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entific Pamph. Vol. 104.

Stewart, Aura P. Early Settlement of St. Clair Co., Mich.
Mich. Pioneer Coll. Vol. IV, 1881.

Stewart, Geo., Jr. The Genius and Life- Work of Long-
fellow. Quebec Literary and Hist. Soc.Trans., 1883-3.
Thoreau; the Hermit of Walden. Quebec Lit. and Hist.
Soc. Trans., 1881-2.

Stewart, G. T. Christianity against the Liquor Crime.
N. Y., 1880. 12mo. Temp, ramph. Vol. 15.
Liberty and Union, and the Conflict of Liberty. N. Y.,

1881. 12mo. Temp. Pamph. Vol.15.

Moral Suasion with Moral Action, the Bible Plan of

Prohibition. N. Y, 1881. 12mo. Temp. Pamph.

Vol. 16.
Stewart, Henry. Our Red Coats and Blue Jackets. War

Pictures on Land and Sea. Naval and Military Hist.

of England from 1793 to Present Time, including

Afghan and Zulu Campaigns, etc. London, 1880,

Stewart, John. See Henkle, M. M. Missionary Pioneer.

Life and Labors of.
Stickney, J. S. Timber Culture. Trans. Wis. Hort. Soc.

Stiles, Ezra. History of the Three Judges of King Charles

I. Knapp's Library of Amer. History. N. Y., 1836.

Stiles, Henry R. Memoir of Henry C. Murphy. N. Y.

Gen. and Biog. Record. Vol. 14. 1883.
Memorial Sketch of David Parsons Holton. N. Y.

Gen. and Biog. Record. Vol. 14, 1883.
Stiles, Jos. C. Address on Life and Death of Rev. A.

H. H. Boyd, of Winchester, Va. Richmond, 1866.

Svo. Sermons. Vol. 07.
Stille, Chas. J. Studies in Mediaeval History. Phil.,

1882. 12mo.

Stillman, Jas. W. Constitutional and Legal Aspect of the

Mormon Question. Speech at Boston, Apr. 2, 1882.

Svo. Boston, 1882. Mormon Pamph. Vol. 3.
Stillman, J. D. B. Seeking the Golden Fleece. Record of

Pioneer Life in Calfornia. Plates. San Francisco,

1877. Svo.
Stillwell Genealogy. See Stillwell, Wm. H.
Stillwell, J. E. Genealogy of Salter Family from First

Famihes of Old Monmouth, N". J. [1829.] Svo.

Genealog. Pamph. Vol. 26.
Stillwell, Wm. H. Notes on the Descendants of Nicholas

Stillwell. N. York, 1883.- Svo. Genealog. Pamph.

Vol. 30.

Catalogue op the Library. G95

Stilwell, Silas M. National Finances; Philosophical
Examination of Credit. K Y., 18G6. 8vo. Banking
and Curr. Pamph. Vol. 20.

Stirling, Earl of. See Hayes, John L. Vindication of the
Eights and Titles of.
Slafter, E. F. Sir Wm. Alexander and Amer. Coloniza-

Stockbridge Indians. Report of Select Com. U. S. House
of Repr., on the Petition of, etc., 1820. Washington,
8vo. Indian Pamph. Vol. 52.

Stocking, Moses. Address at Omaha, Sept. 23, 1875, at Ne-
braska State Fair. Omaha, 1876. 8vo. Neb. Miscell
Pamph. Vol. 2.

Stocks. See Morris, Henry. The Old Whipping Post and

Stockton, Rob't F. Letter to Committee of N. J. Senate,
1854, on D. and R. Canal, and C. and A. R. R. Go's.
Trenton, 1854. 8vo. N. J. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 1.

Stoddard Family Genealogy. Unlocated. no title. 8vo.
Genealog. Pamph. Vol. 29.

Stoddard, Rich'd H. Personal Reminiscences, by O'Keeffe,
Kelly and Taylor. N. Y., 1875. 12mo. Bric-a-Brac

Stokes G-enealogy. See Welles, A. Amer. Family Anti-
quity. Vol. 1.

Stokes, G-. G. On the Bearings of the Study of Nat. Science
on our Religious Ideas. Paper before the Victoria In-
stitute. London, n. d. 1880(?). 8vo. Scientific Pamph.
Vol. 100.

Stokes, Henry P. On the Chronological Order of Shaks-
pere's Plays. London. 1878. 12mo.

Stokes, Wm. A. Oration at Phila. Apr. 1, 1844, on Refund-
ing the Fine imposed on Gen. Jackson. Phila., 1844.
8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 247.

Stone Age in N. Jersey. See Abbott, Chas. C.

Stone, A. L. Ann. Sermon for Boston Prison Discipline
Society, May 28, 1854. Boston, 1854. 8vo. Prison
Disc. Pamph. Vol. 4.

Stone, Edwin M. Our French Allies, Rochambeau, La Fay-
ette, etc., in the War of the Amer. Revolution, 1778-
1782. Illustrated. Providence, 1884. 8vo.

Stone, Fred D. Philadelphia Society One Hundred Years
Ago. Read before Penn. Hist. Soc, May 5, 1S79.
Phila., 1880. 8vo. Penn. Hist. Soc. Addr. Vol. 3.

Stone Idol, Myth of. See Jones, Wm. P.

Stone, Jas. M. Sixty Falsehoods Exposed. Alterations etc.,
of Mass. State House. Boston, 1869. 8vo. Boston
Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 19.

Stone, John S., Christian Toleration. A Sermon. N. Y.,
1849. 8vo. Sermons. Vol. 105.

Lectures on the Institution of the Sabbath. 2d. Ed.
Bo.ston, 1848. 12mo. Religious Pamph. Vol. 83.

696 Wisconsin Historical Society.

Stone, John S. — (continued).

Memoir of Alex V. Griswold, Bishop of P. Episcopal
Ch., Eastern Diocese. Phila. 1844. Svo.
See Wildes, Geo. D. Address on, 1882.

Stone, Walter G. See Shakspere, Wm. Life oi Henry

Stone, ^Vm. L. See Johnson, Sir John. Orderly Book, etc.
Memoir of Centennial Celebration of Burgoyne's Sur-
render, held at SchuylerviUe, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1877. Al-
bany, 1878. 8vo. Rev. War Pamph. Vol.24.
Sketch of the Life of Col. John Trumbull. N. Y. Hist.
Soc. Proc, 1843.

Storms, Law of. See Dove, H. W.

Storks, Emery A. Historical Chicag^o — Past, Present and
Future. Address for Chicago Histor. Soc'y, Dec. 15th,
1883. Chicago, 1882. 8vo. Chicago Histor. Society

Storrs, Henry R. Speech in Congress, May 15, 1830, on Re-
moval of the Indians. Utica, 1830. 8vo. Indian
Pamph. Vol. 52.

Storrs, Rich'd S. The Early American Spirit and the Gen-
esis of it. Address, April 15, 1875. Svo. N. Y. Hist.
Soc. Pamphs.
Manliness in the Scholar. [Chancellor's Oration, Union
College, 1883.] K Y., 1883. 12mo. Addresses, etc.
Vol. 53.

Story Co., Iowa. Directory, with Histor. Sketch, etc. Min-
neapolis, 1883. 12mo.

Story, Jos. See Upshur, A. P. Review of Story's Commen-
taries on the Constitution.

Stothert, Jas. French and Spanish Painters. Illustrated.
London, [1875.] 4to.

Stoughton, Wis., Courier. Newspaper. 1879-82. 2 vols.
See Sneath, Thos. S. Directory of, etc. 1882.

Stow, Mrs. J. W. Unjust Laws which Govern Women.
Probate Confiscation. Boston, 1878. 12mo. 3d ed.

Stow, Mass. Bi-Centennial Celebration of Stow, May 16,
1883. Marlboro, Mass., 1883. 8vo. Mass Local Hist.
Vol. 44.

Stowe, Calvin E. The Religious Element in Education.
Address before Amer. Institute of Instr., August, 30,
1844. Boston, 1844. 12mo. Educa. Pamph. Vol. 24.

Stowe Catalogue, The. Priced and Annotated. (Objects of
Art, etc.) London, 1848. 4to.

Stowe, Edwin. Diego Velazquez de Silva. London and N.
Y., 1881. 12mo. Great Artists Series.

Stowe, Mrs. H. B. See Leigh, Medora, History, etc., with
Commentary on Charges against Lord Byron.
Men of Our Times, or Leading Patriots of the Day.
Hartford 1808. 8vo.

Catalogue of the Library. C97

Stowe, Mrs. H. B. — (continued).

Keply to the Ladies of England. (Slavery and Emanci-
pation.) From Atlantic Monthly, Jan., 1863. 8vo
Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 237.

Stoave, Rev. J. M. History of the Town of Hubbardston,
Mass., with Genealogies. Hubbardston, 1881. 8vo.

Strachan, Bishop John. See Bethune, A. E". Memoir of.

Strachey, Wm. Historic of Travaile into Virginia Britan-
nia, edited by R. H. Major. London, 1849. 8vo.
Hakluyt Soc. Publica. Vol. 6.

Strafford, Co., IST. H. See Hurd, D. H. Illustrated History
of. 1882,

Strahax. Edav. a Century After. Picturesque Glimpses
of Phila. and Penn. illustrated. Phila., 1875. 4to.

Strahorx, Robt. E. Hand-Book of Wyoming and Guide to
the Black Hills and Big Horn Regions. Cheyenne,
1877. Svo.
The Enchanted Land. October Ramble in Yellowstone
National Park. Omaha, Neb., 1881. 8vo.

Straight University, N. Orleans' La. Catalogue, 1880-81.
New Orleans, 1881. Svo.

Strang, Jas. Jesse. Account of the Murder of. From
Detroit News, July, 1882. Mormon Pamph. Vol. 3.
Sketch of Career of. From Lake Geneva, Wis., News,
Feb. 24, 1882. Mormon Pamph. Vol. 3.

Stranger, The, in America. See Janson, C. W.
in the Tropics. See Tyng, C. D.

Strangford, Viscountess. Egyptian Sepulchres and Syrian
Shrines. London, 1874. ]2mo.

Stratford Gallery, The. See Palmer, H. L.

Stratford-on-Avon, Eng. See Jarvis, John W. The Glyp-
tic, etc.
May, Geo. The Birth-Town of Shakspere.

Street, Thos. Historical Discourse at Semi-Centennial An-
niversary of Presbyterian Church, Cortland, N. Y.,
Apr. 16-18, 1875. Cortland, 1875. 8vo. N. Y. Local
Hist. Vol. 12.

Strickland & Co. Northwestern Almanac, Business Direc-
tory and War Record, for 18G2-G6. Milwaukee, Wis.
12mo. 1858 bound with Miscell. Almanacs, 1857-59.

Stringfellow, B. F. Negro Slavery no Evil. Boston, 1855.
8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol. 202.

Strobach, Paul, In the Matter of the Contest for Seat in
Cong., trom 2d CongressT District of Alabama. Mont-
gomery, 1880. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.
Vol. 227.
vs. H. A. Herbert. Contested Election, 47th Congress,
from 2d Dist. of Ala. R. G. Ingersoll, Counsel. Wash-
ington, 1882. Svo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph. Vol.

Strong, Caleb. See Everett, A. H. Remarks on the Gov-
ernor's Speech.

698 Wisconsin Historical Society.

[Strong, Caleb.] Who Shall Be Governor, Strong or

Sullivan, etc. The Sham Patriot Unmasked. 1806.

8vo Mass. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 17.
Strong, Henry N. Address before Teachers' Institute.

Ypsilanti, Mich., Oct. 13, 1852. Detroit, 1853. 8vo.

Educa. Pamph. Vol. 25.
Strong, Moses M. The Indian Wars of Wisconsin. Wis.

Hist. Soc, Coll. Vol. VIII. 1877-79.
To the Vestry of Trinity Church, Mineral Point, Wis.,

June 27, 18«1. Wis. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 35.
See Wisconsin State Bar Assoc. Proceedings, 1881.
Strong, Nathan. See Tarbox, I. N". Biog. Sketch of .
Strong, Rich'd Marvin. Memoir of, a Member of the Al-
bany Bar, etc. Alba.ny, 1863. 8vo. Biog. Pamph.

Vol. 83.
Strong, Thos. M. See Ferris, Isaac. Sermon Commem.

of, 1861.
Strong, Wm. and others. Addresses on the Right of the

People to the Sunday Rest. N. Y., 1880. 8vo. Relig-
ious Pamph. Vol. 60.
Struggles of Literary Men. See Curwen, Henry.
Stryker, "W m. S. The Capture of the Block House at Toms

River, N. J., Mar. 24, 1782. Trenton, IN. J., 1883. 8vo.

N. J., Hist. Disc. Vol. 7.
The Massacre near Old Tappan, 1778. Trenton, 1882.

8vo. N". J. Historical Soc. Pamphlets.
New Jersey Continental Line in the Virginia Campaign

of 1781. Trenton, N. J., 1882. 8vo. Rev. War Pamph.

Vol. 23.
Washington's Reception by the People of New Jersey

in 1789. Trenion, 1882." 8vo. N. J. Miscell Pamph.

Vol. 1.
Stuart, Alex. H. H. Reminiscences of the Days of Fill-
more. From N. Y. Tribune, Sept. ?, 1882. Biograph.

Pamph. Vol. 83.
Stuart, Rev. A. M. Life and Letters of Elizabeth, Last

Duchess of ^Gordon. N. York, 1872. 12mo.
Stuart, Gilbert." See Mason, Geo. C. Life and Works of.
Stuart, Gen. J. E. B. See McClellan, H. B. Life, Charac-
ter and Campaigns of.
Stuart, M. Cohen. The Pilgrim Fathers' First Meeting for

Public Worship in N. America. 2d Ed. Amsterdam,

1860. 12mo. N. Eng. Pamph. Vol. 2.
Stuart, Moses. Sermon at Salem, Mass., Nov. 5, 1818, at

Ordination of Certain Missionaries. Andover, 1819.

8vo. Sermons. Vol. 103.
Stuart, Robt. Sketch of the Life of, etc. Mich. Pioneer

Coll. Vol. 3. 1879-80.
Stubbes, Philip. Anatomy of Abuses in England in Shaks-

pere's Youth. 1583. London, 1877, 79, 82. 3 vols. -Ito.

New Shakspere Soc. Pablica. Series VJ^.

Catalogue op the Library. 699

Stubbs, Samuel. Compendious Account of most important
Battles of the late War. (War of 1812), with Adven-
tures of Corporal Sam. Stubbs. Boston, 1815. 12mo.
Stubbs, Wm Constitutional History of England in its
Origin and Development. 2d Ed. Oxford. 1875-78,
3 vols. 8vo.
Stuckert, Rev. H. Catalogue of Library of. Part 2. N

Y., 1882. Bvo. Bibliograph. Pamph, Vol.120.
Student-Life of Germany. See Howitt, Wm.
Studies, Conflict of. See Todhunter, I.

In Field and Forest. See Flagg, Wilson.
In Northern Literature. See Grosse, E. W.
Of the Old Testament. See Phelps, Austin.
Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Door Co. Advocate, Newspaper. 1880-
8-i. Folio.
Expositor, Newspaper, June, 1870— June, 1880. Foho.
Sturgis, Gen. Sam. D., and his Guntown Expedition, June,
1864. From Chicago Tribune, Feb. .'^5, 1882. 8vo.
Rebell'n Pamph. Vol. 137.
The Other Side as Viewed by Grant, Sherman, etc.
Defence of the Campaign in Mississippi in 1864. Wash-
ington, 1882. 8vo. Rebellion Pamph. Vol. 137.
Sturgis, Thos. The Ute War of 1879. Why the Indian
Bureau Should be Transferred to the Dept. of War.
1879. 8vo. Indian Pamph. Vol. 51.
Subaltern's Furlough. See Coke, E. T.
Submarine Mines for Defence. See Abbot, H. L.

Monitor Co. [Circular.] N. Y., 1884. 8vo. Naval
Pamph. V^ol. 3.
Substance of the Charge of Mismanagement in His Majes-
ty's Naval Afiiairs, in 1781. London, 17S2. 8vo. Eng.
Polit. Pamph. Vol. 89.
Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers. See Wynter, A.
Success, Elements of. See Garfield, J. A. Address, 1869.
Suez Canal. See Urquhart, David. The Suez Canal in

Suffolk Co., Mass. 3d and 5th Ann. Reports of Probation
Work in the Co. of Suffolk, for 1881, 83. Boston, 1882-
84. 8vo. Mass. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 14.
Suffolk Co., N. Y. History of. with Illustrations, Portraits
and Sketches. N. Y., 1882. 4to.
Papers relating to. From Doc. Hist. N. Y., Vol. 3.
1850. 8vo. N. Y. Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 20.
Suffolk, Mass., Bar. Record Book of the, 1770-1805.
Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. 1881-2.
Deeds. Liber 11. Boston, 1883. 8vo.
Suffrage. See Bacon, S. T. The Ballot; Dangers from
its Perversion.
Woman. See Beecher, C. E. Woman's Profession, etc.,
with Views in Opposition to Woman's Suffrage.
Bushnell, Horace. Woman Suffrage: the Reform
against Nature.

700 Wisconsin Historical Society.

Spffeage: Woman — (continued).

ClaflBn, T. C. Constitutional Equality a Right of Wom-
en, etc.
Cort, Cyrus. Woman Suffrage Anti-Scriptural, etc.
Hamilton, J. B. Speech in favor of Woman Suffrage.

Higginson, Thos. W. Common Sense about Women.
Hoar, Geo. F. Woman's Right and the Public Wel-
[Mill, John Stuart.J Reply to, on Subjection of Wo-

Robinson, Harriet H. Mass. in the Woman Suffrage

Movement, 1774-1881.
Stanton, E. C. and others. History of Woman Suff-
rage. Vols. 1, 2. 1848-1876.
Willard, Frances E. Home Protection Manual. Ar-
gument for the Temperance Ballot, etc. 1879.
Wyoming Territory-FourteenYears Experience, etc.
Sugar. See Hawaii, Sugar Producing Capacity of, etc.
Moore, G. E. Artificial Coloring of Imported Sugars.
Tariff. Assessment of Duties on Sugars. Report from
Comm. on Ways and Means of U. S. House of Repr.
18S2. Washington. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.
Vol. 211.

See Brown, Henry A. Concise Resume of Sugar Tar-
iff, 1882, and other pamphlets.

Destruction of the Sugar Industry in Louisiana, by
Reduction of Duty, etc. 1883. 8vo. Congr. and Polit.
Pamph. Vol. 241.

Havemeyer, H. O. Brief Statement, etc. 1882.
Wells, D. A. How Congress and the Public deal with
a Great Revenue Problem.
Sugar-Cane. See Sorgho Hand Book.

Suicide. See Lee, John G. Homicide and Suicide in Phila.,
Mansill, Rich'd. The Passion Tragedies of the 19th

Morselli, Henry. Suicide: an Essay on Comparative

Moral Statistics.
SuLGROVE, B. R. History of Indianapolis and Marion Co.,

Indiana. Illustrated. Phila., 1884. 4to.
Sullivan, Gen. John. See Amory, T. C. Paper on the

Expedition of, in 1779.
Sullivan, John T. Report of Historical and Technical

Information relating to Inter-Oceanic Communication

by the Amer. Isthmus. AVashington, 1883. 4to.
Sully, Jas. Illusions: A, Psychological Study, K Y.,

1881. 12mo. Internal Scientific Series. Vol.33.
Sulphur Monopoly. See Urquhart, D.
SuLTE, Ben,l Notes on Jean Nicolet. Wis. Hist. Soc. Coll.,

Vol. VIII. 1877-7!).

Catalogue of the Library. 701

Sumac. Report on the Culture of, in Sicily, etc. By Wm
McMurtrie. Washington, 1880. 8vo. U. S. Dep't.
Agr. Special Report, No. 26, 1880.
Sumner, Chas. See Chaplin, J. and J. D. Life of.

The Duel between France and Germany. Boston, 1871.

12mo. Hist. Pamph. Vol. 31.
Memorial Addresses in Congress, April 27, 187-1. Wash-
ington, 1871. 4to.
Memorial of, from City of Boston. Boston, 1874. 4to.
Our Domestic Relations; Or, How to Treat the Rebel
States. From Atlantic Monthly, Oct., I860. 8vo. Re-
bellion Pamph. Vol. 138.
Pierce, Edw. L. Memoirs and Letters of. 1811-1.5.
Speech in U. S. Senate, Jan. 27, 1852, on Iowa Land Bill.
Washington, 1852. 8vo. Congr. and Polit. Pamph.
Vol. 218.
Sumner, Geo. Oration at Boston, July 4, 1859. Boston,
1882. 8vo. Reprinted, Addresses, etc. Vol. 29F.
See Waterson, R. C. Memoir of.
Sumner, Wm. G. Protection and Revenue in 1877. Lecture
before N. Y. Free Trade Club. JST. Y., 1878. 12mo.
S. Science Pamph. Vol. 7.
Andrew Jackson as a Public Man. Boston, 1883. 12mo.
Morse's Amer. Statesmen.
Sumner, Wm. H. Address to the Charlestown Artillery Co.,
Nov. 23, 1831. [On Value of Militia, etc.] Charleston,
1832. 8vo. Military Pamph. Vol. 7.
See Quint, A. H. Memoir of.
Sumter Anniversary, 1863. See Loyal National League.
Sun, The. See Langley, S. P. Address on Solar Physics,
Young, C. A. The Sun.
Sun Spots and Financial Panics. From Scribner's Monthly,

June, 1880. 8vo. Scientific Pamph. Vol. 109.
SuNBURY and Erie R. Road. 2d Report of Engineer in Chief,
Mar. 1,1840. Phila., 1840. 8vo. "Miscellanies." Vol.10.
Sunday in the Olden Time. In Axon's Lancashire Glean-
Laws. See Hertwig, J. G. Against Sunday Laws.
Liquor Traffic, The. Doc's Nos. 5 and 7 of N. Y. Sabbath
Committee. N. Y., 1859. 8vo. Religious Pamph.
Vol. 95.
Schools. See Johns, H. V. D. Sermon on. 1848.

Methodist Episcopal Church S. S. Union. Report,
Theatres, Concerts and Beer-Gardens. Doc. No. 11, of
N. Y. Sabbath Committee. N, Y., 1860. 8vo. Relig-
ious Pamph. Vol. 95.
See Sabbath.
SUNNYSIDE. Visit to the Hoixie of Irving by a Corres. Mem-
ber of N. Y. Histor. Society. Buffalo, I860. 8vo.
Biograph. Pamph. Vol. 62.

Y02 Wisconsin Historical Society.

Sun Prairie, Wis., Countryman. Newspaper. Dec, 1877-80.
Folio. Same, 1881-82, bound with Oregon, Wis., Ob-
server, 1881.
Sunsets, The Red. Theories as to the Cause of. From N.
Y. Tribune and other Papers, Dec, 1883-Jan., 1884.
Scientific Pamph. Vol. 92.
Sunstroke. See Knerr, C. B. Sunstroke and its Homoeo-
pathic Treatment.
Superior, Lake. See Apostle Islands and Lake Superior
Houghton, Jacob. Ancient Copper Mines of Lake Su-
Irving, R. D. Copper-Bearing Rocks of Lake Superior.
Mineral Lands cf Lake Superior. Congressional Re-
ports relating to, etc., 1840-48.
Robert, H. M. Harbor of Lake Superior.
Superior, Wis., Times. Newspaper. 1876-79. Folio.
Supernatural. See Elmendorf, J. J. Nature and the Su-
SuPERNATURALisM of New England. See Whittier, John G.
Superstitions. See De Vere, M. Scheie. Modern Magic.
See Mackay, Chas. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular

Phillips, Henry, Jr. Old Time Superstitions.
Surgery. Boston City Hospital, Medical and Surgical
Reports. 3d ser. 1882.
Clark, E. A. Report on the Progress of Surgery. 1871.
EUiotson, John. Surgical Operations in the Mesmeric

Kelsey, C. B. On Division of the Sphincter Ani Muscle.

Surgical Treatment of Cancer of the Rectun*.
Sims, J. M. Silver Sutures in Surgery.
See Medical and Surgical History of the Rebellion.
See Medicine.
Surinam. See Maroons, The, of Surinam.
Surnames. See Charnock, R. S. Ethnology of Surnames.
Ingraham, Edw. D. Singular Surnames.
See Names.
SuRRATT, Madame; a Drama. See Rogers, J. W.
Surratt, John H. Trial of, in Criminal Court for District

of Columbia. Washington, 1867. 2 Vols. 8vo.
Surrey, Earl of. See Howard, Henry.

Surrey, Eng., Archaeological Society. Collections relating
to Hist, and Antiq. of the County. Vols IV. and VI.
London, 1869-74. 2 vols. 8vo.
Suspension Bridge, N. Y. College and Seminarv of Our
Lady of Angels. 26th Ann. Catalogue, 1882-3. Sus-
pension Bridge, 1883. 8vo.
Susquehanna, Elflora of the. See Harlan, C.
Sussex and Warren Co's, N. J. See Snell, Jas. P. History
of. 1881.

Catalogue of the Library. 703

S-UTPHEN, David S. See New Utrecht, L. I., Reformed

Dutch Church.
Swank, Jas. M. See American Iron and Steel Association.
Statistics of the Iron and Steel Productions of the U. S.
■Washing:ton, IcSSl. ito. From U. S. Census. 1880.
Swansea, S. Wales. 7th and Sth Annual Reports of Public
Library and Gallery of Art Committee. 1880-81, 1881-
8-2. Swansea, 1881, 8-.'. 8vo.
Sweden. See Anjou, L. A. History of the Ecclesiastical
Reformation in Sweden.
Blaikie, John. Among the Goths and Vandals.
High School for Girls in Sweden. U. S. Bureau of Edu-
cation, Circular, Nov. o, 1882.
Otte, E. C. Scandinavian History.
Sheridan, Chas. F. History of the late Revolution in

Sweden. 1783.
Vertot, Abbe. History of the Revolution in Sweden.
SwEDENBORa, EiiANXJEL. Angelic Wisdon concerning Di-
vine Providence. N. York, 1878. 8vo.
Compendium of his Theological Writings. New York,

1880. 8vo.
Heaven and its Wonders. The World of Spirits and

Hell. New York, 1 879. 8vo.
The True Christian Religion. New York, 1878. 8vo.
SwEDENBORGiANiSM. See American New Church Tract So-
Holcombe, W. H. The Sexes, here and hereafter.
Turner, Louisa W. Principal Points of Difference be-
tween the Old and New Churches.
Swedish Church in America. See Reynolds, Wm. M.
Embassy, 165-3-4. See Whitelocke, B.
Intelligencer. London, 1632-1633. Sm. 4to. 3d ed.
Sweet, E. Report on the N. Y. Elevated Roads. Albany,

1880. 8vo. N. Y. City Miscell. Pamph. Vol. 13.
Sweet Genealogy. See Hazard, T. R. Recollections of

Olden Times, etc.
Sweetser, M, F. Artist Biographies. Raphael. Boston,
1877. 16mo.
Artist Biographies. Washington AUston. Boston, 1879.
SwETT Family Genealogy. See Thornton, J. W.
SwEZEY, G. D. Points in Geology of the Region about Be-
loit. Wis. Trans. Wis. Acad, of Sciences, etc. Vol.
v., 1877-81.
SwiPT, Jonathan. Choice Works in Prose and Verse. Bos-
ton, n. d. 12mo.
Poetical Works, with Life. Boston, 1859. 3 vols.

12mo. British Poets,
and his Career. From Wellman's Literary Miscellany,
Detroit, Feb., 1851. Biograph. Pamph. Vol.77.

T04 Wisconsin Historical Society.

Swift, W. H. History of Memorial Cliurch, Wilkes-Barre,
Pa. Sermon, May 4, 1879. Wilkes-Barre, 1879. 8vo.
Pa. Local Hist. Vol. 3.
Lessons from the Death of President Garfield. Sermon
at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Sept. 25, . 1881. Wilkes-Barre,
1881. 8vo. Biograph. Pamph. Vol. 74A.

Swift, Zeph. Vindication of the Calling of the Court, at
Middletown, Aug. 4, 1815, for Trial of Peter Lung, for
Murder. Windham, 1816. 8vo. Law Pamph. Vol.

SwiNTON, John. Travels. Forty Days in France and Eng-
land. N. Y. 1880. 12mo. Hist. Pamph. Vol. 12.

SwissHELM, Jane G. Half a Century. [Autobiography, Anti-
Slavery Reminiscences, etc.] Chicago, 1880. 12mo.
Trades-Unionism, etc. Lecture before Chicago Philo-
sophical Society, February 2. 1884. From Chicago
Tribune, Feb. 3, 1884. Social Science Pamph. Vol. 4.

Switchback Railroad. Historical Account of the, and of
the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co. N. Y., 1882.
12mo. Pa. Local Hist. Vol. 4.

Switzerland, Cave Dwellers of. See Merk, C. Excavations
at the Kesslerloch.
Griswold, W. M. The 18th Century in Switzerland.
Mackenzie, H. D. S. Switzerland. Illustrated.
Military System of the Republic of Switzerland.
Washington, 1864. 8vo. Military Sci. Pamph. Vol. 3.
Swiss Catalogue of International Exhibition in Phila.,
1876. 8vo. U. S. Centen. Pamph. Vol. 7.

Switzerland and Ohio Counties, Indiana, Historical Atlas.
Illustrated. Phila., 1883. 4to.

Sword and Pen. See Owens, J. A. Ventures and Adven-
tures of Willard Glazier.

Syndenham, Thos. Medical Works of. London, 1734.

Symbolism. See Haig, Jas.

Symington, Andrew J. Wm. Cullen Bryant. A Biograph.
Sketch. K Y., 1880. 12mo.

Symonds, Rev. W. S. Records of the Rocks. Notes on the
Geology, Nat. History and Antiquities of N. and S.
Wales. London, 1872. 12mo.

Symons, Thos. W. Report of the Examination of the Up-
per Columbia River and Adjacent Territory, in 1881.
Washington, 1882. 4to.

Synge, M. H. The Colony of Ruperts' Land. A Dialogue
on England, etc. London, 1863. 8vo. Canada Pamph.
Vol. 18.

Syria. See Burton, R. F., and Drake, C. F. T. Unexplored
McCabe, Jas. D. Pathways of the Holy Land, etc.

Catalogue of the Library. lot


Table Book of Yearly Information, etc. See Hone Wm

Table Talk, Book of. See Russell, Wm. C.

Table Traits. See Doran, Dr. John.

Tache, Alfx. Vingt Annees de Missions dans le Nord-
Ouest de I'Amerique. Montreal, 18GG. 8vo.

Tafel, L., and Tafel, R." L. Semitic and Comparative Phi-
lology. Review of Hebrew Grammars of Gesenius
and Ewald. Andover, 18G2. 8vo. Philoloff. Pamnh
Vol. 4. s, f

Tahlequah, Ind. Ter. Cherokee National Male and Female
Seminaries. Catalogues, 188:J-J:. St. Louis, 1883. 12mo.
Indian Pamph. Vol. 58.

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