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Another copy.

Another copy.

LAURIE (JOSEPH), D.D. Observations on the
extension and present condition of the Scottish
Church in India, and of the mission of the
Church of Scotland in that country.

Edin,, 1840. 8


LAUTS ( ). Elevens de la langue Holland-

aise. Seconde Edition. Bmmllcs, 1825. 8



LAVAL (STEPHEN ABEL). A compendious his-
tory of the Reformation in France, and of the
reformed Churches in that kingdom. From
the first beginnings of the Reformation, to the
repealing of the Edict of Nantz. With an ac-
count of the late persecution of the French
Protestants under Lewis XIV. Extracted out
of the best authorities. Wherein the many
falsifications of the Jesuit Daniel, author of
the history of France, in matters relating to
religion, are set forth in their true light, and
proved by his own quotations. 4 vol.

London, 1737-41. 8

LAVATER (JOHN CASPAR). Aphorisms on man :
translated from the original manuscript of J.
C. L. London, 1788. 8

- Essays on physiognomy ; for the promotion of
the knowledge and love of mankind. Written
in the German language by J. C. L. , and trans-
lated into English by Thomas Holcroft. Il-
lustrated by three hundred and sixty engrav-
ings. 3 vol. London, 1789. 8

biorvm siue sententiarum Solomonis Regis sa-
pientissimi, Lvdouici Lauateri Tigurini com-
mentarii... Tigvri, 1562. 4

LAVINGTON (GEORGE), D.D., Bishop of Exeter.
The enthusiasm of Methodists and Papists
considered. With notes, introduction and ap-
pendix, by the Rev. R. Polwhele.

London, 1820. 8

LAW. Reformatio legum ecclesiasticarum, ex
authoritate primum Regis Henrici 8. inchoata :
Deinde per Regem Edouardum 6. provecta,
adauctaq ; in hunc modum, atq ; nunc ad ple-
niorem ipsarum reformationem in lucem aedita.
Londini, 1571. 4

- Another edition. Londini, 1640. 4

A new edition, by Edward Card well, D.D.

Oxford, 1850. 8

- The judgment and doctrine of the clergy of
the Church of England, concerning one spe-
cial branch of the King's prerogative, viz. , in
dispensing with the penal laws, asserted by...
Archbishops Bancroft, Laud, and Usher...
Bishops Sanderson and Cartwright... Doctors
Sir Thomas Ridley, Heylin, Barrow, Sherlock,
Hicks, Nalson, and Puller, and by the Ano-
nymus, author of the Harmony of divinity and
law. Together with the concurring resolu-
tions of our reverend judges, as most conso-
nant and agreeable thereunto. In a letter
from a gentleman at Oxford, to his friend in
London. London, [1687]. 4

An answer to a late pamphlet, intituled, The
judgment and doctrine of the clergy of the
Church of England, concerning one special
branch of the King's prerogative ; viz. , in dis-
pensing with the penal-laws... In a letter to a
friend. London, 1687. 4

De 1'esprit des loix, ou du rapport que les loix
doivent avoir avec la constitution de chaque
gouvernement, les mosurs, le climat, la reli-
gion, le commerce, &c. A quoi 1'auteur a
ajoute' des recherches nouvelles sur les loix
Romaines tonchant les successions, sur les loix

Francises, et sur les loix fe' >dales. Nouvello
edition. 3 torn. [Par M. de Secondat, Baron
de MONTESQUIEU.] Geneve, 1750, 51. 8"

Which party breaks the law and resists God's
ordinance ? [By A. M. DUNLOP.]

Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

Which party still breaks the law ? [By A. M.
DUNLOP.] Edin., 1841. 8

LAW (EDMUND), D.D., Bishop of Carlisle Con-
siderations on the theory of religion. . .To which
are added two discourses. With an appendix.
7th ed. Carlisle, 1784. 8

Considerations on the theory of religion. To
which is prefixed, a life of the author, by the
late William Paley, D.D. A new edition, by
George Henry Law, D.D., Bishop of Chester.

London, 1820. 8

LAW (HENRY), M.A., Archdeacon of Wells.
" Christ is all." The Gospel of the Old Tes-
tament. Genesis. Thirty-sixth thousand.

Weston-super-Mare, 1857. 12

Exodus. Twentieth thousand.

Weston-super-Mare, 1856. 12
Leviticus. Weston-super-Mare, 1857. 12

LAW (JOHN). MONEY and trade considered.


LAW (JOHN), Minister of the United Associate Sy-
nod of the Secession Church, Dunfermline. Re-
ply to the strictures of the Rev. P. Chalmers,
on the recent sayings and doings of the Dun-
fermline Voluntaries. To which is added, a
word to the Rev. P. Clason, of Edinburgh.

Dunfermline, 1835. 8

LAW (WILLIAM), M.A. The Bishop of Bangor's
late sermon, and his letter to Dr Snape in de-
fence of it, answered. And the dangerous na-
ture of some doctrines in his Preservative, set
forth in a letter to his Lordship. 4th ed.

London, 1717. 8

Three letters to the Bishop of Bangor. 8th ed.

London, 1721. 8

Remarks upon a late book, entitled, "The
fable of the bees ; or private vices public bene-
fits"... London, 1724. 8

Another edition. With an introduction, by the
Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A. With an appen-
dix, containing the poem of the fable of the
bees, Mandeville's introduction and treatise on
the origin of morality. Cambridge, 1844. 8

The absolute unlawfulness of the stage-enter-
tainment fully demonstrated. 2d ed.

London, 1726. 8
! A practical treatise upon Christian perfection.

2d ed. London, 1728. 8

' The case of reason, or natural religion fairly

and fully stated ; in answer to a book [by M.

Tindal] entitul'd, Christianity as old as the

creation. 2 parts. London, 1731. 8

Another copy. Part i.

Second edition [of both parts].

London, 1755. 8

A demonstration of the gross and fundamental
errors of a late book [by Hoadly], called A plain
account of the nature and end of the sacrament
of the Lord's Supper, &c. Wherein also the



ri.-iture and extent of the redemption of all
mankind by Jesus Christ, is stated and ex-
I'lain'd ; and the pretences of the deists, for a
religion of natural reason instead of it, are
examined to the bottom... London, 1737. 8

Second edition. London, 1738. 8

- Third edition. London, 1752. 8

- The second part of the spirit of prayer : or,
the soul rising out of the vanity of time, into
the riches of eternity. Being several dialogues
between Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophi-
lus. At which Humanus was present.

London, 1750. 8

- An appeal to all that doubt, or disbelieve the
truths of the Gospel, whether they be Deists,
Arians, Socinians, or nominal Christians ; in
which the true grounds and reasons of the
whole Christian faith and life are plainly and
fully demonstrated. To which are added, some
animadversions upon Dr Trapp's late reply.
2d ed. London, 1756. 8

- Another edition. London, 1845. 8
Another copy.

- A collection of letters on the most interesting
and important subjects, and on several occa-
sions. London, 1760. 8

A serious call to a devout and holy life. Adapt-
ed to the state and condition of all orders of
Christians. To which is added, some account
of the author, and three letters to a friend, not
before published in any of his works. Also
two letters from clergymen in the Established
Church strongly recommending the Serious
call, and other works of the author. His cha-
racter by Edward Gibbon, Esq. , and a list of
all his works. Derby, 1816. 12

- Twentieth edition. Romsey, 1816. 8

An humble, earnest, and affectionate address to
the clergy. A new edition. Edin., 1817. 12

- Another edition. London, 1843. 8

- The grounds and reasons of Christian regene-
ration, or, the new birth, offered to the consi-
deration of Christians and Deists.

London, 1845. 8

- * Notes and memorials for an adequate biogra-
phy of the celebrated divine and theosopher
W. L. Comprising an elucidation of the scope
and contents of the writings of Jacob Bohme,
and of his great commentator, Dionysius An-
dreas Freher ; with a notice of the mystical
divinity and most curious and solid science
of all ages of the world. Also an indication
of the true means for the induction of the
intellectual " heathen," Jewish, and Mahome-
dan nations into the Christian faith. Print-
ed for private circulation.

London, 1854. 8

LAW (WILLIAM). The " wars of Jugurtha ;" or,
the second ward election letters for 1842. Col-
lected and arranged, with notes, &c. by W. L.

Edin., 1842. 8
LAWRENCE (R. ). LAY BAPTISM invalid. 1710

Sacerdotal powers ; or the necessity of confes-
sion, penance, and absolution. Together with
the nullity of unauthoriz'd LAY-BAPTISM as-
serted. 1711

Dissenters, and other unauthoriz'd BAPTISMS
null and void. 1712

The Bishop of Oxford's [W. Talbot] charge,
consider'd, in reference to the independency of
the Church upon the State. A proper sacri-
fice in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
The nature and necessity of sacerdotal absolu-
tion. And, The invalidity of baptism, admi-
nistered by persons not episcopally ordain'd.
In an humble address to his Lordship. By the
author of Lay-baptism invalid.

London, 1712. 8

LAWRENCE (WILLIAM), F.R.S., Professor of
anatomy to the college of surgeons, London.
Lectures on physiology, zoology, and the na-
tural history of man, delivered at the Royal
college of surgeons. With twelve engravings.
London, 1822. 8

LAWRIE (ROBEKT). A remembrancer, showing
the state of the testimony of the suffering rem-
nant in the time of the persecution, and since
the Revolution, to be the same as maintained
by the suffering remnant, or true non-hearers
who have owned the martyr's testimony.

Dairy, 1807. 12

LAWSON (GEORGE), D.D., Professor of divinity
to the Associate Synod, Selkirk. Considera-
tions on the overture, lying before the Asso-
ciate Synod, respecting some alterations in the
formula concerning the power of the civil ma-
gistrate in matters of religion ; and the obli-
gation of our covenants, national and solemn
league, on posterity. Edin. , 1797. 12

Discourses on the whole book of Esther. To
which are added, sermons, on parental duties,
on military courage, and on the improvement
to be made of the alarm of war.

Edin., 1804. 12

Second edition. Edin. , 1809. 12

Lectures on the whole book of Ruth : to which
are added, discourses on the condition and
duty of unconverted sinners, on the sovereign-
ty of grace in the conversion of sinners, and,
on the means to be used in the conversion of
our neighbours. Edin. , 1805. 12

Lectures on the history of Joseph. 2 vol.

Edin., 1807. 12

A sermon [on Rom. xi. 3] preached before the
Edinburgh missionary society, at their anni-
versary meeting, April 19, 1808. With the
report of the directors. Edin. , 1808. 8"

Exposition of the Book of Proverbs. 2 vol.

Edin., 1821. 12

LAWSON (JAMES), A.M. Present case of J. L.,
in a letter to his friends. Edin., 1781. 12
LAWSON (JOHN), Curate of Wintringham. Ser-
mons on the Creed ; [with Lectures on the
Church catechism, by Samuel WALKER].


LAWSON (JOHN), Pitlessie. Excursions through
my paradise, or, reflections on some important
elements in the nature, condition, and pro-
spects of man, the government of God, and on
the destiny of the globe, &c. &c.

Cupar-Fife, 1846. 8
LAWSON (JOHN PARKER), M.A. The life and



times of William LAUD, Archbishop of Can-
terbury. 1829

LA YARD ( AUSTEN HENRY), D.C.L. Discoveries
in the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon ; with
travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the desert :
being the result of a second expedition under-
taken for the trustees of the British Museum.
With maps, plans, and illustrations.

London, 1853. 8


LAYMAN. The Protestant layman, or Mr
O'Connell's challenge accepted, in a series of
letters originally published in the Belfast
News-Letter. Belfast, 1825. 12

LAYMANN (PAULUS), S. J. Theologia moralis
in quinque libros distributa, quibus materiae
omnes practices sive ad externum ecclesiasti-
cum, sive ad internum conscientise forum spec-
tantes una cum quaestionibus canonicis de
Praelatorum ecclesiasticorum electione, insti-
tutione, et potestate speciali methodo expli-
cantur. Editio nova Wirceburgensis . . .post an-
tiquas editiones, ac recensiores Patavinam et
Venetam, a mendis innumeris accuratius pur-
gata...2tom. Wirceburgi, 1748. fol.

LEADLEY (JOHN), M. A. An essay on the man-
ner in which Christianity was intended to im-
prove morality. York, 1791. 8

LEAKE (W. M.), Lieut.-Col. R. A. The topo-
graphy of Athens, with some remarks on its
antiquities. London, 1821. 8

LEARNING. Reflections upon learning ; where-
in is shewn the insufficiency thereof, in its
several particulars ; in order to evince the use-
fulness and necessity of Revelation. By a
gentleman ; [Thomas BAKER]. 6th ed.

London, 1727. 8

LE BAS (CHARLES WEBB), M.A., Rector of St
Paul, Shadwell. Considerations on miracles ;
containing the substance of an article in the
British Critic, on Mr Penrose's treatise on the
evidence of the Scripture miracles : with addi-
tions. London, 1828. 8

Another copy.

M. L. de WETTE.

LE BLANC (AUGUSTINUS), pseud., i. e. Jacques-
Hyacinthe SERRY. /

LE BLANC (LUDOVICUS), Professor of theology at
Sedan. Theses theologicae, variis temporibus
in academia Sedanensi editee, et ad disputan-
dum propositse. Editio tertia, variis locuple-
tata thesibus ex authoris MSS. depromptis, et
in lucem nunc primum editis.

Londini, 1683. fol.

- Another copy.

- Another copy. /

LE BOSSU (RENE). Traitd du poeme e*pique.

Paris, 1675. 12

LEBROCQUY (P.). Analogies linguistiques.
Du Flamand dans ses rapports avec les autres
idiomes d'origine Teutonique.

Bruxelles, 1845. 8

LE BRUN (CORNEILLE). Voyage au Levant,
c'est-a-dire, dans les principaux endroites de
1'Asie Mineure, dans les isles de Chio, Rhodes,

et Chypre, &c. De meme que dans les plus
considerables villes d'Egypte, de Syrie, et de
la terre saint ; enrichi de plus de deux cens
tailles-douces... Paris, 1714. fol.

Voyages par la Moscovie, en Perse, et aux Indes
Orientales. Ouvrage enrichi de plus de 32Q
tailles-douces... On y a ajoute" la route qu'a
suivie Mr. Isbrants, ambassadeur de Mosco-
vie, en traversant la Russie et la Tartarie,
pour se rendre a la Chine. Et quelques re-
marques contre Mrs. Chardin et Kempfer.
Avec une lettre e"crite a 1'auteur, sur ce sujet.
2 torn. Amsterdam, 1718. fol.

LE CERF (FILIPE). Bibliotheque historique et
critique des auteurs de la congregation de St
Maur. La Haye, 1726. 12

LECERF ( ), Professor to the faculty of law at

Caen. Le Protestantisme et la socie'te'. Com-
paraison entre le Protestantisme et le Catholi-
cisme, leur dogme, leur discipline, leur morale
et leurs rapports avec la civilisation et 1'ordre
social. Reponse au livre public* par M. Ni-
colas contre le Protestantisme.

Paris, 1853. 8

Sermons ou discours sur diffe'rens sujets de
pie'te' et de religion. 6 torn.

Paris, 1768. 12

apostolische und das nachapostolische Zeital-
ter. Mit Ruecksicht auf Unterschied und Ein-
heit zwischen Paulus und den uebrigen Apos-
teln, zwischen Heidenchristen und Judenchris-
ten, dargestellt von G. V. L. Gekroente
Preiss-Schrift von der Teylerschen Theologi-
schen Gesellschaft fuer das Jahr 1848.

Haarlem, 1851. 4

Theological and homiletical commentary on
the Acts of the Apostles. Specially designed
and adapted for the use of ministers and stu-
dents. From the German of G. V. L. and K.
GEROK. Edited by J. P. LANGE, D.D. Trans-
lated by Rev. Paton J. Gloag. 2 vol. [Clark's
For. Theol. Lib.] Edin., 1864. 8

LECKIE (CHARLES). Report of a discussion on
Voluntaryism... between the Rev. Mr HARVIE,
and C. L. 1835

Report of a discussion on Voluntaryism be-
tween the Rev. Dr RITCHIE and Mr C. L.


An exposure of Dr John Ritchie's notice of
the author in his pamphlet to Dr Cooke, pub-
lished only on account of the disorderly con-
duct of Voluntaries in Lady Glenorchy's cha-
pel, March 21st, 1837. Glasgow, 1837. 12

Letter to the Voluntaries of Edinburgh, con-
taining an answer to Mr Nicol's last speech in
the recent discussion on the Church question.

Edin., [1838]. 8

Nos. i. , ii. , iii. , and iv. of a series of letters to
the Rev. Messrs M 'Do wall, of Alloa, Stirling,
of Kirriemuir, Towers, of Wigtown, &c., ex-
posing their calumnious misrepresentations of
the author. Edin., 1838. 8

Another copy of No. iii.

Scripture references, for the use of Sabbath



schools, fellowship societies, and private fami-
lies. <//, w;/..-, 1838. 12

Report of a discussion on socialism between
Messrs P. DUNN and C. L. 1839

- An important address to the optionalists of
Scotland. Paisley, s. a. 12

- A short and conclusive argument for the truth
of Christianity, in opposition to socialism, and
every other species of infidelity. Second thou-
sand. Paisley, s. a. 12

LECKY (W. E. H.), M.A. History of the rise
and influence of the spirit of rationalism in
Europe. 2 vol. 2d ed. London, 1865. 8

LECLERC (GEORGE Louis), Count de.Buffon.
Histoire naturelle, ge'ne'rale et particuliere.
Nouvelle Edition. 4 torn. Paris, 1772. 8

Translated into English. Illustrated with

above 200 copperplates, and occasional notes
and observations by the translator. 9 vol.

Edin. and London, 1780, 85. 8

LE CLERC, or CLERICUS (JEAN), Lecturer in
tin- li> innxt rants' colk<jc (it Amsterdam. Sen-
timens de quelques theologiens de Hollandc
sur L'histoire critique du Vieux Testament,
par le P. Richard SIMON. 1085

- Defense des Sentimens des quelques theolo-
giens de Hollande sur L'histoire critique du
Vieux Testament contre la reponse du Prieur

- Five letters concerning the INSPIRATION of the
holy Scriptures. 1090

BIBLIOTHEQUE universelle et historique.


Bibliothequc choisie, pour servir de suite a la
Bibliotheque universelle. 28 torn.

Amsterdam, 1712-18. 12

Bibliotheque ancienne et moderne, pour servir
de suite aux Bibliotheques universelle et
choisie. La Haye, 1726-27. 12

- Logica, ontologia, et pneumatologia. Editio
quarta. Cantabrigice, 1704. 12

Ars critica. Editio quarta. 3 torn.

Amstel, 1712. 8

- Historia ecclesiastica duorum primorum a
Cliristo nato sreculorum, e veteribus monu-
mentis deprompta a J. C. Amstel. , 1710. 4

Another copy.

Mosis Libri quinque, ex translatione J. C.
1735. See BIBLES LATIN. B.

Veteris Testament! Libri historici, ex transla-
tione J. C. 1708. See BIBLES LATIN. B.

Veteris Testament! Libri hagiographi, ex trans-
latione J. C. 1731. See BIBLES LATIN. B.

Veteris Testament! Prophetse, ex translatione
J. C. 1731. See BIBLES LATIN. B.

Novum Testamentum cum paraphrasi H. HAM-
MOND. In Latinam transtulit J. C. 1714.

Epistolte Apostolorum et Apocalypsis Joannis
cum paraphrasi H. HAMMOND. In Latinam
transtulit J. C. 1714. See BIBLES LATIN.

De eligenda inter Christianos dissentientes
sententia, et contra indifterentiam religionum,
libri duo ; [cum op. GROTII De veritate reli-
gionis Christiana?]. 1745

LECLERC (L'abbd PIERIIK). Vies de reli^i
<li I M-. 1750-52

LE CLERC (THEODORE). A course of the Frem-h
language: containing a dictionary of pronun-
ciation... Concluding with an original treatiso
on punctuation. .<lm., 1829. 8

Another copy.

ligion of the ancient Greeks illustrated, by an
explanation of their mythology. Translated
from the French. London, 1788. 8

LECTURES. Four lectures to young men ; de-
livered at the request of the Edinburgh young
men's society. By the Rev. A. Thomson, W.
Cunningham, A. Fraser, and D. T. K. Drum-
mond. Edin., 1842. 8

Lectures to young men : delivered before the
young men's Christian association in Exeter
Hall, from November 21, 1848, to February ti,
1849. London, 1849. 8

LEDESIMA (JACOBUS). De Scripturis divinis
quavis lingua passim non legendis, atque de au-
gustissimo Misste sacrificio, caeterisque officiis,
et precibus in Ecclesia Christi, Hebruia, Grseca,
aut Latina lingua tantum celebrandis. [Col-
lect, author, qui SCRIPTURES in vulg. ling,
translat. damnarunt.]

Lutetice Parisionim, 1661. 4

LEDLIE (J. C.), D.D. Letters on the measures
. . .for the purpose of depriving Unitarian con-
gregations in Ireland of their meeting houses.
By the Rev. W. GLENDY, and J. C. L. 1844

LEE (JAMES). An introduction to the science of
botany, chiefly extracted from the works of
Linnaeus ; to which are added several new
tables and notes, and a life of the author.
4th ed., corrected and enlarged, by Mr James
Lee, son and successor to the aiithor.

London, 1810. 8

LEE (JOHN), D.D. , Principal of the, university of
Edinburgh. Memorial for the Bible societies
in Scotland : containing remarks on the com-
plaint of His Majesty's printers against the
Marquis of Huntly and others. With an ap-
pendix consisting of many original papers.

Edin., 1824. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Additional memorial on printing and import-
ing Bibles ; containing remarks on the an-
swers for Sir David Hunter Blair, Bart, and
J. Bruce, Esq. His Majesty's printers, to the
petition of George Buchan, Esq. and others.
With a continuation of the appendix to the
former memorial. Edin., 1826. 8

Another copy.

A letter to the Right Hon. the Lord Provost,
relating to the annuity tax, and the ecclesias-
tical arrangements now proposed for the city
of Edinburgh. Edin., 1834. 8

Another copy.

Dr Lee's refutation of the charges brought
against him by the Rev. Dr Chalmers and
others, in reference to the questions on Church
extension and university education. Part i.
With an appendix, containing the evidence of



Dr Lee before the commissioners of religious
instruction. Edin., 1837. 8

Another copy.

- Evidence of the Rev. John Lee, D.D., before
the commission of religious instruction, Scot-
land, in Feb. and March 1836.

Edin., 1837. 8

Lectures on the history of the Church of Scot-
land from the Reformation to the Revolution
settlement. With notes and appendices from
the author's papers. Edited by his son the
Rev. William Lee. 2 vol. Edin., 1860. 8

LEE (NATHANIEL). Theodosius : or, The force
of love. A tragedy. Edin., 1759. 12

LEE (ROBERT), D.D., Minister of Old Greyfriars
church, and professor of biblical criticism in the
university of Edinburgh. A few remarks on
the virtue of common honesty ; being the sub-
stance of a discourse delivered in Inverbroth-
ock church. Arbroath, 1836. 12

The character of Popery illustrated in the
history of England. [Lect. on Protest.]

Glasgow, 1837. 12

- Thou art Peter. A discourse on papal infalli-
bility and the causes of the late conversions to
Romanism. Edin., 1851. 8

LEE "(SAMUEL), D.D., Regius prof essor of Hebrew
in the university of Cambridge. Remarks on
Dr Henderson's Appeal to the Bible society on
the subject of the Turkish version of the New
Testament printed at Paris in 1819. To which
is added, an appendix, containing certain do-
cuments on the character of that version.

Cambridge, 1824. 8

Six sermons on the study of the holy Scrip-
tures... preached before the University of Cam-
bridge, in the years 1827-8. To which are
annexed two dissertations : the first on the
reasonableness of the orthodox views of Chris-
tianity, as opposed to the rationalism of Ger-
many ; the second on the interpretation of
prophecy. London, 1830. 8

- The Book of Job, translated from the original
Hebrew. 1837. See BIBLES ENGLISH. C.

A lexicon, Hebrew, Chaldee, and English ;
compiled from the most approved sources, Ori-
ental and European, Jewish and Christian ;
containing all the words with their usual in-
flexions, idiomatic usages, &c. as found in the
Hebrew and Chaldee texts of the Old Testa-
ment, and, for the convenience of the learner,
arranged, as far as practicable, in the order of
the Hebrew alphabet... London, 1840. 8

- Third thousand. London, 1844. 8

A grammar of the Hebrew language, comprised
in a series of lectures ; compiled from the best
authorities, and principally from Oriental
sources, designed for the use of students in
the universities. . New edition... Sixth thou-
sand. London, 1844. 8

Another copy.

The doctrine of the key, or sacerdotal binding
and loosing as taught in holy Scripture, the
Fathers of the primitive Church, and in the
United Church of Great Britain and Ireland,
in a letter, with an appendix, addressed to the

Rev. Dr Pusey, Regius professor of Hebrew,
and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, in refu-
tation of certain notions lately put forth by
him in a sermon preached before the members
of that university. London, 1846. 8

LEE (WILLIAM), M.A., Fellow and tutor of Tri-

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