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Arkansas State Sig Eps redecorated their fra-
ternity suite with black leather upholstered furni-
ture, gold carpet, and gold draperies accentuating
a new color television set. The main door to the
suite is upholstered in red leather with a brass
door knocker and the Greek letters in gold.

At Ball State, house remodeling and paneling
were done in many of the rooms and restrooms
under the supervision of industrial arts major
and house Manager Cliff Loder.

Bowling Green Sig Eps received a new inter-
com from the Mothers' Club. The alumni bought
new lamps for the main lounge and the recrea-
tional lounge. The University has landscaped the
back of the house.

Bucknell Sig Eps constructed a patio during
the summer as a place for outdoor parties and din-
ners. It was paid for entirely through donations
from parents.

At Connecticut, Sig Eps have added a new
$2,500 lounge. The theme is early American, com-
plete wih wooden beams and lantern lamps. Sev-
eral brothers returned early to panel walls and
arrange the new furnishings. Also, a TV room
has been built in the basement making use of
some of the old lounge furniture. The remaining
furniture was sold at an auction held behind the
chapter house.

Dartmouth Sig Eps have their living room
completely remodeled, a new staircase installed,
and a new kitchen completed on the first floor.

East Carolina Sig Eps, working side by side
with the alumni board, have secured two houses.
One is used to house members and the other
pledges. The houses are located directly in front
of the main portion of the campus; one at 505
East Fifth Street and the other just behind at
406 Summit Street.

The houses were dedicated to the late Larry
HoUaman. His mother accepted a set of keys and
a President's Gavel. Brother Hollaman was presi-
dent at the time of his death.

At Evansville, Tom Akin, Dick Shrader, Steve
Bauman, and Tom Neidermeier directed the lay-
ing of a new tile floor in the kitchen. Alumni do-
nated four new chairs for the chapter room.
Pledges painted the kitchen and halls for their
pledge class project. For their campus project the
pledges painted the game room of the Student
Union Building.

Idaho State Sig Eps installed a patio in the
back yard and carpeted the upstairs hallway.

Indiana Sig Eps await completion of a $280,000
addition to their house at 815 North Jordan. The
addition will house study rooms, a formal living
room, fraternity den, kitchen and dining facili-
ties, and housemother quarters. The entire house
will accommodate 84 men. When the old house
was remodeled a distinguished alumni room was

Massachusells Sig Eps are spending their sec-
ond semester in a new house which was completed
last February. One section of the house had been
built in 1960 and now the entire structure is done
and is said to be the most impressive on campus.
The worth of the house is approximately
$250,000, and its existence is an example of ex-
cellent alumni participation in fraternity affairs.

Newly acquired house at East Carolina.


The newly completed
Georgia Tech Sig Ep
house, shown in these
pages for the first
time, has already
been attractively

Ohio Northern Sig Eps have recently acquired
an entire floor in an apartment building for use
as an annex to the regular house, thus affording
all the unmarried brothers true fraternity living

Pennsylvania Sig Eps, with generous support
from alumni and parents, redecorated the living
room, adding a new rug, piano, tables, chairs,
and lamps. The brothers painted the front porch
and fixed up the grounds.

At Santa Barbara, a $137,000 house which will
sleep 40 men is being constructed on the fraterni-
ty-owned lot.

Southwest Missouri Stale Sig Eps paneled
the first floor hall and lowered the ceiling. New
furniture was bought for the trophy room and the
TV room. The basement was made into a den.

Utah State Sig Eps have installed some pine
wall paneling, carpeted the halls, obtained new
curtains, and acquired an incinerator.

At Washington ground has been broken and
work is progressing on a new chapter house. The
new building, being built on the site an aged
annex had formerly occupied, will connect with
the present chapter house in the middle of a
block-long physical plant. Another building,
formerly occupied by another fraternity, has been
rented to meet the housing demands of a growing
chapter while the new house is completed. Com-
pletion is expected during spring or summer.

Washington U. (Mo.) Sig Eps completed a
number of summer improvements at their house
at 6149 Pershing Avenue, St. Louis. Living room
walls were paneled and a tile ceiling installed. A
trophy case and new china cabinet were ac-
quired. The upstairs was repainted and the base-
ment floor redone.

At Youngstown, the spring pledge class built a
new and bigger trophy case, repainted the kitch-
en, dining room, library, TV room, and chapter
meeting room, and also scrubbed down the out-
side of the house.

Florida Sig Eps have widened the sidewalk and done some new landscaping.


."^ "H "^^


Belmont Abbey Colony brothers again occupy
the fraternity lodge which has been renovated
after the destructive fire.

First semester rush has increased manpower to
41 members and 5 pledges. The latter are Michael
Smithson, Guy Thomas, Paul Zingg, Frank
Schafer, and John Curan.

In the intramural contests just beginning in
football, handball, bowling and horseshoes, the
outstanding athletes are Frank Becht, Paul Zingg
John Curan, Bob Fields, and Bill Adeimy.

Information concerning the New York Conclave
has been passed on to Colony brothers through a
series of lectures by delegates Art Gazzo and
Matt Russ.

Michael Deane of the Ways and Means Com-
mittee has directed publication of the first edition
of the Colony paper.

IFC representatives Mark Cohan and Mike
Deane have aided in the writing of a new IFC

Colony brothers are grateful to the men from
Davidson College and Bedford Black, governor of
District 5b, for their participation in the mid-
September rush party. — Buddy Alexander

Rhode Island Colony members and pledges
finally have achieved their aim of living together
as a cohesive unit. They have a house.

The Colony recently received a provisional
charter from the University. University President
Francis Horn, himself made the presentation.
Colony president Paul Venancio received it. Dis-
trict Governor T. L. Sanderson was present.

On moving to the new home, the colony raised
the Sig Ep flag and installed spotlights around
the flagpole to illuminate it.

— George deWalder


At Arizona, Mike Farley, senior from Los An-
geles and past president of the chapter, became
IFC president, succeeding brother Jay Harness.
Mike was editor of the IFC rush film, and a re-
cipient of the IFC service key. Last year he was
chairman of the Greek Week Olympics.

Chapter president. Bill Ridenour, senior from
Kingman, was elected president of the Associated
Students of the University. His activities include:
student senator, chairman of the Senate Legisla-

At Rhode Island, chapter president Paul
Venancio receives provisional charter from
URI president Francis Horn. District Gov-
ernor T. L. Sanderson is third from left.

tive Relations Committee, Senate Judicial Com-
mittee, Greek Week committee chairman, IFC
Service Key, and past president of the Arizona
Campus Young Republicans.

At Atlantic Christian, Rhandy Smart, chapter
controller, is president of the Senior Class and
chairman of Committee on Committees for Atlan-
tic Christian. He is also scholarship chairman for
N.C. Iota.

At Bowling Green, Jerry Richardson, chapter
president, has served on the Interfratemity
Pledge Council, the IFC for three years, and the
Interfratemity Judicial Board. He has been chair-
man of the Freshman Charities Ball, Orientation
Leader for three years, a student council repre-
sentative, and a member of the Student Spirit
and Traditions Board.

Bill Comer, chapter vice-president, has main-
tained a 3.3 average while taking an active part
in the fraternity and in drama. He is a member
of Theta Alpha Phi and the new advertising
manager for the Key, College annual.

The chapter placed third in the competition for
the all-sports trophy.

At Carroll, Ben Chadwick, Dan Jolivette, Ed
Kostal, Karl Knudson, Ron Nelson, John
Schrock, and Tim Wendt made the Dean's List
by having a grade point of 2.5 (on a 3.0 grading
scale) for the spring semester.

Larry Gough, junior serving as chapter vice-
president, is a dorm counselor. Gough was elect-
ed as the Outstanding Freshman in his first year.

Tim Wendt, junior majoring in political
science, is attending the American University in
Washington, D.C., on an exchange program with

At Colorado, athletic chairmen John Hamm
and Jim Zahoudanis led the house to the Gold
League intramural athletic championship. Indi-
vidual sport finishes in league competition in-
cluded firsts in wrestling, softball, and bowling,


BMOC Rhandy Smart
Atlantic Christian

BMOC Bill Comer
Bowling Green

BMOC Jerry Richardson
Bowling Green

a second in volleyball, and third places in foot-
ball, basketball, and gymnastics. Teams also
placed second in volleyball and wrestling in the
All-University play-offs.

Mack Gendreau finished as 6th ranking pitcher
in the Western Carolina League while playing for
the Spartenburg Phillies. Gendreau logged a 2.85
E.R.A. during his '65 season.

Colorado finished the spring semester with a
2.501 house grade average, for the 10th straight
semester above the all-men's average. Three
brothers who maintained 4 point averages are
Steve Ehrlich, Bob Boesel, and Bob Eckland; 21
men were on the Dean's List and 6 on the Supe-
rior Dean's List.

George Sape, senior from Colorado Springs, is
president of the IFC.

At Dartmouth, Tim Barnard, chapter vice-
president, is president of Dartmouth's interdormi-
tory council, student organization which orients
freshmen and also administers Dartmouth's 26

Joseph Fellows, chapter secretary, formerly a
varsity oarsman, is coaching the freshman crew.

Cadet Sgt. Major David Wrisley was awarded a
full ROTC scholarship. He is the highest ranking
cadet in his class.

Ben Day has entered the engineering honors

Davis and Elkins Sig Eps earned the scholar-
ship trophy during the 1964-65 year.

Ralph Chapin was elected president of the Se-
nior Class and named Mr. Senator. Mike Bauman
was elected senior class vice-president.

The Advanced AFROTC program will be
under the leadership of Howard Grominger,
Michael Bauman, John Wiley, HI, Robert Cope-
land, and William Thompson.

At Detroit, Bob Duniec, commerce senior, has
been appointed head of the University's dorm

At East Tennessee State, Walter Pleasnick,
senior with majors in elementary and secondary
education, hopes to continue graduate studies in
educational administration. On a 4.0 system, he
has a 3.3 average. Working his way through
school, he is serving as head life guard at the
campus pool. He is also in Army ROTC and is S-
4 (Major) in the ETSU Brigade. He is first ser-
geant in Scabbard and Blade. He has been chap-
ter secretary and public relations chairman. He
was this year's recipient of the Scott Key. He is
Chief Justice of the Student Court, president of
the Student National Education Association, and
president of Kappa Delta Pi.

Arthur Kelly, from Mooresville, N.C. is presi-
dent of Delta Sigma Pi.

The Softball team won a three-game play-off
with Pi Kappa Alpha to cop the softball cham-
pionship and finish the season undefeated.

Charles Hamilton, of Bristol, is president of
Alpha Phi Omega. He is scholarship chairman
for the chapter and has a 3.2 average on a 4.0

Wayne L. Bell, Walter E. Pleasnick, and John
Miller, attended the Southern Universities Stu-
dent Government Association (SUSGA) Confer-
ence held in Gatlinburg. Bell was president of
the student body of ETSU who served as host to
the representatives of the 75 other schools in at-
tendance. Miller is a student senator, and Pleas-
nick is chief justice of the student court.

Edward Farney, of Morristown, is one of the
four male cheerleaders at ETSU.

East Texas State Sig Eps placed second in the
over-all intramural race, winning "A" Team bas-
ketball, archery, basketball free throw, volleyball,
tennis singles, and tennis doubles. George Gid-
dens was intramural high-point man for the sec-
ond year.

Evansville Sig Eps captured the IFC commu-
nity service trophy. Gary Fuquay was chairman.
Tom Cook was named president of the IFC.


BMOC George Sape

BMOC Walter Pleasnick
East Tennessee State

BMOC Roger Shepard
Fort Hays

Fred Barton is a cheerleader. Dale Hennessey,
Terry Ising, Dick Werking and Jim Jansen are in
Blue Key. Jim Kohlmeyer was initiated into Pi
Delta Epsilon. Warren Wilhelm is president of Psi

Bill Lateulere, rush chairman, is active in cam-
pus affairs and fraternity committees.

Florida Sig Eps won the all-campus softball
championship over the Pikes, Sigma Alpha Epsi-
lons, and Betas.

Fort Hays Stale Sig Eps finished second in
Greek All-sport scoring for the past year, winning
first in basketball, swimming, horseshoes, tennis
singles, and badminton doubles. Terry Shoemaker
was chosen as campus Sweetheart King. Roger
Shepard, past president and controller, was re-
cently presented with a scholarship from the
Kansas Association of Certified Public Accoun-
tants at their yearly convention in Wichita.

Georgia Tech Sig Eps won first place of the
large-group division of Tech's IFC Greek Week
Sing under the direction of Jack Sampselle.

Bob Hudson, Ed Picklesimer, Joe Acerra, and
Ben Chapman led the chapter ping-pong team to
second place in intramurals, the volleyball team
placed second, and Dick Figlar placed the chap-
ter second in the school tennis championship.

The chapter also came in second in the Blood
Drive. These accomplishments are indicative of
the rejuvenated chapter spirit spearheaded by the
completion of the new house last Thanksgiving.

At Idaho State, Jim Roberts was awarded a
full academic scholarship to Rice University at
Houston, Texas. He has enrolled in the fall
semester as a physics major. While at I.S.U. Rob-
erts played on the varsity football team, was a
member of the symphonic band, and was affilia-
ted with Blue Key.

Brent Berrey has enrolled at the University of

Oregon Dental School through an annual grant of
$1,600 under the Idaho WICHE student exchange
program. While at I.S.U. Berrey played varsity

Indiana State (Pa.) Sig Eps have had the
lion's share of intramural trophies since the pro-
gram began in 1945. With the undefeated season
the football team enjoyed last year, it marked the
18th time the Sig Eps have won the champion-
ship. Last year's second-place finish for the bas-
ketball team was only the third time in 20 years
that the Sig Eps have not walked away with first.

Kansas State Sig Eps have 13 men in varsity
sports. These include golf, swimming, track, base-
ball, and gymnastics.

At K-State, Tom Dawson (left) and Jack
Ayers are members of Gymnastics team.


BMOC Tim Parker

BMOC Gene Hartzell

BMOC Ed Dodd

Tom Roode, Al Gerstinberger, Nick Perrigo,
and Doug Schumacker bolster varsity golf with
scores in the low 70s.

Jim Latham, Dave Schmidt, and Jack Ayers
reinforce the swim team in the breast stroke,
150-yard free style, and diving.

Track men Jim Jones and Jay Ryan claim times
in the 440 and 880 of :52 and : 150.83.

Steve Wood, a starting baseball pitcher, has
played two seasons of senior league ball and
pitched two no-hit, no-run games. Dan Nichols
and Dan Hixon are in the freshman division.

In gymnastics, Tom Dawson and Jack Ayers
will compete on the parallel bars, high bar, and
the trampoline.

Ken Goreham is a veteran in varsity wrestling.

At Lawrence, Tim Parker is Junior repre-
sentative on the All-School Judicial Board, a
member on the 1965 Homecoming Committee,
captain of the Soccer Club, member of the New
Student Week Committee, and the Lawrence Uni-
versity Ski Club. He is also the College Trans-

At Marshall, University president Stewart
H. Smith presents IFC Scholarship Trophy
to officers Phil Farthing and Lou Sammons.

portation Coordinator and an active participant
in IFC sports.

Kent State Sig Eps captured the all-fraternity
scholarship trophy for the spring quarter. The
pledges were also tops. One-third of the chapter
participated in the new student program as group

Richard M. Brandt is a member of the New-
man Club, Scabbard and Blade, New Student
Program, a major in Army ROTC, and is pledge
educator. He is past coordinator for Greek Week,
controller, secretary, member of IFC, student
council, and dorm council.

Richard T. Kettler is a member of IFC, Arnold
Air Society, Pi Alpha Theta, New Student Pro-
gram, honors program, and is present chapter
president. He is past vice-president, freshmen and
junior outstanding cadet, member of the Newman
Club, dorm council, Mock GOP, and Apalo can-

At Lehigh, Gene Hartzell, house recorder, is
active in IFC, Circle K, AIChE, and is also re-
turning for his fourth year as a member of the
famous Lehigh Marching Band. He is also a
member of the chapter's championship football
and volleyball squads, as well as the basketball
and baseball teams. Moreover, he has 3.01 cu-
mulative average.

Ross Tutschulte is active in Lambda Mu
Sigma, Class Gift Committee, Senior Class Cabi-
net, and is social chairman for the house. Phil
Hogan is in ASME, president of Eta Sigma Phi,
secretary of Pi Tau Sigma, and is one of the
mainstays of the chapter's football and basketball

Sophomore Ned Locke won the Alfred P. Sloan
Scholarship Award for high scholastic average
and achievement in extracurricular activities. The
Ost Bickley award for the outstanding pledge of
the year was given to Ted Ulle while the Howard
Fredrick Vernay Scholarship Award was given to
James Kilmoyer. Also the Dubach Scroll for most


BMOC Dave Otto

BMOC Vance Hitch

BMOC Rick Banning
Ohio Northern

improvement was given to junior Randy Wood
while the Scott Key was awarded to Gene Hart-

At Maryland, Ed Dodd is platform chairman
of the Free State Political Party and treasurer of
the Senior Class. He has been appointed to the
finance committee of the Student Government As-
sociation and is chairman of the IFC food drive.

Dick Zimmerman leads the 155-member Mary-
land marching band as drum major.

At Michigan Slate, Lonn Myers was initiated
into Green Helmet and Phi Eta Sigma. Don
Schramn was chairman of Greek Sing.

At Missouri at Rolla, Dave Otto, freshman
math major, was elected Theta Tau Freshman of
the Year. He was also elected Phi Eta Sigma and
is a member of Intercollegiate Knights. He is co-
chairman of the recreation committee of Student

Monmouth Sig Eps again copped first in

At Muhlenberg, Vance Hitch, chapter rush
chairman, is vice-president of the Junior Class, a
member of the college band, and an adviser on
the Freshman Orientation Committee.

John Hirschman is president of the Science
Club and David Darr president of the Muhlen-
berg College Band. Jim Clippinger was selected
for the Senior class Executive Committee. Lee
Johnson, House Secretary, and treasurer of the
Junior Class, also served as a freshman adviser.

The chapter placed second among fraternities,
scholastically, with a combined average of 2.502.
All-men's average was 2.30.

At Ohio Northern, chapter president Edward
Reifschneider is president of tlie IFC, student
chairman of the O.N.U. Development Committee,
and serves in the National Guard.

Vice-president Richard Banning has been
named the Homecoming Chairman and is a mem-
ber of the Student Senate. He has earned varsity
letters in cross country and track.

Theodore C. Burtt, Jr., senior English-drama
major, became the first student to have a student-
written play produced — Beyond the Reach of
Evening. He is also editor of the college maga-
zine, columnist on the newspaper, and has been
rush chairman, activities chairman, and is now
chapter social chairman.

Ohio State Sig Eps brought home three tro-
phies from the New York Conclave: the Gover-
nor's Cup for District 9, the Excelsior Award,
and the Pafford Award for the outstanding scrap-

During the previous term, the pledge and ac-
tive bowling teams captured the first-place trophy
and a semi-finals trophy. The basketball team
placed second and the slow pitch softball team
first. The Sig Eps also won third place for Home-
coming rallies.

Dan Davis won the "Goldigger's King" contest,
on all-campus election in which coeds pick their
ideal man.

The Sig Eps were awarded the first-place tro-
phy for maintaining the highest house average on
campus for the 1963-64 school year among frater-
nities whose memberships exceed 60.

Keith Kistler, chapter president, in his third
year as varsity cheerleader, is secretary of Ohio
Staters, a member of the Traditions Board and
Senior Class Committee, and Bucket and Dipper.

Ray Roop was elected by Phi Beta Kappa.

Ohio Wesleyan Sig Eps won the Alpha Tau
Omega service trophy for the second consecutive
year. The Heart Fund Drive, blood donations,
parties for the orphans, and helping destitute
people saw Sig Ep brotherhood in action.

Pennsylvania Sig Eps ranked 9th out of 34
fraternities scholastically, with a 2.58/4.00.


BMOC Thomas Harte
Southeast Missouri

BMOC Michael Janchick
Southeast Missouri

BMOC Warren Huckabay

Named to the Dean's List were Bill Hence, Jim
Carnahan, and Phil Scranton, in the College;
Ben Mortensen and Tom Walker, in the Engi-
neering Schools; and Cal Bamford and Dallas
Smith, in the Wharton School of Finance and

Philadelphia Textile Sig Eps took first place
in Fraternity Talent Competition with their cho-
rus of singing brothers.

Ken Takvorian, '65, was selected as Brother of
the Year.

At the Senior-Pledge Banquet, the Class of '65
presented a beautiful lighted case to display the

At Purdue, Jerry Wrucha is a member of Phi
Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, treasurer of Skull
and Crescent, and vice-president of the Student
Union. He carries a B average in aeronautical en-

Richard Buol has served on the Student-Fac-
ulty committee and is president of Catalyst Club.

At Sam Houston State, Joe Scanlin was
named Mr. Greek at the annual Greek Mixer.

The spring pledge class of 1965 received the
highest grade-point average among fraternity
pledge classes.

James Dinkins is Senatorial Congress repre-

At Santa Barbara, Dave Forman is student
body vice-president and Mike Milakovich Senior
Class president. Chapter president Bill Rauth
made a 4.0 grade average last semester. Bill
McKeever is head cheerleader.

The chapter placed second in football and bas-
ketball and first in track.

At Southeast Missouri, awards were received
by Michael Janchick outstanding active, Irvin
Beard as outstanding pledge, Don Bee as out-

standing athlete, and Jack Sim as outstanding

Southwest Missouri State Sig Eps won in-
tramural firsts in golf and swimming to launch
the school year.

Tennessee Wesleyan Sig Eps received the
Fraternity of the Year award, a four-foot trophy,
for excellence in scholarship, service, and athlet-

Bill Climer was elected student government
president. Bill Lockerby is treasurer; Bill Small-
ing, president of the Senior Class; Rod Perkins,
boy representative of the Senior Class; Shelley
GriflBth, president of the Junior Class; Collin
Lord, president of the Sophomore Class; Alan
Cornelius, vice-president of the Sophomore Class;
Ron Marshall, boy representative of the Sopho-
more Class; and Jeff Morelock, treasurer of the
Sophomore Class.

David Ensminger is president of the Student
Christian Association. Ken Wells is president of
Phi Beta Lambda. Darnell Chance is president of
the College choir and Delta Rho Mu. BMOC Hal
Buttram was chosen as the Kappa Delta sweet-
heart and also Mr. Ugly. Hugh Walker was elect-
ed by the Student Body as Mr. Tennessee Wes-
leyan College.

Terre Haute Sig Eps won five firsts in intra-

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