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1880-81. Chicago, 1881. 8vo.

Allen, C. J. Report of Surveys in 1880 at headwaters of
the Mississippi River, and sources of Rock River, Wis-
consin, etc. Washington, 1881. Bvo. Wis. Miscell.
Pamph., vol. 35.

Allen, Ethan. Exercises at Unveiling of Statue of, at Bur-
lington, Vt., July 4, 1873. Oration by L. E. Chittenden.
Burlington, 1874. 8vo. Rev. War Pamph., vol. 24.

Allen Genealogy. See Allen, John K. and Salter, E.
See Allen, Wm.

Allen, Rev. Geo. See Rice, F. B. Sketch of.,

Allen, Geo. W. Commercial Credits. Speech before West-
ern Leather Manufacturers' Assoc, in Louisville, Ky.,
May 19, 1875. 12mo. Congr. and Pol. Pamph. Vol. 83.
Speech in Louisville, Ky., May 17, 1870, on the Business
Depression. 8vo. Congr. and Pol. Pamph. Vol. 232.

Allen, Horatio. Remarks Explanatory of the Sun, Planet
and Star Instrument. Amer. Geog. Soc. Bulletin, No.

3, issa

Allen, Ira. Particulars of the Capture of the Ship Olive
Branch, destined for supplying the Militia of Ver-
mont, etc. Vol 2. Philadelphia, 1805. 8vo.

Allen, J. A. ISTotes on some of the Rarer Birds of Mass.
Salem, 1869. 8vo. Scientific Pamph. Vol. 105.
Ornithological Notes from the West. Ii'rom Amer.
Naturalist. Vol. 6, ls72. 8vo. Scientific Pamph.
Vol. 105.

Allen, J. Adams. Progress in Medical Education. Ad-
dress at Rush Medical College, Feb. 22, 1881. Chicago
1881. 8vo. Med. Pamph. Vol. 58.

Allen, Jas. To Foretell Frost. U. S. Signal Service
Notes, No. 3. Washington, 1882. 8vo. Scientific
Pamph. Vol. 111.

Allen, Joel A. History of North American Pinnipeds,
Walrusses, Seals, etc. Washington, 18so. 4to. Hay-
den's U. S. Geol. Survey, Miscell. Publica. No. 12.

Allen, John K. and Salter, Edwin. Genealog. Sketches of
Roger Alhng, Gilbert Ailing and Thos. Bancroft and
Descendants. Lansing, Mich., 188 J. 8vo. Gene-
alog. Pamph. Vol. 31.

Allen, Jos. H. A Reign of Terror. Sermon at Bangor, Me.,
June 1, 1850. (Slavery Question.) Bangor, 1850.' 8vo
Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 237.
The Great Controversy of States and People. Two Dis-
courses. 1850. (Slavery Question, etc.) Boston, ly5l.
12mo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol.201.

Catalogue of the LrBRARY. 13

Allen, J. H. Then and Now. Address before Ministerial

Conference [Boston?], May 31, 1876. n. p. 8vo. Ee-

ligious Pamph. Vol. 87.

Visit to Transylvania and the Consistory at Kolozsvar.

Boston, 1881. 8ro. Hist. Pamph. Vol.32.

Allen. Stephen IST. Old and New Republican Parties —

Washington to Arthur. Boston, 1881. 12mo.
Allen, Thos. Our National Laws. Speech in St. Louis,
Sept. 28, 1S78. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph, Vol. 248.
Allen, Wm., Chief Justice of Pa. See De Lancey, E. F.

Biograph. Sketch of.
Allen, Capt. AVm. Narrative of Expedition sent by H. M.
Gov't, to the River Niger in 1841. London, 1848.
2 vols. 8vo.
Allen, Wm. History of Industry. Maine, 1791-1869. 2d
ed. Skowhegan, 1869. 8vo. Maine Town Hist., Vol. 7,
Genealogy of the Allen Family, 1568-1882. Revised by
John Allen. Farmington, Me., 1882. 8vo. Genealog.
Pamph., Vol. 27.
Allen, Wm. F. Address before Free Religious Assoc, of
University of Wisconsin, Nov. 17, 1881. Madison,
1881. 12mo. Wis. University Pamph., Vol. 2.
Agriculture in the Middle Ages. From Trans. Wis. Acad.

of Science, n.d. 8vo. S. Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
International Copyright. From Lippincott's Mag., Jan.,

1880. 8vo. S. Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
Peasant Communities in France, and Origin of the Free-
holders. From Trans. Wis. Acad. Sciences, Vol. 4.
1876-7. S. Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
Ranks and Classes among the Anglo Saxons. From
Trans. Wis. Acad, of Sciences, Vol. 2. 1873-4. S.
Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
Reader's Guide to English History. Boston. 1882. Ed-

uca. Pamph. Vol. 29.
The Battle of Mons Graupius. From Trans. Amer. Phi-
lolog. Assoc. 1880. 8vo. S. Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
The English Cottagers of the Middle Ages. Trans. Wis.
Acad, of Sciences, etc. Vol. V. ] 877-81. See also S.
Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
The Rural Classes of England in 13th Century. From
Trans. Wis. Acad, of Sciences, Vol. 2. 1873-4. 8vo.
S. Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
United States Sovereignty — whence derived, and where
vested. From Trans. Wis. Acad, of Sciences, Vol. 3.
1875-6. S. Science Pamph. Vol. 8.
Allen, Zachariah. See Perry, Amos. Memorial of.
Alling, Roger. See Allen, J. R. and Salter, E. Genealog.

Allopathy. See Cowling, J. W. Old School Medicine, etc.
Allston, Washington. Description of his Belshazzar's.
Feast. Boston, 1846. 8vo. Art Pamph. Vol. 13.

14 Wisconsin Historical Society.

Allston, Washington— (continued).
See Sweetser, M. F., Biography of .

And his Axioms on Art. In Mrs. Jameson's Memoirs

^ and Essays. London, 1846. 12mo. ^ xr ^

Allusions, Familiar. See Wlieeler, W. A. and G. G.— Mana

Book of, etc. . ^ ^ ,

Allyn, Genealogy. See Baldwin, C. C.
Alma, Wis. Buffalo County Journal. Newspaper. 1879-81.

Almanack, Americain. Pans, 1783. 1^'mo.
Almanacs. Almanach Americain. 1783.
American Almanac. 1850.

American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac tor 1886.
Baltimore, Md., Sun Almanac, 1883.
Boston, Mass., Almanacs, 1866, 68, 74, 76.
Boston, Mass. Daily Advertiser Almanacs, 1876-78.
British Imperial Calendars, 1850, 51, 52.
Catholic Family Annual, 1881.
Cherokee Almanac, 1836.
Church of England Kalendar, 1868.
CoUom's New St. Tammany Almanac, 1821.
Confederate States Almanac, 1862.
Family Christian Almanac, 1854, 56, 57, 59, 62, 71, 73,

Father Abraham's Almanac for 1774. Phila [1774].

Green, S. A. Notes on Dr. Wm. Douglass's Almanac

for 1743.
Hutchins' Almanacs, 1757, 60, 61, 63, 6 t, 66, 67, 68.
Janesville, Wis., Gazette Almanac, 1880.
Jaynes' Medical Almanac, 1880.
Lawyer's Almanac, 1884.
Leavitt's Farmer's Almanac, 1883.
Metropolitan Catholic Almanac, 1855.
Milwaukee Wis., Germania Kalender or Almanac, 1882,

Republican and News Annual, 1882.
Sentinel Illustrated Almanac, 1882.
Monroe, Wis., Sentinel Annual, 1882, '83.
Moore, Thos., New York Pocket Almanacks, 1760, '61.
National Almanacs, 1863, '64.

New Orleans, La., Times-Democrat Almanac, 1883.
New York Almanac, 1873.

Express, Statesmen's Annual, etc., 1880.
Independent Almanac, ] 884.
Old Franklin Almanac, 1869, Fhila. 8vo.
Phila. Public Ledger Almanac, 1882.

Times Almanacs, 1SS2, '84.
Presbyterian Historical Almanacs, 1859-186s.
Protestant Episcopal Church Almanacs, 1853-83, except
1856. 60, (;2.

Catalogue op the Library. 15

Almanacs — (continued).

Royal Kalendars (G. B.), 1800, 1S-20-18GO, except 1822, 38,

31, 32.
Spofford, A. K American Almanacs, 1881, 82.
Strickland & Co. North- Western Almanac and War

Record, 1858. 18(;2-06.
Texas Almanacs, 1857-Gl, G7.
Tliom, A. Irish Almanac, 1880.
Tice, J. H. jSTational Weather Almanacs, 1878, 79.
Tribmie Almanacs, 1855, 50, 57, 65, 66, 80-83.
Tennor's Almanacs, 1880-1 and 1883.
A'irginia Almanac, 1765. Same 1762 (?)
Washington Life Insurance Co., N. Y., Almanac, 1881.
Whitaker's Almanac, 1882.
Whitewater, Wis., Register Annual, 1882.
Wisconsin State Almanac, 1883.
Alpha Delta Phi, 1832-82. Semi-Centennial Catalogue.

Boston, 1882. 8vo.
Alphabet. The, of the Future. See Paul, Geo. H.

Semitic. See Clarke, John C. C.
Alps. See Tyndall, John. Glaciers of the Alps.

Hours of Exercise in the Alps.
Alsop, John. See Stevens, John A.

Althaus, Ed^v. Grammar School Word Book and Ety-
mology. New York, 1880. 12mo. Educa. Pamph.
A^ol. 24.
Alton, 111. Riots. See Tanner, Henry. Martyrdom of

Altowan. Life in Rocky Mts. See Webb, J. W.
Alumni. Obligations of. See Bashford, Jennie F.
Alvoed, Benj. Mortality of U. S. Army Officers, for Fifty
Years, 1824-73. From Proc. Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of
Science, Aug., 1874. Bvo. Military Pamph. Vol. 6.
Winter Grazing in the Rocky Mountains. Am. Geog.
Soc. Bulletin. No. 4. 1883.
Amazon River. L'Ouverture de lAmazone et ses Conse-
quence Politiques et Commerciales. Paris, 1867. 8vo.
S. Amer. Pamph. Vol. 2.
Valley of the. See Markham, C. R. Early Expeditions
into the.
Amber Cane. Experiments in Amber Cane and Ensilage of
Fodders, at Wis. University Farm, 1881. Madison.

1882. 8vo. 2d Ann. Report on same, 1882. Madison.

1883. Bvo. Wis. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 37.
See Wisconsin State Cane Growers' Assoc.

Ambrose, D. Leib. History of the 7th Regt., Illinois Vols.,

1861-5. Springfield. 1868. 12mo.
America and Great Britain. See Townsend, Geo. A. The

New World compared with the Old. 1870.
At Sea. A Retrospect. N. Y.,1882. 8vo. Naval Pamph.

Vol. 2.

16 Wisconsin Historical Society.

America — (continued). . ■, -^j. ■, 4. +t,^ Pnh

Authentic Papers from America; submitted to the ruo
lie. London. 1775. 8vo. . , ,^^0

British Empire. Present State of, m Anierica, etc. 1708.
Discovery of. Banvard, Jos. First Explorers of ^.

Gravier, Gabriel. Decouverte de I'Amerique par les
Norman ds au XeSiecle. . ^-.t i -,

Griffith, Maurice. Discovery ot a Nation of Welsh-
men in the Interior of America.

Madoc, Prince. Account of. Discovery of America

in 1170. . ., ^, 1 i;

Perry, Wm. Stevens. Connection of the Church ot
England with Early Amer. Discovery.

Reade, John. Great Explorers before Columbus.

Slafter, E. F. Voyages of the Northmen to America.

Thevenot, M. Recueil de Voyages. 1681.

Wagener, W. L. First Discovery of America.

WiUiams, John. Farther Observations on Discov-
ery, by Prince Madog. 1170.

See Columbus.

First Impressions of America, pr. printed. Lon-
don, 1867. 12mo.
History of. Art de Verifier les Dates. Chronologie
Historique de I'Amerique.

Brownell, H. N. The English in America.

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Young Folkes' History of

De Pauw, M. de. Recherches Philosophiques, etc.

Dillon, John B. Oddities of Colonial Legislation.

Doyle, J. A. English Colonies in America.

Goodrich, S. G. Lights and Shadows of Amer. His-

Grattan, Thos. C. Civilized America. 1859.

Knapp, Samuel L. Library of Amer. History.

Lodge, H. C. Short Hist, of Eng. Colonies in

Newman, S. M. America. Encyclopedia of its His-
tory, etc., 1881.

Ogilby, John. America. Description of the New
World. 1G71.

Present State of Great Britain and North America.

Prince Society Publications.

Sanson, N. L'Amerique en plusieurs Cartes, etc., en
divers traittes de Geographic, et d'Histoire. 1657.

Thrilling Incidents in American History.

Tuttle, C. R. New History of America. 1876.

Wyse, Francis. Its Realities and Resources, 1816.
See United States, etc.
Impressions of. See Power, Tyrone.

Catalogue op the Library. 17

America — (continued).

Lost Histories of. See Blackett, W. S.
Manhood of. See Reavis, L. U.
Memoires et Observations Geographiques, etc., 1765.
North- West Coast, The, of America. Results of Recent
Ethnological Researches in Royal Museums at Berlin.
K Y. [iss;;,.] Folio.
Origin of the N"ame. See Lambert, T. H.
Stranger in, isor. See Janson, C. W.
Voice, A, to America, or the Model Republic, its Glory
or its Fall, etc. 2d ed. N. Y., 1855. 12mo.
American Almanac for IsoO. Boston, 1849. 13mo.
Almanacs 1881-2. See Spofford, A. R.
and Foreign Sabbath Union. 1st Ann. Report, 1844.

Boston, 1844. 12mo. Religious Pamph. Vol. 90.
Annals; or. Hints and Queries for Parlement Men, 1775.

4to. Rev. War Pamph. Vol. 24.
Antiquarian. Vols. 3, 4, 1880-82. Chicago. 8vo.
Antiquarian Society. Proceedings, N. S. Vols. 1 and 2,
1882-83. Worcester, 1882. '83. 2 vols. 8vo. Same,
Vol. 3, Part I, 1883. W. 1884. 8vo.
Publications of the Society, compiled by N"athan'l Paine,

Worcester, Mass., 1883. 8vo.
Archives. A Documentary History of North American
Colonies. 4th ser., vol. 1, 1774-5. Washington, 1837.
Same, 5th series, vol. 2, 1776. Washington, 1851. Folicf.
Association for Advancement of Science. Proceedings
lst-29th Meetings (vols. 1-29.), 1848-80. (Complete.)
Cambridge, etc., 29 vols. 8vo.
Daily Programmes of Meetings held in 1857, '68, '72,

'83. 8vo.
See Barnard, F. A. P. Address, 1868.
See Caswell, Alexis, Address, 1859.
Association of Instructors of the Blind. Proceedings at

Phila., Aug. 1876. Phila., 1877. 8vo.
Atlas. Published by John Reid, N". Y., 1796. Folio.
Bankers' Assoc. See Knox, J. J. Address, 1883.

Proceedings of Convention of Banks and Bankers,
at Saratoga, July, 1S75. N. Y. 8vo. Banking and
Curr. Pamph. Vol. 17.
2d Report. Proceedings of Southern and Western
Members of Exec. Council, at St. Louis, Jan., 1 878.
N. Y. 1878. 8vo. 2d ed. Banking and Curr.
Pamph. Vol. 15.
Proceedings of Convention at Niagara Falls, Aug.
1, 1881. K Y., 1881. 8vo. Banking and Curr.
Pamph. Vol. 19.
Fifth Report on Bank Taxation. N. Y., 1879. 8vo.
Banking and Curr. Pamph. Vol. 19.


18 Wisconsin Historical Society.

American — (continued).

Baptist Home Mission Society. 46th and 49th Ann. Re-
ports. May, ] 878, '81. K Y. Svo.
Jubilee Year. 1833-1882. Facts for American Bap-
tists. Svo.
Bar Association. Report of Members of Committee on
Delays in Determination of Suits in U. S. Supreme
Court. N. Haven, 1883. 8vo. Law Pamph. Vol. 41.
Bell Telephone Co. vs. The Overland Telephone Co. The
Case Explained. E". Y., 1S84. Svo. Scientific Pamph.
Vol. 112.
Bible Society. Ann. Reports, 1816-71. N. Y., 18:38-71.
4 Vols. Svo. Same, 1872-83. N. Y., 1872-83. Svo.
See Breckinridge, R. J.

Catalogue of Books in Library of the Society. Edi-
tions of Scriptures, etc. N". Y., 1863. Svo.
Chamberlain, Jacob. Sermon. 1878.
The Late Standard Bible. Report of Comm. on Ver-
sions. 1858. Svo. Amer. Bible Soc. Pamphs.
Objections of Some of the Baptist Denomination
against the Amer. Bible Society. 1867. Svo. Amer.
Bible Soc. Pamphs.
Statements of the Board of Managers on Electro-
typing the Arabic Scriptures. 1864. JSTew York,
1865. Svo. Amer. Bible Soc. Pamphs.
Taylor, Wm. M. Sermon, 1877.
Board of Foreign Missions. Report, 15th Ann. Meet-
ing, Sept., 1824. Boston, 1824. Svo.
See Barnes, Albert. Sermon, 1844.
See Miller, Samuel. Sermon, 1835.
Character and Influence. See Carpenter, H. B.
Church Building Fund Commission. Report of Exec.
Comm. to Board of Missions, Oct., 1883. [New York,
1883]? Svo. Religious Pamph. Vol.100.
Church Missionary Society. 1st. Ann. Report of K Y.
Diocesan Comm., 1867. N. Y., 1867. Svo. Religious
Pamph. Vol. 94.
Sixth Anniversary, Oct., 1865. N. Y., 1865. Svo.
Religious Pamih. Vol. 94.
Church Review. Vols. 1-30, 1849-78. New Haven and
IST. Y, 30 vols. Svo. (Includes Amer. Quarterly
Church Review.)
College and Education Society. 7th and Sth Ann. Re-
ports, May, ISSl, 83. Boston. Svo.
College Directory. Vol.2. 1878. St. Louis. Svo. Educa-

Pamph. Vol. 23.
College for Genealogical Registry and Heraldry. Three
Pamphlets, on Domesday Book, Family History and
Heraldry, n.d. 12mo. Genealog. Pamph. Vol. 26
Catalogue of the Library and Ms. Genealogies. N
Y., 1883. Svo. Bibliog. Pamph. Vol. 129.

Catalogue of the Library. 19

American — (continued).

Colonization Society. 57tli Ann. Report, 1874. Wash-
ington. 1871. 8vo.
Congregational Association. i'Jth and :inth Ann. Reports

of Directors, 188-?, "8:!. Boston, 188-2, "83. 8vo.
Congregational Union. Statement of Facts adopted by
Trustees, Apr. -J'.i, 188-2. 8vo. Religious Pamph. Vol. 87.
Education Society. Semi-Centen. Report, "May, 1866.
Boston, 1860. 8vo.
Fifty-first Ann. Report, 1867. Boston, 1807. 8vo.
Ephenieris and Nautical Almanac for 1 880. Washington,
1883. 8vo. Also House Miscell. Docs., 1882-3. Vol. 7.
Ethnological Society Bulletin. Vol, I, Sept. 1860 — Jan,

1801. N. Y.. 1801.' 8vo.
Exchange in Europe. See Logan, Olive.
Facts, etc. See Putnam, Geo. P.

Farmer, The. 1876-81. Incomplete. Baltimore. 8vo.
Forestry Congress. Proceedings at Cincinnati, April
188-2, and at Montreal, August ]88'2. Wash., 1883.
8vo. Scientific Pamph. Vol. 91.
Freedmen's Inquiry Commission. Preliminary Report
on Emancipated Refugees, June 30, 1803. N. Y., 1863.
8vo. Rebell'n Pamph. Vol. 141.
Fur Company. Roster of Employees for 1818-19. [Not
printed; copied in folio blank book from original rec-
ords, by D-wight H. Kelton, Fort Mackinac, Mich.,
Fur Trade. See Loughborough, J. History of the.
Geographical Society :
Bulletins: 1870. No. 6.
Bulletins: 1880. No. 5.
Bulletins: 1881. Nos. 1-5.
Bulletins: 1882. Nos. 1-5.
Bulletins: 1883. Nos. 1-5.
Bulletins: 1884. No. 1. N. Y. 8vo.
Journals. Vols. XI, XII, XIII, for 1879, 80, 81. N. Y.
3 Vols. Svo.
Historical Magazine and Literary Record. Vol. 1, Nos.
1-6, except No. 3. Jan.-June, 1836. N. Haven Svo.
History, Calendar of. See Lyman, D. W.
Humane Association. 6th Ann. Meeting at Buffalo, N.
Y., Oct., 1882. Boston, 1882. Svo. Social Science
Pamph. Vol. 3.

Sketch of its Work and Aim. Boston, 1884. 12mo.
Social Science Pamph., Vol. 3.
Institute. See Davis, John. Address. 1838.

of Homoepathy. Circular Letter to Congress, Jan.
5th, 1883. Phila. Svo. Med. Pamph. Vol. 64.
Instructors of Deaf and Dumb. Proceedings of Third
Convention, 1853. Columbus, 1853. Svo.

20 Wisconsin Historical Society.

American — (continued). ^^

Iron Steel Association. Ann. Reports of Sec yJas. M.
Swank, 18S0-18S4. Statistics of American and Foreign
Iron Trades in 1S70-S:J. Phila., 1880-4. 8vo. Scientific
Pamph., Vol. 107. ^ ^ ,-^

Proceedings of Convention at Cresson, Sept. 188;^, on
Tariff. Phila., 1882. 8vo. Cong, and Polit. Pamph.
Vol. 252.
Tariff Tracts. 1880. Nos. 1-8. Phila. 8vo. viz:
No. 1. Welsh, John. Free Trade and Protection.
No. 2. Dudley, T. H. What Protection Has done

in the U. S.
No. 3. Stebbins, G. B. A Tariff is not a Tax.
No. 4. Who is Augustus Mongresdieu?
No. 5. Our Foreign Commerce since 1861.
No. 6. Mason, D. H. Short Essays on Protection.
No. 7. Freed, A. T. The " Barbarism " of Protec-
tion. , '
No. 8. Who are Benefited by Protection? Congr.
and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 219.
Tariff Tracts. 1881. No. 3. Twenty Years of Pro-
tection. Svo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 227.
Tariff Tracts. 1882. No. 2. Collection of Fresh
Facts, etc. 1 882. No. 3. Testimony of the Fathers.
Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 227.
Journal of Numismatics. Vol. 12, 1877-8; vol. 16, 1881-2;

vol. 17, 1882-3. Boston. 3 vols. 8vo.
Journal of Philology. Ed. by B. L. Gildersleeve. Vols.

1-4. Baltimore, 1880-83. 4 vols. 8vo.
Legion of Honor. Constitution and Laws, 1882. 18mo.
Proceedings 1st, 3d and 4th Ann. Sessions. 187'.i, '81,
'82. Sandusky, 0. 8vo.
Life. Lights and Shadows of. See Mitf ord, M. R.
Lyceum of Science and Arts. Articles and Considera-
tions. Worcester, 1826, 8vo. Scientific Pamph. Vol.
Madura Mission. Ann. Report, 1879. Madura, India,

188U. Svo. Religious Pamph. Vol. 91.
Magazine. Feb. — Dec, 1740. Boston. Svo.
Medical College Association. 5th Ann. Meeting, at
Richmond, Va., May, 1881. Detroit, 1S81. Svo. Med.
Pamph. Vol. 58.
Memoranda by a Mercantile Man, during a short tour in

in 1843. Glasgow, 1844. Svo.
Men of Letters. See Warner, Chas. Dudley.
Missionary Assoc. A Plea. The Nation still in Danger,

etc. 1875. 8vo. Religious Pamph. Vol. S(j.
Moral and Sentimental Magazine. Vol. 1, July 3, 1797 —

Vol. 2, May 21, 1798. 2 Vols, in 1. N. York. 12ino.
Museum of Natural History, N. Y. 12th — 15th Ann
Reports, 1881-84. N. Y. Svo. Bulletins, Vol. 1, Nos
1-5, Dec, 1881 - Feb., 1884. N. Y. Svo.

Catalogue of the Library. 21

American — (continued).

ISTew Church Tract and Pubhcation Society. 16th Ann.
Report, 1881. Phila.. 1882. 13mo. Religious Pamph.
Vol. 93.
People, History of the. See Gilman, Arthur.
' Pharmaceutical Association. Proceedings at ,'i9th, 30th,
and 31st meetings, 1881-83. Phila., 1882-84-. 3 Vols.
Philosophical Society. Celebration of 100th Anniver-
sary, May 25, 1843. Phila., 1843. 8vo.
Proceedings, Vol. XIX, March, 1880, to Dec, 1881.

Phila., 1882. 8vo.
Same, Vol. XX, Jan., 1882 -Apr., 1883. Phila., 1883.

Same, Vol. XXI, Apr., 1883- Jan. 4, 1884. 8vo.
Transactions N. S., Vol. XVI, Part I. Dictionary of
Egyptian Hieroglyphics, by Edw. Y. McCauley.
Phila., :s83. 4to.
Pioneers and Patriots. See Abbott, J. S. C.
Politics. See Cooper, T. V. and Fenton, H. T.
Portrait Gallery. See Buttre, Lillian C.
Quarterly Church Review. See American Church Re-
Scenery. See Bromfield, E. T. Picturesque Journeys,
Home Authors and Home Artists.
Home Book of the Picturesque.
See Richards, T. A. Landscape Annual. 1854.
Social Science Association. Hand Book for Immigrants
to the XJ. S. X. Y., 1871. 12mo. S. Science Pamph.
Vol. 2.
Journals and Transactions, Nos. 1-15, 1869-82. X.
Y., etc. 8vo.
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 11th An.

Report, 1877. X. Y. 8vo.
Spirit, The Early. See Storrs, Richard S.
Statesman. See Young, A. W.
Statesmen. See Morse,' John T.

Statistical Assoc. Constitution and By-Laws, etc. Bos-
ton, 1840. 8vo.
Same, Jan. 1881. Boston, 1881. 8vo.
Steamship Co. Reports for 1864, 65. Boston, 1866. 8vo.

Pamphlets, vol. 22.
Sunday-School Union, ooth Ann. Report, 1879. Phila-
delphia. 8vo.
Tract Society, X. Y. Address to its Friends. State-
ment of Principles and Facts, Oct., 1860. N. Y. 16mo.
Amer. Tract Soc. Pamphs.
Ann. Reports of Rev. F. Y. Vail, Gen. Agent, etc.,
June, 1857, and May, 1858. 8vo. Am. Tract Soc.

22 Wisconsin Historical Society.

American Tract Society— (continued) t ibsq

rCircular] To the Friends of the Society, n. d., ISbS.

16mo. Amer. Tract Soc. Pamphs .
Special Report of Exec. Comm., 1858, m regard to
^Publications on Slavery. N. Y., 1858. 8vo. Amer.

Tract Soc. Pamphs. ■^■. , -r> +

Unitarian Assoc. 57th Anniversary, with Ann. Eeport,
1882. Boston, 188-2. 12mo. Religious Pamphs. Vol.

8') A
Universal Magazine. Vol. 1, Jan.-Mar., 1797. Phila-
delphia. 8V0. -r> JJ T
Wars, 1755-60 (French and Indian). See Braddock,
Gen. Edw. Orderly Books, 1755.
Canada. All Canada in the Hands of the English,

etc., 1760. , ^, . -.^

[Chauncey.] Letter to a Friend on the Ohio De-
feat, 1755.
Cort, Cyrus. Col. Henry Bouquet and his cam-
paigns of 1763-04.
Hall David. Thanksgiving Sermon on Reduction of

Canada, Oct. 9, 1700.
Hough, F. B. Journals of Maj. Robert Rogers,

Hutton, Jas. A Hundred Years Ago. Hist. Sketch,

Johnson, Rossiter. History of the French War.
Montresor Journals, 1757-1778.

Official Documents relative to Operations of the Brit-
ish Army, 1759-60.
Quebec, Siege of, and Conquest of Canada, in 1759.
Ramezay, Sieur de, Memoire, Commandant a Quebec,

Rea, Caleb. Journal of Expedition against Ticon-

deroga, 1758.
Witherspoon, John. Journal, 1757-59.
Wood, Lemuel. Journal of the Canada Expedition,
War of Revolution. Abrege de la Revolution de
r Amerique Angloise. 1771-78. Yverdon, 1779.
Adams, Charles F. Familiar Letters of John

Adams, etc.
Address of the People of Great Britain to Inhabit-
ants of America. 1775.
Agricola. Two Letters to Sir Wm. Howe. 1779.
American Annals; or. Hints and Queries to Parlia-
ment Men. 1775.
Anburey, Thos. Travels Through Interior Parts of

America. 1791.
Andros, Thos. The Old Jersey Captive.
Anecdotes Anglaises et Americaines. 1775-83.

Catalogue of the Library. 23

American War of Revolution — (continued).

Armand,Col. Letters of. 1777-1701. Authentic Pa-
pers from America. 1775.

Banvard, Jos. Soldiers and Patriots of the Revo-

Bartlett, W. H. History of Amer. Revolution.

Bolton, Robert. History and Capture of Major

Brown, Henry Armitt. Oration at Valley Forge, 1878.
Oration on 100th Anniv. of Battle of Monmouth.

Burke, Edmund. Letter to Sheriffs of Bristol, on
Affairs in America, 1777.

Butterfield, C. W. Washington-Irvine Correspond-

Campbell, Chas. Orderly Book of Amer. Army at
Williamsburg, Va.

Carrington, H. B. Battle Maps, etc. of the Revolu-
La Fayette's Virginia Campaign. 1781.
The Siege of Boston Developed.

Clark, Jonas. Narrative of Principal Events at
opening of the War.

Cobb, Gen. David. Diary of, October, November,

Complete Collection of all the Protests of the Peers
in Parliament since 1774, on Questions of the War,
etc. London, 1782. 8vo. Rev. War Pamph. Vol. 27.

Coolidge, G. A.. Brochure of Bunker Hill.

Depew, C. M. Centennial of Capture of Maj. Andre,

Drake, S. A. Putnam, the Commander at Bunker

Edes, Peter. Diary of, during his Confinement in
Boston, 1776.

Everett, Alex. H. Address at Charlestown, Mass.,
1836, on Battle of Bunker Hill.

Eyre, Col. John. Memorials of. 1776-81.

Fairfield, Conn. Centen. Celebration of the Burning
of. 1779-1879.

Fisher, Elijah. Journal. 1775-1784

Freneau, Philip. Poems.

Frothingham, Richard. The Sam. Adams Regi-
ments in the Town of Boston. 1765-70.

Glascott C. Fast Day Sermon, December 13, 1776.

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