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GORDON (THOMAS), of Kirkudbright. A cordial
for low spirits : being a collection of curious
tracts. London, s. a. 12

- The independent WHIG. 1735
CORDON (THOMAS), Minister of the Gospel at

Spcymouth. Sermons on practical subjects,
adapted to different characters. To which is
prefixed some account of the author. 2 vol.

Edin., 1786. 8

An inquiry into the powers of ECCLESIASTICS.


GORDON (THOMAS), of Youghal, Ireland.* Me-
moirs of the late Rev. T. G., with extracts
from his diary, and some of his most interest-
ing letters. By C. Townley.

London, 1820. 12

two letters of Leander van Ess. 1826

GORINI (L'abbe' J. M.-SAUVEUR). De'fense de
1'Eglise contre les erreurs historiques de MM.
Guizot, Aug. et Am. Thierry, Michelet, Am-
pere, Quinet, Favriel, Aime-Martin, &c. 2 torn .

Lydn, 1853. 8

GORTON (JOHN). A general biographical dic-
tionary, containing a summary account of the
lives of eminent persons of all nations previous
to the present generation. 2 vol.

London, 1828. 8

- Another edition. London, 1830. 8
GOSPEL. Brief thoughts : I. Concerning the

Gospel and the hindrances to believe it.
II. Concerning the way in which a Christian
obtains true satisfaction respecting his state
towards God. Edin., 1796. 12

- Ninth edition. Edin. , s. a. 12

- To the poor the Gospel is preached. Matt.
xi. 5. s. I. et a. 12

- A help to the Gospels : containing a harmony,
exercises, illustrations, and practical lessons.
6th ed. Edin., 1826. 12

- Report to the General Assembly, by the com-
mittee for the propagation of the Gospel in
foreign parts. [1836-1840.]

Edin., 1836-40. 8

GOSPEL CHURCH. The beauty and purity of
the Gospel Church, held forth in a sermon on
Ps. 93. 5. before the Synod of Angus and
Mearns, at Brechin, April 19, 1720, somewhat
enlarged since, with an appendix ; and with
some remarks and reflections upon the doctrine
contained in the Marrow of modern divinity.

Edin., 1721. 8

GOSSELIN (L'Abb<9. Pouvoir du PAPE au
moyen age. 1845

cherches sur la geographie systematique et po-
sitive des anciens. Tom. i., ii.

Paris, 1798. 4

GOSTICK (JOSEPH). German literature.

Edin., 1849. 8

G OTHER (JOHN). A Papist misrepresented and
represented. Or, a twofold character of Po-
pery. London, 1685. 12

- Twenty-eighth edition. London, 1832. 12

Selected from the original of the Rev. J. G.

by R. Challoner, D.D. A new edition, with
an appendix. Edin., 1836. 12

Another copy.

Another copy. L. P.

rum sub Christianis imperatoribus : seu com-
mentarius ad titulum x. de Paganis, lib. xvi.
codicis Theodosiani. s. I. , 1616. 4

Manuale juris, seu parva juris mysteria, ubi
quatuor sequentia continentur. Juris civilis
Romani, I. Historia ; II. Bibliotheca; III. Flo-
rilegium sententiarum juris, politicarum, et
communium nationum, ex corpore Justiniano
desumptarum ; IV. Series librorum et titulo-
rum digestis et in codice. Undecima editio.

Geneva:, 1726. 12"

GOUGE (THOMAS), Minister of the Gospel, St Se-
pulchre's, London. The works of the late Mr
T. G. In six parts... To which is prefixed, an
account of the author's life.

Glasgoiv, 1790. 8

- Christian directions ; showing how to walk with
God, all the day long. Glasgoiv, 1736. 12

GOUGE (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of St Ann's,
Blackfriars, London. A guide to goe to God :
or, an explanation of the perfect patterne of
prayer, the Lords prayer. 2d ed.

London, 1636. 4

The saint's support, set out in a sermon [on
Nehem. v. 19] preached before the Hon. House
of Commons June 29, 1642.

London, 1642. 4

A learned and very useful commentary on the
whole Epistle to the Hebrewes... Being the
substance of thirty years Wednesdayes lec-
tures at Black-fryers, London. Before which
is prefixed a narrative of his life and death.

London, 1655. fol.

GOUGH (HENRY). The New Testament quota-
tions, collated with the Scriptures of the Old
Testament. With notes. London, 1855. 8

GOUGH (STRICKLAND). An enquiry into the
causes of the decay of the DISSENTING interest.


GOULARTIUS (SIMON). Apophthegmatum sa-
crorum loci communes. Ex sacris ecclesiasti-
cis et secularibus scriptoribus collecti, juxta
alphabeti ordinem digesti, et in codicem re-
lati, S. G. opera. s. I, 1592. 8

dary of St Paul's. The doctrine of the resur-
rection of the body, as taught in Scripture.
Eight sermons preached before the University
of Oxford, in the year 1850, at the lecture
founded by the late Canon Bampton.

Oxford, 1850. 8

Bacon : the first principles of his philosophy
stated in a popular form... A lecture, delivered
March 23, 1859. London, 1860. 8

An introduction to the devotional study of the
holy Scriptures. 7th ed. London, 1864. 8

- Thoughts on personal religion, being a treatise
on the Christian life in its two chief elements,
devotion and practice. 7th ed.

London, 1864. 8


GOULD (, l:\II\M

GOT l.l> \ ..rsrrs ADDISON), M.D. Principles '
of Zoology. By Louis AOASSIZ, and A. A. G.

1848 j

<;>l'LDMAN (FRANCIS), M.A. A copious die- j
tionary in three parts [English-Latin, Latin- j
English, and proper names]. The whole being
a comprisal of Thomasius and Rider's founda-
tions, Holland's and Holyoak's superstructure
and improvements ... In this fourth edition
there are many thousand words more added,
by the skill and pains of Dr Scattergood.

Cambridge, 1678. 4

GOURGAUD (Le Baron GASPARD). Napoteon
et le grande-arme'e en Russie, ou examen cri-
tique de 1'ouvrage de M. le Comte Ph. de Se"-
-ur. Bruxelle*, 1825. 8 I

of Rheims. Justification de la the'ologie morale
du B. Alphonse-Marie de Ligorio.

Paris, 1838. 8

The'ologie morale a 1'usage des cure's et des
confesseurs. Septieme Edition. 2 torn.

Paris, 1850. 8

- The'ologie dogmatique, ou exposition des
preuves et des dogmes de la religion Catho-
lique. Cinquieme Edition. 2 torn.

Paris, 1850. 8 j

La croyance ge'ne'rale et constante de 1'Eglise :
touchaut 1'immaculee conception de la bien- j
hereuse vierge Marie : prouve'e principalement j
par les constitutions et les actes des Papes, par
les lettres et les actes des Eveques, par 1'en-
seignement des Peres et des Docteurs de tous
les temps. Paris, 1855. 8

GOVERNMENT. An inquiry after further sa-
tisfaction concerning obeying a change of go-
vernment beleeved to be unlawfull. Tendered
to the Presbyterian proposer, by way of reply
to his book intituled, The lawfulnesse of obey-
ing the present government. By a dissenting
brother. London, 1649. 4

- Two treatises of government, against Sir Ro-
bert Filmer. [By John LOCKE.] 2d ed.

London, 1694. 8

GOWAN (THOMAS), M.A. The power of Pres-
byters in ordination and Church-government
without a superior asserted and prov'd from
Holy Scripture : or, Mr Campbell's letter to a i
parishioner examined ; bein^ a vindication of j
a letter occasion'd by his q\iery.

s. I, 1711. 4 |


CUAAF (ABRAHAMUS DE). Inleyding tot de
Wiskunst, of de Beginselen van de Geometria
en Algebra. Amsterdam, 1706. 4

SS. patrum, ut et hsereticorum, seculi post
Christum natum i., ii. & iii. Quorum vel In-
tegra monumenta, vel fragmenta, partim ex
aliorum Patrum libris jam impressis collegit,
et cum codicibus manuscriptis contulit, partim '
ex MSS. nunc primum edidit, ac singula tarn i
prsefatione, quam notis subjunctis illustravit, i
J. E. G. 2 torn. [The 1st and 2d cent, only !
were published.] Oxonice, 1698, 99. 8

Another edition. Oxonit?, 1714. 8

Vetus Testamentuui juxta Si-ptuaginta inter-
pretes. 1707-20. See BIBI.I K.. C.

i.KADUS. Gradus ad Parnassum : sive novua
synonymorum, epithetorum, veruuum ac phra-
sium poeticanun, thesaurus.

Londini, 1807. 12

politics, history, and rhetoric, at Utrecht.
Thesaurus antiquitatum et historiarum Italise,
Neapolis, Siciliae, Sardiniae, Corsicae, Melitae,
atque adjacentium terrarum insularumque ;
constans rarissimis, prsestantissimis, doctissi-
n i is. | ue scriptoribus qui an tea sparsim su;n
cuique patriot situm, res gestas, antiquitates et
memorabilia variis in locis illustrarunt, nunc
autem vix et nusquam fere comparari possunt :
digeri atque edi olim coeptus cura et studio
J. G. G. , nunc autem continuatus et ad finem
perductus. Cum praefationibus Petri Bur-
manni. Interseruntur passim variae et accura-
tae tabulae, tarn geographicae, quam aliae. 9 torn.
30 partt. Luyd. Batav. , 1723-25. fol.

Thesaurus antiquitatum et historiarum Sici-
liae, quo continentur rarissimi et optimi quique
scriptores, qui nobilissimarum insularum, Si-
ciliae, Sardiniae, Corsica; et adjacentium situm,
res gestas, antiquitates et imperiorum vicissi-
tudines memoriae prodiderunt ; digeri coeptus

cura et studio J. G. G Cum prsefationibus

Petri Burmanni...l5 torn.

Lugd. Batav., 1723-25. fol.

Thesaurus antiquitatum Romanarum, in quo
continentur lectissimi quique scriptores, qui
superior! aut nostro seculo Romanae reipubli-
cae rationem, disciplinam, leges, instituta, sa-
cra, artesque togatas ac sagatas explicarunt et
illustrarunt, congestus a J. G. G. Acccesse-
runt variae et accurate tabulae aeneae. Editio
altera. 12 torn. Venetiis, 1732-37. fol.

GRAGLIA (C.). The new pocket-dictionary of
the Italian and English languages. In two
parts. Italian and English English and Ita-
lian. Many new words and locutions, with a
compendious elementary Italian grammar are
now added. 10th ed. " London, 1807. 12

GRAHAM (GEORGE). Renunciation and abjura-
tion of Episcopacy ; [with The reasons agreed
upon by the Reformers of the Church of Scot-
land, for which the Book of COMMON PRAYER,
urged upon Scotland, 1637, was refused.]


lona. London, 1850. 4

GRAHAM (ISABELLA), of New York, formerly Isa-
bella MARSHALL. * The power of faith exem-
plified in the life and writings of the late Mrs
I. G. New edition.

London, reprinted, 1833. 8

A new edition, enriched by her narrative of
her husband's death, and other select corre-
spondence. New York, [1843]. 12

Another edition. To which is now prefixed,
an essay on her life and character, by J. M.
Mason, D.D. Glasgow, 1833. 12

Letters of I. G. of New York in connection
with the leading events of her life. Bv her



nephew, Rev. James Marshall.

Edin., 1839. 8

GRAHAM (JAMES), Marquis of Mont rose. I. G.
De rebus... sub imperio illustrissimi Jacobi
Montis-rosarum Marchionis...supremi Scotise
gubernatoris anno 1644 et duobus sequentibus
prsaclare gestis, commentarius. Interprete A.
S. Editio secunda. Amstelodami, 1648. 12

- * Memoirs of the most renowned J. G. , Mar-
quis of Montrose. Translated from the Latin
of the Rev. Dr George Wishart. With an ap-
pendix, containing many curious papers relat-
ing to the history of these times ; several of
which never hitherto published.

Edin., 1756. 8

GRAHAM (JAMES). Jerusalem, its missions,
schools, converts, &c. under Bishop Gobat.

London, 1858. 8

Letter from Sir J. G., principal secretary for
the Home department, to the moderator of the
General Assembly : with the Reply [by Alex.
DUNLOP] ; being the minute of the General As-
sembly's special commission, adopted at a
meeting held at Edinburgh, Jan. 12, 1843.

Edin., 1843. 8
Another copy.

- Letter embodying the decision of Government
in the Scottish Church question : addressed to
the Rev. Dr Welsh, moderator of the General
Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1843. 8

- Another copy.

GRAHAM (JOHN), M.A., Curate of Li/ord.
Derriana, consisting of a history of the siege
of Londonderry and defence of Enniskillen, in
1688 and 1689, with historical poetry and bio-
graphical notes, &c. Londonderry, 1823. 8

GRAHAM (JOHN). A sermon [on Malachi, iii.
6] on the unchangeableness of Jehovah. 12th
ed. Edin., 1825. 8

GRAHAM (JOHN), Minister at Wishaiotown.
The Revolution settlement of the Church of
Scotland. [Lect. on Second Reform.]

Glasgow, 1841. 12

Another copy.

- * The Revolution settlement of the Church of
Scotland vindicated ; being the review of a
lecture by the Rev. John Graham of Wishaw-
town ... by a licentiate of the Established
Church. Glasgow, 1842. 12

SION weighed and found wanting. 1843
GRAHAM (MARIA). Letters on India.

London, 1814. 8

- Three months passed in the mountains East of
Rome, during the year 1819. 2d ed.

London, 1821. 8

GRAHAM (MARY JANE), of Stoke Fleming, Devon.
* A memoir of Miss M. J. G. By the Rev.
Charles Bridges, M.A. 2d ed.

London, 1833. 8

GRAHAM (PATRICK), D.D., Minuter of Aber-
foyle. An essay on the authenticity of the
poems of Ossian ; in which the objections of
Malcolm Laing, Esq. are particiilarly consider-

ed and refuted. To which is added, an essay
on the mythology of Ossian's poems, by Pro-
fessor RICHARDSON, of Glasgow college.

Edin., 1807. 8

Another copy.
| Another copy.

Another copy.

GRAHAM (THOMAS), Professor of chemistry in
University college, London. Elements of che-
mistry, including the applications of the science
in the arts. London, 1842. 8

- Chemical reports and memoirs.

London, 1848. 8

GRAHAM (THOMAS JOHN), M.D. A treatise on
indigestion : with observations on some pain-
ful complaints originating in indigestion, espe-
cially mental aberration. 3d ed.

London, 1833. 8

GRAHAM (W.). The spirit of love ; or, a prac-
tical and exegetical commentary on the first
Epistle of John. London, 1857. 12

GRAHAM (WILLIAM), Newcastle. A review of
ecclesiastical establishments in Europe. 2d ed.
London, 1796. 8

- Abridged edition. Exeter, 1816. 12

- The whole earth filled with the Redeemer's
glory. A sermon [on Psalm Ixxii. 19] preached
before the corresponding missionary society at
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, April 24, 1796.

Newcastle, 1796. 8

GRAHAM (WILLIAM), Minister at Newhaven.
The papal aggression. Truth : as distinguished
from modern infidelity and popery. A sermon.

Edin., 1851. 8

GRAHAME (JAMES), Curate of Sedgefield, Dur-
ham. The Sabbath, a poem ; to which are
added Sabbath walks. 4th ed.

Edin., 1806. 8

- The siege of Copenhagen. A poem ; with
notes. 2d ed. Edin., 1808. 8

GRAHAME (JAMES), Advocate. Answer to a
pamphlet, entitled, " Observations on the re-
port of Mr Hugh Baird, civil engineer, relative
to the proposed union canal."

Edin., 1814. 8

GRAHAME (JAMES), LL.D. The history of the
United States of North America, from the
plantation of the British colonies till their as-
sumption of national independence. 2 vol.
2d ed. Philadelphia, 1848. 8

GRAHAME (JOHN), of Claverliouse, Viscount Dun-
dee. * Memoirs of the Lord Viscount Dundee
and the Highland clans, &c. Together with
an account of the massacre of Glenco.

Edin., 1818. 8

GRAHAM'S DIKE. An account of a Roman
temple and other antiquities near Graham's
Dike in Scotland. s. I. et a. 4

GRAIN. Remarks on the present high price of
grain, and on the expediency of farther legis-
lative restrictions in order to effect its reduc-
tion. London, 1801. 8

GRALL-iE. Grallte seu vere puerilis cothurnus
sapientise, quo se jactat apud imperitos Gui-
lielmus APOLLONII minister Ecclesiae Mittel-
burgensis vere anus in centionibus, quos edidit



de jure majestatia circa sacra, contra libulluin
clarissimiDoctorisNicolai Vedelii, de Episcopa-
tu Constantini Magni. />(</</.- i - , K'.lti. ,v

- Another copy.

GRALLATOR. Grallator furens de novo in
scenam productus cum Pantomimo suo, Bom-
bomachide Vlissingano : seu Responsio ad
epistolas Guilielmi APOLLONII mystse Mittel-
burgensis, et Jodoci Lareni Ecclesiastic Vlis-
singani, quaa in lucem dedere adversus Gral-
lanim authorem. Franekeror, 1647. 8

GRAME (JAMES). The famous tryal of the late
Rev. and learned J. G., Episcopal minister of
Dunfermline, formerly professor of Humanity
at St Andrews, before the several courts of
Church judicature in Scotland.

London, 1719. 8

GRAMMAR. The only true guide ta English
grammar, displaying the genuine structure and
peculiar idiom of the English language.

Dumfries, 1779. 12

A short introduction to English grammar :
with critical notes. New edition.

s. I., 1791. 12

- The principles of English grammar ; with the
rules of syn tax exemplified. Edin., 1820. 12

- Elements of English grammar ; to which are
added, lessons in spelling, for the use of young
persons. New edition. Hairick, 1823. 12

English grammar in modern Armenian.

s. I., 1847. 8

Outlines of Persian grammar : with extracts.
For the use of students in the University of
Edinburgh. [By Alex. BRUNTON.]

Edin., 1822. 8

Portugiesische Grammatik.

Frankfurt an der Oder, 1778. 12

Russian grammar. Petersburg, 1809. 8

Grammatica de la lengua Castellana compuesta
par la Real Academia Espanola. Quarta edi-
cion. Madrid, 1796. 16

GRANDPIERRE (J. H.), D.D., Pastor at Paris.
Sorrow and consolation ; or, the Gospel
preached under the cross. Meditations, dedi-
cated to the afflicted. Translated by a lady.
London, 1840. 12

GRANGE. Grange : or, The schemists on call-
ing of ministers, and presentations in Scotland.
[Imperfect.] 8

GRANGER (JAMES), Vicar of Shiplake, Oxford-
shire. A biographical history of England,
from Egbert the Great to the Revolution :
consisting of characters disposed in different
classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue
of engraved British heads... 3d ed. 4 vol.

London, 1779. 8 r




GRANT (ANTHONY), D.C.L., Vicar of Romford,
Essex. The past and prospective extension of :
the Gospel by missions to the heathen ; consi- i
dered in eight lectures, delivered before the
University of Oxford, in the year 1843, at the
lecture founded by John Bampton, M.A. ;
2d ed. London, 1845. 8

SHAN'T (ASAHEL), M.D. The Nestorians ; or,
The lost tribes : containing evidence of their
identity ; tlicir manners, customs, and cere-
monies. With sketches of travel in ancient
Assyria, Armenia, Media, and Mesopotamia ;
and illustrations of Scripture prophecy. 3d ed.
London, 1844. 8

GRANT (BREWIN), B.A. Christianity and secu-
larism. Report of a public discussion between
the Rev. B. G. , and George Jacob HOLYOAKE.
'.th thousand. /,,//,, 1 *:,:{. ir

GRANT (D.>, M.A., Vicar of U !(., liudby,
Yorkshire. Two dissertations on popish perse-
cution and breach of faith. London, 1771. 8 J
I Sermons doctrinal and practical, on several
subjects. 2d ed. Newcastle, 1785. 12"

: GRANT (DANIEL). Laoidhean Spioradail.

J'-i-fk, 1842. 16

GRANT (DUNCAN). Dleasdanas na Cloinne,
blxi 'giarruidh agus a' gradhachadli Chriosd.
Eadar-theangaichte chum Gaelic.

Dun-Eidin, 1829. 12

GRANT (J.). Sermons. Ln<l,m, 1812. S J

GRANT (JAMES), Advocate. Essays on the ori-
gin of society, language, property, government,
jurisdiction, contracts, and marriage. Inter-
spersed with illustrations from the Greek and
Gaelic languages. London, 1785. 4 J

Thoughts on the origin and descent of the
Gael : with an account of the Picts, Caledo-
nians and Scots ; and observations relative to
the authenticity of the poems of Ossian.

Edin., 1814. 8

Another copy.

GRANT (JAMES), D.D., Minister of St Mary's,
l^/inburgh. Memorandum for the Solicitor-
General for Scotland. By a deputation from
the constitutional Church committee appoint-
ed to wait on him, and represent the views of
the minority of the members of last General
Assembly. Edin., 1842. 8

GRANT (JOHN), A.M. Institutes of Latin gram-
mar. 2d ed. London, 1823. 8

GRANT (PETER). Dain Spiordail. 5th ed.

Elgin, 1837. 18

GRANT (ROBERT E.), M.D. An essay on the
study of the animal kingdom . . .

London, 1828. 8

GRANT (WILLIAM), Minister of the Free Church,
Ayr. The plan of salvation, as unfolded in
the signs of the Lord's Supper.

Glasgow, 1859. 12

The Lord's Supper explained. For the use of
intending communicants. Glasgow, 1859. 12

spas of Germany. 2 vol. London, 1837. 8

GRANVILLE (GEORGE), Lord Landsdowne.
Poems. Dublin, 1732. 12


GRATIUS (ORTHUINUS). Fasciculus rerum ex-
petendarum et fugiendarum, prout ab O. G.
Presbytero Daventriensi, editus est Colonise
A.D. 1535... una cum appendice sive tomo ii.
scriptorum veterum...qui Ecclesise Romance
errores et abusus detegunt et damnant, neces-
sitatemq ; reformationis urgent... Opera et stu-


dio Edwardi Brown. [2 torn,.]

Loi\dini, 1690. fol.

GRATTAN (Right Hon. HENRY). Miscellaneous

works. London, 1822. 8

Speech on the Catholic petition on the 18th of

May, 1810, and his reply on the first of June.

London, 1810. 8

- The substance of the speech of H. G. upon his
motion, " that the petition of the Catholics of
Ireland be referred to a comniittee..." Con-
taining the general petition of the Catholics in
Ireland, and the names of the minority in sup-
port of the motion. London, 1812. 8

philosophica continens queestiones aliquot mis-
cellas. Ultrajecti, 1638. 4

GRAVES (RICHARD), D.D., Regius professor of
divinity in the university of Dublin. The whole
works of R. G. Now first collected. With a
memoir of his life and writings by his son,
Richard Hastings Graves, D.D. 4 vol.

Dublin, 1840. 8

A sermon [on Rom. x. 1] preached April 21,
1811, in aid of the London society for promot-
ing Christianity among the Jews. 3d ed.

London, s. a. 8

ments for predestination and necessity con-
trasted with the established principles of philo-
sophical inquiry. In two act. sermons... With
notes and an appendix. London, 1829. 8

GRAVESANDE (GuiL. JAC. 's), Professor of
mathematics at Leyden. Philosophise New-
tonianae institutiones, in usus academicos.
Editio secunda. Leidce et Amstel. , 1728. 8

- Mathematical elements of natural philosophy,
confirmed by experiments ; or, An introduc-
tion to Sir Isaac Newton's philosophy. Trans-
lated [from the Latin] into English, by the late
J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D., and published by
liis son J. T. Desaguliers. 6th ed. 2 vol.

London, 1747. 4

GRAWERUS (ALBERTUS). Examen prsecipua-
rum sophisticationum, quibus recentiores Pho-
tiniani, F. Davidis, G. Blandrata, F. Socinus,
Ch. Ostorodus^ V. Schmaltzius, autoresque
utriusque catechismi Rackaviensis et alii com-
plures argumenta seternam Christi Deitatem
et personalem Spiritus Sancti substantialem a
Patre distinctam confirmantia, oppugnant, in-
stitutum in explicatione i cap. Epist. ad
Ebraeos ab A. G_ Editio secunda.

Jence, 1617. 4

GRAY (ANDREW), Minister of the Gospel in Glas-
gow. The works of A. G. With a preface by
the Rev. Williajn K. Tweedie!

Aberdeen, 1839. 8

- Another copy.

- The spiritual warfare : or, some sermons con-
cerning the nature of mortification, right exer-
cise and spiritual advantages thereof. Where-
unto are added other two sermc-ns, concerning
the mystery of contentment. Being the sub-
stance of ten sermons, newly corrected and
amended. Edin., 1697. 12

- Another edition. Glasgow, 1750. 8

The mystery of faith opened, up : or, some ser-
mons concerning faith... Whereunto are added
other three sermons, two concerning the great
salvation, a third concerning death.

Glasgow, 1749. 12

| Great and precious promises : or, some ser-
mons concerning the promises, and the right
application thereof. As also, three more con-
cerning the faith of assurance.

Glasgow, 1750. 12

Directions and instigations to the duty of
prayer. How, and why the heart is to be
kept with diligence. Pressing arguments and
directions for hearing the voice of the rod.
Being the sum and substance of nine sermons.

Glasgow, 1751. 12

GRAY (ANDREW), Minister of Free West church,
Perth. Letter to the Rev. Henry Angus, con-
taining remarks on the Presbytery's petition
to Parliament, in favour of the new scheme of
education in Ireland. Aberdeen, 1832. 8

The Chapel question considered, in a letter to
the Rev. George COOK, D.D. 1834

Questions addressed to the dissenting INTRU-
SIONISTS of Perth. s. a.

- The present conflict between the civil and
ecclesiastical courts examined, with historical
and statutory evidence for the jurisdiction of
the Church of Scotland. 2d ed.

Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

A letter to the inhabitants. of Aberdeenshire...

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