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containing a brief account of the origin and
religious peculiarities of the Quakers.

Edin., 1827. 12
- Another copy.
BALFOUR (ANDREW). A speech delivered iii

tt-r\ "f Edinburgh, on the i

i I'.M I:ON 1834

I'-Al.i .\), M.D. Letters m

to a friend, containing excellent din ctions and
advices for travelling tin.." France and Italy.

A'./,,,. 17( MI

i:\LFOUR (JAMES), of Pilrig. i'liil...-.,.!.;,-:,!
dissertati-.n.-. B*., 1782. 12

BALFOUR (Sir JAMES), of J'<//. ////,. -V/t.Prac-
: or, a system of the more ancient law of
Scotland. Compiled 1>\ Sir J. B.... Lord Pre-
sident of the Court of Session.

:;>4. foi.

BALFOUR (Sir JAMES), of Kinnaird. Hist< a
\\nrks ; published from the original manu-
scripts. 4 vol. Edin., 1824. 8

BALFOUR (JOHN BUTTON), M.D., Professor of
Botany in the University of adMnnryk, A
manual of botany ; being an introduction to
the study of the structure, physiology, and
classification of plants. London, 1849. 8

Letter to R. K. Greville, LL.D. : being an
answer to certain statements contained in a
pamphlet entitled " Singular specimens of the
Edinburgh practice of criticism. By John
Joseph Griffin." Edin., 1851. 8

BALFOUR (ROBERT), D.D. Liberal charity
stated and recommended on the principles of
the gospel. A sermon [on 2 Cor. ix. 6] preached
before the Society for propagating Christian
knowledge, at Edinburgh, June 5, 1789.

Edin., 1789. 8

Sermons. Glasgow, 1819. 8

*Lines to the memory of Robert Balfour, D.D.

Glasgow, 1818. 8

BALFOUR (ROBERT G.), Minister of the Free
t'lmrch, Eothesay. Infant baptism a divine
institution. Edin., 1860. 8

BALGUY (JOHN), M.A., Vicar of Nvrihtdlerton.
Silvius's examination of certain doctrines
lately taught and defended by the Rev. Mr
Stebbing. London, 1718. 8

Silvius's letter to the Rev. Dr Sherlock.

London, 1719. 8

- Silvius's defence of a dialogue between a pa-
pist and a protestant : in answer to the Rev.
Mr Stebbing. To which are added, several
remarks and observations upon that author's
manner of writing and reasoning.

London, 1720. 8

The foundation of moral goodness ; or, a fur-
ther enquiry into the original of our idea of
virtue ; by a clergyman. London, 1728. 8

Divine RECTITUDE. 1730

The law of TRUTH. 1733

A collection of tracts, moral and theological,
placed in the order wherein they were first
published : viz. I. A letter to a deist. II.
The foundation of moral goodness : part 1.

III. The foundation of moral goodness : part 2.

IV. Divine rectitude. V. A second letter to
a deist. VI. The law of truth. W T ith some
additional notes, and a supplement concerning
rectitude. London, 1734. 8

- Sermons. 2 vol. 3d ed. London, 1790. 8
BALL (JOHN). A friendly triall of the grounds



tending to separation ; in a dispute touching
the lawfulness of a stinted liturgie and set
form of prayer, communion in mixed assem-
blies, and the power of the keyes.

Cambridge, 1640. 4

Another copy.

- An answer to two treatises of Mr John Can,
the leader of the English Brownists in Amster-
dam. The former called, A necessitie of sepa-
ration from the Church of England,... The
other, A stay against straying. Published by
Simeon Ash. London, 1642. 4

- The power of godlines, both doctrinally and
practically handled... Whereunto are annexed
distinct treatises, I. Of the affections. II. Of
the spiritual combate. III. Of the government
of the tongue. IV. And of prayer. Together
with, V. An exposition upon the Lord's
prayer. London, 1657. fol.

BALLANTYNE (JAMES R. ), LL. D. Christianity
contrasted with Hindu philosophy : an essay,
in five books, Sanskrit and English ; with
practical siiggestions tendered to the mission-
ary among the Hindus. London, 1859. 8

BALLANTYNE (JOHN). An examination of the
human mind. Edin., 1828. 8

Another copy.

A comparison of established and dissenting
Churches. 2d ed. Edin., 1830. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- On the being of a God. [Theological tracts,
edited by John BROWN, D.D., vol. ii.]

Edin., 1853. 8

BALLANTYNE (JOHN), .Secession Minister at
Stonehaven. On the origin of evil. [Theolo-
gical tracts, edited by John BROWN, D.D.,
vol. i.] Edin., 1853. 8

BALLERINIUS (PETRUS). De potestate eccle-
siastica summorum pontificum et conciliorum
generalium liber, una cum vindiciis autoritatis
Pontificise contra opus...Febronii...Edidit E.
W. Westhoff.

Monasterii Westphalorum, 1847. 8


BALLOU (HosEA). Notes on the parables of the
New Testament, scripturally illustrated and
argumentatively defended. 3d ed.

Halloivell, (U. S.), 1822. 12

BALM. Balm from Gilead : or, the differences
about the Indulgence, stated and impleaded,
in a sober and serious letter to the ministers
and Christians in Scotland. By an healing
hand. [J. BAIRD.] London, 1681. 8

Another copy.

BALMER (ROBERT), D.D., Professor of Theology,
United Secession Church. Academical lectures
and pulpit discourses. With a memoir of his
life. 2vol. Edin., 1845. 12

- The Scripture principles of unity. [Essays on
Christian UNION.] 1845

BALME'S (JACQUES). Art d'arriver au vrai. Tra-
duit de 1'Espagnol par M. Manec (Edouard),
avec une preface de M. de Blanche Raffin.
Nouvelle Edition pre'ce'de'e d'xine notice sur la
vie ct les travaux tie 1'auteur. Liege, 1861. 8

Philosophic fondamentale ; traduite de 1'Espa-
gnol par Manec (Edouard). 2 torn.

Liege, 1852. 8


BALTHASAR(JAC. HENR.) Doctrina Polycarpi
de Scriptura sacra, exposita a J. H. B.

Gryphiswaldite, 1731. 4

Doctrina Polycarpi de Deo Triuno. Quam sub
prsesidio J. H. B. ...publice defendet Dan. Fri-
der. Schroder. Gryphiswaldice, [1733.] 4

Doctrina Polycarpi de Ecclesia. Quam sub
prsesidio J. H. B. ...publice defendet Nicol.
Bserenwald. Griiphiswaldiae, [1735.] 4

SS Peres accusez de P^TONISME. 1711

BALUZE (ETIENNE). Capitularia. regum Fran-
corum. Additse sunt Marculfi et aliorum for-
mulae veteres, et noise doctissimorum virorum.
2 torn. Parisiis, 1677. fol.

Miscellanea novo ordine digesta, et non paucis
ineditis monumentis opportunisque am'mad-
versionibus aucta ; opera ac studio Joannis
Dom. Mansi. 4 torn. Lucce, 1761-64. fol.

BAMPTON LECTURES. -See names of the

BANCK (LAURENTIUS). Taxa S. Cancellariae
Romanse, notis illustrata.

FranekercR, 1651. 8

BANCKS (JOHN). Miscellaneous works in verse
and prose. 2 vol. 2d ed. London, 1739. 8

BANCROFT (EDWARD). An essay on the natural
history of Guiana in South America.

London, 1769. 8

BANCROFT (GEORGE). History of the United
States, from the discovery of the American
continent, to the war of independence.

Edin., 1843. 8

BANCROFT (RICHARD), D.D., Archbishop of
Canterbury. Dangerous positions and pro-
ceedings, published and practised within this
iland of Britaine, under pretence of reforma-
tion, and for the presbiteriall discipline.

London, 1640. 4

Another copy.

BANDERS. The Banders disbanded ; or an ac-
curat discourse. . .demonstrating how. . .sinfull it
is, in the present circumstances of the Church
of Scotland, for ministers of Christ there, that
they may obtain a pretended liberty to preach
and administer the sacraments, . . .to give bond
to their present rulers, that they shall live
peaceably. [By Robert M'WARD.]

s. I, 1681. 4

Another copy.

- The Banders disbanded, exemplified in the
lives, characters, principles, and practices of
the present professors of Presbytery. By a
lover of true Presbytery.

Glasgow, 1805. 12

BANDINEL (JAMES), D.D. Eight sermons
preached before the University of Oxford, in
the year 1780, at the lectiire founded by the
late Rev. John Bampton, M.A. To which is
added, a vindication of St Paul from the
charge of wishing himself acciu'sed. A sermon



preached likewise before the University, M;iivh
it. i::s.

I- AM- '!'. Collections for a history of the shiivs
..[' Ai:i.i:i-i.i.\ uii'l Man If.

- Illustrations of the topography of ABERDEEN
ami Manff. 1847

I'.ANCUK. MisHOFOf.- 8M Lt-wis i:\vi.v.

I '- A NGOR, BISHOP OF. See Christ, >phi-r M i . i : ,

J;\V ;< MI. MI-HOP OF. <See Benjamin HOADLY.


1 1 A N ( ; S ( N A n i A N ), D. D. An original Church of
Christ : or a scriptural vindication of the orders
and powers of the ministry of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. 2d ed., revi.-

New York, 1837. 12

BANIER (ANTOINE). La mythologie et les fables
expliqudes par 1'histoire. 3 torn.

Paris, 1738-40. 4

Translated from the French. 4 vol.

London, 1739, 40. 8

BANKRUPT. Copy Act for the better ascertain-
ing who shall be held and taken to be bank-
rupts in... Scotland, s. I. eta. 8

BANKS (JAMES). Centennial historical address ;
[with centenary sermon by the Rev. NEILL
M'KAY.] 1858

BANNATYXE CLUB. The history and life of
King JAMES the Sext. 1825

The history of the troubles and memorable
transactions in Scotland and England, from
1624 to 1G45. By John SPALDING. 1828-29

- Thoinse DEMPSTERI Historia ecclesiastica gentis
Scotorum. 1829

Hymns and sacred songs. By Alexander
HUME. 1832

- Memoirs of the war carried on in Scotland and
Ireland, 1689-91. By Major-General Hugh
MACKAY. 1833

- Davidis BUCHANANI de scriptoribus Scotis
libri duo. 1837

- [Joannis] FERRERII Historia abbatum de
Knylos. 1839

- Chronicon de LANERCOST. M.CC.I.-M.CCC.XXVI.


- Acts and proceedings of the GENERAL ASSEM-
BLIES of the KIRK of SCOTLAND, 1560-1618.

[The Booke of the Universall Kirk of Scot-
and.] 1839-45

- Historical observes of memorable occurrents in
Church and State, 1680-6. By Sir John
LAUDER of Fountainhall. 1840

- Letters and journals of Robert BAILLIE, Prin-
cipal of the University of Glasgow. 1841-2

- Registrum de Dunfermelyn. 1842. See DUN-


Origines parochiales Scotiae. [Edited by Cosmo
INNES.] 1850-5

- Tracts by David FERGUSSON, minister of Dun-
fermline. MDLXIII.-MDLXXII. 1860

BANNATYNE (ARCHIBALD), Minister at Oban.
God is ; or, The knowledge of the being and
attributes of God shown to be the foundation
of true religion. Glasgow, 1843. 8

I'.ANNATYNE (RICHARD), Secretary to John
Knox. Journal of the transactions in Scot-
land, dxiring the contest between the adhe-

of Queen Mary, and those of her son,

l-"7>. l."'7l. !', j With appendix con-

taining Letters from Secretary and
the Earl of Mortoun, 1572. An account of tlio
death <if the Karl of lluntly, 1 cssion

of the Earl of .M"rt< mi. 1.Y - 1 .Mutual aggres-
sions by the contending facii

i .Jolin (iraham Dalyell, as illustrations
..tish history.] ., 1800. 8

Another copy.

BANNKUMAN <HKM:Y). The practices of the
early Christians considered : comprising, I. An
exhibition of the first Churches. ByH. '
Hartford, U.S. II. Notes containing objec-
tions to some of Mr Grew's statements. III.
Letters on Baptism, containing strictures on
the Notes ; by H. Bannerman.

London, 1838. 8

BANNERMAN (JAMES), D.D., Professor of Theo-
loyy, New College, jt'</i/<//"/ : //i. Letter to the
Most Noble the Marquis of Tweeddale, in re-
ply to the speeches delivered at the intrusion
meeting at Haddington, on the 28th February,
1840. Edin., 1840. 8 5

Second edition. , 1840. 8

The prevalent forms of unbelief. An intro-
ductory lecture addressed to students in the
first year of their theological course at the
commencement of the session of the New Col-
lege, 1849. Edin., 1849. 8

Another copy.

Inspiration : the infallible truth and divine
authority of the Holy Scriptures.

Edin., 1865. 8

Another copy.

BANNERMAN (PATRICK), Minister at Salton.
Religious correspondence ; or, the dispensation
of divine grace vindicated from the extremes
of libertine and fanatical principles ; in a series
of letters to a lady. 2 vol. London, 1775. 16


BAPTISM BAPTIST. Recueil de divers
traitez concernant 1'efficace et la necessite* du
bapteme Amsterdam, 1695. 12

The practice and doctrine of the Presbyterian
preachers about the sacrament of baptism, exa-
mined. [By Rev. Alexander SUTHERLAND.]

Edin., 1703. 4 rf
- Another copy.

The doctrine and practice of the Church of
Scotland, anent the sacrament of baptism, vin-
dicated from the charge of gross error exhi-
bited in a print [by Alexander Sutherland, a
minister of the Episcopal Church in Scotland]
called, The practice and doctrine of the Pres-
byterian preachers about the sacrament of
baptism, examined. [By James HADOW.]
2 parts. Edin., 1704. 4 d

Another copy.

Lay-baptism invalid ; or, An essay to prove
that such baptism is null and void, when ad-
ministered in opposition to the divine right of
the apostolical succession. By a lay hand.
[Richard LAWRENCE.] London, 1709. 8

Second edition, corrected and enlarged, with
an appendix. To which is prefix'd, a letter to



the author, by the Rev. Geo. Hickes, D.D.
London, 1710. 8

- Third edition. London, 1712. 8

Sacerdotal powers ; or the necessity of confes-
sion, penance, and absolution. Together with
the nullity of unauthoriz'd lay-baptism assert-
ed By the author of Lay-baptism invalid.

[R. LAWRENCE.] London, 1711. 8

Another copy.

An appeal to all sober Christians : shewing,
from divers texts of Scripture, both the true
subjects of water-baptism ; and the right mode
of administration, according to primitive in-
stitution. And in consequence thereof, the
reasonableness of separating, in matters of re-
ligion, from all those societies that have no
other water-baptism than what they had in
their infancy. London, 1728. 12

- Infant-baptism unchristian : an appeal to the
sacred Scriptures, addressed to every Christian
in the city of Dublin. By a layman.

Dublin, 1797. 12

Christian baptism described from Scripture.

York, 1810. 8

A condensed view of the arguments for infant
baptism. By a layman. Cupar, 1841. 8

Confessions of a convert, from baptism in water
to baptism ivith water. London, 1845. 12

An enquiry into the true principle upon which
baptism is adininistered to infants. By an
attached member of the Church of England.

Brighton, 1851. 8

- Suggestions for a reform in the office for infant
baptism. By an attached member of the
Church of England. Brighton, 1851. 8

Brief narrative of the Baptist mission in India.
Including an account of translations of the
sacred Scriptures into the various languages of
the East. 3d ed. London, 1810. 8

Fifth edition. London, 1819. 8

- The Baptists thrown out of the Bible. A letter
to the editors of the Evangelical Magazine.

Dunfermline, 1814. 8

Report of the Baptist Home Missionary So-
ciety for Scotland, chiefly for the Highlands
and Islands. 1833. Edin., 1833. 8

An exhortation to Christian forbearance and
union ; addressed to the Scotch Baptist
Churches. Edin., 1834. 8

sitio chronologica de successione antiquissima
episcoporum Romanorum inde a Petro usque
ad Victorem. Ultrajecti, 1740. 4

AIKIN. Poems. 5th ed. London, 1777. 8

The British NOVELISTS. 1820

- The works of A. L. B. With a memoir, by
Lucy Aikin. 2 vol. London, 1825. 8


VIII. Pope.
BARBEYRAC (JEAN). Traits' de la morale des

Peres de 1'Eglise. Amsterdam, 1728. 4

BARBOUR (JOHN), Archdeacon of Aberdeen.

The acts and life of. . . .Robert BRUCE. 1737

The Brus. From a collection of the Cam-
bridge and Edinburgh manuscripts. [Edited

by Cosmo Innes for the Spalding Club.]

Aberdeen, 1856. 4
BARCLAY (GEORGE), Minister at Irvine. Sub-
stance of a sermon... after the funeral of the
late Mrs Hannah Klinesmith. With an ap-
pendix, containing a brief narrative of her life.

Irvine, 1829. 8

An essay on justification by faith : in an expo-
sition of Romans, iii. 19-31. With an appen-
dix. Glasgoiv, 1830. 12

BARCLAY (JOHN). Pietas, sive publicse pro re-
gibus ac principibus, et privatse pro Guilielmo
Barclaio parente, vindicise, adversus Roberti
S. R. E. Card. Bellarmini tractatum, de po-
testate SummiPontificis in rebus temporalibus.
Parisiis, 1612. 4

Satyricon....Accessit conspiratio Anglicana.

Lvgd. Bat., 1674. 8

BARCLAY (JOHN), M.D. An inquiry into the
opinions, ancient and modern, concerning life
and organization. Edin., 1822. 8

Another copy.

BARCLAY (P.), A.M. A letter to the people of
Scotland, in order to remove their prejudice
to the Book of common prayer. To which is
added an appendix : wherein are answer'd the
objections offer'd against the liturgy, in two
late pamphlets [by John Anderson, Dumbar-
ton], call'd, Dialogues between a curate and a
country-man. London, 1713. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

BARCLAY (PETER), A.M. An anniversary ser-
mon. [Acts, xi. 26.] Napier, 1860. 8

BARCLAY (ROBERT). An apology for the true
Christian divinity, as the same is held forth,
and preached, by the people, called in scorn,
Quakers With a full answer to the strongest
objections usually made against them. The
4th ed. , in English. London, 1701. 8

Another copy.

The eighth edition in English.

Birmingham, 1765. 4

Another edition. London, 1780. 8

*Memoir of R. B. by Alexr. M'Leod.

Glasgow, 1824. 18

BARCLAY (WILLIAM). De regno et regali potes-

tate, adversus Buchananum, Brutum, Bouche-

ritim, et reliquos monarchomachos, libri sex.

Parisiis, 1600. 4

De potestate Papae : an et quatenus in reges et
principes seculares jus et imperium habeat.

s. I, 1609. 8

BARCLAY (WILLIAM), M.D. Judicium de cer-
tamine G. Eglisemmii cum G. Buchanano, pro
dignitate paraphraseos Psalmi ciiii. Adjecta
sunt, Eglisemmii ipsum judicium, ut editum
fuit Londini, typis Edwardi Aldsei, ann. Dom.
1619 : et in gratiam studiosse juventutis, ejus-
dem Psalmi elegans paraphrasis Thomse Rhsedi.
Londini, 1620. 8

BARDS. The works of the Caledonian Bards.

Translated from the Gaelic. Edin., 1778. 16

BARETT (W. G.) New sketches and skeletons

of sermons, devout and practical : specially



prepared, and wholh \-'. nd series.

London, isuu. i-j

BARETTI (GUISEPPE). Dizionario dello linguo

Icili.-ina ed liiLjU-si) [and English and Italian)

di O. 15. pivivduto la una grunmaiioa ilfllr
diii- lingue. Nona edizione, corretta e miglio-
rata, da Carlo Thomson. 2 vol.

/...;..//, 1839. 8

A dictionary, Spanish and English, and Eng-
lish and Spanish. A iifA edition.

London, 1794. 4

BARFORD (\VII.I.I\M), M.A. A sermon [on
Psalm Ixxvi. 10J preached before the Hon. tin-
House of Commons, Jan. 30, 1770.

London, 1770. 4

BARGRAVE (ISAAC), D.D., Dcanof Canter!>:ir t t.
A sermon [on Psalm xxvi. <>) pn-arhed be-
fore the Hon. the House of Commons, Feb.
K ;_':;. London, 1624. 4

BARING (CHARLES), D.D., Bixlutp of Gloucester
and Bristol, and afterwards of Durham.
Christ's death a propitiatory sacrifice. A ser-
mon preached before the University of Oxford,
Feb. 17, 1856. Oxford. 1856. 8

BARKER (JOHN). Sermons. 2 vol. 2d ed.
London, 1763, 64. 8

Another copy.

BARKER (JOSEPH). Grace, and the means of
grace. s. I. et a. 12

- Conscientiousness, a bad sentiment in a good
book. Newcastle, s. a. 12

- A brief report of the proceedings of the con-
ference of the Methodist new connexion, in
the case of Joseph Barker and William Trotter.

Newcastle, s. a., 12

- Truth against misrepresentation : being a reply
to the lectures of T. Allin and S. Hulme.

Newcastle, 1841. 12

- A true statement of facts. In reply to T.
Allin's brief and erroneous statements.

s. I. et a. 12

- Water baptism. A letter to Thomas Allin.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

- Toleration, human creeds, &c. A letter to
Thomas Allin, in reply to his letter to J. B.

s. 1. et a. 12

- The great need which the young have of our
attention and care. Manchester, s. a. 12

- The socinianism, infidelity, and blasphemy of
Barkerism ; in a letter to P. Budd, Methodist
travelling preacher. s. 1. et a. 12

On what principles should a Christian act in
reference to business. Newcastle, s. a. 12

- The Christian character. Newcastle, s. a. 12

- True religion. In three tracts, s. 1. et a. 12

- Letter to J. G. Holyoake. s. 1. et a. 12

The deceitfulness of sin ; or, the madness of
procrastination. A sermon. Preston, s. a. 12

Who are the cowards and deceivers ? or, ex-
tracts from correspondence between J. B., A.
Dyson, and the Huddersfield committee : and
between J. B. and W. Cooke.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

Belief and disbelief ; or, the sentiments of J.
B. and his friends ; in letters to the inhabi-
tants of Bramley. s. 1. et a. 12

\Viiy ili-1 the ministers of the town of I.
alismt tli. ' 'in tin- ant i-sh

illi,' mi T/i: iiiir.' la-it .' x.l. >t tl. 12

Tli.- l.| - s>inx> " ! I'*' 1 ' ti'i'l'-. and how th.-v may
bi> in. I nude l.i>tin^'. A

livnvd .Inh L'7, 1846. . /. eta. 12

Hrii-f outline of the prindplt-s of evangelical
mi. Newcastle, s. . !'_'

Address to his Belfast friends.

a. I. et. a. 12

The Christian's great consolation under trials.
A sermon. Newcastle, a. a. T_'

The merits of Christ, the atonement, &c.

s. 1. et a. 12

A summary view of the evidence for the primi-
tive Christians having held the doctrine of the
simple humanity of Christ.

Newcastle, a. a. 12

Pure gospel again ; or, a few more remarkable
particulars in the life and doctrine of
Christ. s. I et a. 12

Another copy.

On the miraculous conception of Jesus Christ.

-s. 1. et a. 12

Letters to J. J. Gurney, containing remarks
on his views of the atonement, imputed right-
eousness, &c. Newcastle, a. a. 12
The atonement. [In five tracts.]

Neivcastle, s. a. 12
The imitation of the divine goodness.

a. 1. et a. 12

An account of J. B.'s visit to Ireland, with
outlines of his lectures, &c. s. 1. et a. 12

Answers to questions, on perfection, assurance,
and conversion. s. 1. et a. 12

Reason and revelation.

Newcastle, s. 1. et a. 12

A word to young professors, a word to tee-
totalers. Newcastle, a. a. 12
Temperance and luxury. London, 1842. 12
The duty of Christian Churches to provide for
their poor members, and the impropriety of
professing Christians connecting themselves
with benefit societies, Rechabite societies, life
insiirances, loan funds, or with any societies
founded on worldly principles.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

Truth and innocence defended against priestly
calumny. Newcastle, a. a. 12 3

In what way ought Sunday to be employed ?

s. 1. et a. 12

Mercy triumphant ; or, teaching the children of
the poor to write on the Sabbath day, proved
to be in perfect agreement with the oracles of
God. Manchester, s. a. 12

The obligation of Christians to seek the salva-
tion of their fellow-men. A sermon.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

The duty of Christians to labour for the in-
struction and salvation of their fellow-men.

s. 1. et a. 12

All-sufficiency of religion. Newcastle, s. a. 12
Orthodoxy and heterodoxy ; or, a correspond-
ence between J. B. and one of his old Metho-
distical friends. s. 1. et a. 12

Most horrible and astounding facts, or, a i - eve-



lation of a modern mystery of iniquity.

s. a. et a. 12

The happiness of doing good.

Worthy, s. a. 12

Truth and reform against the world, or letters
to W. Cooke, in reply to his attack on Mr
Joseph Barker. s. I. et a. 12

Christian liberty, and evangelical reform.

Newcastle, s. a. 12
A discourse on Christian perfection.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

The necessity of Christian zeal. s. 1. et a. 12
The happy tendency and final triumph of the
Christian religion. s. 1. et a. 12

Winter fashions. Newcastle, s. a. 12

Both sides of the question : or, three letters,
two to Joseph Meir, of Burslem, and another
to John Ridgway, Hanley, Staffordshire.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

Public prayer. s. 1. et a. 12

Public worship, Church organization, priest-
ism, &c. s. 1. et a. 12
All war anti-Christian. s. 1. et a. 12
Love and uniformity. Newcastle, s. a. 12
Saving faith, or the way of salvation made
plain. [In two parts.] Wortley, s. a. 12
The Church and the press.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

The abominations of Socialism exposed, in
reply to the Gateshead Observer.

Newcastle, s. a. 12

Conversation between a Socialist and a Chris-
tian. Newcastle, s. a. 12
Non-resistance. In two letters, s. 1. et a. 12
Objections to peace principles answered.

s. 1. et a. 12

Other objections to the peace principles an-
swered, s. 1. et a. 12
War and governments ; or, further objections
to the peace principles answered.

s. I. et a. 12
A few questions for orthodox theologians, &c.

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