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Ultrajecti, 1690. 8

Romanse histories anthologia recognita et auc-
ta. An English exposition of the Roman an-
tiquities, wherein many Roman and English
offices are parallel'd and divers obscure phrases
explained. Newly revised and inlarged by the
author. Oxford, 1631. 4

GODWIN (WILLIAM). An enquiry concerning
political justice ; and its influence on general
virtue and happiness. 2 vol.

London, 1793. 4

The enquirer. A new edition.

Edin.,1823. 12

GOERRES (Jos.), Professor in the university of
Munich. Athanase...Traduit de 1'Allemand,
d'apres les 2e et 3" e'ditions. Pom, 1838. 8

GOETHE (Jon. WOLFGANG VON). Schriften.
I I'.au.U-. Leipzig, 1787-91. 8

Faust. 2 Theile. Neue Auflage. n: Tiibitvjen, 1833. 12

Another edition.

thtttgart u: Tubingen, 1838. 8

The auto-biography of Goethe. Truth and
poetry : fr<uu my life. Edited by Parke
<!oil\vin. 4 parts. London, 1847. 8

GOFFE (JOHN). Jesus Christ, the very God.
( r, evidences produc'd for the proper divinity
of our Lord Jesus Christ. Design'd chiefly for
the use of the unlearned. London, 1722. 8

GOGUET (ANTOINE- YVES). The origin of laws,
arts, and sciences, and their progress among
the most ancient nations. [From the deluge
to the return of the Israelites from the Baby-
lonish captivity.] Translated from the French.
3vol. Edin., 1776. 8

Another copy.

GOLD. Gold and the Gospel, the Ulster prize
essays on the scriptural duty of giving in pro-
portion to means and income.

London, 1853. 8

GOLDIE (GEORGE), Minister of Atlielstaneford.
Sermons. [To which is prefixed a life of the
author.] Edin., 1805. 8

GOLDIE (WILLIAM F.), Minister of the Free
Church, Tullibody. The Christian ministry :
what is it ? A sermon preached before the
Free Church Synod of Perth and Stirling,
April 16th, 1861 . Edin., 1861. 8

GOLDING (JosiAH EDWARD), M.A., Vicar of
Griston, Norfolk. Descriptive and explana-
tory notes on the morning and evening ser-
vices of the Book of Common Prayer.

London, 1860. 8

GOLDONI (CARLO). Commedie scelte di. C. G.
3 vol. Londra, 1811. 12

GOLDSMITH (LEWIS). Histoire secrete du ca-
binet de Napole'on Buonaparte*, et de la cour
de St Cloud. Londres, 1810. 8

GOLDSMITH (OLIVER). The miscellaneous
works of O. G. With memoirs of his life and
writings. Glasgow, 1816. 8

The history of England, from the earliest times
to the death of George II. 2d ed.

London, 1774. 8

An abridgment of the history of England, from
the invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of
George II. With a continuation. . .by the Rev.
Alex. Stewart. 3d ed. Edin., 1825. 8

The Roman history, from the foundation of
the city of Rome, to the destruction of the
Western empire. A new edition. 2 vol.

London, 1793. 8

Another edition. London, 1805. 8

The Grecian history, from the earliest state, to
the death of Alexander the Great. To which
is added, a summary account of the affairs of
Greece, from that period, to the sacking of
Constantinople by the Othomans. 2 vol.

Edin., 1813. 8
I A new edition. London, 1823. 8

History of Greece, abridged. . .By Robert Simp-
i son. 5th ed. Edin., 1828. 12""



The vicar of Wakefield. A tale.

London, 1824. 12

A history of the earth and animated nature.
A new edition. 4 vol. Liverpool, s. a. 8

The deserted village. A poem.

s. I. et a. 12

GOLIUS (JACOBUS). Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, i
contextum ex probatioribus Orientis lexico- j
graphis. Accedit index Latinus copiosissimus.
Lugd. Batav., 1653. fol.

GOMARTJS (FRANCISCUS), Professor of divinity

and Hebrew at Groningen. Opera theologica j

omnia, maximam partem posthuma ; suprema :

autoris voluntate a discipulis edita. 3 partt. ,

Amstel, 1744. fol. i

- Locorum communium theologicorum epitome, j

Amstel., 1653. 12 I

GONSALVUS (REGINALDXTS). Sanctse inquisi- j
tionis Hispanicse artes aliquot detectse, ac pa-
lam traductse ; exempla aliquot prseterea seor-
sum reposita, in quibus easdem inquisitorias
artes veluti in tabulis quibusdam in ipso porro
exercitio intueri licet. Heidelbergce, 1567. 8
GONZALEZ (JUAN). Le Pape en tous les temps
et specialement an xix e siecle...Traduit de
l'Espagnol...par le Comte Charles de Reynold-
Chauvancy. JBruxelles, 1854. 8

GOOD (JOHN MASON), M.D. The Book of Job,
literally translated. 1812. See BIBLES ENG-

- The book of nature. 3d ed. 3 vol.

London, 1834. 12

An historical outline of the Book of Psalms.
Edited by the Rev. John Mason Neale. -

London, 1842. 8

GOODE (FRANCIS), M.A., Lecturer of Clapham.
The better covenant practically considered,
from Heb. viii. 6, 10-12. With a supplement
on Phil. ii. 12, 13. With a preface and table
of contents by the Rev. Herman Hooker.
From the second London edition.

Philadelphia, 1842. 12

GOODE (WILLIAM), B.D. The discoverie of a
publique spirit : presented in a sermon [on
Acts, xiii. 36] before the Hon. House of Com-
mons, March 26, 1645. London, 1645. 4

GOODE (WILLIAM), M.A., Rector of St Andrew
and St Ann, London. An entire new version
of the Book of Psalms. 1811. See BIBLES

- Essays on all the scriptural names and titles of
Christ ; or, the economy of the Gospel dispen-
sation as exhibited in the person, character,
and offices of the Redeemer. To which is pre-
fixed, a memoir of the author. 6 vol.

London, 1822. 8

GOODE (WILLIAM), D.D., Dean of Ripon.Tlie
modern claims to the possession of the extra-
ordinary gifts of the Spirit, stated and exa-
mined ; and compared with the most remark-
able cases of a similar kind that have occurred
in the Christian Church : with some general
observations on the subject. 2d ed., with nu-
merous additions and an appendix on the he-
resy with which the claims are connected.

London, 1834. 8

- The divine rule of faith and practice ; or, a
defence of the catholic doctrine that holy Scrip-
ture has been since the times of the Apostles
the sole divine rule of faith and practice to the
Church, against the dangerous errors of the
authors of the Tracts for the times, and the
Romanists, as, particularly, that the rule of
faith is " made iip of Scripture and tradition
together ;" &c. In which also the doctrines of
the apostolical succession, the eucharistic sa-
crifice, &c. are fully discussed. 2 vol.

London, 1842. 8

Second edition. 3 vol. London, 1853. 8
Another copy.

Some difficulties in the late charge of the Lord
Bishop of Oxford, respectfully pointed out in
a letter to his Lordship. 2d ed.

London, 1842. 8

The case as it is : or, A reply to the letter of
Dr Pusey to his Grace the Archbishop of Can-
terbury ; including a compendious statement
of the doctrines and views of the Tractators as
expressed by themselves. London, 1842. 8
Third edition. London, 1843. 8

Altars prohibited by the Church of England.
[In two parts.] London, 1844. 8

A letter to a lay friend in answer to inquiries
respecting the present state of things in the
Church, and the course which the present cri-
sis demands from those who tender its welfare.

London, 1845. 8

Tract XC. historically refuted ; or, a reply to
a work by the Rev. F. Oakeley, entitled, "The
subject of tract XC. historically examined."

London, 1845. 8

Second edition. London, 1866. 8

A few remarks on the religious opinions relief
bill, and the oath of supremacy.

London, 1846. 8

A defence of the thirty-nine articles as the legal
and canonical test of doctrine in the Church of
England, in all points treated of in them : being
a reply to the Bishop of Exeter's remarks upon
a clause proposed for insertion in the clergy
ofiences bill. 2d ed. London, 1848. 8

A vindication of the " Defence of the xxxix.
articles as the legal and canonical test of doc-
trine in the Church of England, in all points
treated of in them ;" in reply to the recent
" Charge" of the Bishop* of Exeter. 2d ed., to
which is added an appendix, containing addi-
tional remarks, and a reply to the letter of the
Rev. W. Maskell to the author, &c.

London, 1848. 8

Reply to the letter and declaration respecting
the royal supremacy, received from Archdea-
cons Manning and Wilberforce, and Professor
Mill. 3d ed. With an appendix, containing
the letter and declaration replied to, and a
correspondence with Archdeacon Manning.

London, 1850. 8

Review of the judgment of Sir H. J. Fust,
Kt., in the case of Gorham v. the Bishop of
Exeter. Reprinted by the author, from the
" Christian Observer" for December, 1849.

London, 1850. 8


A letter to the Bishop of Exeter ; containing
an examination of his letter to the Archbishop
of Canterbury. Seventh thousand.

London, 1850. 8

Another copy.

- Second edition. London, 1850. 8

The doctrine of the Church of England as to
the effects of baptism in the case of infants.
With an appendix, containing the baptismal
services of Luther and the Nuremberg and
Cologne liturgies. 2d ed. London, 1850. 8

Another copy.

A vindication of the doctrine of the Church of
England on the validity of the orders of the
Scotch and foreign non-episcopal Churches : in
three pamphlets on the subject. Containing
I. A general review of the subject. II. A re-
ply to Archdeacon Churton and Chancellor
Harington. 2d ed. III. A reply to the Bishop
of Exeter's letter to the Archdeacon of Totnes.
3d ed. : to which is appended an answer to his
defenders the Rev. Messrs Scott and Flower.

London, 1852. 8

Another copy.

A reply to the Bishop of Exeter's second ar-
raignment of his Metropolitan in his letter to
the Archdeacon of Totness, oppugning the va-
lidity of the orders of the foreign non-episco-
pal Churches. To which is annexed, a rejoin-
der to Chancellor Harington on the same
subject. 2d ed. London, 1852. 8

- A reply to Archdeacon Churton and Chancel-
lor Harington, on the term " Church of Scot-
land" in the fifty-fifth canon, and on non-epis-
copal ordinations. London, 1852. 8

The nature of Christ's presence in the Eucha-
rist : or, the true doctrine of the real presence
vindicated in opposition to the fictitious real
presence asserted by Archdeacon Denison, Mr
(late Archdeacon) Wilberforce, and Dr Pusey :
with full proof of the real character of the at-
tempt made by those authors to represent their
doctrine as that of the Church of England and
her divines. 2 vol. London, 1856. 8

- The blessings of the Reformation. A sermon
on the tercentenary of its first permanent es-
tablishment in this country by the accession
of Queen Elizabeth. London, 1858. 8

GOODEN, Father. Conference between Dr Cla-
gett and Father Gooden about the point of
transubstantiation ; [with seventeen sermons
by William CLAGETT, D.D.]. 1689

GOODMAN (GODFREY), D.D., Bisho2> of Glouces-
ter. The fall of man, or the corruption of na-
ture, proved by the light of our naturall rea-
son... London, 1616. 4

GOODMAN (JOHN), D.D., Rector of Hadham.
The penitent pardoned : or, A discourse of the
nature of sin, and the efficacy of repentance,
under the parable of the prodigal son. To
which is added a visitation sermon.

London, 1679. 4

Eighth edition. London, 1724. 8

- Another copy.

GOODMAN (TOBIAS), Rabbi. An address to the
committee of the London society, for promot-

ing Christianity among the JL-WH ; in \\huli
tlu- conduct of tin- committee is investigated,
their views examined, and their attempt to
overturn the Jewish system of worship proved
to be unwarrantable, and contrary to divine
revelation. London, 1809. 8

GOODRICH (S. G.). Fireside education.

London, 1839. 8

GOODSIR (JoREPH TAYLOR). Statement drawn
up to be laid before a committee of the Pres-
bytery of St Andrews, appointed May 15, 1850.

Edin., 1860. 8

What force is given to the Greek article by the
Professor of Greek in the University of Edin-
burgh I A letter to the Professor, with an ap-
pendix containing previous correspondence.

Edin., 1853. 8

GOODWIN (JOHN), Pastor of St Stephen'*, Cole-
man Street, London. Imputatio fidei : or, A
treatise of Justification ; wherein the imputa-
tion of faith for righteousness (mentioned Rom.
iv. 3-5) is explained, and also the great ques-
tion largely handled, whether the active obe-
dience of Christ, performed to the moral law,
be imputed in justification, or no, or how it is
imputed... London, 1642. 4

Another copy.

The divine authority of the Scriptures assert-
ed, or the great charter of the world's blessed-
nes asserted... London, 1648. 4

Another copy.

An exposition of the ninth chapter of the Epis-
tle to the Romans. [Wants title.]

[London, 1653.] 4

Another edition. With the Banner of jus-
tification displayed. To which is added,
Eignvofiotxtot : the agreement and distance of
brethren. \Vith a preface by Thomas Jackson.

London, 1835. 8

Another copy.

Mercy in her exaltation. Or, A sovereigne
antidote against fear of the second death : in
a sermon [on James, ii. 13] preached April 20,
1655. London, 1655. 4

Cata-baptism : or new baptism waxing old and
ready to vanish away. In two parts. The
former containes Iviii. considerations... preg-
nant for the healing of the common scruples
touching the subject of baptism, and manner

' of baptizing. The latter contains an answer
to a discourse against infant-baptism, publish-
ed not long since by W. A. under the title of,
Some baptismall abuses briefly discovered, &c.
By J. G. London, 1655. 4

H^r,puf^in TO Kinvft.ctTix.oi>, or, A being filled with
the Spirit... As also, the divinity, or Godhead
of the Holy Ghost discussed, and the argu-
ments brought against it throughly examined
and answered... The necessity of the ministry
of the Gospel (called the ministry of the Spirit)
discussed, and the usefulness thereof maintain-
ed. . .All heretofore delivered in several sermons
from Ephes. v. 18. London, 1670. 4"

Christian theology : selected and systemati-
cally arranged : with a life of the author. By
Samuel Dunn. London, 1836. 12



Redemption redeemed : wherein... the redemp-
tion of the world by Jesus Christ, is vindicated
against the encroachments of later times : with
a thorough discussion of the great questions
concerning election, reprobation, and the per-
severance of the saints. Reprinted from the
edition of 1651. London, 1840. 8

Another copy.

- *The life of J. G., comprising an account of
his opinions and writings, and of the contro-
versies in which he was engaged in defence of
religious liberty and of general redemption ;
with a review of several public transactions in
Great Britain, during the civil wars and the
interregnum. By Thomas Jackson.

London, 1822. 8

GOODWIN (THOMAS), D.D., President of Magda-
len College, Oxford. The works of T. G. To
which is prefixed an accotmt of the author's life
from his own memoirs. 5 vol.

London, 1681-1704. fol.

Another edition. With a general preface by
J. C. Miller, D.D. , and memoir by Robert
Halley, D.D. 12 vol. Edin., 1861-66. 8

Another copy. Vol. i.-iii.

An apologeticall narration, humbly submitted
to the Hon. Houses of Parliament. By T. G.,
P. Nye, S. Simpson, J. Burroughs, W. Bridge.

London, 1643. 4

Certaine select cases resolved... Heretofore all
published in three treatises, 1. A child of light
walking in darknesse. 2. Return of prayers.
3. Tryall of growth. But now reprinted, and
to be put together. With other divine trac-
tates. London, 1647. 4

- Christ set forth in his death, resurrection, as-
cension, sitting at God's right hand, interces-
sion, as the cause of justification, [and] object
of justifying faith. Upon Rom. viii. 34. To-
gether with a treatise discovering the affec-
tionate tendernesse of Christ's heart now in
heaven, unto sinners on earth.

London, 1642. 4

- The vanitie of thoughts discovered : with their
danger and cure. London, 1643. 4

- Aggravation of sinne : and sinning against
knowledge and mercie. Delivered in severall
sermons upon divers occasions.

London, 1643. 4

- Encouragements to faith. Drawn from seve-
rall engagements both of Gods [and] Christs
heart to receive [and] pardon sinners.

London, 1645. 4

- Christ the universal peace-maker : or, the re-
conciliation of all the people of God, notwith-
standing all their differences [and] enmities.

London, 1651. 4

- A state of glory for spirits of just men upon
dissolution demonstrated. A sermon [on 2 Cor.
v. 5] preached Aug. 30, 1657, before the Lord
Mayor and Aldermen of London.

London, 1657. 4
Another copy.

- The expositions of T. G., D.D., on part of the
Epistle to the Ephesians, and on the book of
Revelation. Condensed from the original by

a clerical member of the convocation at Ox-
ford. London, 1842. 8

The French revolution foreseen, in 1639. Ex-
tracts from an exposition of the Revelation, by
an eminent divine of both Universities, in the
beginning of the last century. Who explains
a prophecy in that book of a revolution in
France, its separation from Rome, and the
abolition of titles. London, s. a. 8

GOODWIN (THOMAS), son of the preceding, and
minister of a dissenting congregation at Pinner,
Middlesex. A discourse of the true nature of
the Gospel ; demonstrating that it is no new
law, but a pure doctrine of grace. In answer
to the Rev. Mr Lorimer's Apology.

London, 1695. 4

GOOLD (THOMAS). A vindication of the Right
Hon. Edmund Burke's reflections on the revo-
lution in France, in answer to all his oppo-
nents. Dublin, 1791. 8

GOOLD (WILLIAM H.), D.D. , Professor of biblical
literature and Church history in the Reformed
Presbyterian Church. Patronage opposed to
the independence of the Church, and to the
scriptural rights of the Christian people . [Lect .
on Sec. Reform.] Glasgow, 1841. 12

Another copy.

The claims of the Church of Christ... A dis-
course delivered at the opening of the Reform-
ed Presbyterian Synod, Glasgow, May 7th,
1849. x Edin., 1849. 8

GOOR (TILMANNUS A). Disputationum ethica-
rum septima, de virtutibus in specie, nomina-
tim justitia universali...quam...sub prsesidio
...D. Berckringeri...publice defendere conabi-
tur T. G. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1646. 4

GORBALS. The case of the heritors of annexa-
tion and of the Kirk-session of Gorbals ; sub-
mitted, by reference, from the Presbytery of
Glasgow, to the General Assembly of the
Church of Scotland. Glasgow, 1823. 8

GORDON (ABERCROMBY L.). A letter to the
Right Hon. Lord Belhaven, on the new scheme
of education, and on the statement of the So-
licitor-general, and the debate and petitions of
the General Assembly, on that subject. With
an appendix, containing official and other do-
cuments. Aberdeen, 1832. 8

GORDON (ALEXANDER), A.M. Itinerarium Sep-
tentrionale : or, A journey thro' most of the
counties of Scotland, and those in the North
of England. In two parts...

London, 1726. fol.

The lives of Pope ALEXANDER VI. and his son
Caesar BORGIA. Comprehending the wars in
the reigns of Charles VIII. and Lewis XII.,
Kings of France ; and the chief transactions
and revolutions in Italy from the year 1492 to
the year 1506. With an appendix of original
pieces referred to in the work.

London, 1729. fol.

GORDON (ALEXANDER), Kintore. Reflections
on mortality and the precariousness of human
life. A sermon [on James, iv. 14] preached
May 13, 1759. Aberdeen, 1759. 8 3

GORDON (DAVID), Pastor of the Associate congic-



gation of Salem, N. Y. Catechetical exercises

upon the testimony of the Associate ('linivli.

FMaUfki*. l.s:5'.). 12

GORDON (GEORGE), 1st Earl of Aberdeen.
* Letters, illustrative of public affairs in Scot-
land, addressed by contemporary statesmen to
George, Earl of Aberdeen, Lord High Chan-
cellor of Scotland. MDCLXXXI.-MH. i.\\\i\ .
[Edited for the Spalding Club, by John Dunn. ]
Aberdeen, 1861. 4"

deen. Speech in the House of Lords, 30th
March, 1838, on the subject of church exten-
sion in Scotland. Edin., 1838. 8

The Earl of Aberdeen's correspondence with
the Rev. Dr Chalmers and the secretaries of
the Non-Intrusion Committee : from 14th Ja-
nuary to 27th May 1840. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

- * Debate in the House of Lords on the Earl of
Aberdeen's Bill for regulating the appointment
of ministers of the Church of Scotland ; on
16th June 1840. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

* Remarks upon the Earl of Aberdeen's Bill,
entitled, "An Act to remove doiibts respect-
ing the admission of ministers to benefices in
that part of the United Kingdom called Scot-
land. " By a member of the Church of Scot-
land. Glasgow, 1840. 8

Speech in the House of Lords, on 13th June
1843, on moving the second reading of a Bill,
intituled " An Act to remove doubts respect-
ing the admission of the ministers to benefices
in Scotland." Edin., 1843. 8

Church of Scotland. Lord Aberdeen's Bill.

Edin., 1843. 8

GORDON (JAMES). The reformed BISHOP. 1679
GORDON (JAMES), Parson of Rothiemay. His-
tory of Scots affairs, from MDCXXXVII. to
MDCXLI. Edited for the Spalding Club, by
Joseph Robertson, and George Grub. 3 vol.
Aberdeen, 1841. 4

Abredonise utriusque descriptio. A descrip-
tion of both touns of Aberdeen. With a se-
lection of the charters of the burgh. Edited
for the Spalding Club, by C[osmo] I[nnes].

Edin., 1842. 4

GORDON (JAMES), Minister ofAlford. The state
and duty of the Church of Scotland, with re-
spect to the settlement of MINISTERS. 1732
GORDON (JOHN), of Glencat. Memoirs of the
life of J. G. of Glencat, in the county of Aber-
deen in Scotland : who was thirteen years in
the Scotch college at Paris, among the secular
clergy. Wherein the absurdities and delu-
sions of Popery are laid open, the history of
Baianism, Jansenism, and the Constitution
Unigenitus, impartially related, and the infal-
libility of the Romish Church is confuted. To
which is prefixed, a testimonial from the Pres-
bytery of Edinburgh, of the author's renoun-
cing Popery, and embracing the Protestant re-
ligion...^ which is now added, a second part,
not printed before, containing, I. A refutation
of the supremacy of the Roman Church. II. An j

exact chronological history of all tin- I'"i>. ^,
iVtun Si iVtrr tt> ilit- j-risi-nt time, with a l>rn-f
account of what is mont remarkable- in tin ir
li\rs. 111. The Popish doctrine >f Indul-
gences. London, 1734. 8 J

AllntlllT ft'l'V.

<;<>UI>oN (J. E.), M.P. Speech of J. E. G.
| With the worship of the virgin Mary counte-
nanced by the Commissioners for the educa-
tion of the poor of Ireland ; by R. J. M'GiiEE. J

Six letters on the subject of Irish education,
addressed to the Right Hon. E. G. Stanley,
M.P. With an appendix, containing an out-
line of the new system of education proposed
by his Majesty's Government, in a letter ad-
dressed by Mr Stanley to his Grace the Duke
of Leinster. London, 1832. H J

Our present position in regard to the Papacy
examined in the light of Scripture.

London, 1851. 12

GORDON (LEON). Fables Hebraiques.

Vilno, 1860. 8

GORDON (PATRICK), of Euthven. A short
abridgement of Britane's distemper, from the
yeare of God M.DC.XXXIX. to M.DC.XLIX. [Edit-
ed for the Spalding Club, by John Dunn.]

Aberdeen, 1844. 4

GORDON (PATRICK), Auchkuchries. Passages

from the diary of General Patrick Gordon of

Auchleuchries, A.D. 1635-A.D. 1699. [Edited

for the Spalding Club, by Joseph Robertson.]

Aberdeen, 1859. 4

GORDON (ROBERT), Merchant, Aberdeen. Mor-
tification and disposition, Robert Gordon, mer-
chant in Aberdeen, 1731. s. I. et a. 4

GORDON (ROBERT), D.D., Minister of Free High
church, Edinburgh. The duty of searching the
Scriptures : a sermon [on John, v. 39, 40]
preached before the Society in Scotland for
propagating Christian knowledge, June 5th,
1823. Edin., 1823. 8

Sermons. Edin., 1825. 8
Another copy.

Another copy.

- Fourth edition. Edin., 1837. 8

Another copy.

Speech at the meeting in the West church,
25th August 1841. Edin., 1841. 4

Memorial addressed to the members of Her
Majesty's government, by R. G., Moderator
of the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland, and others, commissioners appointed
by the Church, September, 1841. [Prepared
by John Hamilton.] Edin., 1841. 8

Christ as made known to the ancient Church :
an exposition of the revelation of divine grace,
as unfolded in the Old Testament Scriptures.
4vol. Edin., 1854. 8

GORDON (Sir THOMAS), of Earlston. An en-
quiry into the method of settling PARISHES.


Remarks on the modest and humble enquiry
concerning the right and power of electing and
calling MINISTERS. 1732

The defection of the CHURCH or SCOTLAND



from her Reformation-principles considered.

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