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St. Mary's College
of Maryland


Calvert Hall is the home

of students and offices of

the administrative staff

and departments of

History and Social


Ducks floating in the
pond, with the science
building in the
background, is a com-
mon sight. It is also a
common noise, particu-
larly at 6:00 am.

The Shoe Tree, located on the
path between PG and
Dorchester, has quite a history,
and an odor. It is said that when
students graduate, they throw
their old shoes up into the tree.

Sarah Young, Cindy King, Amy
Cox, Carly Treppi, Christi
Martinson, Jen Dickons, and
Brian Doss, are the SOS staff in
DC, relaxing for a little cool off

A few common sights around campus are the famous peacocks and the even more famous Billy. Billy
is always there with his smiling face and an enthusiatic "Hey! How's it going?" while the peacocks,
unfortunately, may not be as eager to say hi to those passing by. Artists creating masterpieces can
also frequently be seen with their models.

Governor's Cup

In 1973, three SMC students: Pete Sarelas,
Russell Baker and Dale Rausch had the idea to
create a longer and larger race than the regular
dinghy regattas. In 19 7 4, their idea became
reality when 47 boats entered the 70-mile course
from Annapolis to St. Mary's City. A race from
the present capital to the colonial capital, also
the location of St. Mary's College of Maryland.
The race has become a SMC tradition as well as
a tradition for many in the racing world, with
an incredible post-race party. In June 1986,
Yacht Racing and Cruising (now Sailing World)
named Governor's Cup one of the top ten post-
race parties in the sailing world. (Finally, some
acurracy in the parrying status of SMC!!) Being
one of the biggest, if not the biggest, event
hosted by the College, it will surely continue it's
successful tradition.

"December 5, 1996 ar the Statehouse in Annapolis, Governor Glendening announced that
Dr. Jane Margaret (Maggie) O'Brien was named the next president of St. Mary's College of
Maryland. After 13 years of dedicated service to St. Mary's College, Dr. Edward Lewis retired
and passed the presidency to Dr. O'Brien. Over the last ten years, the College, under the
leadership of Dr. Lewis, has recruited 45 faculty members, with 97 percent now holding a
doctorate of the terminal degree in their field; increased the student SAT average from about
950 to 1215; doubled the size of the library and constructed a new 60,000 square-foot state-
of-the-art science building; renovated existing dormitories and built 81 townhouse units for
student housing; and increased private support of the College from $44,00 to $1.5 million
annually. Dr. O'Brien was unanimously elected by the St. Mary's College of Maryland board
of trustees. O'Brien holds a bachelor' degree in biochemistry (1975) from Vassar College and
a doctorate in chemistry (1981) from the University of Delaware. She served on the faculty
of Middlebury College (Vt.) from 1980 through 1991, moving up the ranks to become
associate professor of chemistry and dean of the faculty. She served as dean from 1989-91,
when she became president of Hollins College. She is the first female president at the
institution in more that 25 years." - From a December 5, 1995 Press Release

Welcome Maggie and Thank you Ted!!!

Dr. Lewis stands proudly next to his portrait which was painted by his son, Steven. This portrait is
hanging on the wall in the library next to the past leaders of St. Mary's. Dr. & Mrs. Lewis are quite the
athletic type, jogging in the Farewell to Ted Run. Thanks for your many years of dedication to SMC.



The complaint "there 's nothing to
do here " unfortunately can be
heard quite often on our beauti-
ful campus. Yes, it's true, there
are no shopping malls, or even
that much of a nightclub to go
dancing at that's under an hours
drive away. None of that stops
the majority of our students
from finding the many things
there are to do on our campus.
A glance in The Bulletin or a
call to Student Development
can give you the latest update on
campus activities. With just
about every club for every inter-
est, anyone can find something
to do. A creative, adventurous
mind is all that's needed to have



Having these very "innocent"

looking young men meeting and

greeting the incoming students,

can very easily make parents

wonder what's really going on in

the "jungle" behind those ties

and smiling faces. Dorchester is

the only all-male residence hall.

Within these halls, guys will be

making long lasting friendships

and bonding all through the


I Welcome v

TO THE If >■

y,', Jungle (Pwcliester)


Pillows that will be used
during the day, computer
keyboards that will be busy
the night before the paper's
due, and fans to help control
the sweltering heat of the
residence halls during the
hotter months are just a few
common things you'll see
within the dorms.



The Great Cardboard Boat Race,
sponsored by the SMC Waterfront,
in its third year, is the most popular
activity during Parents Weekend.
Students are given 2 pieces of
carboard, 12 pieces of wood (each
about 8'xl"x2"), 3 rolls of duck tape,
2 pieces of plastic wrap (4'xl2') and
twine. With this material, they have
to construct a boat that will be able
to go to "Church Point" and back the
fasteds and without sinking in the
process. There is $1000 in the pot for
the winners of first and second place
in two divisions, sailors and non-




The waterfront is always a very interesting place to hang out. A volleyball game is a common
sight at the waterfront during nice weather. Kayak basketball, however, is a slightly different
sight, not seen quite as often but just as fun.


Kavaking has become a very popular
pastime, ever since the waterfront
introduce them. It can be a very
peaceful activity, or a very wet and
entertaining time.
P.S. Proper kayak safety should
always be observed for fear of the
Waterfront Staff.





'95 ">

SMC students are very active

in supporting many causes.

Umar Hasan, the former

Assistant Director of Student

Development and Director of

Forensics, is remembered by

students and friends in the

AIDS Walk '95. Umar passed

away due to AIDS on October

24, 1994.



Above: Maria and

Zenoby are chillin in

front of their


Right: Did you ever

notice that when

smokers inhale,

they have to close

their eyes?



Nighthawks caught sleeping on the
job. Normally they would be out
roaming campus until 2 a.m.
escorting and being the eyes of
Public Safety in those little hard to
reach areas of campus.

Calvert residents are revolting
against their permanent quiet
hours. Those rebels!!

Left: Jane is hanging out on her
Peugeot, just checking out the


Many students enjoyed the

huge BUBBLIN' hot tub that

was situated on the grassy lot

in the middle of the dorms on

Cu- H

the hill. In the dead of winter,

no one could ever imagine


they would see so many Col-

lege kids running around in

M ^1

their bathing suits!

R, f


Many students learn the tricks of the
trade when it comes to sex from THE
SEX GUY. His entertaining and
laidback yet educational program, had
many students laughing about the
normally taboo issue of sex.

Honors Day is well attended by many
different students to give a wide variety
of opinions. Also, we got a free day off
school, since we don't believe in
celebrating REAL holidays here at



Many students use career day as a way to

launch their future. Having employers

from all over the state representing their

respective organizations is a great way to

make initial contacts and get your foot in

the door. This event is sponsored by the

Career Center, Internships, and Student

Development. Even Ted appears at

Career Day. Perhaps he's looking for a

new job once he retires from SMC?!?!


Paul Schultheis teaches students
about basic cat maintance and how
to fix minor car problems yourself.

POW Eugene McDaniel tells students

about his experiences in Vietnam,

where he was a POW for seven years.

He lectured on the forgotten POW's

of our country and what it means to

be an American and National Pride.

He is very active in educating the

public and lobbying to make sure

that the Federal Government

doesn't ignore our POW's.



Since all of us, at one time or
another, have eaten in the dining
hall, we all know the ups and
downs of the food. However,
Rita can always be counted on to
bring a smile to your grimacing
face with her friendly "Hey
Baby!" Some exciting new and
improved food tables are the ice
cream machine and the new salad
bar island. The Woods Company
is making an effort to make
our dining hall a more plea-
surable experience.



Happy Ends, the Fall 95

melodrama with songs, was

presented by the drama

department. Music by Kurt

Weill and lyrics by Bertolt

Brecht, the original german

play was by Dorothy Lane. A

little triva fact for drama fans:

it was actually written by

Bertolt Brecht and he gave the

credit to Dorothy Lane.

Left to right Gail, Natalie
Wass, Aarati Kasturirangen,
Delina Lyon, Jim Eberwine,
Andrew Porter Glendinning,
Greg Lee, Nora Ludden and
Rob Ritzer.

Left to right Nora

Ludden, Greg Lee, Natalie

Wass, Gail, Delina Lyon

and Aarthi Kasturirangen.


^Br r ^^^^^^ ^^H

/•' If




Km I




The dramatic arts department presented SMC DANCE '95 in the Fall semester, a dance
concert which featured contemporary and traditional works.


Top: Cypress Creek became a very popular band in their years here, playing
every opportunity they had from SMC sponsored Brown Bag Lunches to
Razzberries to the Green Door.


Bottom: Sol Y Canto was a band brought to our school by the Foreign Language
Department giving us a taste of latino music. No one was able to sit peacefully
during the performance; everyone's toes were tapping and there was even
dancing in the aisles.

Andy Myatt,
Cary Fentzloff,
Sharon Rebeck
and Kim Ruch
are ska-ing to
some groovy






World Carnival is quickly becom-
ing a favorite activity here at SMC.
This was the third year for WC and
the best attended yet. Honora
Batelka and Heather Davis were the
master minds behind this extrava-
ganza sponsored by the SGA's
Programs Board and Student
Developments's Event Coordina-
tors. But these weren't the only
people that volunteered many hours
to make WC a success, over 40
volunteers helped put on this event
which hosted over 2000 people.
With events such as human bowl-
ing, a dunking booth, the velcro
man , the monkey man, the shadow
who followed you around, and
many more sights to be had. Many
live bands such as Jay-Jay, Swampp,
Julius Bloom, Scrooby Groove, Hit
Me and the new hit Jewel! A good
time was all but garanteed.



Many students got to enjoy
the beautiful weather and
good music at World Carni-
val . The brave ones even
tried out the Human Fly. A
huge velcro bouncy thing that
was a sight to see and even
more fun to do!!


Watch out for the iron ball that

might come rolling down the waterfront

hill at you if you're not careful. This

was another way to entertain us at

College, human bowling!

Shindana Cooper is the storyteller who

entertained us in Lower Charles and also

at World Carnival.




Public Safety has become a very important part of our daily
campus lives. From the officers unlocking our doors for us
when we get locked out to solving crimes, they are well
respected and needed. They are a 24 hour service with 4
Public Safety officers and 3 sworn Police officers, full- and
part-time radio dispatchers and student security patrol
assistants (Nighthawks as we know them). The are
headed by Director Harry Tafe and Assistant Director
JoAnn Robinson with Risk Manager Flo Devine.





Jennifer Adams

Kimberlee Adams

Rachael Maree Allen

"Sometimes, if you

stand on the bottom rail

of a bridge and lean

over to watch the river

slipping slowly away

beneath you, you will

suddenly know

everything there is to be



Cathy Anderson

"All the little streams

higher up in the Forest

went this way and

that, quickly, eagerly,

having so much to find

out before it was too


- A. A. Milne

Carl Baclw

Karen Baker

Katie Beck

Take it all in it's as big

as it seems,

Count all your


Remember your


- Jimmy Buffett

Aaron /. Bertoglio

Eric Brandan Blind

I was blind the

whole time I was

learning to see...

Diana M. Bloom

"Things may come to

those who wait, but

only those things left

by those who hustle"

- Abraham Lincoln

Rose Bolian

Mary Frances

Carpe Diem


John Bozvman

Cliristina Carroll

"If we look at the path, we do
not see the sky. We are earth
people on a spiritual journey
to the stars. Our quest, our
earth walk, is to look within,
to know who we are, to see
that we are connected to all
things, that there is no sepa-
ration, only in the mind."
- Native American

Karen Brooks

Enjoy life 'cause birth
and death are where you
really pay for it all!

Marin Bulgarini
Never keep the
curtains drawn, lest
you should miss some
glory of the sky.

Filipina Calderon


"What you really value

is what you miss, not

what you have."

- Jorge Luis Borges

Sa rail Chalberg

Michael Chikar

Mark Garcia
Intolerance is

Kathleen L. Clay

"Whenever vour life is out of
tune and no melody soothes
your soul, look to the Master
whose gentle touch will bless
you and make you whole.
Like an old violin with so little
worth, a life may be far less
than grand, but maybe trans-
formed in a moment by the
Touch of the Master's Hand."

Gregory MacLeod


"Stand at the precipice.

that existential

darkness, and call into

the void; it will surelj


David H. Craig
Cynthia Davenport



Everybody Have

Fun Tonight!

Everybody Wang

Chung Tonight!

Jennifer L. Dearolf

I don't know where life will

lead me, but I know where

IVebeen. Idon'tknow what

life will show me, but 1

knowwhatl'veseen... This

little girl is moving on"

- Sittin' in Limbo

Lana K. Denton

Cindy J. Dey
Alrighty then.

Laura Karolyn

Bryan C. Dunston
"The longer 1 live the
more I am convinced
that the one thing
worth living for and
dying for is the
privilege of making
someone more happy."
- Booker T. Washing-

Joshua Eaton

Kathn/n Ann

" Island, not only with


but with pleasing thoughts

that in this moment there is

life and food for future


- William Wordsworth

Dan Egan

Sarah Anne Elliott
"If it was easy,

anyone could do it."
- John R. Elliott

Jennifer Pagan
"Whatever, Rock on!"

Evelyn Flaherty


Lisa Marie Flower

Rachel M. Foster

Monica Ann Gaffney
Are You Ready?
Ready All, Row!

Marybeth Kaitlin
Yesterday is history,
Tomorow is a
mystery, and today is

Makini Garrett

I challenge you all to give it
all you've got and don't
hold back. Always stay
focused and have a \ision
because any other way is
just not good enough.


Cymantha Governs
"Yes, yes, yes, yes yes

yes yes yes."
- William Faulkner,

Christine Lynn Gray


Don't ever give up."

-Mr. Grav

Dana Hamilton



"Free the Mexicans."

Steven E. Harris

Ana Hayes

Jennifer Herrmann

"I cherish my friends, for I

know that of all things

granted us. ..none is greater

or better than friendship."

- Peitro Aretino

Catherine Elizabeth

"Always leave them

laughing when you sav

goodbye.." - MotherGoose

Marita Payabyab

"l have always known that

at last I would take this

road, but yesterday I did not

know that it would be

today. "Ariwara no Nanhira

Marc Salvador Hume

I sat evaluating


I decided to lie down.

Justine Hurwitz

"You're a Tart."
"Go traveling."

Chastity Johnson


Michael Johnson

"All art, literature, as well as
much, must be brought out
with one's heart blood.. I do
not believe in an art which
has not forced its way out
through man's need to open
his heart
- Edward Munch

Norval Johnson

"Knowledge is not a goal in
itself, but a path to wisdom, it
bestows not privilege so
much as duty, not power so
much as responsibility."

Amanda Marie Jones

SMC is where my life began
to come together. I will miss
it !!!

Joshua Kaye

"Now it is time to
being feeding yourself.

Yong Kim

This is an end tor a
new beginning."

Jennifer Kopetka


Ruth Alma

"The future enters into us, in

order to transform itself in

us, long before it happens."

- Rainer Maria Rilke


I'm gonna try with all my

might to make this story

line come true."

- Survivor

David Gregory Layman

"There are none so blind as

those who will not see."- The

Moody Blues

Deborah Lee

Micah Noell

Emily P. Lewis

"When we are awake

we also do what we do

in our dreams: we

invent and make up

the person with whom

we associate - and

immediately forget it."

- Nietzsche

Michael Lind

"It's not the critic who counts...
credit belongs to the man who
really was in the arena... He
at best knows the triumph of
great achievement... and at
least knows his place shall
never be with those cold and
cruel souls who know nei-
ther victory nor defeat."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Stephanie L. Linebaugh

"Rivers know this: There is no H
hurry, we shall get there •

someday."- A. A. Milne

David Maciorozoski

Hey Scrappy, are you flyin'
with the Jaybird?

Jamie Manfuso

Christi Martinson

"Learn... as though

you were to live

forever. Love., as

though you were to die


- H. D. Thoreau

Sam Mazzeo




"You can't touch my gangsta


"If the devil, passing through
my country, applied to me for
instruction in any truth or
fact of this universe, 1 should
wish to give it to him. If he
knew fact enough continuous
light would dawn on him; he
would understand what this
universe is, on what principle
it conducts itself, and would
cease to be a devil!" -Thomas

Patrick E.McNabb


Oona McNeil

"When you come right

down to it, all you have is

yourself. Your self is a sun

with a thousands rays in

your belly. The rest is


- Pablo Picasso

James Joseph Meyer

"Whether it's good or bad
smashing something is also
verv pleasant on occasion."
-Fyodor Dostoievsky

Rebecca A. Miller

Lauren Mitten

Darryk Modracek

James Mohler
"After all these years
I've found my
occupational hazard;
My occupation is just
not around." - J. B.


Stephen Moroz

Kern/ Murphy
"If you can't change the
direction of the wind,
change the sails."
- unknown



"Attain peace while

maintaining passion is

the challenge to



"Binger roamed with

his hair uncombed and

then he bit the

neighbor. What can

you do? He was

confused and that will

lead to anger."

Kazia Ostn/niec
Trade Papantones

Kristin Parrish

"On Wednesday, when

the sky is blue. And I

have nothing else to

do, I sometimes

wonder if it's true that

who is what and what

is who."

- Pooh (A.A Milne)

Michael Pfaltzgraff

Essence Fierce

Michael Carroll Pinnex

"You know if you feel it. Uh

huh, yeah, that part that's

burning way down inside

you. Twisting, tearing like a

swirling ball of used staples.

You know what I'm talking

about... Yeah, that's it.

TRUTH. Go on, open yourself

uptoit. Praise it and love it.

No man can stop you now.

Hmm... - MKG ( ARTUGOD)

Jim Polimadei

MarKfosr vwira

Ml tell you, it's a crazy

world out there."

Kurt Prager

Keisha Reynolds


Jennifer Ann Riffle
"For what do we live,
but to make sport for
our neighbours, and
laugh at them in our
turn." - Jane Austen

Lisa Romano

Amy Christine


"When vour goals

originate from the soul,

success is a battle easily


Kyle Russell

Elizabeth Santini


Wliitley Samnweber

Eric Schoeti

Brooks Elizabeth

I obey the law of inverse

excuses which demands

that the greater the task

to be done, the more

insignificant the work

that must be done prior

to beginning the

greater task.

Cindy Sheckells
Doug Shipley

'To right that which is

wrong. To hold up the

American way of life. To

boldly go where no man

has any business being."

Robin Leigh Simpson

"Dreams pass into the
reality of action. From the
action stems the dream
again; and this interde-
pendence produce the
highest form of living."
-Anais Nin

Daniel Slade

Brandi M. Smith

"It's more than just an easy

word for casual good-bye;

it's gayer than a greeting,

and it's sadder than a sigh.

It's said a hundred different

ways, in sadness and in joy.

Aloha means "I Love You."

So I say "Aloha Oe."

- Don Blanding

Jessica Smith

Heather Sparby

Stephen M. Spence

"Okay Bobby, I'll drink

if Mark drinks."

Tanya Ramona Sperl

"Everything you gave

to me changed

everything I used to be

much more than

anything I ever knew."-

J. Napolitano


Benjamin Spiker

Donna Diane Sothern
"The Lord is my light
and mv salvation."

David A. Stansbury
"Live vour life as an

Carrie Supik
"... being good isn't
always easy, no matter
how hard I try..."

- Dusty Springfield

F.Aidan Surlis

True perfection seems
imperfect, yet it is
perfectly itself. True
fullness seems empty,
yet it is fully present."

- Lao Tzu

Lisa Talley


Aaron N. Tomarchio

"I will prepare and someday

my chance will come."

- Abraham Lincoln



something tonight that you'll

be sorry for tomorrow



Maria Rose Van dcr

"I went to the woods because I

wanted to live deliberately. I

wanted tolivedeepandsuck

out all the marrow of life, to

put to rout all that was not

life. And notwhenlhad come
to die discover that I had not

lived . "- Henrv David Thoreau

Rebecca Mae Vanisko
"Gone are the days we
stop to decide, where
we should go, we just
ride." - Dr Suess

//'// Walters
Michael Weingard

Melissa Jo Wliite

"Education is what survives

when what has been learnt

has been forgotten. "

Leigh Dean

Life's battles don't always go

to the stronger or faster hand;

they go to the one who trust in

God and always thinks


Kim Wiles

"He hasachieved success

who has lived well, laughed

often and loved much."

- Bessie Anderson Smith

Jeannette Williams

Sarah Wilson

"But I have

promises to keep,

And miles to go

before I sleep."

- Robert Frost

Jennifer Winswnll

"Be brave, even if vou

are not, pretend to be.

No one can tell the


-Robert Fulghum


Christopher Wright

Shannon Yoon

Tim Zapp

Ce4*C\^<d>4fc04*4> Ct*4<t #\i /6




: <-A



^H " ** ^r J

^w s J

r ■ \

1 ''a

m W

i J

* B

Wr tr


bt^l fl

^ ^

■ '

(1 *■*








4 J

i HI

1 1 J

1 1






Jfcr 7



Residence Life Staff

The Hill

Prince George Staff, left, Fall 1995 Staff.
Tameaka Coates, Jennifer Gering, Debbie
Burick, RHC Kazia Ostryniec, Matt Hall, KC
Culver, Nicole Erickson not pictured.

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