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Miunicipal Governinent

A List of Books
and References to Periodicals

in the

Seattle Public Library

Seattie Public Library-
Reference List No. 4
February, 1911

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Municipal Government

A List of Books
and References to Periodicals

in the

Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library

Reference List No. 4

February, 1911





General Works and the United States


Individual Cities in the United States


Foreign Countries


Special Topics

Charities, Juvenile Court, Prisons


Charter Kevision


Commission Plan and Mayor and Council






Finance and Municipal Accounting


Harbors and Docks




Police .-;'. \ :::<: :


Public Utilities, Mum6if)al Ownei^liip"*


Lighting ', ]' ,*' i\\:'\",i: ; /•, I


Street Kailw'ays'* : c- . ••• ....'•'• '••


Water Works


Sanitation and Public Health


State and Municipality


Reference lists

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of current interest, are published from time to time. They
may be obtained free of charge by applying either at the
central library or at one of the branch libraries.

For a complete list of Seattle Public Library publica-
tions, see inside of back cover.

Municipal Government

This list of books and periodicals on municipal government is
printed in the hope of making- the material listed more useful and
available. The list is merely suggestive and does not comprise all
that the library contains on any one of the topics in the list.

An "R" prefixed to the call number of a book indicates that it
must be called for and used in the reference room. An asterisk (♦)
preceding the author's name indicates that another copy may be
found in the circulation department. Pamphlets are designated by
the abbreviation "Pam." prefixed to the call number. Bound period-
icals, government documents, and pamphlets are in the reference

Upon request from a borrower at any one of the branches, any
book in the children's room or any book in the circulation depart-
ment (except works of popular fiction) will be sent to that branch
and the person requesting the book will be notified of its arrival.


American Academy of Political and Social Science. Annals.
V. 1-date. 1890-date.

American City. 1910-date.

American Economic Association. Publications, v. 1-date. 1886-

American Journal of Sociology, v. 1-date. 1895-date.

Charities and Commons. A weekly review of local and general
philanthropy, v. 6-21. 1901-09.

Name changed to Survey, April 1909.

Columbia University. Studies in History, Economics, and Public
Law. V. 2-23. 1892-1905.

Johns Hopkins University. Studies in Historical and Political
Science, v. 1-20. 1883-1902.

Journal of Political Economy, v. 10-date. 1901-date.

Municipal Affairs, v. 1-6. 1897-1902. All published.

Municipal Engineering, v. 3-date. 1892-date,

V. 1-10 called Paving and Municipal Engineering.

Municipal Journal and Engineer, v. 10-date. 1901-date.



National Civic Federation Review. 19Q7-date.

Political Science Quarterly, v. 1-date. 1886-date.

Quarterly Journal of Economics, v. 15-date. 1900-date.

Survey, v. 22-date. 1909-date.

U. S. Bureau of Labor. Bulletins, nos. 1-date. 1895-date.

U. S. Bureau of the Census. Bulletins, nos. 1-date. 1903-date.

Yale Review, v. 1, 4-17. 1892-93, 1894-1907.

General Works and United States

Addams, Jane. Newer ideals of peace. 1907. 304

Addams, Jane. Problems of municipal administration. (Amer.
Jour, of Sociology, 10:425-44. Jan. 1905.)

♦Ashley, P. W. L. Local and central government; a comparative
study of England, France, Prussia, and the United States.
1906. R352

Bern is, E. W. Local government in Michigan and the North-
west. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science,
1st ser, no. 5. 1883.)

Bern is, E. W. Local government in the South and Southwest.
(Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, 11:459-
546. Nov.-Dec. 1893.)

Bradford, Gamaliel. Lesson of popular government. 2 v. 1899.


*Bryce, James. American commonwealth. 2 v. 1901. R342.73

Chicago. Municipal Information Bureau. Book of American
municipalities. 1909. R352

Conkling, A. R. City government in the United States. 1899. 352

*Deming, H. E. The government of American cities. 1909. R352

Deming, H. E. Municipal program. 1901. Pam. 352

Dunn, A. W. The community and the citizen. 1908. 353

Eaton, D. B. Government of municipalities. 1899. 352

Ely, R. T. Coming city. 1902. 352

*Eno, W. P. Street traffic regulation. 1909. R352.7-En 64

•Another copy in circulation department.

*Falrlie, J. A. Essays in municipal administration. 1908. R352

♦Falrlie, J. A. Local government in counties, towns, and villages.
1906. R352

*Fairlie, J. A. Municipal administration. 1901. R352

Falrlie, J. A. Problems of city government from the administra-
tive point of view. (Annals of the Amer. Acad., 27:132-54.
Jan. 1906.)

Ford, H. J. Principles of municipal organization. (Annals of
the Amer. Acad., 23: 195-222. March 1904.)

*Goodnow, F. J. City government in the United States. 1908.


Goodnow, F. J. Comparative administrative law. 2 v. in 1.
1904. 350

*Goodnow, F. J. Municipal government. 1909. R352

Goodnow, F. J. Municipal home rule. A study in administration.
1903. 352

Goodnow, F. J. Municipal problems. 1904. 352

Gould, E. R. L. Local self-government in Pennsylvania. (Johns
Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, 1st ser. no. 3,
p. 21-37. 1883.)

Hamilton, J. G. Dethronement of the city boss. 1910. 352

Henderson, C. R. Municipal pension systems and pensions for
teachers. (Amer. Jour, of Sociology, 13:841-54. May 1908.)

Howard, G. E. Introduction to the local constitutional history
of the United States. 1889. 342.73

♦Howe, F. C. [The] city, the hope of democracy. 1909. R352

illinois State Legislature. [Municipal government] Report to
committee on municipalities. 1909. Pam. 352

Jones, C. L. American municipal service from the standpoint of
the entrepreneur. (Annals of the Amer. Acad., 28:371-84.
Nov. 1906.)

Lalor, J. J., editor. Cyclopedia of political science, political
economy, and of the political history of the United States.
3 V. 1899. R303

MacVeagh, Franklin. Programme of municipal reform. (Amer.
Jour, of Sociology, 1:551-63. March 1896.)

♦Another copy in circulation department.


Mowry, D. E. Municipal markets; an economic necessity, n. d.

Pam. 352.8

"'Municipal program; report of a committee of the National
Municipal League, adopted by the League Nov. 17, 1899,
together with explanatory and other papers. 1900. R352

National Municipal League. Handbook. 1894-1904. Pam. 352

National Municipal League. Proceedings of the Conference for
Good City Government. 1895-date (1903 lacking). R352

New York (State) Legislature. Tilden Commission. Report on
municipal government. (Reprinted in Munic. Aff., 3:434-54.
Sept. 1899.)

*Parsons, Frank. City for the people; or. The municipalization
of the city government and of local franchises. 1901. R352

*Rowe, L. S. Problems of city government. 1908. R352

Steffens, Lincoln. Shame of the cities. 1904. 352

Strong, Frank, and Schafer, Joseph. Government of the Amer-
ican people. 1901. 353

Tolman, W. H. Municipal reform movements in the United
States. 1895. 352

U. S. Bureau of the Census. Statistics of cities having a popula-
tion of over 30,000, 1904-08. Special Reports 1907-10.

Weber, A. F. Growth of cities in the 19th century; a study in
statistics. (Columbia Univ. Studies in Hist., Econ., & Public
Law, V. 11. 1899.)

Whinery, Samuel. Municipal public works. 1903. 352

Wilcox, D. F. The American city; a problem in democracy.
1904. 352

Wilcox, D. F. Municipal government in Michigan and Ohio.
(Columbia Univ. Studies in Hist., Econ., & Public Law, 5:319-
498. May 1896.)

* Wilson, Woodrow. [The] state. Elements of historical and
practical politics. 1901. R350.9

Woodruff, C. R. Municipal government in Ohio. (Yale Rev.,
12:121-40. Aug. 1903.)

Zueblin, Charles. American municipal progress; chapters in
municipal sociology. 1902. 352

Zueblin, Charles. Decade of civic development. 1905. 352

♦Another copy in circulation department.

Individual Cities in the United States


Uniform charter of cities of the second class. Chapter 473, laws
1906, as amended to the close of the legislative session of 1907.
[The charter of Albany, N. Y.] R352


Hollander, J. H. Financial history of Baltimore. (Johns Hopkins
Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, extra vol. 20. 1899.)


Proposed new charter for Baltimore city, being the draft sub-
mitted by the Charter Revision Commission, together with
the report of the Commission to the Mayor. 1910. R352

Reynolds, William. Baltimore under its new charter. (Annals
of the Amer. Acad., 27:168-79. Jan. 1906.)

Thomas, T. P. City government of Baltimore. (Johns Hopkins
Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, 4th ser., p. 47-91. 1896.)

Bellingham, Wash., see Whatcom, Wash.


♦Boston Finance Commission. Final reports. Jan. 1909. R352.1

Bugbee, J. M. City government of Boston. (Johns Hopkins
Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, 5th ser., no. 3, p.
77-133. 1887.)

[City charter] {in City Record, 1:244-49. Nov. 6, 1909.) R352

Economic Club of Boston. Report of a committee appointed to
consider questions relating to a new city charter. 1908.

Pam. 352

Flack, H. E. Municipal charter revision: Boston. (Amer. Pol.
Sci. Rev., 3:410-13. Aug. 1909.)

Charter of the city of Buffalo. 1908. R352

Cedar Rapids

Commission plan of government: City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
1908. Pam. 352


Grosser, H. S. Municipal problems of Chicago. (Annals of the
Amer. Acad., 23:281-96. March 1904.)

Sikes, G. C. Relation of Chicago to public service corporations.
(Annals of the Amer. Acad., 31:689-94. May 1908.)

♦Another copy in circulation department.


Hopkins, W. R. Street railway problem in Cleveland. (Amer.
Econ. Ass'n, Economic Studies, 1:289-376. Dec. 1896.)

Orth, S. P. Cleveland plan of school administration. (Pol. Sci.
Quar., 19:402-16. Sept. 1904.)


Charter of the city of Dallas, 1907, including amendments of
1909. 1909.

Des Moines

Auditor. Report. 1909. R352.1

Charter. [1907.] Pam. 352

Charter. 1910. Pam. 352

Des Moines plan of city government. Passed by the thirty-
second General Assembly of Iowa. 1908. Pam. 352

Same. 1910. Pam. 352

First annual report. 1909. R352.1


Charter of the city of Detroit with amendments thereto and the
acts of the Legislature relating to the city of Detroit. 1904.


Michigan. Laws enacted by the Legislatures of 1905 and 1907
and 1907 special session affecting, the municipality of Detroit.
1908. R352

Everett, Wash.

Charter of the city of Everett, adopted Nov. 26, 1907. [1908.]

Fall River, Mass.

Charter of the city of Fall River. 1903. R352


Charter, adopted 1903. n. d. R352-G139

Grand Rapids

Amendments to charter and special acts relating to the city of
Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1907. R352-G762p

[With arand Rapids. Proposed revised charter.]

Proposed revised charter for the city of Grand Rapids. Prepared
by the Committee on Charter Amendments. 1904. R352-G762p

Revised charter of the city of Grand Rapids, approved June 6,
1905, together with other municipal acts, arranged and in-
dexed by Colin P. Campbell. 1905. R352


Compiled charter and revised ordinances of the city of Hartford,
1907-08. 1908. R352

City of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Charter, 1909. R352-H299


Annual reports of Mayor and reports of city officials of Houston
for 1909. 1909. R352

Charter of the city of Houston, Texas, as passed by the 29th
Legislature, 1905. 1905. R352

Niday, J. E. Business ideas in municipal government as exem-
plified in the cify of Houston, n. d. Pam. 352


Acts of the general assembly of the state of Indiana so far as
they control the city of Indianapolis, in force April 15, 1905,
containing also the general ordinances of the city of Indian-
apolis enacted since the revision of 1904. Collated and anno-
tated by Edgar A. Brown and William W. Thornton. 1905.

Kansas City, Mo.

Charter and revised ordinances, compiled, arranged, and anno-
tated by Rees Turpin, George Kingsley, and C. L. Shannon.
1909. R352

Flack, H. E. Municipal charter revision: Kansas City, Mo.
(Amer. Pol. Sci. Rev., 3:413-16. Aug. 1909.)

Los Angeles

City charter. (Los Angeles Daily Journal, Tuesday, March 29,
1910.) Pam. 352


Amendment to the charter of the city of Memphis, Tennessee,
being chapter 298, acts of the Legislature, 1909. 1909.


City charter and ordinances, court and board acts, park ordi-
nances, rules of the City Council, etc. 1905. R352


Charter of the city of Nashville as amended by various acts of
the General Assembly of Tennessee. 1909. R352

New Bedford, Mass.

Ordinances and rules and orders of the city of New Bedford,
together with the city charter and amendments thereto, and
special statutes and other matter affecting the city. 1896.

New Orleans

Charter of the city of New Orleans. Act 45 of 1896 as amended.
Compiled by T. W. Campbell, clerk of council. 1908.


Howe, W. W. Municipal history of New Orleans. (Johns
Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, 7th ser., no. 4,
p. 159-87. 1889.)

New York

Bernheim, A. C. Relations of the city and the state of New York.
(Pol. Sci. Quar., 9:377-402. Sept. 1894.)

Bureau of Municipal Researcli. A department of audit and ex-
amination. Report on an investigation of the oflBce of com-
missioners of accounts. New York City. 1907. R352.1-B898d

Bureau of Municipal Research. Business methods of New York
City's Police Department; critical study and constructive sug-
gestions pertaining to administrative and accounting methods
of the Bureau of Repairs and Supplies. 1910. R352.2-B898b

Bureau of Municipal Research. How should public budgets be
made? 1909. R352.1-B898h

Bureau of Municipal Research. Making a municipal budget;
functional accounts and operative statistics for the Depart-
ment of Health of Greater New York. 1907. R352.1-B898m

Bureau of Municipal Research. Tenement house administration;
steps taken to locate and solve problems of enforcing the
tenement house law. 1909. R331.83-B898t

Bureau of Municipal Research. What should New York's next
mayor do? 1909. R352

Charter of the city of New York as amended to 1909, together
with a history of charter making. 1909. R352-N42c

Citizens' Union. Best administration New York ever had. Cam-
paign book of the Citizens' Union. 1903. Pam. 329

Coler, B. S. Municipal government as illustrated by the charter,
finances, and public charters of New York. 1900. 352

Cope, F. R. Model municipal department. How the Low ad-
ministration has been caring for the health of New York City.
(Amer. Jour, of Sociology, 9:459-89, 631-71. Jan.-March 1904.)


Department of Finance. Tentative budget for 1910. 1910.


Godkin, E. L. Problems of municipal government. (Annals of
the Amer. Acad., 4:857-82. May 1894.)

Goodnow, F. J. Charter of the City of New York. (Pol. Sci.
Quar., 17:1-23. March 1902.)

Merchants' Association. Investigation of the Fire Department
of New York. 1908. 352.3

Merchants' Association. Plan for reforming the accounts, rec-
ords, and reports of New York City. 1909. Pam. 352.1

Municipal gas for New York; a discussion; Edward M. Grout,
affirmative; Allen R. Foote, negative. (Munic. AfC., 1:225-300.
June 1897.)

Newport, R. I.

Chadwick, F. E. Newport [R. I.] charter. (Amer. Pol. Sci. Ass'n
Proceedings, 3:58-66. 1906.) R320

Charter, (in City documents for 1908, p. 5-12. 1909.) R352


Charter for metropolitan cities. An act incorporating metropoli-
tan cities and defining, regulating, and prescribing their duties,
powers, and government, approved March 15, 1897 ,with subse-
quent amendments and additions. 1903.
(Charter of Omaha.)


Charter of the city of Paterson. Ordinances prior to 1895. Ordi-
nances 1895-1908. Laws of New Jersey applicable to the city
of Paterson, 1876-95. Laws of New Jersey applicable to the
city of Paterson, 1896-1907. 1908. R352


Proceedings of the Commercial Club of Peoria, 111. 1909.

Pam. 352

Contains report on commission plan of municipal government.


♦Aliinson, E. P., and Penrose, Boies. City government of Phila-
delphia. (Johns Hopkins Uuniv. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Sci-
ence, extra vol. 2. 1887.) R352.073

Branson, W. J. Philadelphia nominating system. (Annals of the
Amer. Acad., 14:18-37. July 1899.)

•Another copy in circulation department.

Philadelphia, v. 1, no. 1. July 1909. R352

This number of the official publication of Philadelphia contains
the charter.

Rowe, L. S. Municipality and the gas supply. (Annals of the
Amer. Acad., 11:301-23. May 1898.)

Speirs, F. W. Street railway system of Philadelphia; its history
and present condition. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist.
& Pol. Science, 15:85-273. March-May 1897.)

Portland, Ore.
Proposed charter of the city of Portland. 1902. R352

Adopted at election in June, 1902.


Charter and special laws governing the city of Providence. 1901.


Stokes, H. K. Finances and administration of Providence.
(Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, L;xtra
vol. 25. 1903.) 352.1


Charter of the city of Rochester, chapter 755 of the laws of 1907.
Drafted by Benjamin B. Cunningham. 1908. R352

St. Joseph, Mo.

Proposed new charter for St. Joseph to be voted on Sept. 7, 1909.

Pam. 352
St. Louis

Civic League. Plan for new city charter. 1909. Pam. 352

Public Service Commission. Laws, ordinances, and permits deal-
ing with rights, privileges, and franchises of public service
corporations (other than steam railways) in the city of St.
Louis. 1909. R352

St. Louis. Joint Conference on Charter Revision. Charter re-
vision. 1909? Pam. 352

Scheme of separation between St. Louis city and county and the
charter of the city of St. Louis, with all amendments and
modifications to May 1, 1902, and constitutional provisions
specially applicable to the city of St. Louis. 1902. R352

San Francisco

Charter of the city and county of San Francisco, prepared and
proposed by the Board of Freeholders. 1908. R352

Moses, Bernard. Establishment of municipal government in San
Francisco. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Sci-
ence, 7th ser., nos. 2-3, p. 75-153. 1889.)



Charter of the city of Seattle adopted Oct. 1, 1890, commonly

known as the freeholders' charter. 1890. R352

Same, amended 1892. 1893. R352

Charter of the city of Seattle adopted March 3, 1896. 1896. R352

Same, amended 1900. 1900. R352

Same, amended 1900, 1902, and 1904. 1905. R352

Same, amended 1900, 1902, 1904, and 1906. 1907.


Same, amended 1900, 1902, 1904, 1906, and 1908,

and ordinances 1869-1907. 1908. R352

Same, amended 1900, 1902, 1904, 1906, 1908, and

1910. 1910. R352

Superior, Wis.

Charter and ordinances. 1896. R352


Revised charter, amendments, and revised ordinances of the city
of Tacoma, Washington. Compiled and revised by Henry C.
Beach. 1898. R352

Charter adopted 1909. [1909.] R352-T119


City Club. C liy commission charter act. A representative city
government. 1907. Pam. 352


Charter and ordinances, also certain acts of the Legislature. 1903.

Washington, D. C.

Meriwether, C. Washington city government. (Pol. Sci. Quar.,
12:407-19. Sept. 1897.)

Tindall, William. Origin and government of the District of
Columbia. 1907. R975.3

Whatcom [Bellingham], Wash.

Whatcom City ordinances, the charter of Whatcom, acts of the
Legislature of the state of Washington pertaining to cities of
the third class from 1890 to 1901. Compiled by Henry C.
Beach. 1903. R352


Foreign Countries

*Munro, W. B. Government of European cities. 1909. R352

*Shaw, Albert. Municipal government in continental Europe.
1901. R352


Gelling, B. R. Municipal institutions of Australia; with special
reference to conditions in New South Wales. (Annals of the
Amer. Acad., 23:255-67. March 1904.)


Munro, W. B. City government in Canada. (National Municipal
League. Proceedings of the Conference for Good City Gov-
ernment, 1905, p. 133-47.)

Wickett, S. M. City government in Canada. (Pol. Sci. Quar.,
15: 240-59. June 1900.)

Wickett, S. M. Municipal government of Toronto. 1907.


Rowe, L. S. Reorganization of local government in Ctiba. (An-
nals of the Amer. Acad., 25:311-21. March 1905.)


Brooks, R. C. Berlin's tax problem. (Pol. Sci. Quar., 20:665-95.
Dec. 1905.)

Brooks, R. C. Municipal gas works of Berlin. (Yale Rev. 14:
361-73. Feb. 1906.)

Brooks, R. C. Three-class election system in Prussian cities.
(Munic. Aff., 3:396-433. Sept. 1899.)

James, E. J. City administration in Germany. (Amer. Jour, of
Sociology, 7:29-52. July 1901.)

James, E. J. City council of Berlin. (Amer. Jour, of Sociology,
6:407-15. Nov. 1900.)

Lunn, H. S. Municipal lessons from southern Germany. 1908.

352.043- L973

Woodhead, Howard, First German municipal exposition, held in
Dresden in 1903. (Amer. Jour, of Sociology, 9:433-58, 612-30,
812-31; 10:47-63. Jan., March, May, July 1904.)

Great Britain

Adier, H. M. Recent changes in the government of London.
(Annals of the Amer. Acad., 23:237-54. March 1904.)

•Another copy in circulation department.


Blunden, G. H. British local finance. (Pol. Sci. Quar., 9:78-118,
268-302. March- June 1894.)

*Howe, F. C. British city, the beginnings of democracy. 1907.


Howe, F. C. Municipal ownership in Great Britain. (U. S.
Bureau of Labor, Bulletin, 62:1-123. Jan. 1906.)

♦Lowell, A. L. Local government, (in his Grovernment of Eng-
land, 1908, V. 2, p. 129-214.) R354.42

Maltbie, M. R. English local government; a study of the rela-
tions of central and local government. (Columbia Univ.
Studies in Hist, Econ., & Public Law, 9:1-296. 1897.)

Maltbie, M. R. English local government board. (Pol. Sci.
Quar., 13:232-58. June 1898.)

♦Maxwell, R. C. English local government. 1905. R352.042

♦Meyer, H. R. Municipal ownership in Great Britain. 1906.


Municipal yearbook of the United Kingdom. 1906-date. R352

♦Shaw, Albert. Municipal government in Great Britain. 1907.


Clement, E. W. Local self-government in Japan. (Pol. Sci.
Quar., 7:294-306. June 1892.)

Sakuma, H. City government in Japan. (Annals of the Amer.
Acad., 25:322-24. March 1905.)


Siosteen, Gustaf. City administration in Sweden. (Munic. Aff.
5:779-92. Dec. 1901.)

Special Topics

Charities, Juvenile Court, Prisons

Adams, H. B. Notes on the literature of charities. (Johns Hop-
kins Univ. Studies in Hist. & Pol. Science, 5th ser., no. 8, p.
283-324. 1887.)

Baker, H. H. Procedure of the Boston juvenile court. (Survey,
23:643-52. Feb. 5, 1910.)

Bartlett, L. C. Probation and juvenile court movement in Italy.

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