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two parts. Containing a delineation of the
nature of Messiah's kingdom, and its distinc-
tions from the kingdoms of this world.

Edin., 1779. 12
Another copy.

- A compendious view of the religious system,
maintained by the Synod of Relief ; together
with a distinct account of the points in differ-
ence between the Synod of Relief and the na-
tional Establishment on the one hand ; and
the Secession on the other. To which is sub-
joined, an appendix, containing a few remarks
on a late anonymous publication against the
Relief. FalMrJc, 1779. 8

Sermons on various and important subjects.

Edin., 1808. 8

HUTTEN (ULRICH VON). *U. v. H., imperial
poet and orator ; the great knightly reformer
of the 16th century. Translated from Chauf-
four-Kestner's Etudes sur les re"formateurs du
16 me siecle, by Archibald Young, advocate.

Edin., 1863. 8

HUTTERUS (ELIAS). Biblia sacra, Ebraice,
Chaldaice, Grace, Latine, Germanice, Italice.



theology at Wittemberg. Ilias malorum regni
Pontificio-Romani, hoc est historica disser-
tatio de injustissimo Pontificis Romani, in
Ecclesia Dei dominatu : deque lamentabili et
tragico plane statu Ecclesiaa sub regno Ponti-
ficio. Ex scriptoribus probatis, turn sacris,
turn prophanis, collecta : inque orationes duas
panegyricas distincta...

Wittebergce, 1609. 4

- Irenicum vere-Christianum : sive, De synodo
et unione evangelicorum non-fucata concilian-
da, tractatus theologicus.

Wittebergce, 1616. 4

HUTTON (CHARLES), LL.D., Professor of mathe-
matics in the royal military academy, Wool-
wich. Mathematical tables ; containing the
common, hyperbolic, and logistic logarithms...
To which is prefixed, a large and original his-
tory of the discoveries and writings relating to
these subjects ; with the complete description
and use of the tables. 3d ed.

London, 1801. 8

- A course of mathematics. Composed for the
use of the royal military academy. A new
edition, entirely remodelled, by William Ram-
say, B.A. London, 1833. 8

HUTTON (GEORGE), D.D., Rector of Algarkirk
cum Fosdyke, Lincolnshire. Remarks upon a
late decision in the Court of Arches, on the
question, whether a person, not baptized by a
lawful minister of the Church of England, be
entitled to the use of the burial service of that
Church. London, 1811. 8

- High tide. A sermon [on Ps. xciii. 5] preach-
ed... on January 20th, 1811, for the benefit of
the poor sufferers by the late inundation of
the sea. Boston, 1811. 8

HUTTON (GEORGE C.). Law and Gospel : dis-
courses on primary themes ; to which is add-
ed, True revival. Edin., 1860. 16

HUTTON (JAMES), M.D. An investigation of
the principles of knowledge, and of the pro-
gress of reason, from sense to science and phi-
losophy. In 3 parts. 3 vol.

Edin., 1794. 4

HUTTON (JAMES). * Memoirs of J. H. Com-
prising annals of his life, and connection with
the United Brethren. By Daniel Benham.

London, 1856. 8

HUTTON (THOMAS), B.D., Fellow of St John's
college, Oxford. Reasons for refusal of sub-
scription to the booke of Common praier, un-
der the hands of certaine ministers of Devon
and Cornwall, word for word as they were ex-
hibited by them to the Right Reverend Father
in God William Coton Doctor of divinitie
L. Bishop of Exceter. With an answere at
severall times returned them in publike con-
ference and in diverse sermons upon occasion
preached in the cathedral church at Exceter
by T. H. And now published at the very
earnest intreatie of some especiall friends for
a farther contentment of other the Kings Ma-
jesties good and loyall subjects.

Oxford, 1605. 4

HYDE (EDWARD), Earl of Clarendon. A brief
review and survey of the dangerous and per-
nicious errors to Church and State in Mr
Hobbes's book, entitled, Leviathan.

[Oxford], 1676. 4

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in
England, begun in the year 1641 : with the
precedent passages, and actions that contri-
buted thereunto, and the happy end, and con-
clusion thereof by the King's blessed restora-
tion, and return upon the 29th of May, in the
year 1660. 3 vol. Oxford, 1702-4. fol.

Another edition. 6 parts. 3 vol.

Oxford, 1705-6. 8

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in
Ireland, with the true state and condition of
that kingdom before the year 1640... Being a
vindication of the conduct of James Duke of
Ormond...To which is added, an appendix,
giving an account of the several massacres and
murders committed in Ireland, both by Pa-
pists and Protestants, since the 23d of Octo-
ber, 1641. 3d ed. London, 1740. 8

Miscellaneous works of E. H. Being a collec-
tion of several valuable tracts. . .Published from
His Lordship's original MSS. 2d ed.

London, 1751. fol.

Religion and policy, and the countenance and
assistance each should give to the other. With
a survey of the power and jurisdiction of the
Pope in the dominions of other princes. 2 vol.

Oxford, 1811. 8

The life of Edward Earl of Clarendon. Con-
taining I. An account of the Chancellor's life
from his birth to the Restoration in 1660.
II. A continuation of the same, and of his his-
tory of the grand rebellion, from the Restora-
tion to his banishment in 1667. Written by
himself. Printed from his original manu-
scripts, given to the university of Oxford by
the heirs of the late Earl of Clarendon. 3 vol.

Oxford, 1759. 8

HYMERS (JOHN), B.D., Felloiv of St John col-
lege, Cambridge. A treatise on differential
equations, and on the calculus of finite differ-
ences. Cambridge, 1839. 8

A treatise on conic sections and the applica-
tion of algebra to geometry. 2d ed.

Cambridge, 1840. 8

HYMNS. Expositio hymnorum per totum anni
circulum. B. L. s. 1. et a. 12

A select collection of hymns, sung in the late
Countess of Huntingdon's chapel.

[London], s. a. 12

Favourite hymns. By Cowper, Montgomery,
Toplady, Newton, Wesley, Watts, Heber,
Doddridge, Raffles, Hart, Kenn, M'Cheyne,
&c. Edin., s. a. 12

Sacred songs and hymns, approved by the Sy-
nod of Relief. Glasgoiv, 1794. 12

Another edition. Cupar Fife, 1810. 12

Christliche Gesange zur Beforderung eines
frommen Sinnes und Handels und zum Ge-
brauch bei der offentlichen und hauslichen
Gottesverehrung. 2 Theil.

Elberfeld, 1830. 8^



Morning and evening hymns for a week. Ori-

S'nal. Brighton, 1836. 12

yrnns of the Church militant. [Compiled by
Anna WAKNEB.] London, 1868. 8

Instructive hymns, adorning the doctrine of
God our Savioxir. New edition, with appen-
dix. Glasgow, 1858. 16

Hymns for the sanctuary : including Scripture
paraphrases and meditations in verse.

Glasgow, 1859. 16

HYPERIUS (ANDREAS), Professor of divinity at
Marpurg. De theologo, seu de ratione studii
theologici libri iiii. Argentina, 1502. 8

Elementa Christiana) religionis.

BasilecR, 1563. 8

De formandis concionibus sacris, seu de inter-
pretutiono Scripturarum populari, libri duo.

BasHece, 1563. 8

Another edition. Basileoe, 1579. 8

Varia opuscula theologica, in totius Christia-
noe reipublicw utilitatem conscripta. . .

Basttece, 1570. 8

Topica theologica. Basilece, 1573. 8

In lesaiiu Prophet oracula annotationes bre-
ves et erudite. Batiletz, 1574. 8

De sacrae Scripturoe lectione ac meditat.
quotidiana... libri ii. l!'i*ili , 1.">sl. '

Commentarii in Epistolam Pauli ad Roma-
iu)8, et utramque ad Coriuthios.

Tiyuri, 1583. fol.

Another copy.

Commentarii in Epistolam D. Pauli Apostoli
ad Hebrseos. Tiguri, 1684. fol.

HYPOCRISY. Hypocrisy detestable and dan-
gerous. Four sermons [cm Job, xxvii. 8J. [By
James OSWALD.] Glasgow, 1701. h'


I. (E.). A letter sent to an honorable gentleman
[Sir W. W.], in way of satisfaction concerning
some slanderous reports lately raised against
the Bishops, and the rest of the clergie of this
kingdom. s. I., 1641. 4

I. (G.). A sovereign antidote to expell Arian-
ism : being a collection out of the works of the
Rev. George Newton, Taunton ; and of the
works of Martine Luther. Exon, s. a. 8

I. (G. I. C. D.J, i. e. Innocent GENTILLET.

I. (H.). The mad dog ; a tale.

London, 1730. fol.

I. (P.). Certaine queries concerning the lawfull-
ness of imposing, and taking of the negative
oath. Answered by Edward BUCKLER and
P. I. 1607

IBBOT (BENJAMIN), D.D., Rector of St Paul's
Shadwel. A course of sermons preached for
the lecture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle the years 1713, and 1714. Wherein the
true notion of the exercise of private judg-
ment, or free-thinking, in matters of religion,
is stated ; the objections against it answered ;
and the modern way of free-thinking, as treat-
ed of in a late discourse on that subject [by
A. Collins] is taken into consideration.

London, 1727. 8

[And in a collection of sermons preached at

the Hon. Robert BOYLE'S Lecture.] 1739

IDES (E. YSBRANTS). Three years travels from
Moscow over-land to China ; thro' Great Us-
tiga, Siriania, Permia, Siberia, Daour, Great
Tartary, &c. to Peking... Illustrated with a
large map... and many curious cuts. To which
is annex'd, an accurate description of China,
done originally by a Chinese author : with se-
veral remarks by way of commentary, alluding
to what our European authors have writ of
that country. Printed in Dutch... and now
faithfully done into English.

London, 1706. 4

IDIOTA, i. e. Raymundus JORDANUS.

IDOLATRY. Of idolatry. [By Henry HAM-
MOND.] Oxford, 1646. 4

IEROPAIDEIA. leropaideia ; or the true me-
thod of teaching the clergy of the Established
Church. By a clergyman of the Church of
England ; [subjoined to a ready reply to an
Irish enquiry ; or, a convincing confutation of

IGNATIUS, Saint, Archbishop of Antioch. S. Ig-
natii quse extant omnia, in duos libros distinc-
ta, quorum prior continet epistolas genuinas,
alter supposititias, cum xii. exercitationibus in
eundem Ignatium pro antiquitate Catholica
adversus Baronium et Bellarminum, auctore
Nicolao VEDELIO. Accessit versio Latina ab eo-

dem emendata cum ejusdem Apologia pro Ig-
natio. Geneves, 1623. 4

POLYCARPI et Ignatii epistolse : una cum vetere
vulgata interpretatione Latina, ex trium ma-
nuscriptorum codicum collatione, integritati
suse restituta. Accessit et Ignatianarum epis-
tolarum versio antiqua alia, ex duobus manu-
scriptis in Anglia repertis, nunc primum in lu-
cem edita. Quibus prsefixa est, non de Igna-
tii solum et Polycarpi scriptis, sed etiam de
apostolicis constitutionibus et canonibus de-
menti Romano tributis, Jacobi USSERII disser-
tatio. OxonicB, 1644. 4

Corpus Ignatianum ; a complete collection of
the Ignatian epistles, genuine, interpolated,
and spurious ; together with numerous ex-
tracts from them, as quoted by ecclesiastical
writers down to the tenth century ; in Syriac,
Greek, and Latin ; an English translation of
the Syriac text, copious notes, and introduc-
tion. By William CURETON. 1849

Epistolse. [Gr.]

Antverpice, ex offidna, Christophori Plantini,
1566. 8

Epistolse, prorsus apostolicse, Hieronymo Vair-
lenio Syluio interprete, cum breuiss. in easdem

Antverpice, ex officina Christophori Plantini,
1566. 8

Epistolse septem genuinse, quas nimirum col-
legit S. Polycarpus, suseque ad Philippenses
epistolse subjecit. [Gr. et Lat.]

Oxonii, 1708. 8

Epistolse una cum ejusdem martyrio. Colla-
tis edd. Grsecis versionibusque Syriaca, Arme-
niaca, Latinis denuo recensuit notasque criti-
cas adjecit Jul. Henr. Petermann.

Lipsice, 1849. 8

Epistolse. [Gr. et Lat. Cum Biblioth. Patr.
apostol. ed. T. ITTIGIO.] 1699

[Et apud Patr. apostol. opp. cura R. Rus-

SEL.] 1746

[Et cum versione J. B. Cotelerii, in Bib-
lioth. vet. Patr. per A. GALLANDIXJM. I. 243.]


[Et cum Patr. apostol. ed. G. JACOBSON.]


[Et cum Patr. apostol. epist. ed. Fr. X.


[Et cum Patr. apostol. opp. ed. C. J. HE-

FELE.] 1855

Translated. [With A translation of the

epistles of Clement of Rome, Polycarp, and
Ignatius, by Temple CHEVALLIER.] 1833

[And with The genuine epistles of the apos-
tolical Fathers translated by William [WAKE]
Archbishop of Canterbury.] 1840


Epistolarum Jginitii vctus Latina versio ; in
duobus manuscriptis, in Anglia repertia, a J.
Usserio, Oxonite, 1642, primxim cdita. [In
Biblioth. Patr. apostol. ed. T. ITTIOIO.] 1699

- Fragmenta epistolarum genuinarum, ex paral-
lelis Damascenicis Rupefucaldinis potissimum
descripta : Quibxis quainplurimae lectiones MB.
Medicei vel confirmantur, vel in prim is emen-
dantur. [In torn, i., p. 289, Biblioth. vet.
Patr. per A. GALLANDIUM.] 1788

- Epistolw, turn interpolate, turn supposition^ :
versionibus antiquis ac recensiorib\is, varian-
tibiis lectionibus, selectisque variorum notis
illustratee. [Gr. et Lat. Apud Patr. apostol.
opp. cura R. RUSSBL.] 1746

[Et in Biblioth. Patr. apostol. ed. T. ITTIOIO.]


Martyritim sancti et sacri martyris Ignatii
Theophori. [Gr. et Lat. cum versione Theo-
derici Rumart. In Biblioth. Patr. apostol. ed.
T. ITTIGIO.] 1699

[Et in Spicil. SS. Patr. per J. E. GEABIUM.]

1698, 99

[Et in Biblioth. vet. Patr. per A. GALLAN-
DIUM, torn, i., p. 295.] 1788

[Et cum Patr. apostol. opp. cura R. RUSSEL.]


[Et cum Patr. apostol. ed. G. JACOBSON.]


[Et cum Patr. apostol. epistt. ed. Fr. X.


[Et cum Patr. apost. opp. ed. C. J. HE-

FELB.] 1855

Translated. [With A translation of the

epistles of Clement, Polycarp, and Ignatius,
by T. CHEVALLIER.] 1833

[And with The genuine epistles of the apos-
tolical Fathers translated by William [WAKE]
Archbp. of Canterbury.] 1840

IGNATIUS, of Loyola, Founder of the, order of the
Jesuits. Vita Ignatii Loiolse, postremo recog-
nita. Antwerpice, 1605. 8

IGNOTUS. Popery the religion of heathenism :
being the letters of Ignotus published in the
" Times" newspaper in the conclusion of the
year, 1817. London, 1818. 8

Thirty plain, but sound reasons, why Protest-
ants differ from Popery : to which are added,
thirty-four points held by many Papists which
were never yet rationally proved by any one
of them. Revised and amended, with notes
by Robert Potts, M.A.

(Beprinted) Cambridge, 1851. 8

- A short discourse concerning the authority of
the Church in matters of faith. Edited by
Robert Potts, M.A.

(Reprinted) Cambridge, 1851. 8

I ( : NOTUS. Encore quelques mots d'un Chretien

orthodoxe sur les confessions Occidentales a

1'occasion de plusieurs publications religieuses,

Latines et Protestantes. Leipzig, 1858. 8

IKENIUS (CoxRADUs). Symbolee literarise ad

incrementum scientiarum omne genus, a va-

riis amice collatis. [Edited by C. I.I 3 vol.

Bremcf, 1744-1747. 8

Collectio altcra. Halce, 1754. 8

Dissertationes philologico-thcologiciu in divcr-
sa sacri Codicis utriusque Instrument! loca.
Sparsim anto hac cditas volumine hoc socundo
collegit ac recensuit Joh. Hennannus Schacht.

,'CtiBat., 1770. 4

FLACIUS Illyricus.

I M I ' I ; KSSIONS. Impressions of the heart, ri.-l.-i-
tive to the nature and excellence of tru
gion. Edin., 1825. 12

- Another copy.

IMRE (REVESZ). A Magyar Protestdns egyhaz
szabadsaganak ve'de'lnie ndmely tekintelyes ne"-
met tuddsok megtamadasai ellen.

Sarospatak, 1862. 8

Kalvin elete e*s a Kalvinizmus. EmleTtiil a
nagy Reformdtor halala e've'nek hdromszazados
fordulatara. Pest, 1864. 8

Egyetemes egyhaztort^nelem. Foiskolai tanu-
l<5k s mtivelt Protestanzok szama>a.

Debreczen, 1866. 8

IMRIE (DAVID), A.M., Dalton. The necessity
of the almighty power and grace of God to
cure the infection of sin : illustrated in a ser-
mon preached at Dumfries, Oct. 11, 1748.

Edin., 1748. 8

INCREDULITY. Reflexions on the sources of
incredulity with regard to religion. [By Dun-
can FORBES.] Edin., 1760. 16
INDEPENDENCE. The independence of the
Church of Scotland : how is it to be vindi-
cated ? Edin., 1838. 8

The Popery of spiritual independence ; being
a sequel to the Veto Church. Second thou-
sand. Edin., 1844. 8

ter from the Independent ministers, assembled
at Nuneaton, Aug. 6, 1793, to the associated
Churches in Warwickshire. . .With a postscript.
Birmingham, 1793. 12

prohibitoram juxta exemplar Romanum jus-
su sanctissimi domini nostri editum anno
MDCCCXXXV. Accesserunt suis locis nomina
eorum qui usque ad hanc diem damnati sunt.
Mechlinece, . a. 12

An exact reprint of the Roman Index Expur-
gatorius. The only Vatican index of this kind
ever published. Edited, with a preface, by
Richard Gibbings, A. B. Dublin, 1837. 12

Another copy.

De I'autorite' de 1'Index en France. Memoire
pour un pretre [Jean- Joseph Laborde] persecute
apropos de cette question. Paris, 1853. 8

INDIA. A short history of English transactions
in the East-Indies. Cambridge, 1776. 8

Correspondence and proceedings in the nego-
tiation for a renewal of the East-India com-
pany's charter. London, 1812. 8

East India question. Debates at the general
court of proprietors of East-India stock, on
the 17th and 23d February 1813, on a petition
to Parliament for a renewal of the company's
charter as far as it regards their exclusive pri-
vileges. By the editor of the former debates.

London, 1813. 8



A debate at a general court of proprietors of
East-India stock, on the 24th March, 1813, for
taking into consideration the propositions sub-
mitted by Lord Castlereagh to the Honourable
House of Commons. With an appendix.

London, 1813. 8

A short conversation on the present crisis of
the important trade with the East Indies.

London, 1813. 8

- The interest and claims of the Church and na-
tion of Scotland in the settlement of religion
in India ; and the necessity of appearing for
them at this time. With brief remarks on the
proposed measures presently under the consi-
deration of the legislature. By a North British
Protestant ; [Archibald BRUCE].

Edin., 1813. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- Minutes of evidence, taken before the select
committee, on the affairs of the East India
company ; and also an appendix and index.
6 vol. ' [London, 1832]. fol.

- Official documents relative to the encourage-
ment of idolatry in the East Indies by the Bri-
tish government. [Glasgow, 1838]. 8

- Return to an order of the Honourable the
House of Commons, dated 21 June 1849 ;
for, A copy of any communications in relation
to the connexion of the government of British
India with idolatry, or with Mahometanism.

[London, 1849]. fol.

Correspondence with the India committee of
the Establishment. Edin., 1843. 4

- Report of the speeches delivered at the annual
meeting of the ladies association for female
education in India... on Tuesday the 28th of
May, 1844. [Edin.], 1844. 12

- Report of the special committee on the depu-
tation to India. 2d ed. Neiv York, 1856. 8

- A letter from a layman in India, on the policy
of the East India company in matters of reli-
gion. London, 1858. 8

INDIANS. A farther appeal to the unprejudiced
judgment of mankind, in behalf of the In-
dians. In two parts. Containing, I. Animad-
versions upon some late arguments of a Rt.
Rev. Prelate of the Church of England, in re-
ference to our sending missionaries from hence
to convert the Indians. Written in the year
1760. II. Thoughts upon the proper means
and measures of converting the Indians to true
Christianity. Written in the year 1764. To
which are added, Considerations relative to the
subject of the foregoing proposals, particularly
that of appointing Bishops or Superintendents
in our colonies abroad. By another hand.
Both joint- writers in the Free and candid dis-
quisitions relating to the Church of England.
With a postscript and an appendix.

London, 1766. 8

INDICES. Indices Attici, or, a guide to the
quantity of the Greek penultima, chiefly with
reference to Attic writers. Oxford, 1824. 8

INDULGENCE. A review and examination of
a book, bearing the title of the History of the

Indulgence. Wherein the lawfulness of the
acceptance of the peaceable exercise of the mi-
nistry, granted by the acts of the magistrates
Indulgence, is demonstrated, contrary objec-
tions answered, and the vindication of such as
withdraw from hearing indulged ministers, is
confuted. To which is added, a survey of the
mischievous absurdities of the late Bond, and
Sanquhair declaration. [By William VILANT.]
London, 1681. 8^

Another copy.

A letter from a clergyman in the city, to his
friend in the country, containing his reasons
for not reading the Declaration [of indulgence].

s. I, 1688. 4

An answer to the city ministers letter from his
country friend ; [in reference to the Kings De-
claration of indulgence]. [Wants title.]

[s. I., 1688]. 4

INDUSTRY. An account of the origin and pro-
gress of the Society for the promotion of in-
dustry, in the hundreds of Ongar and Harlow,
and the half -hundred of Waltham, in the coun-
ty of Essex. London, 3797. 8'

INFALLIBILITY. A treatise of infallibility,
shewing that the Church of Rome's claim to
that high privilege is without foundation in
Scripture, antiquity, or reason. In answer to
a paper on that subject sent by a Popish mis-
sionary. With some animadversions on a book,
entituled. The shortest way to end disputes
about religion, and upon that author's way of
reasoning. By a Presbyter of the suffering
Church of Scotland [W. HARPER].

Edin., 1752. 8


INFANT SALVATION. Infant salvation : an
essay to prove the salvation of all who die in
infancy. With answers to objections.

London, 1793. 8

INFANT-TRAINING. Infant-training : a dia-
logue explanatory of the system adopted in the
model infant school, Glasgow. By a director.
Glasgow, 1833. 12

INFIDEL. The infidel convicted : or, a brief
defence of the Christian revelation.

London, 1731. 8

INFIDELITY. Infidelity : comprising Jenyns'
Internal evidence, Leslie's Method, Lyttelton's
Conversion of Paul, Watson's Reply to Gib-
bon and Paine, a notice of Hume on miracles,
and an extract from West on the resurrection.
New York, s. a. 12

The Christian's defence against infidelity. Con-
sisting of 1. Leslie's short and easy method
with the deists. 2. Lyttelton's observations
on St Paul. 3. Doddridge's evidences of Chris-
tianity. 4. Bates on the divinity of the Chris-
tian religion. 5. Owen on the self-evidencing
light of Scripture. 6. Baxter on the danger
of making light of Christ. With an introduc-
tory essay by Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Glasgow, 1829. 12

Second edition. Glas'gmv, 1829. 12

The Christian's armour against infidelity...
With a preliminary essay on the character and



pretensions of modern infidelity, together u ith
notes and illustrations, by the Rev. J. G. Lo-
RIMBR. Glasgow, 1843. 10

I N FORMATIONS. Informations, or a protesta-
tion, and a treatise from Scotland. Seconded
with D. Reignoldes his letter to Sir Francis
Knollis. And Sir Francis Knollis his speach
in parliament. All suggesting the usurpations
of Papal Bishops. s. 1., 1608. 10

INGHAM (BENJAMIN). A discourse on the faith
and hope of the Gospel. Leedes, 1763. 12

INGLIS (HENRY DAVID). A sermon Ton 1 Tim. iii.
16] proving from the word of Goa, the all im-
portant doctrine of the Godhead of Jesus Christ.
Preached in the Baptist meeting house in Edin-
burgh, March 18, 1792. Edin., 1792. 8

INGLIS (JOHN), D.D., one of the ministers of old
Greyfriars church, Edinlmnjh. The grounds of
Christian hope in the universal prevalence of
the Gospel : a sermon, preached... in Edin-
burgh, June 5, 1818. Edin., 1818. 8

A vindication of Christian faith ; addressed to
those who, believing in God, yet refuse or he-
sitate to believe in Jesus Christ whom he hath
sent. Edin., 1830. 8

A vindication of ecclesiastical establishments.

Edin., 1833. 8

INGLIS (Right Hon. JOHN), Lord Justice Clerk.
On the present position of the CHURCH OF
SCOTLAND. [From Blackwood's Magazine,
Nov. 1839.] 1839

lishwoman's letter to Sir R. H. I. on the pro-
posed alteration of the marriage law.

London, s. a. 12

the words of Saint Paul : Let everie soule be
subject unto the higher powers.

London, 1619. 4

NONS, Injunctions, &c. 1699

INNES (CosMo). Origines parochiales Scotiae.

The antiquities ecclesiastical and territorial of

the parishes of Scotland. [Edited for the Ban-

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