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from Illinois. October 9. 1899.

Ashbel Wesley Case Eleanor Drake Hollister.

Pierpont Hollister .Martha Wallace.

Josiah Hollister Vsenath Sweetland.

Thomas Hollister 2d \bigail Talcott.

THOMAS HOLLISTER 2D., son of Thomas Hollister
1st and Dorothy Hill, was Ensign of the Sixth Company of
Col. Wolcott's Regiment of Connecticut troops and went into
service at Boston toward the end of January, 1776, and served
about six weeks after the British evacuated the town. He took
the oath of fidelity in Glastonbury, Connecticut, January i,
1778. He enlisted again in Glastonbury, January i, 17S0,
and was discharged December 7, 1780.

References: Glastonbury for Two Hundred Years, pub-
lished at Hartford in 1853. Connecticut Men in the Revo-
lutionsary War, pp. 11-166-381. The Hollister Family in
America, pp. 19-27-32-33-4 1-64-65-96- 153- 154-30 1-302-543-

Bank Cashier, Wapello. Born July 13. 1857.
Admitted February 2, 1901.


William A. Colton Mary Weir.

Samuel Weir

William Weir Elizabeth Dillie.

David Dillie ^li^^^^uli^^— - ^ *^-

DAVID DILLIE (with probably his b«>the4-.s-, bamuel and
Israel) served in Captain John ]\Iiller*s Company, as a scont
and ranger on the frontiers of \\'ashington county, Pennsyl-
vania, on several tours of duty, during the years 1778 and
1783. "The rangers on the frontier of Western Pennsyl-
vania had severer duty than the soldiers under Washington,"
says Dr. William H. Egle, State Historian.

References: Pennsylvania x\rchives. Third Series, Vol. 23,
p. 218.

167 FRED COURTS 13067

Lawyer, Morning Sun. Born February 3, 1858.
Admitted December 28, 1900.

F'red Courts Sarah B. ^Mitchell.

Rev. Joseph Mitchell },Iary ^Milligan Bassett.

Joseph Bdssett ]\Iary Milligan.

JOSEPH BASSETT served in Capt. John Russell's Com-
pany of the Twelfth i\Iassachusetts Regiment, Col. Gamalin
Bradford, in the Revolutionary War, as appears by returns of
clothing drawn by him July 3, 1777; served also as Matross
in Capt. William Perkin's Company, Third Artillery Regi-
ment, Continental troops (raised in Massachusetts). He en-
listed April 10, 1777, for three years and his name last ap-
pears on a roll of the company dated at Valley Forge, June 12,
1778, without further remark.

References : Records in the office of the Record and Pension
Office, War Department. Washington, D. C.


Physician and Surgeon, Knoxville. Born September 11,
Admitted September 26, 1896.


111 the War of 1861, served as Assistant Surgeon Twenty-
third Iowa Volunteer Infantry from August 8, 1863, to Feb-
ruary 13, 1864. and as Surgeon of Fortieth Iowa VoKuiteer
Infantry from February 14, 1864 to August 2, 1865. when he
was mustered out with his Regiment at Fort Gibson, I. T.

Amos Cornell, Jr Destimony Chamberlain.

John Chamberlain Lucy Knowlton.

Benjamin Knowlton Abigail Wright.

Benjdinin Knozdton . . . . : . Phebe Wright.

BENJAMIN KNOWLTON was Moderator of the last
town meeting of his town. New Ipswich, New Hampshire.
held under the authority of George III., March 17,
1775, which declared for revolution and independence, and
was at that time elected one of the Committee of Corres-
pondence and Inspection for the safety of the colony. He
served as Lieutenant of Captain Fletcher's Company, New
Ipswich, which marched to Cambridge after the Lexington
alarm, April 20, 1775; June i, he. with his Company, was
stationed at Charlestown Neck to guard Headquarters at Cam-
bridge, and with his Company participated in the battle of
Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, and the siege of Boston, as well
as the operlations against Ticonderoga.

References: The History of New Ipswich, N. H., Rev.
C. H. Stocking, D. D., East Orange, N. J. Historian and
Genealogist of the Knowlton Family.


Physician and Surgeon, Knoxville. Born February 28,

Admitted December 7, 1899.

Norman Riley Cornell, No. 81

Mary Fletcher Timmonds.

Amos Cornell Destimony Chamberlain.

John Chamberlain.. ..Lucy Knowlton.
Benjamin Knowlton. . . .Abigail Wright
Lieut. Benj. Knozvlton. Fhoche Wright.


For the service of BENJAMIN KNOWLTON as last
Moderator of Town Meeting under Royal authority, see N.
R. C. No. 8i.

The morning after the "Concord and Lexington Alarm",
April 20, 1775, he marched to Cambridge. Mass., where on
June 1st his company \\1as ordered to join the regiment of
Col. Reed and proceed to Charlestown Neck for the purpose
of guarding the headquarters of the army collecting for the
defense of the neighborhood. Lieut. Bcnjaniiii Knozvlton's
company fought at Bunker Hill, and subsequently at the
siege of Boston, and they took part in the operations at
Fort Ticonderoga. Plis company wbs known as Capt.

References: History of New Ipswich, N. H. Certificate
of the Secretary of State, New Hampshire. See No. 81.


Banker, Boone. Born June 25, 1831.
Admitted December 14, 1900.

William Champlin Elizabeth Detrick.

IVilliam Champlin, Sr Content Brown.

Col. Joseph Champlin Mary Noyes.

. IVILLIAM CHAMPLIN enlisted in the spring of 1777
as a private in the Company of Capt. Elijah Lewis in the Regi-
ment of Col. Christopher Green in the Rhode Island troops,
for three years, at Stonington, Connecticut, and served out
his term, participating in the battles of ^lonmouth. Red Bank,
Mud Island and Brandywine; was at Valley Forge and the
surrender of Cornwallis and was discharged as a Sergeant.

Soon after the close of this service he shipped on the sloop
"Hancock" which captured a brig laden v/ith v.-ine. Then
he served on the "Oliver Cromwell" Capt. Buddington cap-


tiiring a brig of little value. He next served as a Captain
of marines on tlie privateer "]\Iinerva''. Capt. Saltonstall
capturing two valuable prizes, the "Hibernia" and the "Han-
nah." He also served a short time on the sloop "Spitfire."

Col. Joseph Champlin served in the early part of the
Revolutionary War and died in camp of pneumonia.

References : Records of the Pension Bureau, Department
of the Interior, Washington, D. C.


Congregational ^linister, Hull. Born August 12, 1837,
Woodstock, Vermont.

Admitted January 13, 1900.

" James Balloch Chase Martha Maria Kniffen.

Jonathan Chase Hannah Ralston.

Col. Joiictihmi Chase Mary Hall.

Judge Samuel Chase Mary Dudley.

*^ Daniel Chase Sarah March.

Moses Chase Ann Follanshee.

Aquila Chase From England 1638.

COL. JONATHAN CHASE was Colonel of a New Hamp-
shire regiment during the Revolutionary War. The duty
of the regiment was to defend the northern frontier against
British and Indians. His regiment was present at the second
(part of) battle of Bennington, under Col. Seth Warner,
Senior Colonel, and he was present at the surrender of Bur-
goyne. Was made a Brigadier General at close of war.
Adjutant General's Report of New Hampshire, 1866, Vol. 2,
pp. 304-306.

Note. — Mary Hall, wife of General Jonathan Chase, was a
grand-daughter of Col. Wm. Prescott, of Bunker Hill, who
was a granubon 01 Miles Staudish. (So savb family iraJi-



Pharmacist, Ottumwa. Born March 6, 1865.
Admitted March 3, 1899.

William Clark Martha Arnold.

Dr. Franklin Arnold Mary Moore.

Samuel Moore Mary Archer.

SAMUEL MOORE was a soldier in the Revolutionary
War from Virginia, in the Infantry, and was paid £33 i6s 9d,
February i, 1785. The family record states that he was with
Washington at Braddock's defeat, and that he served all
through the Revolutionary War.

References : Acting Librarian Virginia State Library, Rich-
mond, Virginia, and see in same Library an Account Book
marked "Revolutionary Soldiers," Vol. 2, p. 282.


Merchant, Keokuk. Born September 21, 1858.
Admitted January 21, 1897.

Charles Ben Darwin . . . Mary Abigail Piatt.

Alanson Piatt Elizabeth or Betsy Beach.

Samuel Beach Elizabeth or Betsey March.

Landa Beach Abigail Baldwin.

Lieut. Nathan Ba/Jw/m .Hannah Mansfield.
Major Moses Mansfield.


Charles Ben Darwin .. .Mary Abigail Piatt.

Alanson Piatt Elizabeth or Betsey Beach.

Lmac Piatt Amy Eells.

Samuel Eells

LANDA BEACH when nearly fifty years old entered the


military service of the Revolutionary Army among the Con-
necticut troops in lieu of his son-in-law, thus permitted to re-
main at home and care for his young family; he took part in
the battle of White Plains and Fishkill Fort; served at the
battle of Trenton under Capt. Peter Perriott of Col. Webb's
Connecticut Regiment; and also served in the Coast Guard
Fervice under Capt. Hale.

LIEUT. NATHAN BALDWIN served in the Revolution-
ary War in the Connecticut troops and had charge of the fort
at the mouth of Milford Harbor ; also commanded government
sloops used for cruising in Long Island Sound.

SAMUEL EELLS served in Capt. Bryant's Company of
Lieut. Col. Baldwin's Regiment of Connecticut troops in the
Revolutionary War, a company composed chiefly of Milford
men who were ordered to march from Connecticut to the aid
of the Continentals at Peekskill, New York. He enlisted Octo-
ber 5, and was discharged October 15. 1777. In 1782 he
served in the Connecticut line, in Capt. Richard's Company
of the Fifth Regiment under Lieut. Col. Isaac Sherman.

ISAAC PL ATT enlisted in Osbornes' Company of Artif-
icers in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary W^ar, in
1778 for the war, and died April 24, 1781, serving at one time
in Capt. Patten's Company of Artillery Artificers.

References: Records of Lyman and Wallingford. Records
of Woodbridge and Orange, once parts of Milford, Connecti-
cut, Connecticut Men in the Revolution. Soffell's Records of
the Revolution. National Numbers 13,897 and 16,737,
Daughters of the American Revolution. Records of the Rec-
ord and Pension Office, War Department. Washington, D. C.



Physician and Surgeon. Emmetsbnrg. Born November 14,


Admitted January 19, 1897.

William Davies Phebe Ann Finch.

Darius Finch Martha Bennett.

Riifiis Bennett

RUFUS BENNETT enlisted September i, 1776, at Wilkes-
barre, Pennsylvania, in Capt. Ransom's Company of Col.
Grosvnor's First Connecticut Regiment, commanded then by
Col. Grosvnor and later by Col. Butler, and served in the
forces of the United States until he was discharged June 7,
1783. He was in the battle of Wyoming, and other engage-
ments with the Indians and the British at IMedstone and Bound
Brook : after the Wyoming Massacre of July 3, 1778, he served
under Capt. Simon Spalding and finally served in Col. Durkee's
Connecticut Regiment. At the Wyoming Massacre he escaped
by grasping the tail of Col. Butler's horse, and Richard Inman
shot one of two Indians who were pursuing him and thus saved
his life.

References : Records of Pension Bureau, D-epartment of the
Interior, Washington, D. C. Records of Wyoming Historical
and Genealogical Society.


Wholesale Merchant, Ottumwa. Born February 9. 1S53.
Admitted April 20, 1899.

Caswell Dennis Cyrena Yadon.

William Proctor Yadon. . . . ^Margaret Capps.
Joseph Yaden Mary Pennybaker.

For services of JOSEPH YADEN, see L. E. Stevens, No.



Lawyer and Judge. Washington. Born October i. 1845.

Admitted August 23, 1899.

In the War of 1861 enHsted in Company D. One Hundred
and Third Ohio Volunteer Infantry. August 7. 1862, but being
under 17 years old his father secured his discharge October 6.
1862. Enlisted May 2, 1864. in Company H. One Hundred
and Fiftieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served about
Washington, D. C, being discharged August 22, 1864. In the
former service was in actual campaign against the enemy in

Richard Dewey Jane Baldwin.

Moses Dczi'cy 2.1 Electa Fowler.

Oliver Dczi'ey Huldah iMorley. ^_

Moses Dewey Hannah Noble.

OLIVER DEWEY enlisted as a private in Capt. John Car-
penter's Company as guard at Westfield, Massachusetts, and
served from August 30 to December 30. 1779: enlisted in Col.
Moseley's Regiment of ^Massachusetts troops October 26,
1780; also served from Julv 20 to October 22. 1780. in Capt.
Irvi Ely's Company of Col. John Brown's Regiment of Alass-
achusetts troops.

MOSES DEIVEY 2D marched as Sergeant in Capt. John
Shephard's Company from Westfield, Massachusetts, on the
Lexington alarm of April 19, 1775, and served from the 20th
to the 28th of April, re-enlisted October 21. 1776, in Capt.
David Moseley's Company, in Col. John INIoseley's Regiment,
Massachusetts troops, and served until November \j, I//6;
marched to re-enforce the Northern Army in the Hampshire
County Regiment under Lieut. Col. Timothy Robison in
November, 1778: Avas drafted Januarv 14. \7/>^. for guard at
Springfield, Massachusetts, and served six months.


References: History of Admiral George Dewey and Geneal-
ogy of the Dewey Family. Published 1898 by Dewey Pub-
lishing Company, Westfield. Massachusetts.

84 PETER A. DEY 4784

Banker. Iowa City. Born January 27, 1825.
Admitted December 24, 1896.

Anthony Dey Hannah Dey.

Peter Dey Eleanor Board.

Theunis Dey Hester Schuyler.

THEUNIS DEY was Colonel of the Bergen County, New
Jersey Militia during the Revolutionary War, having been ap-
pointed February 28, 1776, and remained such until his death,
June 10, 1787. He was a member "of the General Assembly
from Bergen County, from January i. 1775, to September 2,
1782. Member of Assembly 1775 to 1777; of Council from
1779 to 1782; of Assembly, 1783 to 1784.

PETER DEY served as a private in the same regiment with
his father.

References: Records in the Office of the Adjutant General
of New Jersey.


Bridge Engineer and Contractor, Keokuk. Born June 2,
1847, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Admitted April 27, 1899.

In the War of 1 861, served as a private in Capt. Campbell
H. Peck's Companv C of the Fortv-fifth Regirnent Jr^wa V^o]-
unteer Infantry, from May, 1864, to September, 1864.


William Beck Diver Lavinia Herriott Brice.

Thomas Brice Nancy Herriott.

James Brice Johnson.

James Brice IMary Johnson.


William Beck Diver Lavinia Herriott Brice.

Thomas Brice Nancy Herriott.

Ephraim Herriott ]\Iary Kerr.

Andrezi' Herriott •. . . .Hester ( ?) his wife.

JAMES BRICE enrolled as a private in Capt. John Jolly's
Company of ]\Hlitia in Harford County, Maryland. May lo.
1776. Took oath of allegiance 1778. Removed to Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania; was a Lieutenant in Capt. Zadock
Wright's Company of jMilitia, from Washington County,
Pennsylvania, commanded by Lieut. Col. John Canon, in ac-
tive service on several tours of duty on the frontiers in the
Revolutionary War from 1781 to 1783.

EPHRAIM HERRIOTT served in the Revolutionary War
in Capt. Benjamin Stiles' Company in actual service on the
frontiers of Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1781, and
also as a private in Capt. Charles Bilderback's Ranging Com-
pany on the frontiers of Washington County in April and
May, 1783.

ANDREW HERRIOTT enrolled as a private December
26, 1774, in company raised by Dr. John Archer, in Harford
County, Maryland, which was the first military company
formed in that county. Signed the "Association of the Free-
men of Maryland" in 1776. Took the oath of allegiance in
1778 to the state of ^Maryland, just formed. Removed to
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Enlisted again April 5,
1778, in Capt. Thomas Wiley's Company of Artillery Artif-
icers and was in service in April. 1780.

References: Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series. Vol. 22,


p. 667. Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. 11. p. 256.
Pennsylvania Archives. 2nd Series, Vol. 13. p. 95. Manu-
script, Historical Society Bel Air, Harford County, Mary-
land. Dr. George W. Archer. Historian, Emmonton, Mary-


Attorney, Chariton, Iowa. Born September 12. 1822.

Amitted March 23. 1897.

Enlisted July 4. 1S62. Recruited a company, was chosen
Captain, and was sworn into the United States service as a
private September i, 1862. Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel
Thirty-fourth Iowa, September 16, 1862, and mustered out
August 16, 1865 as Brevet Colonel United States Volunteers.

David Davis Dungan Isabella ]\IcFarren.

lViUia})i McFarrcii Polly Scott.

John Scott Agness McElroy.

JOHN SCOTT 3D, served as Commissary General of the
Pennsylvania line. He was grandfather of Dr. John W.
Scott, father of Caroline Scott, wife of President Benjamin

WILLIAM McFARREN was drummer in Capt. Neilson's
Company of Col. George Taylor's Battalion of the Northamp-
ton County Militia and was in the battles of Trenton and
Princeton. He was also an Ensign in Col. George Brinigh's
Battalion of Northampton County Militia in service at Bill-
ingsport, November 5, 1777. George Taylor was a signer of the
Declaration of Independence.

References: American ^Monthly Magazine, Vol. i, No. 5,
November, 1892, p. 512, as to John Scott as Commissary Gen-
eral. Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 14, 2d series, p. 569. His-
torical Records of Pennsylvania, certified by Dr. William E[.
Egle, Historian, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania
Archives. 3d series, Vol. 23, p. 818.



Journalist, Des ^loiiies. Born August 3, 1865.
Admitted September 13. 1S98.

Daniel Durham Lamira Ann Ensign.

Frederick Ensign Huldah Flotchkiss.

Tnivian Hotclikiss Ruth Frost.

TRUMAN HOrCHKISS served as a private in Capt.
Asahe' Hodge's Company of Lieut. Col. Isaac Sherman's Reg-
iment of Foot from January 8. 1781, to October. 1782, in the
Revolutionary War ; served as a private in Capt. Edward
Butler's Company, of Col. Zebulon Butler's Regiment. First
Connecticut, from November 1782. to April, 1783; served as
a private in the Fourth Company of Col. Heman Swift's
Regiment of Connecticut troops from ]\Iay to September, 1783.

References: Records of Record and Pension Office, War
Department, Washington, D. C. Records of office of Adjutant
General of Connecticut.


Seattle, Washington. Born May 4, 1868.
Admitted December 18, 1896. Transferred to Washington

Smith James Dutton Mary E. Fox.

James Dutton , Sarah Bailey.

James Dutton Martha Kembler.


Smith James Dutton Mary E. Fox.

James Dutton Sarah Bailey.

Gideon Bailey Ruth Chapman.

JAMES DUTTON served one year from September 7. 1777
in Capt. Seth C)ak's Company of Artificers. Continental troons.
in Continental Army. Family tradition relates that he served


in the battle of Brandywine, which was fought on the farm
of Widow Hannah Dutton, who, with her two boys served
the Americans with rations.

GIDEOX BAILEY served as First ]\Iate on the American
Frigate "Boston" in 1778.

References: Records in the Record and Pension Office,
War Department, Washington, D. C. Revohitionary Rolls,
office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachu-


Seattle, Washington. Born May 2, 1876.
Admitted January 17, 1898. Transferred to Washington

Smith James Dutton Mary E. Fox.

James Dutton Sarah Bailey.

James Dutton ]Martha Kembler.


Smith James Dutton Mary E. Fox.

James Dutton Sarah Bailey.

Gideon Bailey Ruth Chapman.

For services of JAMES DUTTON and GIDEON
BAILEY, see O. J. C. Dutton, No. 82.


LaPorte City. Born June 10, 1844.
Admitted July 23, 1894.

Albert E. Eberhart . Eliza Evans.

Adolpluis Eberhart Sophia Speelman.

ADOLPHUS EBERHART enlisted in the patriot army
from ^Maryland and served under General I.afayette in the
Revolutionary War, being wounded at the battle of Brandy-


wine. Was invited to meet General Lafayette as a Revolu-
tionary soldier in the house of Albert Gallatin in 1825, and
was present on that occasion.

References: History of the Eberharts in Germany and
America, on p. 17, being the Biography of Adolphus Eberhart,
written by Uriah Eberhart, and published by Donohoe & Hen-


Prison Officer, Fort Aladison. Born September 9, 1835.

Admitted March 12, 1897.

In the War of 1861 served as a private of Company C, Fifth
Iowa Volunteer Infantry; as Second Lieutenant, First Lieu-
tenant, and Captain of Company C, and Captain of Com-
pany G, Fifth Iowa Cavalry, being honorably discharged for
disability November 9, 1864 ; was in all the marches and battles
of his command during his term of service.

Job Ellis Hannah Job.

Thomas Job Charity Rees.

Archibald Job , Margaret Rees.

For services of ARCHIBALD JOB, see M. W. Blair, No.


THOMAS JOB was disowned by the same Friend's meet-
ing as his father for "associating and mustering," and "join-
ign with the commotion of the times so far as to muster and
engage in warlike measures," and was engaged in making
gun barrels, and as a scout, and after Brandywine was trans-
ferred to Hollingsworth's Guard at Elkton, Mar^dand.

References: Sharpless Genealogy, Octavo Ed. p. 321. Rec-
ords Nottingham Monthly Meeting, 27 day, 7 months. 1776
to 25 day, I month, 1777. Col. Edward Wilner's History

of the Job Family. Compare Johnson's Ilist'jry, Cecil County,
pp. 324 to 344.



Coal Dealer, Keokuk. Born August 28, 1840.

Admitted April 20, 1899.

In the War of 1861, enlisted in April, 1861, in the Third
New Jersey Militia for three months; in September, 1S61,
enlisted in the Ninth New Jersey Infantry Volunteers, and
was successively Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieuten-
ant and Captain in that Regiment. Has been Department Com-
mander, Department of Iowa G. A. R.

Lewis Evans Elizabeth Hart.

Amos Hart Hannah Titus.

Timothy Titus Patience Hoff.

TIMOTHY TITUS \N2iS an Ensign in Capt. Henry Phil-
lips' Company, of the First Regiment of Militia of Hunterdon
County, New Jersey; Second Lieutenant of the same Com-
pany, Miay 10, 1777, and, later, Captain of the company in
the Revolutionary War.

Rcfcroiccs : Records in the office of the Adjutant General
of New Jersey.


Journalist, Ottumwa. Born July 31, 1831.

Admitted September 5, 1893.

A soldier in the Union army from August, 1862, to June 30,

Samuel A. Evans, his father, was a soldier in the Seminole
War, and Samuel Evans, his grandfather, was a soldier in the
War of 1812.

Samuel Berry Evans was Commissary Sergeant of the
Thirty-third Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and First Lieutenant
in the Fourth Arkansas Cavalry (white). Tie wn^ in the
battles of Helena. Fort Pemberton. Terre Noir, Parson


Springs. Camden, Jenkins Ferry; in Yazoo Pass Expedition
and capture of Little Rock.

Samuel A. Evans Sarah Mitchell.

Samuel Evans Elizabeth McCullah.

Aiidrezv Evans Miss Caswell.

ANDREW EVANS served in Virginia troops against the
British as a private soldier from Washington County, enlist-
ing- as follows, and serving for the following periods, viz. :

In 1779, in Capt. Danean's Company, one month, twelve
days. In 1780, June, in Col. Campbell's Regiment, Capt. Col-
ville, twenty-eight days. In 1780, August, in the same regiment
and company, twenty-one days. In 1780. September, in same
regiment and company, one month, twelve days. In 1781, in
same regiment and company, one month, twelve days. In 1781,
August, under Capt. Kinkaid, seven days. In 1781, fall, under
Lieut. Campbell, fourteen days. In 1781, December, under
Lieut. Campbell, three months.

Andrew Evans participated in the battle of King's IMount-
ain, North Carolina, October 7, 1780, under Col. Campbell.

References : Records of Pension Bureau, Department of
the Interior, Washington, D. C.


Des Moines, in Subsistence Department, U. S. A. Born
January i, 1862.

Admitted December 26, 1900.

George Carver Barbara Fusselman.

Henry Fusselman Almeda M. Gay.

Ralph Gay Roxa Merrill.

Aaron Merrill . Annis Humphrey.

AARON MERRILL enlisted in December, 1775, under
Capt. Ebenezer Huntington and Col. Wyllis of the Connecticut


troops; enlisted as a private ]\Iarch 31, 1778 in the Company
of Capt. John P. W'ylHs, in the Regiment of Col. Samuel B.
Webb, of Connecticut troops, for three years and served until
lie was mustered out March i, 1781. In March, 18 18, at
the age of 63 years, he applied for a pension, which was al-
lowed. He was in the siege of Boston and battle of Long
Island, and other engagements.

References: Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolu-
tion, pp. 250, 635, 643.


Traveling Salesman, Waterloo, Iowa. Born October 11,

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