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Stoddart. Logic. By Richard Whately, D.D.
Rhetoric. By R. Whately, D.D. Moral and
metaphysical philosophy. By F. D. Maurice.
Law. By Richard Jebb, Archer Poison, and
J. T. Graves. Theology. By the Rev. G. E.
Corrie, B.D., and the Rev. H. J. Rose, B.D.
Forming a portion of the Encyclopaedia Me-
tropolitana. London, 1847. 4

ENDEMANN (SAM.). Institutions theologiae
dogmaticae. 2 torn. Hanovia, 1777, 78. 8
ENFANT (JACQ. L'). See Jacques L'ENFANT.



ENFIELD (WILLIAM), LL.D. An apology for
the clergy, and particularly for Protestant dis-
senting ministers : A sermon [on Rom. xi. 13]
preached Oct. 1,1777. Warrington, 1777. 4

- Biographical sermons : or, a series of dis-
courses on the principal characters in Scrip-
ture. London, 1777. 12

The preacher's directory ; or, a series of sub-
jects proper for public discourses, with texts
under each head : to which is added, a supple-
ment, containing select passages from the Apo- j
crypha. 2d ed. London, 1782. 4

The history of philosophy, from the earliest
times to the beginning of the present century ;
drawn up from Brucker's Historia critica phi-
losophise. 2 vol. London, 1791. 4

Another edition. London, 1840. 8

Sermons on practical subjects. To which are
prefixed memoirs of the author, by J. Aikin,
M.D. 3 vol. 2d ed. London, 1799. 8

The Speaker : or, miscellaneous pieces, select-
ed from the best English writers... with a view
to facilitate the improvement of youth in read-
ing and speaking. To which are prefixed two
essays : I. On elocution. II. On reading
works of taste. Stereotype edition.

London, 1823. 12

ENFIELD (WILLIAM). Principles of mental and
moral philosophy. To which is prefixed, ele-
ments of logic. London, 1809. 12
ENGLAND. Rerum Anglicarum scrip tores post
Bedam praecipui, ex vetustissimis codicibus
manuscriptis mine primum in lucem editi.
Willielmi monachi Malmesburiensis de gestis
regum Anglorum lib. v. Ejusdem historic
novelise lib. ii. Ejusdem de gestis Pontificum
Angl. lib. iiii. Henrici archdiaconi Huntin-
doniensis historiarum lib. viii. Roger! Hoven-
deni Annalium pars prior et posterior. Chro-
nicorum Ethelwerdi lib. iv. Ingulphi Abbatis
Croylandensis historiarum lib. i. Adjecta ad
finem Chronologia. [Edited by Henry Savile.]
Francofurti, 1601. fol.

An unhappy game at Scotch and English. Or,
a full answer from England to the papers of
Scotland. [By John LILBURNE.]

Edin., 1646. 4

- A discourse of the religion of England, assert-
ing that reformed Christianity settled in its
due latitude is the stability and advancement
of this kingdom. [By John CORBET.]

London, 1667. 4

(>Yivul/i ; or, England's passing-bell : a poem.
[By Thomas GILBERT.] London, 1679. 4

A collection of papers relating to the calling
and holding the convention of Estates of Eng-
land, at Westminster January 22, 1689. And
the meeting of Estates of Scotland at Edin-
burgh the 14 March, 1689. Edin., 1689. 4

A complete history of England : with the lives
of all the Kings and Queens thereof ; from the
earliest account of time, to the death of His
late Majesty King William III. Containing a
f aithful relation of all affairs of state ecclesias-
tical and civil. 3 vol. London, 1706. fol.

The parliamentary or constitutional history of

England ; from the earliest times, to the resto-
ration of King Charles II. Collected from the
records, the rolls of parliament, the journals
of both houses, the public libraries, original
manuscripts, scarce speeches, and tracts ; all
compared with the several contemporary
writers, and connected, throughout, with the
history of the times. By several hands.
24 vol. [Vol. i., ii., 2d ed.]

London, 1751-62. 8

An history of England, in a series of letters
from a nobleman to his son. 5th ed. 2 vol.

London, 1776. 12

A great discovery of the Queen's preparation
in Holland to assist the King in England.
[Reprints of rare tracts, &c. by M. A. Richard-
son.] Newcastle, 1843. 8
Old England's alarum. London, 1844. 12
A relation, or rather a true account of the
Island of England ; with sundry particulars of
the customs of these people, and of the Royal
revenues under King Henry the Seventh, about
the year 1500. Translated from the Italian,
with notes, by Charlotte Augusta Sneyd.
[Published by the Camden Society.] ,

London, 1847. 4

CHURCH. The form of Church government
to be used- in the Church of England and Ire-
land : agreed upon by the Lords and Commons
assembled in Parliament, after advice had with
the Assembly of divines. London, 1648. 4
Another copy.

A serious and compassionate inquiry into the
causes of the present neglect and contempt of
the Protestant religion and Church of Eng-
land. 3d, ed. London, 1675. 8
An instance of the Church of England's loyalty.

London, 1687. 4

A reply to the new test of the Church of Eng-
land's loyalty. London, 1687. 4
A plain account of the persecution, now laid
to the charge of the Church of England.

s. I. et a. 4

An apology for the Church of England, with
relation to the spirit of persecution : for which
she is accused. [By Gilbert BURNET.]

s. I, [1689]. 4

The Church of England's wish for the restor-
ing of primitive discipline ; considered, in or-
der to its being brought to effect. On which
occasion is shewn the institution, nature, end,
and necessity of discipline in the Church of
Christ. London, 1703. 8

The history of the Church, in respect both to
its ancient and present condition. To which
is added, a continuation of the same ; with the
opinions of several Bishops and learned di-
vines concerning the doctrine and discipline of
the Church of England. By one called an
High-Churchman. London, 1706. 4

The Church of England's late conflict with,
and triumph over the spirit of fanaticism... By
a lover of the Church of England ; [Patrick
DREWE]. London, 1710. 8

The layman's vindication of the Church of
England, as well against Mr Howell's charge




of schism, as against Dr Bennet's ]>r<
answer to it. L,c ! ->. 17H>. 8

Free and candid disquisitions relating to the
Church of England, and the means of ad-
vancing religion therein. [By John .1

2d ed. //!, 17">0. 8

- Another copy.

Free and impartial considerations upon the
Free and candid disquisitions relating t<> tin-
Church of England. Addressed to the authors
of the Disquisitions. [By John WHITE.]

London, 1751. 8

The real advantages which ministers and peo-
ple may enjoy, especially in the colonies, by
conforming to the Church of England ; faith-
fully considered, and impartially represented,
in a letter to a young gentleman.

s. I, 1762. 8

Free thoughts on the subject of a farther re-
formation of the Church of England ; in six
numbers : To which are added, the remarks of
the editor. By the author of A short and safe
expedient for terminating the present debates
about subscription. Published [and really
written] by Benjamin DAWSON.

London, 1771. 8

The case of the Church of England. Reprinted
from Eraser's Magazine for February, 1834.

London, 1834. 16

The Anglican reformation : or the Church of
England but half reformed.

Philadelphia, 1844. 12

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Sketch of the his-
tory and principles of the Presbyterian Church
in England. London, 1840. 8

Third edition. London, 1850. 12
ENGLAND (GEORGE), Rector of Woolterton, Nor-
folk. An enquiry into the morals of the an-
cients. London, 1737. 4

ENGLAND (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Charleston,
U. S. A. A brief account of the introduction
of the Cathob'c religion into the States of North
Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Dublin, 1832. 8

Explanation of the construction, furniture and
ornaments of a church, of the vestments of the
clergy, and of the nature and ceremonies of
the mass. Rome, 1833. 12

ENGLES (WILLIAM M.), D.D., Philadelphia.
Qualifications and duties of ruling elders in
the Presbyterian Church.

Philadelphia, 1836. 12

Another edition. [Presb. Tracts, vol. i.]

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

A caution against prevailing errors : being a
conversation between a Presbyterian pastor
and his parishioner. Philn<]< '///(/, 1837. 12

Another edition. [Presb. Tracts, vol. ii.]

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

Records of the Presbyterian Church in the
United States of AMERICA. 1841

ENGLISHMAN. A collection of the writings of
the author of the True-born English-man.
[Daniel DEFOE.] London, 1703. 8

ENGLISH-SERVICE. A dialogue between a
curat and a countreyman concerning the Eng-

lish- s folium .11 -prayer- book of Eng-

land. [ By John AMIKKSO.V] s.l.cta. 4

Another o>py.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Answer to a pamphlet entitled, A dialogue be-

a curat and a roiinti _-, man, n.n.
the English sen-ice. [By R. CALDER.]

. I., 1711. 4

Another copy.

The second dialogue between a curat and a
countreyman concerning the English-service.
[By John ANDERSON.] a. L, 1711. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

The Answer [by R. Calder] to the dialogue
between the curat and the countrey-man, con-
cerning the English-service, or, Common-
prayer-book of England examined. In a fa-
miliar letter to the author of the answer. [By
John ANDERSON.] s. I., 1712. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

The countrey-man's letter to the curat. Where-
in, besides a historical view of the English li-
turgie, the assertions of the author of the Fun-
damental charter of presbytery, [Bishop Sage]
concerning its universal usage in Scotland at
the time of the Reformation, &c. are examined,
and proved to be false. [By John ANDERSON. |

s. I, 1711. 4 d

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

ENIEDINUS (GEORGIUS), Superintendent of the
Unitarian churches in Transylvania. Explica-
tiones locorum Veteris et Novi Testamenti, ex
quibus Trinitatis dogma stabiliri solet.

s. I. et a. 4

ENOCH, tlie Prophet. The holy prophecies... of
Enoch ; quoted by St Jude's Epistle on Christ's
millennial reign. Carefully arranged by W.
ALOIS. Edin., 1839. 8

ENS (JOHANNES). Bibliotheca sacra; sive dia-
tribe de librorum Novi Testamenti canone.
Amstel., 1710. 8

Bibliotheca historico-geographica.

Berlin, 1825. 8

Bibliotheca theologica. Zweite auflage.

Muttgart, 1833. 8

ENTHUSIASM. Natural history of enthusiasm.
[By Isaac TAYLOR.] Lomlon, 1829. 8

Another copy.

- Fourth edition. London, 1830. 8

Another copy.

- Eighth edition. London, 1842. 8
ENVY. Envy at arms ! or, Caloric alarming the

Church. Edin., 1805. 8

EPHRAEM, SYRUS. Opera omnia quae extant

Greece, Syriace, Latine, ad MSS. codices Va-

ticanos afiosque castigata, multis aucta, nova



interpretatione, prsefationibus, notis, varian-
tibus lectionibus illustrata : nunc primum sub
auspiciis sanctissimi Patris Clementis XII.
Pont. Max. e bibliotheca Vaticana prodeunt.
6 torn. [Tom. i.-iii. Greece et Latine ; torn,
iv.-vi. Syriace et Latine.] Syriacum textum
recensuit Petrus Benedictus S. J., notis voca-
libus animavit, latine vertit, et variorum scho-
liis locupletavit. Romce, 1732-46. fol.

A serious exhortation to repentance and sor-
row for sin, and a strict and mortified life...
Translated in English from the Greek and La-
tin versions compared. London, 1731. 8

- Codex Ephraemi Syri rescriptus. 1848. See

The repentance of Nineveh, a metrical homily
on the mission of Jonah, by E. S. Also, an
exhortation to repentance, and some smaller
pieces. Translated from the original Syriac,
with an introduction and notes, by the Rev.
Henry Burgess, Ph. D. London, 1853. 12

Select metrical hymns and homilies of E. S.
Translated from the original Syriac, with an
introduction and historical and philological
notes, by the Rev. Henry Burgess, Ph. D.

London, 1853. 12

EPICTETUS. The life and philosophy of E.
With the Embleme of humane life, by CEBES.
Rendred into English, by John Davies.

London, 1670. 12

Epictetus his morals, with Simplicius his com-
ment. Made English from the Greek by
George Stanhope, D.D. 5th ed. With the
life of Epictetus from Mons. Boileau.

London, 1741. 8

Enchiridion ; ex editione Joannis Upton. [Gr.
et Lat.] GlasgiUK, 1758. 16

- Editio quinta. Per Jos. Simpson. [Gr. et
Lat.] Oxonii, 1804. 8

EPIGRAMMATA. Epigrammata Grteca anno-
tationibus Joannis Brodsei, nee non Vincentii
Obsopoei, et Graecis in pleraque epigrammata
scholiis illustrata. Libri vii. Accesserunt
Henrici Stephani in quosdam Anthologiae epi-
grammatum locos annotationes.

Francofurti, 1600. fol.

EPIPHANIUS, Saint, Bishop of Salamis. Opera
omnia. Dionysius Petavius Aurelianensis, S.
J. theologus ex veteribus libris recensuit, La-
tine vertit, et animadversionibus illustravit.
2 torn. [Gr. et Lat.] Parisiis, 1622. fol.

- Panaria eorumque anacephalseosis. Ad vete-
res libros recensuit et cum Latina Dion. Peta-
vii interpretatione et integris ejus animadver-
sionibus edidit Franciscus CEhler. Tom. i. et
tomi ii. pars prior. Berolini, 1859-61. 8

EPISCOPACY. Triple Episcopacie ; or, a three-
fold order of Bishops... one of God, another of
men, and another of the divell. s. I. eta. 4

- The apostolicall institution of Episcopacy. [By
William CHILLINGWORTH.] Oxford, 1644. 4

Confessions and proofes of Protestant divines
of reformed Churches, that Episcopacy is in
respect of the office according to the word of
God, and in respect of the use the best. To-
gether with a briefe treatise touching the ori-

ginall of Bishops and Metropolitans.

Oxford, 1644. 4
[The latter treatise is by Archbishop USHER.]

The judgment of Protestant divines, of remote
Churches, as well such as were the first Re-
formers of religion, as others after them in
behalf of episcopal degree in the Church.

s. 1. et a. 4

A brief defence of the divine institution of the
episcopal order ; and of the superiority of
Bishops over the inferior clergy. By a Pres-
byter of the Church of England. In answer
to a pamphlet lately published, intitled, Epis-
copacy. London, 1678. 8

A vindication of the primitive Church, and
diocesan Episcopacy : in answer to Mr Bax-
ter's Church history of Bishops. [By Henry
MAURICE.] London, 1682. 8

Differences of the time, in three dialogues.
The first, anent Episcopacy. The second,
anent the obligation of the Covenants. The
third, anent Separation. [By David FORRES-
TER.] Edin., 1679. 12

Another copy.

- Rectius instruendum, or, A Review and exa-
mination of the doctrine presented by one as-
suming the name of ane informer, in three
dialogues with a certain doubter, upon the
controverted points of Episcopacy, the Cove-
nants against Episcopacie, and Separation.
[By Thomas FORRESTER.] s. I, 1684. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Some questions resolved concerning episcopal
and presbyterian government in Scotland.

London, 1690. 4

The reduction of Episcopacy unto the form of
synodical government, received in the antient
Church, proposed in the year 1641, as an ex-
pedient for the prevention of those troubles,
which afterwards did arise about the matter
of Church government, episcopal and presby-
terial government, conjoyned. Proposed now
again 1703. By the author of the Essay for
promoting national love and unity.

Edin., 1703. 4

A review and consideration of two late pamph-
lets. The first [by Robert Calder] entituled,
Queries to the Presbyterians of Scotland, by
a gentleman of that countrey. The second, [by
Archibald Campbell] a Querie turn'd into an
argument in favours of Episcopacy... To which
are annex'd, Counter-Queries offered to the
prelatists of Scotland. As also considerations
upon Church-government. [By Thomas FOR-
RESTER.] Edin., 1706. 4

- Another copy.

A clear account of the ancient Episcopacy,
proving it to have been parochial, and there-
fore inconsistent with the present model of
diocesan Episcopacy. [By Joseph BOYSE.]

London, 1712. 8

Another copy.

A letter from a layman to a lay-deacon of the
Kirk of Scotland. Containing the reasons of
his dissenting from the presbyterian, and join-



ine tho episcopal communion. [Imperfect.]

. J., 1749. 8 d
EPISCOPIUS (SIMON), Hector <>f the L

college at Amsterdam. Optra, theologica.
m. [Tom. i., ed 2da.]

/<' './ ... I.'-mJini, 1C65, 78. fol.

Tom. i. Editio sccunda. Londini, 1078. fol.

* The life and death of James ARM i M i

S. E. Published in the English tongue. [By
J. K.]

* Historia vitse S. E. scripta a Philippo a Lim-
borch, e Belgico in Latinum sennonem versa.

Amstelodami, 1750. 8

* Memoirs of S. E....To which is added a brief
account of the Synod of Dort ; and of the suf-
ferings to which the followers of Arminius
were exposed in consequence of their attach-
ment to his opinions. By Frederick Calder.

London, 1835. 8

EPISTLES. Praestantixwn ac eruditorum viro-
rum epistolse ecclesiasticse et theologicae, qua-
rum longe major pars scripta est a Jac. Anni-
nio, Joan. Uytenbogardo, Conr. Vorstio, Ger.
Joan. Vossio, Hug. Grotio, Sim. Episcopio,
Casp. Barheo. Editio secunda.

Amstelcedami, 1684. fol.

Editio tertia, novo augmento locuplet.-ita.

Amstelcedami, 1704. fol.

- Elegant epistles. 2 vol. London, 1807. 8
EPITAPHS. Tiv n/uv...Ex-<p/o/.

E pfai*, [1768]. 8

EPIUS (NicoLAU s). Disputatio philosophica con-
tinens qusestiones aliquot miscellaneas.

I'ltrajecti, 1038. 4

EQUIVALENT. The anatomy of an equivalent.
[By George SAVILE, Marquis of Halifax.]

s. I. et a. 4

ERASMUS (DESiDERirs). Opera omnia emen-
datiora et auctiora, ad optimas editiones prae-
cipue quas ipse Erasmus postremo curavit sum-
ma fide exacta, studio et labore Joannis Clerici
cum ejusdem et aliorum notis. 10 torn. L. P.
Lugd. Batav., 1703-1706. fol.

Moriae encomium, Erasmi, Roterodaiui decla-
matio. [Editio princeps.]

[Pan's] Gilles de Gourmont [1510] ? 4

Another edition. s. I, 1540. 12

Another edition. Cum Gerardi Listrii com-
mentariis. Epistolse aliquot in fine additae.
Una cum Erasmi responsione adversus Martini
Lutheri epistolam. Oxonice, 1668. 12

Another edition. Cum commentariis Ger. Lis-
trii et figuris Jo. Holbenii. Basileoe, 1676. 8

L'Eloge de la folie...avec quelques notes de
Listrius, et les belles figures de Holbenius
Basle. . .Traduite nouvellement en Fra^ois par
M. Gueudeville. Leide, 1715. 12

Novum Instrumentum omne. 1516. See

Testamentum Novum ex D. E. versione. 1550.

Verteutschte auslegung iiber sant Hieronymus
Allegation, was guts die Philosophi in der
heyligen Schrifft schaffen. Und iiber diss
Wort Christi Matthaei am xvi. Capitel, Du
bist Petrus, und auff disen felts, &c. Auch

disse Wort Joannis. Luce am dritten

1, Ir s<>lt nicinunta das sein mit gewalt

jil.ilrin.u'rii, Ac. . ?., 1521. 4

- \ orin.-Liiiing das heylige Euan^-liu und der
lu-ylixfii xxvi-lfbote schrifft fleissig zu leaen.
In kurtz verdeutscht. B. L.

. 1522. 4

- Vonn walfart E. R. vermanung wo Christus
und sein Reich zu suche ist. B. L.

s. L, 1522. 4

- De libero arbitrio A/arj/e*) sive collatio. [Edi-
tio princeps.] 1524. 8

- Another copy.

- Hyperaspistes diatribte adversus servum arbi-
trium Martini Lutheri. 2 lib. ( Editio prin-
ceps. 1 Bcusilea, JOliO, 27. 8

- Another copy. Part i.

- Dilutio eorum quae Jodocus Clithoveus scripsit
adversusdeclamationem suasoriam matriiiK 'iiii.
Epistola ejusdem de delectu ciborum,cum scho-
liis per ipsum autorem recens additis. In elen-
chum Alberti Pii brevissima scholia per eun-
dem Erasmum. BasilecE, 1532. 8

- Declarationes ad censuras Lutetiaa vulgatas
sub nomine Facultatis Theologiae Parisiensis.

Basilct?, 1532. 8

- Familiarium colloquiorum formulas.

Colonial, 1538. 8

- Another edition. Cum notis selectis variorum
...Accurante Corn. Schrevelio.

Lugd. Batav. et Eoterod., 1664. 8

- / Another copy.

- Another edition. Cum scholiis quibusdam
perquam eruditis, qu difficiliora passim loca
diligenter explicant. Recensuit... Samuel Pa-
trick, A.M. Londini, 1760. 8

- Twenty-two select colloquies out of Erasmus
Roterodamus, pleasantly representing several
superstitious levities that were crept into the
Church of Rome in his days. By Sir Roger
L'Estrange. To which are added, seven more
dialogues, with the life of the author. By Mr
Tho. Brown. London, 1725. 8

- Adagiorum chiliades juxta locos communes
digestae. Quibus Hadriani Junii, Johannis
Alexandri Brassicani, Johannis Ulpii, Gilberti
Cognati, Coelii Rhodigini, Polydori Virgilii,
Petri Godofredi, CaroS Bovilli, Adr. Turnebi
et aliorum quorundam paroemiographorum
adagia eodem ordine descripta subjuncta sunt.

Aurelioe, Allobrogum, 16C6. fol.

- Adagiorum epitome. Editio novissima.

Oxonia, 1666. 12

- Enarratio in Psalmurn i.

Lugd. Batav., 1644. 12

- Enarratio triplex in Psalmum xxii.

Lugd, Batav., 1645. 12

- Concionalis interpretatio, plena pietatis, in
Psahnum Ixxxvi. Editio novissima.

Lugd. Batav., 1652. 12

- Enarratio pia justa ac docta in Psahnum xxxiv.
Editio novissima. Lugd. Batav., 1652. 12

- [A paraphrase upon the Epistles ; with the
paraphrase of Leo Judah upon the Revelation,
and a table of matters by Thomas Norton.
Wants title, and a leaf of the table.] fol.



Another edition. [Wanting the argument upon
the epistle to the Romans, four leaves of the
paraphrase upon the Revelation, and the whole
of the table.] fol.

The Christian's manual : being a translation
from the Enchiridion militis Christiani of Eras-
mus. By John Spier, D.D. Second edition.

London, 1752. 8

* The life of Erasmus, more particularly that
part of it which he spent in England ; wherein
an account is given of his learned friends, and
the state of religion and learning at that time
in both our Universities. With an appendix
containing several original papers. By Samuel
Knight, D.D. Cambridge, 1726. 8

ERASTUS (THOMAS). Disputationes de medici-
na nova Philippi Paracelsi. 3 partt.

Basilece, 1572. 4

Explicatio qusestionis famosse illius, utrum ex
metallis ignobilibus aurum verum et naturale
arte conflari possit. [Basilece], 1572. 4

- Explicatio gravissimse qusestionis utrum ex-
communicatio, quatenus religionem intelligen-
tes et amplexantes, a sacramentorum usti,
propter admissum facinus arcet ; mandato ni-
taturdivino, an excogitata sit ab hominibus...
Adjectte sunt...theologorum epistolas.

Pesclavii, 1689. 4

Translated from the Latin, with a preface,

by the Rev. Robert Lee, D.D.

Edin., 1844. 8

Another copy.

- Another copy.

ERBERY (WILLIAM). The testimony of W. E.,
left upon record for the saints of succeeding
ages. Being a collection of the writings of the
aforesaid authour for the benefit of posterity.
Whereunto is added, The honest heretick,
being his tryal at Westminster, a piece never
printed before. , London, 1658. 4

ERDMANN (OTTO LINNE). Lehrbuch der Che-
mie. 3te Auflage. Leipzig, 1840. 8

EREMUNDUS (ERNESTUS). Origo et historia
Belgicorum tumultimm, continens, prater
Hispanorum regum sanguinaria diplomata et
S. inquisitionis arcana consilia ; tyrannides
ipsorum caedesque ac crudelitates per univer-
sam Belgicam ipsamque Cliviam et Westpha-
liam immaniter patratas, ad usque inducias
duodecennales. Accedit prseterea Historia
tragica de furoribus Gallicis et csede Admiralii ;
nee non formula abjurationis et confess, fidei
cui debebant subscribere in Gallia quicunque
vitam redimere volebant. Item, Responsio
D. D. Ordin. Feed. Belg. ad legatum Cses. Ma-
jestatis. Ainstd., 1641. 12

ERMELER (C. F.). Deutsches Lesebuch fiir
Frankreichs Schulen. Paris, 1829. 12

- Dritte Ausgabe. Paris, 1833. 12
ERNEST, the pious, first Duke of Saxe-Gotha.

Memorials of E. ...with historical notices of
Frederick, John, and John Frederick, Elec-
tors of Saxony, the chief promoters of the Re-
formation in Germany. By the Rev. Thomas
Lathbury, M.A. London, 1843. 12

ERNESTI (AUGUSTUS GUIL.). Disputatio histo-

rico critica qua Hosium concilio Nicseno non
prsesedisse ostenditur...Defendent M. A. G. E.
et Paulus Christianus GB.ENZ.

Lipsice, 1758. 4

Disputatio historica de Concilii Lateranensis
A. C. IOCCLXXIV. veritate. Lipsice, 1761. 4

ERNESTI (JOANNES AUGUSTUS), Professor of theo-
logy at Leipsic.De glossariorum Grsecorum
vera indole et recto usu in interpretatione dis-
putatiuncula. Lipsice, 1742. 4

Vindicise arbitrii divini in religione constitu-
enda. [2 partt.] Lipsice, [1756]. 4

Prolusio de epigrammate Callimachi in Arati
phsenomena. Oratiunculis VI. in schola Tho-
mana...habendis, praemissa a rectore J. A. E.

Lipsice, [1757]. 4

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