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&c. London, 1816. 8

HOLMES (ROBERT), B.D., Professor of poetry in
the university of Oxford. On the prophecies
and testimonies of John the Baptist, and the
parallel prophecies of Jesus Christ. Eight
sermons preached before the University of Ox-
ford in the year 1782, at the lecture founded
by the Rev. J. Bampton, M.A.

Oxford, 1782. 8

Four tracts. I. On the principle of religion,
as a test of divine authority. II. On the prin-
ciple of redemption, whether if premial it is
agreeable, or if judicial contrary, to divine rec-
titude. III. On the angelical message to the
virgin Mary. I V. On the resurrection of the
body, as inferred from that of Christ, and ex-
emplified by scriptural cases. With a discourse
on humility. Oxford, 1788. 8

HOLROYD (JOHN BAKER), Earl of Sheffield.
Observations on the impolicy, abuses, false
interpretation, and ruinous consequences of
the poor laws ; and on the reports of the two
houses of Parliament. 2d ed.

Lnntlon, 1818. 8



HOLTZAPFFEL (CHARLES). A new system of |
scales of equal parts, applicable to various pur-
poses of engineering, architectural and general I
science. Illustrated by a fac-simile of the
scales on copper plate. London, 1838. 8

HOLTZFUS (BARTHOLDUS), Professor of theology '
in the university of Frankfort on the Oder. I
Tractatus theologicus de prsedestinatione, elec-
tione et reprobatione hominum, ad promoven-
dam concordiam ecclesiasticam.

Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1703. 4

- Editio tertia. Lu-gd. Batav., 1756. 8
HOLYOAKE (GEORGE JACOB). Christianity and

secularism. Report of a public discussion be-
tween the Rev. Brewin GRANT and G. J. H.


HOLY GHOST. Der Heilige Geist warhafftiger
Gott oberster Herr und Gubernator der...hei-
ligen Christlichen Kirchen. s. I. , 1534. 4

- Der Heilige Geist, &c. gegen den Bapst ge-
schrieben von Gabriel, des himmlischen Reichs
Erzkantzler, &c. s. I., 1534. 4

HOME (HENRY), Lord Kames. Elements of cri-
ticism. 2 vol. 5th ed. Edin. , 1774. 8

- Seventh edition. With the author's last cor-
rections and additions. 2 vol.

Edin., 1788. 8

Ninth edition. Edin., 1817. 8

- Remarkable decisions of the court of Session,
from the year 1730 to the year 1752. Collect-
ed by The Hon. H. H. 2d ed.

Edin., 1799. fol.

Elucidations respecting the common and sta-
tute law of Scotland. A new edition.

Edin., 1800. 8

- Sketches of the history of man. Considerably
enlarged by the last additions and corrections
of the author. New edition. 3 vol.

Edin., 1807. 8

Historical law tracts. The fourth edition.

Edin., 1817. 8

Principles of equity. A new edition.

Edin., 1825. 8

HOME (JOHN). The works of J. H. To which
is prefixed an account of his life and writings
by Henry Mackenzie. 3 vol.

Edin., 1822. 8

DOUGLAS : a tragedy. 1757

AGIS : a tragedy. 1758

The history of the Rebellion in the year 1745.

London, 1802. 4

Congregational church in South Benvick. Writ-
ings of W. B. H. With a memoir by Edwards
A. Park. Andcver, 1842. 32

HOMERUS. Ilias. [Gr.] Parisiis, 1554. 8

ftov. Ev Oow [1695]. 4

1'A/a.c. 2 torn.

Glasguoe, excudebant B. etA. Foulis, 1756. fol. !
- Ilias [Gr.] ad veteris codicis Veneti fidem re- j
censita. Scholia in earn antiquissima ex eodem
codice aliisque nunc primum edidit cum aster- !
iscis, obeliscis, aliisqxie signis criticis, Joh. Bap- !
tista Caspar D'Ansse de Villoison.

Vcnetiis, 1788. fol.

Ilias. [Gr.l 2 torn. Edinburgi, 1794. 12

Ilias. [Gr.] Interpretatio Latina adjecta est,
ex editione S. Clarke. 3 torn.

Glasgiuz, 1747. 8
- Editio quarta decima. Londini, 1806. 8

Another edition. Abredonice, 1813. 8

Nova editio. Edinburgi, 1845. 8

Ilias [Gr. ] cum brevi annotatione, curante Chr.
Gottl. Heyne. Editio nova.

Londini, 1834. 8

L'lliade. Traduite en Franois avec des re-
marques. Par Madame Dacier. 3 torn. Nou-
velle edition. Amsterdam, 1712. 12

The Iliad of Homer. Translated by Alexander
Pope. 5 vols. London, 1743. 8

Another edition. 2vol. Edin., 1778. 12 J

Translated into English blank verse, by Wil-
liam Cowper. 2 vol. [Vol. xi. and xii. of
Cowper's works, edited by Southey.]

London, 1837. 8

Odyssea, id est, de rebus ab Ulyssi gestis.
Ejusdem Batrachomyomachia et hymni. [Gr. ]

Geneva', 1567. 8*

O^vffanx. 2 torn.

Glasguce, excudebant R. et A. Foulis, 1758. fol.

Odyssea Greece et Latine. Edidit, annotatio-
nesque ex notis nonnullis manuscriptis a S.
Clarke, S.T.P. relictis, partim collectas, adje-
cit S. Clarke, S.R.S. Editio quinta. 2 torn.

Londini, 1815. 8

The Odyssey of Homer. Translated from the
Greek by Alexander Pope. 6 vol.

London, 1725. 8

Translated into English blank verse, by Wil-
liam Cowper. 2 vol. [Vol. xiii. and xiv. of
Cowper's works, edited by Southey.]

London, 1837. 8

* An enquiry into the life and writings of Homer.
[By Thomas BLACKWELL.] London, 1736. 8

HOMILIES. Certain sermons or homilies ap-
pointed to be read in churches in the time of
Queen Elizabeth. Together with the thirty
nine articles of religion. London, 1757. fol.

Book of homilies. [Wants title.] fol.

Another edition. To which are added, the
constitutions and canons ecclesiastical, and the
thirty nine articles of the Church of England.

London, 1816. 8

Another copy.

A new edition. Oxford, 1822. 8

Another edition. London, 1825. 12

Another edition. London, 1840. 12

Another edition. With an appendix, contain-
ing the articles of religion, constitution, and
canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in
the United States of America. Third Ameri-
can, from the last English, edition.

Philadelphia, 1844. 8

A fruitful exhortation to the reading and know-
ledge of the holy Scripture. A homily.

s. 1. et a. 12

HOMMA (LAURENTIUS). Disputationum ethica-
rum prima, de virtutibus in specie, nominatim
fortitudine, quam...sub prsesidio...D. Berck-
ringeri...publice defendet L. H.

Trajccti ad Hhcnum, 1645. 4



HONE (WILLIAM).* The three trials of W. H.
for publishing three parodies ; viz. The late
John Wilkes's catechism, The political litany,
and The sinecurist's creed; or, three ex-officio
informations, at Guildhall, London 18, 19, and
20 December 1817. London, 1818. 8

* The first trial of W. H....for publishing a
parody on the late John Wilkes's catechism of
a ministerial member. 10th ed.

London, 1817. 8

Sixteenth edition. London, 1818. 8

- * The second trial of W. H....for publishing a
parody, with an alleged intent to ridicule the
litany, and libel the Prince Regent, the House
of Lords, and the House of Commons. 7th ed.

London, 1818. 8

Twelfth edition. London, 1818. 8

* The third trial of W. H....for publishing a
parody on the Athanasian creed, entitled " The
sinecurist's creed." 5th ed. London, 1818. 8

Fourteenth edition. London, 1818. 8

* Trial by jury and liberty of the press. The
proceedings at the public meeting held Decem-
ber 29, 1817, at the City of London tavern,
for the purpose of enabling W. H. to surmount
the difficulties in which he has been placed by
being selected by the ministers of the crown as
the object of their persecution. 4th ed.

London, 1818. 8

- The political house that Jack built. 10th ed.

London, 1819. 8

- The miraculous host tortured by the Jew under
the reign of Philip the Fair 1290 ; being one of
the legends which converted the daughters and
niece of Douglas Loveday, Esq. 1821.
From the French. 8th ed. London, 1822. 8

- Ancient mysteries described, especially the
English miracle plays, founded on apocryphal
New Testament story, extant among the un-
published manuscripts in the British Museum ;
including notices of ecclesiastical shows, the
festivals of fools and asses the English boy
Bishop the descent into hell the Lord
Mayor's show the Guildhall giants Christ-
mas carols, &c. London, 1823. 8

HONERT (JOHANNES VAN DEN), Professor of divi-
nity at Ley den. Dissertationes apocalypticse,
exercitiis academicis ventilates, et conscribendo
in ipsam Johannis theologi Apocalypsin com-
mentario prsemissse, a J. v. H.

Lugd. Batav., 1736. 4

Institutiones theologise didactico-elencticse...
necnon orationes duse, alterade regeneratione,
altera de historia ecclesiastica...Editio altera,
cui accedunt alise ejusdem orationes duse, al-
tera de mutua Christianorum tolerantia, altera
de sapientia et arte oratoris ecclesiastic!.

Lugd. Batav., 1749. 4

turalis et revelata per aphorismos delineata,
ex commentario de veris Dei viis.

Amstel, 1715. 8

Dissertationes historicse, I. De creatione mun-
di ; II. De situ Edenis ; III. De lingua prim-
reva, ejusque propagatione.

Lugd. Batav., 1738. 8

HONOUR. An enquiry into the origin of ho-
nour, and the usef illness of Christianity in war.
I'.y tin author of The fable of the bees ; [Ber-
nard de MANDEVILLE]. London, 1732. 8

HONTHKl.M (.|..ANM:S-NI'I.L. IT:). - Justinus
Febronius abbreviatus et emendatus. I
de statu Ecclesiae tractatus ex sacra Scriptura,
traditione, et melioris notie catholicis scripto-
ribus adornatus, ab auctore ipso in hoc com-
pendium redactus. [Per J. FEBROMC.M. |
[Pseud.] Colonice et Francofurti, 1777. 4*

Commentarius in suam retractationem Pio
VI. Pont. Max. Kalendia Novemb. An.
[Pseud.] Francofurti ad Mwnum, 1781. 4

HONYMAN (ANDREW), Bishop of Orkney. A
survey of the insolent and infamous libel, en-
tituled, NAPHTAXI. 1GG8

HOOD (ISOBEL). * Memoirs and manuscript of
I. H. By the Rev. John Macdonald. With
introductory notice, by Hugh Miller. 2d ed.

Edin., 1844. 12

HOOG (JOANNES). Specimen academicum inau-
gurale, de cretus Christianorum Philippensis
conditione primseva, ex Epistola iis ab Apos-
tolo Paulo scripta proecipue dijudicanda, quod gradu Doctoratus.-.publico ac solenni
examini submittit J. H.

Lugd. Batav., 1825. 4

madversiones in F. Vigeri de preecipuis Grsecsa
dictionis idiotismis librum, ad justam exami-
nis lancem revocatse. Lugd. Batav. , 1781. 8

Doctrina particularum linguae Graecae. In epi-
tomen redegit Christianus Godofr. Schutz.
Editio secunda. Lipgice, 1806. 8

Another edition. Glasguw, 1813. S

braica, secundum ultimam editionem Jos.
Athiae. 1705. See BIBLES HEBREW. A.
Leeds. Hear the Church. A sermon, preach-
ed at the chapel royal, in St James's palace,
on the first Sunday after Trinity, June 17,
1838. 6th ed. London, 1838. 12

Twenty-sixth edition. London, 1838. 12"

A history of the Church in America ; [in a pre-
face to the early life of Bishop HOBART]. 1838

On the means of rendering more efficient the
education of the people. A letter to the Lord
Bishop of St David's. 9th ed.

London, 1846. 8

HOOKER (EDWARD W. ), of Bennington, Vermont.
Love to the doctrines of the Bible an-essen-
tial element of Christian character.

Philadelphia, 1837. 12

Another edition. [Presb. Tracts, vol. i.]

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

HOOKER (HERMAN), D.D. Popular infidelity.
[Lib. of Christ. Knowledge, vol. v.]

Philadelphia, 1836. 12

Second edition. [Ibid.]

Philadelphia, 1836. 12

The family book of devotion ; containing daily
morning and evening prayers for four weeks ;
a sermon on contemplation, and an evening



prayer, for every Sunday iri the year : and an
appendix of prayers for particular occasions.
With an introduction on the importance of
family religion. Philadelphia, 1842. 8

HOOKER (HORACE). The child's book on the
Sabbath. New York, s. a. 12

HOOKER (RICHARD), D.D., Rector of Bishops-
bourne, Kent. The works of Mr R. H., in
eight books of the laws of ecclesiastical polity :
with several other treatises. Also a life of the
author, by Isaak Walton. A new edition.
3 vol. London, 1821. 8

- Another edition. Edited by the Rev. W. S.
Dobson, M.A. 2 vol. London, 1825. 8

Another edition. Oxford, 1839. 8

Another edition. Oxford, 1841. 8

- Certayne divine tractates, and other godly ser-
mons. London, 1622. fol.

Another edition. London, 1639. fol.

Of the lawes of ecclesiastical polity, eight books.

London, 1622. fol.

Another copy.

- Another edition. London, s. a. fol.
HOOKER (THOMAS), Pastor of the Church at

Hartford, N. E. The paterne of perfection :
exhibited in God's image on Adam : and
God's covenant made with him. Whereunto
is added an exhortation, to redeem the time
...and also some miscellanies, I. The prayer
of faith. II. A preparative to the Lord's
Supper. III. The character of a sound Chris-
tian, in 17. markes. By T. H.

London, 1640. 12

A survey of the summe of Church-Discipline.
Wherein the way of the Churches of New-Eng-
land is warranted out of the word, and all ex-
ceptions of weight, which are made against it,
answered : whereby also it will appear to the
judicious reader, that something more must be
said, than hath yet been, before their princi-
ples can be shaken, or they should be unsetled
in their practice. London, 1648. 4

fessor of botany in the university of Glasgmv.
The British flora ; comprising the phsenoga-
mous, or flowering plants, and the Ferns.
2d ed. London, 1831. 8

- Fourth edition. Vol. i. London, 1838. 8
HOOLE (ELIJAH). Madras, Mysore, and the

South of India : or, a personal narrative of a
mission to those countries : from 1820 to 1828.
2d ed. : with some account of the Jesuit mis-
sion in Madura : brief historical notices of Ma-
dras. . .remarks on Tamul literature, and on the
religion and religious state of the Hindoos ;
and a history of the Romish persecutions of
the Nestorians, or Syrian Christians of Tra-
vancore. London, 1844. 12

HOOPER (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Gloucester and
Worcester. An exposition upon the 23. psalme
of David full of frutefull and comfortable doc-
trin, written to the Citye of London by J. H.
bishop of Gloceter and Worceter, and holye
martyr of God for the testimonye of hys truth.
Whereunto is annexed an apology of his,
agaynst such as reported that he cursed Quene

Mary, wyth certaine Godlye and comfortable
letters in the ende. s. I. , 1562. 8

Early writings of J. H. Comprising the de-
claration of Christ and his office. Answer to
Bishop Gardiner. Ten commandments. Ser-
mons on Jonas. Funeral sermon. Edited for
the Parker Society, by the Rev. Samuel Carr,
M.A. Cambridge, 1843. 8

Later writings of Bishop Hooper, together with
his letters and other pieces. Edited for the
Parker Society, by the Rev. Charles Nevinson,
M.A. Cambridge, 1852. 8

HOOPER (JOHN), Rector of Albury, Surrey. The
present crisis, considered in relation to the
blessed hope of the glorious appearing of the
great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

London, 1830. 12

Third edition.. London, 1832. 12

" The Word was made flesh." A sermon [on
John, i. 14] preached in the parish church of
Westbury...l831. London, 1831. 12

The doctrine of the second advent, briefly
stated. 3d ed. London, 1832. 12


Professor of divinity in the universities of Utrecht

andLeyden. Socinianismusconfutatus. 3tom.

Ultrajecti, 1650; et Amstel, 1662-64. 4

Another copy.

Socinianismi confutati compendium ipsissimia
cl. autoris verbis concinnatum.

Lugd. Batav., 1690. 12

Examen Bullse papalis, qua P. Innocentius X.
abrogare nititur pacem Germanise.

Ultrajecti, 1652. 4

Editio secunda, cui accesserunt Bullse P. Ur-
bani VIII. de supressione Jesuitissarum ; de
cultu imaginum ; de festis ; una cum scholiis.

Ultrajecti, 1653. 4

Another copy.

Pro convincendis et convertendis Judeeis, libri
octo. Lugd. Batav., 1655. 4

Disputationes theologicse anti-Socinianae, de
Christo : ejus natura, officiis, beneficiis. Ha-
bitae in illustri academia Lugduno-Batava ;
auctore et prseside J. H. 2 torn.

Lugd. Batav., 1656-59. 4

Summa controversiarum religionis ; cum infi-
delibus, hsereticis, schismaticis : id est, Genti-
libus, Judseis, Muhammedanis, Papistis, Ana-
baptistis, Enthusiastis et Libertinis, Socinia-
nis ; Remonstrantibus, Lutheranis, Brownis-
tis, Grcecis. Editio secunda.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1658. 8

Another copy.

Editio nova. Colbergce, 1676. 8

De observando a Christianis prsecepto decalogi
quarto, die Dominica.

Litgd. Batav., 1659. 12

De Independentismo epistola. Cum Indepen-
dentium, seu Congregationalium in Anglia,
nuper edita confessione. Addita est Jacobi
USSERII, de reducendo Episcopatu, adformam
regiminis synodici, dissertatio. Cum notis.

v Ultrajecti, 1661. 8"

Theologia practica. Accessit ejusdem Ireni-
cum de studio pacis atque concordiao. Et ora-



tio, do prudentia. - partt.

tTttrtM . i.iitf, 66. 4

Another copy. [Wants title.]

De conversione Indorum et Gentilinm. Libri
duo. Accessit ejuadem vita ab auiico edita.

Amstel., 1669. 4

Orationes habit tu in Academia Ultrajectina.

Colbergce, 1676. 8

Methodua concionandi ; [ad calc. Coinpend.
theol. per A. ESSENIUM]. 1682

HOPE (JOHN), Dean of tlw Faculty of advocates,
afterwards Lord Justice Clerk A letter to the
Hon. James Abercromby. 2d ed.

E,lin., 1822. 8

A letter to the Lord Chancellor, on the claims
of the Church of Scotland in regard to its ju-
risdiction, and on the proposed changes in its
polity. . , 1839. 8

Second edition. /:/,'/(., 1839. 8

Speech of the Dean of Faculty, in the Court
of Session, on the hearing, in presence of the
whole court, in conjoined actions of reduction
and suspension, of the sentence of deposition,
the Presbytery of Strathbogie against the Rev.
Dr Gordon and others, January 26, 1843.

Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

HOPFNERUS (HENRICUS). De justification
hominis peccatoris coram Deo, disputationes
duodecim. Lipsice, 1653. 4

HOPKINS (EZEKIEL), D.D., Bishop of London-
Derry. The works of E.H. London, 1701. fol.

Another edition. With a memoir of the au-
thor. Edin., 1841. 8

Another edition. 2vol. Edin., 1844. 8

The doctrine of the two covenants, wherein
the nature of original sin is at large explain'd :
St Paul and St James reconcil'd in the great
article of justification. With a discourse of
glorifying God in his attributes. Now first
publish'd from his original manuscripts.

London, 1712. 8
- Another copy.
Another copy.

HOPKINS (JOHN). The Booke of Psalmes col-
lected into English meeter, by Thomas STERN-
HOLD, J. H., and others. 1601. See BIBLES

HOPKINS (JOHN HENRY), D.D., Bishop of Ver-
mont, U. S. The primitive creed, examined
and explained : In two parts.

Burlington, 1834. 12

The Church of Rome, in her primitive purity,
compared with the Church of Rome at the pre-
sent day : being a candid examination of her
claims to universal dominion... First London
edition, revised and corrected by the author,
with an introduction by the Rev. H. Melvill.

London, 1839. 12

The novelties which disturb our peace. [In
four letters] addressed to the Bishops, clergy,
and laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Philadelphia, 1844. 12

" The end of controversy" controverted. A
refutation of Milner's " End of controversy,"
in ;i scries of letters addressed to F. P. Ken-

rick, Roman Catholic Archbishop of JJaltim.nv.
J New York, l.-.M !_'

HOPKINS (SAMUEL), D.D., Pastor of the first
Congregational church in Newport, Rhode island.
A treatise on the millennium. Shewing from
Scripture prophecy that it is yet to come ; when
it will come ; in what it will consist ; and the
evi-iita which are first to take place introduc-
tory to it. A./,/.., 1794. 12

Another copy.

HOPKINS (W.), M.A. Elements of trigonome-
try. [L. U. K.] London, 1832. 8

HOPKINSONUS ( JOH.). Descriptio paradisi ;
[cum Commentt. in Epist. ad Hebr. L. TEN A
auctore]. li'.iil

HOPPER (Mrs R. L.). Joy and peace in believ-
ing ; or, hints for obtaining this blessing. 2d ed.
London, 1839. 16

HOPTON (Mrs SUSANNA). A collection of medi-
tations and devotions, in three parts. I. Me-
ditations on the creation. II. Meditations and
devotions on the life of Christ. III. Daily
devotions and thanksgivings. By the first re-
former of the devotions in the ancient way of
offices ; afterwards reviewed and set forth by
the late learned Dr Hickes. Published by N.
Spinckes, M.A. London, 1717. 8*

HORANTIUS (FRANCISCUS). Loconim catholi-
corum, turn sacra? Scripturae, turn etiam anti-
quorum Patrum pro orthodoxa fide retinenda,
libri septem. Parisiis, 1565. 8


Edinburgi, 1570. 12

Another edition. Illustrata a Joanne Bond.

Amster., 1670. 8

Another edition. Cantabrigice, 1699. 4

Another edition. 2 torn.

Londini, jfineis tabulis incidit Johannes Pine,
1733, 37. 8

Another edition. Interpretatione et notis il-
lustravit Ludovicus usum Del-
phini. Huic editioni accessere vita Horatii
cum Dacerii notis, ejusdem chronologia Hora-
tiana, et prsefatio de satira Romana. Editio
duodecima. Londini, 1762. 8

Another edition. Cura Joannis Hunter, LL.D
2 torn. Cupri Fifanorum, 1813. 12

Another edition. Recensuit et illustravit Fri-
dericus Guil. Doering. Editio quarta. 2 torn.

LlpsuR, 1828, 29. 8

Eclogse, cum scholiis veteribus. Castigavit et
notis illustravit Guil. Baxterus : varias lec-
tiones et observationes addidit J. M. Gesne-
rus ; quibus et suis adspersit J. C. Zeunius.
Editio auctior. Londini, 1822. 8 3

A poetical translation of the works of Horace,
with the original text, and critical notes. By
Philip Francis, D.D. 4 vol. 8th ed.

London, 1778. 12

Another copy.

The odes and satyrs of Horace, that have been
done into English by the most eminent hands.

London, 1717. 12

Satires, epistles, and art of poetry done into
English... by S. Dunster, D.D. 3d ed.

London, 1719. 8"


The odes, satyrs, and epistles of Horace. Done
into English by Mr [Thomas] Creech. 5th ed.

London, 1730. 12

- Sixth edition. London, 1737. 12

The odes, epodes, and carmen seculare of Ho-
race, translated into English prose... With the
Latin text and order of construction. . .[Usually
called Davidson's Horace.] London, 1746. 8

- The satires, epistles, and art of poetry of Ho-
race, translated into English prose... With the
Latin text and order of construction. ..[Ibid.].

London, 1748. 8

- The odes, epodes, and carmen seculare of Ho-
race. Translated into English verse. By Wil-
liam Boscawen. London, 1793. 8

- The satires, epistles, and art of poetry of Ho-
race. Translated into English verse. By Wil-
liam Boscawen. London, 1797. 8

- (Euvres d'Horace en Latin et en Franois, avec
des remarques critiques et historiques par Mon-
sieur Dacier. Troisieme Edition. 10 torn.

Paris, 1709. 8

Another copy.

HORBERY (MATTHEW), D.D., Rector of Stan-
lake. An enquiry into the Scripture-doctrine
concerning the duration of future punishment :
in which the texts of the New Testament, re-
lating to this subject, are considered ; and the
doctrine, drawn from them alone, is shewn to
be consistent with reason. Occasion'd by some
late writings, and particularly Mr Whiston's
discourse of hell-torments.

London, 1744. 8

geniana, sive de ultima origine et progressu
hseresews Origenis Adamantii tractatus singu-
laris, e philosophia barbarica ac Grseca, et ve-
tustissimis Patrum operibus erutus ad illus-
trissimos reipublicse Argentoratensis proceres.
Francofurti, 1670. 4

HORN (JOANNES). Narratio pragmatica conver-
sionum, quas theologia moralis seculo decimo
octavo experta est apud Lutheranos, Reforma-
tos, Catholicos atque sectas Christianas mi-
nores. Gcettingce, s. a. 4

HORN A NUS ( J OH ANN ES). Theses philosophicse .
Lugd. Batav., 1609. 4

HORNE (GEORGE), D.D., Bishop of Norwich.
The miscellaneous works of G. H. To which
are prefixed, memoirs of his life, studies, and
writings, by William Jones, M.A.

London, 1830. 8

- Another copy.

- A letter to Adam SMITH on the life, death, and
philosophy of his friend David Hume. 1782

- A sermon [on 2 Thess. iii. 13] preached June
12, 1783. To which is annexed an account of
the Society for promo ting Christian knowledge.

London, 1783. 4

- Discourses on several subjects and occasions.
4th ed. ; to which is now prefixed, some ac-
count of the author. 2 vol.

Perth, 1794. 12

- Discourses. 4 vol. [Vol. i., ii., same as the
preceding, 5th ed., vol. iii., iv., 2d ed.]

(h-ford, 1795. 8

Sixteen sermons, on various subjects and oc-
casions. 2d ed. Oxford, 1795. 8

Another copy.

A fair, candid, and impartial state of the case
between Sir Isaac Newton and Mr Hutchinson.

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