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between A. H. and several eminent and inge-
nious persons of the last century. Transcribed
from the original letters. London, 1767. 8
HILL (ALEXANDER), D.D. The practice in the
several judicatories of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1830. 12

- Fourth edition. Edin., 1840. 12
HILL (DANIEL H.). A consideration of the

sermon on the mount.

Philadelphia, 1859. 12

HILL (GEORGE), D.D., Principal of St Mary's
college, St Andrews. The advantages of search-
ing the Scriptures. A sermon, preached. . .June
7, 1787. Edin., 1787. 8

Heads of lectures in divinity.

St Andrews, 1796. 12

Theological institutes, in tliree parts : 1. Heads
of lectures in divinity. 2. View of the con-
stitution of the Church of Scotland. 3. Coun-
sels respecting the duties of the pastoral office.

Edin., 1803. 8

*A letter to the R-v-r-nd Pr-nc-p-1 H-ll, on
some of the proceedings of last G-n-r-11 As-
s-mbly of the Ch-rch of Sc-tl-nd.

Edin., 1803. 8

* A second letter to the Rev. Principal Hill,
on some of the proceedings of the General As-
sembly of the Church of Scotland, held in
1803. Edin., 1805. 8

Substance of speech delivered in the General
Assembly, May 23d, 1807, upon the motion
for thanking His Majesty for his support of
the Protestant establishment.

Edin., 1807. 8

* Abstract of a speech, never intended to have
been spoken, in answer to the substance of a
speech, said to have been spoken by the Rev.
Principal Hill of St Andrews, in the General
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, May
23d, 1807, when that venerable court had
under consideration the draught of a loyal
and dutiful address to His Majesty.

Edin., 1807. 8

Lectures upon portions of the Old Testa-
ment, intended to illustrate Jewish history
and Scripture characters.

Edin., 1812. 8

Edited by his son, the



1833. 12


1837. 12


1842. 8


1850. 8

Another copy.
Lectures in divinity.
Rev. Alexander Hill.

Third edition. 2 vol.

Fourth edition.

Another edition.

Fifth edition.

A view of the constitution of the Church of

Scotland. 3d ed. , with the original appendix ;

and notes, by Alexander Hill, D.D. , minister

ofDaiUy. Edin., 1835. 32

Another copy.

Another copy.

A sermon on Deut. xxxiii. 29. [Wants title.]


* The life of the late G. H. By George Cook,
D.D. Edin., 1820. 8 3

EILL (GEORGE), Minister of the Gospel in Cum-
bernauld. The character and office of Gospel
ministers : two sermons preached at Airdrie.
The first at the moderation of a call for Mi-
James Henderson, July 14th. And the se-
cond at the moderation of a call for Mr An-
drew Duncanson, Dec. 15th, 1791.

Falkirk, 1792. 8

Christian magistrates, nursing fathers to the
Church, a sermon [on Isaiah, xlix. 23] deliver-
ed... at the opening of the Associate Synod, at



Glasgow, September 1st, 1807.

Glasgow, 1808. 8

Another copy.

- Another copy.

- Another copy.

- Another copy.

- Another copy.

- The death of a faithful minister, in obedience
to the will of God : a sermon [on Deut. xxxiv.
61. Glasgow, 1811. 8

II ILL (GEORGE), Mini-it' - </ Shottsbum. Chris-
tian sympathy : a sermon, preached im me-
diately after the death of the Rev. George Hill,
minister at Cumbernauld. Glasgmv, 1819. 8

HILL (GEORGE). What is the Church of Christ ?, 1844. 12

HILL (H. A. ). The Gospel according to St Luke,
translated into the Mohawk tongue. 1827.

HILL (JOHN), LL.D. Heads of philological lec-
tures, intended to illustrate the Latin classics.
4th ed. ., 1802. 12

HILL (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel in London.
Sermons on several occasions. 9th ed.

London, 1823. 8

- It is well ; or, faith's estimate of afflictive dis-
pensations. London, s. a. 16

- Fifth edition. [With] a discourse on the bless-
edness of them that die in the Lord.

Edin., 1824. 12

HILL (JOHN). Rev. Charles O'Neill Pratt's ser-
mon, in reply to the Rev. Dr Cahill's lecture
on private judgment... found to be no reply.
Congleton, s. a. 8

HILL (MICAIAH). The Sabbath made for man :
or, the origin, history, and principles of the
Lord's day. . London, 1857. 8

HILL (NOAH), Independent minister, Old Gravel
lane, London. A father to the poor : a ser-
mon [on Job, xxix. 16] preached April 25,
1793, before the correspondent board in Lon-
don of the Society in Scotland, for propagating
Christian knowledge. London, 1794. 8

HILL (Sir RICHARD), Bart. An apology for bro-
therly love, and for the doctrines of the Church
of England, in a series of letters to the Rev.
Charles Daubeny, with a vindication of such
parts of Mr Wilberforce's practical view, as
have been objected to by Mr Daubeny, in his
late publication, entitled, A guide to the
Church. Also, some remarks on Mr Daubeny 's
conduct in bringing a false quotation from a
pamphlet, entitled, Five letters to the Rev.
Mr Fletcher... To which is annexed a sermon,
by Bishop BABINGTON. London, 1798. 8

Deep things of God ; or, milk and strong meat
...4thed. London, 1830. 12

* The life of Sir R. H. By the Rev. Edwin
Sidney, A.M. London, 1839. 8

HILL (ROWLAND), A.M., Minister of Surrey cha-
pel, London. Christ crucified, the sum and
substance of the Scriptures. A sermon preach-
ed, June 8, 1783. London, [1783]. 8

An expostulatory letter to the Rev. W. Tat-
tersall, in which the bad tendency of the ad-
mission of stage amusements, in a religious and

point of view, ia seriously considered.
London, 1795. 8

A series of letters, occasioned by the late pas-
toral admonition of the Church of Scotland, as
also then- ;utt mpta to suppress the establish-
ment of Sabbath schools. A'. "... 1 7'.9. 8

Journal of a tour through the North of Eng-
land, and part of Scotland ; with remarks on
the present state of the Church of Scotland.

London, 1799. 8

A letter to Mr Butler on his late " Address to
the Protestants of Great Britain and Ireland ;"
and Mr BUTLER'S reply. London, 1813. 8

Psalms and hymns. 9th ed.

London, 1830. 12

The first and last sermons delivered in Surrey
chapel. To which is added, the history of
Surrey chapel from its erection to the present
time, by the Rev. George Weight.

London, 1833. 8'

Mature reflections and devotions of the Rev.
R. H., in his old age. By the Rev. Edwin
Sidney, A.M. 2d ed. London, 1836. 8

*The life of the Rev. R. H., A.M. By the
Rev. Edwin Sidney, A.M. 2d ed.

London, 1834. 8

Third edition. London, 1835. 8
HILL (SAMUEL), Archdeacon of Wells. A vindi-
cation of the primitive Fathers against the im-
putations of Gilbert [Burnet], Lord Bishop of
Sarum. [London], 1695. 8

The rights, liberties, and authorities of the
Christian Church. Asserted against all op-
pressive doctrines and constitutions. To which
is added, a justification of the Municipium ec-
clesiasticum, against the observations of an
anonymous but candid adversary.

London, 1701. 8

HILL (SAMUEL). A plan for reducing the poor's
rate by giving permanent employment to the
labouring classes : with some observations on
the cultivation of flax and hemp.

London, 1817. 8

HILL (THOMAS), B.D. The trade of truth ad-
vanced. In a sermon [on Prov. xxiii. 23]
preached to the Hon. House of Commons, July
27, 1642. London, 1642. 4

The militant Church triumphant over the dra-
gon and his angels, presented in a sermon [on
Rev. xii. 11] preached to both Houses of Par-
liament, July 21, 1643. London, 1643. 4

HILLERUS (MATTHJSUS), Professor of Oriental
languages at Tubingen. Hierophyticon, sive
commentarius in loca Scripturse sacrse quse
plantarum faciunt mentionem, distinctus in
duas partes...Cui accedit prsefatio Salomonis
Pfisteri, continens auctoris vitam, merita, et
libros tarn editos quam MSStos.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1725. 4

Syntagmata hermeneutica, quibus loca Scrip-
turae sacrae plurima ex Hebraico textu expK-
cantur. Tubingce, 1728. 4

HILMERS (Jo. HERMANNUS). Dissertatto exe-
getico-theologica de aurora in legeettestirnonio
conspicua, ex Esaife, viii., Comm. xx.

Rostochii, 1735. 4



HILPERT (JOHANNES), Professor of Hebrew at
Helmstadt. Disquisitio de Preeadamitis, ano-
nymo exercitationis et systematis theologici
auctori [Is. Peyreyrio] opposita.

Ultrajecti, 1656. 12

HINCHCLIFFE (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Peter-
borough. A sermon [on Mai. ii. 10] preached
June 1, 1786. To which is annexed an ac-
count of the Society for promoting Christian
knowledge. London, 1786. 4

HINCKS (FRANCIS). The results of negro eman-
cipation. A speech delivered at a public meet-
ing, held in London, Aug. 1, 1859...

London, 1859. 8

HINCMARUS, Archbishop of Eheims. Opera :

cura et studio Jacobi Sismondi, societatis Jesu

Presbyteri. 2 torn. Lutet. Paris., 1645. fol.

- * The life and times of Hincmar. By the late

Rev. J. C. Prichard, M.A.

Littlemore, 1849. 12

HINDE (WILLIAM), Minister at Bumbery, Che-
shire. A path to pietie, leading to the way,
the truth, and the life, Christ Jesus.

London, 1626. 8

HINDMARSH (J. H.). The rhetorical reader...
To which are prefixed Mr Walker's rules on
the practice of elocution. London, 1821. 8

HINDOOS. Essays relative to the habits, cha-
racter, and moral improvement of the Hin-
doos. [Republished from ' ' The friend of In-
dia."] London, 1823. 8

HINDS (SAMUEL), D.D., Bishop of Norwich.
The history of the rise and early progress of
Christianity, comprising an inquiry into its
true character and design. 2 vol.

London, 1828. 8

- Second edition. London, 1846. 8

- A new edition. [From the Encyclopaedia Me-
tropolitana. ] London, 1850. 8

- The catechist's manual, and family lecturer ;
being an arrangement and explanation of St
Mark's gospel, for purposes of missionary and
domestic instruction. Oxford, 1829. 8

Another copy.

The three temples of the one God contrasted.

Oxford, 1830. 8

Second edition. London, 1846. 8

An inquiry into the proofs, nature, and extent
of inspiration, and into the authority of Scrip-
ture. Oxford, 1831. 8

Another copy.

Scripture and the authorized version of Scrip-
ture : being the substance of two ordination
sermons, with an appendix, containing notes,
and a glossary of words which have become
obsolete in the sense which they bear in the
translation of the New Testament.

London, 1845. 8

HINTON (BENJAMIN), B.D. Eighteene choice
and usefull sermons. London, 1650. 4

HINTON (ISAAC TAYLOR), of St Louis, United
States. A history of baptism both from in-
spired and uninspired writings. Revised... by
John Howard Hinton, M.A.

London, 1841. 12
HINTON (JOHN HOWARD), M.A., Baptist minis-

ter, Devonshire Square, London. A review of
the Bishop of London's ' ' Three sermons on
the Church." London, 1842. 8

A treatise on man's responsibility. 2d ed.

London, 1842. 12

Notes of a tour in Sweden ; by Edward STEANE,
D.D., and J. H. H. 1859

HINTS. Hints respecting the improvement of
the literary and scientific education of candi-
dates for the degree of Doctor of medicine in
the university of Edinburgh, humbly submit-
ted to the consideration of the patrons and
professors of that institution, by a graduate of
King's college, Aberdeen. Edin., 1824. 8

HIPPISLEY (Sir JOHN Cox), Bart. The sub-
stance of additional observations intended to
have been delivered in the House of Commons,
in the debate on the petition of the Roman
Catholics of Ireland, on the 13th and 14th of
May, 1805. With notes and an appendix.

London,, 1806. 8

Substance of the speech of Sir J. C. H. on se-
conding the motion of the Right Hon. Henry
Grattan to refer the petition of the Roman
Catholics of Ireland to a committee of the
House of Commons... 18th May, 1810. 2d ed.

London, 1810. 8

Substance of the speech of Sir J. C. H., on the
motion of the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan, in the
House of Commons on the 24th April, 1812 ;
for a committee of the whole house, on the
state of the penal laws now in force against
the Roman Catholics of Ireland. 2d ed.

London, 1812. 8

Letters to the Earl of Fingall on the subject
of "the Catholic claims." Part i.

London, 1813. 8

HIPPOCRATES. Opera omnia. Greece et La-
tine edita, et ad omnes alias editiones accom-
modata. Industria et diligentia Joan. Anto-
nidse vander Linden. 2 torn.

Lugd. Batav. , 1665. 8

Aphorismorum sectiones octo ; ex interpreta-
tione Anutii Fcesii : quibus accessit methodus,
qua aphorismi, in cerium ordinem digesti, et
accurate dispositi, exhibentur a Joanne Er-
nesto Scheffler. Lugd. Batav., 1633. 16

Aphorismi Greece et Latine : juxta optimam
editionem Theodori Janssonii ab Almeloveen,
Med. Doc. Amstelaedami impressam, anno
1685. (Reprinted) Edinburgi, 1736. 8

Aphorismi ad fidem veterum monimentorum
castigati, Latine versi, a J. B. Lefebvre, D. M.

Parisiis, 1782. 8

HIPPOLYTUS, Sam*. Opera, non antea collec-
ta, et partim nunc primum e MSS. in lucem
edita Greece et Latine. Accedunt virorum doc-
torum notee et animadversiones, ac prseter ali-
orum commentarios in monumentum Paschale
S. martyris tabula triplici senea expressum,
dissertationes integrse virorum clarissimorum
Francisci Blanchini, et Jo. Vignolii, atque ex
Virginii Valsechii, et Philippi a Turre scrip-
tis excerpta S. Hippolytum spectantia. Sub-
juncta appendix scriptorum dubiorum suppo-
sititiorumque, necnon quiecunque reperiri p-



tuere ex lucubrationibus HIPPOLYTI junioris

- Thebani. Curanto Jo. Alberto Fabricio. 2 torn.

U.i mlin^l, 1710,18. fol.

Refutationis omnium hajresium libromni dr
cem qute supersunt. Recensuerunt, Latink
verterunt, iiotas adjecerunt Lucl. Duncker et
F. G. Schneidewein. Gottinga:, 1859. 8

HIPPOLYTUS, the Theban. Fragmentum, ex
editione Canisiana ; [cum opp. HIPPOLYTI].

171G, 18

the past and present history of the Jews and
their future prospects. London, 1840. 12

HIRTIUS (AULUS). De bello Gallico, lib. viii. -.
[cum Commentt. C. J. C^ESARIS]. 1560

De bello Alexandrine, liber unus. [Ibid.]

Do bello Africano commentarius. [Ibid.]

De bello Hispaniensi, liber unus. [Ibid.J
HIRZEL (Luowio), Th. D. Hiob. Erklart von

Dr L. H. [Exeget. Handb. zum Alt. Test.
Zweite Lieferung!] Leipzig, 1839. 8

HISINGER (W.). Versuch einer imneralogis-
chen Geographic von Schweden. Aus der
Handschrift iibersetzt von F. Wohler.

Leipzig, 1826. 8

HISLOP (ALEXANDER), Minister of the East Free
church, Arbroath. The light of prophecy let
in on the dark places of the Papacy : being an
exposition .of 2d Thessal. ii. 3-12. Showing
its exact fulfilment in the Church of Rome,
with special reference to the aspects of that
Church in the present day. Edin. , 1846. 12

- Infant baptism, according to the word of God
and confession of faith. Being a review, in
five letters, of the new theory of Professor
Lumsden, as advocated in his treatise entitled,
" Infant baptism : its nature and objects."

Edin., 1856. 8

HISTOIRE, HISTORY. Me'moires chronolo-
giques et dogmatiques, pour servir a 1'Histoire
Ecclesiastique depuis 1600, jusqu'en 1716.
[Par le P. d'AvRiGNY, Je'suite.] Tom i. & ii.

s. I, 1720. 12

A history of the Churches in England and
Scotland, from the Reformation to the present
time. 3 vol.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1771, 72. 8
HITCHCOCK (EDWARD), D.D., Professor of che-
mistry and natural history in Amherst college.
Report on the geology, mineralogy, botany,
and zoology of Massachusetts, made and pub-
lished by order of the government of that
state: in four parts... With a descriptive list
of the specimens of rocks and minerals col-
lected for the government.

Amlwrst, 1833. 8

- Final report on the geology of Massachusetts :
in four parts... Amherst, 1841. 4

- The connexion between geology and natural
religion. [Stud. Cab. Lib., vol. i.]

Edin., 1835. 8

- The connexion between geology and the Mo-
saic history of the creation. [Ibid., vol. iv.]

Edin., 1836. 8

- The historical and geological deluges compared.
[Ibid.]. Edin. 1837. 8

The religion of geology, and its connected
sciences. Glasgow, s. a. 8

Religious truth illustrated from science, in ad-
dresses and sermons on special occasions.

Boston, 1857. 12

HITZIG (F.), Th. D. Der I'n.plu-t Jeremia.
Erklart von F. H. [Exeget. Handb. zum Alt.
Test. Dritte Lieferung.] Leipzig, 1841. 8

Der Prediger Salome's. Erkliirt von Dr F.
H. [Ibid. Siebente Lieferung.]

Leipzig, 1847. 8

Der Prophet Ezechiel. Erklart von Dr F. H.
[Ibid. Achte Lieferung.] Leipzig, 1847. 8

Das Buch Daniel. Erklart von Dr F. H.
[Ibid. Zehnte Lieferung. 1 Leipzig, 1850. 8

Die Zwolf Kleinen Propheten. Erkliirt von
Dr F. H. [Ibid. Erste Lieferung.] Zweite
Auflatr. Leipzig, 1852. 8

Das Hohe Lied. Erklart von Dr F. H. [Ibid.
Sechzehnte Lieferung.] Leipzig, 1855. 8

Ernahrung des Pflanzen und die Statik des
Landbaus. Prog, 1841. 8

HOADLY (BENJAMIN), D.D., successively Bishop
of Bangor, Hereford, Salisbury, and Winches-
ter. The works of B. H. Published by his
son John Hoadly, LL.D., Chancellor of the
diocese of Winchester. 3 vol.

London, 1773. fol.

Several tracts formerly published : now col-
lected into one volume... To which are added,
six sermons, never before publish'd : viz. Two
sermons concerning the evils, of which Chris-
tianity hath been made the occasion. Four
sermons concerning the extremes of implicit
subjection, and infidelity. London, 1715. 8

A letter to the Rev. Mr Fleetwood. Occa-
sion'd by his Essay on miracles. Written in
the year, 1702. [Collection of tracts.]

London, 1715. 8

A letter to a clergy-man in the country, con-
cerning the votes of the Bishops upon the bill
against occasional conformity. Written in the
year, 1703. [Ibid.] 1715

Two sermons upon St Matthew, 10. 34. Con-
cerning the divisions, and cruelties, of which
the Christian religion hath been the occasion.
Preached in the year, 1703. [Ibid.] 1715

A letter to the Rev. Dr Francis Atterbury :
occasion'd by the doctrine deliver'd by him in
a funeral-sermon on 1 Cor. 15. 19, August 30,
1706. Written in the year, 1706. [Ibid.]


A second letter to the Rev. Dr Francis Atter-
bury, in answer to his large vindication pre-
fix'd to his volume of sermons. With a post-
script relating to his doctrine concerning the
power of charity to cover sins. Written in the
year, 1708. [Ibid.] 1715

A brief vindication of the antient Prophets
from the imputations and misrepresentations
of such as adhere to our present pretenders to
inspiration. In a letter to Sir Richard Bulke-
ley, Bart. Written in the year, 1709. [Ibid.]


Some considerations humbly offered to the



Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter [Off-
spring Blackhall]. Occasioned by his Lord-
ship's sermon preach'd before Her Majesty,
March 8, 1708. Written in the year, 1709.
[Ibid.]. 1715

An humble reply to the Right Rev. the Lord
Bishop of Exeter's answer. In which the con-
siderations offered to his Lordship are vindi-
cated : and an apology is added for defending
the foundation of the present government.
Written in the year, 1709. [Ibid.]. 1715

Queries recommended to the authors of the
late discourse of Free-thinking. Written in
the year, 1713. [Ibid.]. 1715

Four sermons concerning impartial enquiry
into religion : and the two extremes of impli-
cit subjection ; and infidelity. Preach'd in
January, 1712,-13. [Ibid.]. 1715

The reasonableness of conformity to the Church
of England, represented to the dissenting mi-
nisters. In answer to the tenth chapter of
Mr Calamy's abridgment of Mr Baxter's his-
tory of his life and times. 2 parts. 2d ed.

London, 1703. 8
Another copy.

A brief defence of Episcopal ordination. In
which I. The arguments for it are propos'd.
II. The pleas for the right of Presbyters to or-
dain are examin'd. III. The pleas alleged
for the same right in the laity are consider'd.
To which is added, A reply to the introduction
to the second part, and a postscript relating to
the third part of Mr Calamy's Defence of mo-
derate non-conformity. London, 1707. 8
Another copy.

The measures of submission to the civil ma-
gistrate consider'd. In a defence of the doc-
trine deliver'd in a sermon [on Rom. xiii. 1].
Preach'd... Sept. 29, 1705. London, 1706. 8
Third edition. In which are added, 1. An
accession sermon [on Ps. 95. 2] preached March
8, 1704-5. 2. A sermon [on 1 Sam. viii. 9]
concerning the unhappiness of absolute mo-
narchy, &c. 3. A sermon [on Acts, xxii. 25]
concerning St Paul's behaviour towards the
civil magistrate. London, 1710. 8

St Paul's behaviour toward the civil magis-
trate : a sermon [on Acts, xxii. 25] preached
at the assize at Hertford, July 26, 1708.

London, 1708. 8

The original and institution of civil govern-
ment, discuss'd, viz. I. An examination of the
patriarchal scheme of government. II. A de-
fense of Mr Hooker's judgment, &c. against
the objections of several late writers. To which
is added, A large answer to Dr F. Atterbury's
charge of rebellion : in which the substance of
his late Latin sermon is produced, and fully
examined. London, 1710. 8

The nature of the kingdom of Christ. A ser-
mon [on John, xviii. 36] preach'd before the
King, at the royal chapel at St James's, on
Sunday March 31, 1717. 4th ed.

London, 1717. 8

Fifth edition. London, 1717. 8

Another copy.

Fifteenth edition. London, 1717. 8

A preservative against the principles and prac-
tices of the Non-jurors both in Church and
State. Or, An appeal to the consciences and
common sense of the Christian laity. 4th ed.
London, 1717. 8

An answer to the Rev. Dr Snape's letter to the
Bishop of Bangor. London, 1717. 8

Another copy.

* The Layman's second letter to the Bishop of
Bangor. Or, an examination of his Lordship's
Sermon before the King ; and of Dr Snape's
letter to his Lordship. London, 1717. 8

* A collection of papers scatter'd lately about
the town in the Daily-courant, St James's-
post, &c. With some remarks upon them. In
a letter from the Bishop of Carlisle [William
NICOLSON] to the Bishop of Bangor. 1717
Preface to An answer to the Rev. Dr Snape's
accusation, by Francis de LA PILLONNIERE.

s. a.

A letter to Dr Snape ; [prefixed to A reply to
Dr Snape's vindication of a passage in his se-
cond letter to the Bishop of Bangor, relating
to Mr Pillonniere. By F. de LA PILLONNIERE].


Some few remarks upon Dr Snape's Letter be-
fore Mr Mills's book ; [prefixed to A third de-
fense... By F. de LA PILLONNIERE]. 1718

* A report of the committee of the lower House
of convocation, appointed to draw up a repre-
sentation to be laid before the Arch-bishop and
Bishops of the province of Canterbury ; con-
cerning several dangerous positions and doc-
trines contained in the Bishop of Bangor's Pre-
servative, and his Sermon preach'd March 31,
1717. 4th ed. London, 1717. 8
Another copy.

* The report reported : or, the weakness and
injustice of the proceedings of the convocation
in their censure of the Lord Bp. of Bangor,
examin'd and expos'd. 2d ed.

London, 1717. 8

A postscript to the Rev. Dr Sherlock, Dean of
Chichester ; [with A second letter to the Rev.
Dr Sherlock. By A. A. SYKES]. [1717]

An answer to the Representation drawn up by
the committee of the lower House of convoca-
tion concerning several dangerous positions
and doctrines contained in the Bishop of Ban-
gor's Preservative and Sermon.

London, 1718. 8
Another copy.
Another copy.
Another copy.

* A short reply to the Bishop of Bangor's long
answer. In a brief, but distinct examination
of all his propositions, paragraph by paragraph.

London, 1718. 8

* A defence of the first head of the charge of
the committee of the lower House of convoca-
tion against the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop
of Bangor. Being remarks upon some posi-
tions of his Lordship, contained in his Sermon,
in his Answer to Dr Snape, and to the Repre-
sentation. Wherein is shewn, that his Lord-


1!<>\DLY II";

ship hath denied, and doth still deny, all autho-
rity to the Church. [By Henry STEBBINO.]

London, 1718. 8

* An apology for the clergy of the Church of
England, in a letter to the Lord Bishop of
Bangor. Wherein some unjust insinuations
against them, in his Lordship's Answer to the
representation of the committee of the lower
House of convocation are detected and con-
futed ; and the necessity of learning, in order
to a right understanding and exposition of the
Scriptures, demonstrated ; contrary to what
his Lordship asserts, particularly in the 20th
section of his first chapter ; and to many other
dangerous positions in the course of that book.

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