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ments, one in the collection of Col. Myers, and the other in that of E. E.
Sprague, make twenty-three autographs altogether known to be extant of
Thomas Lynch, Jr.

P. 387. Fifth line from bottom, for eight, read nine; fourth line from
the bottom, omit " two sets," and tame line, read three additional ones.

508 Wisconsin State Historical Society.

p. 388. Top line, after the word " extent," add, " whose composition ia

P. 3S9. At end of third line from the top, after "letter,"' add "to."
Same page, aftpr Cliarles Humphreys, add, "and Joseph Galloway."

P. 393. Add after the word " and " in bottom line of the note, the word

P. 396. Near middle of page, instead of "six more than Trumbull,"
read " five."

P. 403. Ill the notice of Floyd's letter, after tJie word "affairs," add:
"after the British invasion."

P. 414. Correct second and third lines from bottom so as to read, that
Dr. Emmet has recently completed his fourth set.

P. 415. Thirteenth line from top, add: This group includes his second
set of the Signers.

P. 423. After the word "independence" at end of twelfth line, add:
" lacking only Lynch;" and in fourteenth line, for "but thirty-live," read
••'some thirty."

P. 424. Owing to a misapprehension, Dr. Fogg did not, as he supposed,
secure the Lynch signature from Mrs. Ely's incomplete collection — it iias
since been added to Dr. Emmet's fourth set; hence this notice of Dr. Fogg's
second set is, in that particular, erroneous; both Dr. Fogg's and Mrs. Ely's
second collections should be relegated to their proper places, Mrs. Ely's
to precede Mr. Greenough's among the incomi)lete sets. Tlie coUecliou of
tlie Pennsylvania Historical Society ranks, therefore, as No. viii, and
those following should in their order be corrected accordingly,

P. 427. Sixteenth line from bottom, after "two hundred, " add "vol-
xiraes. "

P. 435. Second line from the top, after the word Congress, substitute
"to" for "of."

P. 43G. At the end of the third line, in notice of tha second set of Mr.
Gratz, add: It contams some 177G letters, is illustrated with portraits, and
forms part of the series of members of the Old Congress.

P. 436. Dr. Emmet's fourth collection no longer lacks Lynch and
Gwinnett, having obtained Mrs. Ely's Lynch from her incomplete set, and
a Gwinnett, it is understood, from Col. C. C Jones. The Lynch is simply
sig led " Lynch," without the initial "T,," or the supplementary "Jr." The
Lynch in Col. Jones' second set is a similar specimen, yet its genuiness is
well attested.

Page 438. Following the notice of Rev. Dr. Dubb's collection, add:
James W. Howarth, of Glen Riddle, Pa., fifty of the Signers, of
which nineteen are A. L, S.; while Paine, Floyd, Stockton, Ross, Rush,
Wilson, Chase, Stone, and Rutledge are A. D. S.; Whipple, and Living-
ston, L. S.; Birtlett, S. Adams, Hopkins, Huntington, Hart, Franklin,
Morton, Smitli, McKean, Harrison, Nelson, Hooper, and Hciyward, D. S.;
Lewis, L. Morris, Rodney, Read, F. L. Lee, and Middleton, Signatures,

Additions and Courections. 50D

and Wythe, a specimen of writing. The hicking autographs are Chirk,
Ilewes, Penn, Lynch, Gwinnett, and Uall. Nine of- the full letters are of
the Revolutionary period, of which Taylor's was written in 1776. The set
is illustrated with foity-four portraits, and forty-eight views.

Besides a partial si t of the Signers of the (^jnstitutiou, Mr. Ilowarth
lacks only four of all the Generals of the Revolution, including eight
HpcciiiHMiH of VVanliingtori; tiie Presidents and Vice Presidents, with the
(!nl<i/i<t (/Hii;</n, ail iliioilratcd wiLfi j>ortraitH, views, etc. lie has also
ei^;lil<'fn of Lin; liiclaralio/i Sit/ners in (iujdicale.

}»Ir. Jlowanh ii a liative uf Delaware Co., l^a., bfjrn in lS:i7, and com-
menced gathering autograplis in 18C4, and his varied collections now run
up into the thousands.

P. 413. At end of sixth line from top, after the word " brought," add
".v'lO in 18G7."

P. 413. Last paragraph, transfer the names of Sloreau, Ingraham, and
Keeler, to tlie list of dispersed collections, following Joseph B. Boyd's
name at the head of the page.

P. 447. Following Mr. Conarroe's set, add:

5. James W. Howartli, of Glen Riddle, Pa., has thirty of the Constitu-
tional Signers.

A pamphlet edition of tliis paper on the Signers, with additions and cor-
rections, in neat and tasteful style, will soon be issued by C. De F. Burns
& Son, 744 Broadway, New York.

Dr, O. M. Conover's Ancestry, Vol. X,, 452.

F. K. Conover, Esq., son of Dr. Conover, furnishes the following account
of the Conover ancestry: The earliest American ancestoi' of Dr, O. M. Con-
over was Wolfert Gerretson Van Couwenhoven, who came to this country
in 1G30, from Amersfoust, in the province of Utrecht. His second son,
Jacob Wolfertsen, was one of the Bjard of Nine Men, and a delegate to
the States General, in Holland. Gerret Wolfertsen, the eldest son of
Wolfert Gerretsen, was born in IGIO, and was twenty years old when he
came with his father to this country. His eldest son, William, was
born in 103G. Of the seven sons and live daughters of William, the ninth
child was John, who bought lauds in Mmmouth county, New Jert^ey, in
1704, and settled there. He had seven sous and one daughter; the seventh
sou and youngest child was Garret, whose second child, Benjimin, boru
in 1753, married about 1774, Abigail, daughter of Obadiah Barcalow, or
Berlew. The seventh of their eight children was Obadiah, who married
Sarah Miller, who were the parents of Di-. O. M. Conover.




A \rtaK i"tU' D', v, K'l.

Al>l)')U, .I.I.Ik", lit M ickinxw. ii, I'il.

Alj')Ott, J 111! !v I' \v\y I) '111. it -i''il T, vi, IHi.

Aoeall. .K.liii, In Ii III iiM I.T i. H

A e ir, Jo .f|);i. «! Illy lliiil-; )ii s ■uIit, iii, 4J7.

Abi!icruiiib f li-M . V. Hi".

AbTt, Cul. , and lv.;uo .li i li irbor, )ii,3'.10-

AbK-in III, Cul. S V. K , \\ 4l!),.ir)).

A( - e, eai-Iy liili.iu iruli-r. i.i. 2M, '^'y, Wl.

A la lis C ipt. , kilL'd in lilick ll.iw.c wac,

viji, •^j'.t.
Adams c >iintv. \,1]Z, vi:i, 407-110,
Ad uus. Daniel, o.ii ly W'.Uworth county set-

tkT, vi 111.
A lam>, (;ilb Tt and SV,, early luinberine i,

viii, .-3.19, 4i)i
Ada lis, I,auc, ix, 4'i9,
Ad nil i, Jo 111, aiitoj; -iph of, X, 414
Adaiiu, I'rei. Joliu Q, iiardoiis In Ii ins, iv,

174; V, 15 5, ^0^.
Adain-i. Sauil , rar.? aiid^ ;raph. x, 3S1. 400-t
Add'ily, \Vi luiiii, ea,id/ hi.iibcTinaii, viii,4j2,


Ada y, Slaj. , <; U'lv iiiin t, vii. •i'J\.

A,cas-;u, l,unii, oa aj^j of Auieiijaii conti-

iie it vil. ;i.i.
A'.Ci't', •' ivi 1, viii, 4.').j, 4 i<i.
All k •-I1 j-iu-\vay, ML-iioiaoiiee chief, i, (J9; iv,

Ah-shahwar ><e?-sh'-g )-(iua, a Cliiiip.nva

■' p i ii.'e-;s," I i, ;51.)-,.")l
Air I, li.-or^jj, eirlv I'ldim tra ler, ix, 178, ."Jl,
Aillotte, I'ri.ii'ie, x, KIS,
Aniiiove ladiaas. ii. IJi.
Aii'd, J nil -s, e ir y I idian tral'-r. ii. i), •,',''1;

vi., ^OJ; i-c, 178,':,: 17, :il«, .."Jl, ~'.).j, x, d;, 1,:3,

i2.). I ii;, .lO.j.

Akin-, or D rJ >, H u; clii d\ i, -JG, 11.4).

A'viiis, , k.l s an In Ii ui, v, iiTI.

Aiaiison, Sergeant , at I'erryville battle,

ix. :iH-i.
Al iiisoii, Rev, Williaiii, early Kcnoslia cler-

KV'iiian, i, 4'i), 4 ill; ii, 40i, 418,
Al 1 11, Alviii 15. .Sk tell of, x, IS!.
Al Iri h, O.vea, .Uilwa.ikej seUl r, i,

l-,'8; iv, J.jii
Ald.icli, Dr. Fliilip early liiidscjii settler, i 1,

Alexxnd-r. M ittliow, early Uijliland county

set.ler. ii, 4rt9.
Alexaade.-, U ;ii. M Itciii K, In Back II iw'c

w ir. ii 3")l,.S5).-'i9:-lO(3; v, 259; v i,, •^i'J-

yS2,31-J; X, 159, IGJ, l9J,-2Jj,:i 7,^10.
AITinse. Jem. viii, 101.
AU'oaipii 1 Iiidi iiw, V, 70,71,117: viii 1(51.
Al'-'i, Capt. — , surveys Kiiiooli.i li.irb jr, iii,


Allen, A'berl C, Secretary Fox Kiver lai-

pr iveiiieiit Co.. iii. 4 19.
.\la-n, Ainoii C , iv, 4 1 i,
.V'len, Col. lien , ix 4Ji.
Allen, Mrs. lOli/.i H , x, :i7 ), 3S ;, tn-l.
.Vllen, Kliz ibeili. vi,3r)9,
All-a, FiMiik. vii ,4,V).
.Vl e 1, l'ri>f.-ss )r J,jiiatlian, early Miltjn

lea; er, v,.i4'.)
.Vllen, N d-;(jii. c-arly Konns'ia settle-, ii, i; 1.
.\deii,N. ll.i-arly Keaisli i s dller, iii,.jr'.l.
Ad'n,Kusell, early K aiu dia .-settler, ii, 15S,

All^'i, K. V .eifly Jime.ui ciiiiity settler, viii,

37t;, 3.SS, 39 i.
,\ 1 -ii.Ur; I. Til )iiia> S., oa lleiry L>jdg ■, v,

17r; on (i ■■ >. Ih er, vi, M'i.
All n, \Villia:ii K., on a. II. CarpentL-r, viii,

Alliboie, Dr. S. .A.., x. 413.
Alliii'-/, l''a lirt ■ Ciaii le. early niissiouary, iii,

87-li4. 1 7 iv,-,:4l): v, 333; viii, 20.); x, 285, 29:1.
.Vliiiir I, lo.vii of, viii, 38 ».
Aniaiitoii, l,"8 - ur, at (ireeii Hay, iii, 150, 1.j3,

1)6; via, 211
.\iii 'rieaii .\'iliq iiriaii society, v, 23. 170
Aai'r.cui JMir c iiiipany. ii, 101, 10.', 107, 130,

HI; iv l.'ji- ."j9 I'il, 21j; V, 9J, 2i7, 37J; ix,

3 9,331 397,3 irt, 4 it).
Anie-i, N illiani 1. r •vohitiouary soldier, iv,

(,3. 81, 10; -llfi; ix 3")1,
Anilieivt, S r J -If vv, i. 4G.
A mot, -, e irl)- iJre.'ii Hay settler, vd, 127,


Ance. , a U ik ita half breed, ix, lUl, lO:.

An ier-ion. An lei-s ix, 4.")3

Vn leison, K-v. (i. A , i <, 138

All I'-rs III, M ij (ie a-^e, ix, 429.

A idersoa, (.; ipt J din, e.irly .Milwaukee set-

tl.-r, iv, 2(r>, 2ti(j.
And -rs.jii, M ij -r John, U S. A , vi, 282.
An ler<oii, K'litiicKy, early Indi.ui tra ler, vi,

272 27-); vii, 290.
An lers .11, |{aMiiiis B, on S. H t'.irpeiiler,

\iii. HO -9.")
All ler^oii, (Jo 1. Kobt.. reiuaii-ct.-iices (d' Black

II uvk, x, 1^7-173.
.Vn lers.jii, t! ipt, 'I'll mils G., in B itish ser-

vic •, ii, 211, ■:7i-'37."), 27S; pe-suii il n.irr.iti\e

and notices of, ix, 13J-.79; papers vd', x,

1 1 .' 1 r),
Andrews, early settler at Mukwoiiaga,

i, 138.
All Irews, Al mzo, early Ju leau county set-

tl -r. via. :i91.
All Irews, .Vni isa, Ix, 4."d,
Andrews, Aiiiniali, early Hudson settler, iii,



Wisconsin State Historical Society,

An.Jrews, Constant A., pion^'er iiuUer, ii, 117,
IIM; vi, '-'40, -JOii, a'4, 2iJ, 2o7.

An.lre'.vs. Lvni;iii, early Jlonroe countv sft-
tUr, iJ. 3.S'J. .iJO.

Aii!<e, Au;^ii tii e irlv PiMirio du Chicu si't-
tlfi-, ix. ~'Si. ^.'SV, X, :i «

Aii<e, L>d St , tatliiT lUi 1 .-o:i,at Ft. Cliaitres,
V, (i,-., 11)7, 1.1. I-';.

Ansley, Col. .lolri D., early Mi-i.-r-.'il I'oml
settler, il. ^'.)'), -ISH; Iv, 'Ji; vi, liJi, :l.")"), :i.") i.

Aiitav;i, I'i Tre, i- lily IT.uiij liii C'li.rii set-
tler, ix. :J8i, iS); .\. 3IS,

Anti-li(iiio 1 iw. t'ii:l>', purinxe-^ ix, l.'S.

AnM(iii,ll,'s of Wiseo'i^in. li, 184; in, 1 S lOi,
;i'.);i; IV, vS ."i.i .VJ 'J.'^ .'^■'; vi. ^.'.'7. IW VIII,
1-11-117, iSJ-lTiT; ix, -10 :.">, 'j7-1J0; x, is, xl"),

Anvill(>. U', nvip nr',x. >'>:, ■ji<i.

ApurkauM lak •. vii. ll'iO.

Ap|)l.i L'r-eV', lU'tili >ne,|. i, 77.

A|i|ile, lI.'iii-»-. kill -.1 in Ul K k [lawk; war, ii,

31."i, -MO, aiii. .'irii, .85; vi, 1)1.
Apiile H'vei- I'oi't ami .seitieiucnt, v, ;.'.S7; viii,

•j;'S^.!8J; X, V.ii.
ApiHetoii, v, 31'.)

Ariiiel, Louis, e irlv Iuli iii traler, iv, .'ilV.
Arm -1, Uliv.-i-, early Ma lisou s -ttler, v.i, 3G0,

410; X, G!). ^8.
Ariaeaia, Town uf. vi i .■JIU .'riai. 103.
Ariiiitin-;t;r, -, e-uly Iiidiaii trailer, vii,

Araistron;^, Cuylm- an 1 John, early G.ileiia

setllerd, vi, ^7U. -'8'). ;;jl.
Arni-.troii,', Mrs. Eliz iL.etli, conduct of, v,

Anusiron^, F. A., on Rock Island, vi, -^30, '..'O'J,
2 IS, 300.

Armstrong, John II , eai ly luinberinan, viii,
40,!, 403.

ArinstronK, Willi mi, early lumberman, viii,

Arndt, C. C. P., killed by Vinevard, iv, ]'Ji.

Arndt, ,Iohn R. earlv Ureeii liay sedler, iv,

^ 107-109, 171, ISO, 181, 1S7 10.'); vi, A 3, 3)1,
3).'i; vii, :.'.8, x'l.'; viii, 3)1; ix, 3v;i).

Arnold, J. K.,e,irlv Miiwau -ee la.vyer. iv.-TjS.

Arnold, John, early bheboygan hetttr, iv,

Ariiol I, Jonathan, early Mi;\vauk_'e lawyer,
i, 1.9, 131.

Ariitz, Peter, early Juneau county t.eltlii-,
viii, o90.

Arpent of linl. i, fil).

Arrow, Tlu', a Sioux chief, vi.^DO, 3'J1,3'J.").

Artag lal M de, v. 1)1

ArtaKuett", 1)., v, l.'l.

Arteau, 'Siv^ <.'hail.itt '. of lireen I'.av. x, 113.

Ashby, Wil.i,ini, e.u Ij Shebov;^' in setiler, ix,

Asixin. Cipt. John, Jr., a Uri:i-,li ollicer, viii,
'S.i\ ix,A)xi

AsMimijt.o:i. Fort L\ v, 113.

Asior,Ji.lin Jaeob, e.irly fur trader, i,51, til;
ii. lUl,lU;i, 107, 130, 131; i.,'j;',9'.), 1-. i, :;i .; v,
X37; vi, 30.j; \ii, ;;7:l-;7c); viii.oO'.), 310, ix,
31',), l.u.

At-ehitclia kan-Kone'i ^ldi■1ns, iii, l.'O, l:i7.

Atkinson, Airs, l bz dielh. ix, 151.

Atliiiisc)ii,(ien Keiny.iii Ul icl; Hawk uar,i,
72 'i) Ni; .i, •-'■,'.-..;!".ii,-J.->s, -i,-,',v;si,33\31-J .■;..'-
3.")").a^),3 0,3.; 30i, 40:-lU; IV, ISI, ISi,; v,
)5J, 1.51, !">'), I.j7, i78, I'Jl, 'JO .', ^VJ, ;i ,0, •.!S7. ;.".)1,
310,310; vl,'Jl .. 40,4)0; vii,3 3, 3.'.., 3 i:.' 3 1 1 ;
viii,-.;iiO, ^' 4,-' 8 - J80,.!b.', 3:3, 3 (.; x, 1.'.0, I.Vi-
I.V., l.'')7-b.O, 103, 10.'), 1'.)' , ■.' 10, .00, .2 ■., JiJ, -Si.:,
4'.)3, 4'.)"i; in W'inii.-o.iji' < war, i, 00; ii, lOi,
107, 331; iv, 171,171
AtUi isoii, F. bk.tch of. x, 189.

At. - iq let, Neddy, with O eidas at Littl;
Kak ihii,ii,130.

Atte Kouse, a Chippewa chief, jii, 3.".1,3')0.
Atwatir, C ilib, eai ly Wicjnsin writer, v,

171; X, i'48,-,'.51.
Atwood, Charles D , viii,40J.

;\.lwoo(l, (len. David, on I^, P. Harvey, v, IS;
on Ii. F. Hopkins, vi, 07, 71; on (i 'o llyer,
vi,ll'.); on H. H Carpenter and (ieo. B.
MniL I, vdi.lO'.-107, lll-;x!0; on C C SV.ish-
biir.i, ix,3-7-';4'.); resDiitims oii.V M Con-
o\i-r, X, 4.')1, 452; U 'soliit ions on Henry

Atwood,. Iiilius P, on J. \V. Huiit.v, !:<; skclch
of, IX, 4 4.

Atw lu.l, Saba.ix, i:'/,', 4 i:t

.vm ri'y, C,i\>\. Jam s v i. :i',):! 3'.)">; vii', tJ77.

Aid) <-V, Wil iam lolled in lilack Hawk war,
i. '.)',); a. 310; vi. 111.

.\u-;iia. (1 ■org.- l'., early .Mil a au'o-e s.tller,

IV, L'.ji

.Viit itrrapli c ill-ctioiis cif I lie Sillier-; of the
l)eelariitioii of Indepeii leiice a id Ihe Coii-
siiliilioii, by H. C. Dr.iper. x,3T3 1)7, .")0? 9;
nii-.c hineoiis aiil. j^.-npli coileiii'His in
l-ai'op •. 3r3-.'); eailv aiito,MMph rolle'iois
in U itrd utiles 3:5-0. Du-lartili.iii of la-
|^ /<./)( ^■/lc.•e — I. K. T'ffi, 37.;-S 3S:i, 3'.)1;
l!ev. 1)1-. VV. Ii. .S|.ra-ue, 378 81; eany
d.-atli-; of si,'iiers 3-^1; i are aut Kiaobs,
3<l, 39S-.), -lO.i, 417; discovery of I,yn. h
^i-C latnr-s .•83-4, 3 - 8, 40j; (li.Vereiice in au-
tograolis, 38): coiiiitei fed aut i(^r.iph;,3Sl;
niut ike 1 atitoj^iaphs, 381-0; auto-raph
aliOreviatioa-i, 4I'0: collectijiis exlaut, in
]870 3SJ-7; uoUeclions iio.v extant. 387-8;
Triun lull's pic ui\' of signers, 388 -3'.J0; his
(jini^slon of s'giiers in tlie same, 3'JO; iiiein-
beis of eoii^r.-.-s Hit si« lers 3S9. ,V'8;
H iriison's, from nc oilecli m, 38J-
390; Hunt's en^'raviiiKs of -igia-s, .i90-:i97;
Lewis Morii.' porn ail. 39 J. 3Jo; Carter
iiraxt >irs portia.t, 393, 395; Jolia M' rt ai,
no crlain portr.iil of. 3)3 3JtJ-8; Jas.
SiirtlPs portr.dt, 393-4, 3'.)(5; C '<■. Taylor's
portrait 3'j:i- !,;«;; Ii. J. Lo-si-gV^ cmrrav-
iiigs of signers, 39.'-3J7, 50^; Ca'.sar .\ K )d-
ne.v's portrait :-/Jl; Josah Bartl 'tts
portrait. 3j5; Thomas Lvnch's p-rtiail,
395-0; Will Kllery's por'tr.iit, 39.'-0. ;:97;
F. L. Lee's portiMit. 39,;, 39j; .Matlliew
Thornton's poriiait. 392; (ic or^^e l;os-,'s
j( It ait, 39'; 'Ihomas -t ine's poitr.iii, 390;
Lyman H.d.'s i).atrait. 3)0; broa Isidi s of
ileelaiMl:on. 414. 420; cor,t of auto.;raphs,
414, 42"), 4.9. ni 44J; dispe:sed collections,
412, 4li; cidlections for Idstoiieil purposes,
413-J;clis-Hvii gsetsof col ection-ot siga-
i rs, 41 : 13. 4 14. Cuntplfte sets uf ^/yu.rti af
Ihcld-.iliou — Vr. T. A. iMiiinrl's last sit,
4i3-15; 2. .Siin m tiialz's, 117-18; 3. F. .).
Hie, rs. 418 2>; 4. K. H. Leftla ;weirs, 12);
5. J. 8. H. Fogg's. 121-2, .518, 0. Male His-
torical t> ciety of W.scoiisin's, 3)8-109. 42l4

7. Mrs. 1). J. Cohen's 4.3-1; 8, Pennsyl-
vania Historii'al society s, 421-5; 9. Kob rt
L. I)i\iss, 42.-0; 10. C C. Joii.'^s 4,:0-';;
II. T. 15. .My.'r,-.'s. 427-8; 12; T. A. Kmmetfs
se'ond set, 42S-9; 13. J. W. Divxel s, 4.9;
14. F. K . - pragie's. 4ni-.0: 15, Nmv York
Male L brary's, 430: 10, .^hs. W ila.uii D.
fly's. 4:W-31; 17, 's. T. K fll -^'s. 131 3; IS,
(J I' J .i,e, s -eeond sei. |:-,:i; 19, I'. .\. I in-
iie-irs Hurt .set, 13): 2), .lol.n M. Ilal s.
433-1; 21, T. A. K nm.l . f-nitli sM. .'.US;
2.', M ■lien Cliamb.a-.aiii's, i:il 5, l,ii<nn-
picle fcts of dinners - ' I. Ibiiri .V. W il-
lard's. 4!5; >', ^-iiuoii iJi nt/.'-i second sel . I'll;
3, F. M K tin,' 's, 410: 4, U. .Mc.N'. Slaulf a's,
4iO; 5 Ch IS lioberls's, 4 10; 0, Hiram llilch-
c ck's, |-,0;7, Mrs. 1). J. C .)ieii'> i2d set),4i;;

8, Chis. |.'. i.anili. r s. 437; 9. J "s. 11. F.l-
gerly s, 437; 10. E. H. Li lUiigweirs (2.1 sei ),
437; 11, i:.C. H.iv.s s (2d s.-l). 437; 12. H. K.
aauuerson's. 43.-8; 13, W. K. li.ock's, 438;
II, Jo.s. H. l)u.jbs's,4)8; 15. tieo. M. C 'ua;'-
roe's, 438-9; 10, F.J, Ureer's (2 I set). 4:;9;
17. Mrs. W. U. Fy's (2d s-t). 439, .')08; 18,
Chas. P. (iivenough's, 439; 19, Nathan!
Paine'.s, 439-40; 20, V). Mc.N. btauffei's (2J

General Index to Vols. I— X.


ed). 440; 21, F. J. Ureer's (3d pet), 410; 22.
Jolin Cait.-r Unm riV, 440; 21, (JDuluii L.
Fords, 410: 21, Melleii t'li .uiberhun's ( :d
si-t). -Ill; ~5, Pfim^ylvaiiiu iii-uu-ioal t-n. i
ety'.s U'l sel), 411; xU, .Miss Mar/ l^. ilului-
viiv's, i4l: ^7, L'li ib. W. U^fdc-ii's, 111; 2S,
llfiicC. Van ScUauL-K's, HI; i9, i'\ M. I t-
tiiiK's (-'dsc'l).4ll; 30. Win Ka.\<inV,4 II ; 31,
J IS. \V. llowai til's, fiUS-U. Sclst'/.>'unvi-6>'i
Cdiialituliun— ], Siiii,.!! Cii-.ili's. 11"<; 2. D.
McN. St aille.- b, 415; 3, .1. S. 11. Fu-,''-^ 41.");
4.U. C J.)>, II >: f). K. ('. l;av.s'-. 11.'); ii,
Fc-.d. J. Uit-er's, 415; r, 1'. .\. 1 luiiul s, 11.;
8, Llias. Uobfits'-, I4u;'.), W isuMi.s.ii l,i l .l-
ic••.ll boeii-t\ 'i. I4ii; 10 .los \V. Div.x. r.-,, 4,t;,
11, !■:. H. Li r!i:iK>M'irs(lst .s.t),4lG; Id. H.
11. l.ffflu^w. h .s (2 I. sill. 41 ;; 13. F. M. Fl-
tiriK's ( .-t s.-t), 14 i; II, F. M. KltiiiK'^^ T-d
st-i>, 4l(i; 15. (J K. (iiiritliiT's.4»i: 10, .Me 1 -ii
(. liJinbiTlain's, 440 U:as- ilicatiou u{ -t-ts,
412-13 414 IncoiKijIete .•■etso/ Cuustituti n
aii/neri — ], J. II Did.b.^'.s, :lii; 2, John .M
Halo's. 447; 3, C l - . Cir m-ii(iiil,m s 4l7; 4,(1.
1\1. Conanue's, H7; ii, K iw. !■;. S|(r.iL:u<-V,
417; 0, I'eiiiisyhaMia llivtt ileal Suciil3'"s.
447. A'un Siijucrs. Ill

Avi vy. K -v. , early .M jiii'ue c.jiiiity elcr-

K'ymaii. i.', 301.

Au diu-w.-iii-ze, a C'liippi'wa ehirf, lii, ■■, U.

AytT, l.lbndj;.' U., eaily X ■iiuslia, id,

Ay' r, .AI\rv, lir.^t white ehild bjrii in Keiiu-
tln, ill, 4Uii.

Ayres, Aiajali, early Juneau eounty seLllcr,
vdi, 3-2.

Ayres, A. I*., early Juneau couuly sellKr,
VI, i, 3iO, ^81.

AiJtaUii, IX, 40, 90-105.

Ba-hp-'^ikim-dabi, or IJig Carly Head, h

C'hipijewa caief v, 400.
Babij'-. prairie, \ iii, 383.
BalKOCv, O., early Walworth eounty settler,

VI. 478
Baeon, HirUoii, earlv Kmiosha settler, ii,

45l,4SS,4.")y. 408: 111, 371,;i78, . - yj, 400, 404, 410;

in 15aisiovv\s eavdliy, \ i. 113
Bad Axe, 1) uile of llie, i. 70,70,8!, 100; ii, 30'i,

40,;, 112-114; iv, 18); v, 201-201. 2!)1, 2J2. 07,

300, 31 ; M, 407; viii, 284, 2h5, 315; x, li,3-l,

171, I'J'J, 2l->.
Baden, Father, cailv (Jreen B.iy elerjcyiuau,

vii, :i -0,231: viii, -^01.
Tia iger, origin of n inie, x, 70.
Ba> ge^wuin by Luli ins, v, 12."). 131.

Bid -y, Mnj, , i i Bl u-.^ Uauk war, vdi, 2(8.

Bailey, .\ vi, 4"d, 4V2.

Ba.l-y. Charles, early Wahvortli eouniy set-
tler, VI, 45i
Bai ey, F. ,eai l.y I'rairi -dii Chi n seltN-r.v, :.' 1 I.
B.iiley J. M., early Fierec e^amiy selll r, lii,

4,")7, 4 0.
Biih, 11 H, V, 270.

Ba nbrKlt,'e, Jl., e.irly Cireeu count)- seltler,
' id. 4. '5.
BaMd, .Mrs. Fli/ .betli '1'., ix, 205, 301 3J0, x,

47J, 4 12.
Bind, lieiirv C, X, 375, 412.
B.iird, Henry S., p iper on e illy liistory and

condition of \V seonsin, ii. 7-'; lu st-ull.

refereiic-s to. ii, 15;; iv, li)7, 1'.8 17.5, Ih7,

]0i, 1'.'5, 197-221; vi. 310. 3:7. 331. 31:,3l2.

380, 3:13, 395; vd. 70 78, 70, 210, 2li, iir, \ii.,

2-.7, i:3J, 3j4, 30.1. 35.1.
Ba'<er. Ciiail -s U , v. 311, 313; vi, 07, 430, 140,

451-453. -,57, 4 8, 472.
Baker, Col. U.uii. 1, v. ICO; vi, 170.
Baker, Kichar 1, early luinberm m, viii, 4C0.
Baker. Kobt. H , sketch of. x, 487.
Baker's trulinjj house, v, 305.
Baldwin, C. C, x, 03, ;325, 3jy. '

Bnukipg, e'lrlv, at Prairie du fld^n, v, 272.
Biniisoii, C.ipt. Andrew, x. 174 175.

Binnist:'!-, John, eailv surveyor, \i 300.

Barab lo, vi, 3 0-3 3, 177; vii.' Ir^l: ix, 301.

H.iral) .0 Hi. Is. description of, i, 70.

11 ir .b o valj.'y. ni 50.', .503.

Bub r, Dr A 1' , ix. 452.

B.uljer, Ceuiv;e. eaily Mihvaidvee settler, iv,

B .rber. J. Allen, li. 3.'2: iv, 400; x, 218. luin, 1 '.ipi. I). W. i,v, 4'0.
Ilallui 1, I'hilaiider, early Walertown set tier,

i\-, i.sO.
Hal h\ iii,V, C .early Shrbo\ pan wtt'rr. i\ :.;).'.
lial , l>e..J iini 1 and son. t.nlv W:ihy.)ith

coni.ty setters, vi. 415. 4 I 157. i;5.
B.ili riay, or U.-vil crei k, Indi.ui name of, i,

Hall. HI, 1) u iel \V., viii, -150.
Ba I III, 1). W . .)i-.. on the li: si grave in ^Vis-

cons.n. iv. 3; ;■ iSl.
BaiiC oft, l_ieoig:!. on \V'estera anlijuilies,

vii 81.
B.iididd. Mirhail, early Juneau county set-

tl.r, viii, :,9l.
Bai b inidier, a Kielcapoo eh ef, i.x, 235,230,

270 2s 1.
U.irci Hon. M., eaily Indian Irad'T, vdi. 2.'I.
liar lai 1;, or BarOeek, a Fox ehi f, i\, 2;i0,

2,1, x8l.
B.irk I'r. ek. or liver, Sheboygan count)-, ii,

350; ix, .j9'>.
l:a' k river inill, vii. 41 1.
liarK -r. J. 11., early Monroe county settler,

IV 301
liarker, Josi-pli, eaily Wuhvorlh county set-

tl r, vi. 4")3.
Barlow. H'v. Abner. t-ai ly Kenosha clei-gy-

iiian. iii, 379, 101. 4 8. 4b;). I7I, 415.
BarO.w, lieurKe K , lii, 410-113
Barlow, Henry, early Wulwoi tli county set-
tler, vi, 4-i.
Bill iw, Mdl in, ix. 403
B.irl iW, Steijheii !8 , eaily Walworth countj

setller, VI, 452.
Barnard, Henry, on early education ia Wis-
consin, V. 312 319.
l!ai ney, Dr. C. U . x. ;i7a 442.
liainey, Sabina earlyUaiik -shasett'er. i.lO'i.
Barney, li'apr. Win. K., sk 'tch of, Vii, 4lO.
B.irnnardt, Theodore, ix, 1-0.
Birraiig', Bi-hop, early imsiionarv, di 305.
Bariv, li.)V. De la, of Caiia l.i, v, O;', 1 1 J. 111.

liarr.-tle, — •. killed, v, 2 8.

Bii-r -tie's feiry. v,257

11.11 roil CDUidy, ix, 1 8, 110.

llairoii, Henri- 1), vi.,llJ; ix, 40.5-400; x. 479.

Bii-rows. u ill 11(1, on Black Hawk, v, 305

Barry, A. C. st He s ipe hiteudent of public

inslruciion. v 3)2-305.
B iiry, Kev. William, on ant quities of ^\ is-

co .sin, lii. 185.
li.irslow. (ieorge, earlv Ininberman, viii. KI3.
Ilarstww, .S iimi 1 H., vi, 91,
llarsiow, Will lixn A., e.iily Wai ke^ha ^eltl -r,

i. 13S,
B,ir-t IW, Will. .V , g.n-ernor of Wiscnsin, vi,

H,ii stow-B I'-lilo i) c >iiIrove' s\-, iv, 115. 110.
Until, Liu eiil, earl.y I'l.riig • SLt'iier, 111, 2^s,

B ir.h:-, L..iiis. X, 112.
Birtles, I) -Line.;, early set! ler, iv,

Baitlett, I)r. .early Milwaukee ph>-sieiaii,

iv. 2 8.
Bartl-'t, Crowell, ix, 440.
IJarll.'tt, C )l J lines ()., viii, 4G0.
15 irtiett, J .si .h, X, 395.
Ba tram, M., early ladJan interpreter, ix,

440-1 0.
I!ait-cii, Cai't. A",!gnste, viii, 450.
B iscoiu. Joliii, ou y. H. Carpenter, viii, 93,

100, 101.


Wisconsin State Historical Society.

Ba^hfortl, Coh-s, Kovenior of Wisron-ni. vj,

]\v cuiitiovi-rsv, ix, II.), 410.
L!;islifonl. I.e. i-it M.. on (irui'^'e ii. ; aiilli,

viii, lOH, l;!i)-l:i9
13..NS, 1 lioiiiiis, L-iirly WaU'i-lowu sittlcr, iv,

Bass.'ll, .M;ij ir. t-arlv Iihlian aL't-nl, v, -107.
liaifiiiaa, Nicholas, t-urly hiinl) Tinan, viii,

Baif-.s Capt. Davi 1, early Diiluuiin.' ti a.ler, vi,

I^alfs, Daviil Cj .early iui;uT, vii, x!!)l.

Batfs. Ivlwar.l, vi, 411.

liale.s, N. heiiiiili, early Cialeiia siii>-ltLT, vi,

B.uii, lieiirv 1) , ix, 418
Jiatlur.' aiix M.-vit-s, a 8 uiix v.U i^-', v, 12J,

V.anljt't-, C"l . of IMti h ariiiv. iv •■^71.

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