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particularly of the Scottish establishment ; and
on the modes of appointing ministers to va-
cant parishes. Edin., 1841. 8

Another copy.

FORBES (WILLIAM), Advocate. A treatise of
church-lands and tithes : In two parts.

Edin., 1705. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

A letter to a gentleman in the country, con-
cerning the parson of Banchory and his late
pamphlet, entituled, "Some just reflections
on a pasquil against him," &c.

Edin., 1706. 8

A few remarks on a scurrilous pamphlet, en-
tituled, " Some charitable observations on his
late treatise of church-lands and tithes :" by
the author of the Reformed Bishop, [James
Gordon] under the vizard of a moderat son of
the Church of England. Edin., 1706. 8

Another copy.

FORCELLINUS (^EGIDIUS). Totius Latinitatis
lexicon consilio et cura Jacobi Facciolati opera
et studio JE. F. Edidit, Anglicam interpreta-
tionem in locum Italicse substituit, appendi-
cem Patavinam lexico passim intertexuit,
pauca de suo distinctione per obelos facta hue
atque illuc sparsit ; auctarium denique et
Horatii Tursellini de particulis Latinse ora-
tionis libellum etiam Gerrardi siglarium Ro-
manum et Gesneri indicem etymologicum ad-
jecit Jacobus Bailey, A.M. 2 vol.

Londini, 1828. 4

Another copy.

FORD (JAMES), A. M. , Minister of the Gospel in
Lauder. The certain danger of perverting di-
vine truth, and disregarding the judgments of
heaven. [A sermon on Rev. ii. 5.]

Edin., 1778. 8

FORD (JAMES), B.D., Minister of St Lawrence,
Ipswich. The new devout communicant, ac-
cording to the Church of England : containing
an account of the institution ; prayers and
meditations before and after the administra-
tion, and a companion at the Lord's table.

Ipsinch, [1825]. 12


FORD (JoiiN), Minister of Siidbu nj. A serious
address to men iix business, concerning the
right ordering their affairs. 3d ed.

/;./;., 1815. 12

- A brief enquiry concerning the dignity of the
ordinance of the LOAD'S SUITER. 1732

FORD (RANULPHUS). Christianas religionis, sive
Ecclesiae Anglicanoe ARTICULI xxxix., perspi-
cua analysi breviter explicati, et firmissimis
S. Scripturarum testimoniis abunde confirmati.
Quibus commentarii instar, turn ex antiquis,
turn etiam e recentioribus citationes ad earn
rem pertinentes accesserunt, cum objectioni-
bus earumque solutionibus a D. Ellis, aliisquu
collectis. His adduntur Articuli Lambethani,
&c. L. P. Londini, 1720. 8 6

FORD (WILLIAM). The religious care of families
recommended, in a sermon [on Gen. xviii. 19J
preached at Miles- Lane, Dec. 25th, 1769.

London, 1770. 8

FORDUN (JOANNES DE). Scotichronicon, cum
supplementis et continuatione Walteri Boweri :
e codicibus MSS. editum cum notis et varian-
tibus lectionibus. Prsefixa est ad historian!
Scotorum introductio brevis, cura Walteri
Goodall. 2 vol. Edin., 1759. fol.

FORDYCE (DAVID), Professor of moral philosophy

in Marischal college, Aberdeen. The elements

of moral philosophy ; in three books. 4th ed.

London, 1769. 12

FORDYCE (JAMES), D.D., Minister of Alloa.
A sermon [on Rev. xiv. 6] occasioned by the
death of the Rev. Dr Samuel Lawrence ; with an
address at his interment. London, 1760. 8

The folly, infamy, and misery of unlawful
pleasure. A sermon [on Prov. vii. 7] preached
before the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland, May 25, 1760. Edin., 1760. 8

Fourth edition. Edin., 1768. 8

Sermons to young women. 2 vol. 3d ed.

Dublin, 1766. 12

FORDYCE (W.). Letter to the Right Hon.
Lord Viscount Glenorchy, President of the
Edinburgh Bible society, containing strictures
on the Apocrypha controversy ; and on the
arguments of one of the secretaries of the
Edinburgh Bible society ; with hints to those
members of the Edinburgh committee who
have opposed their brethren in London, since
they abandoned the circulation of the Apocry-
pha ; observations on the state in which Bibles
with Apocryphas are still sold in Scotland ;
and a review of the plans which the Edinburgh
committee propose for treating the continental
societies, and for disseminating Bibles on the
continent. Elgin, 1828. 8

FORFAR. Record in the case of the Forfar pa-
rochial chapel. (1835.) [Edin., 1835]. 8
eloquence in the French college. Vindicise B.
reformatorum et imprimis Lutheri contra va-
riasobjectionesab Cardinal! A. M. Quirinipro-
positas. Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1750. 8 I

- An ecclesiastical history ; from the birth of
Christ, to the present time. To which is add-
ed, an appendix, giving an account of the

people called Methodists by the translator.
'2 vol. [Several leaves supplied in main;

London, 1766. 8 U

FORMS. The Scotch minister's assistant, or a
collection of forma, for c K l.uitmg the ordi-
nances of marriage, baptism, and the Lord's
Suj'i'i i , according to the usage of the Church
of Scotland, with suitable devotions for church
and family worship. Inverness, 1802. 8

FORMULARIES. Formularies of Faith put
forth by authority during the reign of Henry
VIII., viz. Articles about Religion, 1JJ3G. The
Institution of a Christian man, 1537. A ne-
cessary doctrine and erudition for any Chris-
tian man, 1543. Edited by Charles Loyd,
D.D., Bishop of Oxford. Oxford, 1825. 8

Another edition. Oxford, 1850. 8
FORRESTER (DAVID). Differences of the time,

in three dialogues. The first, anent EPISCO-
PACY. The second, anent the obligation of the
Covenants. The third, anent Separation.


FORRESTER (THOMAS), Principal of St Mary'*
college, St Andrews. Rectius instruendum, or,
A review and examination of the doctrine pre-
sented by one assuming the name of ane in-
former, in three dialogues with a certain
doubter, upon the controverted points of EPIS-
COPACY, the Covenants against Episcopacy, and
Separation. 1684

A counter-essay, or, a vindication and asser-
tion of Calvin and Beza's PRESBYTERIAN judg-
ment and principles. 1692

The hierarchical Bishops claim to a divine
right, tried at the Scripture bar. Or, a con-
sideration of the pleadings for Prelacy, from
pretended scriptural arguments presented and
offered by Dr Scott, in his book intituled, The
Christian life, Part ii. A. M[onro], D.D., in
his Enquiry into the new opinions, &c. And
by the author of the second part of the Survey
of Naphtali ; [supposed to be Bishop Hony-
man oi Orkney]. Edin., 1699. 4

Another copy.

Another copy. [With MS. title.]

A review and consideration of two late pamph-
lets. The first entitled, Quseries to the Pres-
byterians of Scotland, by a gentleman of that
country. The second, A querie turn'd into an
argument in favours of EPISCOPACY. 1706

Causa episcopatus hierarchici lucifuga : or, A
confutation of J[OHN] S[AGE]'S Vindication of
the (pretended) principles of the Cyprianic
age. 1706

FORRY (SAMUEL), M.D. The climate of the
United States and its endemic influences.
Based chiefly on the records of the medical de-
partment and adjutant-general's office, United
States army. Neiv York, 1842. 8

FORSTER (CHARLES), B.D., Rector of titisteth,
Essex. Mahometanism unveiled : an inquiry,
in which that arch-heresy, its diffusion and
continuance, are examined on a new principle,
tending to confirm the evidences, and aid the
propagation, of the Christian faith. 2 vol.

London, 1829. 8



The apostolical authority of the Epistle to the
Hebrews : an inquiry, in which the received title
of the Greek Epistle is vindicated against the
cavils of objectors, ancient and modern, from
Origen to Sir J. D. Michaelis, chiefly upon
grounds of internal evidence hitherto unno-
ticed, comprising a comparative analysis of
the style and structure of this Epistle, and of
the undisputed Epistles of St Paul, tending to
throw light upon their interpretation.

London, 1838. 8

- The historical geography of Arabia ; or, the
patriarchal evidences of revealed religion : a
memoir, with illustrative maps ; and an ap-
pendix, containing translations, with an alpha-
bet and glossary, of the Hamyaritic inscrip-
tions recently discovered at Hadramaut. 2 vol.

London, 1844. 8

- The one primeval language traced experimen-
tally through ancient inscriptions in alphabetic
characters of lost powers from the four conti-
nents : including the voice of Israel from the
rocks of Sinai : and the vestiges of patriarchal
tradition from the monuments of Egypt, Etru-
ria, and Southern Arabia. With illustrative
plates, a harmonized table of alphabets, glos-
saries and translations. [In three parts.]

London, 1852-54. 8

FORSTER (R. P.). A collection of the most
celebrated voyages and travels, from the dis-
covery of America to the present time. Ar-
ranged in systematic order, geographical and
chronological... Carefully selected from writers
of different nations. Illustrated and embel-
lished with correct maps and beautiful engrav-
ings. 3d ed. 4 vol. London, 1818. 8

FORSTER (THOMAS). Two letters from a late
dissenting teacher ; with an answer to the
former, and animadversions upon the latter :
proving, from the best authorities, that the
doctrines, discipline, and government of the
Clmrch of England, are truly primitive and
apostolical. London, 1764. 8

FORSTER (THOMAS), F.L.S. Researches about
atmospheric phsenomena. 3d ed., corrected
and enlarged ; with a series of engravings il-
lustrative of the modifications of the clouds,
&c. To which is added the calendar of na-
ture. London, 1823. 8

FORSTERUS (JOHANNES). Orationes tres con-
tra calumniam Jesuitarum. [Wants title.] 4

remos libros Annalium C. Cornelii Taciti, no-
tae politicpe. Francofurti, 1661. 12

- In xvi. libros Annalium Cornelii Taciti notse
politicoe. Francofurti, 1662. 12

FORSYTH (J. S.). The antiquary's portfolio.
2 vol. London, 1825. 8

FORSYTH (ROBERT), A d vacate. Political frag-
ments. Edin., 1830. 12

- Remarks on the Church of Scotland : its his-
tory, constitution, and recent proceedings ; the
different qxiestions that have been agitated ;
its present peril ; and a suggestion of reme-
dies. Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

FORTEGUERRI (NICOLAS). The first canto of
Ricciardetto : translated from the Italian of
Forteguerri : with an introduction, concerning
the principal romantic, burlesque, and mock-
heroic poets ; and notes critical and philologi-
cal. By Sylvester (Douglas) Lord Glenbervie.
London, 1822. 8

FORTUITA. Fortuita sacra : Quibus subjicitur
Commentarius de Cymbalis. [By Richard
ELLIS.] Rotterodami, 1727. 8

of Walfwd, Herefordshire. British mona-
chism ; or, manners and customs of the monks
and nuns of England. To which are added,
I. Peregrinatorium religiosum ; or, manners
and customs of ancient pilgrims. II. The con-
suetudinal of anchorets and hermits. III. Some
account of the continentes, or persons who had
made vows of chastity. IV. Select poems in
various styles. 3d ed. London, 1843. 8

Another copy.

FOSTER (HENRY), A.M., Perpetual curate of St
Jams\ Clerkenwell. The Bible preacher, or
closet companion for every day in the year ;
consisting of three hundred and sixty-five out-
lines of sermons... Together with six complete
sermons... Collected and arranged, with a me-
moir of the author, by the Rev. S. Piggott,
A.M. London, 1824. 12

FOSTER (JAMES), D.D., Minister of a dissenting
congregation at Barbican, London. The use-
fulness, truth, and excellency of the Christian
revelation defended against the objections con-
tain'd in a late book, [by M. Tindal] intitled,
Christianity as old as the creation, &c. 2d ed. ,
with the addition of a postscript.

London, 1731. 8

Another copy.

An answer to Dr Stebbing's letter on the sub-
ject of heresy. 2d ed. London, 1735. 8

An answer to Dr Stebbing's Second letter on
the subject of heresy. In which the whole
controversy is fairly stated and re-examined.

London, 1736. 8

Sermons. 4 vol. [Vol. i., 4th ed. ; vol. ii.,
2d ed.] London, 1743-5. 8

Discourses on all the principal branches of na-
tural religion and social virtue. 2 vol.

London, 1749, 52. 4

FOSTER (Right Hon. JOHN), Speaker of the House
of Commons in Ireland. An accurate report of
the speech of the Right Hon. J. F. in the
committee on the Roman Catholic bill, Feb.
27, 1793. Dublin, 1793. 8

FOSTER (JOHN), Baptist minister, Broadmead
chapel, Bristol. An essay on the evils of po-
pular ignorance. London, 1820. 8

Another copy.

Second edition : [with] a discourse on the com-
munication of Christianity to the people of
Hindostan. London, 1821. 8

Essays in a series of letters, on the following
subjects : On a man's writing memoirs of him-
self. On decision of character. On the appli-
cation of the epithet romantic. On some of
the causes by which evangelical religion has


been rendered less acceptable to persons of
cultivated taste. 7th ed. London, 1823. 8

Eighth edition. London, 1826. 8

Ninth edition. London, 1830. 8

Contributions, biographical, literary, and phi-
losophical, to the Eclectic Review. 2 vol.

London, 1844. 8

- Lectures delivered at Broadmead chapel, Bris-
tol. London, 1844. 8

Second series. London, 1847. 8

Second edition. London, 1849. 8

An essay on the improvement of time : and
other literary remains. With a preface by
John Sheppard. Edited by J. E. RjlMUL
M.A. London, 1863. 8

- An appeal to the young, on the importance of
religion. New York, s. a. 12

- * The life and correspondence of J. F. Edited
by J. E. Ryland. With notices of Mr Foster
as a preacher and a companion, by John Shep-
pard. 2 vol. London, 1846. 8

- Another edition. London, 1855, 6. 8
FOSTER (Sir MICHAEL). An examination of the !

scheme of Church power laid down in the Co- i
dex juris ecclesiastic! Anglicani ; [by Bishop |
GIBSON]. 1736 '

FOULIS (HENRY), B.D., Fellow of Lincoln col- \
lege, Oxford. The history of Romish treasons \
and usurpations ; together with a particular
account of many gross corruptions and impos-
tures in the Church of Rome.

London, 1671. fol.

FOURNET (J.). Etudes sur les depots me'talli-
feres. Paris, 1834. 8

PAVIE DE). CATECHISMS sur les contestations
qui divisent 1'Eglise. 1733

FOWLER (EDWARD), D.D., Bishop of Gloucester.
The design of Christianity ; or, a plain de-
monstration and improvement of this proposi-
tion, that the enduing men with inward real
righteousness was the ultimate end of our Sa-
viour's coming into the world.

London, 1671. 8

- A discourse of the great disingenuity and un-
reasonableness of repining at afflicting provi-
dences : and of the influence which they ought
to have upon us, on Job, ii. 10. Second im-
pression. With another discourse of the great
duty of praise and thanksgiving ; and keeping
our minds in a grateful temper in all condi-
tions, on Psalm cvii. 8. Not before published.

Lotidon, 1707. 8

- The fourth note of the Church examined ; viz.
Amplitude, or, multitude and variety of be-
lievers ; [Notes of the Church, as laid down
byCard. BELLARMIXE, examined and confuted,
p. 111]. 1839

FOWNES (GEORGE), Ph. D. A manual of ele-
mentary chemistry. London, 1844. 8

FOX (Right Hon. CHARLES JAMES). * The man

of the people ! inscribed to the Hon. C. J. F.

London, 1782. 4

A letter to the worthy and independent elec-
tors of the city and liberty of Westminster.

London, 1793. 8

- History of the early part of the reign of JaniiM
the Second; with an introductory chapter...
To which is added an appendix.

Lotidon, 1808. 4'

Another copy.

* Memoirs of- the latter yean of the Right
Honble. C. J. F....By John Bernard Trotter.
3d ed. L, m don, 1811. 8

FOX (FRANCIS), A.M. Convivium Juvenile : or
a colloquy between Martin and Erasmus, anent
ecclesiastical establishments and voluntary
Church associations ; with a preface and notes.

/:</</,., 1833. 8 C

FOX, or FOXE, or FOXUS (JOHN), Prebendary
of Salisbury. A sermon of Christ crucified,
preached at Paules Crosse the Friday before
Easter, commonly called Goodfryday.
A t London. Imprinted by John Daye, 1570. 4

Eicasmi seu meditationes in sacram Apoca-
lypsin. Londini, 1587. fol.

Acts and monuments of matters most speciale
and memorable, happening in the Church, with
an universall historic of the same. . .Now againe,
as it was recognised, perused, and recommend-
ed to the studious reader, by the author, Mr
John Fox, the eight time newly imprinted.
B. L. 3 vol. London, 1641. fol.

Another edition. Revised and improved by
the Rev. John Malham. London, 1811. fol.

A new and complete edition : with a prelimi-
nary dissertation, by the Rev. George Town-
send, M.A. Edited by Rev. Stephen Reed
Cattley, M.A. 8 vol. London, 1837-41. 8

Another copy.

Christus triumphans. Comoedia apocalyptica.
Edita est olim Basilese, anno 1556. Nunc
denuo edita, et scholarchis, ludique literarii
moderatoribus dedicata...Editore T. C. Sidn.
Collegii, A.M. Londini, 1672. 8

Of free justification by Christ. Written first

in Latine by J. F against Osorius, &c. And

now translated into English.

London, 1694. 12

Time, and the end of time ; in two discourses :
I. About redemption of time. II. About con-
sideration of our latter end.

Glasgow, 1736. 12

Narratives of the days of the Reformation,
chiefly from the manuscripts of John Foxe the
Martyrologist ; with two contemporary biogra-
phies of Archbishop Cranmer. Edited [for the
Camden Society] by J. G. Nichols, F. S. A.

London, 1859. 4

FOX (W. J.). Christian morality. Sermons on
the principles of morality inculcated in the
Holy Scriptures, in their application to the
present condition of society. From the Lon-
don edition. Boston, 1833. 12
FOXCROFT (THOMAS), A.M., one of iht pastors
of the. first church in Boston. An apology in
behalf of the Rev. Mr.Whitefield : offering a
fair solution of certain difficulties, objected
against some parts of his publick conduct, in
point of moral honesty, and uniformity with
his own subscriptions and ordination vows, &c. ;
as the said exceptions are set forth in a late



pamphlet, entitled, A letter to the Rev. Mr
George Whitefield publickly calling upon him
to vindicate his conduct, or confess his faults.
Signed L. K. 2d ed. To which is prefix'd,
Dr Watts's opinion of Mr Whitefield.

Boston, 1745. 4

FOXE (JOHN). See John Fox.

FOXUS (JOANNES). See John Fox.

FRAGMENTS. Characteristical fragments and
extracts, pertaining to life and godliness.

s. L et a. 12

FRAME (JAMES), A.M., Minister of Alloa. The
inscription on the Cross. A sermon [on John,
xix. 19] preached... in Edinburgh, June 8,
1781. Edin., 1781. 8

FRANCE. Commentariorum de statu religionis
et reipublicse in regno Galliae, Regibus Henrico
II., Francisco II., et Carolo IX., partes tres.

s. I., 1572. 8

- The history of the government of France, un-
der the administration of. . . Armand Du Plessis,
Cardinal and Duke of Richelieu. Translated
out of the French, by J. D.

London, 1657. fol.

The sighs of France in slavery breathing after
liberty. In two memorials. Done out of
French. London, 1689. 4

- The pretensions of the Most Christian King to
the dominions... of the... Confederates... and...
the claims of the Confederates to France...
truly stated. From the French.

London, 1695. 4

- Histoire litte'raire de la France... par des reli-
gieux Benedictines de la congregation de S.
Maur [D. Rivet, D. Taillandier, et D. CM-
mencet]. 12 torn. Pans, 1733-1763. 4

Continuation par les membres de 1' Academic

des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres [MM. Pasto-
ret, Brial, Ginguend, Daunou, Amaury-Duval,
Petit-Radel, Emeric-David, P. Paris, &c.].
Tom. xiii.-xxiii. Paris, 1814-1856. 4

- The history of France, from the first establish-
ment of that monarchy to the present revolu-
tion. 3 vol. London, 1790. 8

- Biographical sketches of some of the leading
men at present at the head of affairs in France.

Edin., 1792. 8

A short view of the politics of France. With
remarks on its internal situation. 2d ed.

Edin., 1794. 8

- French invasion ! A collection of addresses,
&c. of the executive directory of France.

London, 1798. 8

- Historical sketch of the French empire, and
of the restoration of Louis XVIII. to the
throne of France. Edin., 1814. 8

- Collection complete des me'moires relatifs a
I'histoire de France, depuis le regne de Phi-
lippe-Auguste, jusqu'au commencement du
17 e siecle, avec des notices sur chaque auteur
et des observations sur chaque ouvrage, par
M. PETITOT [1'ain^, et M. A. Petitot, et
quelques unes par M. MONMEKQUE'].


- Collection des memoires relatifs a I'histoire de
France, depuis I'ave'nement de Henri IV.,

jusqu'a la paix de Paris, conclue en 1763,
avec des notices sur chaque auteur et des ob-
servations par MM. PETITOT et M. MON-
MERQUE'. [Seconde se'rie.] 1820-1829

Memoires relatifs a I'histoire de France. [La
premiere revolution et Napoleon.] 21 torn.
Paris et Londres, 1823-27. 8
ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES. Stances et travaux
de 1'Acade'mie des Sciences morales et poli-
tiques. Compte rendu par MM. Ch. Verge et
Loiseau sous la direction de M. Mignet. Tom.
vii.-x. Paris, 1844-46. 8

Deuxieme serie. 10 torn.

Paris, 1847-51. 8 3
Troisieme serie. Tom. i., ii.

Paris, 1852. 8

Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des Stances
de 1'Academie des Sciences. Nos. 11, 12, 13
[Septembre 1851]. Paris, 1851. 4

Tables des Comptes rendus des Stances de
1'Acade'mie des Sciences. Deuxieme semestre,
1846. Paris, 1846. 4

cess ; or, proceedings of the extraordinary as-
sembly of the Archbishops and Bishops, held
in the palace of the Archbishop of Paris, in
March and May, 1681. s. L, [1681]. 4

CLERGE'. La politique du clerge de France
pour detruire la religion protestante. [Par
Pierre JURIETJ.] La Haye, 1681. 12

The policy of the clergy of France to destroy
the Protestants of that kingdom... In a dia-
logue between two Papists.

London, 1681. 16

Considerations sur les lettres circulaires, de
1'Assemble'e du Clerge' de France de I'anne'e
1682. [Par Jean CLAUDE.]

La Haye, 1683. 12

An account of the conduct of the Roman-Ca-
tholick clergy and zealots of France, from the
first toleration there of the Protestants, to
their expulsion. London, 1710. 8

Another copy.

EGLISE GALLICANE. Traitez des droits et li-
bertez de 1'Eglise Gallicane ; [recueillies par
P. Dupuy] avec les preuves, [par Pierre Pi-
thou]. 4 torn. Paris, 1731. fol.

[The date of the "Preuves" is 1651.]
Evangeliques de France. Troisieme synode.
Spaode de Paris. Paris, 1852. 8

Union des Eglises Evangeliques de France.
Cinquieme Synode. Synode de Clairac, 1856.
Notice historique., Paris, 1856. 8

EGLISES REFORMEES. Histoire ecclesiastique
des Eglises reformees au royaume de France.
[Par Theodore de BEZE.] 3 torn.

Anvers, 1580. 8'
Another copy.

La discipline des Eglises pretendues reforme'es
de France, ou 1'ordre par lequel elles sont con-
duites et gouverne'es. Ensemble la maniere
de baptiser tant les Juifs, les Turcs, et les
Payens, que les autres infidelles. Avec un
ample recueil des observations et questions
faires par les Synodes nationaux sxir la plus-


part des articles de la discipline. Reveu, cor-
rige" et augmente*. /Wis, Kiii:{. 8 U

- La discipline ecclesiastique des Eglises refor-
inees de France... A quoi Ton a joint La mn-
formite* de la dite discipline avec celle des an-
ciens Chretiens. Et la discipline du Synode
de Dordivdit. Amsterdam, 1710. 4

- The witnesses in sackcloth ; or, a descriptive
account of the attack made upon the reformed
Churches of France in the seventeenth century.
By a descendant of a refugee.

London, 1852. 8

- LITERATURE. View of French literature dur-
ing the eighteenth century. Translated from
the French. London, 1814. 8

. PROTEST ANTISME. Bulletin de la Socie'te' de
1'histoire du Protestantisme Frangais. Docu-
ments historiques ine"dits et originaxix xvi e ,
xvii e , et xviii 6 siecles. 1853-68. 7 torn.

Paris, 1853-1858. 8

- PROTESTANTS. The last efforts of afflicted in-
nocence : being an account of the persecution
of the Protestants of France. And a vindica-
tion of the reformed religion from the asper-
sions of disloyalty and rebellion, charg'd on it
by the Papists. Translated out of French.

London, 1682. 8

- An account of the persecutions and oppres-
sions of the French Protestants. To which is
added, the edict of the French King, prohibit-
ing all publick exercise of the pretended re-
formed religion in his kingdom. Wherein he

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