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THE CENTURY continues its war papers, some of which are very valu-
able, along with a good deal of trash. We would commend these papers
much more strongly if the editors had not shown such an evident disposition
to publish, without question, whatever any so called " Confederate "may have
to say against our government and leaders, and such unmistakable reluctance
to print corrections of their slanders. The most notable example of this was
their publication of a paper on " T/ie A/adania," by one professing to have
been on board, grossly slandering the gallant Semmes and his oflficers and
crew. The fellow was promptly exposed, it was proven that no such man
was ever on the Alabatna, and that his statements were false ; but up to
this writing the Century has not given its readers the benefit of this proof.
Recently, however, this veracious writer of " history " has been proven to
be a man of many aliases вАФ a forger, a swindler, and fraud generally,
and is now on trial for his crimes. Surely the Century will now acknowl-
edge its injustice to Semmes in allowing this fellow to write the story of " The

Confederates who will criticise adversely their leaders and disparage their
comrades seem to be prime favorites with the Century.

gotten into unexpected trouble. In its zealous efforts to so " sugar-coat the
pill " that gullible School Boards at the South would the more easily swallow
as ^^ National" their grossly partisan history, the publishers have brought
upon themselves the ciiarge of making a " Rebel Book," and are under the
necessity of making an elaborate defence (which some friend has sent us),
and of proving that their book is not " Rebel," but " trooly toil." If they
will call on us we will give them a certificate to that effect. Moreover, we
will certify to all Southern .School Boards that Barnes, the "Eclectic"
(which tiie Virginia .State Board has very properly kicked out of the Public
Schools of Virginia), and books of that ilk, are not fit to be used in our
schools, and should never be put in the hands of the children of " the men
who wore the Gray." I^et our children be taught the truth., and learn to
take as their hertzes not Lincoln, and Grant, and Sherman, and .Sheridan,
but Davis, and Lee, and Sidney Johnston, and " Stonewall " Jackson, and
Stuart, and A. P. Hill, and the ragged veterans who followed them to an
immortality of fame.

Online LibrarySouthern Historical Society. cnSouthern Historical Society papers (Volume 14) → online text (page 61 of 61)