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Found not guilty

Pled not guilty, scheduled for trial

Continued to other dates

Defaulted appearance by defendant

Nolle Prosequied


Disposed of without findings

Miscellaneous hearings

Probable cause hearings

Extradition hearings

Grand Jurv Indictments

* Indicates a combined total of nolle prosequied and dismissed

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa G. Walker



"The Youth Services Division of 1987 showed drastic increases in all
areas of reported crime and youth-related problems. This officer took
control of the Youth Services Division with the prcjtiotion of Officer
Carlene Thatpson to Sergeant in July.

Sotie programs that Officer Thcxrpson had undertaken prior to this was a
Drug Awareness program v\^ich was undertaken under the direction of the
Seabrook Lions Club vdiich featiored Derek Sanderson, former star of the
Boston Bruins, tours of the Police Station by the Q±i Scouts v^ich
included fingerprinting and photos, an Officer Friendly program at
Zayre's Department Store.

She also worked on various ccsnmittees vv^iich had other juvenile officers
as well as Judge Fraser of the Hanpton District Court. This committee
was instrumental in the forming of the Odyssey House day program in
North Hampton.

I am looking forward to the upccming year v^Aiich should prove to be as
challenging as 1987.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael W. Frost

Youth Services Division


169 Cases handled in Hanpton District Court

22 Cases handled in Superior Court

206 Cases of delinquency

38 Cases of neglect

97 Cases handled out of coiort/diversionary program

174 Cases (new)

39 Cases pending investigation

43 Cases resulting in placement
26 Cases of runaways

24 Cases resulting in adult arrests

41 Cases involving crisis intervention

22 Cases of sexual assaults

14 Cases of child abuse

17 Cases at Superior Court

44 Meetings with Division of Children & Youth Services
54 Meetings at Seabrook Elementairy School

38 Meetings at Winnacunnet High School

38 Meetings with juvenile officers

48 Meetings with attorneys
29 Investigatory meetings

49 CHINS (Child In Need" Of Services)

Phone calls to this office were over 2000 for the year.
















Auto Thefts

Total losses
Total recovered


$ 990.25





$ 700.00





Criminal mischief 164

Assaults 22

Incidents 28

Criminal Threatening 3

Criminal Trespassing 3

Bomb Threat 1

Harrassing Phone Calls 2

Homicides 2




Since October 19, 1985, we, as well as t±ie townspeople, have been look-
ing forward to the conpletion and occuroancy of the new police station.
Many problems have arisen since the groundbreaking, delaying the con-
struction of the building. Inferior materials and sub-standard work-
manship were two of the contributing factors for the long delay. Clerk
of the Works, Leonard DiBartolcaneo , would not accept any of this and
we feel we have a better constructed building due to his supervision.
Several times work was delayed because materials hadn't been delivered
when promised and v\^rkmen were waiting for them. We vrould like to
express our thanks to Lennie for his patience and persistence in over-
seeing this project.

The move from the cramped quarters on Ocean Boulevard to the new build-
ing is expected to take place in the early part of Januairy, 1988.
However, presently there is a delay in the delivery of scsTte of the
furniture but the balance is due to arrive scsnetime in Febrxiar^'. In
the meantime the supplier is lending the department some tables and
chairs until such time as our purchases can be delivered.

Plans are in the making to hold an open house vihen the department is
ccarpletelv settled.

Chief Paul J. Cronin, Chairman
Roy F. Crossland
Earlene U. Locke
Marion B, Kinlock


The Street Light Committee has toured most of the streets in town
sometime during the past year, reviewing areas for various reasons.
We found numerous lights either out or malfunctioning and have re-
quested they be replaced.

Installation of lights on Old New Boston Road, Whittier Drive and
Parkersville Lane have been recommended. Brooks Road has two (2) lights
already installed; since it became an accepted street at the 1986 Town
Meeting, it has been requested that the town now take them over.

Since we now have two (2) new municipal buildings near one another on
Centennial Street we have suggested that the present mercury vapor
lights be removed and replaced with high pressure sodium lights.

We also had the pleasure of attending a one-day seminar on street
lights which proved to be very informative as well as educational.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion B. Kinlock
E. Albert Weare



The Fire Station Building Committee has been '^ery busy this year
with the continued project of making sure that the new Fire Station
would be a building the Town of Seabrook could be proud of.

The Committee, consisting of Ronald Eaton, Sr. , Chairman, Clay
Fowler, Jake Eaton, Vernon Small, Bobby Locke and Bette Thibodeau, has
worked very closely with Architect Homer Young and his associates; we
met with them every Wednesday evening to review the plans and go over
construction details.

On February 18th, 1987, the Architect presented the plans for
the new Fire Station to the Committee for review and on February 25th,
1987, the spec went out to bid over the Selectmen's signatures.

The bids were opened on March 25, 1987 at the Selectmen's Meet-
ing. Nine general contractors responded with bids ranging from a low
bid of $1,278,400 to a high bid of $1,625,000. In April, upon recom-
mendation of the Architect and the Building Committee, the bid was a-
warded to Quannapowitt Development Corp. of Wakefield, Massachusetts,
the low bidder. Construction started almost immediately and by the 1st
of May ground had been cleared of trees and footings for the new build-
ing were in place by the end of June.

Work has progressed quite smoothly with very few problems and
with only one change order which was necessitated by a recent change in
N.H. Regulations. The building is expected to be ready for occupancy
during the month of February, 1988.

In addition to the construction of the building, furniture has
been selected, put out to bid and ordered, and a weathervane design was
put out to bid, ordered and has been installed oq the roof of the build-
ing. Clerk of the Works Leonard DiBartolomeo has been on the job over-
seeing the construction and has been diligent in making sure the pro-
ject is done according to specifications.

As Town Meeting time approaches, the Committee is pleased with
the results and hopes that the Town of Seabrook will be pleased, too.

Ronald M. Eaton, Sr. , Chairman
Fire Station Building Committee



Another year has passed, and I would like to take
this time to thank the members of the New Fire Station
Building Committee, and all others involved, for the
excellent work they have done in over-seeing the
tremendous project in the planning of the new fire
station. This fire station without a doubt, is a
building of which the town can be very proud. I also
feel that it will serve an important part in helping
this department in the protection of the town residents
- now and in generations to come.

I would like to thank the Board of Selectmen, all
of the Departments, the Department Heads, and the Ladies
Auxiliary for their support through-out the previous
year. My thanks also go to the men in my Department,
for as always, a job v/ell done.

It is my deepest hope that you will support this
department in the purchasing of a ladder truck. This
vehicle has been long needed for many reasons, but above
all for the life safety of the firemen and the residents
of the Town of Seabrook.

I would like to remind all of you that have smoke
detectors in your homes to be sure to inspect them
regularly, and those of you that do not have them, I ask
that you would please have them installed as soon as
possible. Remember, working together is life safety
number one.

In closing, I would like to say that I am hoping to
see a big turn-out at the open house and dedication of
our new fire station. It will be a great day, and a day
to remember for the Town of Seabrook, N.H.

On behalf of the Seabrook Fire Department, I would
like to wish all of you a safe and happy new year.

Respectfully submitted.

Ernest B. Sanborn
Fire Chief




Alarm Activation 19

Automatic Washer 01

Boat Fire 01

Bomb Scare 01

Brush Fire 08

Building Fire 05

Burned on Food 02

Camp Fire 3

Chemical Spill 02

Chimney 03

Cloth Dryer 03

Compressor 03

Drill 04

Dumpster 12

Electrical 07

False Alarm 14

Furnace 11

Gas Grill 02

Gas Leak 10

Gasoline Spill 08

Grass Fires 15

Heating tape 01

Illegal Burn 01

Kerosene Heater 01

Marsh Fire 02

Mattress Fire 02

Microwave Oven 01

Mobile Home 01

Motor Vehicle 33

Mutual Aid 08

Oil Spill 01

Open Hydrant 02

Oven Fire 01
Public Assistance 33

Rubbish 08

Smoke Detector 04

Smoke Investg. 24

Transfer Station 02

Wires Down 02

Woods Fire 07

Still Alarms
Box Alarms





Anna Jaques Hospital 305

Amesbury Hospital 30

Exeter Hospital 221

Portsmouth Hospital 04

No Transports 77



Blood Pressure
Walk - Ins





I submit the following report to the Board of
Selectmen and the citizens and tax-payers of the
Town of Seabrook, N.H.

First of all, I would again like to thank the
Board of Selectmen, the Fire Chief, the Police
Chief, the Water Department Superintendent, the
Road Agent, and all other persons who have been
involved in assisting with the operations in this
part of the town government. I would also like to
thank my secretary, Jean Moore for her efficient
help to me in this department.

The Basic Emergency Plan for 1987 has been
signed by the Board of. Selectmen. The Emergency
Operations Center ( EOC ) has been activated several
times for emergencies, and also for testing
equipment for the Radiological Emergency Response
Plan (RERP).

There has been a lot of coordinating with
governmental offices in the attempt to have a
smooth transition from the old fire station to the
nev; fire station. The Building Committee should be
commended in their dedication and hard work; they
have put together a beautiful building for the Tov/n
of Seabrook.

This office has purchased a new V.C.R and
T.V. for training purposes, to benefit all
departments; this equipment has been used several
times this year for it's intended purpose. This
department has also purchased a new dive suit along
with all of it's related gear. I sent a man to
school for diving certification, which he has
completed; the new diving equipment has been
assigned to him. This year the dive team has
responded to several calls both mutual aid and
locally. They have been successful in most all of
their responses.

The Governor has changed the name of this
office by statute from Civil Defense to Office of
Emergency Management. This has expanded the duties
of the director some-what, but whatever is expended
properly is still 50/50 reimbursment to the town.

Respectfully submitted,

Norman L. Brown

Emergency Management Director



The committee has been meeting regularly since last September. We have
studied several options and locations and are now in the process of
drawing up basic plans and acquiring estimates for the facility.

We are concentrating on proposing an up-to-date facility adequate for
the present and future needs of the town's public works departments "
which will provide ample storage area for all vehicles and supplies,
a comfortable area for personnel needs, and a well -detailed mechanics
bay - all within a facility with frontage which will not detract from
the commercial/residential area in which it is proposed.

We feel we can accomplish the planning, estimating and overseeing of
construction without the cost of outside consultants, thereby saving
thousands of dollars in the overall cost. This will help us to avoid
the million dollar plus type construction that has been proposed and
accepted in recent years.

We feel that with the huge cost of the sewer system facing us, we
should try to hold the line on expensive construction and yet propose
a facility which is not only adequate but will not be detrimental to
the area in which it would be located.

We wish to thank those people who have cooperated in assisting us with
our efforts.


James E. Champoux, Chairman

Clyde 0. Brown

Lawrence M. Douglas, Sr.

Earl S. Perkins

John J. Riley, Jr.



Forty-nine building permits were issued in 1987 for various addi
tions-alterations and new construction.

Three were for new houses built (in the process)

Four were for replacement houses built (in the process)

Forty-two were for additions-alterations

Estimated costs for 49 permits issued were $1,419,897.00.

Respectfully submitted,

Louis E. Janos
Building Inspector


Once again the Town of Seabrook is keeping within its budget on
welfare appropriations and, in fact, had more than $5,000 left in sur-
plus from the appropriation of the previous year.

We are now through our second year operating under the new re-
codified law and can now reasonably predict what a future year may re-
flect in our indigent needs. Of course, there are many things that may
happen that can impact on a budget, particularly a welfare budget which
there is little or no control over locally such as the national and
local economy, the federal budget and, of course, changes that are made
in both federal and state laws dealing with a whole spectrum of pro-
grams which deal with food stamps, AFDC (Aid to Families With Dependent
Children), the housing needs and fuel assistance.

As a caveat to the Selectmen and the Budget Committee, I advised
them that if the federal budget curtails or specifically reduces the
fuel assistance program it will have a profound effect on the local
budget. There may have been some reductions in this area but where it
may impact and how much is up to the Congress.

I must report that one of the most pressing needs this past year
and I believe in the future is affordable housing for Seabrook citizens.
I receive many calls on this and I have to advise them there is little
or nothing that can be done about housing and prices of apartment rent-
als on the local level. This is truly a national and state problem and
it must be addressed as such. In the meantime, I can only advise people
of all the programs which are available to them.

I am pleased to make this report again to the citizens and tax-
payers of Seabrook.

James C. Falconer
Welfare Agent

Health Department

Septic Permits issued and systems inspected 158

Restaurants, Inspected & Licensed 23

Stores & Markets " 17

Bakeries " 4

Sub & Pizza Shops " 3

Food Service & Take-out Stands 23

Motels & Inn " 6

Beauty Salon " 9

Tatoo Parlors " 4

Campgrounds " 2

Laundries " 2


Sewage Related Complaints 31

Complaints of Unsanitary Living Conditions 13

Trash Related Complaints 10

Chemical Spills Investigated 3

Complaint of No Heat in Rental Unit 1

Complaint of Purchase of Spoiled Food 1

Miscellaneous Health Related Complaints 9

Water Samples Taken & Analyzed 2

Cases of Reportable Diseases (Salmonellosis) 2

Report Animal Bites 18

Foster Homes Inspected 1

Cease & Desist Orders Given 17
15 Have complied and corrected the problem

1 Closed the Business

1 is under a pumping program pending corrections in the system

Respectfully submitted,
Robert S. Moore
Health Officer

January-December 1987

At the beginning of 1987 the year started out with a severe snow
storm. The men had to plow, salt and sand all night long. During the
year the regular rubbish runs were made, the regular maintenance and
repairs of vehicles were done. Drains were installed on Farm Lane and
Stard Road. There was so much snow in February that it was necessary
to shovel by hand in the cemeteries to find graves for burials. During
March all vehicles had to be readied for inspection. Gravel was haul-
ed to fill in holes on Walton Road Extension, Cross Beach Road and
Woodland Avenue. During April the sweeper was used to clean up the
sand on the roads that was left there during the winter. There was a-
lot of debris to be cleaned up at the beach. This is the month pre-
liminary work was done in the cemeteries to prepare them for mowing.
The lawn mowers and weed wackers were sharpened to get them in shape
for the month of May. The beach rake was used to clean the beach and
the town. In July we hauled metal to Nichols in Amesbury, Mass. In
August we helped with Old Home Days. Extensive work was done at Farm
Lane Dock. We assisted in placing barricades around Old South Meeting-
house because of demonstrations. We hauled numerous loads of beach
sand and large rocks to Cross Beach as well as installing reflectors.
One of our workers had the job of repairing gravestones damaged by

Vernon G. Dow
Road Agent









To the inhabitants of the Town of Seabrook, in the County of
Rockingham, in said state, qualified to vote in town affairs:

You are hereby notified to meet in the auditorium of the
Seabrook Community Center, U.S. Route 1, (Lafayette Road), on
Tuesday, March 8, 1988, at 10:00 o'clock in the forenoon and to
cast ballots until at least 7:00 o'clock in the evening of the
same day, and to meet in the auditorium of the Seabrook Community
Center, U.S. Route 1, (Lafayette Road), on Thursday, March 10,
1988, at 7:00 o'clock in the evening to act on the articles

Further, you are hereby notified that the moderator will
process the absentee ballots at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon on
Tuesday, March 8, 1988, pursuant to RSA 659:49.

Article 1: To elect by non-partisan ballot: one (1)
Selectman and Assessor for a term of three (3) years; one (1)
Trustee of the Trust Funds for a term of three (3) years: one
(1) Road Agent for a term of one (1) year; one (1) Fire Chief for
a term of one (1) year; one (1) Tax Collector for a term of three
(3) years; one (1) Park Commissioner for a term of three (3)
years; two (2) members of the Planning Board for a term of three
(3) years; two (2) members of the Budget Committee for a term of
three (3) years; one (1) member of the Budget Committee for a
term of one (1) year; three (3) Constables for a term of one (1)
year; one (1) Supervisor of the Checklist for a term of six (6)
years; and one (1) Moderator for a term of two (2) years.

(On the Official Ballot)

Article 2: To see if the town will vote to authorize the
Board of Selectmen to borrow money in anticipation of taxes and
to renew and refund town notes;

Article 3: To see if the town will vote to authorize the
Board of Selectmen to apply for, accept and expend, without
further action by the town meeting, money from the state,
federal or other governmental unit or a private source which
becomes available during the fiscal year in accordance with the
procedures set forth in RSA 31:95-b.

Article 4: To see if the town will vote to authorize the
Board of Selectmen to sell at public auction or by advertised
sealed bids such town property as is no longer used by the town.

Article 5: To see if the town will vote, pursuant to
authority under RSA 80:42 and RSA 80:42-a, to retain and hold all
real property located within the marshlands and to authorize the
Board of Selectmen to sell all other tax title property, in the
first instance to former owners of the property, or the
grandparents, parents, children, and spouses of said former
owner, for a sum not less than the outstanding taxes owed plus
accrued interest to the date of tax deed; or failing such sale,
then by advertised sealed bids or public auction, at the
discretion of the Board of Selectmen.

Article 6: On petition of Clyde O. Brown and seventeen (17)
other legal voters of the town: To see what action the town will
take on the following question: "Shall we adopt the provisions
of RSA 80:58-86 for a real estate tax lien procedure? These
statutes provide that tax sales to private individuals for non-
payment of property taxes on real estate are replaced with a real
estate tax lien procedure under which only a municipality or
county where the property is located or the state may acquire a
tax lien against land and buildings for unpaid taxes".


Article 7: To see if the town will vote to authorize the
withdrawal of the balance of the Federal Revenue Sharing Fund
(being $76,881.42 as of February 4, 1988, plus accrued interest
to date of withdrawal) for use as an offset against the debt
service, including principal and interest, of the 1975 water

Bond Purpose Amount

1975 Water Bond Principal $75,000

(Pecommended by the Budget Committee)

Article 8: To see if the town will vote to transfer into
the Town of Seabrook Scholarship Trust Fund, as established under
Article 5 of the 1987 Town Warrant, the amount of Four Thousand
Three Hundred Forty-Two ($4,342.00) Dollars, which represents
1986 cable television franchise fees paid to the town.

(Recommended by the Budget Committee)

Article 9: To see if the town will vote to authorize the
Trustees of the Trust Funds to accept monies from the Yankee
Greyhound Race Track and to authorize expenditure of such funds
for the purpose of providing scholarships to high school
graduates who are residing in Seabrook, and to raise and
appropriate the sum of Thirty Thousand ($30,000.00) Dollars for
deposit into said fund, and further to authorize the existing
Scholarship Fund Committee to establish qualifications and
procedures for the use of said fund and to make recommendations
from time to time to the Trustees of Trust Funds for awarding of

(Not Recommended by the Budget Committee)

Article 10: To see if the town will vote to appropriate
Eighty-Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty-Four ($83,334.00)
Dollars as the total cost of a Coastal Zone Management (CZM)
grant, to apply for Fifty Thousand ($50,000.00) Dollars from the
state and federal governments as the 60% match towards said
grant, and to raise Thirty-Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty-
Four ($33,334.00) Dollars from taxes as the town's 40% match to
the above CZM grant.

(Recommended by the Budget Committee)

Article 11: To see if the town will vote to establish the
land acquisition capital reserve fund as authorized in RSA 35:1,
Ill-a, for the purpose of acquiring conservation land or
interests in land for permanent conservation use, to be used as
the local matching funds or part of the local matching funds
required under the N.H. Land Conservation Investment Program
(LCIP) RSA 221-A, and to appoint the selectmen as agents for the
town for purposes of expending the principle of said funds and to
raise and appropriate One Hundred Thousand ($100,000.00) Dollars
to said fund and authorize the selectmen to accept private
donations of land, interest in land or money for part of the
local matching portion of the LCIP, and authorize the selectmen
to apply for and accept the state matching funds under the LCIP
for the purposes of acquisition of the fee or lesser interest in
conservation land and other costs associated therewith. Said
appropriated funds, donations and state matching funds may be
expended by the selectmen.

(Recommended by the Budget Committee)


Article 12: On petition of Frances H. Eaton and twenty-one
(21) other legal voters of the town: To see what action the town
meeting will take to have a public way officially named "Folly
Mill Terrace" and to have street signs erected for this purpose
and to remove the signs now placed there which read "Diane and

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