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January 25, 1977

Selectmen of Seabrook
Walter I. Randall, Chairman
Seabrook, New Hampshire 03874

Dear Mr. Randall:

This communication is intended to serve as a status report
on the examination made by this Division of the accounts and records
of the Town of Seabrook, New Hampshire.

The auditors' report and summary of findings are currently
awaiting final Division review in keeping with our established policy.
We do not expect to be able to submit a report of this audit prior to
the publication of the 1976 Annual Report.

We regret the inconvenience which this may cause. However,
we fully expect that our report will be finalized and forwarded to
your office in the very near future.

Very- truly yours ,

Lorraine F. Racette
Assistant Director



Property Owned by Town
Acquired Through Tax Collector's Deeds

Taxes To:

Effie Bagley

Chas . Brewster, Hrs .

Thomas Charles, Est.

J. Smith Chase, Hrs
Josiah Chase, Hrs.
George Chase

Donald Clark

Walter Clark

Joseph Comley , Hrs.

Ellen Connor, Est.

William Conti

Phillip or Phyllis Dagget

Joseph Delong

Albert Dow, Hrs.

William Dow, Hrs.

Chas. Eaton, Hrs.

Harrison, L. Eaton

Lena Eaton, Hrs.

Harry Evans

Jerome Evans , Hrs .

Albert Flannagan

Fannie Fowler, Hrs.

Willard Fowler, Est.

Wm. Fowler, Hrs.

Dr. E.B. Goodall

Benjamin Gove, Hrs.

David Gove, Hrs.

Julia Hodgekins

D. Geo. Jewell

Dennie Laimard

Chas. W.A. Lamprey

Geo. Locke, Hrs.

Albert Merrill

John Moody

Walter Morrill, Hrs.

Ed. L. Perkins, Hrs.

N.B.Pevear, Hrs.

John Delores Pettiglio

Carlene Purusse

Ruth Short

Susan Sibley, Hrs.

Emily Smith, Hrs.

& Bldgs. So. MainSt.

Main St.


1 a. Fowler marsh
7 a. Tilton Ld.
Eaton Ld.

Gove Marshld.


28 rds . . Cradle lane, 1 a Felch

Stumpld. , Eaton Homestead ld.

3 a. (2pca.) Marsh 3\ a. Dow's Isld

1/3 only deeded

Janvrin Ld.

certain parcel/tract of Ld.

7 a. Marshld.

3% a. stump & woodld.

\ lot #16 Methuen St.

River St. ld.

k\ a. Marshld.


1 a. Ld.

-^ "omestead LH ,

14 a. Marsh

% Homestead & Bldgs.

9 a. Marsh ,

Evans Stump

Lot 52 Seabrook, Beach

Ld. Worthley Ave.



5 a. Perkins woodld.

3/4 a. Marshld.

Sanborn School, Ld./Bldg.

7 a. Ld.

% of 2 a. Marshld.

7 a. Collins Woodld. k\ a,

\\ a. Tract Ld.

2 lots, \ a. Stumpld.

3 a. Flats

3k a. Marshld.

12 a. Marsh 96 pes. o

3% a. Marsh

2 a. Chase Stump, 11a. Fogg Woodld.
Ld. & Bldg. So. Main St.

Store Building

7 a. marsh

3-2a. pes. Marshld.

1 a. Jay wood,l% a. Lock Tillage

\ a. value , Cross ld.l^ Perkinsld.

3 a. Gills Rock Ld.

10 a. Marsh, 4
& Pond Woodld



Cont .

Taxes To:

Jacob Smith, Hrs .
James Smith, Hrs.
Elbridge Steven
Charles Sullivan
Joseph Tilton, Hrs.
Edith Thurlow
Howard Towle
Geo. Walton, Est.
Jonathan Walton, Hrs,
John N. Walton, Hrs.
Thereas Walton, Est.
Wm. H. Walton, Est.


1 a. Boynton Ld.

\ a. Woodld.,2 a. Dow Ld.

Marsh & Spreading place

3/4 a. Ld.

4 a. Marsh

3 a. Dow Wood, \ a. Marsh



-2 a. F'.owe ld. & Homestead



Marshld. & Philbrick

% a. stump


Town Officer's Salaries" Appreciation $24,800.00

Selectmen :

Walter I. Randall, Chairman $1,785.00
Emery N. Eaton 1,260.00

Eric N. Small 1,260.00

James S. Eaton 400.00 4,705.00

Tax Collector:

Frederick B. Felch 5,500.00 5,500.00

Town Treasurer:

Lydia M. Gould 2,500.00 2,500.00

Town Clerk:

Virginia L. Fowler, Salary 3,000.00

Town Clerks Registration

& Dog License Fees: 7,767.00 10,767.40

Building Inspector:

Ralph C. V. Eaton 2,500.00 2,500.00

Expenditures 25,972.00

Reimbursement 400.00

Overdraft 772.40

Town Offices Expenses 30,000.00

Payrolls 16,417.68

Bonds 688.00 688.00

Dues :

N.H. Assoc/ Assessors 10.00

N.H. Local Welfare Assoc 5.00

N.H. Tax Collector's Assoc.

& Workshop 15.00

N.H. Municipal Assoc. 856.78

N.H. City & Town Clerk's Assoc. 10.00 896.78

Services, Mileage, Searching Deeds

Walter I. Randall 874.95

James S. Eaton 931.00

Eric N. Small 26.95

Virginia L. Fowler, Convention

expenses 222.00

Margaret A. Nedeau , Overtime 549.61

Frederick B. Felch, Convention

expenses, u tax fees 2,717.32

Barbara L. Richardson 7.50

Ralph C. V. Eaton, expenses 500.00 5,829.32


Town Officers Expenses con't.

Audits :

Treasurer, State of N.H. 4,084.73 4,084.73

Town Reports :

Rowley Printing 1,314.20 1,314.20

IRS - federal unemployment &

fine/trea. 318.65 318.65

Registry :

Probate, Edward Howard

Deeds, Edith Holland 586.20 587.20







Essex County Newspapers

Nbpt. Daily News 11.25 80.85

Postage :

Oliver Carter/U.S. Postal

Service 1,276.19

Gary K. Fowler 2.25 1,278.44

Miscellaneous :

House of Flowers 16.48

Gary Pills 6.94 23.42

Repairs :

Johnson's Lumber 35.85

Janvrin's Inc. 13.31

Links Lock Shop 22.00

Vernon R. Small 117.28

Bill's Country Supply 54.39

Zayre's (Curtains) 17.98

Geo. Morrill Inc. Wallpaper 50.14 310.95

Supplies & Equipment:

Port Stationers 978.80
Norm's Office Equip. Co.

Typewriter 373.65

IBM - service & supplies 62.41
Copiers Inc - service & supplies 1,057.78

Brown & Saltmarsh 651.37

Withey Press 415.00

Kunkel's 12.47

Ocean & Foros >. Products 5.70

Smith's Office Equipment 26.50

Burgess Printing - W-2 ' s 26.23

Edward Quimby 105.50

Shaw-Walkers 24.06

Wheeler & Clark-dog tags 112.03


Town Offices Expenses con't .

Wm. Dennett-paper goods 54. 34
Helen Janvrin - typewriter &

calculator 500.00
Pitney -Bowes-pos tage meter

& rental 152.54

Shop & Save 261.94
Exeter Banking - rental

safety deposit box 7.50

Anthony T. Randall Sr. 81.11 4,908.93

Utilities :

N.E. Telephone 1,315.40

Exeter & Hampton Electric 355.01 1,670.12

Expenditures: $38,109.08

Reimbursement 2332.25

Overdraft $ 5,776.83

Election &. Registration

Appropriation 5,500.00

Payrolls 5,776.98

Supplies :

Withey Press - checklis ts

ballots, stationery 1,085.06

Brown & Saltmarsh 26.43

Johnson Lumber - booths 56.17

Postage - Bulk Rate 142.50 1,310.16

Election Expenses:

Gasoline—delivery of absentee

ballots 72.76

Dismantling Booths 41.64

Cleaning Hall 34.70

Meals - Rand Church 442.00
Vernon R. Small—lighting

booths 51.00

Sound System — Town Meeting 220.00 862.10

Expenditures 7,949.24

Overdraft 2,449.24

Town Hall

Appropriation 5,000.00


Seabrook Firemen's Assoc. 4,200.00


Town Hall con't

Repairs :

Valli & Sons -painting

Police Station




Gary K. Fowler - wallpaper

Town Office



Cleaning :

Arland J. Nedeau



Phillip Merrill-rugs



Joseph Bishop-rugs





Expenditures: 5,760.63

Overdraft 760.63

Retirement & Social Security $30,000.00

N.H. Retirement System:

Monthly charges 16,607.76

Expenses 203.22 16,810.98

Treasurer, State of N.H.:
Social Security Quarterly

Payments 12,333.76 12,333.76

Expenditures: 29,144.74

Reimbursement 46.63

Balance 901.89

Police 162,000.00

Payroll 142,306.50

Utilities :

Exeter & Hampton Electric 662.80

New England Telephone 1,481.17

Northern Utilities 697.21 2,841.18

Auto Expenses & Repairs:

Yankee Car Wash 31.50

Tulley-Buick 352.49

Leo Fowler-repairs 85.40

Hollis Eaton Sr. -repairs 82.00

Bob's Garage-repairs 26.00

Allied Motor Parts 815.17

Scott Pontiac-lens 12.10

Circle Motor Sales 3,259.58

Seabrook Tire Shop-tires 720.38

Robbins Auto Parts 65.25

Motortown-parts 5.46 5,455.34


Police con ' t .

Fuel :

Gulf Oil 7,624.98

Seabrook BP 259.07

Alan's Salvage 33.45

Red's Texaco Station 80.38 $ 7,997.88

First Aid & Medical Supplies:

Leary Laboratories 12.50

Benoit Medical Supply 13.90

Freedom Drug 55.23

American Red Cross 163.75

Hampton Medical Assoc. 50.00

R. Sherbourne, breathalizer 166.80 462.18

Office Expenses :

Hoyt's 103.94

Oliver Carter-postage 151.05

Port Stationers 313.22

Mildred Chase-typewriter ribbon 5.00

V.W. Emicke 92.84

G. Mundy-cleaning 54.00

Brown & Sal tmarsh-legal forms 51.92

Copiers Inc. - supplies 450.03

American Business Supply 120.96

Ocean & Forest Products 195.14

Robert Fowler - reports 108.00

C. W. Lever - FBE reports, etc. 609.47
Bailey's Lock Shop 10.00
Modern Heating, air conditioner 484.00
Howard Page, aluminium door 388.00

D. Robert's - lighting 8.60
B & J Electric 5.50
Zayre's 52.06
Seabrook Bicentennial Comm. 9.00

Seabrook Laundromat 2 .00 3,214.73

Professional Expenses:

N.H. Safety Council 12.00

N.H. Law Weekly 12.00

State Ambulance Licenses 17.00

Roy F. Cross land - school 84.24

Norman Brown-composite drawing 10.00

Town of Hampton—Matrons 27.24
Equity Publ ishing— N .H. RSA

volumes 205.00

Bovie-Screen — decals 179.04

Dick Southf-r- amera & photos 95.00
Withey Press - parking tickets etc. 215.00

Motorola — radio, etc. 2,802.00

Union Flag 4.80

2 -Way Communications 174.74


Police con't .

TV Shack - antenna 40.00

W. Fisher, Attorney 150.00

Ben's Uniforms Inc. 1,730.99

Newington Police 10.50

George W. Dow-meals & mileage 54,14

Janice Casey 15.00 5,838.69

Misc. Supplies:

Warren' s - linoleum 3.60

Timber Mart 334.95

Salisbury Bldg. Supply 6.10

Ashmont Electronics 18.00

George Morrill-paint 127.26

Janvrin's Inc. 6.17

Johnson's Lumber 6.48

Bill's Country Supply 73.44 576.00

Expenditures 168,692.50

Reimbursement 4,861.04

Overdraft 1,831.46

Fire 159,500.00

Payroll 133,732.58

Utilities :

New England Telephone 559.20

Exeter & Hampton Electric 855.98

Star Gas 47.53

Home Gas 22.00 1,484.71


Fuel :

Gulf Oil Corp.


Seabrook BP


Red ' s Texaco


Wilmot Oil


Auto Expenses & Repair:

Seabrook Tire Shop 445.50

Truck Sales .77

Motortown 87.05

Tilton Motors 174.51

Davis Electric 44.66

Woods Automotive Parts 31.13

Stetson Auto Body 415.97

W. Perkins - repair 208.47

B. Brown 36.20

Allied Motor Parts 7.54

Lawson Yeo 3.41

Snap-On-Tools 114.42


Fire con ' t .

Seabrook Bicentennial Coram 15.00

Genest Ford 278.53

Robbins Auto Parts 19.24

Clark Ford 8.33 1,890.73

Professional Expenses:

Lakes Regional Aid - school 196.00

Silversands Motel - school 147.00
N.H. Voc. Tech. College—school 657.70

Richard Beckman - school 200.00

National Fire Prol Manual 10.71

Fire Chief Magazine 9.00

Parker Survey - f lood maps 15.00

Ben's Uniforms Inc. 1,381.00

Wm. Fuller - unif orms 116.40

National Fire Assoc. - dues 46.00

National Regis try - EMT retest 15.00
Treas . State of N.H. - ambulance

license 66.00

C. M. Bailey— M.D. 15.00

Exeter Hospital 6.60

Anna Jacques Hospital 260.00 3,141.41

Fire Equipment—supplies 6. repair:

Gorham Fire Equip. 602.07

2 -Way Communications 681.8 7

Nanco 53.05

Armand Bouffard Co. 92.7 5

Norman Sanborn— ambulance 261.74

Motorola — base set 1,731.00

Certi-Lab. 419.33

Howe Fire Apparatus 412.80
Seacoast Chief Officers Assoc.

monitors 2,021.85

Jaffrey Fire Prot. 201.06

Blanchard Associates 245.10

Park Superior Sales 14.48

Whekelbra 19.90

Treas. State of N.H. 184.62

Metra Chemical 100.08

R. E. Wadleigh 134.50

N.H. Medical Supply 33.00

G. Laf ford— radio repair 85.00
Vernon R. Small— electrical

work 919.07

C & J Signs-lettering 324.80

Freedom Drug 17.99

F. W. Elwood 50.00

R. C. Richard 125.00 8,731.06


Fire con' t .

Station & Office Expenses:
Clew's Furniture
Emerson' s
Port Stationers
H. Lattime - drapes
E. Weare - pos tage
Seabrook Firemen's Relief

Assoc. 2 chairs
Demoulas Super Mkts. Inc.
Modern Heating — air conditioner
Earl Perkins-food
L & L Glass

Oliver Carter, postage
Mildred Chase - typewriter

Tobey & Merrill - moni tors

Ocean & Forest Products
Janvrin's Inc.
Joseph W. Bishop — tolls
C. Fowler - reimbursement

E. Sanborn - tolls

F. Eaton - reimbursement
L. W. Bills - windows , supports,

R. Eaton - cloth
Zayre ' s

J. Brown - T-shirts
Bill's Country Supply 323.59 2,863.69

Expenditures $153,291.84

Balance 6,208.16

Insurance $32,000.00

Nationwide - comprehensive , vehicle, fire $11,803.90

Old Colony - Workman's Compensation 16,851.00

Peerless - Salary replacement 640.06

Prudential — Health (group) 28,193.80

Repairs — Vernon R. Small 218.00

Expenditures 57,706.76

Reimbursements 11,173.09

Overdraft $14,533.67

Planning & Zoning : 7,000.00

Payrolls 268.56



















































Planning & Zoning con't,

Tax Map:

Richard K. Parker Survey




Legal Costs :

W. Fisher , Atty.



Hampton Union—notices



Essex County News - Notices



Withey Press — Zoning Ordinance




$ 5,000.00


Expenditures :


Damages , Legal & Dog Damage

Payrolls :

Ernest B. Sanborn


Leon P. Bagley


Alfred C. Janvrin Sr.


Mileage :

Ernest Sanborn


Leon P. Bagley


Alfred C. Janvrin Sr.


Legal :

Tetler & Holmes


Perkins , Holland , Donovan


Damages :

Robert Fowler - hens killed

by i

logs 20.00

Herbert Moore - " "



Earl Perkins " "



Curtis Follansbee-roos ters



McGinleys - dog killed by dog


Supplies :

Johnson Lumber


Ocean & Forest Products


E. N. Dixon - gravel


Ryco Sand & Gravel - gravel


Carmilluri Corp. - gravel


Bill's Country Supply


Retail Co.


Merrill's S tore—ammunition


2 -Way Communications - antenna


Shop n Save - dog food


Demoulas Super Mkts. Inc. -


food 17.86

Palmer Chemical - V0the sol










Damages, Legal & Dog Damage con't

Repairs :

Vernon R. Small — electrical $ 62.39

Expenditures 9,176.94

Overdraft 1,676.94

Civil Defense 1,000.00

Payrolls 68.40

Supplies :

American Communications - radio 36.90

Ashmont Electronics-cable mounts 14.44

King's Dept. Store-battery charger 28.69 80.03

Repairs :

Douglas Brown — jeep 29.50
Motortown Auto Parts 7.47

Watts Garage 7.50 44.47


Everett H. Felch-5 trips to Concord 75.00 75.00

Expenditures 267.90

Balance 732.10

Health 19,000.00

Payrolls 8,697.87

Supplies &. Equipment:

Memphis Equipment — transmission

for army truck 482.00

Bill's Country Supply 59.32

Janvrin's Inc. 61.42

Watts Garage 34.66

Motortown Auto Parts 30.72 668.12

Area Hornemaker Health Services 1,200.00

Seacoast Visiting Nurses Assoc. 4,000.00

Seacoast Regional Counseling Center 1,000.00

Wilbur Crossland, expenses 500.00

Thomas A. Eaton - cleaning beach 50.00

Expenditures 16,115.99

Balance 2,884.01

Rubbish 100,000.00





of the Town of Seabrook, N.H.







To the Inhabitants of the Town of Seabrook, in the County of Rockingham,
in said State, qualified to vote in Town Affairs:

You are hereby notified to meet in the Auditorium of the Seabrook
Elementary School, Walton Road, on Tuesday, March 8, 1977, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon and to cast ballots until at least 7 o'clock in the evening of the same day,
and to meet in the upper hall of the Seabrook Firemen's Association Building, Route
286, on Thursday, March 10, 1977, at 7:30 o'clock in the evening to act on the
following Articles:

ARTICLE I: To elect by Non-Partisan ballot: One Selectman for a term of
three (3) years; One Trustee of trust funds for a term of three (3) years; One Road
Agent for a term of one (1) year; One Chief of Police for a term of one (1) year; One
Fire Chief for a term of one (1) year; Three (3) Constables, each for a term of one
(1) year; Two (2) members of the Budget Committee for a term of three (3) years;
A member of the Park Commission for a term of three (3) years; Two (2) members
of the Planning Board for a term of three (3) years; Two (2) members of the Planning
Board for a term of two (2) years; Two (2) members of the Planning Board for a term
of one (1) year; One member of the Brown Library Trustees for a term of three (3)
years; and any other officers for the ensuing year.

(On the Official Ballot)

ARTICLE II: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 1 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Seabrook Zoning Ordinance
as follows:

Amend Section VII C. (Building Permits) as follows:

1. No person or entity shall undertake any construction,

development or alteration of any building structure or
use of land without a written building permit issued by
the Building Inspector unless such undertaking is for
normal maintenance or for emergency repairs.


There shall be a fee for the review of an application,
inspection of the premises (if required) and the issuance
of a building permit of five ($5. 00) dollars, plus the sum
of two ($2.00) dollars per thousand ($1, 000.00) dollars
(or any fraction thereof) of the estimated cost of the
building or project over five hundred ($500. 00) dollars . . .
(continue with remaining wording as per existing ordinance).

(On the Official Ballot)

ARTICLE III: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 2 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Seabrook Zoning Ordinance a^

Amend Section IH A. Zone 1 to include number 12 as follows:

12. No Mobile Home or House Trailer shall be erected, placed
or otherwise located on any lot in this zone.

(On the Official Ballot)

ARTICLE IV: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 3 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Seabrook Zoning Ordinance
as follows:

Amend Section III by adding subsection F Mobile Home Parks as follows:

F. Mobile Home Parks.

No Mobile Home Park or House Trailer Park shall be
established or be allowed to expand if already established,
within the confines of the Town. Mobile Home Park and
House Trailer Park means any parcel of land under single
or common ownership or control which contains, or is
designed, laid out or adapted to accommodate two or more
Mobile Homes. Mobile Home or House Trailer means a
prefabricated dwelling unit which: (a) is designed for
long term and continuous residential occupancy; (b) is
designed to be moved on wheels, as a whole or in sections;
(c) on arrival on the site, is complete and ready for
occupancy, except for incidental unpacking, assembly,
connection with utilities, and placing on supports or a
permanent structure.

(On the Official Ballot)


ARTICLE V: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 4 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Seabrook Zoning Ordinance
as follows:

Amend Section VI D (gravel pits) as follows:

It shall be unlawful to excavate and remove from any
premises, sand, topsoils, gravel or rock, excepting
such surplusses of topsoil, sand, gravel or rock, as
may result from excavations when constructing basements
or foundations for buildings or when excavating for drive-
ways, parking lots and streets except in accordance with
the following conditions:

A. A permit has first been obtained from the Board of
Adjustment following written application therefor,
and said Board has held a public hearing thereon.

B. The Board of Adjustment must first find that such
use is not detrimental, injurious or dangerous to
public health and the welfare of the district or town,
and shall not constitute a nuisance due to noise,
vibration, smoke, odor or other objectionable
features, nor adversely affect the economic status
of the district or town. The Board shall consult
the Planning Board of the Town as a resource for
making these findings.

C. Both existing and proposed uses must have a permit
to operate. A permit so issued shall be issued for
an initial period of not more than one year and to
be subject to renewal upon application to and at the
option of the Board of Adjustment for successive
periods of not more than one year provided, that

a bond is posted in the name of the Town assuring
satisfaction of any requirements of the Board of
Adjustment which it may require to safeguard the
interest of the Town.

(On the Official Ballot)


ARTICLE VI: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 5 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Seabrook Zoning Ordinance
as follows:

Amend Section IV B, as follows:

B. AREA AND FRONTAGE: No building shall be
erected, placed, moved or otherwise located on a lot
containing less than Twenty Thousand (20,000) square feet
in area, or less than One Hundred (100) feet of frontage on
an existing road, and has an average width of One Hundred
(100) feet unless such lot is on record in the Rockingham
County Registry of Deeds prior to the enactment of this
Ordinance. No dwelling building shall contain more than
two (2) living units per One Hundred (100) feet of frontage
on an existing road or more than two (2) living units per
Twenty Thousand (20,000) square feet of land area. Provided,
that except in those areas of Zone 2 to the East of Blackwater
River, an additional dwelling building containing no more
than one living unit may be placed on a lot in Zone 2, in
addition to such buildings as are otherwise herein permitted
on a lot, provided that said lot contains Twenty Thousand
(20,000) square feet of land area per dwelling building.

(On the Official Ballot)

ARTICLE VII: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 6 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Seabrook Zoning Ordinance
as follows:

Amend Section VI E: Motor Vehicle and machinery junk yards, as follows:

A. No new junk yards as hereinafter defined shall be established,
opened, or operated within the Town.

B. No existing junk yard within the Town shall be expanded or in
any way enlarged unless a Variance is granted by the Board of

C. The term "Motor Vehicle junk yard" as used herein shall include
any business and any place or storage or deposit, whether conducted
in connection with any other business (such as garage, auto repairs,
new or second-hand auto sales, service station, etc.), or not,
which has stored, deposited or abandoned:


(a) two (2) or more unregistered motor vehicles
which are no longer intended or in a condition
conforming with legal requirements for use on the
public highways, or

(b) used parts of motor vehicles, or such pieces of
iron, bronze, or other metals, glass, paper,
rubber, or other discarded or second-hand
material as has been a part, or intended to be a
part of any motor vehicle, the sum of which parts
or materials shall be the equivalent in bulk of two
(2) or more passenger car motor vehicles.

(c) The term "motor vehicle junk yard" shall also
include any place of business or storage or deposit
of motor vehicles purchased or acquired otherwise
for the purpose of dismantling the vehicles for their
parts or for use of the metals for sale as scrap
materials as well as those places where scrap metals
are salvaged by burning the motor vehicles or where
motor vehicle parts are cut up for the salvage of
metals in more convenient sizes.

D. The term " Machinery Junk Yard" as used herein shall mean
any place of storage in which there is displayed to public view
junk machinery of any kind or scrap metals, wood, glass,
fabric or other materials commonly called junk.

(On the Official Ballot)

ARTICLE VIII: To see if the Town is in favor of the adoption of Amendment
No. 7 as proposed by petition of the voters of this Town as follows:

1 2 4 6 7 8 9 10

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