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at Falls Church, Virginia ; Tampa, Florida, and also served
in the Philippines.

George Hutchins Sarah Rolfe Tucker.

Abel Hutchins Elizabeth Partridge.

Gordon Hutchins Dolly Stone.

GORDON HUTCHINS after the battle of Lexington or-
ganized a company and joined the Regiment of Col. John
Stark, of the New Hampshire troops, and took part in the
battle of Bunker Hill. When Burgoyne's advance in 1777
was known in New Hampshire, the General Assembly, of
which he was a member, was called together. As soon as it
was decided to raise troops to oppose Burgoyne, Col. Hutchins
mounted his horse, and traveling all night with all haste,
reached Concord, New Hampshire, Sabbath afternoon, before
the close of religious worship. Dismounting at the meeting
house door, he walked up the aisle while the minister was
preaching. The latter paused in his sermon and said : "Col.
Hutchins, are you the bearer of any message?" "Yes," replied
the Colonel: "Gen. Burgoyne with his army is on his march to
Albany. Gen. Stark has offered to take the command of the
New Hampshire men, and if we will turn out we can cut off
Burgoyne's march." Then the minister said: "My hearers,
those of you who are willing to go better leave at once." Every
man left the meeting house. The result at Bennington is well


He afterward joined the Continental Army in New York,
and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Col. Nahum Bald-
win's New Hampshire Regiment.

References: New Hampshire State Papers, Vol. 14, pp.
63-65, Vol. 8, p. 248.


Lawyer, Sioux City. Born January 11, 1856.
Admitted January 5, 1895.

R. G. H. Kean Jane Nicholas Randolph.

Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Jane Hollins Nicholas.

Thomas Mann Randolph. . .]Martha Jefferson.
Thomds Jefferson Martha Skelton.

Also :

R. G. H. Kean Jane Nicholas Randolph.

Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Jane Hollins Nicholas.

Thomas ^lann Randolph . . . [Martha Jefferson.
Thoums Mann Rdndolpii. . .Ann Cary.
Archibald Cary Z^Iary Randolph.

Also :

R. G. H. Kean Jane Nicholas Randolph.

Thomas Jeft'erson Randolph

Jane Hollins Nicholas.

Wilson Cary Nicholas ^largaret Smith.

Robert Carter Nicholas. . . .Ann Cary.


R. G. H. Kean Jane Nicholas Randolph.

Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Jane Hollins Nicholas.

Il'iison Cary Nidwlas [Margaret Smitli.

John Sinith of 5fl///'/;/o;'t". . Mary Buchanan.


THOMAS JEFFERSON was a member of the Continental
Congress, Author and Signer of the Declaration of Independ-
ence, Governor of Virginia. 1779 to 1781, member of the Vir-
ginia Conventions of 1774 and 1775; third president of the
United States; author of the Virginia Statute for Rehgious
Freedom and Founder of the University of Virginia.

THOMAS MANN RANDOLPH, SR., was a Colonel in
the Revolutionary Army.

ARCHIBALD GARY was a Colonel in the Revolutionary
Army, called "Old Ironsides," first Speaker of the Virginia
Senate, and a member of the Virginia Convention of 1776.

WILSON GARY NICHOLAS was Captain, Major and
Colonel in the Revolutionary Army, and commanded at one
time Washington's Guard. Was Governor of Virginia and
United States Senator.

ROBERT CARTER NICHOLAS, -Treasurer Nicholas,"
was the last treasurer of Virginia as a colony, and the first
treasurer of the commonwealth.

JOHN SMITH was Chairman of the Committee of Safety
of Maryland, and a member of the first constitutional conven-
tion of that state.

References : The Archives and Public Records of the United
States and of Virginia and Maryland. The records of the
Virginia Historical Society — "Old Churches and Families of
Virginia," by Rev. P. P. Slaughter. "The Page Family in
Virginia," by Dr. R. C. M. Page, of New York. "Pocahontas
and Her Descendants," by Hon. Wyndham Robertson, of Vir-
ginia. Public History.

t 92


Washington, D. C. Born December i, 1838.
Admitted September 5, 1893.

James Gregg Keatley Emily Hubler.

Christopher Keatley Margaret Gregg.

CHRISTOPHER KEATLEY enlisted in the regiment of
Anthony Wayne of the Pennsylvania line aiid was in the bat-
tle of Long Island and in the battles of Brandywine and Ger-
mantown and as a Lieutenant was wounded at Germantown
in both arms. Under General Sullivan he took part in the' ex-
pedition to chastise the Indians for their massacres at Cherry
Valley and Wyoming, which resulted in the defeat of Sir John
Johnson, Col. Butler, Tories and Col. Joseph Brant, the In-
dian chief and their forces.

References: Records in the office of the Adjutant General
of Pennsylvania — Common Pleas Court of Center County,
Pennsylvania. Records of Bellefontaine, Pennsylvania.


Cashier, Emmetsburg. Born January 7, 1870.
Admitted July 23, 1894.

Justus F. Keller Emily Ives.

Stephen Ives Sarah Nutt.

John Ives Mary Thompson.

Joseph Ives Elizabeth Grannis.

JOSEPH IVES served in June, 1777, as a private in Capt.
Oliver Ashley's Company of Col. Benjamin Bellows' Regi-
ment of New Hampshire Militia during the campaign about
Ticonderoga in the summer of 1777, and went with his regi-
ment to the relief of that point when besieged by the enemy in
June, and was engaged with the enemy June 28.

References: Genealogical and Family Records. Records
in the office of the Adjutant General of New Hampshire.

; 93


Chief Clerk ^lachinery Department, B., C. R. & N. R. R.,
Cedar Rapids. Born November 21, 1871.
Admitted December 27, 1894.

Justus F. Keller Emily Ives.

Stephen Ives Sarah Nutt.

John Ives. . ^ ". . Mary Thompson.

Joseph Ives Elizabeth Grannis.

For services of JOSEPH IVES, see A. H. Keller, No. 45.


Lawyer, Waterloo. Born February 13, 1864.
Admitted November 22, 1899.

Dennis Augustine Kennedy

Loraine Calista Colvin.

Darius Peckham Colvin . . . Candace Lovina Downer.

William Downer Charlotte Richmond.

John Dozvner Lydia Dunham.

Obediah DiuiJiani Lucy Gillett.

OBEDIAH DUNHAM, M. D., served as a private from
May 19 to June 28, 1779, in Capt. Thos. Sawyer's Company of
Militia, raised in Vermont for the defense of the northern
frontier; served as a private sixty-seven days, from August 16,
1780, in Capt. Eli Noble's Company, of Maj. Eben Allen's de-
tachment, Vermont Militia; served as a private ten days in
July, 1 78 1, under same command, and marched to Saratoga
on the Pownal alarm ; served as a private seventeen days from
October 22, 1781, under same command, in Col. Walbridge's
Regiment in the alarm at Castleton ; served as a private thir-
teen days, under same command, in November, 1781; was
prominent in ci\il affairs; was a delegate representing Pow-
nal, Vermont, at adjourned session of General Convention at


Cephas Hunt's, Dorset. Vermont, September 25, 1776. for the
purpose of forming Vermont as a state; also was a member of
committee voted to form covenant or compact to furnish troops
for the defense of the hberties of the United States ; also mem-
ber of committee to affix fines on all the delegates in the

JOHN DOIVNER served as a private two days, from Octo-
ber II, 1780, in Capt. Eli Xoble's Company of Col. Samuel
Herrick's Regiment of Militia, in the service of Vermont, "70
miles travel."

References: Vermont Historical Gazette, Vol. i, p 218.
History of Governors and Council of Safety, State of Ver-
mont, Vol. I, pp. 26-29-30-33.


Pastor, Victor. Born March 12, 1843.
Admitted March 5, 1895. Membership ceased.

Cephas Henry Kent Mary Abby Clark.

Rev. Dan Kent Betsey Griswold.

Cephas Kent Hannah Spencer.

DAN KENT served as a Corporal in Capt. Allen's Com-
pany of Col. Seth \\'arner's Vermont Regiment one month
and one-half in the summer of 1776; served as a Corporal in
Capt. Underbill's Company of the same regiment one and one-
half months the same summer; served as a Corporal in Col.
Seth Warner's Regiment two months in 1777 and was in the
battle of Bennington; served as a Sergeant in Capt. Ornby's
Company in Col. W'albridge's Regiment of Vermonters in
i^/S; served as a Corporal on guard duty at Castleton. Ver-
mont, in 1779. He drew a pension, as did liis widow after
his death in 1835.


CEPHAS KENT was chairman of a Committee of Safety
which was organized at the tavern in Dorset, Vermont, in 1776.
He was active and unceasing in his efforts for independence.
His tavern was the rendezvous of the patriots of his vicinity.
He had two sons in the battle of Bennington.

References'. Genealogy of the Kent Family. (Tenny
Bros., 1875). Genealogical Dictionary of New England. Rec-
ords of the Bureau of Pensions, Department of the Interior,
Washington, D. C. Records of the Adjutant General of Ver-
mont. Vermont Gazetteer. Thompson's Hemmenways His-
tory of Vermont. History of Dorset, Vermont.


Florist, Marshalltown. Born November 27, 1849.
Admitted September 5, 1893.

Lucien Kilborn Rhoda Ann Ball.

Samuel Kilborn Maria Paterson.

John Paterson Elizabeth Lee.

JOHN PATERSON was a delegate to the Provincial Con-
.gress of Connecticut in 1774 and 1775: was commissioned
Colonel of a regiment of minute men May 24. 1776, which
was later the Fifteenth Regiment of the Connecticut service;
was Brigadier General and Major General and was one of the
six ofificers who. as a general court-martial, tried Maj. Andre
as a spy; took part in the battles of Bunker Hill, Trenton.
Princeton, Saratoga, Monmouth and others ; was one of the
organizers of the Cincinnati.

References : Lossing's Pictorial Field Book of the Revolu-
tion, Vol. I, pp. 537-545-49-51-765- Vol. 2, p. 128.



Wholesale Tobacconist, Ft. Dodge. Born , 1864.

Admitted January 2, 1896.

Appointed May 2j, 1898, Captain and Assistant Quarter-
master United States Volunteers with an extended service.

Judson Wade King Mary Jenkins.

John Sherman King Anna Bristol.

Caleb King Shervvin.

CALEB KING served as a Sergeant in Capt. Bartlett's
Company of Col. Wesson's Tenth Massachusetts Battalion,
and was enrolled December 1 1, 1776, for three years. This Bat-
talion was reorganized x\ugust 11, 1779, as the Ninth Regi-
ment, and Caleb King became an Ensign of the Regiment, date
of appointment unknown, but he is recorded as having resigned
April 28, 1780, on account of impaired health.

References : Archives of Record and Pension Office, War
Department, Washington, D. C.


Treasurer Iowa Agricultural College, Ames. Born Decem-
ber 28, 1863.

Admitted November 24, 1894.

Seaman A. Knapp Marie E. Hotchkiss.

Hiram Hotchkiss Lucinda Pearce.

Rufus Hotchkiss .Loly Doolittle.

Jason Hotchkiss

JASON HOTCHKISS was in Capt. Nathaniel Rummell's
Wallingford Company in the Fifth Battalion, Wadsworth's
Brigade, Connecticut troops, raised in June, 1776, and served

in the defense of New York, being: at the ri^ht of the line ''■'f
American works during the battle of Long Island, August 27,

17/6. After the retreat of August 29 and 30, was stationed un-
der Col. William Douglas at Kip's Bay at the time of the
British attack on September 15, and forced to retreat hur-
riedly; was at the battle of White Plains, October 28, 1776.
Term expired December 25, 1776.

References: Records in the Office of the Adjutant General
of Connecticut.


Banker, Guthrie Center. Born December 25, 1850.
Admitted November 10, 1900.

William Lane Sally M. King.

W^illiam Lane Fanny Smith.

Alexander Lane Abigail Mills.

ALEXANDER LANE enlisted in April, 1781, at Pough-
keepsie, New York, and served ten months in the company of
Capt. Livingston, under Col. Castine in the New York State
troops in the Revolutionary W^ar, and his widow received a
pension for such service. He also served in Capt. Conine's
Company in "Col. ^Marinus \\'illett's Regiment of Levies" and
seems to have been present, a boy of eighteen years, at Bur-
goyne's surrender and to have served in that campaign.

References: Records of Pension Bureau, Department of the
Interior, Washington, D. C. State Historian of New York,
Albany, N. Y.


Railroad Agent, Boscobel, Wisconsin. Born December 24,


Admitted ]^Iarch 7, 1894. jMembership terminated.

Thomas Lippincott Catherine V'.'iluy Leggett.

Abraham Leggett Catherine Wiley.


ABRAHAM LEGGETT enlisted about July, 1776. at
Poughkeepsie, New York, in the Company of Capt. Barnabas
Swartwout and participated in the battle of Long Island, and
for bravery in remaining alone at his post on the advanced
line the night before evacuation by the patriot army was pro-

He served at Harlem Plains, Chatterton Hill and West
Plains. The succeeding year he received a commission in
Col. Dubois' Regiment of regulars and served to the close of
the war, becoming a Major. On the night of October 6, 1777,
Leggett was captured with the last redoubt taken with the
Forts Clinton and ]\Iontgomery. and remained a prisoner un-
til the general exchange of prisoners in 17S1. In 1782 he nar-
rowly escaped capture by refugee tories on Tony Island, while
on a tour of duty there. He was one of the founders of the
order of the Cincinnati, at the time of his death being its vice-

References: A narrative of Maj. Abraham Leggett by him-
self, with notes by Chas. J. Bushnell, 1865.


Insurance Agent, Waterloo. Born March 2, 1826.

Admitted February 21, 1896.

Samuel Logan, Sr . . .Mrs. Jane McCague Langan.

SAMUEL LOGAN, SR., in 1777 served two months as a
private under Capt. Joshua Anderson of Pennsylvania troops,
and was in the battle of Brandywine, and the battle of Ger-
mantown; served two months in the fall of the same year in
the Company of Capt. Joseph Allison as a substitute on guard
duty along the lines above Philadelphia; in June. 1780, en-
listed under Capt. Ilubley and marched from Laiicciilcr, Penn-
sylvania, to Morristown, where he was transferred to Capt.


Henderson's Company in Col. Butler's Regiment, and at King's
Ferry was transferred to Capt. Beatty's Company in the Regi-
ment commanded by Gen. Marquis de Lafayette ; in October he
was attached at Morristown to Col. Butler's Regiment; re-
maining in the Huts at Morristown until the following Janu-
ary, when he was discharged.

References: Records in the Bureau of Pensions, Depart-
ment of the Interior, Washington, D. C.


Cashier, Leavitt & Johnson's Trust Company, Waterloo.
Born March 10. 1864.

Admitted February 21, 1896.

James Walker Logan, No. 73

Abbie Cummins.

Samuel Logan, Sr . . . Mrs. Jane McCague Langan.

For services of SAMUEL LOGAN, SR., see J. W. Logan,
No. 73.


Druggist, Des Moines. Born January 28, 185 1, Union-
town, Ohio.

Admitted May 8, 1900.

Captain in Iowa National Guard July 15, 1889; Major,
January 22, 1892; Lieutenant Colonel, September 3, 1895;
Colonel March 14, 1898: mustered into service as Colonel,
Fifty-first Iowa United States Volunteers, May 30, 1898;
mustered out November i, 1899; served in Philippines one
year; in battle of San Fernando, June 16-22-30, and July 4,
and at Calulat, August 9, 1899.

Ziba Loper Fannie Detwiler,

David Loper Mary Anderson.

Abraham Loper


ABRAHAM LOPER enlisted in Capt. Richard Howell's
Company, Second Battalion, First Establishment. Xew Jersey
Continental line, October 9, 1775, for one year, and took part in
the operations before Quebec in May and Jinie, 1776, and was
discharged at expiration of term of enlistment: re-enlisted for
the war in John X. Cumming's Company, Second Establish-
ment in 1777, and was promoted Sergeant and took part in
the battles of Short Hills, Brandy w me, Germantown and Mon-
mouth, and campaign against the Six Nations in 1779; was
discharged early in 1781.

References : Records in the office of the Adjutant General
of New Jersey. Certificate of that officer.


Druggist, Des iNloines. Born April 2, 1S56, Belmont, Ohio.
Admitted May 10, 1900.

Ziba Loper Fannie Detwiler.

David Loper ^lary Anderson.

Ahrahain Loper

For services of ABRAHAM LOPER, see John C. Loper,
No. 154.


Publishing Co. Agent, Oskaloosa. Born July 9, 1832.

Admitted July 23. 1894. Has been president of this society.

Served as Captain of Company A, First Regiment Ohio
Alilitia, in August and September, 1861. Was mustered into
the military service of the Lmited States July 30, 1862, as
Captain of Company G, Ninty-second Regiment Ohio Volun-
teer Infantry, and was mustered out of service June 10. 1S65.
The last year of service was detached in command of four

**«¥ //If




companies of Eleventh Oliio Volunteer Infantry, for which
service he received the brevet commission of Major.

Oliver Rice Loring Orinda Howe.

Daniel Loriiig Lucy Eaton IMoore Rice.

Nathaniel Loring

DANIEL LORING, from Sudbury, Massachusetts, served
as a private in Capt. John Xixon's Company in Col. Abijah
Pierce's Regiment of minute men April 19, 1775; served as a
Sergeant in Capt. ]\Ioore's Company of Col. John Nixon's
Regiment at battle of Bunker Hill ; served in Capt. Asahel
Wheeler's Company of Sudbury, Massachusetts ; enlisted in
Capt. Nathaniel Hayward's Company of Col. Thatcher's Regi-
ment for two months' service in New York, January, 1777.

NATHANIEL LORING was in Capt. Asahel Wheeler's
Company of Sudbury, as appears by the muster roll of the
company, and drew £33 as his pay; hence is supposed to have
seen service.

It is a matter of common knowledge in the family that IMaj.
Loring's maternal grandfather, Peter Howe, served in a Ver-
mont Regiment, and was in the battle of Trenton and cap-
tured a Hessian.

References: History of Sudbury, Massachusetts, from 1638
to 1889, by Alfred Sereno Hodson, published by the Town of
Sudbury, pp. 384, 386, 398, 399, 405.


Merchant, Cedar Rapids. Born July i, 1869.
Admitted July 23, 1894.

Enlisted in the Spanish AA'ar of 189S, and v/as a Firbt Ser-
geant in Capt. G. W. Bevers Fifth Battery of Iowa Volun-


teer Light Artillery from June 26 to September 5, 1898, when
the Battery was mustered out of service.

Francis Hanmer Loring, No. 48

Delia Armstrong.

Oliver Rice Loring Orlinda Howe.

Daniel Loring Lucy Eaton Moore Rice.

Nalthaniel Loring

LORING, see F. H. Loring, No. 48.


Hotel Proprietor, Ottumwa. Born March 7, 1844.
Admitted March 17, 1897.

In the War of 1861 served in a Connecticut Regiment from
January 5, 1864, to September 25, 1S65, and was in service be-
fore Petersburg, Virginia, nine months, participating in the
blowing up of Fort Hell, July 20, 1864, and later in the
destruction of Fort Steadman, and was one of the three men
who first entered Petersburg after rebel evacuation.
William Nelson Manchester. . . Content Beach.

William Manchester Susannah Eldridge.

lohn Manchester Phoebe Steadman.

JOHN MANCHESTER served fourteen months in the
Continental service chiefly guarding the Rhode Island Coast
from incursions of the British. IVilliiani Manchester, his
father, was captured by the British, and taken on board one
c5f the enemy's boats, from which he escaped at night by swim-
ming two miles to the shore.

References : United States Senate Documents, Pension
Rolls, first session. Twenty-third Congress, Vol. 12, 1833,
1834. Vols. 13-14 Rhode Island Department, Vol. 12, p. 12.
Records of the Pension Bureau Department of the Interior,
Washington, D. C.



College Professor, Ames. Born INIay 31, 1864.
Admitted April 21, 1899.

George \V. Marston Sarah Scott.

\ Charles Marston Meribah Morrill.

Hibbard Morrill Deborah Tibbetts.

HIBBARD MORRILL was a private in Capt. Nathan
Sanborn's Company, of Col. Thomas Tash's Regiment, raised
to re-enforce the Continental Army at New York, September,
1776, in the New Hampshire troops; served from September
8 to December 15, 1777, in Capt. Nathan Sanborn's Com-
pany of Col. Stephen Evans' Regiment, which marched from
New Hampshire and re-enforced the Continental Army at
Saratoga, and was wounded at the Battle of Stillwater, and
drew a pension for the wound received ; served from August
6 to August 28, 1778, in Capt. Edward Hilton's Company,
of Col. Josiah Wingate's Regiment of New Hampshire Vol-
unteers, in the expedition to Rhode Island ; enlisted for two
months in September, 1779, in Capt. Ira's Company, among
those dispatched from several regiments of Militia for the
defense of Portsmouth.

References: Records in the Adjutant General's office, Con-
cord, New Hampshire. Vol. i, p. 398; Vol. 2, pp. 304-571-
698; Vol. 3, pp. 332-420. Family History and Tradition.


Mayor, Cedar Falls. Born February 9, 1823.
Admitted July 26, 1897.

James Melendy Susan Smith.

Thomas Melendy Sarah Patterson.

THOMAS MELENDY served eight months as a private
in Popkins' Company of Gridley's Artillery in the Revolu-


tionary Army at Cambridge, in 1775; also served as a pri-
vate in Draper's Company of Gardner's Regiment in the army
at Cambridge in 1775 and 1776, eight months.

References: ^Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls. Vol.
^56, pp. 253-273.


Attorney-at-Law, DeW^itt, Iowa. Born June 26, 1829.
Admitted July 23, 1894. Died December 21, 1896.
In the War of 1861 was Captain in the Twenty-sixth Iowa
Volunteer Infantry, and was wounded at Arkansas Post.

Seth Merrell Mabel Sanford.

Nathaniel Merrill Honor Dowd.

NATHANIEL MERRILL of Waterbury, Connecticut, en-
listed May II, 1775, in Capt. Benedict Arnold's (Fifth) Com-
pany in the First Regiment under the first call of the Legisla-
ture of Connecticut, and was discharged December 20, 1775.
This regiment was in the military operations along Lakes
George and Champlain, and at St. John s, Canada, and was
stationed at Montreal. His company served in the siege of

February i, 1777, he enlisted for the war in the Third Regi-
ment of the Connecticut line, and helped repel the British
at Danbury; served under Putnam along the Hudson until
January, 1778; encamped at White Plains with Washington's
Army in the summer of 1778; wintered 1778- 1779 at Read-
ing, and 1779-1780 at Morristown, New Jersey; was with
main army on the Hudson in 1780; wintered 1 780-1 781 at
Connecticut village above the Robinson House on the Hud-
son; was in Capt. Durkee's Company of First Regiment, for-
mation of 1781 and 1783; was a pensioner in 181S.

References: Records in the office of the Adjutant General
of Connecticut.



Merchant, Ottumwa. Born December 27, 1827.

Admitted October 28, 1897.

Stevens Merrill Mehitable Worthley Wells.

Joseph Merrill Sarah Copp.

Joshua Copp Sally Poor.

JOSHUA COPP'S services in the Revolutionary War are
mentioned in tliL History of Warren, New Hampshire, 1870,
by William Little, and particular mention is made of his
services at the battle of Bennington. The first company raised in
Warren met and drilled on his farm and he was chosen one
of two men appointed to raise the company. His name is
also mentioned as one of a "Committee of Safety," to which
is added ''honorable mention." He served in 1775 and in
1780; was chosen one of a committee "to provide soldiers
for the town."

References: New Hampshire Revolutionary War Rolls,
Vol. 3, p. 409.


Manufacturer, Burlington. Born September 6, 1861.
Admitted September 5, 1893.

George Millard Celestia Augusta Baker.

Reuben Baker, Jr Lois Comfort Baxter.

Reuben Baker, Sr Lydia Mason.


George Millard Celestia Augusta Baker.

Reuben Baker, Jr Lois Comfort Baxter.

Moses Baxter Comfort Chaffee.

Also :

George Millard Celestia Augusta Baker.


Ashley Ransom Alillard . . . Polly Peck.

Abiather Millard Amelia Ashley.

David Ashley Hannah Lenore Miller.


George Millard Celestia Augusta Baker.

Ashley Ransom Millard. . . Polly Peck.

Seth Peck Anna Northrop.

George Peck . .Ann Peck.

Gideon Peck Abiah Smith.

REUBEN BAKER, SR., served as a private soldier in
Capt. Michael G. Houdin's Company of the Fifth Massachu-
setts Regiment, Col. Rufus Putnam, six months from July
I, 1780 to January i, 1781, also in Capt. Noah Hinman's Com-
pany of Col. Asa Barnes' Regiment of Militia from October
14, 1 78 1 — ten days.

MOSES BAXTER appears as private in Lexington Alarm

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