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London : illustrated by views in London and
Westminster, engraved by John Woods, from
original drawings, by Shepherd, Garland, Sal-
mon, Topham, Clarke, Browne, Roberts, &c.
Edited by W. G. F. , and (in continuation) by
Thomas Harral. London, s. a. 8

of Acton, and Provost of Chelsea college. The
Romish fisher caught and held in his owne
net. Or, a true relation of the Protestant
conference and Popish difference. A justifica-
tion of the one, and refutation of the other.
In matter of fact [and] faith.

London, 1624. 4

Roma ruens, Rome's mine : being a succinct
answer to a Popish challenge, concerning the
antiquity, unity, universality, succession, and
perpetual! visibility of the true Church, even
in the most obscure times, when it seemed to
be totally eclipsed, in the immediate ages be-
fore Luther. London, 1644. 4

The dippers dipt. Or, the Anabaptists duck'd
and plung'd over head and eares, at a disputa-
tion in Southwark. Together with a large and
full discourse of their 1. Originall. 2. Sererall

sorts. 3. Peculiar errours. 4. High attempts

against the State. 5. Capitall punishments :

with an application to these times. 4th ed.

London, 1646. 4

The league illegall : wherein the late solemn
league and covenant is seriously examined,
scholastically and solidly confuted... Written
long since in prison, by D. F.

London, 1660. 4
FEBRONIUS (JUSTINUS), pseud, i. e. Joannes-

Nicol. de HONTHEIM.

FECHTIUS (JOANNES). De excommunicatione

ecclesiastica, ej usque indole et sequitate trac-

tatio theologica Godofredo Arnoldo opposita.

Rostochii et Lipsice, 1712. 4

Epistolae anti-predestinatianse, opposite epis-
tolis anti-Pelagianis. Accedit meditatio de
precibus pro subnet conversione ad Deum f u-
sis. Rostochii et Lipsue, 1714. 4

FEIJO (DiOGO ANTONIO), Bishop elect of Marian-
na. Demonstration of the necessity of abo-
lishing a constrained clerical celibacy ; exhi-
biting the evils of that institution, and the
remedy. Translated from the Portuguese,
with an introduction and appendix, by Rev.
D. P. Kidder. Philadelphia, 1844. 10

Another copy.

FELDBORG (A. ANDERSEN), of the university
of Copenhagen. Denmark delineated ; or,
sketches of the present state of that country.
Illustrated with engravings from the designs
of eminent Danish artists. Edin. , 1824. 8

FELIBIEN (MICHEL). Histoire de la ville de
Paris... reveue, augmente'e et mise au jour par
D. Guy- Alexis Lobineau. Justified par des
preuves autentiques, et enrichie de plans, de
figures, et d'une carte topographique. 5 torn.

Pam, 1725. fol.

FELICE (G. DE). History of the Protestants of
France, from the commencement of the Refor-
mation to the present time. Translated from
the second revised and corrected edition, by
Philip Edw. Barnes, B.A. London, 1853. 8


FELL (JOHN), Classical tutor at Homerton aca-
demy. Lectures on the evidences of Chris-
tianity. Four by the late J. F., and eight by
Henry HUNTER, *D.D. London, 1798. 8

FELL (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Oxford. Novi
Testamenti libri omnes. 1675. See BIBLES

FELLOWES (ROBERT), A. M. A picture of Chris-
tian philosophy. 2d ed. London, 1799. 8

Fourth edition. With a supplement on the
culture and practice of benevolence.

London, 1803. 8

A body of theology, principally practical. In
a series of lectures. 2 vol.

London, 1807. 8

FELLOWSHIP. An attempt towards the im-
provement of religious fellowship. In three
books. By a well-wisher to religion.

Glasgow, 1757. 12

Consistent Christian fellowship, being a reply



to "A few thcmghts on what is commonly
called pure communion." Glasgow, 1842. 8
FELLTHAM (OWEN). Resolves : divine, moral,
political. The ninth impression. With new
and several other additions both in prose and
verse not extant in the former impressions.

London, 1670. fol.

- Another edition. London, 1840. 8
FELTON (CORNELIUS CONWAY), Eliot professor of

Greek literature in Harvard university. Clas-
sical studies : Essays on ancient literature and
art. By Barnas SEARS, B. B. EDWARDS, and
C. C. F. 1843

FELTON (HENRY), D.D., Principal of Edmund
Hall, Oxford. A dissertation on reading the
classics, and forming a just style.

London, 1713. 12

Sermons on the creation, fall, and redemption
of man ; and on the sacrifices of Cain and
Abel, the rejection and punishment of Cain.
Published from his manuscripts by William
Felton, M.A. London, 1748. 8

Archbishop of Cambray. CEuvres completes de
F. Archeve'que de Cambrai ; pre'ce'dees de son
histoire litte'raire, par M.*** Directeur au s4-
minaire de Saint-Sulpice. 10 torn.

Paris, 1851, 52. 8

- CEuvres diverses. L. P. Paris, 1824. 8

CEuvres spirituelles. Tom. i. , ii.

Anvers, 1718. 8

CEuvres philosophiques... Nouvelle Edition col-
lationnee sur les meilleurs textes et prece'dee
d'une introduction, par M. A. Jacques.

Paris, 1845. 12

De 1'education des filles. Paris, 1696. 16

- Demonstration de 1'existence de Dieu, tirde de
la connoissance de la nature, et proportionnee
a la foible intelligence des plus simples. Qua-
trieme Edition. Amsterdam, 1715. 8

Newly translated from the French, by Samuel

Bojse, A.M. London, 1749. 12

Pastoral letter concerning the love of God.
Together with the opinions of the Fathers, on
the same subject. Now done into English.
To which is added, a circular letter, by George
Bull, D.D., his visitation sermon, and his
charge to his diocese. Published by Robert
Nelson. London, 1715. 8

The fundamental maxims of civil government
according to the principles of the late Arch-
Bishop of Cambray. Done from the French.

Edin., 1722. 16

Proper heads of self-examination for a King.
Together with the author's life, a complete
catalogue of his works, and memoirs of his
family. Translated from the French.

Dublin, 1747. 12

Letters upon divers subjects concerning reli-
gion and metaphysics. Translated from the
Paris edition in 1718. Glasgow, 1750. 12

Dialogues of the dead ; together with some
fables, composed for the education of a prince.
Newly translated from the French, by Mr El-
phingston. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1754. 8

- Les avantures de Telemaque. Nouvelle Edi-

tion revue, corrigee et enrichie de belles re-
marqiies Allemandes, par Joseph Antoine
D'Ehrenreich. s. I, 1762. 8

Nouvelle edition, revue et corrige'e.

Edinbourg, 1763. 12

Translated from the French by John

Hawkesworth, LL.D. 2 vol.

London, 1773. 12

Pious reflections for every day in the month.
Translated from the French. 9th ed. To
which is now added, a sketch of the life of the
author, and a father's advice to his son.

London, 1800. 16

Lives of the ancient philosophers... Translated
from the French... by John Cormack. 2vol.

Edin., 1803. 12

Dialogues sur l'eloquence...avec une lettre
dcrite a 1'Academie Frangaise.

Paris, 1810. 12

Dialogues concerning eloquence : with a letter
to the French Academy, concerning rhetoric
and poetry. To which is added, a discourse
pronounced by the author at his admission
into the Academy : with a new translation of
his dialogues between Demosthenes and Ci-
cero, Virgil and Horace. Translated from the
French, and illustrated with notes and quota-
tions ; by William Stevenson, M.A.

Glasgow, 1750. 8

Dialogues concerning eloquence in general ;
and particularly that kind which is fit for the
pulpit. Translated from the French, and il-
lustrated with notes and quotations ; by Wil-
liam Stevenson, M.A. Glasgow, 1760. 16

A new edition [of the dialogues concerning
eloquence, and of the Letter to the French
Academy]. With additional notes by the Rev.
James Creighton, B.A. London, 1808. 8

De 1'autorite du souverain Pontife, disserta-
tion par F. , traduction Frangaise, publiee avec
une introduction, des notes, un appendice. et
suivie de six lettres ine'dites de Fenelon. Par
M. L.-F. Guerin. Paris, 1854. 8

* The life of F. , Archbishop of Cambray. By
Charles Butler. London, 1810. 8

FENNER (WILLIAM), B.D., Rector of Eochford,
Essex. The works of W. F.

London, 1657. fol.

A treatise of the affections ; or, the soules
pulse. Whereby a Christian may know whe-
ther he be living or dying. Together with a
lively description of their nature, signes, and
symptomes. As also directing men to the right
use and ordering of them. London, 1642. 8

The soul's looking-glasse, lively representing
its estate before God : with a treatise of con-
science ; wherein the definitions and distinc-
tions thereof are unfolded ; and severall cases
resolved. Cambridge, 1643. 8

Christ's alarm to drowsie saints, or, Christ's
epistle to his Churches. London, 1646. 4

FENTON (THOMAS), M.A., Hector of Nately-
Scures, Hampshire. Annotations on the Book
of Job, and the Psalms. Collected from se-
veral commentators, and methodized and im-
proved. London, 1732. 8


FENWICK (GEORGE), B.D., Rector of Hallaton,
Leicestershire. The Psalter in its original
form. 1759. See BIBLES ENGLISH. C.

Thoughts on the Hebrew titles of the psalms,
and of some of those in the Septuagint, en-
deavouring to discover the meaning, and point
out the use of them. London, 1749. 8

FENWICK (JOHN). Substance of the speech of
Mr J. F. at a general meeting of the various
denominations of Protestant dissenters, of
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on the 14th June, 1825,
to take into consideration the propriety of ob-
taining a new place of sepulture. 2d ed.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1826. 8

FERGUS (HENRY), Minister at Dunfermline.
A short account of the laws and institutions
of Moses : showing that they were worthy of
their divine Author, being fitted for the ac-
complishment of the most important purposes.
Dunfermline, 1810. 8

Another copy.

The testimony of nature and revelation to the
being, perfections, and government of God.

Edin., 1833. 8

FERGUSON (ADAM), LL.D., Professor of moral
philosophy in the university of Edinburgh.
Analysis of PNEUMATICS. 1766

Institutes of moral philosophy. For the use
of students in the College of Edinburgh.

Edin., 1769. 12

Principles of moral and political science ; being
chiefly a retrospect of lectures delivered in the
College of Edinburgh. 2 vol.

Edin., 1792. 4

The history of the progress and termination of
the Roman republic. A new edition. 5 vol.

Edin., 1813. 8

- Another edition. London, 1825. 8

FERGUSON (JAMES), F.R.S. Lectures on select
subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, pneuma-
tics, and optics. London, 1764. 4

Analysis of a course of lectures on mechanics,
hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, sphe-
rics, and astronomy. 5th ed.

London, 1767. 8

Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's
principles, and made easy to those who have
not studied mathematics. To which are added,
a plain method of finding the distances of all
the planets from the sun, by the transit of
Venus over the sun's disc, in the year 1761.
An account of Mr Horrox's observations of the
transit of Venus in the year 1639 ; and, of the
distances of all the planets from the sun, as
deduced from observations of the transit in
the year 1761. 9th ed. London, 1794. 8

Another edition. With notes, and supplemen-
tary chapters. By David Brewster, LL.D.
2 vol. With a quarto volume of plates.

Edin., 1811. 8

FERGUSON (JAMES). The headship of Christ
over his Church, and her independent juris-
diction. [Lect. on Sec. Reform.]

Glasgmv, 1841. 12

Another copy.

The Church coming up from the wilderness,

being the substance of a discourse preached in
...London, May 21st, 1843.

London, 1843. 12

FERGUSON (JOHN), Minister of the Free Chur,-h
at Bridge of Allan. The microscope, its reve-
lations and applications in science and art.

Edin., 1858. 8

FERGUSON (ROBERT). Justification onely upon
a satisfaction : or, the necessity and verity of
the satisfaction of Christ, as the alone ground
< >f remission of sin, asserted and opened against
the Socinians. Together with an appendix in
vindication of a sermon preached on Heb. 2.
10. from the exceptions of H. W. in a pamph-
let called, The freeness of God's grace in the
forgiveness of sins by Jesus Christ.

London, 1668. 8

Another copy.

FERGUSON (ROBERT), Minister of Brickfield
chapel, Stratford, London. Puseyism : or the
errors of the times. London, 1842. 8

FERGUSSON (DAVID), Minister of Dunfermline.
Tracts by D. F. MDLXIII.-MDLXXII. [Edited
for the Bannatyne Club, by David Laing.]

Edin., I860. 8

FERGUSSON (JAMES), Minister at Kilwinning.
A brief exposition of the Epistles of Paul to
the Galatians and Ephesians.

London, 1659. 8

A brief exposition of the Epistles of Paul to
the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colos-
sians, and Thessalonians. Reprinted from the
original editions, 1656- 1674.

London, f. a. 8

Another copy.

A brief refutation of the errors of toleration,
erastianism, independency, and separation :
delivered in some sermons from 1 John, 4. 1.
preached in the year 1652. To which are
added four sermons preached on several occa-
sions. Edin., 1692. 8

Another copy.

A brief refutation of the doctrine of erastian-
ism. By the Rev. J. F. minister of Kilwin-
ning in the year 1652. With a prefatory note
byDrCandlish. [Reprinted] Cupar, 1843. 8

Another copy.

FERGUSSON (JAMES), F.R.A.S. An essay on
the ancient topography of Jerusalem, with re-

, stored plans of the Temple, &c., and plans,
sections, and details of the church built by
Constantine the Great over the holy sepulchre,
now known as the mosque of Omar, and other
illustrations. London, 1847. 4

history of Hindostan, translated from the Per-
sian of M. C. F. by Alexander Dow. 1768

FERME (CHARLES). A logical analysis of the
Epistle of Paul to the Romans, by C. F.,
translated from the Latin by William Skae,
A.M. ; and a commentary on the same Epistle
by Andrew MELVILLE, in the original Latin.
Edited, [for the Wodrow Society] with a life
of Ferine, by W. L. Alexander, D.D.

Edin., 1850. 8 U

Another copy.



FERNIE (JOHN), Minister of Dunfermline. Ser-
mons on important subjects. Revised and
published from his manuscripts.

Dunfermline, 1818. 8 j

FERNANDEZ (FELIPE), A.M. A new practical |

grammar of the Spanish language. . .The 6th ed. |

Lomlon, 1812. 8 i

FERRAND (Louis). Traite' de 1'Eglise centre
les heretiques, principalement centre les Cal-
vinistes. Seconde Edition. Paris, 1736. 12

FERRARIUS (PHILIPPUS). Novum lexicon geo- j
graphicum, in quo universi orbis urbes, regio- i
nes, provincise, regna, maria, flumina, novis |
et antiquis nominibus appellata, suisque dis- |
tantiis descripta recensentur. Illud priimim in !
lucem edidit P. F. Nunc vero Michael Anto- i
nius BAUDRAND opus emendavit, illustravit,
dimidioque auxit, ut novum plane existat. 2 |
torn. Venetiis, 1738. fol.

FERRELL (HULL). A history of the dissenters'
marriages bill of 1855. London, [1855]. 8

FERRERIUS (JOANNES). Historia abbatum de
Kynlos : una cum vita Thomae Chrystalli ab-
batis. [Edited for the Bannatyne Club.]

Edin., 1839. 4

FERRIER (A.). La Russie.

Bruxelles, 1841. 12

FERRIER (JAMES F.), A.B., Professor of moral
philosophy, St Andrew's. Institutes of meta-
physic the theory of knowing and being.

Edin. and London, 1854. 8

- Scottish philosophy the old and the new, a

statement. Edin., 1856. 8

FERRIS (SAMUEL), M.D. A general view of the
establishment of physic as a science in Eng-
land. London, 1795. 8

FESSLER (INNOCENTIUS), Professor of Oriental
languages in the university of Lemburg. In-
stitutiones linguarum Orientalium, Hebrsese,
Chaldaicse, Syriacse et Arabicse. Chrestoma-
thiam Arabicam addidit J. G. Eichhorn. Pars
prior. Wratislavia, 1787. 8

FEUDAL LAW. A summary view of the feudal
law ; with the differences of the Scots law from
it ; together with a dictionary of the select
terms of the Scots and English law.

Edin., 1710. 16

FEUERBACH (LuDWio). Das Wesen des Chris-
tenthums. Leipzig, 1841. 8

the scholar and its manifestations. Translated
from the German, with memoir of the author,
by William Smith. London, 1845. 8

The destination of man. Translated from the
German, by Mrs Percy Sinnett.

London, 1846. 8

FICINUS (MARSILIUS). Opera, et quse hactenus
extitere, et quse in lucem nunc primum prodi-
ere, omnia...Una cum Gnomologia, hoc est,
sententiarum ex iisdem operibus collectarum
farragine copiosissima, in calce totius volumi-
nis adjecta. 2 torn. Parisiis, 1641. fol.

FICK (JOHANN CHRISTIAN). Anhang zur prak-
tischen englischen Sprachlehre.

Nurnberg und Leipzig, s. I. 8

FIDDES (RICHARD), D.D., Rector of Halsham.

Fifty-two practical discourses on several sub-
jects. Six of which were never before pub-
lished. London, 1720. fol.

FIELD (RICHARD), D.D., Dean of Gloucester.
Of the Church, five bookes. 3d ed.

Oxford, 1635. fol.
Another copy.

FIELDING (HENRY). Select works of H. F.
To which is prefixed an original account of the
life and writings of the author, by William
Watson. 5vol. 2d ed. Edin., 1812. 8

FIERY CROSS. The fiery cross ; or, a warning
voice to the sons and daughters of Caledonia.
, , Edin., [1842]. 8

FIEVEE (J.). Causes et consequences des evene-
ments du mois de Juillet 1830.

Paris, 1830. 8

FIFE, SYNOD OF. A faithful remembrancer from
the Synod of Fife, 1735, to the Presbytery of
St Andrew's, 1834, in consequence of that
Presbytery, at their late meeting, petitioning
Parliament to continue " the grievous yoke of
Patronage" on the Church of Scotland.

Perth, [1834]. 8

restoration ; or, an answer to a letter, which
has appeared in the Liverpool Theological Re-
pository for September 1807, under the signa-
ture M. : To which some other articles are sub-
joined. Glasgow, 1807. 8

pearls... To which is added the book of Antio-
chus. London, 1851. 32

FILLEAU (JEAN). Decisions catholiques, ou re-
cueil general des arrests rendus en toutes les
cours souveraines de France, en execution, ou
interpretation des edits, qui concernent 1'exer-
cice de la religion pret. reformed. Avec lea
raisons fondamentales des dits arrests, tirees de
la doctrine des Peres de 1'Eglises, des conciles,
et des loix civiles et politiques du royaume.
Examine" et approuve' par 1'Assemblee generale
du clerge de France. Poictiers, 1668. fol.

FILMER (EDWARD), D.C.L. A defence of plays :
or, the stage vindicated, from several passages
in Mr Collier's Short view, &c. Wherein is
offer'd the most probable method of reforming
our plays. With a consideration how far vici-
ous characters may be allow'd on the stage.

London, 1707. 8

FILMER (Sir ROBERT), Bart. The freeholder's
grand inqiiest touching our sovereign lord the
King and his parliament. To which are add-
ed, observations upon forms of government.
Together with directions for obedience to go-
vernors in dangerous and doubtful times.

London, 1680. 8

Patriarcha : or the natural power of Kings.

London, 1680. 8

FINANCE. A reply to some financial misstate-
ments in and out of parliament.

London, 1803. 8

Report of the financial committee to the Gene-
ral Assembly of 1843 : being the first Assem-
bly of the Free Church of Scotland. Read by



Dr Chalmers, on Monday, May 29, 1843.

/;./;., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Report of the financial committee to the Gene-
ral Assembly of 1843 : being the second Assem-
bly of the Free Church of Scotland. Read by
Dr Chalmers, at Glasgow, 23d October 1843.

[Glasgow, 1843.1 8

Report of the committee on regulations. With
an extract from the report of the financial com-
mittee, by Dr Chalmers. [Edin., 1843.] 8

FINCH (DANIEL), Earl of Nottingham.* A let-
ter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Nottingham.
Occasioned by a late motion made by the Arch-
deacon of London at his visitation for the city
clergy to return their thanks to his Lordship
for his answer to Mr Whiston. By a curate of
London. [Arthur Ashley SYKES. j

London, 1721. 8

FINCH (G.). The sketch of the Romish contro-
versy. 2 vol. London, 1850. 8

FINCH (J.). Travels in the United States of
America and Canada. London, 1833. 8

FINCH (THOMAS). The true Church viewed in
contrast with modern High-Churchism.

London, 1841. 12

FINCH (WILLIAM), LL.D., Rector of Avington,
Berks. The objections of infidel historians and
other writers against Christianity, considered
in eight sermons, preached at the Bampton
Lecture at Oxford in the year 1797. To which
is added, a sermon preached before the Uni-
versity, Oct. 18, 1795. Oxford, 1797. 8

FINDEN (EDWARD). Illustrations of the Vau-
dois, in a series of views : engraved by E. F.,
from drawings by Hugh Dyke Acland. Ac-
companied with descriptions.

London, 1831. 4

FINDLATER (CHARLES), Minister of Newlands.
General view of the agriculture of the county
of Peebles, with various suggestions as to the
means both of the local and general improve-
ment of agriculture. Edin., 1802. 8

Sermons, or essays as the reader shall chuse to
design them, upon Christian duties.

Edin., 1830. 12

FINDLATER (ROBERT), Minister of the chapel of
ease, Inverness. * Memoir of the Rev. R. F.
Together with a narrative of the revival of re-
ligion during his ministry at
1816-1819. To which are prefixed, memoirs
of his parents. By the Rev. W. Findlater.
Glasgow, 1840. 12

FINDLAY (JOHN), D.D. * Memoir of the life
and character of the Rev. J. F., D.D., minis-
ter of the High church of Paisley. With an
appendix and biographical notes. By Thomas
Crighton. Paisley, 1821. 8

FINDLAY (ROBERT), A.M., one of the ministers
of Glasgow. A vindication of the sacred books
and of Josephus, especially the former, from
various misrepresentations and cavils of the
celebrated M. de Voltaire.

Glasgow, 1770. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

i FINISHING STROKE.- The finishing stroke.

; a vindication of the patriarchal scheme

of government ; in defence of the Rehearsals,

Best answer, and Best of all... To which are

added, remarks on Dr Higden's late defence,

in a dialogue between three H a. [By

Charles LKSLIK.] <lon, 1711. 8

nVLAYft 'N (JAMES), D.D., Professor of logic
and metaphysics in the university of Edinburgh.
Preaching a mean of promoting the general
progress of human improvement. A sermon
(mi 1 Cor. i. 21J preached at Edinburgh May
22d, 1801. Win., 1801. 8

Sermons. To which is prefixed an account of
the life and character of the author.

A 1 ./.'. i., 1809. 8



profanarum religionum ; [cum Octavio, per M.


FIRMIN (GILES), Minister of the Gospel in Shal-

ford, Essex. The real Christian, or a treatise

of effectual calling... To which is added... a few

words concerning Socinianisme, upon occasion

of the person of Christ, which is touched in

the discourse. London, 1670. 4

Another copy.

A brief review of Mr Davis's vindication : giv-
ing no satisfaction... To which is added, Re-
marks upon some passages of Mr Crisp, in his
book, entituled, Christ alone exalted.

London, 1693. 4

FISCHERUS (Jon. FRID.). Prolusiones de vi-
tiis lexicorum Novi Testamenti...multis parti-
bus auctae. Lipsiai, 1791. 8

FISH. The second report of the committee of
the Fish association for the benefit of the com-
munity, respecting the measures to be adopted
for the supply of the metropolis and its neigh-
bourhood. London, 1813. 8

FISHER (ALEXANDER), Minister of Queen Anne
Street congregation, Dunfermline. Remains of
the late Rev. A. F. With a biief memoir of
his life, by the Rev. John Brown, Edinburgh.

Edin., 1830. 8

FISHER (EDWARD). A Christian caveat to the
old and new Sabbatarians. Or, a vindication
of our Gospel-festivals. 5th ed.

London, 1653. 4

FISHER (EDWARD). The Marrow of modern di-
vinity. In two parts. 8th ed. With notes
by Mr Thomas Boston. To which is added,
the twelve queries which were proposed to the
twelve Marrow-men by the Commission of the
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland,
1721. W T ith the Marrow-men's answers to said
queries. Falkirk, 1789. 12

Nineteenth edition. 2vol. M ontrose, 1803. 12

Twentieth edition. Berwick, 1811. 8

A new edition. Edin., 1818. 8

A new edition. Compared with Boston's edi-
tion, 1726. Edin., 1828. 12

The second part of the Marrow of modern di-
vinity, s. L, 1723. 8

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