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- Remarks on Dr Middleton's Free inquiry into
the miraculous powers supposed to have sub-
sisted in the Christian Church from the ear-
liest ages. In which is shewn, that there is
sufficient reason to believe, that miraculous
powers continued in the Church after the days
of the Apostles. 2d ed. , with additions, and
an appendix, in answer to an anonymous let-
ter. London, 1749. 8

* A letter to the Rev. Mr John Jackson, oc-
casioned by his Remarks on Dr Middleton's
Free inquiry into the miraculous powers, sup-
posed to have subsisted in the Christian
Church, from the earliest ages. In which is
shewn, that we have no sufficient reason to
believe, upon the authority of the primitive

Fathers, that any such powers were continued
to the Church after the days of the Apostles.
And likewise, that the primitive Fathers have
not, according to Mr Jackson's own account,
preserved, in their writings, the pure and un-
corrupted faith and doctrine of Christ and his
Apostles. London, 1749. 8

* A defence of the letter to the Rev. Mr John
Jackson. Occasioned by his Remarks on Dr
Middleton's Free inquiry, &c. Being an an-
swer to the appendix to the second edition of
his Remarks. To which is added, a letter to
Mr Whiston, &c. By the author of the Let-
ter. London, 1749. 8

* Memoirs of the life and writings of the late
Rev. Mr J. J. With a particular account of
his works, and some original letters which
passed between him, and Dr Clarke, Mr Whis-
ton, and other considerable writers of that
time. To which is added, an appendix, con-
taining a large addition to his Scripture chro-
nology, from the author's own manuscript ;
also an account of his MSS. relating to a Greek
New Testament, &c. London, 1764. 8

JACKSON (MILES), Minister of St Paul's, Leeds.
The constraining power of the love of Christ.
A sermon [on 2 Cor. v. 14, 15J preached Oct.
28, 1806. Edin., 1806. 8

Another copy.

JACKSON (ROBERT), M.D. Memorial address-
ed to the managers of the Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh. Edin., 1800. 8

JACKSON (THOMAS), D. D. , Dean of Peterborough.

The works of T. J. A new edition. 12 vol.

Oxford, 1844. 8

The converts happiness. A comfortable ser-
mon [on Rev. iii. 20] preached April 19, 1609.

London, 1609. 4

A treatise of the holy Catholike faith and
Church, in 3 books. London, 1627. 4

Two treatises on the Church. The first by
T. J., D.D....The second by Robert SANDER-
SON, D.D. ...To which is added a letter of
Bishop COSIN, on the validity of the orders of
the foreign reformed Churches. Edited, with
introductory remarks, by William Goode, M. A.

London, 1843. 12

A treatise of the divine essence and attributes.
2 vol. London, 1628, 29. 4

JACKSON (THOMAS), LL.D. Elements of theo-
retical mechanics. Edin. , 1827. 8

Another copy.

JACKSON (THOMAS), Theological tutor of the Wes-
leyan theological institution, Richmond, Surrey.
The lives of early Methodist preachers, chief-
ly written by themselves. Edited by T. J.
Vol. ii., iii. London, 1837, 38. 12



The centenary of Wesleyan Methodism. A
brief sketch of the rise, progress, and present
state of the Wesleyan Methodist sofu-tirs
throughout the world. Tenth thousand.

London, 1839. 12

JACKSON (WILLIAM), D.D., Bishop of (h-ford.
The constitutions of the several indcjx -ndcnt
States of America ; the declaration of inde-
pendence ; and the articles of confederation
between the said States. 2d ed.

London, 1783. 8

JACKSON (WILLIAM M.). Baptismal obliga-
tions ; or the duties and responsibilities of
god-parents and baptized persons.

rhtln.l.-lfihia, 1841. 12

JACOB (HENRY). A defence of the Churches
and ministery of Englande. Written in two
treatises, against the reasons and objections of
Maister Francis Johnson, and others of the
Separation commonly called Brownists. Pxib-
lished, especially, for the benefitt of those in
these partes of the lowe countries.

Middelburg, 1599. 4

An attestation of many learned, godly, and
famous divines, lightes of religion, and pillars
of the Gospell, iustifying this doctrine, viz.
That the CHURCH-GOVERNMENT ought to bee
alwayes with the peoples free consent. Also
this ; that a true Church vnder the Gospell
contayneth no more ordinary congregations
but one. In the discourse whereof, specially
Doctor Downames, and also D. Bilsons chief e
matters in their writings against the same, are
answered. s. I, 1613. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

JACOBI (BERNARD), of Petershagen, in Prussia.
Expository lectures on the general Epistle
of James. Translated from the German.

London, 1838. 16

Lehre des Spinoza. Breslau, 1785. 8

JACOBSON (GULIELMUS), Regius Professor of di-
vinity, Oxford. S. CLEMENTIS Romani, S. IG-
NATII, S. POLYCARPI, Patrum apostolicorum,
qufe supersunt. Accedunt S. IGNATII et S.
POLYCARPI Martyria ad fidem codicum recen-
suit, adnotationibus variorum et suis illustra-
vit indicibus instruxit G. J. [Gr. et Lat.]
2 torn. Oxonii, 1838. 8

fessor of Oriental and biblical literature and exe-
gesis in the Western theological seminary, Pres-
byterian Church. Notes dn the Gospels criti-
cal and explanatory ; so prepared as to accom-
pany the questions of the American school
union, and incorporating with the notes, on a
new plan, the most approved harmony of the
four Gospels. Vol. i. Matthew. 3d ed.

Neiv York, 1849. 12

The catechetical question book. Matthew.

New York, 1849. 12

JACOMBE (SAMUEL), B.D., Fellow of Queen's
college, Cambridge. Moses his death : opened
and applied in a sermon [on Josh. i. 2] Dec. j
23, 1656, at the funeral of Mr Edward Bright, i

M.A. Witli some elegies.

London, 1G57. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

.lAco.Mi'.K (THOKAI), i>.i>, /'/'<" / 7Y;,,,v : /

college, Cambridge. Enoch s walk and change,
opened in a sermon [on Gen. v. 24] Feb. 7,
1655, at the funeral of the Rev. Kic-lianl Vines.
3d ed. London, 1G57. 4

Another copy.

JACQUES (JOHN). Ordination by meer Presby-
ters prov'd void and null in a conference be-
ii Philalethes a Presbyter of the Church
of England, and Pseudocheus a dissenting
teacher. London, 1707. 8 s

JAEGER ( JOHANN WOLFGANG), Chancellor of the
rsity of Tubingen. Historia ecclesiastica
cum parallelismo profarue. In qua conclavia
Pontiticum Romanorum fideliter aperiimtm-
et sectae omnes recensentur...Ab anno M.I>C.
usq. ad annum M.DCCX. 2 torn.

Hamburgi, 1709, 17. fol.

Another copy.

Another copy. Vol. i.

Tractatio de foedere gratise, ejusque ceconomia
sub periodis septem Vet. et N. Testament!.
Ubi varia Scriptune S. loca difficilia dilucide
et dare explicantur. Accessit pro supple-
mento ardua materia de antiquatione Veteris
Testamenti, cur, quando, et quomodo sit facta.

Francofurti, 1712. 4

JAGER (L'Abbe" J. N.), Professor of history to tlie
Sorbonne. Histoire de PHOTIUS, Patriarche
de Constantinople, auteur du schisme des
Grecs, d'apres les monuments originaux, la
plupart encore inconnus, accompagne'e d'une
introduction, de notes historiques et de pieces
justificatives. Deuxieme edition.

Paris, 1845. 12

Histoire de FEglise de France pendant la Re-
volution. 3 torn. Pan*, 1852. 8

JAHN (JOHANN), Professor of Oriental languages,
biblical antiquities, and theology in the uni-
versity of Vienna. Biblische Archaologie.
3 Theile. 5 Band. [Th. i., ii. 2te Auflage.l
Wien, 1805-25. 8*

Archseologia biblica. A manual of biblical an-
tiquities, with an index of texts referred to,
and many other additions. Translated by T.
C. Upham. 3d ed. Oxford, 1836. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Biblia Hebraica. 1806. See BIBLES HE-

Enchiridion hermeneuticae generalis tabula-
rum Veteris et Novi Foederis.

Vienna:, 1812. 8

Appendix hermeneuticse seu exercitationes
exegeticae. 2 partt. Vienna, 1813, 15. 8

The history of the Hebrew commonwealth
from the earliest times to the destruction of
Jerusalem A.D. 72. Translated [by C. E.
Stowe], with a continuation to the time of
Adrian. 2 vol. London, 1829. 8



JALAGUIER (P.), Professor oftlwology at Mont-
aiiban. Inspiration du Nouveau Testament.

Paris, 1851. 8

- Du principe Chretien et du Catholicisme, du
Rationalisme, et du Protestantisme.

Toulouse, 1853. 8

JAMES I., King of Scotland. The laws and acts
of parliament made by King James the First,
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Queen Mary,
King James the Sixth, King Charles the First,
King Charles the Second who now presently
reigns, Kings and Queen of Scotland. Col-
lected, and extracted, from the publick records
of the said kingdom, by Sir Thomas Murray
of Glendook...[\Vith abridgment.]

Edin., 1681. fol.

Another edition. [Vol. i. , ii., of Scots Acts.]

Edin., 1682-85. 12

- The life and death of King James the First of
Scotland. [Edited for the Maitland Club, by
Joseph Stevenson.] Edin., 1837. 4

JAMES IV., King of Scotland. Epistolse Jacobi
Quarti, JACOBI QUINTI, et MARI.E, Regum Sco- Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices,
Principes, Civitates, et alios, ab anno 1505 ad
annum 1545. 2 vol. Edinburgi, 1722. 8

JAMES V., King of Scotland. Epistolse JACOBI
QUARTI, Jacobi Quinti, et Mariae. 1722

JAMES VI., King of Scotland. See JAMES I.,
King of Great Britain.

JAMES VII., King of Scotland. See JAMES II.,
King of Great Britain.

JAMES I., King of Great Britain. A declara-

tioun of the Kings Majesties intentioun and

meaning toward the lait actis of Parliament.

Imprinted at Edinburgh, by Thomas Vautroul-

lier, 1585. 4

- Another copy.

Jacobi VI. Scotorum Regis ; in versiculos 7.
8. 9. and 10. capitis 20 Apocalypsis D. Johan-
nis commentatio. Basilece, 1596. 8

- * De execrabili et nefanda fratrum Ruveno-
rum in serenissimi Scotorum Regis caput con-
juratione apud Perthim Augusto mense an.
1600 vera...narratio... Edinburgi, 1601. 4

- BovA/xov A<uov. Or His Majesties instrvc-
tions to his dearest sonne, Henry the Prince.

London, 1608. 8

Apologie pour le serment de fidelite' que le
Roi de la Grand Bretagne requiert de tous
les sujets. Londres, 1609. 12

- A remonstrance for the right of kings and the
independance of their crownes. Against an
oration of Card, of Perron. Translated out of
His Majesties French copie.

Cambridge, 1616. 4

- Another copy.

- King James his judgement of a King and of a
tyrant. Extracted out of his own speech at
VV lute-hall, to the Lords and Commons in
Parliament, 1609. With certaine notations
anent the same. Also 28 questions, worthy
due consideration and solution, in these dan-
gerous times of England. s. I. , 1642. 4

- King James his judgment by way of counsell
and advice to all his loving subjects, extracted

out of his own speeches by Dr Willet concern-
ing politique government in England and Scot-
land. London, 1642. 4

A declaration made by King James in Scot-
land [A.D. 1585] concerning Church-Govern-
ment and Presbyters. [London], 1646. 4

Another copy.

The annals of King James and King CHARLES
the First... from 1612 to... 1642.

London, 1681. fol.

A vindication of His Majesties [King James]
government and judicatures in Scotland ; from
some aspersions thrown on them by scandalous
pamphlets, and news-books : and especially,
with relation to the late Earl of Argyles pro-
cess. [By Sir George MACKENZIE.]

Edin. , reprinted at London, 1683. 4

The royal censure of partial conformity, truly
representing the case of Church-men and dis-
senters, in the time of King James the First,
in his proclamations, declarations, and con-
ferences, relating thereunto.

London, 1704. 4

Another copy.

* An historical and critical account of the life
and writings of James the First. By William
Harris. London, 1753. 8

Poetical remains of James the First, King of
Scotland. Edin., 1783. 8

The historic and life of King James the Sext :
being an account of the affairs of Scotland,
from the year 1566, to the year 1596 ; with a
short continuation to the year 1617. [Edited
by Thomas Thomson for the Bannatyne Club.]

Edin., 1825. 4*

Correspondence of King James VI. of Scot-
land with Sir Robert Cecil and others in Eng-
land, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth ;
with an appendix containing papers illustra-
tive of transactions between King James and
Robert Earl of Essex. Edited [for the Camdeii
Society] by John Bruce, Esq. F.S.A.

London, 1861. 4

JAMES II., King of Great Britain. The laws
and acts made in the first parliament of James
VII....Holden at Edinburgh the Twenty third
day of April 1685. [Scots Acts.]

Edin., 1685. 12

A funeral oration upon the late King James.
Composed from memoirs furnished by Mr Por-
ter, his great chamberlain. Printed by the
consent of the late Queen. Dedicated to the
French King, and published by his authority.
Wherein it is own'd that the late King recon-
ciled his brother KingCharles II. to the Church
of Rome ; that he himself design'd to destroy
the Protestant religion, and to reduce these
kingdoms to the obedience of the See of Rome,
according to the example of Louis le Grand,
who, they hope, will effect it, and punish these
rebellious nations, as they are pleased to call
them : whereby all Protestants may see what
they are to expect from a Popish King. With
remarks upon the whole. Lotidon, 1702. 4

Another copy.

JAMES (DAVID). The good Christian happy in



death. A sermon preached at Newbun
28, 1780, occasioned by the death of Dr Jolui j
Collet. Marlborough, [1780]. 8

JAMES (JoHN ANGELL), Independent minister,
Birmingham. Christian charity explained ;
or the influence of religion upon temper stated ;
in an exposition of the thirteenth chapter of
the first Epistle to the Corinthians.

London, 1828. 1 -'

A pastor's address to his people, on the prin-
ciples of dissent, and the duties of dissenters.

London, 1834. 12 j

The anxious inquirer after salvation directed
and encouraged. 5th ed. London, 1835. 12

Sixth edition. London, 1835. 12

Another edition. New York, t. a. 12

Another copy.

The widow directed to the widow's God.

London, 1841. 12

Pastoral addresses. Wm., 1843. 12

Union among Christians viewed in relation to
the present state of religious parties in Eng-
land. [Essays on Christian UNION.] 1845

An earnest ministry the want of the times.

London, 1847. 8

God's voice from China to the British Churches,
both established and unestablished.

London, 1858. 8

* John Angell James : a review of his history,
character, eloquence, and literary labours ;
with dissertations on the pulpit and the press,
academic preaching, college reform, &c. By
John Campbell, D.D. London, 1860. 8

JAMES (THOMAS), D.D., First keeper of the Bod-
leian library. Bellum papale, sive, concordia
discors Sixti quinti, et Clementis octavi, circa
Hieronymianam editionem. Praeterea in qui-
busdam locis gravioribus habetur comparatio
utriusque editionis cum postrema et ultima
Lovaniensium. Nova editio, e recensione Joan-
nas Edmundi Cox, A.M. Londini, 1840. 12
A treatise of the corruptions of Scripture,
councils, and Fathers, by the prelates, pastors,
and pillars of the Church of Rome, for the
maintenance of Popery. Revised and correct-
ed from the edition of 1612 and 1688, by the
Rev. J. E. Cox. London, 1843. 8

Another copy.

JAMESON (JOHN), Methven. Observations on
the mode of conducting theological tuition, in
general use ; with a plan, humbly submitted :
for the divinity hall belonging to the United
Associate Synod. Edin. , 1822. 8

JAMESON (ROBERT), Regius professor of natural
history in the university of Edinburgh. System j
of mineralogy, comprehending Oryctognosie, |
Geognosie, mineralogical chemistry, mineralo-
gical geography, and oeconomical mineralogy.
3vol. Edin., 1804-1808. 8

A treatise on the external, chemical, and phy-
sical characters of minerals. 3d ed.

Edin., 1817. 8

Manual of mineralogy : containing an account
of simple minerals, and also a description and
arrangement of mountain rocks.

Edin., 1821. 8

Mineralogy according to the natural history
system, forming the article under that head in
the seventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Bri-
tannica. Edin., 1837. 8

JAMESON (WILLIAM). VeniB Patroclus : or,
The weapons of Quakerism, the weakness of
Quakerism... with a digression explicative of
the doctrine anent the necessity of the Spirits
operation ; and an appendix, vindicating Rom.
9. from the depravations of an Arminian.

/;./;/.., 1689. 8

Another copy.

Nazianzeni querela et votum justum. The
fundamentals of the hierarchy examin'd and
disprov'd : wherein the choicest arguments of
the most applauded and latest hierarchick or
prelatick writers, A. M. [Alexander Monro],
D.D. the author of An inquiry into the new
opinions (chiefly) propagated by the Presbyte-
rians in Scotland, the author of the Funda-
mental charter of Presbytery examined and
disproved [John Sage], and many others are
sincerely expended, the plea they bring from
Ignatius' Epistles more narrowly discuss'd,
many things much enlightening this contro-
versy, either not at all, or not so fully hitherto
unfolded, are, from ancient Church-writers,
and other unsuspected authors, advanc'd.

Glatgow, 1697. 4

Another copy.

* A short answer to Mr W. J. , his impugning
the authority of St Jgnatius's Epistles, in the
second part of his Nazianzeni querela, from
page 109, to page 140. [By Robert C ALDER.]

Edin., 1708. 8 3

Roma Racoviana et Racovia Romana, id est,
Papistarum et Socinistarum, in plurimis, iis-
que maximi moment!, religionis suae capitibus,
plena et exacta harmonia : in qua unam ean-
demque utriusque religionis esse animam et
medullam clarissime ostenditur ; unum eun-
demque spiritum pariter in utraque apostasia
regnare evincitur ; utriusque sectae
K^WIS late declaratur ; simpliciores adversus
eorum impetus et technas muniuntur ; S. lite-
rarum, in impletis vaticiniis, adversus scepti-
cos et atheos, veritas et divinitas demonstra-
tur ; haud pauca, denique, Christianas theolo-
gian amanti proficua oppidb tot! passim operi
insperguntur. Edinburgi, 1702. 4

Another copy.

Cyprianus isotimus, or, J. S.'s vindication of
his principles of the Cyprianic age confuted.
In which, moreover, divers signal differences
between the Cyprianic and hierarchic Bishop
are assigned, some new pleas and arguments
of the Prelatists discussed, and several things
of considerable consequence and use in the
present controversie advanced.

Edin., 1705. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The summ of the Episcopal controversy, as it
is pleaded from the holy Scriptures. Wherein
the Scripture-arguments for Presbytery, are
vindicated ; those for Prelacy, confuted, and



the false reasonings of Prelatists, discovered ;
the perpetual war among themselves, observed ;
the opposition between the spirit of Prelacy
and that of the Gospel, manifested ; the con-
fessions of Prelatists, owning all we plead for,
produced ; an historical account of the aposto-
lick government endeavoured ; their grand ob-
jection from antiquity, briefly dissolved.

Edin., 1712. 8

Another copy.

- Second edition. Glasgow, 1713. 8

- Another edition. Glasgow, 1714. 8

- Spicilegia antiquitatum ^Egypti atque ei vici-
narum gentium. Glasguce, 1720. 8

of logic and intellectual philosophy, on didac-
tic principles ; for the use of schools and pri-
vate instruction. 2d ed. London, 1824. 12

JAMIESON (GEORGE), Paisley. An account of
tne faith and practices of the Scotch Baptists ;
with remarks on scriptural union...

Paisley, 1829. 12

JAMIESON (GEORGE), M.A., one of the ministers
of Old Machar, Aberdeen. The essentials of
philosophy, wherein its constituent principles
are traced throughout the various departments
of science : with analytical strictures on the
views of some of our leading philosophers.

Edin., 1859. 8

JAMIESON (JOHN), D.D., Minister of the Anti-
Burgher Secession Church,Edinburgh. Sermons
on the heart. 2vol. Edin., 1789, 90. 8

Another copy.

- SOCINIANISM unmasked. 1790

- CONGAL and Fenella, a tale. [Wants title.]

A DIALOGUE between the devil and a Socinian
divine. 1791

- A vindication of the doctrine of Scripture, and
of the primitive faith, concerning the deity of
Christ. In reply to Dr Priestley's History of
early opinions, &c. 2 vol. Edin. , 1794. 8

Another copy.

- The use of sacred history : especially as illus-
trating and confirming the great doctrines of
revelation. To which are prefixed two disser-
tations ; the first, on the authenticity of the
history contained in the Pentateuch, and in
the Book of Joshua ; the second, proving
that the Books ascribed to Moses were actually
written by him, and that he wrote them by
divine inspiration. 2 vol. Edin. , 1802. 8

Another copy.

A faithful account of an important trial in the
court of conscience. London, 1806. 12

- An etymological dictionary of the Scottish lan-
guage ; illustrating the words in their different
significations, by examples from ancient and
modern writers ; shewing their affinity to those
of other languages, and especially the North-
ern ; explaining many terms, which, though
now obsolete in England, were formerly com-
mon to both countries ; and elucidating na-
tional rites, customs, and institutions, in their
analog}' to those of other nations : to which is
prefixed, a dissertation on the origin of the
Scottish language. 2vol. Edin., 1808. 4

Another edition. Abridged from the quarto
edition. Edin., 1818. 8

Another edition. 4vol. Edin., 1841. 4
[The above improved edition contains all the

additional words in the supplement, incorpo-
rated in alphabetical order. It contains also
a memoir of the author.]

Another edition. Abridged from the diction-
ary and supplement, in four volumes quarto,
by John Johnstone. Edin., 1846. 8

An historical account of the ancient Culdees
of lona, and of their settlements in Scotland,
England, and Ireland. Edin., 1811. 4

Hermes Scythicus : or, the radical affinities of
the Greek and Latin languages to the Gothic :
illustrated from the Moeso-Gothic, Anglo-
Saxon, Francic, Alemannic, Suio-Gothic, Is-
landic, &c. To which is prefixed, a disserta-
tion on the historical proofs of the Scythian
origin of the Greeks. Edin., 1814. 8

Reality of the gracious influence of the Holy
Spirit. With memoir by the Rev. Andrew
Somerville. Glasgoic, 1844. 12

Another copy.

JAMIESON (ROBERT), D. D. , Minister of St Paul's
church, Glasgow. Eastern manners illustrative
of the Old Testament history.

Edin., 1836. 12

The manners and trials of the primitive Chris-
tians. 2ded. Edin., 1841. 8

JAMIESON (WILLIAM), M.A. The establish-
ment of the Reformation in England under
Queen Elizabeth. A sermon preached at...
Utrecht, Nov. 17, 1858.

Amsterdam, 1859. 8


JANE, Queen of England. * The chronicle of
Queen Jane, and of two years of Queen MARY,
and especially of the rebellion of Sir Thomas
Wyat : written by a resident in the town of
London. Edited [for tke Camden Society],
with illustrative documents and notes, by John
Gough Nichols. London, 1850. 4

JANEWAY (JACOB J), D.D., Vice president of the
college of New Brunswick. Letters on. the
atonement : in which a contrast is instituted
between the doctrine of the old and of the new
school ; or between the definite and indefinite
scheme, on this important subject. Addressed
to a brother in the ministry.

Philadelphia, 1827. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

The scriptural doctrine of the atonement illus-
trated and defended. [Presb. Tracts, vol. i.]

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

An exposition of a portion of the Epistle
to the Romans, in the form of questions
and answers. 2 parts.

Philadelphia, 1842. 12

An exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews,
in the form of questions and answers.

Philadelphia, 1842. 12

Unlawful marriage : an answer to " The Puri-
tan" and " Omicron," who have advocated, in
a pamphlet, the lawfulness of the marriage of



a man with his deceased wife's sister.

New York, 1844. 12

- Another copy.

- The internal evidence of the holy Bible, or,
The Bible proved from its own pages to bo a
divine revelation. Philadelphia, 1845. 12

JANI (CHRISTIAN DAVID). Artis poeticw Latino
libri iv. Halte, 1774. 8

JANSENISME. Histoire generale du Jansen-
isme. Contenant ce qui s'est passe" en France,
en Espagne, en Italic, dans les Pais-Bas, &c.
an sujet du livre, intitule", Augnstinus Cor-
nelii Jansenii. Par Monsieur 1'abbe" *******

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