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Prolusio de theologise historicae'et dogmaticae
conjungendiB necessitate. Lipsice, 1759. 4

Brevis narratio critica de interpretatione pro-
phetiarum Messianarum in Ecclesia Christiana.

Lipsice, [1769]. 4

Elogium Gotfridi Heinsii.

[Lipsice, 1770.] 4

Elogium Christiani Furchtegott Gellerti.

Lipsice, [1770.] 4

Opuscula philologica critica. Editio secunda.

Lngd. Batav., 1776. 8

Opuscula theologica. Editio secunda.

Lipsice, 1792. 8

Opuscula varii argument!. Lipsice, 1794. 8

Lectiones academicee in Epistolam ad Hebraeos
ab ipso reviste cum ejusdem excursibus theo-
logicis. Edidit, commentarium in quo multa
ad recentissimorum imprimis interpretum sen-
tentias pertinentia uberius illustrantur adjecit
Gottlib Immanuel Dindorf . 2 torn.

Lipsice, 1795. 8

Elements of interpretation translated from the
Latin of J. A. E. and accompanied by notes.
With an appendix containing extracts from
Morus, Beck, and Keil. By Moses Stuart.
Second edition. Andover, 1824. 12

Translated by Charles H. Terrot, A.M.

[Bibl. Cab. vol. i. and iv.] 2 vol.

Edin., 1832, 33. 8

ERPENIUS (THOMAS), Professor of Oriental lan-
guages at Leyden. Grammatica Arabica,
quinque libris methodic^ explicata.

Leidce., 1613. 4

Grammatica Arabica dicta Gjarumia, et libel-
lus centum regentium. Cum versione Latina
et commentariis. Leidce, 1617. 4

Rudimenta linguae Arabicae. Florilegium sen-
tentiarum Arabicarum ut et clavim dialecto-
rum ac praesertim Arabicae adjecit Alb. Schul-
tens. Editio altera, aucta indicibus.

Liujd. Batav., 1770. 4

Psalterium Syriacum, Latine vertit T. E. 1768.

ERROR. The growth of error ; being an exerci-
tation concerning the rise and progress of Ar-
minianism, and more especially Socinianism,
both abroad, and now of late in England. By
a lover of truth and peace ; [Stephen LOBB].
London, 1697.- 8

The innocency of error asserted and vindicated.



fBy Arthur Ashley SYKKS.] 3d ed.

London, 1729. 8

K!;^K 1 NE (EBENEZER), Minister of the Gospel at
Stirling. The whole works of the Rev. E. E.,
consisting of sennons and discourses on the
most important and interesting subjects. 2 vol.

'.//A, 1791. 4

Another edition. 3vol. A'-/;/.., IT'.'S. s
Another edition. To which is added an en-
larged memoir of the author, by the Rev. D.
Fraser. 2 vol. London, 1826. 8

The select writings of the Rev. E. E. Edited
by the Rev. David Smith, Biggar. Vol. i.
Doctrinal sermons. Edin., 1848. 8

The rainbow of the covenant surrounding the
throne of grace. Being the substance of some
sermons. /,'<///(., 1731. 8

* The true state of the process against Mr E.
E. . . .setting forth the proceedings of the Synod
of Perth and Stirling against him, and the Act
of the late Assembly concerning him, and
some other ministers adhering to his protest.
Together with a preface and appendix, con-
taining some remarks on the preface to the two
Acts of Assembly lately published.

Edin., 1733. 8

Another copy.

The representations of E. E., J. Fisher, W.
Wilson, and Alex. Moncrieff, to the Commis-
sion of the late General Assembly : containing
their reasons why they could not retract their
protestation against the decision of the last
Assembly ; as also, a plain confession of their
principles, with a protestation for the nullity
of any censure that should be inflicted upon
them. Together with the protestations en-
tered by them, and several elders of their re-
spective congregations, after the sentence of
suspension was execute upon them. As also,
an appendix, containing several representa-
tions, &c. from different presbyteries, kirk-
sessions and town councils against suspending
MrErskine. Edin., 1733. 8

Another copy.

* A narrative and state of the proceedings of
the judicatures of the Church of Scotland,
against Masters Ebenezer Erskine, William
Wilson, Alexander Moncrieff, and James
Fisher, ministers thereof. Edin., 1734. 8

Another copy.

A testimony to the doctrine, worship, govern-
ment and discipline of the Church of Scot-
land : or, Reasons by Ebenezer Erskine, W.
Wilson, Alexander Moncrieff, and James
Fisher, for their protestation entered before
the Commission of the General Assembly, No-
vember 1733, upon the intimation of a sen-
tence of the said Commission, loosing their re-
lation to their respective parishes, &c.

Edin., 1734. 8

Reasons by Ebenezer Erskine, W. Wilson,
Alexander Moncrieff, and James Fisher, why
they have not acceded to the judicatories of
the Established Church. Edin., 1735. 8

Another copy.

* Narrative of the procedure of the judicatories

of the Church of Scotland with relation to Mr
Ebene/.er Krskim- and others. . .Taken from the
record of the forcsaid judk-at.

, 1739. 8

A lamp ordained for (Jod's anointed. Beinij
the substance of two .sermons [on Psalm cxxxii.
17] preached at Stirling on the 3d Sabbath of
(Ktober, 1741. ;/OM;, 1741. 8

A display of the act and testimony. Published
by Mr Ebenezer Erskine and his ass-.

8. I., 1761. 8

Saving faith... by John ANDERSON, D.D., Rev.
E. E. and Rev. W. CUDWOKTH. 1843

ERSKINE (JOHN), Minister of Old Greyfriars'
clmrch, Edinburgh. The qualifications neces-
sary for teachers of Christianity. A sermon
[on James, iii. 1]. Glasgow, 1750. 8

Theological dissertations. London, 1765. 12

Second edition. To which is prefixed, an ac-
count of the author, by Thomas Davidson, D. D.
With a list of his works. Edin., 1808. 12

Another copy.

An attempt to promote the frequent dispens-
ing of the Lord's Supper.

Kilmarnock, 1783. 8

Another copy.

Sketches and hints of Church history and
theological controversy. Chiefly translated or
abridged from modern foreign writers. 2 vol.

Edin., 1790, 97. 12

Another copy.

A reply to the religious scruples against inno-
culating the small pox. In a letter to a friend.

Edin., 1791. 12

Discourses, preached on several occasions.
2 vol. 2d ed. Edin., 1801, 04. 8

Another copy.

The nature of Christian faith. [Theological
tracts, edited by John BROWN, D.D., vol. ii.]

Edin., 1853. 8 d

* Account of the life and writings of J. E.,
D.D., late one of the ministers of Edinburgh,
by Sir Henry Moncrieff Wellwood, Bart.,
D.D. With an appendix and notes.

Edin., 1818. 8

Another copy.
j Another copy.

; ERSKINE (JOHN), of Carnock, Professor of Scots
law in the university of Edinburgh. The prin-
ciples of the law of Scotland, in the order of
Sir George Mackenzie's institutions of that
law. A new edition. Edin., 1802. 8

An institute of the law of Scotland, in four
books, in the order of Sir George Mackenzie's
institutions of that law. The 5th ed., im-
proved, with notes and additions. 2 vol.

Edin., 1812. fol.

ERSKINE (RALPH), Minister of the Gospel in
Dunfermline. The Sermons, and other prac-
tical works of R. E. To which is prefixed a
short account of the author's life and writings.
Vol. i. Glasgow, 1764. fol.

Another edition. 10 vol. London, 1821. 8

God's great name, the ground and reason of
his saving great sinners. A sermon [on Psal.
cvi. 8]. Edin., 1737. 8



The power and policy of Satan, bounded and
baffled by the Lord Jesus Christ. In three
sermons [on Luke, xxii. 31, 32].

Glasgow, 1742. 8

The true Christ no new Christ. A sermon [on
Heb. xiii. 8] preached August 9. 1742.

Edin., 1742. 8

Fraud and falsehood discover'd : or, Remarks
upon Mr Webster's postscript to the second
edition of his letter. With a true and full
copy of Mr Ralph Erskine's letter to Mr John
Wesley, and observes on Mr Webster's false
copy of it... Also Mr Wesley's testimonial sent
to Mr Erskine in a letter from Whitefield.

Edin., 1743. 8

Another copy.

Covenanted grace for covenanted work. A
sermon [on Deut. xxvi. 17, 18].

Edin., 1744. 8

Faith no fancy : or, a treatise of mental images.
Discovering the vain philosophy and vile divi-
nity of a late pamphlet, intitled, Mr Robe's
fourth letter to Mr Fisher ; and shewing that
an imaginary idea of Christ as man, (when
supposed to belong to saving faith, whether in
its act or object), imports nothing but igno-
rance, atheism, idolatry, great falsehood and
gross delusion. With an appendix, relating
to part of the late writings of the Rev. Messrs
WUlison and Currie, especially touching some
points of gospel-doctrine, injured by their de-
fence of the Act of Assembly 1722, &c.

Edin., 1745. 8

Christ the people's covenant. A sermon [on
Is. xlii. 6] preached immediately before the
celebration of the Lord's Supper, at Dunferm-
line, 19th August, 1722. Edin., 1759. 16

- The harmony of the divine attributes displayed
in the redemption and salvation of sinners by
Jesus Christ. Being [four] sermons... from
Psalm Ixxxv. 10. Edin., 1776. 8

- Faith's plea upon God's covenant. A sermon
upon Psalm Ixxiv. 20. 15th ed.

Glasgow, 1787. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Gospel sonnets : or spiritual songs. 23d ed.

Glasgow, 1792. 8

* The life and diary of the Rev.'R. E. of Dun-
fermline...By Donald Fraser.

Edin., 1834. 12

- Another copy.

ERSKINE (Hon. THOMAS), Lord Erskine. A
view of the causes and consequences of the
present war with France. Dublin, 1797. 8

* Reasons against national despondency ; in
refutation of Mr Erskine's view of the causes
and consequences of the present war. With
some remarks upon the supposed scarcity of
specie. London, 1797. 8

The speeches of the Hon. T. E. (now Lord
Erskine), when at the bar, on subjects con-
nected with the liberty of the press, and
against constructive treasons. Collected by
James Ridgway. 4 vol. London, 1810. 8

Speeches of Lord Erskine, when at the bar,

on miscellaneous subjects. A new edition.
[Edited by James Ridgway.]

London, 1827. 8

ERSKINE (THOMAS), Advocate. Remarks on
the internal evidence for the truth of revealed
religion. 4th ed. Edin. , 1821. 12

- Fifth edition. Edin., 1821. 12

- Eighth edition. Edin., 1827. 12

An essay on faith. Edin. , 1822. 12

The unconditional freeness of the Gospel : in
three essays. 2d ed. Edin., 1828. 12

Third edition. Edin., 1829. 12

Fourth edition. Edin., 1831. 12

* A letter to Thomas Erskine, Esq. advocate,
containing remarks on his late work, entitled
" The unconditional freeness of the Gospel."
By a minister of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1828. 8

* A letter to a friend, on universal pardon,
as advanced by Thomas Erskine, Esq., and
others. Dundee, 1830. 12

On the gifts of the Spirit. Greenock, 1830. 12

The brazen serpent ; or, life coming through
death. Edin., 1831. 12

The doctrine of election, and its connection
with the general tenor of Christianity, illus-
trated from many parts of Scripture, and espe-
cially from the Epistle to the Romans.

London, 1837. 12

ERSCH (JOHANN SAMUEL). Allgemeine Ency-

clopadie der Wissenschaften und Kunste von

J. S. E. und J. G. GRUBER : Erste Section,

A G. Theil i.-lxviii. ; [as far as Glarus].

Leipzig, 1818-1859. 4

Zweite Section, H N. Herausgegeben von G.
Hassel und W. Miiller [und A. G. Hoffmann].
Theil i.-xxxi. ; [as far as Junius].

Leipzig, 1827-1855. 4

Dritte Section, O Z. Von M. H. E. Meier
und L. F. Kamtz. Theil i.-xxv. ; [as far as
Phyxios]. Leipzig, 1830-1850. 4

ERSCKHEIN (GusTAVus AB). Relation von

Ehrriihrenden leichtfertigen Handeln und

Pasquillen unter dem Titel Scholia aliquot.

[Heltnstadt], 1680. 4

ESCAPE. The way of escape.

Glasgow, s. a. 12

ESCHENBURG (BERNH.). Versiich einer Ge-
schichte der offentlichen Religionsvortrage in
der griechischen und in der lateinischen
Kirche von den Zeiten Christi bis zur Refor-
mation. Erster Hauptabschnit von Christo
bis Chrisostomus und Augustin.

Jena, 1785. 8

ESDAILE (JAMES), Minister of the East church
parish of Perth. Christian theology ; or, a
connected view of the scheme of Christianity,
in which the facts and statements of Scripture
are examined, and the doctrines and inferences
deducible from them illustrated and enforced.

Edin., 1823. 8

A letter to the Rev. W. A. Thomson, in an-
swer to his " Reply," &c. Perth, 1826. 8

Civil and religious institutions necessarily and
inseparably connected, by the appointment of
heaven and the constitution of human nature.



With an examination of the Rev. D. Young's
arguments against ecclesiastical ostal >1 i si 1 1 1 u- 1 1 1 s .

/'.///,. is;;:;, s

The voluntary Church scheme without founda-
tion in Scripture, reason, or common sense.
With an examination of Mr Young's reply to
Mr Eadailo's animadversions.

Perth, 1834. 8

Second edition. Perth, 1834. 8

The spirit, principles, and reasoning of the
Voluntaries, exposed. With an examination
of the Rev. D. Young's pamphlet, entitled,
" Scripture, reason, and common sense, vindi-
cated." Perth, 1834. 8

* Report of the speeches delivered at a dinner
given to the Rev. James Esdaile, Perth, July
18, 1834, by some of the admirers of his de-
fence of Church establishments.

Perth, 1834. 8

do recursu ad principem...Item de hujus re-

cursus effectu. Lovanii, 1725. 4

ESPINASSE (ISAAC), of Gray's Inn. A letter

from CATALINE. 1810

ESS (LEANDER VAN). Vetus Testamentum Gr.

juxta Septuaginta interpretes. 1824. See


Two letters addressed to the Rev. G. C. Gor-
ham, on some points of his " Statement on the
Apocryphal Books" and on some of the alleged
doctrines of the Romish Church. With a re-
ply by G. C. GORHAM. London, 1826. 8

ESSAYISTS. The British essayists. To which
are prefixed prefaces... by James FERGUSON.
New ed. 45 vol. London, 1819. 12

ESSAYS. Essays on the principles of morality
and natural religion. In two parts.

/:./;/(., 1751. 8

Philosophical essays. Edin. , 1708. 12

Essays and observations. . .Read before the Phi-
losophical Society in Edinburgh. Vol. i.-iii.
2ded. Edin., 1771. 8

Original essays and translations. By different
hands. Edin., 1780. 8

Essays by a society of gentlemen at Exeter.

filter, [1796]. 8

Essays on the sources of the pleasures received
from literary compositions. 2d ed.

London, 1813. 8^

Three essays on important subjects. By a
cultivator of the ground ; [Andrew AITKEN].

Beith, 1830. 8

Oxford essays, contributed by members of the
university, 1857. London, 1857. 8

- Essays by ministers of the Free Church of
Scotland. Edited by Rev. William Hanna,
LL.D. /;,//, i., 1858. 8

Essays and Reviews. London, 1860. 8

Third edition. London, 1860. 8

The " Essays and Reviews" and the people of
England, a popular refutation of the principal
propositions of the essayists. With an appen-
dix containing the protest of the Bishops and
clergy, the proceedings in Convocation, and
all the documents and letters connected with
the subject. London, 1861. 8

Replies to " Essays and Reviews." By the
I. Rev. E. M. (Joull.nrn, D.I). II. Rov. H. J.
Rose, B.D. Ill llev. C. A. Heurtley, D.D.
I V. Rev. W. J. Irons, D.D. V. II, v! G. Ro-
rison, LL.D. VI. Rev. A. \V. Haddun, It 1>.
VII. K,-v. ('In-. Wordsworth, D.D. With a
preface by the Lord Bishop of Oxford ; and
letters from the Radclitfe Observer and the
reader in geology in the university of Oxford.
2d ed. With a note by Professor Owen.

Oxford and Lon<l<n>, 1<52. 8

Essays o"n religion and literature. By various
writers. Edited by H. E. Manning, D.D.

London, 1865. 8

j ESSENIUS (ANDREAS). Disputation um philoso-
phicarum tertia, de physica general i, et spe-
cialius de coslo. Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

Disputationum philosophicarum sexta, de mo-
taphysicte natura principiis et simplicibus sub-
jecti affectionibus. Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

Disputationum philosophicarum nona, de spi-
ritibus creatis. Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

Triumphus crucis sive fides catholica de satis-
factione Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, asserta et
vindicata ab exceptionibus atque objectionibus
Socinianis : nominatim vero ab illis, quas Jo-
hannes Crellius Francus in responsione sua ad
librum H. Grotii de eodem argumento, protu-
lit. Amstel, 1649. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. Ultrajecti, 1666. 4

Vindicire quarti prsecepti in decalogo, seu lege
divina morali. Ultrajecti, 1666. 4

Synopsis controversiarum theologicarum : et
index locorum totius S. Scripturse. Editio
tertia. Ultrajecti, 1677. 16

Compendium theologise dogmaticum. . .Fini ad-
jecta est Johannis HOORNBECKII Methodus
concionandi. Ultrajecti, 1682. 16

gelium von den Zehen pfunden Matthei. am
xxv. mitt schoner christlicher usslegung M.
S. v. E. s. I., 1522. 4

ESTABLISHMENTS. A free and candid dis-
quisition on religious establishments in gene-
ral, and the Church of England in particular.
Occasioned by a visitation sermon preached at
Chelmsford, May 22, 1770. To which is pre-
fixed, an answer to a letter from a clergyman,
concerning siibscription to the xxxix. articles
of the Church of England.

London, 1771. 8

(Ten) tracts on religious establishments.

s. 1. et a. 8

Defence of ecclesiastical establishments, in re-
ply to the Rev. Andrew Marshall's letter. [By
James LEWIS.] JV///L, 1830. 8

Thoughts on ecclesiastical establishments, par-
ticularly the Established Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1832. 8

Examination of the equity and expediency of
ecclesiastical establishments. [By David
KING.] Edin., 1832. 8

Church establishments defended : being a re-
view of the speeches, delivered in Dr Beattie's
chapel, 12th November, 1832, by the leading



men of the Voluntary Church association. By
a Churchman ; [J. G. LORIMER].

Glasgow, 1832. 8

- Second edition. Glasgow, 1833. 8

- A second defence of Church establishments :
being a second review of the speeches, deliver-
ed in Dr Beattie's chapel, 12th November,
1832, by the leading men of the Voluntary
Church association ; in which the argument
against establishments drawn from the state
of religion in the United States of America is
fully considered, and ample information on
the subject adduced. By a Churchman ; [J.
G. LORIMER]. Glasgow, 1833. 8
Another copy.

" Voluntary Church association," and their
manifesto against establishments considered ;
with an exposure of the complete abandonment
of their own principles by those of them who
still call themselves " The United Secession
Church." 2ded. Edin., 1832. 12
Church establishments indefensible, on the
ground of their opposition to Scripture, their
tendency to substitute a form of godliness for
real religion, and to cause the name of Christ
to be blasphemed. By a member of the Church
of Christ. Glasgow, 1833. 8
The whole question of ecclesiastical establish-
ments stated and considered. [By Low-

RIE.] Edin., 1833. 12

Review of objections to ecclesiastical establish-
ments. (From the Edinburgh Christian In-
structor for February 1833. ) Edin. , 1833. 8
Account of a meeting held at Arbroath, on the
16th April 1834, in defence of Church estab-
lishments ; with a full report of the speeches
delivered on that occasion, by the Rev. Messrs j
Stevenson, Meek, Whitson, Lee, Guthrie, and j
Muir. Arbroath, 1834. 8

The might and mastery of the Established
Church laid low : a review and refutation of
the principal arguments of the Rev. Drs Inglis
and Chalmers, in vindication of ecclesiastical
establishments. [By Adam THOMSON.]

Edin., 1834. 8
Another copy.

Lectures on the Church establishment contro-
versy, and subjects connected with it. Deli-
vered in Glasgow. Glasgow, 1835. 8
Lectures on the nature, lawfulness, duty, and
advantages of civil establishments of religion,
with an application of the argument to the pa-
rochial economy of Scotland, delivered in Edin-
burgh. With a prefatory discourse, contain-
ing a general statement of the case.

Edin., 1835. 12
Another copy.

Lectures on Church establishments ; delivered
in Edinburgh, at the request of the Voluntary
Church association. Edin. , 1835. 12

A dialogue between a Voluntary and a Church-
man on the important question of ecclesiasti-
cal establishments... with particular reference
to the establishments of Great Britain and Ire-
land, but especially to that of Scotland.

Dundee, 1836. 12

Fundamental reform of the Church establish-
ment, by which it may be rendered less despo-
tic in its constitution, less secular in its spirit,
and less intolerant in its administration : With
remarks on Lord Morpeth's Irish Church bill.
2d ed. By a Clergyman.

London, 1836. 8

On the principle of Church establishments.
[From Eraser's Magazine, August, 1836. By

London, 1836. 8

The New Testament sanction of the national
establishment and spiritual liberty of the
Church of Christ. By a Clergyman.

Glasgoiv, 1840. 8
' Another copy.

i Review of the Scripture polity of Church estab-
lishments. By a Presbyterian layman.

Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

An inquiry into the constitution, nature, and
service of religious establishments.

Edin., 1845. 12

ESTEIUS (D.). Oratio de certitudine salutis ;
[cum Disceptat. scholast. de circulo Pontificio
inter Nic. Grevinchovium et Gul. AMESIUM].


ESTIUS (GUILLELMUS), Professor of theology, and
Chancellor of the university of Douay. In qua-
tuor libros Sententiarum commentaria : qui-
bus pariter S. Thomse Summae theologicse par-
tes omnes mirifice illustrantur. 2 torn.

Parisiis, 1680. fol.

Another edition. Parisiis, 1696. fol.

Absolutissima in omnes beati Pauli et septem
catholicas Apostolorum Epistolas commentaria,
tribus tomis distincta...Accedunt huic novissi-
mse editioni...textus sacer Clementinse editio-
nis : annotationes locorum communium ad fi-
dem et mores pertinentium... studio et opera
Jacobi Merlo-Horstii. Parisiis, 1666. fol.

Annotationes in praecipua ac difficiliora sacraj
Scripturee loca. Quinta editio.

Parisiis, 1685. fol.

ESTLIN (JOHN PRIOR), .LL.D. Discourses on
universal restitution. London, 1813. 8

ESTWICK (NICOLAS), B.D., Rector of Warkton,
Northamptonshire. A learned and godly ser-
mon [on Phil. i. 23, 24] preached on the 19th
day of December 1631, at the funerall of Mr
Robert Bolton. London, 1635. 4

ETERNAL LIFE. The strait gate and narrow
way to eternal life illustrated. Edin. , 1802. 12

ETERNITY. Serious thoughts on eternity.

London, s. a. 12

ETHERIDGE (J. W.). The Syrian Churches :
their early history, liturgies and literature.
With a literal translation of the four Gospels,
from the Peschito, or canon of holy Scripture
in use among the oriental Christians from the
earliest times. London, 1846. 12


ETTRICK (W.), A.M. The second exodus ; or
reflections on the prophecies relating to the




rise, fall, and perdition of the great Roman
Beast of the 12(50 years and his last huad, and
their connection with the lony captivity :unl
:i]i])ri);iching restoration of the Jews. 3 vol.
_M ed. Nmi./ci-tenrf, 1814. 8

EUBULUS. Ought females to have a voice in
the election or call of ministers ? answered
from Scripture, by Eubulus, a lay member <>t
the Free Church. Glasgow, 1844. 8

EUCHARIST. Sermo do digna pneparatione ad
sacramentum eucharistioa. B. L.

Augustce Vindelicorum, 1519. 4

Reponse aux deux traittez [par A. Arnauld et
P. Nicole] intitulez La papetuiM de la foi
de 1'Eglise Catholique touchant 1'Eucharistie.
[Par Jean CLAUDE.] s. I, 1667. 12

Histoire de 1'eucharistie, divise'e en trois par-
ties : dont la pivniiriv traitte de la forme de
la celebration ; la seconde, de la doctrine ; et
la troisieme, du culte. [Par Matthieu de LAR-
ROQUE.] Amsterdam, 1609. 4

Another copy.

Done into English by J. W.

London, 1684. 4

The propitiatory oblation in the holy eucharist
truly stated and defended, from Scripture, an-
tiquity, and the communion service of the
Church of England ; in which some notice is
taken of Dr Hancock's answer to Dr Hickes.
[By John JOHNSON.] London, 1710. 8

- The eucharist. A poem. Edin.,1737. 8

EUCLID. Preclarissirmis liber elementorum Eu-

clidis perspicacissimi : in artem Geometric in-

cipit quam foelicissime. [EDITIO PRINCEPS.]

Venetiis. Erhardus Eatdolt, M.CCCC.LXXX.II.


The elements of Euclid, viz. the first six books,
together with the eleventh and twelfth. In
this edition, the errors, by which Theon, or
others, have long ago vitiated these books, are
corrected, and some of Euclid's demonstrations
are restored. By Robert Simson, M.D.

Glasgoic, 1756. 4

Euclidis elementorum libri xv. Accessit liber
xvi. De solidorum regularium cujuslibet in-
tra quodlibet comparatione. Omnes perspicuis

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