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In which is shewn how far a system of physics
is capable of mathematical demonstration
How far Sir Isaac's, as such a system, has that
demonstration and, consequently, what re-
gard Mr Hutchinson's claim may deserve to
have paid to it. 2d ed. London, 1799. 8

- An apology for certain gentlemen in the uni-
versity of Oxford, aspersed in a late anony-
mous pamphlet ; with a short postscript con-
cerning another pamphlet, lately published by
the Rev. Mr Heathcote. 2d ed.

London, 1799. 8

Letters on infidelity. To which is prefixed a
letter to Dr Adam Smith. New edition.

Oxford, 1806. 8

A commentary on the Book of Psalms. 2 vol.
8th ed. London, 1806. 8

- New edition. London, 1842. 8
HORNE (MELVILLE), Curate of West Thurrock,

Essex. Letters on missions, addressed to the

Protestant ministers of the British Churches.

Andover, 1815. 12

Scripture and common sense on the doctrines
of regeneration and baptism.

Manchester, s. a. 8

An address to the nation and people of the
God of Abraham. Manchester, s. a. 8

HORNE (THOMAS), B.D., Eector of St Catharine
Colman. The religious necessity of the Refor-
mation asserted, and the extent to which it
was carried in the Church of England vindi-
cated, in eight sermons preached before the
University of Oxford, 1828, at the lecture
founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, M.A.
Oxford, 1828. 8

duction to the critical study and knowledge of
the holy Scriptures. 3d ed. 4 vol.

London, 1822. 8

Sixth edition. London, 1828. 8

Another copy.

Eighth edition. 5 vol. London, 1839. 8

- Another copy.

Another copy.

An introduction to .the textual criticism of the
New Testament ; with analyses, etc. of the re-
spective books, and a bibliographical list of
editions of the Scriptures in the original text's
and the ancient versions. The critical part
re- written, and the remainder revised and edit-
ed by Samuel Prideaux TREGELLES, LL.D.
[Vol. iv. of 10th ed.] London, 1856. 8

A compendious introduction to the study of
the Bible. Being an analysis of his Introduc-
tion to the critical study of Scripture. 7th ed.

London, 1842. 12

Romanism contradictory to the Bible ; or, the
peculiar tenets of the Church of Rome, as ex-
hibited in her accredited formularies, contrast-
ed with the holy Scriptures. A new edition.

. London, 1827. 12



- A Protestant memorial for the commemora- j
tion, on the 4th day of October, 1835, of the
third centenary of the Reformation, and of the
publication of the first entire Protestant Eng-
lish version of the Bible. 2d ed.

London, 1835. 12

Fourth edition. London, 1835. 12

Fifth edition. London, 1835. 12

The afflictions and triumphs of the Church of
Christ. London, 1836. 8

A manual of parochial psalmody.

London, 1839. 12

HORNECK (ANTHONY), D.D., Prebendary of
Westminster. The crucified Jesus, or, a full
account of the nature, end, design, and bene-
fits of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
With necessary directions, prayers, praises,
and meditations, to be used by persons who
come to the holy communion. And also a pa-
raphrase on the 22d and 23d chapters of St
Luke's Gospel. 9th ed. Edin., s. a. 8

HORNIHOLD (J.). The real principles of Ca-
tholicks : or, a catechism for the adult. Ex-
plaining the principal points of the doctrine
and ceremonies of the Catholic Church. By
J. H. London, 1749. 8

HORNIUS (GEORGIUS). Historia ecclesiastica,
illustrata notis et observationibus, quibus fon-
tes historicse antiquitatis aperiuntur. Acce-
dit L. Capelli historise Judaicae compendium,
et continuatio ad A. usque 1687. M. Ley-
decker edidit. Lugd. Batav., 1687. 12

Editio nova. Cum duplici historise Hornianne
supplemento M. Leydeckeri ad annum 1687,
et Joh. Dan. Crameri usque ad prsesens secu-
lum perducto. Francofurti, 1704. 8

De statu Ecclesiae Britannicse hodierno, liber
commentarius. Una cum appendice eorum,
quae in Synodo Glasguensi contra Episcopos de-
creta sunt. [BvHonorius REGGICS.] [Pseud.]

Dantisci, 1647. 4

HOROSCO (JUAN DE). Emblemas morales.
[Wants title.] Segovia, 1589. 4

HORSELEECH. The Romish horseleech ; or,
An impartial account of the intolerable charge
of Popery to this nation, in an historical re-
membrance of some of those prodigious summs
of money heretofore extorted from all degrees
during the exercise of the papal power here.
To which is annexed an essay on the supre-
macy of the King of England. [By Thomas
STATELY.] London, 1674. 16

HORSLEY (SAMUEL), LL.D., successively Bishop
of St David's and St Asaph. The theological
works of S. H. 8 vol. London, 1830. 8

Providence and free agency. A sermon [on
Matt. xvi. 21] preached April 17th, 1778.

London, 1778. 4

Letters from the Archdeacon of St Albans [S.
Horsley] in reply to Dr Priestley. With an
appendix, containing short strictures on Dr
Priestley's letters, by an unknown hand.

London, 1784. 8

Tracts in controversy with Dr Priestley upon j
the historical question of the belief of the first
ages in our Lord's divinity. Originally pub-

lished in the years 1783, 1784, and 178G. Af-
terwards revised and augmented with a large
addition of notes and supplemental disquisi-
tions by the author. 3d ed. To which is
added an appendix by the Rev. Heneage Hors-
ley, A.M. Dundee, 1812. 8

Another copy.

Critical disquisitions on the eighteenth chap-
ter of Isaiah. In a letter to Edward King.

London, 1799. 4

Sermons. 3 vol. 3d ed.

Dundee, 1812, 13. 8

A new edition. 2 vol. London, 1824. 8

Another edition. London, 1826. 8

The Book of Psalms, translated from the He-
brew, with notes. 1815. See BIBLES ENG-

Biblical criticism on the first fourteen histori-
cal Books of the Old Testament ; also on the
first nine prophetical Books. 4 vol.

London, 1820. 8

HORSMAN (EDWARD). Speech in the House of
Commons, (May 5th, 1837) on the motion of
Sir William Rae for Church extension.

Edin., 1837. 12

causes and remedies of pauperism in the
united kingdom considered.

London, 1830. 8

* Review of the Right Hon. R. W. H.'s first
letter to the freeholders of Yorkshire, on the
claims of the West Indians for equitable com-
pensation. From the Edin. Christ. Instructor,
Dec. 1830. [Edin., 1830]. 8

HOSIUS (STANISLAUS), Cardinal. De sacro ver-
nacule legendo, inter Harpagum, et Aratorem,
dialogus. [Collect, author, qui SCRIPTURE in
vulg. ling, translat. damnarunt.]

Lutetice-Parisiornm, 1661. 4

lich. Historise sacramentarise de origine et
progressu controversial sacramentarise de Ccena
Domini inter Lutheranos, Ubiquistas, et Or-
thodoxos, quos Zuinglianos seu Caluinistas
vocant, exortse, ab anno nati in carne Christ!
Saluatoris 1517 usque ad annum 1602 deduc-
ta : in qua etiam do origine et progressu ubi-
quitatis et libri concordise agitur.

Tiguri, 1602. fol.

Concordia discors : de origine et progressu for-
mulse concordise Bergensis liber unus : in quo
ejus errores et falsa dogmata, sacrse Scrip turse,
orthodoxis symbolis, toti antiquitati puriori, et
ipsi etiam Augustanse confessione repugnantia
...Christiano lectori demonstrantur. . .

Tiguri, 1607. fol.

HOSSBACH (W.), Pastor at Berlin. Spener et
son epoque. Traduit librement de l'Allemand
par R. Cle'ment. Neuchatel, 1847. 8.

HOTOMANUS (FRANCISCUS), Professor of civil
laic at Bourges. Brutum fulmen Papse SIXTI
V. adversus Henricum Regem Navarrse. 1586

Francisci et Joannis Hotomani, et clarorum
virorum ad eos epistolse. Amstel., 1700. 4

HOTTINGER (Jon. HEXRICUS), Professor of di-
vinity and Oriental languages at Zurich, The-



saurus philologicus, seu clavis Scripturse : qua
quicquid fere Orientalium, Hebrseorum maxi-
ine, et Arabum, habent monumenta de reli-
gione, ejusque variis speciebus, Judaismo, Sa-
maritanismo, Christianismo, Muhammedismo,
Gentilismo ; de theologia et theologis ; verbo
Dei y^a.(fw et *s<?<P J 5 variis bibliorum ex-
emplaribus, fontium Hebraeorum integritate ;
Scripturse accidentibus, partibus, distinctioni-
bus, sensu et comnientariis...breviter et apho-
ristice ita. . .aperitur, ut multiplex inde ad phi-
lologise et theologioe studiosos fructus redun-
dare possit. Tiyuri, 1649. 4

- Historia ecclesiastica Novi Testamenti. 9 torn.

Tiyuri, 1651-67. 8

- Another edition.

Hanovice et Tiguri, 1655-1667. 8

- Etymologicum Orientale : sive lexicon harmo-
nicum sTrrayXiaTTOj/. Francofurti, 1661. 4

- Enneas dissertationum philologieo theologica-
rum Heidelbergensium, 1. De libris Veteris
Testamenti supposititiis, prophetia praasertim
Enochi, et Samaritanorum libro Josuse...
2. Aox^acvos Abrahami, ex Genes. 22. 3. Pa-
radiso. 4. Ministerii ecclesiastici necessitate.
6. Baptismo. 6. Melchisedeco ; annexa bre-
vi apologia contra Labbseum jesuitam. 7. Cau-
sis CoenaB Dominicee, cui subjungitur specimen
analyseos sacrce, de sensu verborum, Hoc est
corpus meum. 8. Leone Allatio, nimise te-
meritatis convicto ; et perpetuo Ecclesiarum
Latinse et Grsecse dissensu. 9. Subjicitur com-
pendium theologiae Judaicse. Quibus accedunt
varia ejus programmata, et carmina ab eodem
...conscripta. Tiguri, 1662. 4

Bibliothecarius quadripartitus. I. Pars, quse
prolegomenis absolvitur, agit de officio biblio-
thecarii, bibliothecis, &c. II. De theologia
biblica. III. De theologia patristica... IV. De
theologia topica ; symbolica, et systematica ;
tam universali, quam particulari.

Tiguri, 1664. 4

- Primitiae Heidelbergenses ; id est, manipulus
disputationum selectarum : I. De mediis ex-
plicandae Scripturse sacrse. II. De Reforma-
tionis causa turn instrumentali, turn materiali.
III. De usu scriptorum Hebraicorum in Nov.
Testamento. IV. Meletemata irenica ubi
i. De pacis ecclesiastic*, inter reformatos, cau-
sis impulsivis. ii. De impedimentis. iii. De
fundamento. iv. De modo, exemplis, &c.
V. Sabbathismus, ubi 1. de Sabbatho Judai-
co. 2. Christiano. 3. Mariano. 4. Mahum-
medico. 5. Gentili. VI. Idolographia Ve-
teris Testamenti ; collectus, et, hac editione,
passim, etiam integris dissertationibus, auctus,
a J. H. H. Heidelbergce, 1678. 4

IIOTTINGER (Jon. JACOBUS). Fata doctrinae
de praedestinatione et gratia Dei salutari, se-
cunda et adversa, inde a beato SS. Apostolo-
rum excessu, ad hoec usque tempora, in annales
digesta. Accedunt exercitationes duse histori-
co dogmaticce, I. De voluntate Dei antecedente
et consequente. II. De gratia Dei sufficiente
et efficaci. Tiguri, 1727. 4

Another copy.

dissertationum biblico-chronologica-
mm, qua turn ex indicibus temporis, adventui
Messise assignati, praecipue in LXX. hebdoma-
dibus Danielis : turn ex SS. Evangelistarum
de Johanne, Christo et Paulo, historia, Jesum
et in plenitudine temporis natum, et Christum
esse, adversus Judteos demonstratur ; et sacri
etiam codicis sinceritas passim def enditur. Ac-
cedit appendix triplex : I. De Samaritanis
primis, eorumque in Assyriam deportatione.
II. De novis ex Assyria, &c. missis Samaria?
incolis. III. De xii. tribuum dispersione.
Prsefationem de chronologia sacra ejusque
scriptoribus pnemisit Frid. Adolphus Lampe.
Trajecti ad Bhenum, 1723. 8

Ulrich Zwingli et son e'poque. Traduit de
I'Allemand par Aim^ Humbert.

Lausanne,, 1844. 8

HOUBIGANT (FR.-CH.). Notas criticse in uni-
versos Veteris Testamenti libros cum Hebraice,
turn Greece, scriptos, cum integris ejusdem pro-
legomenis ad exemplar Parisiense denuo recu-
s0e. 2 torn. Francof. ad Mcenum, 1777. 4
HOUGH (JAMES), M. A., Perpetual curate of Ham.
The history of Christianity in India from
the commencement of the Christian era. 4 vol.
London, 1839-45. 8

HOUGH (JOHN), D.D., successively Bishop of Ox-
ford, Lichfield and Coventry, and Worcester.
* A narrative of the election of Dr Hough, Pre-
sident to St Mary Magdalen colledge, Oxon. ,
1687. [Wants title, and otherwise imperfect.]
[Oxford, 1688]. 4

* The life of the Rev. J. H. Containing many
of his letters, and biographical notices of seve-
ral persons with whom he was connected. By
John Wilmot. London, 1812. 4

HOUGHTON (WILLIAM). The Christian's de-
sire, shewing, how and for what causes a man
may desire death. [A sermon on Phil. i. 3.1
London, 1650. 4

Preces et lachrymse. A sermon on Acts, xx.
36-38. London, 1650. 4

HOUSMAN (JOHN). A topographical descrip-
tion of Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lanca-
shire, and a part of the West riding of York-
shire. Carlisle, 1800. 8

La religion Chre'tienne prouve'e par les faits.
Avec un discours historique et critique, sur la
me'thode des principaux axiteurs qui ont e'crit
pour et contre le Christianisme depuis son ori-
gine. Paris, 1722. 4

A critical and historical discourse upon the me-
thod of the principal authors who wrote for,
and against Christianity from its beginning.
Translated from the French. To which is
added, a dissertation upon the life of Apollo-
nius Tyanseus. With some observations on
the Platonists of the later school. By John
Pettingall. London, 1739. 8

HOWARD (GEORGE), pseud., i. e. F. C. LAIRD.
HOWARD (Hon. HENRY E. J.), D.D., Dean of
Lichfield. Scriptui'e history, in familiar lec-
tures. First series : The Old Testament.

London, 1840. 12


HI (WARD (JOHN). The state of the prisons in
England and Wales, with preliminary d
turns, and an account of some foreign prisons.
ll'nrnii-jt,',,, 1777. 4

- Appendix to the state of the prisons in Eng-
land and Wales, &c. , containing a farther ac-
count of foreign prisons and hospitals, with
additional remarks on the prisons of this coun-
try. Warrington, 1784. 4

- An account of the principal lazarettos in Eu-
rope ; with various papers relative to the
plague : together with further observations on
some foreign prisons and hospitals ; and addi-
tional remarks on the present state of those
in Great Britain and Ireland.

ir.i,-;,..//on,i789. 4

HOWARD (JOHN ELIOT). " The island of
saints," or Ireland in 1855.

London, 1855. 8

Christ crucified : the one meeting point be-
tween God and the sinner.

London, 1858. 12"

HOWARD (THEODOSIA A.), Viscountess Powers-
court. Letters and papers by the late T. A.
H. Edited by the Rev. Robert Daly, A.M.
London, 1838. 8

HOWARD (WILLIAM). * Some remarkable pas-
sages in the life of Mr W. H., who died at
North Ferriby in... York, March 2, 1784. By
Joseph Milner, A.M. 4th ed.

London, 1809. 12

HOWARTH (HENKY), B.D. , Rector ofSt George's,
Hanover Square, London. Jesus of Nazareth,
the Christ of God. Eight discourses preached
before the University of Cambridge, at the lec-
ture founded by the Rev. J. Hulse, M.A.

Cambridge, 1837. 8

HOWDON (JOHN). A rational investigation of
the principles of natural philosophy, physical
and moral. London, 1840. 8

HOWE (JOHN), M.A. The works of the late
J. H. Together with his funeral sermon,
preach'd by Mr Spademan. To which are pre-
fix'd, memoirs of the life of the author ;
collected by Edmund Calamy, D.D. 2 vol.
London, 1724. fol.

- Another edition. Edited by the Rev. John
Hunt. 8 vol. t London, 1810-22. 8

- Another copy.

- Another edition. London, 1838. 8

- A funeral sermon for. . .the truly Rev. William
Bates, D.D., who deceased July 14, 1699.

London, 1699. 16

The living temple ; or, a designed improve-
ment of that notion that a good man is the
temple of God. 2 vol. London, 1702. 8

Another edition. W T ith an introductory essay
by Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Glasgow, 1839. 12

The Redeemer's tears wept over lost souls :
and two discourses on self-dedication, and on
yielding ourselves to God. With an introduc-
tory essay by Robert Gordon, D.D.

Glasgow, 1822. 12

- Fourth edition. Glasgmc, 1830. 12

Another edition. Glasgow, s. a. 8

1 Christian theology : selected and systemati-
rally arranged. With a life of the author by
Samuel Dunn. London, 1836. 12

*The life and character <-f .1. 11. \\ithan
analysis of his writings. By Henry Rogers.

London, 1836. 8

HOWE (OBADIAH), A.M., PfUtorofBtfoluuy. Lin-
colnshire. The universalist examined and con-
victed, destitute of plaine sayings of Scripture,
or evidence of reason. In ans\\ . r to a treatise
entituled, The universality of God's free grace
in Christ to mankind. London, 1648. 4

HOWE (THOMAS). Episcopacy. A letter to the
Rev. Mr Forster, the author of a late pamphlet
intitled, Two letters from a late dissenting
teacher ; with an answer to the former, and
animadversions upon the latter.

London, 1765. 8

HOWEL (LAWRENCE), A.M. A view of the pon-
tificate : from its supposed beginning, to the
end of the council of Trent, A.D., 1563. In
which the corruptions of the Scriptures and
sacred antiqtuty, forgeries in the councils, and
incroachments of the court of Rome on the
Church and State, to support their infallibili-
ty, supremacy, and other modern doctrines,
are set in a true light. London, 1712. 8

- Second edition. London, 1716. 8

| HOWEL (WILLIAM), LL.D., Fellow of Magdalen
college, Cambridge. An institution of general
history, or the history of the world. Being a
complete body thereof, from the beginning of
the world till the monarchy of Constantino the
Great... 2d ed. London, 1680. fol.

The second part. Containing that of the Ro-
man empire, its flourishing condition, its mid-
dle or neutral state, and its mine and downfal
in the West. From the monarchy of Constan-
tine the Great to the taking of Rome by Odo-
acer King of the Heruli, and the erecting of a
kingdom of barbarians in Italy...

London, 1680. fol.

An institution of general history, or the his-
tory of the ecclesiastical affairs of the world.
Contemporary with the second part. Contain-
ing that of the Roman empire, its first counte-
nancing and receiving Christian religion. From
the conversion of Constantine the Great, to the
fall of Augustulus, and the ruine of the empire
in the West. London, 1685. fol.

: HO WELL (J AMES). Epistolse Ho-Elianae ; fami-
liar letters domestic and foreign ; divided into
four books : partly historical, political, philo-
sophical. Upon emergent occasions, llth ed.
London, 1754. 8

HO WELL (JOHN WARREN). The unity of na-
ture. Compiled from his posthumous papers,
by Charles Pooley. London, 1849. 8 U

HOWELS (WILLIAM), Minister of Long acre Epis-
copal chapel. Sermons, &c. &c. With a me-
moir, by Charles Bowdler. 2 vol.

London, 1833, 34. 8

HOWIE (JOHN). A collection of lectures and
sermons... by... W. Guthrie, M. Bruce, J. Wei-
wood, R. Cameron, D. Cargill, A. Peden and
A. Shields. To which are added, some sacra-



mental discourses by J. Livingston, and J.
Welch, and a sermon on the breach of cove-
nant, by Mr John Guthrie. Carefully collect-
ed... by J. H. Glasgoio, 1779. 8
A collection of sermons ; [with Faithful con-
tendings displayed, by M. SHIELDS]. 1780

[Remarks on patronage.] [Wants title.] 8

Faithful witness-bearing exemplified : a col-
lection, containing, I. An useful case of con-
science concerning association with idolaters...
by Mr Hugh BINNING. II. A solemn testi-
mony against the commis-
sioners of the General Assembly, and by sun-
dry ministers in the provinces of Perth and
Fife. III. The history of the Indulgence, by
Mr John BROWN, minister at Wamphray. To
which is prefixed, a preface, concerning asso-
ciation, toleration, and what is now called li-
berty of conscience. Kilmarnock, 1783. 8

Another copy.

Reformation principles, &c. re-exhibited.

1787. 8

Biographia Scoticana : or, a brief historical
account of the most eminent Scots worthies ;
noblemen, gentlemen, ministers, and others,
who testified or suffered for the cause of Re-
formation in Scotland, from the beginning of
the sixteenth century, to the year 1688. Ori-
ginally compiled by J. H. ; now revised, cor-
rected, and enlarged, by a clergyman of the
Church of Scotland ; and enriched with a pre-
face and notes, by William M'Gavin. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1827. 8

- Another edition. Glasgow, 1828, 29. 8

- Another edition. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1840. 8

- Another edition. With an historical introduc-
tion, by the Rev. Robert Buchanan, D.D.

Glasgow, 1844. 8

HOWITT (WILLIAM). Visits to remarkable
places : old halls, battle fields, and scenes il-
lustrative of striking passages in history and
poetry : chiefly in the counties of Durham and
Northumberland. Second series.

London, 1842. 8

HOWLETT (JOHN). Examination of Mr Pitt's
speech, in the House of Commons, Feb. 12,
1796, relative to the condition of the poor.

London, 1796. 8

HOWSON (JOHN), Bishop of Oxford, and after-
wards of Durham. A second sermon, preached
at Paules Crosse, the 21. of May, 1598. upon
the 21. of Math, the 12. and 13. verses.

London, 1598. 4

HOWSON (JOHN SAUL), M.A., Principal of the
Liverpool collegiate institution. The life and
Epistles of St Paul. By the Rev. W. G.
CONYBEARE and J. S. H. 1853

- The Hulsean lectures for 1862. Five lectures
on the character of St Paul... With a sermon
[on Acts, i. 9] preached before the university
on Ascension day, 1863. 2d ed.

London, 1864. 8

HOYT (K), D.D. History of a church in the

South. Philadelphia, 1844. 12

HUBBARD (JOHN CLARKE), A.M. Jacobinism :

a poem. 2d ed. London, 1801. 4

HUBERT (N. E.). LettreaMonseignemTArche-
veque de Rouen, le 21. Decembre, 1716 ; au
sujet de la Constitution Unigenitus.

s. L, 1716. 12

| HUBERUS (ULRICUS), Professor of law at
Franeker. De concursu rationis et sacrse
Scripturae. Franequerce, 1687. 8

HUDLESTON (RICHARD), a Benedictine monk.
A short and plain way to the faith and Church.
...To which is annexed his late Majesty King
Charles the Second his papers found in his
closet after his decease. As also a brief ac-
count of what occurred on his death-bed in
regard to religion. London, 1688. 4

HUDSON (SAMUEL), Minister of the Gospel at Co-
pell in Suffolk. A vindication of the essence
and unity of the Church Catholike visible.
And the priority thereof in regard of particu-
lar Churches. In answer to the objections
made against it, both by Mr John Ellis junior,
and by... Mr Hooker, in his Survey of Church
discipline. London, 1650. 4

The second edition, with an addition or post-
script to this Vindication, &c.

London, 1658. 4

HUET (PIERRE-DANIEL), Bishop of Avranches.
Demonstratio evangelica ad Serenissimum
Delphinum. Parisiis, 1679. fol.

Sexta editio. Francofurti, 1722. 4

Another copy.

Traittd de la situation du paradis terrestre.

Paris, 1691. 12

Traite philosophique de la foiblesse de 1'esprit
humain. Amsterdam, 1723. 12

Memoirs of the life of P. D. H. Written by
himself ;. and translated from the original La-
tin, with copious notes, biographical and cri-
tical, by John Aikin, M.D. 2 vol.

London, 1810. 8

HUET (THEODORE), Pastor at the Hague, and at
Amsterdam. Sermons sur divers textes de
1'Ecriture sainte. 3 torn.

Amsterdam, 1732-38. 8

Sermons sur les sections du catechisme de Cal-
vin. 4 torn. Amsterdam, 1762. 8

gress of the beasts, under the mediation of the
goat, for negotiating a peace between the fox,
the ass wearing a lion's skin, the horse, the
tygress, and other quadrupedes at war. A
farce of two acts, now in rehearsal at a new
grand theatre in Germany. To which is pre-
fixt a curious print of the last scene of the
drama, being the general conference. Done
by an eminent hand ... Translated by J. J.
H-d-g-r, Esq. London, 1748. 8

HUG (JOHN LEONARD), D.D., Professor of theology
in the university of Freyburgh. Introduction
to the New Testament, translated from the third
German edition by David Fosdick, Jr. With
notes by Moses Stuart. Andover, 1836. 8

i Another copy.

! Another copy.

De antiquitate codicis Vatican! commentatio
[Reprinted with Annotations to the Book of
the New Covenant, by Granville PENN.] 1837



lirOENIUS (CiiRisTLANUs). Opera varia.
Vol. i. lAHjd. /;,jf <cr., 1724. 4

The celestial worlds discovci-M : <>r, o.nji-r
tiires concerning the inhabitants, plants and
productions of the worlds in the planets. W i i t -
ten in Latin by C. H. 2d ed.

London, 1722. 8

HUGHES (GEORGE), B.D., Minister of Tavistock.
The art of embalming dead saints, discover-
ed in a sermon [on Ps. xvi. 10] preached at
the funeral of Master William Crompton, Ja-
nuary 5, 1041. London, 1642. 4

Aphorisms, or, select propositions of the Scrip-
ture shortly determining the doctrine of the
Sabbath. 8. Z.,1G70. 8

HUGHES (Huon), D.D., Rector of St John's,
Clerkcnwell. The dangers of formality, and

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