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Sara daughter of Edward Lee & Mary daughter of John Phillipps
Will'm sonne of Will'm Smith

1 This entry is in a dififerent ink, and has probably been inserted in or after
1663, when Latin was again used in this register.

92 Sheffield Register

xxix*** Zachariah sonne of James Barnes & Mary daughter of John ff owler
XXX*** John Sonne of Robert Shawe & Samuell sonne of Edward Ellis

v*** George sonne of George Creswicke & Sara daughter of Tho'
(sic)i6 James sonne of James Wilson

17 Joseph sonne of George Hobson & Jane daughter of W'm Cattrell

19 Joseph sonne of Joseph Mawer, Tho' sonne of Tho' Thwaites

20 Mary daughter of James ffisher viccar

25 Xpofer sonne of Xpofer Barker, Anne daughter of Godfrey Cres-
wicke & Elizab' daughter of Jonathan Wilkinson

30 Joshua Sonne of George Wild & Elizabeth daughter of Geo' Allen

31 Sam '11 Sonne of John ffoster

1 Joseph Sonne of John Swift, Jeremiah sonne of John Clarke

2 John Sonne of John Turner, Margery daughter of John Pearson

(or Parson) & [blank] daughter of Edw' Rawson [page ends]
7 Stephen sonne of Steph' ffox & Anne daughter of Robert Stacie
10 John sonne of John Nutter
15 Mary daughter of Joseph Taylor
1 7 Geo' Sonne of W'm Bamforth

21 Tho' sonne of Thomas Poynton, Margret daughter of Tho' Pearson,

Mary daughter of Henry Waterhouse & Margrett daughter of
James Staniforth
23 Samuell sonne of Sam'U Leake

25 Anne daughter of John Rawson

26 John sonne of John Bate

27 John Sonne of ffran' Sykes

28 George sonne of George Bradbery and Katherin daughter of Joshua


29 Mary daughter of Robert Smith &
Basilews sonne of W'm Stone cler'


2 Mary daughter of Roger Osborne

7 John Sonne of Geo' Greene

8 Mary daughter of John Hale
10 W'm Sonne of W'm Vintin

13 Lidia daughter of Tho' Pecke

14 John sonne of Nicho' Newton, John sonne of George Parker &

Hellen daughter of Tho' Levicke

17 Martha daughter of Robert Turner

18 Joshua sonne of Will'm Carr & Sam'll sonne of Peter Vintin

19 Joseph sonne of Joseph Arnall and Richard sonne of Rich' Hall
23 Tho' sonne of Henry Watson


3 Anne daughter of Robert Hall

5 Joshua sonne of Castle Sheemild & Jonathan sonne of Antho*


6 Sara daughter of Rich' Paramoure & Sara daughter of ffran'


Baptisms 1660 — 1661 93

7 Tho' Sonne of Henry Parkin

8 Mary daughter of John Thwaites

9 James sonne of James Hunt & W'm sonne of Tho' Walker

1 1 Sara daughter of Thomas Roberts

12 Stephen sonne of Godfrey Bright

13 Martha daughter of John Pearson

17 Elizabeth daughter of John Ramsker

21 Martha daughter of George Parkin

22 Stephen sonne of Steph' Greene
30 Joseph sonne of Will'm Creswicke


5 John sonne of Richard Abtie

10 Martha daughter of W'm Tayler

11 John sonne of John Carr & John sonne of John Lee

18 Mary daughter of John North

23 John sonne of John Warberton

14 (sic) John sonne of Joseph Downes: borne & bapt' at Treeton

1 Samuell sonne of Edmund Lockwood

2 Mary daughter of Godfrey Water

3 Sara daughter of John Smith

7 Ruth daughter of Richard Beighton

9 Sara daughter of Robert Roncksley & Ruth daughter of Godfrey

15 W'm sonne of Robert Turner

6 (sic) Joanna daughter of John Bower

2 Mary daughter of John Barker

3 Mary daughter of Will'm Grimeshawe, Jonathan sonne & Dyna

daughter of Joseph Robertf
17 Beniamin sonne of Richard Riche, Joseph sonne of James Hobson,
Elizabeth daughter of Will'm Twigge

24 Will'm sonne of Thomas Handley

vij^^ Alice daughter of John Capper & Anne daughter of Richard
Twigge, John sonne of John Hancocke
xxiiij*** James sonne of Ralph Carr & Joseph sonne of John Burgin
March [pcige ends]

xo Margrett daughter of John Stevenson
xvijo Silvanus sonne of Robert Smith, Sara daughter of Geo' Pearson &

Elizabeth daughter of Rob't Litlewood
xxjo Elizabeth daughter of Tho' Harrop

xxv** Anne daughter of George Dickinson
xxvii j o Samuell sonne of Stephen ff ox & Robert sonne of Anthony Chapman
xxxo Mary daughter of Aiine Waterhouse vid' the reputed father Geo'

xxxjo Richard sonne of Richard Webster, Sara daughter of Tho' Pearson
& Sara daughter of John Dixon

vjo John sonne of Godfray Russell

94 Sheffield Register

vijo John Sonne of John Ryles, Zechariah sonne of Rob't Brownell,
Sara daughter of Edward Morton, Sara daughter of Thomas
Wood, Elizabeth daughter of John Plattf, EHzabeth daughter
of [blank] Mooke & Lydia daughter of George Wigfall
ixo [blank] of Robert Taylor
xjo ff ranees daughter of Tho' Cooke gentl'

xijo Kezia daughter of Thomas Lee & Sara daughter of Thomas Barber
xvjo Rebecca filia Alexand' Ashton gen'
xvijo Easter daughter of Rich' Phillips

xxjo Tho' Sonne of George Smedley & Tho' sonne of Rich' Woollhouse
xxviijo Anne daughter of George Ludlam
xxixo Samuell sonne of Gilb't Robertf

iijo William sonne of William Beale

yo Beniamin sonne of Tho' Crosley, John sonne of Robert Hawks-
worth & Mary daughter of Thomas Aldum
xijo Elizabeth daughter of John Bright & Sara daughter of Matthew
xxyo George sonne of Joseph Hobson
xxvjo Jonathan sonne of Nicholas Lum'as

ijo Jeremiah sonne of Peter Hoy land & Lemuell sonne of Rob't
viijo John sonne of William Barke
ixo Charles sonne of James Sum'ers & Thomas sonne of John Hill
i6t^ Anne daughter of Henry Bright gentl'
xyijo Samuell sonne of Thomas Jenings
xviijo Rouland sonne of Rouland Bramah
xxiijo Rebecca daughter of James Nell
xxixo Sara daughter of Robert Bate
xxxo Richard sonne of Andrew Crippin


jo Henry sonne of John Woollhouse
ijo John sonne of Jonathan Newton
iijo Sara daughter of Thomas Oxley

vijo John sonne of Robert Hancocke, Samuell sonne of Richard
Robertf, Mary daughter of George Beighton & Rebecca daugh-
ter of Lenoard (sic) Beete
xxjo Charles sonne of Charles Robertf
xxiijo Hellin daughter of John Wildsmith
xxiiijo Annah daughter of John Dodworth

xxvjo Jarvace sonne of Jarvace Turner & Joseph sonne of John Jonson
xxviijo Mary ye daughter of Malin Sorsbie & Marth' daughter of Richard
xxixo John sonne of Anthony Troughton

ijo John sonne of Thomas Dale
iijo Edward sonne of John Morton
iiijo William sonne of Thomas Burton

Baptisms i66i 95

vjo Samuell sonne of William Carr, Samuell sonne of William Stock-

inge & Susannah daughter of Edward Hartley
x° Mallin sonne of Mallin Stacie
xjo Rebecca daughter of William Smith
xijo Anne daughter of Roger Lee
xiijo Hannah daughter of Thomas Newbould
xyo Ehzabeth daughter of John Bright de Banner crosse
xxo Thomas sonne of Thomas Webster
xxvo John sonne of John Unwen & Sara daughter of Jonathan Warring
xxix^ John sonne of William Shertcliffe & Hannah daughter of Joseph

jst Samuell sonne of John Rose, Mary daughter of Thomas Burton &
Anne daughter of John Crooke
iiijo Richard sonne of William Shearman

yo Anne daughter of John Wilson
vij'' Anne & Lydia daughters of William Parker
viijo Anne daughter of ffrancis Tompson
xj° Matthew sonne of Thomas Gates & John sonne of John AUin

[page ends]
xxijo Mary daughter of George Holland
xxiijo John sonne of John Greaves
xxixo John sonne of John Peard
xxx" John & Thomas sonnes of The' Rodgers

jst Mary daughter of Tho' Winter
iijo Benjamin sonne of William Staniforth, John sonne of Joseph

Walton & Thomas sonne of Robert Hinde
vjo William sonne of Thomas Walker & Peter sonne of Henry Wooll-

vijo Alice daughter of John Tompson
viijo Joseph sonne of John Baze
xv^' James sonne & Janne daughter of John Styringe
xx^' Charles sonne of Tho' Smith & Anne daughter of Alex' Sankster
xxvij" Henry sonne of ffrancis Ratcliffe gen', Sara daughter of George
Stonf & Susanah daughter of Anne Heward the reputed father
George Taylor

iiijo Richard sonne of William RoUin
4 Robert sonne of Tho' ffisher
xo Elizabeth daughter of James Tupman & John sonne of William

xj** Mary daughter of John Cartricke
xijo Ezra sonne of Edward Archdall
xiiijo Sara daughter of Robert Downes & Elizabeth daughter of John

xvij o Isacc (sic) sonne of Edward Robinson & Jonathan sonne of George

xviij*^ Hellin daughter of Rich' Barber
xxijo John sonne of William Swiney, Maria fil' Johannis Oats

96 Sheffield Register

xxiiij*' Hannah daughter of Edward Cowper

xxvj*^ John Sonne of Joseph Butler & Hannah daughter of John Clayton

ijo Robert sonne of John Sutton
iijo Sara daughter of Thomas Shephard
iiijo Mary daughter of Robert Unwin
yo Sara daughter of Robert Unwin, Ruth daughter of Richard Lemon

& [blank] of Thomas Marshall
vjo Lydia daughter of William Kirckham & Sara daughter of Thomas

vijo Joseph sonne of Thomas Tyson, Hannah daughter of Joshua

xijo Anne daughter of James Carr
xyo Mary daughter of Andrew ffoster
xvjo Richard sonne of Thomas Legatt
xviij*' Joany daughter of John Dixon
xxij o Marth' daughter of Robert Poynton
xxiijo Anna daughter of Christopher Stewertson
xxixo Joseph sonne of Edward Birley & Ruth daughter of William

xxx^ Edward sonne of Edward Badger & Martha daughter of Edward

V** Samuell sonne of Richard Shore & John sonne of John Denton
vj° Thomas sonne of Thomas Hoy land
vij*> Sara daughter of Godfray Creswicke
xj*' Hannah daughter of John Goddard
xijo Mary daughter of Jolui More, Anne daughter of George Creswicke

& Mary daughter of William Woodhouse
xiijo Tamer daughter of Robert Chapman
xixo Mary daughter of John Gillatt
xx^ Ruth daughter of John Barker
xxijo Thomas sonne of John Clarber
xxiijo Hester daughter of John Dale
xxvjo Esther daughter of Edward Pryme

xxx° [blank] of Thomas Lingardf & Joseph sonne of Robert Redfeime

[page ends]

ijd Thomas sonne of Tho' Stacie, Samuell sonne of William Hoole,

Thomas sonne of John Lee, Joseph sonne of Sam' Chadwicke,

Anne daughter of Matthew Oakes & Sara daughter of Robert


vjo [blank] John Pearson, Jonathan sonne of John Lockwood &

[blank] Bright de graystones
ixo William sonne of James Hobson & Sara daughter of Thomas Dunn
xvo [blank] Godfray Wild

xvjo John sonne of ffrancis Spooner, Sara daughter of Joshua Hoy-
land, Sara daughter of Nicholas Shertcliffe, [blank] Robert

' From here the pages are headed ' Baptizati.'

I Baptisms i66i — 1662 97

xviijo Abrama fil' Robert Tibbott, Timothy sonne of Henry Weston

xix^ Benjamin sonne of Thomas Trickett
xxiijo Judith daughter of Robert Finder & Elizabeth daughter of

Thomas Newbould
xxvjo Joseph sonne of Edward Wainwright, William sonne of Richard
Hodgson, Joseph sonne of Richard Wright, [blank] Rob't
Blackden, John sonne of John flfoster

i)^ Barbray daughter of John Hopkinson, Hellin daughter of Henry

ixo Anthony sonne of Anthony Rodger, John sonne of Henry Walker,
Sara daughter of William Hawk, Eliz' daughter of Thomas
Goodeare, Eliz' daughter of Thomas Pecke
^th William sonne of William Smith, John sonne of John Bate, Sara
daughter of Joseph Nicholson & Rebecca daughter of Richard
xo Mary daughter of John Stacie
xjo Sara daughter of William Ellis
xiijo Abigail' daughter of John Pearson

xvjo Daniell sonne of Edward Mekin & Hanna daughter of Edmund
Baker, John sonne of John ffowler, John sonne of ffrancis
Mawd & Sara daughter of John Hale, Edward sonne of Rob't

Henry Bright
William Stones
Edward Badger
Will' Denton
James Wilson

Thomas Hancocke
Thomas Oflferton
George Brewell
Hugh Wood
Stephen ffox
Joshua Shaw

Hi quoru' nomina
hie scripti sunt
Gardiani ecclesiae
parochialis de Sheffield
anno 1662 inrat'
decimo septimo die
mensis Maii anno


xxxo Samuell sonne of Thomas Denton, John sonne of Henry Carter &

Richard sonne of Richard Cadman
xxxj° Joseph & Benjamin sonnes of William Bird

i]^ Samuel sonne of Richard Nutt
vjo Samuell sonne & Martha daughter of James Holmes
vijo Sara daughter of Elias Trickett

xo Elizabeth daughter of John Webster
xiij<* Stephen sonne of Thomas ffox, John sonne of John Capper borne
the x^*^, John sonne of John Twhaitt', Ezra sonne of William
Em'ery & Anne daughter of William Taylor

98 Sheffield Register

xiiijo Samuell sonne of William Wright

xxo Mary daughter of William Carnoley
xxiiij<* Martha daughter of William Wade

xxvijo William sonne of Thomas Hudson, John sonne & Elizabeth
daughter of William Tickhill, Benjamin sonne of Nicholas
Yates, Anne daughter of Lawarance (sic) Atkinson, Martha
daughter of Samuell Wild, Lydia daughter of Anthony Millnes,
Hellen daughter of Henry Marshall, Margrett daughter of
Roger Osbume, Rachell daughter of George Rodger & Dorothy
daughter of John France, Elizabeth daughter of Tho' Dale,
Lidia fil' Samuel Leake [p(^g^ ends]


iij<* Joshua sonne of Henry Gillatt

iiijo Joseph sonne of Raph Wildsmith, John sonne of Tho' Bright,

Sara daughter of George Parkin &
viijo Sara daughter of George Shore
xjo George sonne of Robert Harrison, William sonne of William
Twigg, Sara daughter of John Goddard, Abigail daughter of
William Mason, [blank] of Nicholas Tompson & Anne daughter
of John Water
xviijo John sonne of John Pearson, Hannah daughter of Abiell Yates

xxo John sonne of John Winter
xxijo Lydia daughter of Thomas Wildsmith

xxv*' Joshua sonne of Rouland Hallam, Charles sonne of Thomas
Tucker, John sonne of Thomas Housley, Sara daughter of W'm
xxxjo Joseph sonne of Matthew Youle

jst Mary daughter of George Bamsley de , Margrett daugh-
ter of Richard ffrost
iij** Hellin daughter of Matthew Amoll
viijo Samuell sonne of Robert Shaw, Samuell sonne of Jonathan Wil-
kinson, John sonne of John Hartley
xyo Sara daughter of William Burgin
xxijo Jonathan sonne of John Twigg, Jonathan sonne of John Hall,
Sara daughter of William Owin, Sara daughter of William Kat-
terill & Sara daughter of Thomas Shaw
xxix° Joseph sonne of James Lee & Thomas sonne of Tho' Pearson

vj° John sonne of George Offerton, Boaz sonne of Boaz Warren &

Peter sonne of Rich' Chapman
xiijo Anne daughter of Richard Paramower & Elizabeth daughter of

Rob't Ingall
xxo Nicholas soime of Nicholas Smith & Elizabeth daughter of John Pell
xxj*' Sara daughter of James Huntt
xxvij*' Jonathan sonne of John .Greaves, [blank] daughter of George

xxxjo William sonne of Joseph Mower

x° Joseph sonne & Martha daughter of William Bamforth

Baptisms 1662 99

xvij^' Robert sonne of Robert Shore, John sonne of William Unwin,
Thomas sonne of Thomas Leadbeater & Ruth daughter of John
xxiiijo John sonne of George Robardf
xxxjo Rebecca daughter of Charles Smith

vijo Thomas sonne of Richard Badger
xiiijo Thomas sonne of William Shertcliffe &

xv^ Moses filius Eusebius Hancoke^
xiiijo (sic) Joshua sonne of Raph Clayton

xxjo Joseph sonne of James Kenerly & Jane daughter of Godfray
xxviijo Nicholas sonne of Nicholas Taylor, Mary daughter of William
Wyett & Mary daughter of Richard Greene
xxixo Zechariah sonne of Thomas Burton

js* Mary daughter of Nathaniell Bird
iiijo Thomas sonne of Thomas Mason

yo William sonne of Joshua Skargell & John sonne of William Smith
viijo Zechariah sonne of Stephen Greene
xijo Joseph sonne of George Wilkinson & Sara daughter of William

xyo Jane daughter of Roger Lee [page ends]

xvjo William sonne of William Creswicke jun'
xixo Martha daughter of Jonathan Newton

xxijo William sonne of Robert Cowper & Sara daughter of John Bower
xxiij o Martha daughter of Robert Hind & Ruth daughter of John Clayton
xxiiij*' James sonne of James Webster

ijo William sonne of William Tunstad & Hannah daughter of John

v*' Thomas sonne of Thomas Revell
ixo John sonne of Joseph Harwood & Hannah daughter of John

xjo William sonne of John Wadsworth
xvjo Stephen sonne of Gilb't Tompson

xixo Sara daughter of Symon Stone & Susanah daughter of George
xxiij o John sonne of John Ash, Samuell sonne of Martin Lastlies &

Stephen sonne of George Hoyland
xxvijo Mary daughter of Daniell Bingley
xxxo Samuell sonne of John Bird, Timothie sonne of William Bullocke,
George sonne of John Marriott, Edward sonne of The' Thwaitts
& Lydia daughter of Thomas Oxley

vijo Mary daughter of Thomas Unwin & Margrett daughter of John
xo Hannah daughter of William Smith

* This entr}' has"' been inserted between the lines, and the following entry
(Clayton) was undoubtedly on the 14th of the month.

100 Sheffield Register

xxjo Thomas sonne of Nicholas Machon of Woodthorpp & Mary

daughter of Roger Browne
xxvo Godfray sonne of Joseph Bartin de Norton p'lsh

je* John sonne of ffrancis Hall r n- u a

iiijo William sonne of John Wainwright, Anne daughter of Richard

Pursglowe & Margr't daughter of Thomas Ryles
vijo Joseph sonne of Christopher Heward & Elizabeth daughter of
Joseph Stacie r t> • u j

viijo Anne daughter of Alexander Younge & Sara daughter of Richard
ixo [blank] Matthew Rodger , , , ,

xjo Richard sonne of Richard Bamforth, Elizabeth daughter ot
George Greene & Martha daughter of Joseph Beighton
xviijo William sonne of William Bullus, Lydia daughter of Robert

Holland & Mary daughter of Robert Stacie
xxijo Samuell sonne of Robert Smith
xxiiijo Lydia daughter of Michaell WiUie
xxvo Roger sonne of Anthony Chapman, John sonne of Robert Turner
& Elizabeth daughter of George Roe
February .

jst Joseph sonne of Joseph Longley, Thomas sonne of Rob t btani-
forth, Anne daughter of Thomas West & Martha daughter of
John Smith
vo Anne daughter of Stephen Bright & Martha daughter of Roger

viijo John sonne of Robert Matthewman & Jonathan sonne of John

xvo Thomas sonne of James Nicholson, Rebecca daughter of Thomas
Wright, Mary daughter of George Tompson & Hannah daughter
of Matthew Skargell de Stanington \j>age ends]

xixo Elizabeth daughter of John Wildsmith
xxo Lydia daughter of John Pearson -
xxijo John sonne of Thomas Beighton, Elizabeth daughter of Peter

Vintin & Elizabeth daughter of George Ludlam
xxvjo Eliz' daughter of Tho' Cooke gentl' & Elizabeth daughter of Wil-
liam Spencer

j"* Elizabeth daughter of Anthony Parker & Mary daughter of John

iijo SamueU sonne of Joseph Handley j / • \

iiijo George sonne of John Law, Isacc (sic) sonne of Lenoard {sic)
Beete & Richard sonne of Rich' Abdie
yo Mary daughter of Nathan Garlicke
viijo Thomas sonne of Tho' Robertf, Abraham sonne of Godf Russell,
Anthony sonne of W'm Thomely & Mary daughter of Edmond
xyo Joseph sonne of John Greaves &
*xixo Elizabetha filia Edward' Rawson

1 This entry has been inserted between the lines, and the following entry (Had-
field) was undoubtedly on the 1 5th of the month.

Baptisms 1662 — 1663





XX j°


XXV jo














XXX jo





XX jo



William sonne of Tho' Hadfield

Anthony sonne of Tho' Rodgers^ Ezra sonne of ffrancis Cawton &

Sara daughter of Raph Hunter
Elizabeth daughter of William Gardiner mini'r

Mary daughter of Zachariah Wilson
Walter sonne of John Burrowes

John sonne of William RoUinson, Joseph sonne of Houmphray

Almon, Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Broadbent & Mar\'

daughter of John Burgin
[blank] Robert Brownell, Mary daughter of James Brearly
George sonne of George Bower, John sonne of John North,

Thomas sonne of Peter ffrance, Hannah daughter of Henry

Bright jun' gentl'
Elizab' daughter of James Creswicke
Debora daughter of John Staniforth
Mary daughter of Thomas Oxpringe
Samuell sonne of Joshua Shaw
William sonne of Robert Hancocke & Martha daughter of George


Edvardus fil' Will'i Hawke, Maria fil' Will'i Harrison et Hanna

fir Davidis Lee
Moses fir Rosomond' Hewitt al's Cutt p're putat' Joh'e Rodger de

Norton Lees
Maria filia Joh'is Styren
Anna filia Castle Sheimeld
Elizabetha filia Joh'is Rawson et
Katherina filia Math' Bloome cler'
Anna filia Samuelis Tayler^

Joh'es filius ffrancisci Brownell et Anne filia Joh'is Clarke
Thomas filius Thomse Mason, Jeremiah filius Joh'is Pecke ct

Joh'es filius Alexandri Jervas
Joh'es filius Will'i Beighton, Hellena filia Thoma; Crooke et Sara

filia Antonii Troughton
Josephus filius Josephi Robertf
Thomas filius Thomse Bullus et Sara filia Georgii Hobson

Thomas filius Thomae Elliott

Jacobus filius Jacobi Nell

Joh'es filius ffrancisci Woolehouse

Jonathan filius Ric'i Gascoigne et Elizabetha filia Joh'is Dixon

Sara filia Nich'i Beever

Samuell' filius Edvardi Oxspring

Elizabetha filia Joh'is Tompson

Martha filia Godfridi Creswick

' This entry undoubtedly belontjs to the I4tli, the previous one having been
inserted between the lines at a later dale.

102 Sheffield Register

yo Elizabetha filia Antonii Siddall et Alicia filia Thomae Hudson
xij o Joh'es filius V>^iiri Wright, Hellena fil' Nich'i Wigfall et Elizabetha

fir Jacobi [page endsf

viijo Sam' filius Will'i Cooke
xviijo Sam' fil' Sam' Binks et Will'm'^fil' Joh'is Jorden
xixo Joshua filius Georgii Wigfall et Hanna filia Thomae Osgathorpe
xxijo Gartruda fil' Thomae Levick
xxvjo Hamia fil' Joh'is Brammall

jo Lidia fil' Ed'r'i Maikin
ijo Joshua filius Edmundi Baker

ix° Samueir filius Georgii Jefcock, Thomas filius Stephani Sutton,
Silvanus filius Stephani ffox, Maria filia Will'i Stones et Maria
filia Joh'is Sandes
xiijo Sara filia Petri Hoyland et Elizabetha filia Georgii Dewsberry
xvjo Joh'es fir Joh'is Littlewood, Elizabetha filia Joh'is Carr, Anna

filia Georgii Bradberry et Elizabetha filia Rob'ti Swainson
xvijo Hanna filia Edvardi Robertf
xxiijo Jonathan filius Jonathan Eaton, Josephus filius Joh'is Phillipps,

Johannes filius Will'i RoUin et Hanna filia Josephi Hobson
xxvijo Thomas filius Will'i Brownell
xxx° Georgius fil' Georgii Robinson

yo Hellena fil' Will'i Doungworth

vjo Ezra filius Phillippi Pickford et Jacobus filius Joh'is Lee
xiijo Godfridus filius Thomae Wilson
xvij° ffranciscus fil' Will'i Simson generosi
xx^ Joh'es filius Will'i Sheircliffe, Will'us filius Joh'is Courtnall et
Joh'es fil' Ric'i Sunderland
xxvijo Samuel' fil' Henrici Ashforth, Joh'es fil' Rob'ti Blackden, Maria
filia Leonardi Robertf, Elizabetha filia Joh'is Plattf et Sara
filia Xpoferi Barker
xxviijo Joh'es fil' Jacobi Wilson et Maria fil' Geo' Chain'

jo Sara filia Annse Wilkinson patre putatiuo Roberto Horner
iiijo Joh'es filius Edyardi Morton, Margreta filia Joh'is Rodger et

Katherina filia Thomae Walker
yijo Anna filia Will'i Twibell
ixo Georgius filius Georgii Pearson, Thomas filius Josiae Wood et

Hellena fiha Joh'is Woolehouse
xo Sara filia Jonas Taylor

xjo Anna filia Will'i Hollinbridge et Sa' filia Ed'r'i Trickett
xiijo Dorothea fil' Nich'i Lummas
xyo Rebecka filia Rob'ti Downes
xviijo Anna filia Will'i Denton et Anna filia Ed'r'i Tompson
xxyo Maria filia Joh'is Wardlowe, Lucus fil' Will'i Staniforth et Geo'
fil' Geo' Parkin

jo Anna filia Thomae Tyson et Maria filia Georgii Stones

* The pajje is torn up the middle from the bv)ttom for four inches.

Baptisms 1663 103

iiijo Stephanus filius Thomse Dixon
yo Thomas filius Josephi Oxspring
viijo Joh'es filius Will'i Tingle, Henricus filius Henrici Thorpe et Eliza-
betha filia Henrici Kirke
xjo Joh'es filius Thomse Dale
xvjo Thomas filius Edvardi Rawson de Walkley et Maria fil' Josephi

xvijo Abigail' filia Caroli Hobson et Dorothea filia Joh'is Hale
xxvo Maria filia Henrici Greenehill et Maria filia Will'i Kirkliam
xxxo Georgius filius Georgii Klnott

ijo Elizabetha filia Thomse Chappell

vjo Joh'es filius Joh'is Hynde, Margreta filia Thomse Ryles et Anna
filia Will'i Holland
xiijo Elizabetha filia Joh'is Cartwright et Anna filia Antonii Barten
xvjo Elizabetha filia Thomae Hobson
xvijo Hanna filia Thomse Barber
xxo Thomas filius Thomte Dale et Elizabetha filia Roberti Hardy
xxvij<* Rebecka filia Ric'i Riche

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