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[Paris], 1581. 4

Another edition. E recensione H. Stephani,
cum varietate lectionis trium codicum MSS. ,
nova Bergleri versione, notis variorum ... cu-
rante Theophilo Guilielmo Irmisch. 5 torn.
[Gr. et Lat.] Lipsice, 1789, 1805. 8

HERODOTUS, of Halicarnassus. Historiarum
libri ix. [Gr.] Ex recensione Johannis
Schweighseuseri...2 vol. Londini, 1824. 8

Another edition. Ex ultima recensione Jo-
hannis Schweighzeuseri ; cum notitia literaria,
argumentis, et indice locupletissimo.

Londini, 1830. 8

Another edition. With prolegomena, notes,
and emendations, by Alexander Negris. 2 vol.

Edin., 1833. 8

Another copy. Vol. ii.

Historiarum libri ix., ix. musarum nominibus
inscripti. Ejusdem narratio de vita Homeri.
Cum Valise interpret. Latina historiarum He-
rodoti, ab Henr. Stephano recognita. Item
cum iconibus structurarum ab Herodoto de-
scriptarum. Ctcsiae qusedam de reb. Pers. et
Ind. Editio secunda, [Ports], 1592. fol.

Another edition. Ex MS. membrana Medi-



cea post Aldi Manutii, Joach. Camerarii, Henr.
Stephani, Goth. Jungermanni, Th. Gale in
edendo operas non tantum adjutis locis, ubi
ab viris doctis sentiebatur corruptela, sed etiam
Graecismo per singulas fere paginas remollito
industria Jacobi Gronovii cujus accedunt no-
tae. . .Ejusdein narratio de vita Homeri Gr. Lat.
interprete Conr. Heresbachio. Accedunt ex-
cerpta ex Xenophonte, Strabone, Dinone, He-
raclide Cymaeo, Clearcho, Agathocle, Cherete,
Plutarcho, Nymphodoro, de Persicis, ^Egyptiis
et Indicia ; item de incremento Nili ex Plu-
tarcho, TheophylactoSimocata,Athenseo,Diod.
Siculo, Aristide, Dione, Heliodoro et praesertim
Ctesia, &c. Lugd. Batav., 1715. fol.

- Another edition. Accedunt annotationes se-
lectae, necnon index Latinus, ex editionibus
Wesselingii et Reizii. 7 torn.

Edinburgi, 1806. 8

- Another edition. Ad veterum codicum fidem
denuo recensuit, continua interpretatione La-
tina, adnotationibus Wesselingii et Valckena-
rii aliorumque et suis illustravit Johannes
Schweighaeuser. Accedunt geographies et ura-
nologise Herodotese specimina a G. G. Bredow ;
T. C. Breiger commentatio de difficilioribus
quibusdam Asiae Herodoteae ; Asiae Herodo-
teae difficiliora, auctore 0. G. H. Frbmmi-
chen ; J. F. Hennicke commentatio de geo-
graphia Africae Herodotea : itemque summa-
ria, scholia, variseque lectiones e codice Pala-
tino ; canon chronologicus Larcherianus, auc-
tus et emendatus ; collatio editionum Schweig-
haeuseri, Reizii et Schsefferi, ac Wesselingii :
necnon M. ^milii Porti dictionarium Graeco-
Latinum, cum appeiidice tractatus quosdam
complectente de dialecto lonica, nempe M.
Maittaire, Gregorii Corinthii, Grammatici Lei-
densis, Grammatici Meermanniani, Gramma-
tici Augustani. 6 torn. Londini, 1824. 8

Translated from the Greek for the use of

general readers ; with short explanatory notes.
By Isaac Taylor. London, 1829. 8

- History of Herodotiis. A new English ver-
sion, edited with copious notes and appen-
dices, illustrating the history and geography
of Herodotus, from the most recent sources of
information ; and embodying the chief results,
historical and ethnographical, which have been
obtained in the progress of cuneiform and hie-
roglyphical discovery. By George Rawlinson,
M.A. Assisted by Col. Sir Henry Rawlinson,
K.C.B., and Sir J. G. Wilkinson, F.R.S.
4 vol. New edition. London, 1862. 8

HEROES. The heroes : a new ballad.

London, 1745. fol.

HERON (ROBERT). The new universal traveller ;
or, a collection of late voyages and travels,
through Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and
the South-Sea islands ; chiefly translated and
abridged from the French and other foreign
languages... Compiled by R. H. 2vol.

Edin., 1791, 92. 8 I

- A new general history of Scotland, from the '
earliest times to the aera of the abolition of !
the hereditary jurisdictions of subjects in Scot- ',

land, in the year 1748. 5 vol.

Perth and Edin., 1794-99. 8

General view of the natural circumstances of
those isles, adjacent to the North- West coast
of Scotland, which are distinguished by the
common name of Hebudae or Hebrides...

. Edin., 1794. 4

HERPORT (BRIAN), of the Church of Berne.
An essay on truths of importance to the hap-
piness of mankind ; wherein the doctrine of
oaths, as relative to religious and civil govern-
ment, is impartially considered. Translated
from the German. London, 1768. 8

HERRIES (JOHN), A.M. An address to the pub-
lic, on the frequent and enormous crime of
suicide ; delivered 2. Jany. 1774.

London, 1774. 4

HERRING (THOMAS), D.D., Archbishop of York.
A sermon preach'd at the cathedral church
of York, September 22d, 1745 ; on occasion of
the present rebellion in Scotland.

York, 1745. 8

Bart. A preliminary discourse on the study
of natural philosophy. New edition. [Lard-
ner's Cab. Cyclop.] London, 1830. 8

A treatise on astronomy. New ed. [Lard-
ner's Cab. Cyclop.] London, 1833. 8

Another copy.

- Another copy.

- Outlines of astronomy. London, 1849. 8
HERSCHELL (RIDLEY H.). A brief sketch of

the present state and future expectations of
the Jews ; in a letter addressed to his Chris-
tian friends. 3d ed. London, 1834. 12

HERVEY (Lord ARTHUR C.), M.A., Archdeacon
of Swdbury. The genealogies of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ, as contained in the Gos-
pels of St Matthew and St Luke, reconciled
with each other, and with the genealogy of the
house of David, from Adam to the close of the
canon of the Old Testament ; and shewn to be
in harmony with the true chronology of the
times. Cambridge, 1853. 8

HERVEY (JAMES), A.M., Rector of Weston Fa-
vel. The works of the late Rev. J. H. To
which is prefixed, a particular account of the
life, character, and writings of the author.
6vol. Edin., 1779. 8

Another edition. 7 vol. London, 1797. 8

Another edition. Edin., 1843. 8

- The time of danger, the means of safety, and
the way of holiness. Being the substance of
three sermons. To which is added, The cross
of Christ the Christian's glory. A sermon from
Gal. vi. 13. Edin., 1758. 12.

- Another edition. [Wants title.] 8

- The Christian's consolations, in times of trouble
and at death. Illustrated in sundry tracts, by
the Rev. Dr BRADBURY, Messrs H. , Halybur-
ton, and Drelincourt. 1790

- Theron and Aspasio : or, a series of dialogues
and letters upon the most important and in-
teresting subjects. 2 vol. 10th ed.

London, 1824. 8

Aspasio vindicated, and the Scripture doctrine



of imputed righteousness defended, against the
objections and animadversion of .Mr. I \\ ' ->
ley... To which is prefixed, Mr WESLEY'S letter
to Mr Hervey, containing his observations on
Theron and Aspasio. K<lln., 1705. 12

* Letters on Theron and Aspasio. Addressed
to the author (the Rev. J. H.). [By Robert
SANDEMAN.] 2vol. 4th ed.

Edin., 1803. 12

Letters of the Rev. J. H. </</<., 1845. 8
- On affliction. In a letter to a friend.

/:/<,., s. a. 12

Considerations on the prevailing custom of
visiting on the Lord's day. Edin., s. a. 12

* The character of the Rev. James Hervey,
considered... By John Ryland, M.A.

London, 1790. 8

* Memoirs of the life and character of the late
Rev. J. H. Compiled by John Brown, Whit-
burn. 3d ed. London, 1822. 8

literariie Fridericianae Halis consociatse pro-
gramma ad sacra Christi natalitia anni 1848
pie riteque celebranda scripsit J . J. H. Ex-
ponitur de origine et pristino statu Walden-
sium secundum antiquissima eorum scripta
cum libris Catholicorum ejusdem sevi collata.

Halis, s. a. 4

CEcolampade, le rdformateur de Bale. . .Traduit
de I'Allemand, et abrdge* par A. de Mestral.

Neuchatel, 1848. 8

The Protestant theological and ecclesiastical
encyclopedia : being a condensed translation
of Herzog's Real encyclopedia, with additions
from other sources. By Rev. J. H. A. Bom-
berger, D.D., assisted by distinguished theo-
logians of various denominations. Vol. i., ii.

Edin., [1856, 60]. 8
Another copy.

HESIODUS, Ascrceus. Opera quae extant. [Gr.
etLat.] s. L, 1598. 8

HESKETH (HENRY), D.D., Rector of Chark-
wood, Surrey. The charge of scandal. . .reflect-
ed back upon SEPARATION. 1683

IIESKYNS (THOMAS), D.D. The parliament of
Chryste avouching and declaring the enacted
and receaved trueth of the presence of his
bodie and bloode in the blessed sacrament,
and of other articles concerning the same, im-
pugned in a wicked sermon by M. Juell.

Antwerpe, 1566. fol.

HESS (Jon. JACOB). Bibliothek der heiligen
Geschichte. 2 Theil. Zfirich, 1791. 8

Its origin, history, and present obligation, con-
sidered in eight lectures preached before the
University of Oxford, in the year 1860, on the
foundation of the late Rev. John Bampton,
M.A. London, 1860. 8

A Scripture argument against permitting mar-
riage with a wife's sister. London, s. a. 12

LL.D., Professor of divinity in the Free Church
college, Glasgow. The fulness of time.

London, 1834. 8

Another copy.

Thought* on the connexion between Chuivh
and St.-itr, api-licd to the present position <>f
the Church of Scotland. , 1840. 8

Another copy.

History of the Church of Scotland. From the
introduction of Christianity to A.D. 1841.

'., 1841. 8

Second edition. Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

Sixth edition. [Bringing down the history to
the Disruption in 1843.] Edin., 1848. 8

Narrative of proceedings in the General Assem-
bly of the Church of Scotland, 1842.

Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

The minister's family. 4th ed.

I'.'Un., 1842. 12

History of the Westminster assembly of di-
vines. Urn., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Third edition. Edin., 1856. 8

National education in Scotland, viewed in ita
present condition, its principles, and its possi-
bilities. Edin., 1850. 8

Coleridge and his followers. A lecture deli-
vered...^ Exeter Hall, Feb. 8, 1853.

London, 1853. 8

Toleration ; or, the principles of religious li-
berty : being the substance of a lecture on Po-
pery. Edin., 1854. 8

HETTNER (HERMANN.). Athens and the Pelo-
ponnese, with sketches of Northern Greece.
From the German of H. H. Edin., 1854. 8

HEUGH (HUGH), D.D., Minister of the United
Presbyterian Church, Glasgow. Considerations
on civil establishments of religion ; with an ap-
pendix, containing remarks on Dr Inglis's
"Vindication." 2d ed. Glasgow, 1833. 12

* A careful and strict inquiry into the preten-
sions and designs of Dr H. ; or his " Considera-
tions on civil establishments of Christianity,"
plainly discovered to be full of specimens of
ignorance... By a watchman.

Glasgow, 1833. 8

* An examination of the slanderous product of
a watchman's malignant watching of Dr H.
By a layman. Glasgow, 1833. 8

Dr H. and the Scottish Guardian.

Glasgow, 1839. 8

Christian liberty, as opposed to its restrictions
by the veto act, patronage, and the depend-
ence of the Church on state support. A ser-
mon. Glasgoiv, 1840. 12

Friendly reply to the " Friendly address to the
DISSENTERS of Scotland." 1841

Notices of the state of religion in Geneva and
Belgium. Glasgow, 1844. 8

*The life of H. H., D.D., with a selection
from his discourses, by his son-in-law, Hamil-
ton M. Macgill. 2vol. Edin., 1850. 8

fessor of theology in the university of Gottingen.
Dissertationum sylloge diligenter recogni-
tarum, novisque illustratarum accessionibus.
Tom. i. 4 partt, Gottingce, 1743-50. 8'



Nova sylloge dissertationum diligenter recog-
nitarum novisque illustratarum accessionibus.
2 partt. liostochii et WismarioR, 1752, 54. 8

professor of divinity, Oxford. Justification.
Eight sermons preached before the University
of Oxford, 1845, at the lecture founded by the
late Canon Bampton. 2d ed.

Oxford, 1849. 8

- The union between Christ and his people. Four
sermons preached before the University of Ox-
ford. 2d ed. Oxford, 1851. 8

- The doctrine of the atonement, a sermon
preached before the University of Oxford, Ja-
nuary 27, 1856. Oxford, 1856. 8

- Harmonia symbolica : A collection of creeds
belonging to the ancient Western Church, and
to the mediaeval English Church, arranged in
chronological order, and after the manner of a
harmony. Oxford, 1858. 8

- The inspiration of holy Scripture. Constancy
in prayer : its importance considered with espe-
cial reference to the temptations of a student's
life. Two sermons, preached before the Uni-
versity of Oxford. Oxford,, 1861. 8

HEUSDE(PHiL. GULL. VAN). Initia philosophise
Platonicse. 2 torn.

Trajecti ad Bhenum, 1827, 31. 8
tio philologica de Vindemia et Torcularibus
veterum Hebrseorum...

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1755. 4
the Free Church, Dirleton. * Memoir of the
Rev. W. H. H. By the Rev. John Baillie.

London, 1851. 8

- Select letters and remains of W. H. H. Edited
by the Rev. John Baillie. 2 vol.

London, 1853. 8

HEWLETT (JOHN), B.D., Morning preacher at
the foundling hospital, London. Sermons on
different subjects. 2 vol. 6th ed.

London, 1816. 8

HE WSON (WILLIAM), M. A. , Incumbent of Goath-
land, Yorkshire. The oblation and temple of
Ezekiel's prophetic visions, in their relation to
the restoration of the kingdom to Israel... To
which is appended, a practical exposition of
the Apocalypse, or Revelation of St John.

London, 1858. 8

- ' ' Thy kingdom come ;" or, the Christian's prayer
of penitence and faith. London, 1859. 8

HEXHAM (HENRY). A copious English and
Netherduytch dictionarie, composed out of
the best English authors, with a compendious
grammar for the instruction of the learner.

Rotterdam, 1648. 4

HEY (JOHN), D.D. , Nornsian professor of divini-
ty, Cambridfie. Thoughts on the Athanasian
creed. A sermon [on Mark, xvi. 16] preached
...April 12, 1790, at the visitation of the Rev.
Luke Heslop, B.D., Archdeacon of Bucks.

Cambridge, 1790. 8

- Lectures in divinity, delivered in the Univer-
sity of Cambridge, by J. H. as Norrisian pro-
fessor. 3 vol. Cambridge, 1796, 97. 8

HEY (WILLIAM), Senior surgeon of the general in-
firmary of Leeds. Tracts and essays, moral
and theological ; including a defence of the
doctrine of the divinity of Christ, and of the
doctrine of the atonement ; with obituaries,
&c. &c. London, 1822. 8


Commentarius in priorem Divi Pauli ad Corin-
thios Epistolam. 2 vol.

Marburgi, 1825, 28. 8

HEYLIN (PETER), D.D., Prebendary of Westmin-
ster. The history of the Sabbath. In two
bookes. London, 1636. 4

Historia quinquarticularis : or, A declaration
of the judgement of the Western Churches,
and more particularly of the Church of Eng-
land, in the five controverted points, reproched
in these last times by the name of Arminian-
ism. [In three parts.] London, 1660. 4

Cyprianus Anglicus ; or, the history of the life
and death of William [LAUD].

London, 1668. fol.

Aerius redivivus ; or, the history of the Pres-
byterians. Containing the beginnings, pro-
gresse, and successes of that active sect. Their
oppositions to monarchical and Episcopal go-
vernment. Their innovations in the Church ;
and their embroilments of the kingdoms and
estates of Christendom in the pursuit of their
designs. From the year 1536 to the year 1647.

Oxford, 1670. fol.

[ Second edition. London, 1672. fol.

\ The historical and miscellaneous tracts of P.

H. With an account of the life of the author.

London, 1681. fol.

[Containing Ecclesia vindicata ; or, the Church
of England justified. The history of the Sab-
bath. Historia quinquarticularis. The stum-
bling-block of disobedience, proving the king-
ly power to be neither co-ordinate nor sub-
ordinate to any other. Right of the peerage
of the English Bishops.]

- Cosmography, in four books ; containing the
chorography and history of the whole world,
and all the principal kingdoms, provinces, seas,
and isles thereof. . .Improved. . .by Edmund Bo-
hun. 7th ed. [Wants title.]

[London, 1703]. fol.

A discourse publish'd to instruct and unde-
ceive the people in the point of tithes. By
Ph. TRELEINIE. [Pseud.] [With Three short
treatises published by Dr George HICKES.]


*.The life of the learned and reverend Dr P.
H., chaplain to Charles I. and Charles II., mo-
narchs of Britain. Written by George Vernon.

London, 1682. 8

Another copy.

* Theologo-historicus, or the true life of the
most reverend divine and excellent historian
P. H. Written by his son in law John BAR-
NARD, D.D. To correct the errors, supply the
defects, and confute the calumnies of a late
writer. Also an answer to Mr Baxter's false
accusations ef Dr Heylin. Londcn, 1683. 8


HKYLYN (JOHN), D.D., Sector of tit Mary-le-
Sti-nnd. Theological lectures at Westminster-
abbey, with an interpretation of the four Gos-
pels. To which are added, some select dis-
courses upon the principal points of reveal'd
religion. London, 1749. 4

- An interpretation of the New Testament. Part
the second. Containing the Acts of the Apos-
tles and the several Epistles. To which are
added, select discourses upon the principal
points of reveal'd religion.

London, 1761. 4

- Select discourses upon some interesting and
important subjects. London, 1770. 12

HIBBS (RICHARD), M. A. Scottish Episcopal
Romanism, or Popery without a Pope, in re-
ply to Bishop Wordsworth's recent lectures on
" The theory and practice of Christian unity."

Edin., 1856. 8

tfninte, Colchester. The works of the Rev. E.
H. 2 vol. London, 1709. 8

The ceremony-monger, his character. In five
chapters... With some remarks (in the intro-
duction) upon the New-star-chamber, or late
course of the court of Kings bench. Of the
nature of a lible, and scandalum magnum. And
in the conclusion, hinting at some mathema-
tical untruths and escapes in the Common-
prayer-book, both as to doctrine and discipline ;
and what Bishops were, are, and should be ;
and concerning ordination. Humbly proposed
to the consideration of the Parliament.

London, 1693. 12

HICKES, or HICKS (GEORGE), D.D., Dean of
Worcester. JOVLAN, or, An answer to [S.
Johnson's] Julian the apostate. 1683

Several letters which passed between Dr G. H.
and a Popish priest, [A. B.] upon occasion of
a young gentlewoman's [Lady Theophila Nel-
son] departing from the Church of England to
that of Rome. To which is added, I. The an-
swer of Dr BULL to a query of the Bishop of
Meaux. II. Mr LESLEY'S answer to the same
query. III. A letter written to an English
priest at Rome. [By R. NELSON.] With an
appendix containing several remarkable pa-
pers. London, 1705. 8

An apologetical vindication of the Church of
England : in answer to her adversaries who
reproach her with the English heresies and
schisms. With an appendix of papers relating
to the schisms of the Church of Rome. 2d ed.

London, 1706. 8 C

The spirit of enthusiasm exorcised : in a
sermon preach'd before the University of
Oxford, &c. The fourth edition. With two
discourses occasioned by the new prophets
pretensions to inspiration and miracles : the
first, The history of MONTANISM, by a 'Lay-
gentleman ; the other, The new pretenders to
prophecy examin'd. By N. SPIXCKES.

London, 1709. 8

Two treatises, one of the Christian priesthood,
the other of the dignity of the Episcopal or-
der. Formerly written, and now published to

obviate the erroneous opinions, fallacious rea-
:igB, and bold and fake assertions, in a late
book [by M. Tindal], entituk-d, The right* of
the Christian Church. With a large prefatory
discourse, wherein is contained an answer to
the said book. 2 vol. [Vol. ii., M ed.]

London, 1707, 11. 8

Another copy.

*An answer to some things contained in Dr
H irkes' Christian priesthood asserted, and, in
his preface concerning the Christian sacrifice.
\\ herein some notice is taken of what Bishop
Bull, Dr Grabe, and Mr Mead have said on
that subject. As also some remarks on Dr Cud-
worth's True notion of the sacrament : with
an answer to what Dr Hicks has said against
it. By a Presbyter of the Church of England ;
[John HANCOCK]. London, 1709. 8

Another copy.

Three short treatises, viz. I. A modest plea
for the clergy, &c. [By G. HICKES.] II. A
sermon of the sacerdotal benediction, &c. [By
Rev. Samuel GIBSON.] III. A discourse pub-
lished to undeceive the people in point of tithes,
&c. [By Ph. TRELEINIE.] Formerly printed
and now again published by Dr G. H. in de-
fence of the priesthood, and true rights of the
Church against., .a late book [by M. Tindal] of
pernicious and blasphemous doctrines, falsely
entituled, The rights of the Christian Church.

London, 1709. 8

A modest plea for the CLERGY ; [with Three
short treatises published by G. HICKES.] 1709

The constitution of the Catholick Church, and
the nature and consequences of schism, set
forth in a collection of papers.

[London], 1716. 8

Another copy.

HICKMAN (HENRY), B.D., Preacher to the Eng-
lish congregation at Leyden. Historia quin-
quarticularis exarticulata ; or, animadversions
on Dr Heylin's quinquarticular history. In
which, 1. The aspersions cast on foreign reform-
ers are wiped off. 2. The doctor's manifold
contradictions are manifested. 3. The doc-
trine of the Arminians, in the five points, is
proved to be contrary to the doctrine of the
reformed Church of England, s. Z.,1673. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

HICKOK (LAURENS P.), D.D. A system of mo-
ral science. London, 1853. 8


HIERARCHY. Raccolta della gerarchia ecclesi-
astica considerata nelle vesti sacri e civili.

Roma, 1834. 4

HIEROCLES, of Alexandria. Commentarius in
aurea carmina, de providentia et fato quse
supersunt, et reliqua fragmenta. Greece et
Latine. Gneca cum MSS. collata castigavit,
versionem recensuit, notas et indicem adjecit
Pet. Needham. Cantab., 1709. 8

HIERON (SAMUEL), of Modbury, Devonshire.
David's penitentiall Psalme opened : in thirtie
seuerall lectures thereon.

Cambridge, 1617. 4



HIERONYMUS, of Prague. Joannis Hus, et
Hieronymi Pragensis historia et monvmenta.


dio et labore monachorum ordinis S. Benedict!
fe congregatione S. Mauri. 5 torn.

Parisiis, 1696-1706. fol.

- Epistolse selectae, et in libros tres distributee.

Opera D. Petri Canisii theologi. Nunc denuo

ad exemplar Mariani Victorii Reatini, Episcopi

Amerini, emendata;, argumentisque illustratae.

Pamm, 1649. 12

HIGDEN (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of St Paul
Shadwell. A view of the English constitution,
with respect to the sovereign authority of the
Prince, and the allegiance of the Subject. In
vindication of the lawfulness of taking the oaths
to Her Majesty, by law required. To which
is added, a defence, by way of reply to the
several answers that have been made to it.
4th ed. London, 1716. 8

H1GGINS (W. MULLINGER), Lecturer on natural
philosophy at Ghiy's Iwspital. The earth : its
physical condition, and most remarkable phe-
nomena. London, 1836. 8
Alphabet of geology, for the use of beginners.

London, 1837. 8

HIGGONS (BEVILL). Historical and critical re-
marks on Bp. Burnet's history of his own time.
London, 1725. 8

HIGHMORE (ANTHONY). Pietas Londinensis :

the history, design, and present state of the

various public charities in and near London.

London, 1810. 8

HILARIUS, Saint, Bislwp of Poictiers. Opera,
studio et labore monachorum ordinis S. Bene-
dicti e congregatione S. Mauri castigata, aucta,
atque illustrata ; nunc vero libris de Trinitate,
et commentariis in Psalmos ad binos Capituli
Veronensis codices, antiquitate ac prsestantia
quosvis ad hanc diem cognitos facile exsuper-
antes, diligenter exactis, atque octo maxime
variantium tractatuum adjectione locupletatis.
2 torn. Veronce, 1730. fol.


theology in the university of Helmstadt. Ora-
tio de fundatione academise Julise ; [ad calc.
Hist, originis scholarum inter Christianos, a
G. G. KEUFFEL]. Helmstadii, 1743. 8

HILDERSHAM (ARTHUR), of Ashby-de-la-Zouch.
CVIII. lectures upon the fourth of John.
2d ed. London, 1632. fol.

- CLII. lectures upon Psalme li.

London, 1635. fol.

HILL (ABRAHAM). Familiar letters which passed

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