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Unto you that fear My Name, shall the
Sun of Righteousness arise, with
healing !n his wings."


' Oh, timely happy, timely wise,
Hearts that with rising morn arise.*

' New mercies each returning day.
Hover around us while we pray."

And to the'QMstian heart, ^oweyet, o^^ary.
There comes'HO, 8ori^*- JWsus wifl^not share.

Nor holds wide, iSrih u' gpo^ m sad Mid> dreary.
But, Sun of .^ighl^wusas^s, "^lioik shi^ies^ there







T'ttl" rounOAront

» :i!erc,' > "^ '

E'en as thecwv wh^cii s^.illful iJa jd
Hath filled yU but imfshiPM drop mere
Would caus^ its 'bvirfk.W, — yet safe ^ ,
Arose-leaf on Us s,uffaap,bor^ ",''■' » '
Thus in cir so'als,^t^ieif9ant>oJ b'llb!^ '.,
MiLde per/ict in, fthrAl's t^rpjsence,>— by ^

His grace tt/is'aliiied blessing bears,
Friendship throughout eternity.

M. H S

•• •• •
, • •• •

'• • •

• • •

• •.; •- •



1st Day.

" His compassions fail not, they are new
every morning."

IVr OT only are God's blessings new every
morning, but His compassions " fail
not " ! He is indeed " very pitiful, and
of tender mercy." And although I may
grieve Him day by day by my wayward-
ness, yet He will bring me back to His
side ; His loving voice will recall me ;
He will say, " Come unto Me, O weary
and heavy-laden."

— • —
" New every morning is the love
Our waking and up-rising prove !
Through sleep and darkness safely

Restored to life, and power, and

3unsl){nf. 1st Day.

Blessed Lord, make me so wholly
Thine that I cannot thus abuse Thy
wonderful love and unfailing compas-
sion : may Thy goodness lead me this
day to repentance, and Thy Holy Spirit
so abid*^ with me that I may glorify Thee
in thought, word, and deed, for my dear
Saviour's sake. Amen.

2d Day. ^UU^l^tlt^.

*• Wliatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all
in tlie Name of the Lord Jesus."

TF we would indeed "do all in the
Name of the Lord Jesus," how
blessed a day this would be : with every
energy of mind and soul bent to heav-
enward aims, to glorifying God, to puri-
fying ourselves from sin, it would truly
be a day nearer Heaven. Let me then
bear constantly in mind whose I am ; let
me strive to be " hidden in Christ," and
to lead others to " Behold the Lamb of

"Wherever in the world I am,

In whatsoe'er estate,
I have fellowship with other hearts

To seek and cultivate.
And a work of lowly love to do

For the Lord on whom I wait."

" Direct us, O Lord, by Thy most gra-
cious favor, and further us with Thy con-
tinual help, that in all our works begun,

8 ^m\^\fint. zd Day.

continued, and ended in Thee, we may glo-
rify Thy Holy Name, and finally through
Thy mere}' obtain everlasting life, through
Jesus Christ our Lorfl," Ami v.

2d Day. ^UltS^tUC.

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and Ho
shall direct thy paths."

T ET US Strive this one day to remem-
ber Christ, and not be ashamed to
acknowledge Him eitlier to ourselves or
to others. Let all "take knowledge of
us, that we have been with Jesus." Let
us live Christ even more than we speak
of Him, but if necessary boldly confess
that we are His soldiers and servants.
His soldiers, because we are to fight on
His side ; His servants, in that we are
entirely dependent upon Him.

" His love doth follow my steps, but I
Am a poor sinner and no more !
The Lord my Shepherd He is the same,
He doth not measure His love by

True and unchangeable is His Name,
His love and pity are all Divine !
He doth remember though I forget,
And therefore I think He '11 keep me


^imii)ine, id Day.

*'OGod, the Protector of all that trust
In Thee, without whom nothing is strong,
nothing is holy, grant that Thou being
our Ruler and Guide, we may so pass
through things temporal that we finally
lose not the things eternal, through Jesus
our Ivord." Amen.


i^h Day. J)uns!;inc.

*' Praywitliout ceasing." "He ever livetli to
make intercession for tliem."

TESUS is always near us, and we may
•^ always lift our hearts to Him in
prayer, and He will plead for us before
our Father. Wonderful compassion ! the
Son of God pleading our feeble petitions !
Through Him alone can we hope to se-
cure an answer to our prayers, but if we
only ask believing, all things shall be
given unto us.

• —

" Go when the morning shineth,
Go when the noon is bright,
Go when the eve declineth,
Go in the hush of night :
Go with pure thought- and feeling,

Fling earthly thought away,
And in thy closet kneeling.
Do thou in secret pray."

" O Thou who art always more ready
to hear than we to pray, and art wont to
give more than either we desire or de-
serve," bless us this day for our dear
Saviour's sake. Amen.

12 ^uniSIjtnc. 5M Day,

" Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil*
the law of Christ.'*

TF thus we strive to bless others, we
shall surely be blessed ourselves.
Let us first of all work and pray for our
fellow-beings, and ihcn some one's pray-
ers will be answered for its. Let us this
day make some one happy, and begin
rt£-/it around us ; not looking away for
some great thing to accomplish, but tak-
ing the duty nearest to us, do that, and
then we shall see the next. In little
things we can thus do much for Christ,
though still " more careful than to serve
Him much, to please Him perfectly."

— — • —
**I ask Thee for a thoughtful love
Through constant watching wise.
To meet the glad with joj'ful smiles

And to wipe the weeping eyes ;
And a heart at leisure from itself
To soothe and sympathize."
— • —
O Thou who hast taught us that as
Thou hast loved us, so ought we also to
love one another, grant unto us grace to

t^th Day. ^WW^iwt. I3

follow Thy blessed example, Who didst
die upon the cross that we might live,
that we may this day and always en-
deavor to love our neighbor as ourselves.
We ask \\ for Jesus' sake. Amen.

14 ^uns'I)inc. 6th Day

" All things work together for good, to then
that love God."

T^ID we really believe this, how differ-
ently we should bear the trials of
life. However hea\7 the cross, we should
willingly take it up, knowing who hath
laid it upon us. However sharp the
bereavement, we should feel that "the
Lord gave and the Lord hath taken
away." However sore the temptation,
we should cry " Get thee behind me, Sa-
tan," and looking unto Jesus, be saved.
Yes, all things work together for good to
those who /cz'^ God. See to it then, O
my soul, that thou lovest Him, that thus
this promise may be fulfilled to thee.

— •—
" Oh ! there is nothing in the world

To weigh against Thy will !
E'en the dark times I dread the most

Thy covenant fulfill.
And when the pleasant morning dawns,

I find Thee with me still."

Dear Jesus, to obtain that which Thou
dost promise, make us to love that which

bth Day. JJUnsljlltC. 15

Thou dost command, and to trust Thy in-
finite compassion, which doeth all things
well. Grant it for Thine own sake.


1 6 ^un5l)(llC. -Jlh Day,

* Cast thy burden on the Lord, and He shall
sustain thee."

A N humble child-like spirit is what I

would especially cultivate to-day.

How happy I should be if like a little

child I could with one hand " hold fast

by my Father " all the day long, while^

with my other hand I " pluck the flowers

along the pathway of life."

" What Thou shalt to-day proAride,
Let me as a child receive ;

What to-morrow may betide
Calmly to Thy wisdom leave.

'Tis enough that Thou wilt care;
Why should I the burden bear ? "

Blessed Jesus, who for our sakes didst
humble Thyself to become a little child,
grant unto us that spirit of meekness
which Thou didst manifest, and help us in
all things to glorify our Heavenly Father,
for Thy own Name's sake. Amen.

%th Day. ^UUS'^Utf.

■VAHiom have I in Heaven but Thee P and
there is none upon earth that I desire
besides Thee ! "

r F we would be happy in this transitory
life, we must love God supremely ;
no earthly friend, however dear, must fill
Ilis place within our hearts. Yet if we
seek earnestly to be filled with love to-
ward Him, then we need not fear that
He will chide us for loving our dear
ones, since He has said, " As I have
loved you, so also should ve love one

' Source of my life's refreshing springs,
Whose presence in my heart sustains
Thy love appoints me pleasant things.

Thy mercy orders all that pains me !
If loving hearts were never lonely.
If all they wish might always be.
Accepting what they look for only,
They might be glad, but not in Thee ! "

Gracious Lord, whose Name is Love,


^un^f) inc. 8//5 Da^.

teach us to make Tliee first in our hearts,
that thus wc fall not into condemnation.
We ask it for Thy Well-Beloved's sake,
Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

^th Day. ^\X\\^\^\\\t, 19

" The beloved of tlie Lord shall dwell in safety

by Him." "All his saints are in Thy


"LTOW comforting to the Christian's

heart are the Naities by which God

calls His people. ** The Beloved of the

Lord ; " oh, what a glorious title is that !

May it be said of us as of Daniel, '* O

man greatly beloved, fear not ! peace be

unto thee ! be strong, yea be strong ! "

and again, — *' At the beginning of thy

supplications the commandment came

forth, and I am come to shew thee : for

thou diXt greatly beloved.''''

" Under Thy wings, my God, I rest !
Under Thy shadow safely lie.
By Thy own strength in peace pos*
While dreaded evils pass me by !
My place of lowly service too,

Beneath Thy sheltering wings I see,
For all the work I have to do.
Is done through strengthening rest
in Thee."

?unsl)inc. ^th Day.

Our Father in Heaven, grant us this
day and always to live as becometh our
calling as Thy Beloved, that thus we
may be saved both in body and soul, for
our Blessed Jesus' sake. Amen.

lOth Day ^UUSijiUC.

" Thou wilt keep Mm in perfect peace, whose
mind is stayed on Thee ! "

TN " perfect peace : " can I indeed thus

be kept even when sorrows press

heavily upon me, or when all seems dark

and dreary ? Yes, — but God must keep

us in it ; we cannot sustain ourselves in

it ; but if we stay our minds upon Him

as our Rock of Salvation, if we trust

wholly to the Omniscient Eye which seeth

what is best for us, then indeed shall we

be kept in " perfect peace."


" Oh ! this is blessing, this is rest —

Into Thine arms, O Lord, I flee :

I hide me in Thy faithful breast

And pour out all my soul to Thee."

— « —

" O God, from whom all holy desires,
all good counsels, and all just works do
proceed, give unto Thy servants that
peace which the world cannot give, that
our hearts may be set to obey Thy com-
mandments, through Christ our Lord."

22 ^UlT)5(I;i'nC. nth Day

"Wliataoover thy hand flndeth to do, do It
with thy might."

TF we could live each day as though it
were our last, how careful should we
be to improve every moment : how little
danger there would be of our wasting
any : yet we know not but this vtay be
the last ! Oh, then, why are we not
more in earnest ? May God forgive our
trifling away His precious time in world-
liness or sin. Let us then ever " be
prayerful, — Heaven is won by prayer ;
be sober, — for wc are not there ! "

One by one thy duties meet thee,

Let thy whole strength go to each :
Let no future dreams elate thee,

Learn thou first what these can teach.
Every hour that fleets so slowly

Has its task to do, or bear :
Luminous the crown and holy,

If we set each gem with care."

" O Thou who hast safely brought us

MihBay. ^un^f)(nc, 23

to the beginning of this day, defend us
in the same by Thy mighty power, and
grant that this day we fall into no sin^
for our Redeemer's sake." Amen.

^UUS'fjmc. \2th Day

"I count all thinsrs but loss, for the excel-
lency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus
our Lord."

HTHIS is a " hard saying " for our weak
human hearts. We ding to pleas-
ure and luxury, — we do not often " count
all things but loss " for Jesus' sake, but
we must endeavor to "seek first the king-
dom of God ; " then we may with a good
conscience enjoy such earthly blessings
as He may " add unto us."

— « —
"Though some good things of lower
My heart is called on to resign,
Of all the gifts in Heaven or earth,

The greatest and the best is mine.
The love of God in Christ made known,
The love that is enough alone,
My Father's love is all my own."

— • —
O Merciful Father who of Thy tender
love towards mankind, didst send Thy
only Son Jesus Christ to suffer death,
that we might live, teach us so to value
tl)is inestimable benefit, that we may

\2th Day. ^uns'l)tns.


show forth our gratitude not only with
our lips but in our lives, that at last we
obtain that other precious gift of eternal
life through His merits, our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

26 ^^UlTiSOillC. iZth Day.

" There is therefore now no condemnation, to
them which are in Christ Jesus."

"TTIDDEN in Christ," even God's
Omniscient Eye can see naught
but I/i's likeness, and therefore He can
love us, and welcome us as His children
through tlus "Well-Beloved." Hidden
there the law cannot condemn us, "for
whom Christ died."

O my soul ! is it indeed true that all
thy wretchedness and guilt have been
washed away "through His most pre-
cious blood ? " Then indeed shouldst
thou " rejoice and be exceeding glad."

— ♦—
"My soul's Restorer, let me learn

In Thy deep love to live and rest !
Let me the precious thing discern

Of which I am indeed possessed.
My treasure let me feel and see,
And let my moments as they flee
Unfold my endless life in Thee!"

Wc therefore pray Thee help Thy

\lth Day. ^\\\\^\)i\\t, 27

servants, whom Thou hast redeemed
with Thy precious blood. Vouchsafe O
Lord to keep us this day without sin."

28 ^un^Ijinc. i/^h Day.

""Whosoever shall do tno win of my Father

which is in Heaven, the same is my

brother, and sister, and


A LL Christians are " one in Christ
Jesus." How strong and tender
the tie which should bind them together.
Let me see to it this day that neither in
thought, word, or deed may I " hurt one
of these little ones." Let me rather help
some weary brother in the way of life,
and be ready always to "be pitiful and

—^ —

'T is not that in our veins we trace

One drop of kindred blood : the tide
Of life within our souls is one, —

The blood which flows from Jesus' side.
Our souls have chosen the same road

Through joy or sorrow, light or gloom.
That way is narrow : cau we then

Far separate reach our Heavenly
Home ?

— • —

Our Father in Heaven, who hast knit

I4//S Day. ^im^l)tnc. 29

together Thine elect in one body, grant
unto me and to all my dear friends in
Christ Jesus all spiritual blessings this
day, for our Elder Brother's sake. Amen.



^unsilj inc. 15/// Day.

"Be ye therefore followers of God, as deaj

children, and walk in love, as Christ

also hath loved us."

«' T OVE is the fulfilling of the law : "

and surely we cannot care too

tenderly for our dear ones, since God's

word bids us to love one another as He

hath loved us. Such love indeed we

cannot attain unto, but we can strive

after it.

" Our sweet and holy union

Knows neither time nor place ;
The love which God hath planted

Is lasting as His grace.
We tread ore path to glory,

Are guided by one Hand,
And led in faith and patience

Unto one Father-land."

Grant, Blessed Jesus, that we, loving
Thee above all others, may love our
neighbors as ourselves, and daily minis-
ter unto them for Thy sake, O precious
Saviour, who didst lay down Thy life for
our sake. Amf.n.

idth Day. ^uns'l^iue. 31

•' I pray not that Thou shouldest take them

out of the world, but that Thou shouldest

keep them from the evil."

TESUS, our great Example, was rarely
left alone in communion with God —
only as He spent whole nights in prayer,
an example poor human nature is loth to

But often to us, when we seem to see
Him face to face, and that it is indeed
good for us to be there, comes a sum-
mons to the duties of life, which would
seem irksome did we not remember our
Lord's own words to His disciples, —
" Arise, let us go hence : " and again His
precious words, — "I pray not that Thou
shouldest take them out of the world, but
that Thou shouldest keep them from the

" I ask Thee for the daily strength

To none who ask denied ;
For a mind to blend with outward life

While keeping at Thy side,
Content to fill a little space

So Thoic be rrlorified."

HUli^IjinC. idth Day.

Keep us, O Lord, by Thy mighty power,
from all the temptations which daily be-
set us, that we may shine in the world as
Thy followers should. Be Thou our In-
tercessor that we may be kept from all
evil ; and be our Merciful Saviour both
now and ever. Amen.


x-jth Day. ^Ull^Ijiue. 33

" Ask, and ye shall receive."
r\ H, for a stronger faith in God's prom-
ises to hear and to answer prayer !
Whatsoever we shall ask, be it little
things or great, we shall receive them.
Not always perhaps, just in the way we
have asked for them, but if we watch as
well as pray, we shall find the answer.
And not only at morning and at night,
but all through the day let my heart be
asking blessings at God's Hand. " We
are coming to a King,^'' " Large petitions
let us bring."


"My God, is any hour so sweet

From blush of morn to evening star,
As that which calls me to Thy feet,

The hour of prayer !
Blest is that tranquil hour of morn,

And blest that hour of solemn eve,
When on the wings of faith up-borne,

The world I leave !

O Gracious Spirit, Who alone canst
:hange our vile hearts and make them

34 ^lin^l)Clir. i-Jth Day.

fit dwelling-places for the Saviour, teach
us to ask for such things as Thou secst we
need, for the sake of Him who ever livetb
to make intercession for us. A men.

i?>th Day. ^xins^int, 35

•If any man sin, we have an Advocate with

the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous,

and He is the propitiation for

our sins."

TT O W humbly should we walk all the
day, could we but realize the suf-
ferings we cost our Saviour, even amid
the glory of Heaven, by our sinfulness !
To remember that yesns is watching us,
and that our every thought is read by
Him, should keep us from every temp-
,tation to evil. To look backward to the
ci'oss, and onward to the crown, should
so occupy our minds that the vanities of
earth should be easily passed, on our
daily road.

" Oh for a heart to praise my God,

A heart from sin set free !
A heart that always feels the blood

So freely shed for me !
A heart resigned, submissive, meek,

My dear Redeemer's throne.
Where only Christ is heard to speak,

Where Jesus reigns alone."

^imsljinc. iS//^ Day.

"Grant, O Lord, that by continually
mortifying our corrupt affections \Ye may
purify ourselves even as Christ is pure,
and be made like unto Him in all things,
to whom be honor and glory ^Yorld with-
out end." Amen.

\(^th Day. ^unsl)int. 37

'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from
whence eometh my help."

T JPON the " Everlasting Hills " walks
my Saviour, yet notes each event
in the life of His humblest follower.
Unto Him then will I look each hour
of this day for sympathy in my joys or
sorrows, my sickness or my health. His
gracious love is mine, if only I claim it,
and naught can harm one clad in that
armor. " Accepted in the Beloved." Let
this thought keep me in peace all the
day, and let me be ever looking unto
Him " from whence eometh my help."

My Jesus as Thou wilt !

All shall be well for me,
Each changing future scene

I gladly trust with Thee !
Straight to my Home above,

I travel calmly on.
And sing, in life or death.

My Lord, Thy will be done."

nmsljillf. \()th Day.

O God, amid all the changes and
chances of this mortal life, ever defend
us by Thy continued and ready help,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


20th Day. ^\X\\^\)i\\i > 39

"My grace is suflieient for tliec."
JJOWEVER weak, through sin or
from sorrow, we may be, we have
God's precious promise, that His grace
will be sufficient for us. The " grace of
God ! " ah ! through this we can indeed
" do all things." " The grace of our
Lord Jesus Christ be with you ; " how
often, and how carelessly have I re-
sponded " Amen " to this petition ; yet
how full of wonderful promise it is.
"Sufficient" for every emergency, how-
ever sudden. Even if we seem entering
"Death's dark valley," that grace can
either bring us back to life, or sustain as
through the shadows on into the Sun-
shine of Jesus' presence.

• —

"Shall I not trust my God,
Who doth so well love me }
Who as a Father cares so tenderly?
Shall I not lay the load
Which would my weakness break.
On His strong Hand who never doth
forsake ? "

40 *imsf)fllC. 20/// Day.

O God, who knowest us to be set in
the midst of so many and great dangers,
give us such faith in Thee that we may
trust Thine all-sufficient grace, which
Thou hast given us in Christ our Sav-
iour, all our lives long. Amen.



2\st Day. ^un^fjmc. 41

"All the paths of the Lord are mercy and

truth unto such as keep His covenant

and His testimonies."

"DOOR human wisdom is often baffled
in the paths it marks out for itself.
The hand of God hedges up the way,
and we turn aside, and wonder. Let us
try simply to tricst our Father, and walk
in the way of His commandment, then
shall we never go astray.

What cheering words are these,
Their sweetness who can tell ?

In time and to eternal days,
'T is with the righteous well !

'Tis well with them while life endures,
And well when called to die."

"O Merciful God, who knowest that
we have no power of ourselves to help
ourselves, so order our unruly wills and
affections that we may run the way of
Thy commandments, and desire those
things which Thou dost promise,"
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

42 ^UllS'IjiuC. 22d Viiy.

" When luy Bpirit was overwhelmed within
me, then Thou knewcst my path."

r~^ OD'S Omniscient Eye knows our
path, even " from the beginning ; "
60, however dark it may be to us, it is
all light to Him. Our spirit may be
" overwhelmed " with joy or with sor-
row ; but through either, our Father's
Eye detects the course we shall take,
the way we shall choose. Again, the
lesson is, "Trust Him."

My sorrowing friend arise, and go

About thy house with patient care ;
The Hand that bows thy head so low

Will dc\ir the ills thou canst not bear.
Arise, and all thy tasks fulfill.

And *as thy day, thy strength shall
Were there not poiver beyond the ill,

The ill would not have come to thee.
Though cloud and storm encompass

Be not afflicted nor afraid ;
Thou knowest the shadow would not

Were there no sun beyond the shade."

Z2d Day.



Be Thou, O Jesus, our pillar of cloud
by day, and of fire by night, to lead us
through this wilderness-world. Then
indeed we need fear no evil, for Thou
art with us. We ask it for Thine own
Name's sake. Amen.

44 ^uni^I)tnC. z^d Day

" I, even I, am He that comforteth you."

Q WONDROUS Christ, who art the
comfort of so many weary hearts !
tlie Saviour of the world ! Jesus the Cru-
cified ! this day take full possession of
my soul ; let it lean on Thee, and hope
in Thee, and trust /•

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