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murals. Firsts were scored in tennis, bowling,
table tennis, basketball, golf, and badminton to
capture the school's all-sports trophy. Sig Eps
placed first in the annual Campus Revue Compe-
tition and won a second in the all-campus Song-
fest. The Terre Haute chapter was honored at the
recent New York Conclave as one of the seven
outstanding chapters in the nation.

At Utah, Stan Gordon was recently named the
outstanding sophomore ROTC cadet. He has an
over-all grade point above a 3.5 on a 4.0 system.


BMOC David Phillips

Bill Buckley, swim captain

Ralph Johnson, swim coach

He also received a full tuition scholarship.

David Phillips was recently named Alpha Phi's
Jack 0' Diamonds (their sorority king) . He is a
senior in pre-med. He is also on the track team.

Bill Murphy was elected IFC secretary. He is
immediate past president of the chapter. He is a
commander in the Naval ROTC.

Dick Harmston was selected special events ed-
itor of the Utonian (yearbook). He is chapter so-
cial chairman. Dick has above a 3.0 GPA on a
4.0 system.

Warren Huckabay is counter guerilla com-
mander, which is the second highest position in
the Army ROTC at Utah.

Dave McCleery who was recently initiated into
Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, has done an
outstanding job in debate for three years. He has
won top prizes in debates at the University of
Colorado, U. of the Pacific, and at Utah State U.

Toby Nelson captured the highest grade point
for the quarter.

Utah Sig Eps captured second in the Fraternity
College Bowl. Twenty fraternities and sororities
participated. Larry Byrne, John Antonchick,
David Phillips, and Cliff Huntsman represented
the house.

Utah Slate Sig Eps stood first in scholarship

among campus fraternities for the spring quarter,
thereby winning the District Scholarship Cup.
Governor Gene Valentine made the presentation.

The chapter won intramural firsts in swim-
ming, football, and basketball.

Mike Cranney is IFC second vice-president,
while John Taylor is assistant editor of the cam-
pus newspaper.

Western Michigan Sig Eps in Freshman Car-
nival took first place among fraternities.

Pat Laughlin is IFC public relations chairman
and movie chairman of Men's Union Board. Jim
Collins is president of the Society for the Ad-
vancement of Management. Terry Moore is Senior
Class vice-president.

At Youngstown, Don Constantini, treasurer of
Student Council, was awarded the Scott Key for
having the highest men's average on a campus of
10,000 students. Paul Kusko was awarded the
Dubach Scroll for improvement. Bob Paterniti
was honored as outstanding committee chairman
for guiding Ohio Mu to a first and third place in
Greek Sing for the past two years.

Sig Eps served as chairman of Spring Week-
end. They won second place in the bed race.
Mike Fetsko was elected Ugly Man.

At Youngstown,
these men made up
the intramural foot-
ball team which took
IFC championship.


Bowling Green's spring pledge class has the size, balance, and enthusiasm for success.




Arizona. Manpower is produced by 59 mem-
bers and 27 pledges.

Recently pledged: Bill Andre, Mike Barrick,
Gary Cusick, George Peabody, Rick Ridenour,
John Delong, Greg Eavenson, Brock Fuller, Steve
Livensparger, Jim Plambeck, Steve Price, How-
ard Riffle, Jim Sandin, Burke Scagnalli, Tom
Schilling, John Talmage, Jeff Wieman, Reid
Woodward, Bruce Bostich, Monte Keltner, Tom
Miller, John Ray, Larry Johnson, Charles Brack-
ney, Mike Hatcher, Frank Frey, Budd Busche.

The chapter holds the record for the highest
percentage of pledges initiated for two years.

— Larry Frase

Arkansas State. Recently initiated: Charles
Boyd, Jerry Hitt, Richard Holeyfield, Edward
Bradford, Richard Walker, DoweU Hudson, Tim
Wargo, Mike Gibson, and Pete Parenti. The
pledge project was a 12' X 12' likeness of the
Sig Ep badge constructed of concrete and built
on a slope near the fraternity suite.

Charles Boyd received the best pledge award
and Jerry Hitt the pledge scholarship award with
a 3.75. Marvin Zimmerman received the scholar-
ship award for high grade point with a 4.00.
Gary Davis was awarded the most improved
scholarship trophy. Larry Sullivan was chosen
Best Big Brother.

Sam Flagg was recently elected secretary.

— Richard Holeyfield

Bowling Green manpower: 90 brothers (larg-
est on campus).

Recently initiated: Robert Ames, Garfield

Heights; Daniel Armbrust, Washington Court
House; Gary Cochard, Alburn, Ind.; John Gon-
gaware, Willoughby; Henry Harsar, Lorain; Jon
Lillevig, Lakewood; James Merhar, Willoughby;
Robert Oliver, Parma; WiHiam Reinke, Euclid;
Robert Sucheski, Rome, N.Y.; Jim Ullestad, Eu-
clid; Michael Vank, North Royalton; Pat Smith,
Fremont; and David Snider, Miamisburg.

— Tom Murray

Carroll. Recently initiated: Dan Jolivette,
Waukesha; Ronald Kolpin, Berlin.

— Paul Rathjen

Colorado. Recently pledged: Dan Mancini,
Bob Roney, Mike McKean, Kal Fallon, George
Evashwick, John Shippey, Alden Spilman, Scott
Peterson, Bruce Robertson, Tom Courson, Tom
Daly, Roger Davidson, Brad Downey, Jim Bird-
song, Bob Bell, Doug Dudnick, Bob Shearer, Bill
McVey, Bill Folkes, Bob Boyt, Ray Buchanen,
Roger Burdick, Bob Cunningham, John Unsinger,
Rich Kuhling, Charles Ordahl.

Initiated September 19: Chuck Christopher,
Denver; Gary Duniphan, Denver; Keith Erdman,
San Francisco, Calif.; Jerry Harpstrite, Colorado
Springs; Bob Monacco, Kearny, N. J.

— Joseph A. Cope

Dartmouth. Recently pledged: J. Thomas
Bassett, Peter Boorum, Ronald Brown, Tai-Sam
Choo, John Clark, Forrest Cogswell, Warren Con-
nelly, J. Blackwell Davis, Jr., Charles Grad, Louis
Highmark, Jr., William Jaeger, Robin Jones,
Donald Middleton, John Migliori, Dan Morgen-
roth, Randall Odeneal, Frederick Palmer, John
Pilling, Sanuel Sanders, Jr., James Snyder,
Thomas Thompson, Thomas Ulen.

Davis and Elkins manpower: 16 members, 16

Recently initiated: Gary R. Evans, Bethel
Park, Pa.; Rexford Fliess, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Recently pledged: Henry G. Speckhardt, Rob
ert T. Strohm, Robert W. Kurtz, James P. Rim
mer, John A. Burnett, JeflFrey A. Gilbert, Russel
L. Allen, Leif P. Carlson, Craig W. Mertz, Thom
as W. Flinn, Edward L. Wheeland, Donald T
Diefendorf, Joseph S. Chosney, Richard S. David
son, Timothy R. Sherman, James Sibley.

— Bill Thompson

East Carolina. Pledged September 17: Otis
Temberlake, Tom Skeen, Carl Griffis, Rip How-
ard, Jerry Cole, Mickey Ward, Jim Mitchell, Don
Carson, George Way, Chuck Torrey, Clayton
Bright, Winston Spurgen, John Cianfrani, Mike
Trimmer, Carl Miller, Butch Cannon, Rick
Roensch, Eddie Hammond, Warren Pope, Ted
Saunders. — Wesse C. Ranes, HI

East Texas State manpower: 45 members.

Recently initiated: Robert John Rusk, Larry
Wayne Haley, Jackie Alwyn Hummel, Jack Wil-
liam Kellam, Howard Louis Nycum, George Rob-
ert Slade, Charles Michael Stanglin, Fred Joe
Watson, Jimmy Keith Zachary, Tyrone Carsten,
John Lloyd Hicks. —Ray Morey

Evansville manpower: 64 brothers, 1 pledge.

Recently elected: John Kimm, controller;
Wayne Trevathan, junior marshal; Vernon Mann,
senior marshal; Ken Kreke, parliamentarian.

Recently initiated: Bob Bannwart, Steve Bare-
sic, Ron Cockran, Steve Grannon, Gordon Jaffery,
Bill Kitchens, Dan Lauer, Jeff Radnor, Bob Al-
bright, Dave Long, Lloyd Shaffer, Bob DeKem-
per, Gary Meyer, Jim Dye, Dick Hendry, Ed
Grammer, Charles Watson. —Jim Kohlmeyer

Florida manpower: 70 members, 55 pledges.
Recently elected: David Bothe, vice-president,
Robert Mead, recorder.

Evansville president
Dale Hennessey

Recently pledged: Wayne Anderson, Llewellyn
Buck, Dave Bumgarner, Randy Correia, William
Criss, Mike Davis, Denny Dennison, Dan Eaddy,
Randy Edwards, Ronnie Ellis, Mike Ferguson,
Larry Finnerty, Walter Farrar, John Galahgar,
John Glenn, Bill Godbold, Joe Godfrey, Charles
Harris, Bob Gill, Keith Hawkins, Sid Heidt, Cliff
Hill, Jim Harpel, Robert Kelly, Frosty Jordan,
Bill Jenks, Bill Levens, Mic Lineberger, Ralph
Little, Jim McGuire, Don McRay, Mike Mazzina,
Steve McKay, Tom Moorey, Andy Nichols, Brad
Pate, Louis Robles, Pat Rogers, Bill Rojas, Bill
Slotto, Rick Smith, Mike Vann, Neil Walker, Bob
Wattles, John Taylor, Joe D'Lucca, John Jordan,
Larry Feldhusen. —Brad Sawtell

Florida State. Recently initiated: Rudolph
Hubbard, Edward Lewis, David Gregory, Charles
Delvac, Paul Clarkson, Philip Caprio, James
Wilson, Jeff Bond, William Athens, Edward
Whipple, Art Forster.

Culver-Stockton Fall pledge class will be a factor for strengthening this chapter.

Missouri-RoUa's 300th,
Don Wojtkowski

Recently pledged: Buddy Hunsucker, David
Fell, Andy Guy, Rusty Payne, David Garret,
Stuart Kaufman, Phillip Bruce, Fletcher Sims,
Robert Forster, Danny Thomas, Edward Massi-
tas, Bob Ayou, Paul Vickery, Mike Stewart,
Chris Williams, Bob Rogalski, Lee Day, Lynn
McAdam, Sammy Harrison, Bob Fox, Charles
Cone. — Ed Strickland

Fort Hays State manpower: 58 brothers.

Recently initiated: Bill Neal, Hoxie; Michael
Cannon, Wakeeney; Richard Brown, Brewster;
Gerald Daise, Goodland; Tom Cross, Hays;
Johnny Edgeman, Bunker Hill; Larry Denning,
Ellis; James Befort, Hays; Johnny Propp, Rus-
sell; Marvin Bennett, Abilene; Doug Peck,
Goodland; Darrell Berry, Russell; Bill William-
son, Kinsley; Robert Partridge, Hutchinson;
Dean Dietz, Wakeeney.

Officers: Gary McFarland, president; Steven
Base, vice-president; Joe Whitley, secretary; Jon
Ficken, recorder; Sheldon Watkins, controller.

— Joe Whitley

Recently pledged: Bob Bass, Charles Bassler,
Val Bauer, Herb Book, Jerry Book, John Halley,
Bill Kidwell, John Macrae, Rich McCracken,
Nick Procaccini, Irv Smith, Mark Whitbeck.

— Tom Everitt

Michigan State manpower: 31 actives, 10

Spring term pledges: Jim Heffel, Mike God-
dard, Jerry Lyndrup, Dale Abbuhl, Jim Arseneau,
George Gooch, Bill Brimacombe, Herb Kehlstrom.

Spring term initiates: Lonn Myers, Ken
McPhearson, Rob Cohen, Ron Krager, Brent
Wilke, Mike Hicks, Tom Daily, and Bob Schlos-

Missouri at Rolla recently initiated the 300th
member — Donald Wojtkowski. Total manpower is
45 members and 32 pledges.

Recently initiated: Guy Givan, Independence;
Dana Connolly, Rush, N. Y.; Gorden Butler,

Recently pledged: Danny Bennet, Larry Carr,
Jeffrey Lewis Chambers, Leslie Daly, Robert Far-
rett, Robert Andrews, Mark Doering, James Fox,
Dennis Gerdel, Lawrence Gilbert, Ronald Grie-
senauer, Joseph Grimm, Bruce Arther Hach-
mann, Michael Knenlein, Oliver Krage, Richard
Krumery, David Lovell, Michael Mallory, John
Mundwiller, Larry Oliver, Danny Powers, John
Roberts, Ronald Sanders, Paul Sheary, James
Schipper, Robert Schmidt, John Schumacker,
Keith Troutman, Ronald Turner, John Uhlhorn,
Thomas Vosburgh, John Ward.

— Gary Gulick

Monmouth manpower: 36 members, 7
pledges, and 1 affiliate.

Recently initiated: Rod Stevenson, Bill Cow-
ger, Roger Filip, Bob Brink, Bob Beranik, Don
Bockler, Denny Elliot, Joe Washburn.

Recently pledged: Len Porter.

— Larry Bowden

Idaho State manpower: 64 members, 12
pledges. — Steven L. Berrey

Lawrence. Recently pledged: Dick Wolf-
gramm, Don Parker, Fritz Kolb, Bill Robinson,
Pat Hurt.

Recently initiated: Al Authier, Scott Bailly,
Earl Tryon, Tom Peters, John Roberts, John Ben-
jamin, Neil Russell, Bruce Sakura, Chuck Mer-
cier, Eric Nyberg, Ken Melnick, Greg Dery, Doug
Fulrath, Steve Custer. — Dave Rendall

MarshalL Pledge power for the future is pro-
vided by a new 37-man class.

— David L. Singleton

Maryland manpower: 41 brothers, 12 pledges.
Recently initiated: James Brusseau, William
Haley, James Hatcher, Robert Toth.

Muhlenberg manpower: 42 brothers and 3

Selected: Frederick Wetzel, of the Muhlenberg
Biology dept., as chapter counselor.

— Lee Johnson

Ohio Northern manpower: 57 brothers, one

Recently initiated: Rick Cooper, Shaker
Heights; Dave Dean, Wilmington; Hal Meeder,
Mars, Pa.; Danny Naas, Dayton; Jack Peterson,
Bridgton, N.J.; Joe DaPore, honary, Ada.

— Brad Hindall

Ohio Wesleyan. The rush program directed
by Steve Akin, netted 44 top quality men (the
highest number in Ohio Wesleyan history) .

Recently pledged: Phil McKinney, Skip Bush,
Russ Jamison, Bob Wicker, Chuck White, Bill


Turner, Merritt Warsaw, John Larigan, Rick
Glynn, Lloyd Capotosta, Ken Akers, Paul Doty,
Rich Cunningham, Rich Cassese, Lou Goldstein,
Bob DeSmidt, Laird Johnson, Paul Counts, Andy
Hiller, Skip Walker, Phil Tulin, Bill Edmondson,
Tom Miles, Bob Conaway, Paul Springer, Gene
Goebel, Rick Derrick, Al Snyder, Tom Hart,
Mark Fraulini, Dean Anson, Steve Smith, Pete
Durst, Duncan Caldwell, Ted Gardiner, Doug
Howe, Dick Dickerson, Pete Kakel, Montie Okey,
Larry Meehan, Jim Saldamarco, Ken Kinney,
Tom Tritton, Eric Colonius.

Omaha manpower stands at 86 with 58 mem-
bers and 28 pledges.

Recently initiated: Jim Butler, John Mixon,
John Mumford, Ralph Morgan, Charles Perrigo.

Recently pledged: Robert Antoniak, Arthur
Arnold, Rusty Behr, Robert Blakenship, John
Clark, Phillip Dugan, Mike Eckley, John Erics-
son, Steve Exon, Gene Fisher, Phil Gain, Ted
Gusak, Sid Howard, Robert Hrupek, William
Jansen, William Jensen, Donald Maxwell, Steve
Nelson, Richard Osterhaus, James Phillips, Leo
Pruett, Robert Schouler, Jeff Schroeder, Duanne
Stewart, Robert Thom, Carl Trapolino.

—Bill Olson

Oregon manpower: 68 brothers, who fill the
newly renovated house to capacity for the largest
among the 20 campus fraternities. —Jim Yoder

Rutgers manpower totals 58.

Recently elected: Alfred T. Slater, president;
Joseph Gaynor, vice-president; Basil Bozonelis,
recording secretary; Robert Burns, corresponding
secretary; Pat Thaller, controller; Robert Ed-
wards, chaplain.

Recently initiated: D. Whetham, R. Adams, R.
Reibling, J. Wagner, R. Peri, R. Radcliffe, W.
Pennella, C. Keller, J. Glass, L. Fisher, J. Kuder-
ka, J. Smith, T. Perry, R. Karpowich, M. Carey,
R. Beck, L. Ginsburg, G. Eckhardt, B. Bassetti,
K. Sendelsky, J. Novak, E. Weisbrot, J. Hay, J.
Reardon. — Robert Forster

Sam Houston State manpower: 33 members;
26 pledges.

Recently initiated: Galen Morris, Grand Prai-
rie; Phil Karish, Hempstead; Sammy Gates,
Huntsville; Gary Craig, Buffalo; Homer Merri-
man, Buffalo; David Weiss, Houston; Curtis
Schroeder, Sealy; Bob Eslinger, Houston; Steve
Schoenfield, Houston.

Recently pledged: Gary Beck, Eldred Berg-
strom, Edward Bittick, Tom Cassey, David Craft,
Johnny Grain, Roy Deagle, Frank Denton, Gary
Dudley, Casey Fannin, Jim Haller, Jerry Heggem,
Ronnie Higgins, Stephen C. Kerr, Kerry Kooken,
Donnie McCarty, Bill McMillian, Charles Morri-
son, Carl Owens, Richard Pearce, Phil Pfieffer,
D. X. Stengele, Boyd Scott, Mike Tripp, Kyle
Walker, John Williamson. —James Dinkins

Santa Barbara manpower: 61 members, 20

Recently pledged: John Caverhill, Whit Robin-
son, John Crosley, Dan Cobb, Claude Vander-
berg, Tony Shih, Bill Huntsberger, Harry Hoo-
hah, Harvey Young, Bruce Wallace, Mick Laska,
John Hiles, Brian Barnwell, Bill MofiBt, Greg Sta-
mos, Tom Smith, Chris Gautschi, Jim Abler, Tom
Rauth, Andy Hunter. — Marsch Nelson

Southeast Missouri State. Initiated Septem-
ber 19: Thomas Archer, St. Louis; Edwin Carl-
ton, Fredericktown ; Gregory Comer, Sikeston;
Dennis Hancock, Kennett; Danny Kannady, Cape
Girardeau; John Lancaster, St. Louis; Steven
Lufcy, Kennett; Michael McGinnis, N.J.; Alan
Nenninger, Cape Girardeau; James O'Brien, St.
Louis; David Ranson, Cape Girardeau.

— Troy Moore, Jr.

Southwest Missouri State manpower: 50
brothers, 49 pledges.

Recently pledged: Paul Ames, Monte Aspel-
meir, Jim Bauer, David Beio, Nick Callaway,
David Cooper, Frank Donaldson, Gary Edmonson,
Dan Faggard, Gary Fleming, Bruce Frailey, Steve
Gable, Paul Hendricks, Jack Horton, Darryl Han-
sen, Dwayne Hansen, Richard Kline, Craig Kulat,
Jim King, Bob Kurz, Mark Lindersmith, Bill
Lentz, Mike Mateer, Bob McCuroskey, Phil
Marsh, Ron Myers, Kelly Miller, Julian Minshall,
William Maupin, Bob Philibert, Tom Pinegar,
Dan Ricks, Larry Rothberg, Bob Schneider, Rich
Schneider, James Sayles, Steve Specht, Randy
Sarff, Dennis Scott, Mike Wallis, Jim Warfield,
George White, Gary Venable, Ron Ellison.

— Jack Andris

Tennessee Wesleyan. Recently initiated:
Alan Cornelius, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Louis
Butts, Evrette, Mass.; Roderick Perkins, Norfolk,

Tennessee Wesleyan's new exe<uii\.- roiuiniii


New officers

at West Virginia.

Conn.; James L. Thompson, Athens; Ron Mar-
shall, Knoxville; Rufus Triplett, Cleveland; Pat
Moore, Niota; Bob Bowman, Vienna, Va. ; Bill
Wilson, Atlanta, Ga.; Philip D. Ensminger, Ath-
ens; Joe H. Miller, Sweetwater.

Recently elected: Robert H. Lamb, president;
Ken Wells, controller; Bill Lockerby, recorder;
Bill Smalling, secretary; and Tim Carpenter,
vice-president. — Bill Smalling

Terre Haute manpower: 72 members.

Recently initiated: Steve Bauermeister, Randy
Beane, Tom Bozell, Gary Bronnenberg, Anthony
Condeni, William Felts, Mark Fessenden, Gary
Gordon, Ken Hosteller, Bill Hoyer, Dick Jay,
Richard Jones, Roger Noel, Phillip Scale, Bob
Smith, John Truitt, Dave Whaley, Terry Wil-
liams, Rick Yeary. — Bill Felts

Texas Christian. Recently initiated: Roger
Bailey, Denton; Harry Elliott, Abilene; Steve
Gleason, Pueblo, Colo.; Clark McAlister, Fort
Worth; Lonnie Reams, Fort Worth; Butch Toler,
Fort Worth.

Recently pledged: Bob Marshall, David Digby,
Dan Leffler, Gary Oliver, Doc Gaylord, Steve
Shankland, Art deRojas, Joe McCarty, Bruce
Anderson, Jim DeMent, Ken Lovin, Rich Beech,
Ed Mears, Glynn Morrison, John Sheapard.

Utah. Recently initiated: Jay Jorgensen, Salt
Lake City; David Burkholder, Ogden; Kurt
Grange, Salt Lake City; Edward M. Reynolds,
Big Bear City, Calif.; Gary Bowcutt, Salt Lake
City; David B. Clegg, Salt Lake City.

Recently pledged: Larry B. Hawkes, Les Pen-
dleton, Steve Bradley, Grant Seeley, John Culver-
well, John Mathews, Pat Christ, Roy Hewitt,
Raymond Johnson, David D. McCorvey, Ted W.
Schroeder, Larry Short, Larry Staker, Steve
Wayda, Michael Zundel.

— David L. McCleery

Utah State manpower: 52 members, 10

Recently initiated: Bob McGee, Kentucky;
Steve Crooke, California; Rich Beesley, Idaho;

Bill Culbertson, California; Bob Palmquist, Cali-

Elected: Mike Cranney, president (second
term) ; John Ritchie, vice-president; Steve Rit-
chey, secretary; Joe Downey, recorder; and Terry
Gladwin, chaplain. — Steve Ritchey

Washington manpower: 65 members, 42

Recently initiated: Art Hodgins, Snohomish;
Phil Creore, John Lockhart, Steve Barker, Jerry
Higgins, Rudy Knaack, and Tom Robinson, all of

Recently Affiliated: Forrest Wilcox, Seattle,
from Washington State.

Recently pledged: John Akins, Kirk Anderson,
Gary Bacon, Bill Bergman, Loren Brown, Vic
Broz, Len Cedar, Walt Connor, Jim Crabbs,
Terry Cragin, Kris Dahl, Jamie Depew, Ron
Donckers, Bill Evans, Mike Flick, Tony Garvin,
Terry Gimmel, Don Helphrey, Craig Hintze,
Doug Johnson, Steve Kane, Jim Kirk, Dave
Kronfield, Paul Kunkle, Doug Luiten, Rich
Malia, Gregg Morrison, Rob Morton, Bob Orns-
by, Jeff Pasco, Jim Prince, Roger Ray, Jeff Rem-
ington, Jack Reynolds, Jim Rosenzweig, Bill
Shinbo, Craig Spellman, Tom Swenson, Howie
Wallace, Ron Watson.

— James Jefferson Kyle

Washington U. (Mo.). Recently initiated:
John Northcut, Billings, Mont.

Recently pledged: Larry Atkinson, Larry Beck-
er, Curtis Day, Bob Hotchkiss, Bob Lord, George
McElroy, Bill Middeke, Jerome Misselhorn, Chris
Pappageorge, Rich Steeg, Hart Wilson,

Recently elected: Mike Bingman, president;
Bob Arp, vice-president; Bob Mason, secretary;
and Gil Karst, recorder. — Bob Mason

Washington and Lee manpower: 44 mem-
bers, 14 pledges.

Recently pledged: Edward Apetz, Mt. Holly,
N.J.; Joseph Chadwick, Jr., Baltimore, Md.; Her-
bert Crenshaw, Jr., Forest City, N. C. ; Peter
Gianino, Medford, Mass.; James Hamill, Jr.,
Oklahoma City, Okla.; Geoffrey Kuhn, Washing-
ton, D.C. ; Kaniel Lynn, Randolph; Charles


Initiate Bob Hirt, Western Michigan, with
his father Karl Hirt, Michigan, '31, who
attended initiation ceremony at Kalamazoo.

McNiel, Charlotte, N.C.; Thomas MuUenix, Ar-
lington; Joseph Small, Jr., Virginia Beach; Mi-
chael Stevens, Tallahassee, Fla.; Craig Smith,
West Palm Beach, Fla.; Randall Weill, Port Jer-
vis, N.Y.; William Wilkerson, Richmond.

Recently elected: vice-president, Clarence Man-
ning; corresponding secretary, Thomas Doss.

— Thomas Doss

Western Michigan manpower: 55 members,
35 pledges.

Recently initiated: Dennis Traczyk, Bob Hirt,
Bob Rowe, Dick Boris, Dick Kamischke, Tom
Kerins, Bill Greene, Rob Andreae, John Lanesky,
Harry Breniser, Larry DeGoffau, Greg Gebben,
Byran Bohnet.

Present at the initiation ceremonies was Karl
Hirt, Michigan, '31, father of Bob, who presented
his son with the Sig Ep ring he wore as an un-

dergraduate when the ceremony was concluded.

Elected: Bob Sutter, president; Jim Preston,
vice-president; Pat Laughlin, secretary; John
Lanesky, controller; and Al Johnson, recorder.

— Pat Laughlin

Westminster manpower: 75 members.

Recently initiated: Jim Linville, Dunedin, Fla.;
John Fontanella, Wampum; and Smitty Cornell,
Mount Lebanon.

Recently pledged: Karl Sweet, Larry Eckblad,
Mike Cruger, Gary Poole, Joe Salamone, all

Freshmen pledged: Dennis Adams, David An-
derson, Douglas Behn, Larry Brodisch, William
Ethridge, Roger Hannigan, Melvin Miller, Philip
Miller, Ronald Mokowski, Glen Nylander, Thom-
as Pavlock, Robert Scarazzo, Thomas Thompkins,
Larry Webber, Richard Wenzel, Robert Willison.


West Virginia. Recently initiated: Bob
Mahaffey, Parkersburg; Merideth Robb, Weir-
ton; Vic Kutis, Glen Dale; Bill Hogsett, Ripley;
Sid Nesselroad, Cottagesville; John Pete, Weir-
ton; Art King, Nitro; Hoy Shingleton, Romney;
James TaUman, Vienna; Bill Lutz, Elizabeth,
Pa.; Gary Grady, Ravenswood; Dave Huffman,
South Charleston; Bill Milleson, Romney; Steve
Rice, Dunbar; Dave Stevens, Dunbar.

Recently elected: Larry Sindelar, chaplain;
John Barnes, recording secretary; Marion Kostka,
president; Bruce Darney, controller; John Bat-
cheller, secretary; and John Wagoner, vice-presi-
dent. — Merideth Robb

Youngslown manpower: 74 brothers.

Recently initiated: Harold Anderson, Hub-
bard; Alan Andras, Poland; Frank Bailey,
Youngstown; Dale Baker, Hubbard; Patrick
Cain, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Al Cervello, Youngstown;
Robert Ehrenreich, Buffalo, N.Y.; Frederic Gory,
Sharpsville, Pa.; Robert Kunovich, Youngstown;
Michael Weber, Buffalo, N.Y.; Donald Yavorski,

Elected: Robert Sheridan, controller.

New initiates at
Youngstown seem
well qualified to
advance the name
of their fraternity
and to demonstrate
the virtues of the
fraternity system

Bowling Green Sig Eps and rivals attract huge audience at third annual Sig Ep Mud Tug.


Arkansas State Sig Eps at their annual
Queen of Hearts Ball crowned Mignonne Wilson.
Her court of Sig Ep Princesses consisted of Kay
Wilbanks, Kay Lynn Coleman, Pat Montgomery,
and Lou Gibbs. Mignonne is vice-president of
Alpha Gamma Delta, Miss Campus Beautiful,
and president of her dormitory.

At Ball Stale, Karen Nolan, Chi Omega, was
chosen Sweetheart at the annual closed dance.

Bowling Green Sig Eps have begun a new
tradition on campus. With the help of the Stu-
dent Spirit and Traditions Board, the brothers
have acquired a live falcon — the school mascot.
Tom Read is in charge of the bird which will be
taken to all football and basketball games. The
chapter was the only fraternity on campus to ac-
cept the falcon.

The brothers also held their annual Mud Tug
on September 25. With all the fraternities and
sororities on campus participating, the function
was a complete success. An estimated crowd of
2,000 students saw the day end with a tug be-
tween the Golden Hearts (with the help of the
active brothers) and the pledges.

Carroll Sig Eps selected Pat Kudla, Chi
Omega, senior major in education, as Sweetheart
at the spring formal held May 15, at the Red
Carpet Inn in Milwaukee.

Colorado Sig Eps chose Suzie Hammond, a
Chi Omega junior from Grosse Pointe, Mich., as
Queen of Hearts.

Detroit Sig Eps held as their initial social
event of the year a mixer in honor of the incom-
ing freshmen known as the No-Sock Hop. The

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