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Roll of Capt. Thomais Eustis' Company, which marched on
the alarm of April 19, 1775, from Ruthland to Cambridge.
Served twelve days, residence Ruthland. Vol. 12, p. 83 Mass-
achusetts Revolutionary Rolls.

Appears as private on muster and pay roll of Capt. David
Bents' Company, Col. Jacob Cushing's Regiment. Enlisted
September 5, 1777; discharged November 29, 1777; service
three months, five days at the Northward. Vol. 17, p. iSo
Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls. (See "Short Notes on
the Baker Family.")

ABIATHAR MILLARD is named on the list of soldiers
in the record of Pittsfield Revolutionary service. He is on
the pay roll of Capt. Joel Steven's Company in Col. David

Rossiter's Regiment, and in Lieut. Joel Steven's detach-
ment called out October i!5, 1780 to October 18, 1780, in the


alarm at Fort Edward. Allowed forty miles travel. (Mass-
achusetts Revolutionary Rolls.)

His grandson George Millard remembers his saying that he
w^as at the battle of "Bemis Heights or Stillwater," and at
the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, October ly, 1777.

DAVID ASHLEY was a private in Lieut. James Hub-
bard's Company, Col. David Rossiter's Regiment, August 22,
J 777. Re-enlisted and served in Capt. Joel Steven's Company
in the same regiment, October 12-25, 1781, and "marched on
the alarm at Saratoga." His name is also on the roll of Capt.
John Bacon's Company, Col. Caleb Hyde's Regiment, October
20-8, 1 78 1 and July 3, 1782. (Massachusetts Revolutionary
Rolls, Vol. 20, p. 15; Vol. 22, p. 213; Vol. 17, p. 38; Vol. 30,
p. 25.) (See Ashley Genealogy.)

GEORGE PECK was Corporal in the company of Capt.
Joseph Smith, Fifth Regiment Connecticut troops, Col. David
Waterbury, 1775. (Records of Connecticut men in the War
of the Revolution, p. 69.)

"In August^ ^77'^, a body of Militia under Brig. Gen.
John Tyles served under General Sullivan, and engaged in the
attempts to dislodge the British at Newport. It was present
at the battle of Rhode Island, August 29, 1778."

GIDEON PECK enlisted in said body of Militia in Col.
Chapman's Regiment, Capt. Wheeler's Company, August 3,
1778. Certified to by William E. F. Landers, Colonel and
Assistant Adjutant General Connecticut.

References: Revolutionary War Archives of Massachu-
setts, Vol. 50, file 9; Vol. 19, p. 222, Massachusetts Soldiers
and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, Vol. i, p. 495.



Custodian of Building, Council Bluffs. Born February 3,
Admitted August 20, 1895.

Nathaniel Miles Sarah Phillips.

JosiaJi Phillips Sarah Thomas.

JOSIAH PHILLIPS served in the War of the Revolution
as a Third Lieutenant in the Second Company of the Seventh
Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia. ^lay 17. 1777, under Capt.
David Phillips, and Lieut. John Phillips, his brothers, of-
ficers of the same company. Family tradition states that he
was often employed as a scout by General Washington while
the army was in Eastern Pennsylvania, and about Valley

Nathaniel Miles, great-grandfather of Compatriot George
Baugh Miles, was a Captain in the English Colonial Army,
and had command of Fort Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1756.

Joseph Phillips, brother of Joshiah Phillips, was an Ensign
in the Patriot Army in the Revolutionary War.

References: Historical Records of Philadelphia. Pennsyl-
vania, Vol. 2, p. 90. Pennsylvania Archives, second series.
Vol. 14, p. 90.


Attorney-at-Law and Judge, Ottumwa. Born January 23,
Admitted. March 4, 1896.

James Mitchell Susannah Berry.

Joseph Mitchell Eliza Frances Henderson.

Bennett Henderson Polly Divina Crockett.

Joseph Crockett

Mrs. Elizabeth Woodson nee Moore.


JOSEPH CROCKETT served as a Captain in the Seventh
Regiment of Foot, Col. Alexander McClenahan, also known
as Third and Seventh Virginia Regiment, commanded by
Lieut. Col. Keith in the Revolutionary War. having been com-
missioned May 7, 1776; was commissioned May 7, 1776,
Major of the Fifth, and Eleventh Regiment Virginia Foot,
Colonel William Russell. Besides other services he raised
two companies for General Daniel Morgan's Rifle Regiment.
He was in the battles of Point Pleasant. White Plains. Mon-
mouth, Brandywine. Princeton and Trenton, and suffered
with the army at Valley Forge, and was at the surrender of
Burgoyne at Saratoga. After the battle of IMonmouth he be-
came Lieutenant Colonel. In August. 1779, with the rank of
Lieutenant Colonel, he joined General George Rogers Clarke,
and in that year led the Illinois or Crockett Regiment in the
celebrated campaigns in the Northwest, conducted by that Gen-
eral, remaining beyond the mountains until January, 1782.
In a letter written in 1818 to Henry Clay, he says, "I was
in many of the battles and skirmishes with the Northwestern
Indians on the jMiami and helped destroy Chillicothe, and many
other Indian towns in the Northwestern territories. * * *
I served under General Morgan in his many battles and skir-
mishes with the British near Philadelphia, and in New Jersey
and New York. At Red Bank two horses were shot under me
by the enemy's sharpshooters concealed in the river thickets.
I believe I was engaged in as many battles and skirmishes
as any officer or private who served under Generals Wash-
ington, Greene. Morgan, Clarke and others. I was often in
as many as four or Ave in a week."

In civil life in Kentucky's early history, he w^as even more
efficient and conspicuous than in the Army of the Revolu-
tion. He was a member of Kentucky's first Constitutional
Convention; was United States Marshal for die District of


Kentucky during Jefferson's two terms in the Presidency, and
was the first officer to arrest Aaron Burr.

References'. Records of the Record and Pension office,
War Department, Washington, D. C. Letter of March i,
1818, to Henry Clay, by himself. Roster of "Crockett's Regi-
ment." Kentucky Year-Book, S. A. R., 1896, p. 88.


Banker, Boone. Born April 6, 1845.
Admitted March 22, 1899.

William Moore Rebecca Logan.

John Hughes Rebecca Walker.

Samuel Logan Eleanor Hughes.

SAMUEL LOGAN enlisted in Capt. Anderson's Company,
of Col. Butler's Regiment of Pennsylvania troops m the Revo-
lutionary War, in Lancaster County, and served eleven
months and received a pension for such service. See J. W\
Logan, No. 75.

References: Records of the Bureau of Pensions, Depart-
ment of the Literior, Washington, D. C.


Banker, Des Moines. Born July 2, 1850.
Admitted ^March 22, 1899.

William ]\Ioore Eleanor Hughes.

John Hughes Rebecca Logan.

Samuel Lo^aii Rebecca Walker.

For services of SAMUEL LOGAN, see S. L. ^vloore, No.



Wholesale Druggist, Sioux City. Born November 10, 1857.
Winterdale, Pennsylvania.
Admitted February 7, 1900.

James M. More Rebecca G. Van Horn.

Alexander T. More Nancy Harley.

John More Betty Taylor.

JOHN MORE on the 31st day of August, 1779, was a
private in Capt. Benjamin Dubois' Company, of the Eleventh
Regiment of Albany County Militia, commanded by Col. An-
thony Van Bergen, and was in active service in the Revolu-
tionary War. At a public meeting at Harpersfield, Delaware
County, New York, in August, 1775, "Articles of Associa-
tion" were drawn up and signed by the Patriots present, and
a Vigilance Committee was chosen to watch Tories and In-
dians, and among the Patriots who signed the Articles was
John More, the ancestor of our compatriot.

References: Vol. 8 of a manuscript volume entitled
"Treasurers' Certificates," p. 9, in the custody of the Regents
of the University of the State of New York, m the State


Attorney-at-Law, Keokuk. Born July 29, 1840.

Admitted May 17, 1899. Died August 24, 1900.

In the War of 1861 served as a Sergeant of Company E,
Forty-first Regiment, Ohio National Guard, from July i, 1863
to May I, 1864, and as a private of Company C, One Hundred
and Forty-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry from
May 2 to October i, 1864.

Alexander Forshay Morrison

"Mary Harris.

Starkey Harris Nancy Ann Hendrix.

James Harris Jane Harris (cousin.)


JAMES HARRIS bore a commission as Ensign in the
Militia of Hunterdon County. New Jersey, and also served
as Ensign in the New Jersey state troops in the Revolutionary

JANE HARRIS was a recognized patriot who performed
actual service by overt acts of resistance to the authority of
Great Britain during the Revolution by furnishing food and
shelter, and by supplying ammunition by melting her spoons
and other articles of soft metal for the Continental soldiers.

References: Records in the office of the Adjutant General
of New^ Jersey. Family Tradition.


Editor, Audubon. Born March 23, 1858.
Admitted September 5, 1893.

George W. Mott Abigail Ball.

William Mott -.-•,•• .Sarah Edgerton.

John Mott Eleanor Johnston.

JOHN MOTT was Captain of Third Company of Third
Battalion, New Jersey line; was in the battles of Trenton,
Princeton, Germantown, and Brandywine; wintered at Val-
ley Forge, and was in the expedition against the Indians in
the Wyoming Valley.

His home was near Trenton, and he acted as a guide to
General Washington from the crossing of the Delaw^are until
the battle of Trenton opened.

References: Life and Lineage of General Gershom Mott,
of New Jersey, by his daughter, Kate A. Mott, of Borden-
town, New Jersey.



Retired, Des ^Moines. Born February 9, 1S32.
Admitted September 5, 1893.

Austin Crane Munsell Lucy Bugbee.

Elnathan ]\IunselI Lucretia Crane.

Silas Miuiscll Abigail Blodgett.

Jacob Alitnscll Sarah Bancroft.

SILAS MUNSELL marched in Capt. Wolcott's Company
in 1776 in the Continental Army.

JACOB MUNSELL served in transporting supplies to the
Patriot Army at Boston, and was noted for refusing to be
driven out of his road by Washington's officers, but in re-
sponse to Washington's politeness gave the whole road, say-
ing, "he would not be damned out of his path by any man."

References: Records in the office of the Adjutant General
of Connecticut. Records of the Munsell Family, published
in Albany, Xew York, 1884.


Lawyer, Keokuk. Born ]March 20, 1844.
Admitted February 2y, 1896.

Served as a Corjx)ral in Company F, Forty-seventh Iowa
Volunteer Infantry from May to September, 1864.

Abner Harrison McCrary X^ercissa Mangum.

Rev. John McCrary Ruth Wasson.

James McCrary Isabella Gif^en.

JAMES McCRARY served as Captain of a Company of
North Carolina troops during the Revolutionary War. from
Iredel County. The Colonial Records of Xorth Carolina have
been destroyed and exact facts cannot be obtained.

References : iiisiury of Xorth Carolma, \'ol. 2, p. ^y^,
giving proceedings of meetings of Committee of Safety.



Nurseryman, Atlantic. Born December 23, 1827.
Admitted September 5, 1893.

William IMcGeehon ^Margaret Geary.

Duncan McGeehon

CAPT. DUNCAN McGEEHON commanded a company
under Col. Crawford in the expedition against the Indians
on the upper Sandusky, Ohio, in 1782. Family tradition
shows that he served five years in the Revolutionary War,
and was in Washington's Army at Valley Forge, and that
during that fearful winter's hardships he lost several of his
toes, amputated on account of being frost-bitten.

References: Vol. 14. second series, Pennsylvania Archives.
The Old Family Bible.


Clergyman, Keokuk. Born December 18, 1852.
Admitted March 12, 1897.

Horatio Cooley Xewcomb Eliza Pabody.

Cooley Newcomb Lectania Bullock.

Hezekiah Newcomb Ruth Burnham.

Hezekiah Newcomb Lydia Hunt.

Also :

Horatio Cooley Newcomb Eliza Pabody.

Ezra Fitch Pabody Mabel Butler.

Chauncey Butler Demia Butler.

Joel Butler Mabel Thompson.


Horatio Cooley Newcomb Eliza Pabody.

Coolev Newcomb '. . .Lectania Bullock.

Hezekiah Newcomb Ruth Burnham.

Eiiisha Burnham Jerusha Lee.


HEZEKIAH NEWCOMB served as an enlisting officer
for the town of Bernardstown, ^Massachusetts, as the records
of a town meeting in June, 1776, show, viz.: "Voted that
Mr. Hezekiah Newcomb be employed to hire three men for
nine months to serve in the Continental Army."

JOEL BUTLER as a private from August 16, 1777, one
montli and twenty days, in Capt. Benjamin's Company of
Col. Joseph Marsh's Regiment; as a private from ]May i, to
November 30, 1778, seven months and four days in Capt.
Jesse Safford's Company of Provincial troops ; as a private in
August 1780, four days, in Capt. John Marcy's Company of
Militia by order of Col. Eb'nr. Woods. ''Under same com-
mand in Maj. Benjamin Wait's detachment that marched in
the alarm when the Indians came to Royalton," Joel Butler
served from October 21 to 29, eight days. Under the same
command that marched the i6th day of March, 1781, by
order of General Bayley, Joel Butler served as a private three
days, all in the Vermont troops. Family tradition relates
that he served in the Expedition to Quebec under Mont-

ELISHA BURN HAM was a member of the House of
Representatives of Massachusetts in 1777.

References: The Records of Bernardstown, Massachu-
setts, quoted in the Genealogy of the Newcomb Family (J.
B. Newcomb, Elgin, 111.) 1874. Records of the office of the
Adjutant General of Vermont. Journal of the House of
Representatives of Massachusetts of 1777.


Attorney and Conselor at Law, D-es Moines. Born July

5. 1855-

Admitted May 31, 1898.


Joseph Gabriel Xourse . . . Aclisah Sophronia Abbott.

Charles Xourse Susan Cameron.

Gabriel Nourse Ann Doudle.

Javics Nourse Sarah Fonace.

JAMES NOURSE represented Berkely County, in the Vir-
ginia House of Delegates in 1778; was custodian of moneys
"for use of Militia of Berkely and Frederick Counties, Vir-
ginia, who are about to march to re-enforce General Wash-
ington" ; was Commissioner to settle claims of ^Maryland
against the United States in 178 1.

References : Statistical Gazette of the States of Virginia
and North Carolina, 1855, by Edwards. American Archives
fifth series, Vol. 3, pp. 1511-1512, War Department. "James
Nourse and his Descendants," ]\Iarie Catherine Nourse
Tyler, 1897.


Wholesale Boots and Shoes, Des Moines. Born June 2^,


Admitted July 13, 1897.

Hamden A. Olmsted Fanny Sprague.

Elijah Olmsted Polly Smith.

Ithaniar Smith Deborah Coram.

In the "Return and Present State of Samuel J. Mather's
Company," dated Fort Trumbull, New London, July 1776, of
Lyme and vicinity, on page 621. Record of Connecticut Men
in the War of the Revolution, appears the name of ITHAMAR
SMITH ; also on page 644 of the same book, he also ap-
pears on the list of Connecticut pensioners in New York,
under the Act of 18 18.

References : Cunueciicui }»Ien in the Rcvuhiti'/.^ary Wv/:.
office of the Adjutant General of Connecticut.



Banker, Born April 17, 1842.
Admitted December 10, 1893.

Lysander Ormsby Olive Clarinda Burnham.

Samuel Ormsby Rachel Day.

A\ithanicl Onnsby Elizabeth Perkins.

NATHANIEL ORMSBY of Norwich,, rvlassachiisett?. en-
listed as a private in Capt. Wlieeler's Company of Col. Nixon's
Regiment of Massachusetts troops on the 15th day J - ::iy.
1777, and died of wounds received in the service on the 28th
day of October, 1777, having enlisted for the war.

References : Records in the office of the Secretary of Com-
monwealth of ]Massachusetts.


Real Estate and Loans, Emmetsburg. Born July 2, 1873.
Admitted October 22, 1900.

Alvin Lysander Ormsby

Rose Evermont McGrorty.

Lysander Ormsby Olive Clarinda Burnham.

Samuel Ormsby Rachel Day.

Nathaniel Onnsby Elizabeth Perkins.

NATHANIEL ORMSBY enlisted in Capt. Wheeler's
Company of Col. Nixon's Regiment of Massachusetts troops
in the Continental Army, May 15, 1777, for the w'ar and
served until October 25. 1777, when he died of disease while
still in the service of his country. He was credited to the
town of Norwich, Massachusetts. See E. S. Ormsby No.

References : Rccoida in the office of the Secretary of Com-
monwealth of Massachusetts,

' 118


Stock Farmer, Marshalltown. Born April 25, 1839.

In the War of 1861 was First Lieutenant Company G and
Captain Company B, Twelfth Maine Volunteer Infantry, serv-
ing in Louisiana until July, 1864, and afterward in Valley
of Shenandoah, Virginia ; was in battles of Port Hudson,
Winchester, Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek ; was Judge Advo-
cate in New Orleans under General Reynolds; was mustered
out at Portland, Maine in December, 1864. W^as United
States Marshal of District of Louisiana from April, 1869
to August, 1876, and Governor of Louisiana from January,
1877 to April, 1877, and United States Consul at Liverpool,
England, from July 1878 to July 1885.

Stephen Packard Roxana Briggs.

Nehemiah Packard Betsey (Bradford?)

N EH EM I AH PACKARD entered the service at the age
of fourteen years as a drummer in the Patriot Army, in 1776,
and served until the war closed, being promoted to drum-
major. He was under the care of his uncle, General Benja-
min Lincoln, who was appointed by General Washington to
receive the surrender and sword of General Lord Cornwallis
at Yorktown. He endured the horrors of the winter at Val-
ley Forge. The family possess one of the drum sticks with
which he was wont to beat stirring tunes of martial music in
the Revolutionary War.

References: Records of the Pension Bureau, Department
of the Interior, Washington, D. C.


Banker, Iowa Falls. Born Fox Lake, Wisconsin. June 24.

Son of Rev. Stephen Denison Peet, Ph. D. and Rachel Kate


Moseley ; grandson of Rev. Stephen Peet and Martha Denison ;
great-grandson of Elijah Peet and Betsy Leavenworth ; great-
great-grandson of Lieut. Ehenezer Leavenzuorth and Elizabeth
Hiird ; great-great-great-grandson of David Leavenworth and
Sarah Hurd ; great-great-great-great-grandson of Thomas
Leavenworth and Mary Jenkins ; great-great-great-great-
great-grandson of Thomas Leavenworth, who settled in
Woodbury, Connecticut, about 1664, and died there August 3,
1683, and Grace — his wife.

Also a great-grandson of Ensign Amos Denison and
Hannah Williams; great-great-grandson of Joseph Denison
and Bridget Noyes Wheeler; great-great-great-grandson of
Joseph Denison and Prudence Minor; great-great-great-great-
grandson of George Denison and Mercy Graham ; great-great-
great-great-great-grandson of Capt. George Denison (born
in England in 1718) and Anne Borredell.

Capt. George Denison came to Roxbury, Massachusetts,
about 16, with his father, William Denison; returned to
England in 16 — ; entered the army and served under Crom-
well, won distinction; wounded at Naseby; nursed at the
house of John Borredell, whose daughter he married ; re-
turned to Roxbury and settled at Stonington, Connecticut;
was a Captain of the Militia; participated in the great "Swamp
Fight" in 1675; personally captured Canochet, chief of the
Narragansetts 1676, and was the most daring and conspicu-
ous Indian fighter of his time.

Also great-great-great-great-great-grandson of John
Graham and Desire Rowland ; great-great-great-great-great-
great-grandson of John Rowland (the Pilgrim and last male
survivor of the Mayflower) and Elizabeth Tilley.

Also great-great-grandson of M-illiani Williams and
Martha Wheeler ; great-great-great-grandson of John Wil-
liams and Desire Denison; great-great-great-great-grandson
of John Williams and Martha Wheeler; great-great-great-


great-great-grandson of Robert Williams and Elizabeth Stan-
ton, who settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts, about lO^^S.

Lieut. Ebcnecer LcavcnivortJi was born in Woodbury,
Connecticut, 1733; lived in the same place and died there
Alarch 19, 1778. He was a Lieutenant in the Connecticut
Militia ; served during the Revolution.

Ensign AMOS DENISON was born at Stonington, Con-
necticut, 1756; died there 1S35. He enlisted for three years.
May 10, 1777 as a private in Capt. Eldredge's Company of
Col. Jedediah Huntington's Regiment, First Connecticut, Con-
tinental line, and was discharged May, 17S0. This regi-
ment took the field at Peekskill, New York; joined Wash-
ington in Pennsylvania in September ; engaged on the right
flank at Germantown October 4; wintered at Valley Forge;
was in Huntington's Brigade in the battle of ^Monmouth, and
in 1778 and 1779 served on the Hudson and in repelling
Tryon's invasion. He was also an Ensign in Capt. \\ illiam
Stanton's Company of the Eighth Regiment, Connecticut
Militia, ordered out by Col. Oliver Smith for the defense of
the State in 1780.

JOSEPH DENISON was born at Stonington, Connecticut,
1707 and died there 1795. He was appointed on the Commit-
tee of Correspondence for Stonington, July 11, 1774 to collect
supplies for the suffering brethren in Boston. He served as a
private in Capt. John Tyler's Company of Col. Samuel H.
Parson's Sixth Regiment, Connecticut, Militia, enlisting May
8, and discharged December 17, 1775. This regiment was
raised on the first call for troops ; was on duty at New Lon-
don until after the battle of Bunker Hill, when it was ordered
to Cambridge, and took post at Roxbury, where it remained
until discharged. He led the forces resisting attack on Ston-
ington by the English Brigade "Rose."

WILLIAM WILLIAMS was born at Stonington, Con-
necticut, 1716 and died there 1801. In April, 1775. he was


appointed by the Legislative Assembly a member of the Coun-
cil of Safety; was Representative from Stonington to the
Assembly of Connecticut in 1775 and was Select-man of
Stonington seven years including the year 1783.

References : Connecticut State Records, especially Con-
necticut Men in the Revolution, pp. I150-56 1-639.


Stone Business, Mayor of Marshalltown. Born December
7, 1868.

Admitted September 5, 1893.

William Pierce Martha Jane Moore.

William Pierce Elizabeth Tanner.

JoJin Pearce Eunice Briggs.

JOHN PEARCE served as Ensign in the First Regiment,
State Brigade, Rhode Island, under Continental pay, and as
First Lieutenant in Capt. Nathaniel Hawkins' Company of
Col. Stanton's Regiment of Rhode Island.

References: Rhode Island Colonial Records, Vol. 7, p.
599-1776: Vol. 8, p. 79-1776.


Merchant, Forest City. Born July 25, 1868
Admitted January 24, 1900.

Charles Taylor Prescott . . .Harriet Philena Babcock.

Jeremiah Prescott Mary Miles.

Jeremiah Prescott Mary RacklifT.

JEREMIAH PRESCOTT was entered on Return of Com-
missioned Officers in Col. Thomas Stickney'sNevv Hampshire
Regiment, March .5, 1776, as Captain; was a First Lieuten-
ant in Col. John McClarey's Regiment, raised to join General


John Stark at Bennington, mustered and paid in full Septem-
ber 9, 1777, reinforced the Northern Continental Army at

References: Revolutionary War Rolls, State of New


Commercial Salesman, Webster City. Born August 15,
Admitted December 14, 1900.

Rollin Herd Randolph Elizabeth Ackerman.

Patterson Jenkinks Randolph . Jannette Herd.

Joseph Patterson Randolph . . . Emma Hurlbut.

Riifiis Hurlbut

RUFUS HURLBUT was a soldier in the Continental Army
and enlisted from Connecticut. He was promoted for gal-
lantry as a Lieutenant and second in command under
Capt. Ledyard at Fort Griswold near New London, Con-
necticut, when that fort was attacked by a force under Bene-
dict Arnold September 6, 1781. At the battle of Fort Gris-
wold Lieut. Hurlbut was killed. Afterward upon the capitu-
lation of the garrison a large part of the prisoners were mas-
sacred, Capt. Ledyard being run through with his own sword
in the hands of a British officer to whom he had surrendered
it. The name of Lieut. Rufus Hurlbut appears on the granite
monument erected on the site of Fort Griswold to commemor-
ate the event and perpetuate the names of the men who per-
ished in that battle.

References: Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolu-
tion, p. 577. Arnold's attack upon New London, Septem-
ber 6, 1 78 1, v/herein the name of Rufus Hurlbut appears.





Editor and Publisher, Hampton. Born July 3, 1838.

Admitted March 7, 1894.

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