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La Haye, 1694. 12

HEISSIUS (SEBASTIANUS). Volumen acatholi-
cum xx. Articulorum CONFESSIONIS Augusta-
nse : editum a Jacobo Heilbronner...compendio
recognitum, et castigatum. Dilingce, 1608. 4

HELIODORUS, Bishop of Tricca. Heliodori
^'Ethiopicorum libri x...emendati...Hieronymi
Commelini opera. [Gr et Lat.}

s. I., 1596. 8

HELM (PAULUS VANDER). Disputatio politica
de inauguratione principum . Qu am . . . sub pre-
sidio...!). Berckringeri ... publice defendere
conabitur P. v. H. Ultrajecti, 1646. 4

HELPER (HINTON ROWAN). The impending
crisis of the South : how to meet it. Thir-
teenth thousand. New York, 1857. 12

plettes de M. H. 4 torn.

Londres, 1777, 78. 12

De l'esprit...Nouvelle Edition augmented d'un
essai preliminaire par P. Christian.

Paris, 1843. 8

HELVICUS (CHRISTOPHORUS), Professor of divi-

nity at Giessin. De libris Thargumicis, Thal-

mudicis, et Chaldaicis bibliorum paraphrasibus

adversus Judaeos ; [cum Commentt. in Epist.

ad Hebr. L. TENA auctorej. 1661

Theatrum historicum et chronologicum, aequa-
libus denarioram, quinquagenariorum et cen-
tenariorum intervallis...nunc continuatum et
revisum a Johan. Balthasar. Editio sexta.

Oxonice, 1662. fol.

HELY (RICHARD), Lord Viscount Donoughmore.
The substance of a speech delivered in the
Irish House of Lords, 26th of February, 1799,
on the siibject of a Bill, introduced by the
Earl of Clare, " To restrain the negociation of
small notes, and inland bills of exchange, un-
der a limited sum. " Dublin, 1799. 8

HELYOT (PIERRE), knoicn also as Pere Hippolyte,
a Picpusian monk of the third order of St Fran-
cis. Histoire des ordres religieux et militaires,
ainsi que des congregations sdculiers de 1'un
et de 1'autre sexe, qui ont 4i4 dtablies jusqu' a
present, contenant leur origine, leur fonda-
tion, leur progres, les ev^nemens les plus con-
siderables qui y sont arrives ; la decadence des
uns et leur suppression ; 1'aggrandissement des
autres, par le moyen des diffe'rentes r^formes
qui y ont e'te introduces ; les vies de leurs

{> 'iidateurs et de leurs reforniateurs. Nouvdle
t : 'ljtion revue et corrige'u ; ornde do 812 figure*,
qui representent d'uno maniero parfaite les
ilillerens costumes de ces ordres et de ces con-
gregations. 8 torn. s 1702. 4
mains of the late Mrs Hemans.

Edin., 1836. 8

| Scenes and hymns of life, with other religious
poems. JWtn.,1834. 8

| HEMERT (PAULUS VAN), Professor of philosophy
in Amsterdam. Ueber Accommodationen im
Neuen Testament. . .Aus dem Hollandischen
iibersetzt und mit einer Vorrede versehen von
T. W. D. Dortmund und Leipzig, 1797. 8
HEMING (JOSEPH). Judas excommunicated, or
a vindication of the communion of saints :
being a brief examination and clear refutation
of Mr Peter Lightf oots arguments for proof of
Judas his receiving the sacrament of the Lord's
Supper, (which, could he prove, makes nothing
at all for a mixt communion. )

London, 1649. 4

, HEMMING (NICOLAUS), Professor of divinity at
Copenhagen. CATECHISMI quaestiones concin-
natae per N. H. Hafnia, 1560. 8

Admonitio de superstitionibus magicis vitan-
dis. Hafniv, 1575. 16

The professions of the true Church, and of
Poperie compared together. Translated out of
the Latin, by the Rev. Thomas Rogers, M.A.

London, 1579. 8

Enchiridion theologicum, prsecipua vene reli-
gionis capita breviter et simpliciter explicata
continens. Lipsice, 1581. 8

Commentariorum in sacrosanctum Domini nos-
tri Jesu Christi Evangelium secundum Joan-
nem, pars prior : Accessit autem jam pars al-
tera in reliqua xi. capita. Basikce, 1591. fol.

HEMSTERHUIS (FR.). (Euvres philoso-
phiques. 2 torn. Paris, 1792. 8

quarum prima est de Paulo Apostolo. L. C.
VALCKENARI tres orationes, quibus subjectum
est schediasma, specimen exhibens adnota-
tionum criticarum in loca quasdam librorum
sacrorum Novi Foaderis. Praafiguntur du3
orationes Joannis CHRYSOSTOMI in laudem
Pauli Apostoli, cum veteri versione Aniani, ex
cod. MS. hie illic emendata.

Lugd. Batav., 1784. 8

HENDERSON (ALEXANDER), one of the ministers
of Edinburgh. The answeres of some brethren
of the ministerie, to the replyes of the minis-
ters and professours of divinitie in Aberdeene :
concerning the late COVENANT. 1638

The government and order of the CHURCH OF

A sermon [on Ezra, vii. 23] preached to the
Hon. House of Commons, at their late solemn
fast, Wednesday, Dec. 27, 1643.

London, 1644. 4

(Reprinted.) Glasgow, 1844. 8

! A sermon [on John, xviii. 36, 37] preached be-
fore the Right Hon. House of Lords, May 28,
1645. London, 1645. 4



Defence of the Church of England, as it was
established and confirmed by King Edward
VI. and Queen Elizabeth. In several letters
betwixt Hia sacred Majesty [CHARLES I.] and
Mr A. H. s. a.

- * The life and times of A. H. By John AITON,
D.D. 1836

- * The life of A. H. By the Rev. Thomas
M'Crie, D.D. Edin., 1842. 12

Edinburgh. * Letter to the Right Hon. A.
H., from one of his fellow citizens, on the pro-
posed suppression of the New North church.

Edin., 1823. 8

or jetting fountains, near Haukadal, in Ice-
land, as seen in the years 1814 and 1815. By
E. H. Edin., 1818. 8

- Iceland ; or the journal of a residence in that
island, during the years 1814 and 1815. 2d ed.

Edin., 1819. 8

- An appeal to the members of the British and
Foreign Bible society, on the subject of the
Turkish New Testament, printed at Paris in
1819. London, 1824. 8

- The Turkish New Testament incapable of de-
fence, and the true principles of biblical trans-
lation vindicated : in answer to Professor Lee's
"remarks on Dr Henderson's ' appeal to the
Bible society, on the subject of the Turkish
version of the New Testament, printed in Paris
in 1819.'" London, 1825. 8

- Biblical researches and travels in Russia ; in-
cluding a tour in the Crimea, and the passage
of the Caucasus : with observations on the
state of the Rabbinical and Karaite Jews, and
the Mohammedan and Pagan tribes, inhabit-
ing the Southern provinces of the Russian em-
pire. London, 1826. 8

- The great mystery of godliness incontrovert-
ible ; or, Sir Isaac Newton and the Socinians
foiled in the attempt to prove a corruption in
the text, 1 Tim. iii. 16. Containing a review
of the charges brought against the passage ;
an examination of the various readings ; and a
confirmation of that in the received text on
principles of general and biblical criticism.

London, 1830. 8

- Divine inspiration ; or, the supernatural in-
fluence exerted in the communication of divine
truth ; and its special bearing on the composi-
tion of the sacred Scriptures. [Congreg. Lect.]

London, 1836. 8

- Another copy.

Another edition. London, 1852. 8

- * Dr Henderson's examination examined ; and
his allegations respecting the Episcopal Church .
in Scotland proved to be unfounded. By an
Episcopalian. Aberdeen, 1831. 8

- The Book of the Prophet Isaiah, translated
from the original Hebrew. 1840. See BIBLES

- The Book of the twelve minor Prophets, trans-
lated from the original Hebrew. 1845. See

- The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, and that

of the Lamentations, translated from the ori-
ginal Hebrew. 1851. See BIBLES ENGLISH.

HENDERSON (JAMES). A history of the Bra-
zil ; comprising its geography, commerce, co-
lonization, aboriginal inhabitants, &c. &c.

London, 1821. 4

HENDERSON (JAMES). Strictures on a pamph-
let, entitled, " Voluntary Church associations,
and their manifesto against establishments,
considered." Edin., 1833. 12

HENDERSON (JAMES), D.D., Minister of Free
St Enoch's church, Glasgow. Popery the anti-
christ of Scripture. Its character as developed,
and its doom as denounced, in prophetic Scrip-
ture. Glasgow, 1836. 8

The Redeemer's claims upon his redeemed peo-
ple : A sermon ; preached 5th February, in St
Enoch's church, Glasgow. Glasgow, 1843. 8

Another copy.

- The written word of God, the only and suffi-
cient rule of faith, supreme and independent
in its authority, and paramount and personal
in its obligations. [Lect. on Protest.]

s. I. et a. 12

HENDERSON (JAMES), D.D., Minister of East
United Presbyterian congregation, Galashiels.
Sermons by the late J. H. With memoir by
John Cairns, D.D. Edin., 1859. 8

HENDERSON (THOMAS). * Statement in an-
swer to the protest published by a small mino-
rity of the town council ; against the appoint-
ment of Mr T. H. to be city chamberlain, ad
vitam aut culpam. By a member of the coun-
cil. Edin., 1810. 8

the inhabitants of Aberdeen, respecting the
medical attendance of the poor, at their own
houses. Aberdeen, 1822. 8

of divinity at Leyden. Interpretatio Epistolse
Pauli ad Romanes, primum in lectionibus aca-
demicis proposita, nunc novis curis ad edi-
tionem parata. 2 vol. Lipsice, 1855, 59. 8

Professor of theology at Berlin. On the inter-
pretation of Isaiah, chap. Iii. 12-liii. Trans-
lated by James F. Warner. [Bib. Cab., vol. 9.1

Edin., 1835. 8 d

Christology of the Old Testament, and a com-
mentary on the predictions of the Messiah by
the Prophets. Translated from the German
by Reuel Keith, D.D. 3 vol.
Alexandria and Washington, D. C., 1836, 39.


Another edition. Abridged (from the trans-
lation of Dr Reuel Keith) by the Rev. Thomas
Kerchever Arnold, M.A. London, 1847. 8

Second edition. Translated from the second
German edition by the Rev. Th. Meyer, and
James Martin, B.A. 4 vol. [Clark's For.
Theol. Lib.] Edin., 1858. 8

Egypt and the Books of Moses, or the Books
of Moses illustrated by the monuments of
Egypt : with an appendix. From the German
by R. D. C. Robbins. Andover, 1843. 12



Another edition. With additional notes by
W. Cooke Taylor, LL.D. Edin., 1846. 8

- Another copy.

Another copy.

Commentary on the Psalms. Translated by
the Rev. P. Fairbairn, and the Rev. J. Thom-
son. 3 vol. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

Edin., 1846, 48. 8

Dissertations on the genuineness of the Penta-
triich. Translated from the German by J. E.
Ryland. 2 vol. [Continental Translation
Soc.] A''/m,, 1847. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Dissertations on the genuineness of Daniel and
the integrity of Zechariah. Translated by the
Rev. B. P. Pratten. And a dissertation on the
history and prophecies of Balaam, by the same
author, translated by J. E. Ryland. [Conti- '
nental Translation Soc.] E< I in., 1848. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- The Revelation of Saint John. Translated by
the Rev. Patrick Fairbairn. 2 vol. [Clark's '
For. Theol. Lib.] Edin., 1851, 52. 8 j

The Lord's day. Translated by James Martin,
B.A. London, 1853. 8 1

Commentary on Ecclesiastes, with other trea-
tises. Translated from the German by D. W. ;
Simon. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

Edin., 1860. 8

chengeschichte des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts. i
2Theil. Braunschweig, 1802-4. 8

Opuscula academica theologici potissimum ar-
gumenti. Lipsice, 1802. 8

HENLEY (JOHN), M. A. The history of Sweden ;
from the most early and authentic accounts of
that kingdom, to the erecting of it into an ab-
solute monarchy, and the establishment of the
Reformation. London, 1723. 8

HENNE (A.). L'dtranger dans Bruxelles, ou
guide historique, statistique et descriptif de la
capitale... Bruxelles, 1846. 12

HENNELL (CHARLES C.). An inquiry concern-
ing the origin of Christianity. 2d ed.

London, 1841. 8

titio et adsertio sententise Lutheranse de prse-
sentia corporis et sanguinis J. C. in cojna sa-
cra. Lipsvz, 1765. 4

HENNIGES (HENRICUS). De summa Impera-
toris Roman! potestate circa sacra. Liber uni-
cus. Noribergce, 1676. 8

De summa Imperatoris Romani potestate circa
profana. Liber unicus.

Noribergce, 1677. 8

during a visit to Egypt, Nubia, the Oasis,

Mount Sinai, and Jerusalem.

London, 1823. 8
HENRICUS (SciPio). De tribus historicis con-

cilii Tridentini. Amstelodami, 1662. 8

HENRY VIII., King of England. Assertio sep-

tem sacramentorum aduersus Martinum Lu-

therum, sedita ab inuictissimo Angliae et Fran-

cite Rege, et Do. Hyberniaj Henrico ejua no-

iniuLs octauo. Ant <i //' , 1522. 4

Assertio Beptemsacraiiu'iitiiniia ; or, a defence
of the seven sacraments, against Martin Lu-
ther. To winch are adjoined, his epistle to
the Pope, The oration of Mr John Clark, (ora-
tor to His Majesty) on the delivery of this
book to his Holiness. And the Pope's answer
to the oration. As also, the Pope's Bull, by
which his Holiness was pleased to bestow upon
that King (for composing this book) that most
illustrious, splendid, and most Christian-like
title of Defender of the faith. Faithfully
translated into English, from the original La-
tin edition, by T. W., Gent. The first Irish
edition. Diillin, 17W. 12

Clement's church, New York. A compendium
of Christian antiquities : being a brief view of
the orders, rites, laws and customs of the an-
cient Church in the early ages.

Philadelphia, 1837. 8

HENRY (MATTHEW), Minister of the Gospel at
Hackney. The works of the late Rev. M. H.,
being a complete collection of all the discourses,
sermons and other tracts, that were published
by himself. Together with an account of his
life, and a sermon, preach'd on the occasion of
his death by the Rev. Mr William Tong.

London, 1726. fol.

The miscellaneous works of the Rev. M. H.,
containing, in addition to those heretofore pub-
lished, numerous sermons, now first printed
from the original MSS., an appendix, on what
Christ is made to believers, in forty real bene-
fits, by the Rev. Philip HENRY, never before
published. And a preface by J. B. Williams.

London, 1830. 8

An exposition of the historical Books of the
Old Testament. London, 1708. fol.

An exposition of the five Books of Moses.
2d ed. London, 1710. fol.

An exposition of the five poetical Books of the
Old Testament. London, 1710. fol.

An exposition of the historical Books of the
New Testament. London, 1715. fol.

An exposition of the several Epistles contained
in the New Testament... and the Revelation.

London, 1721. fol.

An exposition of the Old and New Testaments.
Wherein each chapter is summed up in its con-
tents ; the sacred text inserted at large in dis-
tinct paragraphs ; each paragraph reduced to
its proper heads ; the sense given, and largely
illustrated. With practical remarks and obser-
vations. 7th ed. 6vol. Edin., 1767-70. fol.

A new edition : edited by the Rev. George
Burder, and the Rev. Joseph Hughes, A.M.
With the lif e of the author, by the Rev. Samuel
Palmer. 4 vol. London, 1811. 4

Another edition. With a few prefatory re-
marks by the Rev. Edward Bickersteth. 6 vol.

London, 1839. 4

Directions for daily communion with God. In
three discourses. A new edition.

. t 1790. 12 C



The pleasantness of a religious life, and A
Church in the house ; [with Sermons, by
Samuel HAYWARD]. 1792

A discourse concerning meekness and quietness
of spirit. To which is added, a sermon on
Acts, xxviii. 22... Berwick, 1795. 12

- Another edition. New York, s. a. 12

The communicant's companion : or, instruc-
tions and helps for the right receiving of the
Lord's Supper. Glasgow, 1798. 12

- Twentieth edition. Glasgow, 1815. 12

A method for prayer, with Scripture expres-
sions proper to be used under each head ; to
which are added, directions for daily commu-
nion with God. Derby, 1818. 12

Another edition. Berwick, 1823. 12

- * An account of the life and death of Mr M.
H. ...Chiefly collected out of his own papers,
and faithfully published by W. T[ong].

London, 1716. 12

Another copy.

- * Memoirs of the life, character and writings
of the Rev. M. H. By J. B. Williams.

London, 1828. 8

HENRY (PAUL), D.D. Das Leben Johann CAL-
VINS. 1835, 38

HENRY (PHILIP), A.M. Eighteen sermons, se-
lected from his original manuscripts. Also,
two sermons preached on his death : the one,
by the Rev. Francis Tallents, A.M., the other,
by the Rev. Mathew Henry. Now first pub-
lished. With notes, by J. B. Williams.

London, 1816. 8

- What Christ is made to believers, in forty real
benefits ; [with The miscellaneous works of
Matthew HENRY]. 1830

- * An account of the life and death of P. H....
By the late Rev. Matthew Henry.

Edin., 1823. 12

- Another edition. Edin., 1828. 12
HENRY (ROBERT), D.D., one of the ministers of

Edinburgh. The history of Great Britain, from
the first invasion of it by the Romans under
Julius Csesar. Written on a new plan. 4th
ed. 12 vol. London, 1805, 6. 8

HENRY (T. CARLTON), D.D., Pastor of the second
Presbyterian church, Charleston, 8. C. Letters
to an anxious inquirer, designed to relieve the
difficulties of a friend under serious impres-
sions. With an introductory essay, (in which
is presented Dr H.'s preface to his letters, and
his life by a friend). By G. T. Bedell, D.D.
Philadelphia, 1833. 12

- Third edition. [With Dr H.'s preface, and his
life, but without the introductory essay].

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

HENRY (WILLIAM). Communion with the spi-
rits of just men made perfect : A sermon [from
Heb. xii. 23] on the death of the late Mr Alex-
ander Christie of Leith. To which is annexed
a brief sketch of his character.

Edin., 1818. 8

HENRY (WILLIAM), M.D. Elements of experi-
mental chemistry. 2 vol. llth ed.

London, 1829. 8

- * A biographical account of the late Dr H. By

William Charles Henry, M.D.

Manchester, 1837. 8

HEPBURN (JOHN). * An answer to the first
part of Humble pleadings, or, a vindication of
the Church of Scotland : from the unjust as-
persions of Mr Hepburn and his party. By a
wellwisher of the good old way.

Drum/Ties, 1717. 4

The last testimony of the Reverend, pious, and
painful servant of Jesus Christ, of Mr J. H.

s. I., 1723. 8

HEPPE (H.), D.D. The reformers of England
and Germany in the sixteenth century : their
intercourse and correspondence. A historical
sketch and original documents. Translated,
with additions, by the Revds. Herman Schmet-
tau, and B. H. Cowper. London, 1859. 8

HERACLITUS. Heraclitus ridens redivivus ;
or, A dialogue between Harry and Roger, con-
cerning the times. Oxford, 1688. 4

HERAPATH (JOHN). Mathematical physics ; or
the mathematical principles of natural philo-
sophy : with a development of the causes of
heat, gaseous elasticity, gravitation, and other
great phenomena of nature. 2 vol.

London, 1847. 8

Orientale, ou dictionnaire universel contenant
tout ce qui fait connoitre les peuplesdel'Orient.
Leurs histoireset traditions tant fabuleuses que
veritables. Leurs religions et leurs sectes.
Leurs gouvernemens, politique, loix, mceurs,
coutumes, et les revolutions de leurs empires.
Les arts et les sciences, la theologie, medicine,
mythologie, magie, physique, morale, mathe-
matiques, histoire naturelle, chronologic, geo-
graphie, observations astronomiques, gram-
maire et rhetorique. Les vies de leurs saints,
philosophes, docteurs, poetes, historiens, capi-
taines, et de tous ceux qui se sont rendus il-
lustres par leur vertu, leur savoir ou leurs
actions. Des jugemens critiques et des ex-
traits de leurs livres, dcrits en Arabe, Persan
ou Turc sur toutes sortes de matieres et de
professions. [Avec la continuation par Claude
Visdelou.] 4 torn. La Haye, 1777, 78. 4

HERBERT (EDWARD), Lord Herbert of Cherbury.
De causis errorum. Pars prima.

Londini, 1645. 4

Another edition. s. I, 1656. 12

De veritate, prout distinguitur a revelatione,
a verisimili, a possibili, et a falso. [Wants
title.] [Londini, 1645]. 4

Editio tertia. s. I., 1656. 12

De religione Gentilium, errorumque apud eos
causas. Amstel., 1663. 4

The life and reign of King Henry the Eighth.

London, 1682. fol.

A dialogue between a tutor and his pupil.

London, 1768. 4

The life of E. Lord H., of Cherbury. Written
by himself. With a prefatory memoir.

Edin., 1809. 8

Another edition [without the prefatory me-
moir]. Continued to his death. With letters
written during his residence at the French



Court, &c. [The cuntiiuuition is attributed to
Sir Walter Scott.] London, 1820. 8

HERBERT (GEORGE), M.A., Jin-d>,- ../ />'. /// rt<>,i.
The remains of that sweet singer of the inn
pie G. H. [With life by Izaak Walton ; and
by Barnabas Oley.] London, 1836. 8

- Poemata varii argnmenti, partim e G. H. La-
tinfe (utcunque) reddita a \V. DILLINGHAM.


A priest to the temple, or, the country parson
his character, and rule of holy life.

London, 1807. 16

Poems ; with his country parson. A new edi-
tion, to which is prefixed, the life of the au-
thor ; [abridged] from Izaak Walton.

London, 1809. 12

HERCULANEUM. Memoirs concerning Her-
culaneum. [Wants title.] 8

HEREDITARY-RIGHT. The history of here-
ditary-right. Wherein its indefeasibleness,
and all other such late doctrines, concerning
the absolute power of Princes, and the un-
limited obedience of subjects, are fully and
finally detennin'd, by the Scripture standard
of divine right. [By Robert FLEMING.]

London, [1711]. 8






HERESIES. Histoire des heresies et des here-
tiques, qui ont troubld 1'Eglise depuis la nais-
sance de Jesus-Christ jusques a present.

Paris, 1697. 4

HERICOURT (Louis DE). Les loix eccle"sias-
tiques de France dans leur ordre naturel, et
une analyse des livres du droit canonique con-
fe're's avec les usages de 1'Eglise Gallicane.
Nouvelle e'dition. Paris, 1771. fol.


theologize dogmaticce et historue dogmatum.

Lipsia, 1822. 8

HERIOT (ALEXANDER), Minister at Dalkeith.
Information for Mr A. H. in relation to the
libel against him before the Presbytery of Dal-
keith, and the sentences thereon. And peti-
tions to the Lords of their Majesties Privy
Council. s. 1. et a. 4

HERIOT'S HOSPITAL. Poems on various sub-
jects by boys in Heriot's hospital. [By Peter
Lorimer, Daniel Scrymgeour, and others.]

Edin., 1827. 8

Observations in regard to the description of
boys who appear, agreeably to the statutes,
entitled to be admitted into George Heriot's
hospital. [By Thomas MILLER.]

Edin., 1827. 8

HERLE (CHARLES), Rector of Winwicke, Lanca- j
shire. Wisdomes tripos, or rather its inscrip-
tion, detursapienti, in three treatises. I. World- j
ly policy. II. Of moral prudence. III. Of j
Christian wisdome. The vanity of the first. !
The usefulness of the second. The excellency i
of the third. London, 1655. 8

HERMAN (NICOLAS).* The life of N. H., a na-

tivi; <if LdiTnin ; \\luTcin are set forth tin;
great advanm^.-* that arise to a Christian, by
preserving in his mind a constant sense of the
divine presence. Done out of French. To
which are subjoined, Meditations on the Lord's
prayer, translated from the Spanish of LEWIS
of Omnailii. Bdin.. 1727. 12

HERMANNUS, Abbot of Tours. Libri tres do
miraculis S. Maria?, sive de reparatione Lau-
dunensis Ecclesiw ; de gestis Bartholomeei
Episcopi ; ac de origine et incremento Pnu-
monstrat. ordinia ; [cum Opp. GIUBERTI].


HERMAS, Saint. Pastor ; [torn. i. p. 76, SS.
Patrum J. B. COTELERII]. 1724

[Tom. i. p. 49 Biblioth. vet. Patrum per A.


[Cum opp. Patr. apostol. ed. R. RUSSBL.]


[Cum opp. Patr. apostol. ed. C. I. HEFELE.]


[Cum opp. Patr. apostol. ed. A. R. M.

DRESSEL.] 1857

Translated ; [in W. WAKES epistles of the

apostolical Fathers, p. 337]. 1840

HoiftYiv o(>ot<Ttf . . . .Fragmenta Pastoris ; [cum
Novo TESTAMENTO Sinaitico]. See BIBLES
GREEK. F. 1863

Fragmentum Gr. textus Pastoris Hermse ; [in
Spicileg. Patr. per J. E. GRABIUM torn. i. p.
303]. 1714

HERMIASj/Sozomerms. /SeeHermiasSozoMBNUS.
HERMIAS. Gentilium philosophorum irrisio ;

[cum TATIANI Orat. ad Grsecos, edente W.

Worth]. 1700



HERODI ANUS. Historiarum libri viii. Cum
Angeli Politiani interpretatione, et H. Ste-
phani supplemento ; historiarum Herodianicas
subsequentium libri duo. [Gr. et Lat.]

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