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nity college, Dublin. The inspiration of holy
Scripture, its nature and proof : eight dis-
courses, preached before the University of
Dublin. London, 1854. 8

Third edition. Dublin, 1864. 8
LEECHMAN (JOHN), A.M. Logic : designed as

an introduction to the study of reasoning.
2d ed. Glasgow, 1845. 8

Third edition. Glasgow, 1847. 8

Comfort concerning those who sleep in Jesus :
a discourse [on 1 Thess. iv. 13, 14] occasioned
by the lamented death of Mrs John A. Ran-
kin. Preached in the Baptist chapel, Irvine,
20th September, 1846. Glasgoiv, 1846. 8

LEECHMAN (WILLIAM), D.D., Principal of the
university of Glasgow. The temper, character,
and duty of a minister of the Gospel. A ser-
mon [on 1 Tim. iv. 16] preached before the
Synod of Glasgow and Air, at Glasgow, April
7th, 3741. Glasgow, [1741]. 8

Another copy.

Third edition. Glasgow, 1742. 8

Fifth edition. Glasgow, 1749. 8

Sixth edition. Glasgow, 1755. 12

The nature, reasonableness and advantages of
prayer : with an attempt to answer the objec-
tions against it. A sermon [on Matt. xxvi.
41]. Glasgoiv, 1743. 8

Another edition. Glasgow, 1749. 8

The wisdom of God in the Gospel revelation.
A sermon [on 1 Cor. i. 21] preached at the
opening of the General Assembly of the Church
of Scotland, in May 1758. Edin., 1758. 8

The excellency of the spirit of Christianity.
A sermon [on 2 Tim. i. 7] preached before the
Society in Scotland for propagating Christian
knowledge. . .in the High church of Edinburgh,

June 5, 1767.

Another copy.

Sermons. To
of the author
Jamea Wodrow,

Edin., 1768. 8

ich is prefixed some account
and of his lectures, by
. 2 vol.

London, 1789. 8
The Principal's reasons of his protest, taken
in the minutes of faculty, 1st April 1776,
against the faculty's acquiescing in the Shaw-
Park decree, and subsequent sentences.

s. I. et a. 4

LEES (CATHCART). Lectures on diseases of the

stomach, and indigestion. Dublin, 1857. 16

LEES (GEORGE), A.M. A catechism of natural

philosophy, in which the general doctrines of

that science are explained in a popular form.

Edin., 1833. 12

LEEUWEN (JOHANNES). Disputatio philoso-
phica continens positiones politicas.

Ultrajecti, 1639. 4

seu arcana naturaj, ope exactissimorum micro-
scopiorum detecta, experimentis variis com-


probata, epis tolls, ail vurios illustres viros, ut
et ad integram, quie Londini floret, sapientem
societateni, cujus ineiubruiu eat, datis. Edi-
tio noviasima. 4 torn.

Lugd. Batav., 1719, 22. 4

LE FEBVRE (ISAAC). The faith and patience
of the saints : exhibited in the narrative of the
sufferings and death of Mons. Isaac Le Febvre
...A new translation... By the Rev. J. N. Pear-
son. London, 1839. 12

ANNE- MADELEINE), Cardinal, Archbishop of
Bourdeaux. * Vie du Cardinal de Chevems.
Quatrieme Edition. Pam, 1860. 8

LEFE VRE (Mrs). Extracts of letters ; chiefly on
religious subjects. With meditations on some
select passages of Scripture. Edin. , 1819. 12

LE GENDRE (Louis), Abbot of Clair-fontaine.
Nouvelle histoire de France, depuis le com-
mencement de la monarchie, jusques a la mort
de Louis XIII. 3 torn. Pam, 1718. fol.

LEGENDS. Poetical legends : containing the
American captive, and the fatal feud. To
which is added, The fall of faction... By the
author of The cave of Morar ; [John TAIT].

London, 1776. 4

LEGER (JEAN), Pastor of the Walloon Church at
Ltyden. Histoire generale des Eglises evan-
geliques des valle'es de Piemont ; ou Vaudoises.
Divise'e en deux livres, dont le premier fait
voir incontestablement quelle a este* de tous
terns tant leur discipline, que sur tout leur doc-
trine, et de quelle maniere elles 1'ont si con-
stamment conserve'e en une si grande purete,
de"s que Dieu les a tiroes des tenebres du Pa-
ganisme jiisques a present, sans interruption,
et necessite de Reformation. Et le second
traite generalement de toutes les plus consi-
derables persecutions qu'elles ont souffertes,
pour la soutenir, sur tout de"s que 1'inquisition
a commencd a regner sur les Chretiens, jusques
a 1'an 1664. Leyde, 1669. fol.

Another copy.

LEGH (GEORGE), LL.D. The case of an erro-
neous conscience represented in a new light.
In answer to a part of Mr STEBBING'S defence
of the non-jurors. j|K% 1719

LEGH (GERARD). A letteffrom Edinburgh to
Dr Sherlock, rectifying the committee's notions
of sincerity. Defending the whole of the Bishop
of Bangor's doctrine : and maintaining that re-
ligion, not a profession of it, is religion ; that
the Gospel, not a corruption of it, is the Gos-
pel ; that Christ, not the Church, is Christ.
In which is an apology for the English dissent-
ers ; with a word or two relating to Mr To-
land. By Gilbert DALRYMPLE. [Pseud.]

London, 1718. 8

LE GRAND (ANTONIUS). Institutio philoso-
phise, secundum principia domini Renati Des-
cartes : nova methodo adornata et explicata.
Londini, 1672. 8

Parthenopex de Blois, a romance. From
the French of M. Legrand. With notes by
William Stewart Rose. London, 1807. 4

LEHMANN (C. G.). Vollstandiges Taschunbudi
der theoretischen Chemie zur sclinc-llm IW-r-
sicht und leichten Repetition bearbeitet von
Dr C. G. L. 1840. 8

Lehrbuchderphysiologisclant'lu inir L'l'.and.

1842. 8

LEHMANN (J. G. C.). Ansichten und Baurisse
di r neuen Gebaude fur Hamburgs offentlicho
Bildungsanstalten, kurz beschrieben und in
Verbindung mit dem Plan fiir die kiinftige
Austellung der Stadtbibliothek herausgegeben
von den Bibliothekaren J. G. C. L. und C.
PETERSEN. Hamburg, 1840. 4

LEHMANNUS (P. A.). Historia diplomatica de
statu religionis ev angelica* in Hungaria in tres
periodos distincta. [Cum appendice in qua
continentur Acta Comitiorum Hungaricorum
An. 1647, 1649, 1662, 1681, et 1687 integra
quoad punctum religionis evangelicse.]

a. L, 1710. fol.

philosophica quae extant Latina Gallica Ger-
manica omnia. Edita recognovit e temporum
rationibus disposita pluribus ineditis auxit in-
troductione critica atque indicibus instruxit
Joannes Eduardus Erdmann. 2 partt.

Berolini, 1839, 40. 8

CEuvres de L. Nouvelle Edition, collationne'e
sur les meilleurs textes, et pre'ce'dee d'une in-
troduction par M. A. Jacques. 2 torn.

Paris, 1846. 8

Essais de Theodice*e sur la bont de Dieu, la
liberte* de 1'homme, et 1'origine du mal, en
trois parties. [Avec un] discours preliminaire
sur la conformitd de la foi avec la raison ; [et]
appendices. Abrdge" de la controverse, rdduite
a des argumens en forme. Reflexions sur la
dispute qui a e"te agite'e entre le Docteur Bram-
hall Eveque de Londonderry, et M. Hobbes,
touchant la liberte", la necessity, et le hazard.
Remarques sur le livre de 1'origine du mal, pub-
lie' depuis peu a Londres. Causa Dei asserta per
justitiam ejus, &c. [Amsterdam, 1717]. 12

Principia philosophise more geometrico demon-
strata : cum excerptis ex epistolis philosophi
et scholiis quibusdam ex historia philosophi-
ca. . .Accedunt theoremata metaphysica de pro-
prietatibus quibusdam entis innniti et finiti
mundique existentis perfectione, ex philoso-
phia Leibnitiana pariter selecta et geometrice
demonstrata, nee non meditatio philosophica
de unione mentis et corporis denuo edita.

Francofurti et Lipsio?, 1728. 4

Recueil de diverses pieces, sur la philosophic,
la religion naturelle, 1'histoire, les mathema-
tiques, &c. Par Messieurs L. Clarke, New-
ton, et autres auteurs cele'bres. Troisieme
Edition. 2 torn. Lausanne, 1759. 12 C

System der theologie. Nach dem Manuscripte
von Hanover... ins Deutsche ubersetzt von Dr.
Rass und Dr. Weis. Mit einer Vorrede von
Hrn. Lorenz Doller. Dritte Auflage.

Mainz, 1825. 8

Systeme religieux de L., publi^ par 1'abbe La-
croix. Traduit par Albert de Broglie.

Paris, 1846. 12



A refutation recently discovered of Spinoza.
With prefatory remarks and introduction by
the Count A. Foucher de Careil. Translated by
the Rev. Octavius F. Owen. Edin., 1855. 8

LEIFCHILD (J.), D.D., Independent minister of
Craven chapel, London. Original hymns,
adapted to general worship and special occa-
sions ; by various authors. Edited by the
Rev. J. L. London, 1843. 12

J. L., D.D. His public ministry, private use-
fulness, and personal characteristics. Found-
ed upon an autobiography. By J. R. Leif-
child, A.M. London, 1863. 8

LEIGH (EDWARD, M.A., of Magdalen Hall, Ox-
ford. Critica sacra, or philologicall and theo-
logicall observations upon all the Greek words
of the New Testament, in order alphabeticall.
2d ed. London, 1646. 4

Critica sacra in two parts : the first containing
observations on all the radices, or primitive
Hebrew words of the Old Testament, in order
alphabetical. Wherein both they (and many
derivatives also issuing from them) are fully
opened out of the best lexicographers and scho-
liasts. The 2d ed. The second philologicall
and theologicall observations upon all the
Greek words of the New Testament, in order
alphabetical. Wherein usually the etymon of
the word is given, its force and emphasis ob-
served, and the several acceptations of it in
Scripture, and the versions by expositors are
set down. 3d ed. London, 1650. fol.

Ab Henrico a Middech in Latinum sermo-

nem conversa. Editio Latina tertia. Cui ac-
cedit prodromus criticus seu observationes phi-
lol. theol. in omnes voces Chaldaicas tarn pri-
mitivas quam derivatas V. T. A Johanne
Heeser. AmsteL, 1696. fol.

A treatise of divinity, consisting of three
bookes... London, 1647. 4

- A systeme or body of divinity : consisting of
ten books. Wherein the fundamentals and
main grounds of religion are opened ; the con-
trary errours refuted ; most of the controver-
sies between us, the Papists, Arminians, and
Socinians discussed and handled.

London, 1654. fol.

[An enlarged edition of the " Treatise of divi-

Annotations upon all the New Testament philo-
logicall and theologicall... London, 1650. fol.

Annotations on Five poetical Books of the Old
Testament : (viz. ) Job, Psalmes, Proverbs, Ec-
clesiastes, and Canticles. London, 1657. fol.

A treatise of the divine promises. In five
books... 4th ed. London, 1657. 8

Fcelix consortium ; or, a fit conjuncture of re-
ligion and learning, in one entire volume, con-
sisting of six books... London, 1663. fol.


LEIGHTON (ALEXANDER). Speculum belli sa-
cri: or the lookingglasse of the holy war; where-
in is discovered : the evill of war ; the good of
war; the guide of war. s. L, 1624. 4

Another copy.

An appeal to parliament : or, Zion's plea
against PRELACY. 1842

LEIGHTON (ROBERT), D.D., Archbishop of Glas-
gow. The whole works of R. L., D.D. To
which is prefixed, a life of the author by the
Rev. John Norman Pearson, M.A. A new
edition. 4 vol. London, 1825. 8

Another edition. 2 vol. London, 1835. 8
Another edition. To which is prefixed a life

of the author, by James Aikman, Esq.

Edin., 1843. 8

Select works. To which is prefixed an account
of the author's life and character.

London, 1758. 8

The expository works, with other remains, of
R. L. , D.D. With a preface by Dr Doddridge.
To which is prefixed, an account of the life of
the author, by the Rev. Erasmus Middleton.
New edition. 2 vol. London, 1819. 8

A practical commentary upon the first Epistle
of St Peter ; and other expository works. A
new edition, to which is prefixed, a memoir of
the author, by George Jerment, D.D. 2 vol.

London, 1819. 8

* The case of the ACCOMODATION lately pro-
posed by the Bishop of Dumblane [R. Leigh-
ton] to the non-conforming ministers examin-
ed. Wherein also the ancient Prostasia, or
Episcopus Prseses, is considered ; and the so-
lemn league and covenant occasionally vindi-
cat. Together with a copy of the two letters
herein reviewed. Whereunto also is subjoined
an appendix in answer to a narrative of the
issue of the treaty anent accomodation. [By
Robert M'WARD.] a. I., 1671. 4

Another copy.

Praelectiones theologicee in auditorio publico
academite Edinburgense (dum professoris pri-
marii munere ibi fungeretur) habitse. Una
cum Parsenesibus in comitiis academicis ad
gradus magistralis in artibus candidates. Qui-
bus adjiciuntur meditationes ethico-criticse in
Psalmos iv., xxxii., cxxx. Ex authoris auto-
grapho fideliter editse. Londini, 1693. 4

Another edition. Londini, 1808. 8

Editio nova, recensente Jacobo Scholefield,
A.M. Cantabrigice, 1828. 8

Sermons. London, 1839. 12

* The life of Archbishop Leighton : with brief
extracts from his writings.

New York, 1840. 12

LEIGHTON (W. A.), B.A. The British species
of angiocarpous lichens, elucidated by their
sporidia. [Ray Society.] London, 1851. 8
LEITCH (ALEXANDER). The Gospel and the
great apostasy ; or, Popery contrasted with
pure Christianity, in the light of history and
Scripture : especially with reference to its pre-
sent character and pretensions. Prize essay.

London, 1852. 12

Another edition. London, s. a. 12

The unity of the faith in its relations to the
authority of Scripture, the sacredness of con-
science, and the supremacy of Christ.

Edin., 1859. 8
LEITCH (W.), A.M., Moitlmail.Tlie Scottish


i. KITH u-: M^

education question ; being a j>lc;i for the <lc-
noiniiiiitional system, with olijt-i-tions to the
parish schools bill of tlie Lord Advocate.

Klin., 1856. 8

LEITH. The petition of the harbour, pier, A<
of Leith, to the Right Honourable the Lord
Provost, magistrates, and others, proprietors
of the wet docks. 2d ed. Leith, s. a. 12

LE JAY (GuiDO MICHEL). Biblia Hebraica,
Saruaritana, Chaldaica, Gneca, Syriaca, La-
tina, Arabica. 1645. 8ee BIBLES POLY-

LELAND (JOHN), D.D. An answer to a late
book [by M. Tindal] intituled, Christianity as
old as the creation. In two parts.

Dublin, 1733. 8

The divine authority of the Old and New Tes-
tament asserted ; with a particular vindication
of the characters of Moses, and the Prophets,
our Saviour Jesus Christ, and his Apostles,
against the unjust aspersions and false reason-
ings of a book [by T. Morgan], entitled, The
moral philosopher. London, 1739. 8

A new edition. To which is added, a defence
of this book against the exceptions and mis-
representations in the second volume of The
moral philosopher. London, 1837. fe

Another copy.

Remarks on a late pamphlet [by H. Dodwell],
entitled, Christianity not founded on argu-
ment. In a letter to a friend.

London, 1744. 8

A second letter, containing remarks on a late
pamphlet, entitled, Christianity not founded
on argument. Loiidon, 1744. 8

A view of the principal deistical writers that
have appeared in England in the last and
present century ; with observations upon
them, and some account of the answers that
have been published against them. In several
letters to a friend. 2d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1755. 8

- Another edition. 2 vol. London, 1807. 8

- Another edition. Reprinted verbatim from
the fourth and last edition, with the latest
corrections of the author. London, 1836. 8

Another edition. With an appendix, by W.
L. Brown, D.D. And an introduction ; com-
prising a succinct view of the subsequent hk-
tory of the controversy, by Cyrus R. Edmonds.

London, 1837. 8

Another copy.

The advantage and necessity of the Christian
revelation, shewn from the state of religion in
the ancient heathen world : especially with re-
spect to the knowledge and worship of the one
true God : a rule of moral duty : and a state
of future rewards and punishments. To which
is prefixed, a preliminary discourse on natural
and revealed religion. 2 vol.

London, 1768. 8

Third edition. Glasgow, 1819. 8
Another copy.

LELAND (THOMAS), D.D., Prebendary of St Pa-
trick's, Dublin. The history of Ireland from
the invasion of Henry II. With a prelkninary

discourse on the antient state of that kin^loni.
3 vol. l."ii<l.>n, 17~:5. -1

| With manuscript notes by the Duke of SUH-

- Sermons. 3 vol. London, 1788. 8

LELANDUS (JOANNES), Prebendary tJjSalMmy.

Commentarii de scriptoribus Britannicis.

Ex autographo Lelamliim mine primus cdi-lit

A nt KM ins Hall, A.M. 2 ti-m.

O.r,,,m, 1709. 8

* The lives of those eminent antiquaries J. L. ,
Thomas HEARNE, and Anthony a. WOOD ; with
an authentick account of their respective writ-
ings and publications, from original papers.
In which are occasionally inserted, memoirs
relating to many eminent persons, and various
parts of literature. Also, several engravings
of antiquity, never before published. 2 vol.

Oxford, 1772. 8

LE LONG (JACOBUS). Bibliotheca sacra post J.
Le Long et C. F. Boerneri iteratas curas or-
dine disposita, emendata, suppleta continuata
ab Andrea Gottlieb Masch. 4 vol.

Hate, 1778-1790. 4

LE MACHOIS (J.). Lettre ecrite a Monsieur
1'Archeveque de Rouen sur la Constitution
Unigenitus. . L, [17171 12

LEMAJRE (H.). Histoire de la revolution Fran-
caise, depuis 1'annee 1787, jusqu'en 1816.
3 torn. Paris, 1816. 12

Sainte Bible traduite en Francois sur la Vul-
gate. 1702. See BIBLES FRENCH. A.

French invasion, with reference to the proba-
bility of its success, and the proper means of
resisting it. JJdin., 1798. 8

Neumton Longville, Bucks. The nature and
guilt of schism considered, with a particular
reference to the principles of the Reformation,
in eight sermons preached before the Univer-
sity of Oxford, in the year 1807, at the lecture
founded by the Rev. John Bampton, M.A.

London, 1808. 8

The doctrines of predestination and assurance
examined, with a short view of the Pelagian
controversy, in a sermon [on Matt. xix. 17]...
preached May 23, 1809. London, 1809. 8

LEMOINE (ABRAHAM), Rector of Everley, Wilts.
A treatise on miracles, wherein their nature,
conditions, characteristics, and true immediate
cause are clearly stated ; and all the objections
and difficulties which have been hitherto raised
against their credibility, or the evidence aris-
ing from them, especially in Mr Chubb's Dis-
course upon that subject, are fully consider'd,
and answered. With a postscript, containing
some remarks on Dr Middleton's introductory
discourse to a larger work.

London, 1747. 8

LE MOYNE (PIERRE). Of the art both of writ-
ing and judging of history, with reflections
upon ancient as well as modern historians.
Shewing through what defects there are so few
good, and that it is impossible there should be



many so much as tolerable. [Translated from'
the French.] London, 1695. 12 j

LE MOYNE (STEPHANUS). Varia sacra ceu j
sylloge variorum opusculorum Grsecorum ad |
rem ecclesiasticam spectantium, cura et studio
S. Le M. qui collegit, versiones partim addidit, !
et notis, et observationibus uberioribus illus-
travit. 2 torn. Lugd. Batav., 1685. 4

LEMPRIERE (JOHN), D.D., Rector of Meath,
Devonshire. Universal biography ; containing
a copious account, critical and historical, of
the life and character, labors and actions of
eminent persons, in all ages and countries,
conditions and professions, arranged in alpha-
betical order. [Abridged from the larger
work.] London, 1808. 8

- A classical dictionary ; containing a copious
account of all the proper names mentioned
in ancient authors : with the value of coins,
weights, and measures used among the Greeks
and Romans ; and a chronological table. 8th
ed. London, 1812. 8

- A new edition, revised and considerably enlar-
ged, by the Rev. T. Smith. London, 1831. 8

- New edition, greatly enlarged, improved, and
corrected, containing above five thousand ad-
ditional names from Pliny, Ptolemy, Strabo,
and other classical authorities. By F. D. Lem-
priere, A.M. In this edition, also, the finest
ancient statues and busts extant are noticed,
and a reference is made to the collections in
which they may be found. London, 1839. 4


LENFANT (JACQUES), Pastor at Berlin, and chap-
lain to the Queen of Prussia. Histoire du con-
cile de Constance, tiree principalement d'au-
teurs qui ont assist^ au concile. 2 torn.

Amsterdam, 1714. 4

- Nouvelle Edition. 2 torn.

Amsterdam, 1727. 4

Translated from the new edition printed at

Amsterdam, which the author not only revis'd
and corrected, but considerably augmented.
2 vol. London, 1730. 4

- Preservatif contre la reunion avec le siege de
Rome, ou apologie de notre separation d'avec
ce siege, contre le livre de M u de B. dame
proselyte d'Eglise Romaine, et contre les
autres controversistes anciens et modernes.
4 torn. Amsterdam, 1723. 8

- Histoire du concile de Pise, et de ce qui s'est
passe" de plus memorable depuis ce concile
jusq' au concile de Constance. 2 torn.

Amsterdam, 1724. 4

Sermons sur divers textes de 1'Ecriture sainte.
Amsterdam, 1728. 8

- Histoire de la giierre des Hussites et du con-
cile de Basle. 2 torn. Amsterdam, 1731. 4

- Le Nouveau Testament... avec des notes par
Mrs. BEAUSOBRE et Lenfant. 1736. <Sec

LENG (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Norwich. Na-
tural obligations to believe the principles of
religion, and divine revelation : in xvi. ser-
mons, preached... in the years 1717 and 1718,

at the lecture founded by the Hon. Robert
Boyle, Esq. London, 1719. 8

[And in a collection of sermons preached at

the Honourable Robert BOYLE'S Lecture.]


nological tables of universal history, sacred
and profane, ecclesiastical and civil ; from the
creation of the world, to the year One thou-
sand Seven hundred and Forty-three. With
a preliminary discourse on the short method
of studying history ; and a catalogue of books
necessary for that purpose ; with some remarks
on them. Translated from the last French
edition, and continued down to the death of
George II. [By Thomas Flloyd.] 2 vol.

London, 1762. 8

LENOIR (J.). Essai biblique, historique et dog-
matique sur le bapteme des enfants.

Paris, 1856. 12

LE NOIR (PHILIPPE), Sieur de Crevain, Pastoi- of
the Reformed Church of Blain. Histoire ec-
clesiastique de Bretagne depuis la Reforma-
tion jusqu' a 1'Edit de Nantes. Ouvrage pub-
lie' pour la premiere fois d'apres le manuscrit
de la Bibliotheque de Rennes, avec une pre-
face, une biographic et des notes par B. Vau-
regaud. Paris et Nantes, 1851. 8

LENT LECTURES. The second coming, the
judgment, and the kingdom of Christ : being
lectures delivered during Lent, 1843, by twelve
clergymen of the Church of England. With a
preface, by the Rev. Edward Bickersteth.

London, 1843. 12

Another copy.

LEO, the Great, Pope. Opera post Paschasii
Quesnelli recensionem ad complures et prse-
stantissimos MSS. codices ab illo non consul-
tos exacta, emendata, et ineditis aucta : praj-
fationibus, admonitionibus, et adnotationibus
illustrata. Adduntur etiam qusecumque in
Quesnelliana editione inveniuntur, eaque ad
crisin revocantur : curantibus Petro et Hiero-
nymo fratribus Balleriniis Presbyteris Vero-
nensibus. 3 torn. Venetiis, 1753-57. fol.

LEO X. [JOANNES MEDICES], Pope. Concordata
inter. . .Papam Leonem X. et sedem Apostolica,
ac...Regem Franciscum, et regnu, edita. In
duos distincta tomos. Primus continet Coii-
cordatorum ipsorum textu, cu interpretationi-
bus Do. Petri Rebuffi de Montepessulano...
Secundus autem tractatus nominationum, et
de pacificis possessoribus eiusdem Rebuffi, cum
indice alphabetico. Editio sexta. Primus
tomus. Parisiis, 1555. 8

- * The life and pontificate of Leo the Tenth. By
William ROSCOE. 4 vol. Liverpool, 1805. 4

LEO, Cardinal, Bishop of Ostia. Chronica sacri
monasterii Casinensis, continuatore Petro dia-
cono ejusdem ccenobii monachis, ex manu-
scriptis codicibus summa cura, et fide, quarta
hac editione, notis illustrata, primus evulgat
D. Angelus de Nuce Neapolitans, abbas Cas-
sini centesimus trigesimus sextus. Prsemitti-
tur in vitam sanctissimi Patriarchs Benedicti
spicilegium. Lntctitv Parisiontm, 1668. fol.


LEO (GOTTLOB EDUARDUS). Pauli Epistola pri-
ma ad Timotheum Grtece. 1837 . (See 1 i 1 1 ; i . i : >

- Pauli Epistola alt era ad Timotheum Greece.
1860. See BIBLES GREEK. G.

LEO (HEINR.), Professor of history at Halle.
Vorlesungen ilber die Geschichte des Jtidi-
schen Staates. Berlin, 1828. 8 r

mineralogy and geology at Heidelberg. Agenda
geognostica Hiilfsbuch filr reisende Gebirgs-

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