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conversion. [In verse ; and the only part pub-
lished.] Edin., 1682. 4

GEE (EDWARD), Minister of the Gospel at Eccles-
ton in Lancashire. A treatise of prayer : and
of divine providence as relating to it. With
an application of the general doctrine thereof
unto the present time, and state of things in
the land, so far as prayer is concerned in them.
London, 1653. 8

GEE (EDWARD), D.D., Rector of St Benedict,
Paul's Wharf) London. A third letter to
Lewis SABRAN, Jesuit ; wherein the defence of
his challenge concerning invocation of saints
is examined. 1688

vidis praelectiones publicse. Pars secunda.

Dresdce, 1668. 4

GELASIUS, of Cyzicus, Bishop of C(esarea, in Pa-
lestine. Commentarius actorum Nicseni con-
cilii ; cum corollario Theodori Presbyteri, de
incarnatione Domini... interprete R. Balforeo
...[Gr. etLat.] Lutetice, 1599. 8

GELL (ROBERT), D.D., Rector of St Mary's, Al-
der-Mary, London. An essay toward the
amendment of the last English-translation of
the Bible. London, 1659. fol.

Remaines : or, several select Scriptures of the
New Testament opened and explained : where-
in Jesus Christ, as yesterday, to-day, and the

name for ever, is illustrated, in sundry i-inis

and learned notes and observations tln.-n.-ui -on.

Collected and set in order by R. Bacon, Ph.

London, 1676. fol.

GELL (PHILIP), M.A. The true miniatem of
Christ accredited by the Holy Spirit. A ser-
mon, preached at the visitation of the vene-
rable the Archdeacon of Derby, in All Saints'
church, 21st June, 1842. London, 1842. 8
GELPKE (FRID. CHRIST.). Vindiciae originia
Pauliniu ad Hebraeos Epistolae, nova ratione
tentatse. Lugd. Batav. , 1832. 8

GEMMEL (JOHN), A.M., Minister of the Free
fVi)/;<7i, Fa it-lie. A sermon [on Coloss. iii.
1-4] preached at Fairlie, on June 13, 1847,
being the second Sabbath immediately after
the funeral of Thomas Chalmers, D.D.."..With
some reminiscences of the author whilst resid-
ing in the house of the deceased at the time of
his death. Edin., 1847. 8

I GEMS. Gems, selected from the antique, with

illustrations. [Engraved by Richard Dagley.l

London, 1804. 4*

GENER (S.). M. Gener ; or, a selection of let-
ters on life and manners. By the Rev. John
Muckersy. 3vol. 4th ed. Edin., 1815. 8

I GENESIS. Conjectures sur les memoires ori-
ginaux dont il paroit que Moyse s'est servi
pour composer le Livre de la Genese, avec des
remarques qui appuient ou eclaircissent ces
conjectures. [Par Jean ASTRUC.]

I Bruxelles, [Paris] 1753. 12

; GENEVA. CATECHISMUS Ecclesiae Genevensis,
per Joannem CALVINUM. 1550

Les ordonnances ecclesiastiques de 1'Eglise de
Geneve. Item 1'ordre des escoles de la dite
cite'. Geneve, 1562. 8

Tableau historique et politique des deux der-
nieres revolutions de Geneve. [Par M. d'YvER-
NOIS.] 2 torn. Londres, 1789. 8

Assemble'e gen^rale de la society evangelique
de Geneve. Anniversaires 2 m e, 23 me , 25 me ,
28me. 29me. Geneve, 1833-60. 8

SAINT- AUBIN, comtesse de). Mademoiselle de
Clermont, nouvelle historique.

Paris, 1813. 12

GENNADIUS, Patriarch of Constantinople, i. e.

GENTILIS (VALENTINUS). * A short history of
V. G., wrote in Latin by Benedictus ARETIUS.


GENTILLET (INNOCENT). Examen canonum et
decretorum concilii Tridentini, in quo, suc-
cincte et nervose demonstratur, concilium hoc
canonibus conciliorum antiquorum, et axicto-
ritati Regis Gallorum adversari. Auctore G.
I. C.D.I. s . I., 1690. 8

GENTLE (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Free
Church, Alves. The principles of the Free
Church closely connected with Christian faith
and practice. Elgin, 1844. 8

GENTLEMAN. An account of some remarkable
passages in the life of a private gentleman.

Glasgow, 1765. 12

GENTZ (FRIEDRICH VON). On the state of En-



rope before and after the French revolution.
Translated from the German by John Charles
Herries. 3d ed. London, 1803. 8

GEOGRAPHY. Geographia classica : The geo-
graphy of the ancients. 5th ed.

London, 1725. 4

GEOLOGY. Scriptural geology ; or geological
phenomena consistent only with the literal in-
terpretation of the sacred Scriptures upon the
subjects of the creation and deluge ; in answer
to M. Cuvier and Professor Buckland. [By
George BTJGG.] 2 vol. London, 1826. 8

A portrait of geology. By a Fellow of the
Geological Society. London, 1838. 8

Quarterly journal of the Geological Society of
London. Vol. i.-xv. [Wanting part ii. of
vol x., and part iv. of vol. xv.]

London, 1845-59. 8

- Memoirs of the Geological Society of Great
Britain. 2 vol. 3 parts. London, 1846-48. 8

Geological surveys of Scotland. 2 vol.

s. I. et a. 8

GEOMETRY. Geometry, plain, solid, and sphe-
rical. Published under the superintendence
of the Society for the diffusion of useful know-
ledge. London, 1830. 8
GEORGE I., King of Great Britain. An Act for
making more effectual the laws appointing the
oaths for security of the government, to be
taken by ministers and preachers in churches
and meeting-houses in Scotland.

Edin., 1719. 8

GEORGE III., King of Great Britain. An Act
to continue an Act., .intituled, An Act for ren-
dering the payment of the creditors of insol-
vent debtors more eqxial and expeditious.

Edin., 1780. 8

- An Act for rendering the payment of the cre-
ditors of insolvent debtors more eqxial and ex-
peditious. Edin., 1781. 8

An Act for rendering the payment of creditors
more equal and expeditious. Edin., 1786. 8

An Act for granting to His Majesty several ad-
ditional and new duties upon stamped vellum,
parchment, and paper. Edin. , 1783. 8

- An Act for repealing an Act... intituled, An
Act for charging a stamp-duty upon inland
bills of exchange. . .and for granting new stamp-
duties on bills of exchange. Edin. , 1783. 8

- An Act to explain and amend an Act... inti-
tuled An Act for repealing an Act... intituled
An Act for charging a stamp-duty upon inland
bills of exchange. . .and for granting new stamp-
duties on bills of exchange. Edin. , 1784. 8

- Abstract of the Acts of Parliament passed last
session, imposing duties on bills of exchange. . .
registry of burials... vellum... quack medicines.

Edin. , s. a. 8

- An Act for granting to His Majesty certain
duties on horses kept for the purpose of rid-
ing, and on horses used in drawing certain
carriages. Edin., 1784. 8

An Act for granting to His Majesty certain
duties on certificates to be taken out by soli-
citors, attornies and others practising in cer-
tain courts. Edin., 1785. 8

Heads of a Bill for altering the Act 43 George
III. cap. 54. s. I. et a. 8

GEORGE IV., King of Great Britain. An Act
for extending to Scotland certain provisions of
an Act for the relief of the poor, in so far as
the same relate to parochial relief to Chelsea
and other pensioners. Edin. , 1825. 8

rum moribus epitome. [Romce], 1598. 8
GERARD (ALEXANDER), D.D., Professor of divi-
nity in Marischal college, Aberdeen. The in-
fluence of the pastoral office on the character
examined ; with a view, especially, to Mr
Hume's representation of the spirit of that
office. A sermon preached before the Synod
of Aberdeen, April 8, 1760.

Aberdeen, 1760. 8

1 Dissertations on subjects relating to the ge-
nius and the evidences of Christianity.

Edin., 1766. 8

Another copy.

Liberty the cloke of maliciousness, both in the
American rebellion and in the manners of the
times. A sermon [on 1 Pet. ii. 16] preached
Feb. 26, 1778. Aberdeen, 1778. 8

Sermons. 2 vol. 2d ed. London, 1782. 8

The corruptions of Christianity considered as
affecting its truth. A sermon, preached before
the society in Scotland for propagating Chris-
tian knowledge ; at their anniversary meeting
in... Edinburgh, June 2, 1791. To which is
added, an appendix, containing an abstract of
the proceedings of the society from Sept. 1.
1790. Edin., 1792. 8

Another copy.

- The pastoral care. Published by his son and
successor, Gilbert Gerard, D.D.

London, 1799. 8

A compendious view of the evidences of na-
tural and revealed religion ; being the sub-
stance of lectures read in the University and
King's college, Aberdeen. By A. and Gilbert
GERARD. London, 1828. 8

GERARD (GILBERT), D.D., son of the preceding,
and Professor of divinity in King's college, Aber-
deen. Institutes of biblical criticism ; or, heads
of the course of lectures, on that subject, read
in the University and King's college of Aber-
deen. 2ded. Edin., 1808. 8
I Another copy.

A compendious view of the evidences of na-
tural and revealed religion by A. GERARD, and
G. G. 1828

GERBERON (GABRIEL). Histoire general du

GERBERTUS (MARTINUS), Abbot of tlie Benedic-
tine monastery of St Blaise, in the Black Fo-
rest. Jansenisticarum controversiarum ex
doctrina S. Augustmi retractatio.

s. I, 1791. 8

GERDESIUS (DANIEL), Professor of theology and
ecclesiastical histoi'y at Duisburg. Doctrina
gratise, sive compendium theologiee dogmati-
cse, ex Scripturarum fontibus haustum, in
usum scholse privatse.

Duisburgi ad Ehenum, 1734. 4



Another edition. <>i<>ningce, 1744. 4

Elenchus veritatum circa quas defendendas
versatur theologia elenchtica in usum scholaa
privates adomatus. Groningce, 1740. 4

Introductio in historiam Evangelii seculo xvi.
passim per Europam renovati doctrinieque re-
formate. Accedunt varia quibus ipsa historia
illustratur, monumenta pietatis atque rei lit r-
rariae. 4 torn.

Groningce et Bnmce, 1744-52. 4

Another copy.

Scrinium antiquarium, sive Miscellanea Gro-
ningana nova ad historiam Reformationis ec-
clesiasticam praecipue spectantia. Inseruntur
tractatus varii generis, epistolse, orationes,
biographies, et sim. sive nunquam antea edi-
tse, sive ita factae rariores ut pro ineditis haberi
possint. 6 torn.

Groningce et Bremce, 1749-60. 4

Meletemata sacra, sive, Isagoge et exegesis in
caput xv. Epistolae prioris ad Corinthios.

Groningce et Bremce, 1759. 4

Specimen Italiae reformatse, sive observata
qu&dam ad historiam renati in Italia tempore
reformationis Evangelii, una cum syllabo refor-
matorum Italorum. Luqd. Batav., 1765. 4

GEREE (JOHN), M.A., Minister of St Faith's,
London. Vindiciae paedo-baptismi : or, a vin-
dication of infant baptism, in a full answer to
Mr Tombs his twelve arguments alleaged
against it in his exercitation, arid whatsoever
is rational, or material in his answer to Mr
Marshal's sermon. London, 1646. 4

GEREE (STEPHEN). The doctrine of the Anti-

nomians by evidence of God's truth plainely

confuted ; in an answer to divers doctrines in

the seven first sermons of Dr Crisp's fourteen.

London, 1644. 4

GERET (JOANNES GEORGIUS). Exercitatio anti-
Lactantiana qua de mendosa Eucharistiae Pla-
tonicse interpretation, Praeside J. G. Ber-
gero. . .publice disseret auctor J. G. G. f Exer-
citatio prima.] Vitembergce, [1722]. 4

Exercitatio anti-Lactantiana de mendosa Eu-
charistioe Platonicse interpretatione quam Prae-
side J. G. G. ...defendendam suscipiet J. F.
Brunnerus. [Exercitatio secunda.]

Vitenibergce, [1722]. 4

Exercitatio historico-literaria qua variorum de
Lactantio ejusque theologia judicia...exhibet
J. G. G., respondente J. M. Braunio.

Vitembergce, [1722]. 4

Specimen examinis theologize Lactantianse in
articulo de Deo absolute considerato Filio et
Spiritu Sancto. Vitcmbergce., 1723. 4

GERHARDUS (JOHANNES), Professor of divinity \
at Jena. Quinquaginta meditationes sacrte \
ad veram pietatem exercitandam, et interioris
hominis profectum promovendum accommo- I
datse. cissce, 1621. 12

Another edition. Jamque quinta vice emen- :
datiores editae. Opera et studio J. G.

Jence, 1622. 12

Hannoniae evangelistarum Chemnitio-Lyseri-
anae a J. G. continuatae et justo commentario
illustrate. Pars prima. Jenw, 1625. 4

In harni' miain historiue evangelicae de passiono,
crucifixione, morto et sepulture Christ i ex
quatuor Evangelistis con tc-x tain, Commentari-
us ; [cum Hannon. Evangel, inchoate a M.

Confessio catholica, in qua doctrina cathnlica
et evangel ica, quam Ecclesite Angus tana? con-
f essioni addictae profitentur, ex Romano Catho-
licorum scriptorum suffrugiis confirmatur. 4
torn. LipsitK et Jence, 1634-68. 4

Loci theologici cum pro adstruenda veritate
turn pro destruenda quorumvis contradicen-
tium falsitate per theses nervose Bolide et copi-
ose explicati. 6 vol. Geneva, 1639. fol.

Denuo edidit variique generis observationea

nee non prasfationem qua de vita ac script is
auctoris disseritur adjecit Jo. Fridericus Cotta.
[Cum indicibua, cura Ge. Henr. Milller.] 21
torn. Tulingce, 1762-1789. 4

Homilite sacra. Pars ii. Editio secunda.

Jence, 1639. 8 C

Commentarius super priorem D. Petri Episto-
lam. Jeme, 1641. 4

Patrologia, sive de primitivae Ecclesias Christi-
anas Doctorum vita ac lucubrationibus opus-
culum posthumum. Accesserunt de scholasti-
cis ac historise ecclesiasticae scriptoribus, turn
aliis quoque recencioribus nonnullis judicia
varia. Item laudationes funebres in diversis
Gemianiaa academiis dictae, in quibus auctoris
vita ac scripta pertractantur. Jence, 1653. 8

GERLACH (OTTO VON), Preacher at the Cathe-
dral, Berlin. Commentary on the Pentateuch.
Translated from the German by Rev. Henry
Downing. Edin., 1860. 8

GERMLAJNY. Considerations on the present Ger-
man war. In two parts. 4th ed. [By Israel
MAUDUIT.] London, 1761. 8

A full and candid answer to a pamphlet, en-
titled, Considerations on the present German
war. London, 1760. 8

GERRALD (JOSEPH). A convention the only
means of saving us from ruin. In a letter ad-
dressed to the people of England.

London, 1793. 8

The trial of J. G., delegate from the London
corresponding society to the British Conven-
tion, before the High Court of Justiciary, at
Edinburgh, on the 3d, 10th, 13th and 14th of
March, 1794, for sedition. Edin., [1794]. 8

Another copy.

GERSONIUS (JOANNES), Chancellor of the Uni-
versity of Paris. Opera omnia, novo ordine
digesta ; ad Manuscriptos codices quampluri-
mos collata, et innumeris in locis emendata ;
quaedam etiam nunc primuin edita. Quibus
accessere Henrici de HASSIA, Petri de ALLIACO,
Joannis BREVICOX^E, Joannis de VARENIS,
scriptorum coaetaneorum, ac insuper Jacobi
ALMAINI et Joannis MAJORIS tractatus, partim
editi partim inediti ; necnon monumenta omnia
ad causam Joannis Parvi pertinentia. Opera
et studio M. Lud. Ellies du Pin... qua huic
novse editioni praefixit Gersoniana, in quibus
historia ecclesiastica temporis illius quo Gerso-
nius vixit texitur, hujus et cosevorum vita nar-



ratur, scripta recensentur, doctrina exponitur.
5 torn. Antwerpice, 1706. fol.

GERST^ECKER (FRIEDRICH). Tales of the de-
sert and the bush. Edin., 1854. 8

GESENIUS (GUILIELMUS), Professor of theology
at the University of Halle. De Pentateuch!
Samaritan! origine indole et auctoritate com-
mentatio philologico-critica. Halce, 1815. 4

- Another copy.

- Neues Hebraisch-Deutsches Handworterbuch
tiber das Alte Testament. Leipzig, 1815. 8

- A Hebrew and English lexicon to the Old Tes-
tament ; including the biblical Chaldee. Edit-
ed, with improvements, from the German works
of Gesenius, by Josiah W. Gibbs, A. M.

London, 1832. 8

- Lexicon mannale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum in
Veteris Testament! libros. Post editionem
Germanicam tertiam Latine elaboravit, multis-
que modis retraetavit et auxit G. G.

Lipsice, 1833. 8

A Hebrew and English lexicon of the Old Tes-
tament, including the Biblical Chaldee. Trans-
lated from theLatin by Edward Robinson, D.D.
A new edition. London, 1844. 8

- Another copy.

- Thesaurus philologicus criticus linguse Hebrsese
et Chaldseae Veteris Testamenti. Editio altera
secundum radices digesta priore Germanica
longe auctior et emendatior. 3 torn. [Tom. iii.
completed by ^Emilius Roediger, in consequence
of the death of Gesenius.]

Lipsice, 1835-53. 4

- Tomi tertii fasciculus novissimus, quo conti-
nentur indices, additamenta et emendationes.
Digessit et edidit ^Emilius Roediger.

Lipsice, 1858. 4

- Hebraische Grammatik. Zehnte...Auflage.

Halle, 1831. 8

- Hebrew grammar, from the fourteenth German
edition. Enlarged and improved by E. Rodi-
ger, Ph. D., D.D. ...Translated by Benjamin
Davies. With a Hebrew reading book, pre-
pared by the translator. London, 1846. 4

- Seventeenth edition, with numerous correc-
tions and additions, by Dr E. Rodiger. Trans-
lated by T. J. Conant. With grammatical
exercises and a Chrestomathy by the translator.

New York, 1855. 8

- The Hebrew grammar of Gesenius. Translated
from the eleventh German edition, by T. J.
Conant. With a course of exercises, and a
Hebrew Chrestomathy by the translator. Re-
printed from the American edition of 1839.

London, s. a. 8

Another copy.

G ESNER (ABRAHAM), Surgeon. New Brunswick ;
with notes for emigrants, comprehending the
early history, an account of the Indians, settle-
ment, topography, statistics, commerce, tim-
ber, manufactures, agriculture, fisheries, geo-
logy, natural history, social and political state,
immigrants and contemplated railways of that
province. London, 1847. 8

- The industrial resources of Nova Scotia, com-
prehending the physical geography, topogra-

phy, geology, agriculture... natural history and
resources of that province.

Halifax, N. S., 1849. 8

GESNERUS (CONRADUS). Thesaurus Euonymi
PHILIATRI de remediis secretis.

Lugduni, 1554. 16

GESS (T. W.). The revelation of God in his
word ; shown in a graphic delineation of Holy
Scripture for its friends and enemies. Trans-
lated from the German, by W. Brown, A. M.
[Bib. Cab. vol. 31.] Edin., 1841. 8

der Person Christi entwickelt aus dem Selbst-
bewusstsein Christi und aus dem Zeugnisse
der Apostel. Basel, 1856. 8

GESSNER (SOLOMON). The death of Abel : in
five books. Attempted from the German of
Mr. Gessner. [By Mary Collyer. ] Stereotype
edition, with plates. London, 1807. 12


GIANNONE (PiETRo). Istoria civile del regno
di Napoli. Edizione accresciuta di note criti-
che, rinessioni, medaglieemoltissime correzioni
fatte dall' Autore che non si trovano nelle tre
anteriori. 4 torn. Jn, Venezia, 1766. 4

- Anecdotes ecclesiastiques, contenant la police
et la discipline de FEglise Chretienne, depuis
son etablissement jusq'au xi. siecle ; les in-
trigues des Eveques de Rome, et leurs usurpa-
tions sur le temporel des Souverains. Tire'es
de 1'histoire du royaume de Naples, de Gian-
none, brule'e a Rome en 1726. (Par Jacques
VERNET.) Amsterdam, 1738. 8"

GIB (ADAM), Minister of the Gospel, Edinburgh.
A warning against countenancing the minis-
trations of Mr George Whitefield.

Edin., 1742. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

The present truth : a display of the Secession
testimony ; in the three periods of the rise,
state, and maintenance of that testimony.
2 vol. Edin., 1774. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- Kec/j/os x.i Kcthctia.. Sacred contemplations : in
three parts. I. A view of the covenant of
works... II. A view of the covenant of grace...
III. A view of the absolute and immediate de-
pendence of all things on God : in a discourse
concerning liberty and necessity.

Edin., 1786. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

* A short account of the conduct of some of
the Secession judicators, concerning some peti-
tions presented to them for redress of griev-
ances, referring to some late publications, by
Mr Adam Gib, and Mr Josiah Hunter.

Glasgoiv, 1782. 8

GIBB (JOSEPH), Minister of the Gospel, Banff.
The first principles of religion, collected and
arranged as a help for those who are unskilful
in the word of righteousness, and as a memo-
rial for the teachers of youth. 3d ed.

Edin., 1824. 12



- A view of the new covenant, taken expressly |
from the sacred records. Edin., 1827. 1* >

- Directions for searching the Scriptures. In \
MX parts. Edin., 1828. I'-'

<;IHUES (CHARLES), D.D. XXXI. sermons
preached to the parishioners of Stanford- Ri-
vers in Essex upon several subjects and occa-
sions. London, 1677. 4 \

GIBBON (CHARLES), Minister of Lonmay. A j
letter by a delegate to the General Assembly
to Dr M. on the subject of the Earl of Aber-
deen's Bill for removing doubts as to the
powers of the Church courts to adjudicate ex-
clusively on the qualification and fitness of
presentees to the particular parishes to which j
they are named by patrons. With an appeal j
to members of Assembly on the subject of the
Moderatorship. By C. G.

Aberdeen, 1840. 8

GIBBON (EDWARD). The history of the decline
and fall of the Roman empire. 8 vol.

London, 1825. 8

Another edition. Reprinted from the origi-
nal text, with the careful omission of all pas-
sages of an irreligious or immoral tendency.
By Thomas Bowdler. 5 vol.

London, 1826. 8

Another edition, printed from the edition in
twelve volumes. With an introductory me-
moir of the author by William Youngman.

London, 1830. 8

Another edition. London, 1839. 8

- Miscellaneous works. With memoirs of his
life and writings composed by himself. Illus-
trated from his letters, with occasional notes
and narrative by John, Lord Sheffield.

London, 1837. 8

GIBBONS (THOMAS), D.D., Minister of the Inde-
pendent congregation at Haberdasfor's Hall,
London. The mourner's complaint considered
and applied. In a funeral discourse [on John,
xi. 32] for Mr William Beldam. 2d ed.

London, 1746. 8

Living Christianity delineated in the diaries
of Mr H. Bryan and Mrs M. Hutson. With
a preface by the Rev. John CONDER and the
Rev. T. G. 1760

The character and blessedness of the righteous
represented : in a sermon [on Is. iii. 10] preach-
ed on the death of William Cromwell, Esq.,
July 1772. To which is added the speech de-
livered at his intennent. London, 1773. 8

Memoirs of eminently pious women. . .To which
is now added a second vol., containing the
lives of many others equally exemplary in
every grace which can adorn the female cha-
racter. By the Rev. G. JERMONT. 2 vol.

London, 1804. 8

- A new edition... Corrected and enlarged by the
Rev. Samuel Burder, A.M. 3 vol.

London, 1815. 8

The hidden life of a Christian, exemplified in
the diary, meditations and letters of a young
minister. A new ed. Edin., 1822. 12

GIBBS (GEORGE). A defence of the baptists ; or i
the baptism of believers by immersion shewn

to be the only baptism of the Christian dis-
- i ed. ...', 1>L".. 8 J

GIBERT (E.). A sermon, [on Psalm xcix. 1]
preached Feb. 28, 1794, at the French Chapel-
royal... London. Translated frnu the I
original. . I7'.'-V I-'

>ON (EDMUND), D.D., Bishop of London.
J-'ivu pastoral letters to the people of his dio-
cese ; particularly to those of the two great
cities of London and Westminster. The tlireo
first in defence of the Gospel-revelation, and
by way of preservative against the late writ-
ings in favour of infidelity. The fourth against
lukewarmness on one hand, and enthusiasm on
the other. And the fifth and last on the late
Rebellion, and exciting to a serious reforma-
tion of life and manners. With a postscript,
setting forth the danger and mischiefs of Po-
pery. London, 1749. 12

Pastoral letters [i.-iii.] to the people of his
diocese. 7th ed. London, 1735. 12

Pastoral letter to the people of his diocese...
occasioned by some late writings in favour of
infidelity. London, 1728. 8

Fourth edition. London, 1731. 8

* A plea for humane reason, shewing the suf-
ficiency of it in matters of religion, in a letter
to the Bishop of London. [By John JACKSON.]

London, 1730. 8 U

Second pastoral letter to the people of his
diocese... Occasioned by some late writings,
in which it is asserted, " that reason is a suf-
ficient guide in matters of religion, without
the help of revelation." London, 1730. 8

Another copy.

* A defence of the plea for human reason,
being a reply to a book, entitled, A plea for
divine revelation. In a letter to the Bishop
of London. [By John JACKSON.]

London, 1731. 8

The great work of our REDEMPTION by Christ
and the several branches of it, as represented
at one view and in the words of Scripture,
under the sixth head of the Bishop of Lon-
don's second pastoral letter. 1735

Third pastoral letter to the people of his dio-
cese... Occasioned by the suggestions of infidels
against the writings of the New Testament,
considered as a divine rule of faith and man-
ners. London, 1731. 8

Another copy.

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