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Logica sive ars cogitamli...[A Latin translation
of the Port-Royal logic.] Editio m>\ -issinui.

Amst-i., i::u. 12

Logic, or, the art of thinking : being the Port-
Royal logic. Translated from the French,
with introduction, by Thomas Spencer Baynes.

A'./,'/*., 1850. 12

Logic, poetry, and ontology.

London, 1786. 12

Synopsis of lectures on logic and belles lettres ;
read in the university of Glasgow. 6th ed.

Glasgow, 1820. 12

LOGIE (AKDREW), Arch-Deane of Aberdene.
Raine from the clouds, upon a choicke angel :
or, a returned answere to that common quaeri-
tur of our adversaries, Where was your Church
before Luther /...Extorted off the author for
stilling the uncessant, and no lesso clamorous
coassation of some Patmicke frogges, against
the lawfulnesse of our calling.

Aberdene, 1624. 4

LOLME (JOHN Louis DE). An essay, containing
a few strictures on the union of Scotland with
England ; and on the present state of Ireland.
Being an introduction to De Foe's History of
the Union. London, 1787. 4

The constitution of England ; or, an account
of the English government ; in which it is
compared both with the republican form of
government, and the other monarchies of Eu-
rope. A new edition ; with supplemental
notes, and a preface biographical and critical.

London, 1810. 8

A new edition. London, 1822. 8

Bishop of Paris. In omnes D. Pauli Apost.
Epistolas collectanea, ex DD. Augustino, Am-
brosio, Hieronymo, aliisque nonnullis S. Scrip-
tune primariis interpretibus, summa arte dili-
gentiaq ; contexta. Opus eximium, et anno
MCXL. conscriptu, nunc primu in lucem edi-
tum. Parisiis, 1537. 8

Sententiarvm libri iiii. Quibus autor ille in
diuinis Scripturis exercitatissimus, vniuersae
theologiae summam, ex orthodoxorum Patrum
decretis atque sententiis, mirabili compendio
et arte complexus est : vt jure optimo Magister
Sententiarvm meruerit cognominari. Per lo-
annem Aleaume Parisien. theologise profes-
sorem, pristino suo nitori nunc primum vere
restituti : et indicibus ac numeris autorum
libros et capita monstrantibus, absoluti...Ad
calcem operis subjiciuntur articuli erronei, Pa-
risijs iani olim damnati, atq ; ab eorum asser-
toribus recantati : adiectis nonnullis ipsius
Magistri, in quibus communiter non appro-
batur. Louanij, 1546. fol.

LONDON. The humble petition of the Lord
Mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of
London, in common councill assembled. With
an humble representation of the pressing griev-
ances and important desires of the well-affect-
ed freemen, and covenant- engaged citizens of
the city of London, to the Lords and Commons
assembled in high court of Parliament. To-
gether with the several! answers of both houses

of Parliament to the said j>etitions and r. \ T. -

An historical narrative of the great and ter-
rible fire of London, Si-pt. L'ml, lt><.<; : with
some parallel cases, and occasional notes.

London, 1769. 8

The French chronicle of London. Croniques
de London, depuis 1'an 44. Hen. III. jusqu' a
1'an 17. Edw. HI. Edited [for the Camden
Society], from a MS. in the Cottonian Lib-
rary, by George James Aungier.

London, 1844. 4

De antiquis legibus liber. Cronica Maiorum
et Vicecomitum Londoniarum, et quedam
que contingebant temporibus illis ab anno
MCLXXvm ad annum MOCLXiiv" 8 ; cum ap-
pendice. Nunc primum typis mandata cu-
rante Thoma Stapleton, 1846. [Caimi
ciety.] [London, 1846]. 4

fasting and humiliation, agreed upon by the
Associate Session in London ; and set forth in
two acts for fasting passed by them.

London, 1777. 8


LONDON, BISHOP OF. See Charles James BLOM-








LONDON LAY UNION. Union is strength : an
address from the London Lay union to tho
friends of Presbytery throughout England and
Wales. London, [1843]. 12

MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Sermons, preached in
London, at the formation of the Missionary
society, Sept. 22, 23, 24, 1795. To which are
prefixed, memorials respecting the establish-
ment and first attempts of that society.

London, 1795. 8

Another copy.

Four sermons, preached in London, at the
eleventh general meeting of the Missionary
society, May 8, 9, 10, 1805. By E. Williams,
D.D. , Rotherham ; Rev. W. Nichol, London;
Rev. Jos. Slatterie, Chatham ; Rev. T. Tho-
niason, A.M. Also the report of the directors.

London, 1805. 8

PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY. A vindication of the
Presbyteriall-government and ministry.

London, 1650. 4

RECORD. Extracts from the London "Re-
cord," on the collision between the Church
courts and the civil courts of Scotland.

Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

A reprint of four articles taken from " The
London Record." With an introduction by
the Rev. D. T. K. Drummond, containing
some remarks upon a letter recently addressed
by the Rev. Mr Garden to the Bishop of Ca-
shel. Edin., 1845. 8



ROYAL SOCIETY. The philosophical transac-
tions of the Royal Society of London, from
their commencement, in 1665, to the year
1800 ; abridged, with notes and biographic il-
lustrations, by Charles Hutton, LL.D., George
Shaw, M.D., Richard Pearson, M.D. 18vol.

London, 1809. 4

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society
of London. [From part ii. 1837, to part ii.
1850.] London, 1837-1850. ^ 4

- UNIVERSITY. University of London, session
1830-31. [Statement by the council.]

[London, 1831.] 8

LONDONDERRY. Authenticated report of the
discussion which took place at Londonderry,
between six Roman Catholic priests, and six
clergymen of the Established Church, March,
1828. Dublin, 1828. 8


LONG (GEORGE). An introductory lecture de-
livered in the university of London... 1828.

London, 1828. 8

LONG (THOMAS), B.D., Prebendary of Exeter.
Mr Hales's treatise of schism examined and
censured. To which are added, Mr BAXTER'S
arguments for conformity, wherein the most
material passages of the treatise of schism are
answered. London, 1678. 8

A continuation and vindication of the Defence
of Dr STILLINGFLEET'S Unreasonableness of
separation : in answer to Mr Baxter, Mr Lob,
&c. 1682

- *The plain dealer. An essay, wherein are
some remarks upon Mr Thomas Long ; but
more particularly upon Dr Hollingworth's
book. Where the character of King Charles
the First is inserted from the declaration of
Mr Alexander Henderson : which book he calls,
A further defence of the King's holy book, &c.

London, 1692. 4' J

LONGEVITY. An account of persons remark-
able for their health and longevity ; exhibit-
ing their habits, practices, and opinions, in
reference to the best means of preserving
health, improving a bad or impaired constitu-
tion, and prolonging life... By a physician.
2d ed. London, 1829. 12

LONGINUS (DIONYSIUS). D. L. quoe supersunt
Grsece et Latine. Recensuit, notasque suas
atque animadversiones adjecit Joannes Tou-
pius. Accedunt emendationes Davidia Ruhn-
kenii. Editio altera. Oxonii, 1778. 8

De sublimitate commentarius, quern nova ver-
sione donavit, notis illustravit, et partim ma-
nuscriptorum ope, partim conjectura emenda-
vit (additis etiam omnibus ejusdem auctoris
fragmentis) Zacharias Pearce. [Gr. et Lat.]
Editio quarta. Londini, 1752. 8 r

Another edition. [Gr.] Ad fidem editionum
optimarum. Glasguce, 1824. 12

Translated into English by William Smith,

A.M. 2d ed. London, 1743. 8

LONGMUIR (JOHN), LL.D., Minister of Free
Mariners' church, Aberdeen. Bible lays : con-
sisting of paraphrases and illustrations of pas-

sages of Scriptiire, together with a few miscel-
laneous pieces. Aberdeen, 1838. 8

Dunnottar castle : its ruins and historical as-
sociations. 2d ed. Aberdeen, 1842. 8

Walker and Webster combined in a dictionary
of the English language ; in which the defini-
tions of Webster, and the pronunciation of
Walker are united and brought into conformi-
ty to the usage of the present time ; many new
words are introduced ; and numerous synony-
mous terms are carefully discriminated. With
an appendix, containing Walker's Key to the
pronunciation of Scripture, Greek, and Latin
proper names, and a vocabulary of modern
geographical names ; together with the expla-
nation of numerous contractions and current
phrases from various languages ; a concise ac-
count of heathen gods and heroes ; &c. &c.

London, 1864. 8


LONICERUS (JOANNES). Catechesis de bona
Dei uoluntate, erga quemuis Christianiuu.
Deq ; sanctorvm cultu et inuocatione.

[Esselingce], 1523. 4

Divinse Scripturse Veteris Novaeque, omnia.
1524-26. See BIBLES GREEK. A.

LOOKING-GLASS. A looking-glass for rich
people, and people in prosperity : shewing how
they may improve their riches to the greatest
advantage : or, a plea for the poor. [By An-
drew GAIRDNER.] Edin., 1727. 8

Another copy.

LOOTS (CORNELIUS). De ortu et processu Cal-
vinianse reformationis in Belgio. In quo ex-
hibentur pacta et foedera ibidem inita, et de-
monstratur nullam eorum a reformatoribus
habitam esse rationem. Authore C. L. S. V. V.
Colonice, 1673. 8

LORD (JAMES), of the Inner Temple. Nunneries :
Habeas corpus. Is further legislative inter-
ference necessary ? London, 1860. 8

LORDS, HOUSE OF. Journals of the House of

Lords. [1509-1773, 1817-1823, 1826-1829,

1831-1834.] Vol. 1-33, 51-55, 59-61, 64-66.

[London], s. a. fol.

General index to the Journals of the House of
Lords. 12 Car. II.- 13 Ann. 1660-1714.
Volumes xi.-xix. [London], 1834. fol.

Calendar of the Journals of the House of
Lords. From 21st January 1808 to 14th No-
vember 1826. [London], s. a. fol.

LORD'S DAY. On the Lord's day.

London, s. a. 12

Report of the general meeting of the Scottish
Society for promoting the due observance of
the Lord's day, held in the George Street
Assembly rooms, Edinburgh, January 21,

1839. Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

The first annual report of the Scottish Society
for promoting the due observance of the Lord's
day, delivered to a general meeting in the
George Street Assembly rooms, March 10,

1840. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.


LORD'S PRAYER. A casuistical essay upon
the Lord's prayer, wherein divers important
cases, relative to the several petitions, are suc-
cinctly stated and answered. To which is sub-
ioin'd, a letter to a friend, in answer to Sir
Hugh Campbel of Calder, and Monsieur
D'Espagne, concerning the use thereof. [By
James Hoa.] Edin., 1706. 8

- Another copy.

LORD'S SUPPER. An ordinance of the Lords
and Commons assembled in Parliament. To-
gether with rules and directions concerning
suspension from the sacrament of the Lord's
Supper in cases of ignorance and scandall.

London, 1645. 4

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons as-
sembled in Parliament, for keeping of scan-
dalous persons from the sacrament of the
Lord's Supper, the enabling of congregations
for the choice of elders, and supplying of de-
fects in former ordinances and directions of
Parliament concerning Church government.

London, 1646. 4

A letter to a friend, containing diverse re-
marks concerning the sacrament of the Lord's
Supper ; with some hints at the scriptural-
rules for administration of, and admission to
the same. [By James HOG.]

Edin., 1706. 8

A brief enquiry concerning the dignity of the
ordinance of the Lord's Supper, and the care
that all especially magistrates and ministers
ought to take to prevent and remove the occa-
sions of its being lessened. [By John FORD.]

London, 1732. 8 d

A plain account of the nature and end of the
sacrament of the Lord's Supper. In which all
the texts in the New Testament, relating to
it, are produced and explained : and the whole
doctrine about it drawn from them alone. To
which are added, forms of prayer. [By Ben-
jamin HOADLY.] 3d ed. London, 1735. 8

Another edition. Dublin, 1735. 8
Seventh edition. London, 1767. 8

A defence of the Plain account of the nature
and end of the sacrament of the Lord's Sup-
per, against the objections contained in the
Remarks on that book, [by Richard Biscoe].
With some observations on the preface to the
second edition of these Remarks. [By Benjamin
HOADLY.] To which is added, a tract con-
cerning the sacrament of the Lord's Supper,
by Mr John HALES of Eaton.

London, 1735. 8

A farther defence of the Plain account of the
nature and end of the sacrament of the Lord's
Supper in answer to the Remarker's second
letter to the author of that book.

London, 1735. 8

An apologetical defence, or a demonstration of
the usefulness and expediency of a late book,
entitled, A plain account of the nature, and
end, of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

London, 1735. 8

Christian exceptions to the Plain account of
the nature and end of the sacrament of the

Lord's Supper. With a method propo&ed fur
coming at the true apostolical sense of that
holy sacrament. [By Charles WIIKATLKY.]

L<uUm, 1736. 8

The sacrament of the Lord's Supper consi-
der'.! : or, The Bishops of London [Gibson]
and Winchester [Hoadly] compared. With a
postscript, occasioned by a late pamphlet, in-
tituled, Christian exceptions to the Plain ac-
count. London, 1736. 8

The Plain account of the nature and end of
the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, not drawn
from or founded on Scripture. In a letter to
the author. Part i. London, 1737. 8

The Plain account of the nature and end of
the sacrament, &c. contrary to Scripture. Be-
ing the second part to The plain account, &c.
not drawn from, or founded on, Scripture. By
the author of the first part.

Cambridge, 1738. 8

An apology and vindication, or, the practice,
and binding obligation of following Christ's
institution and example in the administration
of the Supper, asserted and defended. To
which is added, An appendix, containing, co-
pies of some original papers, with some short
account of what transpired at last meeting of
Synod in the case of the Rev. David Smyton,
and a copy of his declaration of secession from
them, and his reasons for so doing.

Glasgow, 1783. 8

A disquisition on the observance of the Lord's
Supper, with a view to the defence of the
Presbyterian plan of administrating that ordi-
nance. Appendix. A short review of Mr
Mason's letters on communion.

Edin., 1805. 8

The new week's preparation for a worthy re-
ceiving of the Lord's Supper, as recommended
and appointed by the Church of England. Two
parts. London, 1824. 12

View of the mode of celebrating the Lord's
Supper, in the Presbyterian Churches in Scot-
land. By a Presbyterian. Edin., 1830. 8

The Lord's Supper. [A sermon on 1 Cor. xi.
24. By Robert BURNS.] Edin., s. a. 12

A plain and scriptural account of the Lord's
Supper . . . Together with a most remarkable
Hebrew prophecy contained in the 5th chapter
of Genesis. To which is added, A scriptural
essay on the advantages arising from the study
of the sacred writings. By a welwisher to the
interests of Christianity. York, s. a. 8

LORIMER (JAMES), D.D. The duty of holding
faith, considered, and recommended. A ser-
mon, preached at Kelso, April 27, 1773, at the
opening of the Synod of Merse and Teviot-
dale. Edin., 1773. 8

LORIMER (JOHN GORDON), D.D., Minister of
Free St David's church, Glasgow. Church
ESTABLISHMENTS defended. 1832

A second defence of Church ESTABLISHMENTS.


The past and present condition of religion and
morality in the United States of America, an
argument not for voluntary, but for establish-



ed Churches. [In two parts.]

Glasgoic, 1833. 8
Another copy.

* Defence of the American ecclesiastical sta-
tistics, put forth by the Voluntary Church
magazine ; in a letter to the Rev. J. G. L.,
Glasgow. By a dissenter.

Glasgow, 1833. 12

Speech of the Rev. J. G. L. , delivered at the
meetings held in St George's church, Glasgow,
Jan. 31, and Feb. 1, 1833, for the purpose of
forming a society for promoting the interests of
the Church of Scotland. [Glasgow, 1833.] 8
Church Establishments defended; or, " Church
and State in America" exposed and answered.

London, 1835. 8

The poor man's Church defended ; or, popular
objections answered. Glasgow, s. a. 8

Another copy.

On the doctrine held by the Protestant Churches
on the question of civil Establishments of reli-
gion. The opinions of the leading reformers
and divines, during successive periods. The
rise and progress of Voluntary Church prin-
ciples, especially in the Secession Church, with
an analysis of their demoralizing effects in the
present day. The difference between the prin-
ciples of modern Voluntaries, and voluntary
liberality in support of religion. [Lect. on
Church Estab.] Glasgow, 1835. 8

Popery in Ireland a persecutor ; or, the theo-
logy of Peter Dens illustrated by examples.

Glasgow, 1835. 8

Popery the enemy of knowledge. Impairs the
intellectual powers no private judgment
ignorance cherished, being essential to the sys-
tem. [Lect. on Popery.] Glasgoiv, 1836. 8 C
Another copy.

The endowment of idolatry in India. The
Rev. Dr Bryce, late of Calcutta. [Extracted
from No. Iviii. of the Church of Scotland ma-
gazine.] Glasgow, 1838. 8
Official documents relative to the encourage-
ment of idolatry in the East Indies by the Bri-
tish government. Glasgow, 1838. 8
Supplement to the article " Glasgow." From
the New statistical account of Scotland.

[Glasgow, 1840.] 8

The statistics of Scottish moderatism : being a
few facts to aid the country in coming to a
right decision on the threatened appeal of the
minority of the General Assembly to the legis-
lature to be found the only legal Church of
Scotland. Glasgow, 1841. 8

Another copy.

An historical sketch of the Protestant Church
of France, from its origin to the present times.
With parallel notices of the Church of Scot-
land during the same period.

Edln., 1841. 8

The Church of Scotland not a rebel ; or, evan-
gelical religion in all ages falsely charged with
insubordination to civil authority.

Glasgow, 1841. 8
Another copy.
Another copy.

" Why were the Strathbogie ministers depos-
ed?" Not for obeying the civil law, but for
grossly violating the law of the Church, in
matters where the civil law issued no order
and pronounced no opinion.

Glasgow, s. a. 8
Another copy.

Another copy.

The eldership of the Church of Scotland. The
divine authority of the office the duties,
rights, and qualifications popular mode of
appointment historical and practical views
comprising also a rare tract by Guthrie the
martyr, &c. Glasgoiv, 1841. 12

- Second edition. Glasgow, 1842. 12

The deaconship : a treatise on the office of
deacon. With suggestions for its revival in
the Church of Scotland. Edin.,1842. 8

- The character and advantages of Presbyterian-
ism ascertained by facts. With an appendix
on the pretensions of the new Anglican school,
commonly called Puseyites the testimony of
the Fathers and reformers to Presbytery the
moral tendency of Calvinism, &c. ; [part ii. of
Manual of PRESBYTERY]. 1842

Who are guilty of the sin of schism those
who withdraw from or those who remain in
the Establishment ? Glasgow, 1843. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- A preliminary essay on the character and pre-
tensions of modern infidelity ; [with The Chris-
tian's armour against INFIDELITY]. 1843

The old orthodox faith superior to modern
opinions ; or, truth and error surveyed in the
light of history and fact. Glasgow, 1847. 12

Another copy.

The righteous man taken away from the evil
to come. [Is. Ivii. 1.] A tribute to the me-
mory of Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Glasgoiv, 1847. 8

Christian loyalty. A sermon preached on the
Lord's Day after Her Majesty's visit to Glas-
gow. Glasgow, 1849. 8

The character of Popery illustrated in the
foreign missions of the Church of Rome. [Lect.
on Protest.] s. I. eta. 12

Another copy.

The past history of infidelity character of in-
fidel writings. [A lecture.] s.l.eta. 12

Sketch of the recent religious revivals in the
Churches of the Reformation. s. I. et a. 12

Prevailing forms of the desecration of the
Lord's Day, and the duty of Christians in re-
gard to them : being a discourse on Sabbath
profanation ; preached by Presbyterial ap-
pointment on the first Sabbath of March.

Glasgoiv, s. a. 8

LORIMER (PETER), D.D. , Professor of divinity in
tlie Presbyterian college, London. Precursors of
Knox : or, Memoirs of Patrick Hamilton, the
first preacher and martyr of the Scottish Refor-
mation ; Alexander Alane, or Alesius, its first
academic theologian ; and Sir David Lindsay,
of the Mount, its first poet. Collected from
original sources. Edin., 1857. 8




The Scottish Reformation : a historical sketch.

London, 1860. 8

LOPIMER (WILLIAM). An apology for the mi-
nisters who subscribed only unto the stating
of the truths and errours in Mr WILLIAMS'
book. !''' I

Two discourses : the one setting forth the true
and only way of obtaining salvation. The other
shewing why, and how, all ought to reverence
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and Saviour of
men. London, 1713. 8

- A plain explication of the first eighteen verses
of the first chapter of the Gospel written by
St John : with short notes and observations
on the same. To which is annex'd, a scriptu-
ral demonstration of the true deity of the eter-
nal Word, our most blessed Lord Jesus.

London, 1713. 8

- Second edition. London, 1719. 8
LORNE, MARQUIS OF. See George -Douglas


LORRAINE (HENRI DE), iHtke of Guise. Me-
moirs of Henry D. of Guise, relating his pas-
sage to Naples, and heading there the second
revolt of that people, Englished.

London, 1669. 8

LOS SANTOS (FRANCISCO DE). Descripcion del
real monasterio de San Lorenzo de el Escorial,
vnica maravilla del mundo...

Madrid, 1698. fol.

historico-theologica de fide Abrahamica in na-
tivitatem Christi. Argentorati, 1669. 4

LOSK1EL (GEORGE HENRY). History of the
mission of the United Brethren among the In-
dians in North America. In three parts.
Translated from the German by Christian Ig-
natius La Trobe. London, 1794. 8

LOTHIAN (MAURICE), Procurator-Fiscal of the
county of Edinburgh. The law, practice and
styles peculiar to the consistorial actions trans-
ferred to the Court of Session, by Act 1, Gul.
IV. c. 69. Compiled by M. L.

E<Un., 1830. 8

The expediency of a secure provision for the
MINISTERS of the Gospel. 1834

LOTHIAN (WILLIAM), D.D., one of the ministers
of Canongate. The history of the united pro-
vinces of the Netherlands, from the death of
Philip II. Bang of Spain, to the truce made
with Albert and Isabella. London, 1780. 4

LOTHIAN (WILLIAM), Minister of the Congrega-
tional Church, St Andrews. Expository lec-
tures on Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians.

Edin., 1828. 8

Another copy.

Vindication of the character and proceedings
of the Scottish martyrs and reformers from the
aspersions cast on their memory in Lyon's His-
tory of St Andrews. St Andreu-s,*1838. 12

Extract minutes of the Synod of Lothian and
Tweeddale, held at Edinburgh, the 7th day of
May 1805. [Respecting the election of Mr
Leslie to be professor of mathematics in the
university of Edinburgh.] s. I. et a. 4

LOUDINN (DONNACHA). Deasbaireachd eadar
am Papa agus an T-Athleasacha. Maille ri
Laoidh Mlinlaidh do Chruith-Fhear 'n T-Shao-
nhail, le Daibhidh Macaileir. An dara Cloth-
Bhuala. Edin., 1833. 12

LOUDON (J.). The utility of agricultural know-
ledge to the sons of the landed proprietors
of England, and to young men intended for
estate-agents : illustrated by what has taken
pl.-vce in Scotland... London, 1809. 8

LOUDON (JOHN CLAUDIUS). The magazine of
natural history, and journal of zoology, botany,
mineralogy, geology, and meteorology. Con-
ducted by J. C. L. Vol. 1-7.

London, 1829-34. 8

LOUIS XIV., called the Great, King of France
</(-/ Navarre. * The life and history of Lewis
XIV.... In eight parts. London, 1709. 8

* Siecle de Louis XIV., auquel on a joint un
pivcis du siecle de Louis XV. Nouvelle Edi-
tion, revne et augmente'e par 1'auteur ; [M. de
VOLTAIRE]. 3 torn. Lausanne, 1784. 12

LOUIS, Dauphin of France. *Elegie upon...

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