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mond, 1882. 8vo. Va. Hist. Soc. Pamphs.

Henshaw, H. W. Annotated List of Birds of Utah. Salem,
1871:. 8vo. Sci. Pamph. Vol. 105.

Henshaty, J. P. K. Memoir of Life of Rt. Rev. Richard C.
Moore, D. D., Bishop of Va. Phila., 1843. 8vo.

Henshaw, Col. Wm. Orderly Book of Amer. Army, April
20-Sept. 26, 1775, with Memoir and Notes by Emory
Washburn and C. C. Smith, with additions by Harriet
E. Henshaw. Plates, etc. Boston, 1881. Bvo.

Henson, Father [Josiah]. Story of his own Life. Ed. by
Mrs. H. B. Stowe. Boston, 1S58. 12mo.

Hepburn, B. A. Remarks before Com. on Railroads of N.
Y. Assembly, March 18, 1880. Albany, 1880. Bvo.
Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 210.

Hepburk, Jas. See De Peyster, J. W. Vindication of.

Herald of Truth. Ed. by L. A. Hine. Vols. 2 and 3, July,
1847 — June, 1848. Cincinn. 2 vols. Bvo.

Heraldry. American Crests and Coats of Arms. Seven
Chapters. From N. Y. World, Dec. 9, 1883 — Jan. 27,
1884. Genealog. Pamph. Vol. 31.

330 Wisconsin Historical Society.

Heraldry — (continued).

See Boutell, C, and Aveling^ S. T. Heraldry, Ancient

and Modern.
Cussans, J. E. Hand Book of Heraldry.
Grloucestershire, Eng. Collection of Coats of A.rnis of

the Nobility, etc., 1792.
Grazebrook, H. S. Heraldry of Worcestershire, Eng.
Howell, Geo. R. Heraldry in England and America.
Moule, Thos. Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnae Britanniae.

Staff ordshire, Eng., Arms of Staffordshire Families, 1839.
Townsend, F. Calendar of Knights, 1760-1828.
See Genealogy.
Herberstein Sigismund von. Notes upon Russia. Trans-
lation of the Earliest Account, etc. Edited by R. H.
Major. London, 1851, "52. 2 vols. 8vo. Hakluyt
Soc. Publica. Vols. 10, 11.
Herbert, Chas. See Livesey, R. Prisoners of 1776.
Herbert, Francis. The Talisman for 1830, '37, '38, '39. N.

Y. and Phila. 4 vols. 12mo.
Herbert, Geo. Poetical Works, with Life. Boston, 1864.
12mo. British Poets.
Sketch of. In Brown, Sam'l, Lectures and Essays. Vol. 2.
Edinburgh, 1858. 12mo.
Herbert, H. W. Frank Forester and his Friends — Wood-
land Adventures in the U. States. London, 1849. 3 vols.
Herculaneum Manviscripts. See Hayter, John. Report on.

Herder. See Hillebrand, Karl. Herder, Goethe, and Carl

Hereditary Genius. See Galton, Francis.
Heredity. See Ribot, Th. A Psychological Study, etc.
Herkimer Co., N. Y. See Gold, Thos. R. To the People of
Oneida Co., on Division of Herkimer Co. 1800.
Piatt, Jonas. Address to the People of Oneida Co., on
Division of Herkimer. 1800.
Herman, R., and Satterlee, W. Cradle Songs of Many Na-
tions, Music, etc. N. Y., 1882. 4to.
Herodotus. See Sharp, Rob't. De Infinitive Herodoteo.
Heroes and Martyrs. See Moore, Frank.

of Britain in Peace and War. See Hodder, Edwin,
of the American Revolution. Boston, 1848. 12mo.
of Three Wars. See Glazier, Willard.
Heroy.P. B. Brief History of Presb. Church, Bedford,
N. Y., 1680-1872. N. Y., 1874. 8vo. N. Y. Local Hist.
Vol. 15.
Herreshofp Boiler. See U. S. Naval Engineers. Report on,

1871J. ^

Herrick, Harold. Partial Catalogue of Birds of Grand
Mehan, N. B. Salem, 1873. 8vo. Scientific Pamph.
Vol. 104. -^

Catalogue of the Library. 331

Herrick, S. E. Discourse commemorative of John M.

Pinkerton. Boston, 1881. 8vo. Biograph. Pamph.

Vol. 72.
Herrick, Wm. D. History of Town of Gardner, Worcester

Co., Mass. Gardner, 1878. 8vo.
Herschel, Sir John F. W. Essays from the Edinburgh and

Quarterly Reviews, with Addresses, etc. London,

1857. 8vo.
Herschel, Sir Wm. See Holden, Edw. S. His Life and

Holden, Edw. S. Synopsis of Scientific Writings of.
Hertfordshire, Eng. Cussans, J. E. Hif?tory of. 1870.
Hertwig, John G. General Grant and the Presidency.

St. Louis, 18S0. 12mo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol.

Sunday Laws. [Against Sunday Laws.] Washington,

1883. 8vo. Religious Pamph. Vol. 95.
Woman Suffrage. [Against Woman Suffrage.] Wash-
ington, 1883. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol.

[Her VET, Fred. J? New, Royal and Authentic System of

Universal Geography. Bankes, publisher. [London,

1785.] ? folio. Maps and plates, title page wanting.
[Hervey, E".] The Memory of Washington with Biogr.

Sketches of Mother and Wife. Boston, 1852. 12mo.
Hesekiel, Geo. Bismarck: his Authentic Biography. N.

Y. [1877]. 8vo.
Hesiod. Translated by C. A. Elton. London, 1832. 16mo.

Valpy's Classical Library.
Hesperian and E:s:aminer. See Literary Examiner.
Hessian Troops in Revolutionary War, Records of. From

N. Y. Eve. Post, July, 1882. Rev. War Pamph. Vol. 24.
Hessians in the Revolution. See Lowell, Edw. J.
Heveenoid: the Rubber of the Future. See Mott, H. A.
Hewitt, Abram S. Address on Opening of the JST. Y. and

Brooklyn Bridge, May 24, 1883. N. Y., 1883. 8vo.

Brooklyn City Pamph. Vol. 2.
Speech in Cong., Mar. 16, 1876, on Specie Payments.

Washington, 1870. Svo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.

Vol. 248.
Speech in Cong., Apr. 30, 1884 on Emancipation of La-
bor. [Tariff.] Washington, 1884. Svo. Congr. and

Polit. Pamph. Vol. 261.
Heywood, Nathan. The Copper Coins of Queen Anne.

1882. 8vo. pr. reprinted from Antiq. Magazine and

Bibliographer. Pamphs. on Numismatics. Vol. 3.
Heywood, Same. Dissertation upon Distinctions in Society,

and Ranks of the People, under Anglo-Saxon Govern-
ments. London, 1818. Svo.
Heywood, Thos. Two Historical Plays on the Life and

Reign of Queen Elizabeth. With Notes, etc., by J. P.

Collier. London, 1S51. Svo. Shakspeare Society.

333 Wisconsin Historical Society.

HiATT, J. M. Political Manual, etc. Indianapolis, 1864. 12mo.
HiCKEY, Rev. M. A Missionary among Indians, etc. Rem-
iniscences of Pioneer Life in Michigan. Mich.

Pioneer Coll. Vol IV. 1881.
Hickman, J. G. Life of John Howes, a Loyalist of the

Revolution of 1770. St. John, K B. 181G. 8vo.

Rev. War Pamph. Vol. 22.
Hicks, E. W. History of Kendall Co., 111. Aurora, 1877.

Hicks. Thos. Thomas Crawford; his Career, Character and

Works. K Y., 1858. 8vo. Art Pamph. Vol. 18.
Hieroglyphics. See Clarke, J. C. C. The Semitic Alpha-
Hammer. Jos. Ancient Alphabets, etc., explained.
McCauley, E. Y. Dictionary of Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Manual for use of Students in Egyptology.
Seyffarth, G. The Hieroglyphic Tablet of Pompeium

Grammatically translated.
HiGGixs, R. T. Records of the King's Own Borderer's, or

Old Edinburgh Regt. London, 1873. 8vo.
HiGGiNsoN, Thos. W. -, Common Sense about Women.

Boston, 1S82. 12mo.
Highland Character. Sketches of Highland Character.

Illustrated. Edinburgh, n. d. Jtto.
Highlands of Scotland. See Walker^ John.
HiLDEBURN, Chas. R. List of Publications issued in Penn-
sylvania, 1685-1759. Phila., 1882. 8vo. Pa. Miscell.

Pamph. Vol. 11.
HiLDER, E. F. Archa3ology of Missouri. St. Louis, 1882.

8vo. Missouri Hist. Soc. Publications. No. 0.
HiLDRETH, R. The " Ruin " of Jamaica. Anti-Slavery

Tract. KY.,n. d. 12mo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.

Vol. 201.
HiLDRETH, Richard. The People'is Presidential Candidate.

Life of Wm. H. Harrison. r,th Ed. Boston, 1840.

16mo. Biograph. Pamph. Vol. 53.
HiLGARD. Eugene W. On the Geology of Lower Louisiana,

and Salt Deposit of Petite Anse Island. Smithsonian

Contrib. Vol. 23.
Progress in Agriculture by Education and Gov't Aid.

Reprinted from Atlantic Monthly, Apr. and May, 1882.

Agr. Pamph. Vol 31.
Report on the Cotton Production of Louisiana. Wash.

1881. 4to. Extra Census Bulletin.
Hill and Evans Eeud (Ky.) See Thompson, J. J.
Hill, Benj. D. and Nevins, W. S. The North Shore of Mass.

Bay, an Illustrated Guide, etc. 3d ed. Salem, 1880.

IGmo. Mass. Local Hist. Vol. 36.
Hill, Benj. Harvey. Memorial Addresses in Congress, Jan.

25, 1883, on Life and Character of. Washington, 1883.

Svo. Senate Miscell. Doc. No. 32, 2d Sess. 47th Cong.

Catalogue op the Library.


Hill, Benj. Harvey — (continued).

Speech in U. S. Senate. Mar. li, 1881, on Reorganization
of the Senate. Washington, issi. 8vo. Congr and
Polit. Pamph. A'ol. <!51.

Hill, Chas. S. History of American Shipping. N. Y., 1883.
8vo. Xaval Pamph. A'ol. 2.

Hill, David J. Washington Irving. IST. Y., 1879. l''mo

Hill, Geo. W. History of St. Paul's Church' Hah'f ax'" Nova
Scotia. X. S. Hist. Soc. Colls. Vols. 1-3. 1878-83.

Hill, H. A. Influence of the Centennial Exposition on
Manufacture of Machinery in Mass. Boston, 1877. 8vo.
U. S. Centen. Pamph. Vol. 10.

Hill, X. X. Jr. History of Coshocton Co., Ohio; its Past
and Present illustrated. Xewark, O., 1881. 4to.

Hill, X. P. Postal Telegraphy. Address in U. S. Senate,
Jan. 14, 1884, in favor of. From Chicago Tribune, Jan.
16, 1884. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 258.
Speech in U. S. Senate, June 20, 1882, on Silver Coinage.
Washington, 1882. Svo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.
Yo]. 230.
Speech in U. S. Senate, Feb. 10, 1883, on Payment of Na-
tional Debt. Washington, 1883. Svo. Congr. and
Polit. Pamph. Vol. 251.

Hill, Octavia. Essays on District Visiting, etc. Circular
Xo. 8, Feb. 1880. Associated Charities of Boston. Svo.

Hill, Sir Rowland, and Penny Postage. See Nicoll, H. J.
Great Movements, etc.

HiLLARD, Geo. S. Catalogue of Private Library of. Bos-
ton, 1870. 8vo. Bibliograph. Pamph. Vol. 124.
The Connection between Geography and History. Lec-
ture at Hartford, Conn., Aug. 1845. Boston, 1846. 12mo
Educa. Pamph. Vol. 24.
See Palfrey, F. W. Memoir of.

HiLLEBRAXD, Karl. Herder, Goethe, and Carl August.
" The Monograph," No. 4, 1881.

HiLLHOUSE, Jas. See Bacon, Leonard. Life and Public Ser-
vices of.

Hillsborough Co., N. H. Ann. Report of County Commis-
sioners, 1883. Nashua, 1883. Svo.

Hillsborough, Earl of. Letter to the Right Hon., the Earl
of Hillsborough, on Affairs in America. [By Samuel
Adams?] Boston, reprinted, 1769. 12mo.

Hillsborough Lodge, N. H., No. 2, 1. O. O. F. Constitution
and By-Laws. Manchester, N. H., 1877. 16mo. N.
H. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 3.
2000th Weekly Meeting, April 17, 1882. Manchester, N.

H., 1882. 16mo. N. H. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 3.
See Gould, S. C. Fortieth Annivers. Address, 1883.

HiNCKS, Sir Francis. The Northerly and Westerly Bounda-
ries of the Province of Ontario. Toronto, 1881. 8vo.
Canada Pamph. Vol. 18.

334 Wisconsin Historical Society.

HiNCKS, Sir Francis — (continued).

Political History of Canada, 1840-1855. Lecture, Oct.

17, 1877, with Additions. Montreal, 1877. 12mo.

Canada Pamph. Vol. 18.
HiNDLEY, Chas. The Roxburghe Ballads. London, 1873, 4.

2 vols. 8vo.
Hindoo Literature. See Thomson, J. C. Bhagavad-Gita: a

Sanskrit Philosoph. Poem, etc.
Hindoos, The. London, 1S34, 35. 2 vols. 12mo. Library

of Entertaining Knowledge.
Hindostan. See Maurice, Thos. Indian Antiquities.
HiNE, Rev. 0. D. Early Lebanon, Conn. Histor. Address,

July 4, 1876, etc. ^ Hartford, 1880. 12mo.
HiNES, Christian. Early Recollections of Washington City.

Washington, D. C., 18G6. 12mo. Washington City

Pamph. Vol. 2
HiNES' Herald of Truth. Vols. 2 and 3. July, 1847-June,

1S4S. Cincin. 2 vols. 8vo.
HiNKLE, Thornton, M. Some Observations of an Army

Correspondent. Paris preparing for the Siege of 1870.

Cincin., 187'.). 8vo. Hist. Pamph. Vol. 25.
HiNMAN Genealogy. Sergeant Edward Hinman of Strat-
ford, and Descendants. (In Hinman's Puritan Settlers

of Connecticut. Hartford, 1852. 8\-o.)
HiNRicHS, GusTAVUS. The Seasons in Iowa, and a Calendar

for 1884. Iowa City, 1884. 8vo. Iowa Miscell. Pamph.

Vol. 4.
HiNTON, John Howard. History of the United States with

additions by S. L. Knapp and J. O. Choules. New ed.

brought down to present time. Illustrated. Boston,

18G1. 4 vols. 4to.
HiNTON, John W. Address before the Tariff Commission,

Milwaukee, Sept. 11, 1882. Milwaukee, 1882. 8vo.

Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 230.
Address on Eloquence, before Senior Class of Markham

Academy, Milwaukee, Feb. 1882. Milwaukee, 1882.

8vo. Addresses, etc. Vol. 56.
Celebration of Emancipation of Slaves in the British

West Indies. Address at Milwaukee, Aug. 1, 1882.

Milwaukee, 1882. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.

Vol. 230.
Necessity of the Tariff to Wheat and Wool Growers.

From Amer. Protectionist, May 1882. N. Y. 16mo.

Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 230.
Tariff Speech before National Wool Growers' Assoc, at

Chicago, Sept. 25, 1883, in reply to Jos. Medill. Mil-
waukee, 1883. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol.

The Tariff Letter to a Workingman. n. d. 1881? 8vo.
The Tariff. Millers, Farmers, Steel Rails and the Tariff.

1883. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 230.

Catalogue of the Library. 335

HiNTON, John W.— (continued).

The Tariff. Speech before Amer. Agricult. Soc'y, Chi-
cago, Dec. 13, 1883. Milwaukee, lSs-3. 8vo. Congr
and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 230.
The Tariff on Wool. Milwaukee, 1883. 8vo. Congr.

and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 330.
The Tariff on Wool and Wheat. Milwaukee, 1883. 8vo.

Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 230.
The Truths of the Tariff". 1881. Sheet. Congr. and

Polit. Pamph. Vol. 216.
and Parkinson, J. B. Tariff Debate, held in the Assem-
bly Chamber, Madison, AVis., Mar. 1, 1883. Milwaukee,
1883. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 230. An-
other copy, Wis. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 35.
HiNTOx, R. J. Hand-Book to Arizona. Resources and Nat-
ural Wealth. San Francisco, 1878. 12mo.
HiPPOLYxrs. Writings of. Translated. Edinburgh, 1877.

8vo. Ante-iSTicene Christian Library.
Historic Fancies. See Smythe, Geo. S.

Gallery of Portraits and Paintings; or Biographical Re-
view. London, 1808. 7 vols. 8vo.
Historical Collections of All Nations. See Frost, John.
Parallels. London, 1831, '35. 3 vols. 12mo. Library of

Entertaining Knowledge.
Records of British Army. 11th Hussars. London, 1847.
Higgins, R. T. Records of the King's Own Border-
ers, Edinburgh Reg't, 1873.
Register; Notes and Queries relating to Interior Penn-
sylvania. Vol. 1, 18S3. Vol. 2, 1884. Nos. 1, 2. Har-
risburg, 1883, '84. 8vo.
Societies. See Robertson, B'p C. F. Historical Societies

in their relation to Local Historical Interest.
Study, Methods of. See Adams, H. B.
History and Geography. See Hillard, Geo. S. Connection
between Geography and History.
Credibility of. See Perry, John T.

Modern. See Arnold, Thos. Introductory Lectures on.
Schlegel, Fred. Course of Lectures on Modern
Philosophy of. See Wright, A. O.

Study of. See Allen, Wm. F. Readers' Guide to Eng-
lish History.
Carlyle, Thos. On the Study of History.
Johnston, Wm. P. Address, 1872.
Percival, J. G. Oration on. 1822.
Schoolcraft, W. R. Study of Early Amer. History.
Thompson, L. 0. Nineteen Christian Centuries: a
Guide to Historical Study. 1881.
of English Thought. See Stephen, L.

336 Wisconsin Historical Society.

History — (continued).

of the Ministry during the year 17(J2-17C5, Exhibiting
the Conduct and Views of that Party. London,

irco. svo.

Hitchcock, Alfred. Organic and Parallel Relation of

Christianity and Medical Science. From Mass. Med.

Soc, Proc, 1869. Svo. Med. Pamph. Vol. 06.
Hitchcock, C. H. Geological History of Winnipisiogee

Lake. From Proc. Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Science,

Aug., 1873. 8vo. Scientific Pamph. Vol. 105.
Hitchcock, Ed'w. Reminiscences of Amherst College, etc.

Northampton, Mass., 1863. 12mo,
Hitchcock, Hexry. Inviolability of Telegrams. St. Louis,

1879. Svo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 231.
Hitchcock, Roswell D. Sermon before For. Miss'y Soc.

N". Y., Nov. 23, 29, 1863. N. Y., 1863. Svo. Sermons.

Vol. 103.
Hitchcock, Solomon G. Discourse at Wappingers Falls,

K Y., Sept. 19, 1875, on Death of Rev. Geo. B.

Andrews. Wappingers Falls, 1875. Svo. Sermons.

Vol. 106.
HiTZ, John. See Mussey, R. D. Was the Political Agent of

Switzerland a Diplomatic Officer?
Hix, Daniel. See Andrews, S. M. Sketch of.
HoADLEY, J. C. Memorial of Henry Sanford Gansevoort,

Capt. 5th Artillery, U. S. A., Col. 13th N. Y. Vol.

Cavalry, etc., pr. printed. Boston, 1875. -ito.
Hoadley, Geo. Arguments in the Matter of the Electoral

Votes of Florida and Oregon. Cincin., 1877. Svo.

Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 225.
Hoar, E. Rockwood. Memoir of Hon. Seth Ames. Mass.

Hist. Soc. Proc, 18S2-3.
Hoar, Geo. F. Analysis of the River and Harbor Bill.

1SS2. Svo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol.239.
James Abram Garfield. Boston, 1882. 12mo.
President Garfield's New England Ancestry. Amer.

Antiq. Soc. Proc, Oct., 1881.
Speeches in U. S. Senate, Mar. 1 and April 13, 1880, on

Geneva Award. Washington, 1882. Svo. Congr. and

Polit. Pamph. Vol. 229.
Woman's Right and the Public Welfare. Boston, 1870.

12mo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 12SB.
HoBART College, Geneva, New York. Catalogues, 1871-2,

1S75-7, 1880-1, 1881-2. Geneva, 1872-81. Svo.
Hocking Valley, (Jhio. History of. Illustrated. Chicago,

1883. 4to.
HoDDER, Edwin. Heroes of Britain in Peace and War.

Illustrated. London, n. d. 2 Vols, 4to.
HoDDER, Geo. Memories of My Time. With Personal Remi-
niscences of Eminent Men. London, 1870. Svo.
Hodge, Chas. What is Darwinism? N. Y., 1S74. 12mo.

Catalogue of the Library. 337

Hodge, Wm. Papers concerning Early Navigation on the
Great Lakes. L Capt. David Wilkeson. II. Pio-
neer Lake Erie Steamboats. Buffalo, IsSo 8vo
K Y. Miscell. Pamph. A^ol. 21.

Hodge, R. M. Sermon Commemorative of Rev. Edmund
Q. Sewall, Sept. -To. LSiJC. Boston, ISOG. Svo. Ser-
mons. Vol. lu->.

Hoffman, Prof. Modern Magic — Treatise on Art of Con-
juring. X. Y. n. d. 12mo.

HoFFMAX, Chas. F. Distinctive Character of the People of
JN. Y., previous to the Revolution. N. Y. Hist. Soc.
Proceedings, 1843.
A. Winter in the West. Letters descriptive of Chicago,
etc., written in 1S33-4. Chicago, 1883. 12mo. Fergus'
Histor. Series, No. 30. 111. Local Hist. Vol. OA.

Hoffmax, E. a. The General Theological Seminary of the
P. Episcopal Church. Its History and Needs. N. Y.,
1883. 8vo.

Hoffmax, AVickham. Camp, Court and Siege — Personal
Adventures during two wars. 1801-5,1870. N. Y.,
187?. 13mo.

Hoffmax^ W. J. Antiquities of New Mexico and Arizona.
Davenport. Iowa, Acad, of Nat. Sciences, Proceedings.
Vol. 3. 18S3.

HoGAX", Edmuxd. Description of Ireland in Anno 1508, with
Notes, etc. Dublin, 1878. 4to.

HoGAETH, Wm. Works with Life and Anecdotes, by John
Ireland and John Nichols. Plates. 1st, 3d and 3d
Series. London, n. d. 3 vols. 13mo.
See Artists, The Great.

HoGEBooM, John T. Oration at Hudson, N. Y., July 4, 1S7G.
Hudson, 1870. Svo. Addresses, etc. Vol. 3'.JF.

HoisiNGTOx, Job. Poem on the Death of Job Hoisington,
who fell in the Battle at Black Rock, Dec. 30, 1813. By
A. Turner. Buffalo Hist. Soc. Publica. Vol. 3, LsBO.

Holbein^, Hans. See Artists, The Great.

[HoLBROOK, Albert.] Genealogy of one line of the Hop-
kins Family. (T. Hopkins, of Provideiace, R. I.)
Providence, 1881. 4to.

[Holbeook, C. W.] Record of Descendants of Silence Hol-
brook, of Weymouth, Mass. Worcester, 1851. 8vo.
Genealog. Pamph. Vol. 30.

Holbrook Genealogy. See Holbrook, C. W.

HoLCOMBE, Jas. p. Literature in Letters. Manners, Art,
etc., illustrated in Correspondence of Eminent Persons.
N. Y., 1870. 12mo.

HoLCOMBE, W. H. The Sexes, here and hereafter. (Swe-
denborgian.) Phila., 1862. 12mo. <


338 Wisconsin Historical Society.

HoLDEN, Chas. Majority and Minority Reports of Special
Comm. of R. I. Legislature, on Election of Chas. Hol-
den to U. S. House of Repr. Providence, 1878. 8vo.
Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 231.

HoLDEN, Chas. C. P. The Result of the Mexican War.
Open Letter to Hon. Geo. F. Hoar, 1883. Chicago. 8vo.
Mex. War Pamph. Vol. 5.

HoLDEN, Edw. S. Account of Observations made on Caro-
line Island, of the Solar Eclipse of May G, 1883. From
N. Y. Tribune, Nov. 15, 1883. Scieniific Pamph. Vol.
Account of Recent Progress in Astronomy, for 1879-80.
8vo. From Smithsonian Report, ISSO. Washington,
1881. 8vo. Same for 1881. Washington, 1883. Svo.
Scientific Pamph. Vol. 101.
Auxiliary Table for Computing Refractions, n. d. 4to.

Scientific Pamph. Vol. 81.
Monograph of Central Parts of the Nebula of Orion.
Washington, 1882. 4to. "Washington Astr. Observa-
tions for 1878, Appendix 1.
Observations on the Light of Telescopes used as Night-
Glasses. From Am. Journ. of Sci., Aug., 1881. Scien-
tific Pamph. Vol. 101.
Preliminary Official Report of Observations of the Solar
Eclipse of Mav 0- 1883. From Madison, Wis;, Journal,
July •>, 18S3. Scientific Pamph. Vol. 112.
Sir William Herschel, his Life and Works. N. York,

1881. 13mo.
Studies in Central American Picture-writing. Wash-
ington, 1881. 8vo. Archaeolog. Pamph. Vol. 9. See
also Report, Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-
80. 8vo.
The Multiple Star Sigma 718. Washington, 1881. 4to.

Washington Observations for 1877. Appendix 11.
and Hastings, Chas. S. Synopsis of the Scientific Writ-
ings of Sir Wm. Herschel. From Smithsonian Report
for 1.S80. Washington, isjsl. yvo. Scientific Pamph.
A"ol. 101.

HoLDEN, G. B. Sketch of Life and Tiraes of Dr. David Ray.
Boston, 1881. 12mo. pr. printed. Biograph. Pamph.
Vol. 73.

Holder, Jos. B. Hist, of the American Fauna and General
Natural History of the World. N. Y. n. d. 3 vols.

Hale, Chas. Brief Biographical Dictionary with additions
by W. A. Wheeler. N. York, issi. l2mo.

Holland. Address to the People of the Netherlands on the
Situation of the Republic of Holland. London, 1783.
Svo. Eng. Polit. Pamph. Vol. 89.

Holland, Henry W. William Dawes, and his Ride with
Paul Revere; with Genealogy of the Dawes Family.
Boston, 1878. 4to.

Catalogue of the Library. 339

Holland House. " The Monograph." No. 44. 1883. 8vo.

Holland, Lady. Memoirs of the Rev. Sydney Smith, by his
Daughter. With Selection from his Letters. 3d ed.
London, 1855. 2 vols. Svo.

HoLLEY, Myron. See Wright, Elizur.

HoLLEY, O. L. Life of Benjamin Franklin. Phil. n.d. 12mo.

HoLLiSTER, O. J. Resources and Attractions of Utah. Salt
Lake City, 188-2. Svo. Utah Pamph. Vol. 1.

Holmes, Geo. F. The A'irginia Colony; Relation of Eng.
Colonial Settlements to General History, etc. Ad-
dress before Ya. Hist. Soc, Dec. 15, isoij. Va. Hist.
Reporter. Vol. 2, Part 1. isco.

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of England, The Stately. See Jewett, LI. and Hall, S. C.
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Homestead Laws — (continued).

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