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Edin., 1844. 8

CXI. propositions concerning the ministerie
and GOVERNMENT of the CHURCH. 1647

Another edition. [Presb. Armoury. Reprint-
ed from the edition of 1647.]

Edin., 1844. 8
Another copy.

A treatise of miscellany questions ; wherein
many useful questions and cases of conscience
are discussed and resolved for the satisfaction
of those who desire nothing more than to search
for and find out precious truths in the contro-
versies of these times. Edin. , 1649. 4
Another edition. [Presb. Armoury. Reprint-
ed from the edition of 1649.]

Edin., 1844. 8
Another copy.
Another copy.

Ane useful! case of conscience discussed and
resolved, concerning associations and confede-
racies with idolaters, infidels, heretics, or any
other known enemies of truth and godlinesse.

Edin., 1649. 4
Another copy.

Another edition ; [with TESTIMONY-BEARING
exemplified]. 1791

A brotherly examination of some passages of
Mr Coleman's late sermon upon Job, xi. 20, as
it is now printed and published ; by which he
hath, to the great offence of very many, en-
deavoured to strike at the very root of all spi-
ritual and ecclesiastical government, contraiy
to the word of God, the solemn league and
covenant, other reformed Churches, and the
votes of the honourable Houses of Parliament,
after advice had with the reverend and learned
Assembly of divines. [Presb. Armoury. Re-
printed from the edition of 1645.]

Edin., 1844. 8
Another copy.

Nihil respondes : or a discovery of the extreme
unsatisfactoriness of Mr Coleman's piece, pub-
lished last week under the title of " A bro-
therly examination re-examined. " [Presb. Ar-



moury. Reprinted from the edition ( ,f 1045. 1

/:./<., 1844. 8*

- Another copy.

- Male audis ; or, an answer to Mr Coleman's
Male dicis : wherein the repugnancy of his
Erastian doctrine to the word of God, to the
solemn league and covenant, and to the ordi-
nances of Parliament ; also his contradictions,
tergiversations, heterodoxies, calumnies, and
perverting of testimonies are made more ap-
parent than formerly. Together with some
animadversions upon Mr Hussey's plea for
Christian magistracy ; shewing, that in divers
of the aforementioned particulars, he hath mis-
carried as much as, and in some particulars
more than, Mr Coleman. [Presb. Armoury.
Reprinted from the edition of 1646.]

K.iin., 1844. 8

Another copy.

- A sermon [on Ezek. xliii. 12] preached before
the Hon. House of Commons at their late
solemn fast, Wednesday, March 27, 1644.
[Presb. Armoury. Reprinted from the edition
of 1644.] Edin., 1844. 8

Another copy.

- A sermon [on Mai. iii. 2] preached before the
Right Hon. the House of Lords, in the Abbey
church at Westminster, August 27, 1645, being
the day appointed for solemn and public hu-
miliation. [Presb. Armoury. Reprinted from
the edition of 1645.] " Edin., 1844. 8

Another copy.

Notes of debates and proceedings of the As-
sembly of divines and other commissioners at
Westminster from February 1644 to January
1645... Edited by David Meek. [Presb. Ar-
moury.] Edin., 1846. 8

Another copy.

- * An account of the method of electing a mi-
nister to the parish of Strathmiglo. . .First, with
respect to the call of Mr Donald Cargill to be
minister there, anno 1654 ; and afterwards
anno 1655, with reference to the call of the
said parish of Strathmiglo, to Mr John Rig,
minister of Ferry-parton-Craig, to be their
minister. Directed in a Letter to the Rev.
G. G., Strathmiglo. Edin., 1733. 8

CJILLESPIE (PATRICK). The ARK of the testa-
ment opened. 1661
Rulers sins the causes of national judgments.
Or, A sermon preached at the fast, upon the
26 day of December 1650. To which is an-
nexed, a sermon upon the difficulty of conver-
sion, by Mr John WALWOOD. s. L, 1711. 4

Another copy.

GILLESPIE (THOMAS), Minister of Cults. The
seasons contemplated in the spirit of the Gos-
pel. Six sermons. Edin., 1822. 12

GILLESPIE (WILLIAM). The rebellion of Ab-
salom ; a discourse preached at Kirkcudbright
on the 30th July (1820). Dumfries, 1820. 8

GILLESPIE (WILLIAM). An argument, a priori,
for the being and attributes of God.

Edin., 1833. 8

The refuter refuted ; or, a complete demolition j
of the " refutation," by Antitheos, of the " ar- !

gmnent, ii priori, fur the ln-iiii,' and attri1>m< s
of God." | In 2 parts.] /, -:;. 8 U

An exposure i.f tin- um-hri.stian ami unpin''
phical principles set forth in Mr' \orge Combe's
work entitled " The constitution of man, CMI
sidered in relation to external objects. " '_'< 1 re 1 .

, 1836. 8

GILLET (NATHANIEL). An exposition of Chris-
tian doctrine, respecting the will and purpose
of God towards man as a moral agent, in the
threefold state of his creation, apostacy, ami
subsequent recovery by grace : wherein the
decrees of election and reprobation are parti-
cularly consideit < 1 . Aberdeen, 1827. 12
GILLIES (JOHN), D.D., Minister of the College
flunrli, Clasgoiv. Exhortations to the inhabi-
tants of the South parish in Glasgow, and the
hearers in the College Kirk. 2 vol.

Glasgow, 1751. 8

Extracts from an exhortation to the inhabi-
tants of the South parish of Glasgow. With
a short memoir of his life by Dr John Erskine.

Glasgow, 1819. 12

Historical collections relating to remarkable
periods of the success of the Gospel, and emi-
nent instruments employed in promoting it.
2 vol. Compiled by J. G.

Glasgow, 1754. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. Reprinted with a preface
and continuation to the present time ; by Ho-
ratius Bonar, D.D. Kelso, 1845. 8

A supplement to two volumes (published in
1754) of historical collections, chiefly contain-
ing late remarkable instances of faith working
by love... With an account of the pious com-
piler, and other additions, by Dr John Erskine.

Edin., 1796. 12

The New Testament... with devotional reflec-
tions. To which is prefixed, a brief memoir
of the aiithor, by William Nicol, D.D. A new
edition. 2 vol. London, 1810. 8

GILLIES (JOHN). Sean Dain agus Grain Ghaidh-
ealach, air an tabhairt o Dhaoin uaisle, araid
an Gaeltachd Alba d'on fhear fhoillsicheadh'
Eoin Gillies. Peairt, [Perth] 1786. 8

GILLIES (JOHN), LL.D., Historiographer to his
Majesty for Scotland. The history of ancient
Greece, its colonies and conquests ; from the
earliest accounts till the division of the Mace-
donian empire in the East. Including the his-
tory of literature, philosophy, and the fine
arts. 5th ed. 4 vol. London, 1809. 8

GILLIES (JOHN). Short reply to the Rev. Da-
vid Thorn's pamphlet, entitled " Remarks on
a series of charges," fcc. , comprehending some
observations on the evidence taken at Liver-
pool. Liverpool, 1825. 8

GILLIES (ROBERT PEIRCE). Childe Alarique, a
poet's reverie. Edin. , 1813. 4

GILLIS (JAMES), Roman Catholic Bishop of Edin-
burgh. A letter to the editor of the Caledo-
nian Mercury, in refutation of statements made
in the late General Assembly of the Free Church
of Scotland. 2d ed. Edin., 1845. !:>

The new penal law considered in its bearing



upon Scotland ; or two letters addressed to
the Right Hon. the Earl of Arundel and Sur-
rey. Edin., 1851. 8
ham, and vicar of Norham. Narrative of an
excursion to the mountains of Piemont, in the
year 1823. 3d ed. London, 1826. 8

- Our protestant forefathers. 3d ed.

Edin., 1835. 12

- Another copy.

- VIGILANTIUS and his times. 1844
GILPIN (BERNARD), Rector ofHoughton-le-Spring.

A godly sermon preached in the court at
Greenwich, the firste Sonday after the Epipha-
nie, A.D. 1552. By B. G. London, 1581. 16

- * The life of B. G. , collected from his life,
written by George Carleton, from other print-
ed accounts of the times he lived in, from ori-
ginal letters, and other authentic records : By
William Gilpin, M.A. London, s. a. 8

- Another edition. With an introductory essay
by the Rev. Edward Irving, A.M.

Glasgow, 1824. 12

GILPIN (JOSHUA), Minister of Wrockwardine,
Salop. Practical discourses.

Wellington, Salop, 1817. 8
GILPIN (RICHARD), Minister of G-reyslock. The
temple rebuilt. A discourse on Zachary, vi.
13. preached at a general meeting of the asso-
ciated ministers at Keswick, May 19.

London, 1658. 4

GILPIN (WILLIAM), M.A. The lives of John
Wicliff, and of the most eminent of his dis-
ciples, Lord Cobham, John Huss, Jerome of
Prague, and Zisca. London, 1765. 8

Second edition. London, 1766. 8

GILPIN (WILLIAM), Prebendary of Salisbury.
Sermons preached to a country congregation :
to which are added, a few hints for sermons ;
intended chiefly for the use of the younger
clergy. 3 vol. London, 1801-3. 8

- Lectures on the Catechism of the Church of
England. 6th ed. London, 1805. 12

- Dialogues on various subjects.

London, 1807. 8

- Three essays : on picturesque beauty ; on pic-
turesque travel ; on sketching landscape. With
a poem on landscape painting. To which are
now added, two essays, giving an account of
the principles and mode in which the author
executed his own drawings. 3d ed.

London, 1808. 8

GILPIN (WILLIAM), M.A., Rector of Pulverbatch,
Salop. Sermons illustrative and practical.

London, 1820. 8

GINDELY (ANTON). Geschichte der Bohmi-
schen Briider. Z welter Band. (1564-1609.)

Prog, 1858. 8

bala : its doctrines, development, and litera-
ture, an essay. London, 1865. 8
GIOBERTI (VINCENZO). Prolegomeni del pri-
mato morale e civile degli Italiani scritti dall'
autore. Tomo unico. Capolayo, 1846. 8

- II gesuita moderno. Sulla prima edizione origi-
nale di Losanna. 7 torn. Losanna, 1847. 8

- Introduzione allo studio della filosofia. Sulla
seconda edizione riveduta et corretta dall' au-
tore. 4 torn. Capolago, 1849, 50. 8

Traduite sur la seconde edition Italienne par

1'Abbe V. Tourneur, et par 1'Abbe" P. Defour-
ny. Pre'ce'de'e d'un aper9u BUT le systeme de
1'auteur. 3 torn. Paris, 1847. 8

Considerations sur les doctrines religieuses de
M. Victor Cousin pour servir d'appendice k
1'introduction a F etude de la philosophic. Tra-
dxiites de 1'Italien par 1'Abbe* V. Tourneur...
Precede'es d'un expose* me'thodique du systeme
de M. V. Cousin. Deuxieme Edition.

Paris, 1847. 8

GIRAFFI (ALEXANDER). An exact history of
the late revolutions in Naples ; and of their
monstrous successes, not to be parallel'd by
any antient or modern history. Published by
the Lord A. G. in Italian ; and (for the rare-
nesse of the subject) rendred to English by
J[ames] H[owell]. In two parts.

London, 1663, 4. 8

GIRARD (L'abbe' GABRIEL), Chaplain to the
Duchess de Berri. Synonymes Francois, leurs
differentes significations, et le choix qu'il en
faut fairo pour parler avec justesse. ll m e eMi-
tion. Geneve, 1757. 12

GIRARD (H.). Die norddeutsche Ebene, geolo-
gisch dargestellt. Berlin, 1855. 8

GIROT (M.). Le moraliste de la jeunesse, ou
pensees et maximes des plus propres a former le
coiur et 1'esprit, tire'es des meilleurs ecrivains
Frangais, avec des notices. Londrcs, 1801. 12

GIRTHON. Case of James Kirkpatrick and
others, elders and heads of families in the pa-
rish of Girthon, appellants. Against the Rev.
Mr John M'Naught, minister of the Gospel in
the parish of Girthon and Presbytery of Kirk-
cudbright, respondent. To be heard at the
bar of the General Assembly, May 1 793.

s. 1. et a. 4

Proof in the libel before the Presbytery of
Kirkcudbright, at the instance of James Kirk-
patrick and others, elders and heads of fami-
lies in the parish of Girthon, against the Rev.
Mr John M'Naught, minister of the Gospel in
the parish of Girthon, and Presbytery of Kirk-
cudbright, s. 1. et a. 4

Case for the Rev. Mr M'Naught, minister of
the Gospel at Girthon, respondent ; against
John Thomson, factor for Mr Murray of
Broughton, and others, appellants. To be
heard at the bar of the Venerable Assembly,
May 1793. s. 1. et a. 4

theory and practice. 1718

GISBORNE (THOMAS), M.A., Prebendary of Dur-
ham. An enquiry into the duties of men in
the higher and middle classes of society in
Great Britain, resulting from their respective
stations, professions, and employments. 4th
ed. 2 vol. London, 1797. 8

The principles of moral philosophy investi-
gated, and applied to the constitxition of civil
society. 4th ed. ; to which is added, a new
edition, being the fifth, with an appendix, of



remarks on the lato decision of the House of
Commons lespccting tlio abolition of the slave
trade. Loniln,,, 17!>8. 8

A familiar survey of the Christian religion, and
of history as connected with the introduction
of Christianity, and with its progress to the
present time. 2d ed. London, 1799. 8

- Another copy.

- Sermons. 2d ed. "Ion, 1802. 8

Poems, sacred and moral. 3d ed.

London, 1803. 8 a

An enquiry into the duties of the female sex.
9th ed. London, 1810. 8

A familiar exposition and application of the
Epistle of St Paul to the Colossians, in a
course of eight sermons ; including an exami-
nation of the general nature and use of the
Epistles of the New Testament. To which are
subjoined two sermons on parts of the example
of St Paul. London, 1816. 12

- Another copy.

- The testimony of natural theology to Chris-
tianity. 3d ed. London, 1818. 12

GIVING. The art of giving. s. L et a. 16


The State in its relations with the Church.

2d ed. London, 1839. 8

Another copy.

Church principles considered in their results.

London, 1840. 8

GLAD WIN (FRANCIS). Dissertations on the rhe-
toric, prosody and rhyme of the Persians.

Calcutta, 1801. 4

GLANVILL (JOSEPH), M.A., Prebendary of Wor-
cester. The vanity of dogmatizing : or confi-
dence in opinions manifested in a discourse of
the shortness and uncertainty of our know-
ledge and its causes ; with some reflexions on
Peripateticism ; and an apology for philosophy.
London, 1661. 8

Scepsis scientifica : or, confest ignorance, the
way to science, in an essay of the vanity of
dogmatizing, and confident opinion. With a
reply to the exceptions of the learned Thomas
Albius. London, 1665. 4

Lux Orientalis, or an enquiry into the opinion
of the Eastern sages concerning the prseexist-
ence of SOULS. 1662

Philosophia pia : or, A discourse of the reli-
gious temper, and tendencies of the experimen-
tal philosophy, which is profest by the Royal
Society. To which is annext a recommenda-
tion, and defence of reason in the affairs of re-
ligion. London, 1671. 8

A prsefatory answer to Mr Henry Stubbe, the
doctor of Warwick. Wherein the malignity,
hypocrisie, falsehood of his temper, pretences,
reports, and the impertinency of his arguings
and quotations in his animadversions on Plus
ultra, are discovered. London, 1671. 8

Essays on several important subjects in philo-
sophy and religion. London, 1676. 4

Sadducismus triumphatus ; or, A full and plain
evidence, concerning witches and apparitions.
In two parts. . .4th ed. . .With some account of Mr
Glanvil's life and writings. London, 1726. 8

' :|. \> i.i us . M inter at Tealing. Theworkaof
MrJ. G. iMed. 5vol. With index.

/ '. i-//i . 1 7i', M: J. Index, reprinted, 1866. 8

A narrative of the rise and progress of the con-
troversy about the national covenant*, and of
the ways that have been taken about it on both
sides. /./<., 1728. 8

The NAKED TRUTH, or two letters, the first
from Mr J s G y containing a vindication
of his conduct in the affair of Mr < ; . 1729

A plea for pure and undefiled religion : with
an answer to some objections moved against it
by a friend. Min., 1741. 12 J

A treatise on the Lord's supper.

;., 1743. 12

Some notes on Scripture texts, shewing the
import of these names of Jesus Christ, the Son
of God, and the Word of God. vi. nos.

/;./; it., 1747-56. 8

Notes on scripture texts. Number vii. Judg-
ment with mercy. The divine jealousy. God
invisible to mortals. Abraham's sight of Christ's
day. Christ three nights in the heart of the
earth. The error of the Sadducees. The scribe
near God's kingdom. The true grace of God.

Edin., 1760. 8

A dissertation on infant-baptism. 3d ed.

Newcastle, 1771. 8

Remarks on the subject of modern religious
divisions ; in a letter, by a late minister of the
Church of Scotland. Edin., 1801. 12

The testimony of the King of martyrs concern-
ing his kingdom ; John, xviii. 36, 37, explain-
ed and illustrated in Scripture light. To which
is prefixed, An account of the life and charac-
ter of the author. Edin., 1813. 12

Another copy.

GLASCOCKE (FRANCIS). A sermon upon Rev.
ch. v. 8-14. preached at the merchant's lecture
in Pinners-Hall. London, 1702. 8

Great Church meetings in Glasgow. Addresses
delivered at the formation of a young men's
evangelical Church of Scotland society, and
address of the Rev. Dr Chalmers on the Free
Presbyterian Church in Scotland.

Glasgow, 1843. 8

Another copy.

COLLEGE. Process of declarator 1775, con-
cerning the management of the revenue of
Glasgow College. s. L, 1778. 4

Inaugural addresses by Lords Rectors of the
University of Glasgow. Edited by John Barras
Hay. Glasgow, 1839. 8

of publications, selected by the committee of
the Glasgow constitutional association, and re-
commended by them to the public.

Glasgow, 1793. 8

GAELIC CHURCH. Case of the petitioners...
formerly connected with Hope St. Gaelic
Church... praying to be allowed to continue in
connection with the Church of Scotland. In
answer to the reasons of dissent and complaint
against the resolution of the Presbytery of
Glasgow. Glasgovi, 1842. 8



- INFANT SCHOOL SOCIETY. The first annual re-
port of the Glasgow infant school society. 1829.

Glasgoiv, 1829. 8

- LUNATIC ASYLUM. Report of the general com-
mittee appointed to carry into effect the pro-
posal for a lunatic asylum at Glasgow.

Glasgow, 1814. 8

- Another copy.

- Regulations of the Glasgow asylum for luna-
tics. Glasgow, 1814. 8

- Annual reports [1815-1828] of the directors of
the Glasgow asylum for lunatics.

Glasgow, 1815-1828. 8

- Another copy. [Wanting the report for 1828.
2d ed. of 1st and 2d reports.]

Glasgow, 1817-1827. 8

- NORMAL SEMINAKY. Third report of the
Glasgow educational society's normal semi-
nary. 1836. Glasgow, 1837. 8

- PARISHES. Description of the ten parishes
into which the city of Glasgow was divided, in
the year 1820, exhibiting the population in
each parish : and a description of the twenty-
four police wards. Glasgow, 1820. 8

- POOR. Seventh annual report of the society
for promoting the religious interests of the
poor of Glasgow and its vicinity ; or, the Glas-
gow city mission : Read 7th January, 1833.

Glasgow, 1833. 8

speeches delivered in Gordon Street church,
Glasgow, at the formation of the Glasgow Vo-
luntary Church society, 12th November 1832.

Glasgow, 1832. 12

- First [second and third] report of the Glasgow
Voluntary Church society.

Glasgow, 1834-36. 12

GLASS (LAURENCE). All things gathered to-
gether in one in Christ. A sermon [on Eph.
i. 10] preached June 11, 1805.

Aberdeen, 1805. 8

GLASSE (SAMUEL), D.D., Rector of Wanstead,
Essex. A sermon [on Gal. vi. 10]. To which
is annexed an account of the Society for pro-
moting Christian knowledge.

London, 1791. 4

GLASSFORD (JAMES). Covetousness brought
to the bar of Scripture ; or, a brief inquiry
into the nature and evil of that sin.

Edin., 1837. 8

GLASSIUS (SALOMON), D.D., Professor of divi-
nity in Jena. Philologia sacra... Adjecta sub
finem hujus operis est ejusdem B. Glassii logi-
ca sacra, prout eandem ex MSto. edidit J. G.
Olearius...Editio novissima...Accedit pnefatio
J. F. Buddei. Lipsice, 1743. 4

GLEBES. Remarks suggested by a paper... en-
titled, Outlines of a Bill... to obtain an Act of
the legislature, entitling ministers and profes-
sors to receive compensation from their suc-
cessors for . . . improvements made on their
glebes... By a clergyman of the Synod of Aber-
deen. s . I. et a. 4

GLEIG (GEORGE), D.D., Bishop of Stirling.
Supplement to the correspondence between the
Right Rev. Bishop Gleig, and the Rev. Ed-

ward Craig, lately published.

Stirling, [1819]. 8

Directions for the study of theology. In a se-
ries of letters from a Bishop to his son on his
admission to holy orders. London, 1827. 8

GLEN (JOHN), Minister at Portobello. On cruelty
to animals : A sermon, preached 13th Oct.
1833. Edin., 1833. 12

GLEN (WILLIAM). The Psalms of David in Per-
sian ; translated by the Rev. W. G. 1835.
- The Bible in Persian. 1846. See BIBLES-

GLENDO VAN. Reasons of dissent from three
decisions of the General Assembly, 1770. [In
the Glendovan, St Ninians' and Crieff cases. ]

s. I. et a. 8*

GLENDY (WILLIAM). Letters on the measures
recently adopted and threatened for the pur-
pose of depriving Unitarian congregations in
Ireland of their meeting houses and other pro-
perty ; by W. G. and J. C. LEDLIE, D.D.

Belfast, 1844. 12


GLOAG (PATON J.). The primeval world : a trea-
tise on the relations of geology to theology.

Edin., 1859. 8

Mineralogie. Niirnberg, 1839. 8





See Charles BARING.

See John HOOPER.

GLOVER ( ). The substance of the evi-
dence delivered to a committee of the Hon.
House of Commons by the merchants and
traders of London, concerned in the trade to
Germany and Holland, and of the dealers in
foreign linens, as summed up by Mr Glover.
To which is annexed, his speech, introductory
to the proposals laid before the annuitants of
Mess. Douglas and Co. London, 1774. 8

GLOVER (RICHARD)." By the waters of Baby-
lon :" a series of sermons to young men on the
history of the four children of the captivity.
London, 1857. 8

GMELIN (LEOPOLD). Handbuch der theoreti-
schen Chemie. Dritte Auflage. 2 Band.

Frankfurt a Main, 1827-29. 8

Handbuch der Chemie. 4 te Auflage. 5 Band.

Heidelberg, 1843-52. 8 U

Fortsetzung des Handbuchs der Chemie von
List. l te und 2 te Lieferung.

Heidelberg, 1854-55. 8

FNHSIOS. A letter to the Rev. Thomas Chal-
mers, D.D. Edin., 1843. 8
GNIMELF (REDNAXELA), pseud. , i. e. Alexander


GOAD (THOMAS), D.D., Rector of Hadle ;/, Suffolk.
A disputation, partly theological, partly me-




l, concerning the necessity :inil con-
tingency of events in the world. In respect of
God's eternal decrees. [Tracts on Predestina-
tion.] Cambridge, 1719. 8
GODDARD (CHARLES), D.D., Archdeacon of /
'in. The mental condition necessary to a due
inquiry into religious evidence, stated and ex-
euiilitied, in eight sermons preached before
the University of Oxford, 1823, at the lecture
founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, M. A.
Oxford, 1824. 8

CODEAU (ANTOINE), Bishop of Grasse. Para-
phrase sur 1'Epistre de S. Paul aux Remains.

Rouen, 1667. 12

Paraphrase sur les deux Epistres de S. Paul
aux Corinthiens. Rouen, 1667. 12

- Paraphrase sur les Epistres de S. Paul aux
Galates, Ephesiens, Philipiens, Colossiens.

Rouen, 1667. 12

- Paraphrase sur 1'Epistre de S. Paul aux Thes-
saloniciens, a Timothee, a Tite, et a Philemon.

Rouen, 1667. 12

Paraphrase sur 1'Epistre de S. Paul aux He-
breux. Rouen, 1667. 12

Paraphrase sur les Epistres canoniques.

Rouen, 1667. 12

GODKIN (JAMES). A guide from the Church of
Rome to the Church of Christ. 2d ed.

Dublin, 1836. 12

Apostolic Christianity ; or, The people's anti-
dote against Romanism and Puseyism.

London, 1842. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

GODWIN (JOHN H.). Christian baptism. An
inquiry into the Scripture evidence of its na-
ture, the mode, subjects, and design of the
rite, and the meaning of the term.

London, 1845. 8

GODWIN (THOMAS), D.D., Rector of Brightwell.
Moses and Aaron. Civil and ecclesiastical
rites, used by the ancient Hebrewes ; observed
and at large opened for the clearing of many
obscure texts thorowout the whole Scriptures.
2d ed. London, 1626. 4

- Fourth edition. London, 1631. 4

Moses et Aaron. . .Cum versione Latina. . .a Joh.
Henrico Reizio. Editio tertia. Cui accesse-
runt Hermanni WITSII dissertation es duae, de
Theocratia Israelitarum, et de Rechabitis.

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