M., Perpetual cu-
rate of St Mary's, Brighton. A sermon on the
death of the Rev. Henry Mortlock, preached
February 19, 1837, at St Mary's, Brighton,
and a brief memoir. London, s. a. 12

ELLIOTT (RICHARD). Eternal realities consider-
ed as forming the principle of missionary exer-
tions. A sermon [on 2 Cor. iv. 18] preached
before the London missionary society, May 11,
1820. London, 1820. 8

ELLIS (ALEXANDER JOHN), B. A. A plea for pho-
netic spelling ; or the necessity of orthographic
reform. 2d ed. London, 1848. 8

ELLIS (GEO. AOAR), Lord Dover. Historical in-
quiries respecting the character of Edward
Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. London, 1827. 8

ELLIS (GEORGE E.). A half-century of the Uni-
tarian controversy, with particular reference
to its origin, its course, and its prominent sub-
jects among the Congregationalists of Massa-
chussets. With an appendix.

Boston, 3857. 12

- Another edition. London, 1858. 8
ELLIS (HENRY). Journal of the proceedings of

the late embassy to China ; comprising a cor-
rect narrative of the public transactions of the
embassy, of the voyage to and from China,
and of the journey from the mouth of the Pei-
ho to the return to Canton. 2d ed. 2 vol.
London, 1818. 8

ELLIS (JOHN), F.R.S. An essay towards a na-
tural history of the Corallines and other ma-
rine productions of the like kind, commonly
found on the coasts of Great Britain and Ire-
land. To which is added the description of a
large marine Polype taken near the North pole the summer 1753. London, 1755. 4

ELLIS (JOHN), D.D., Vicar of St Catherine's,
Dublin. The knowledge of divine things from
revelation, not from reason or nature. 2d ed.
Vol. i. London, 1771. 8

- Third edition. To which is now first added,
by the same author, The continuation, or se-
cond volume completing the work, entitled,
An enquiry, whence cometh wisdom and un-
derstanding to man ? London, 1811. 8



ELLIS (SARAH), formerly S. STICKNEY. Look to
the end ; or, the Bennets abroad. 2 vol.

London, [1845]. 8

ELLIS (WILLIAM), Secretary to the London mis-
sionary society. Narrative of a tour through
Hawaii, or, Owhyhee ; with remarks on the
history, traditions, manners, customs, and
language of the inhabitants of the Sandwich
islands. London, 1826. 8

Second edition. [Forming vol. iv. of Ellis'
Polynesian researches.] 1831

Polynesian researches, during a residence of
nearly six years in the South Sea Islands.

2 vol. London, 1830. 8

Second edition. 4 vol. London, 1831. 8

The history of Madagascar. Comprising also
the progress of the Christian mission establish-
ed in 1818 ; and an authentic account of the
persecution and recent martyrdom of the na-
tive Christians. 2 vol. London, [1838]. 8

The history of the London missionary society.
Vol. i. London, 1844. 8

ELLYS (ANTHONY), D.D., Bishop of St David's.
Tracts on the liberty, spiritual and tempo-
ral, of Protestants in England. Addressed
to J. N. , Esq. ; at Aix-la-Chapelle. In two
parts. A new edition. Landon, 1767. 4

ELLYSON (THOMAS). The Shepheard of Ease-
ington his letters, or, petitions to the late
King's Majestie, and many great potentates
besides. s. L, [1647]. 4

ELOI, Saint. Bishop of Noyon. * Vie de Saint
E. par Saint Ouen. Traduite par Charles
Barthelemy. Precede' d'une introduction, et
suivie de notes historiques sur le vii me siecle.

Paris, 1853. 8

ELOQUENCE. Christian eloquence in theory
and practice. [By Blaise GISBERT.] Made
English from the French original, by Samuel
D'Oyley, M.A. London, 1718. 8

ELRINGTON (THOMAS), D.D., Bishop of Leigh-
lin and Ferns. Sermons preached in the cha-
pel of Trinity college, Dublin, in the year
1795, at the lecture established... under the
will of Mrs Anne Donnellan. To which is
added, an Act sermon [on 2 Thess. ii. part of
v. 9]... for the degree of D.D.

Dublin, 1796. 8

ELSNER (JACOBUS), Professor of theology and ori-
ental languages at Lingen. Observationes sa-
crae in Novi Foederis libros, quibus plura illo-
rum librorum loca ex auctoribus potissimum
Graecis et antiquitate exponuntur et illustran-
tur. 2 torn.

Trajecti ad Etienum, 1720, 28. 8

Commentarius critico-philologicus in Evange-
lium Matthsei [et Marci]. Eum edidit, et 110-
tulas quasdam adjecit, Ferdinandus Stosch.

3 torn. Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1767, 73. 4
ELTON (EDWARD), B.D., Preacher of God's word

at St Mary Magdalen's, Bermondsey. The
complaint of a sanctified sinner answered : or,
an explanation of the seventh chapter of the
Epistle of St Paul to the Romans... Delivered
in sundrie sermons. [Wants title.]

Londmi, 1618. 4



The triumph of a tnie Christian described : or,
an explication of the eight chapter of the Kpis
tie of St Paul to tho Romans... Delivered in
sundrie sermons. London, 1G23. 4 e

Another copy.

An exposition of the Epistle of Saint Paul to
the Colossians. Delivered in sundry sermons.
2d ed. London, 1G20. fol.

A forme of CATECHIZING : set downe by ques-
tions and answers. Wherein the principall
grounds of Christian religion are delivered.
10th ed. London, 1634. 8

ELTON (THOMAS). Mode of instruction followed
in the Fitzroy Sabbath and free day schools :
with an arrangement of scriptural subjects,
catechisms, and hymns for each month.

London, 1819. 8

ELVENICH (P. J.). Die moral Philosophic.
Erster Band. Bonn, 1830. 8

EL WOOD (ANNE KATHARINE). Narrative of a
journey overland from England, by the conti-
nent of Europe, Egypt, and the red sea, to In-
dia ; including a residence there, and voyage
home, in the years 1825, 26, 27, and 28. 2 vol.
London, 1830. 8





ELY (EZRA STILES), A.M., stated preacher to the
city hospital, New York. A contrast between
Calvinism and Hopkinsianism.

New York, 1811. 8

Visits of mercy ; being the journal of the
stated preacher to the hospital and almshouse,
in the city of New York, 1811.

Reprinted, London, 1813. 12
preface by Thomas Carlyle.

London, 1841. 12

EMLYN (THOMAS), V.D.M. The works of Mr
T. E....To the whole are prefixed, Memoirs of
the life and writings of the author. Vol. i., ii.
4th ed. London, 1746. 8

- Sermons. London, 1742. 8

EMMONS (EBENEZER), M.D., Professor of natu-
ral history in Williams college. Geology of
New- York. Part ii. comprising the survey of
the second geological district. [Natural his-
tory of New -York. Part iv.l

Albany, 1842. 4

Agriculture of New- York : comprising an ac-
count of the classification, composition and
distribution of the soils and rocks, and the
natural waters of the different geological for-
mations ; together with a condensed view of
the climate and the agricultural productions
of the state. 2 vol. [Natural history of New-
York. Part v.] Albany, 1846, 49. 4

EMMONS (NATHAN AEL), D.D. The works of
N. E. , D.D. With a memoir of his life. Edit-
ed by Jacob Ide, D.D. 6 vol.

Boston, 1842. 8

Another copy.

* A review of Dr Emmons's theory of God's
agency on mankind. Also a refutation of the

views entertained by advocates of that theory
respecting the necessity of the moral evils ex-
isting in the universe to a display of the divine
glory. New York, 1821. 12

qua mania fere crimina, quaj pontificii ortho-
doxae doctrinee et refonnatis Ecclesiis impu-
denter et falsb imppgerunt, in priinis yero,
qu nuper Lutheranis concionatoribus objece-
runt, dihmntur et in pontificios retorquentur. . .

(ilfjssa, 1612. 8

ENCYCLOPAEDIA. Encyclopaedia Britannica.
2ded. 10vol. Edin., 1778-83. 4

Third edition. With supplement. 20 vol.

,,.,1797-1801. 4

Seventh edition. 21 vol.

Edin., 1841. 4

Another copy. Vol. i., ii. [Part 1-4.]

l-l'lin., s. a. 4

Preliminary dissertations to the Encyclopaedia
Britannica. [By Dugald STEWART, Sir James
LESLIE.] [Edin.], 8. a. 4

Another edition, with a general index.

Edin., 1835. 4

Another copy.

The article Christianity, as it appears in the
sixth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica,
contrasted with the same article as it appears
in the seventh edition, now in progress of pub-
lication. Edin., 1836. 8

Encyclopaedia Perthensis. 2d ed. 23 vol.

Edin., 1816. 8

Oxford Encyclopaedia. . .By the Rev. W. Harris ;
J. A. Stewart, A.M. ; C. Butler ; and the Rev.
J. H. Hinton, A.M. ; assisted by other lite-
rary gentlemen. 6 vol. Oxford, 1828. 4

The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia : conducted by
David Brewster, LL.D. 18 vol.

Edin., 1830. 4

AllgemeinedeutscheReal-Encyklopadie. (Con-
versations-Lexikon.) [With supplement.] 13
Bande. Reutlingen, 1830-32. 8

The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the
diffusion of useful knowledge. With supple-
ment. 29 vol. London, 1833-46. 8

The British Cyclopaedia... Arranged and edited
by Charles F. Partington. [Nat. Hist., 3 vol.
Arts and Sciences, 2 vol. Hist. , 3 vol. Bio-
graphy, 2 vol.] London, 1835-37. 8

The Popular Encyclopaedia ; or " Conversa-
tions lexicon. " 7vol. Glasgow, 1842. 8

The Encyclopaedia of mental philosophy : com-
prising The science of method. By S. T. Cole-
ridge. Universal grammar. By Sir John

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