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fees of sheriff executing process 370

election of commissioners of roads and revenue 606

constable beat 8, authorized to execute all papers from

justice of the peace 607

investment of certain revenues in adjustment of indebt-
edness 750

no payment to be made until compromise is effected. . . . 751
descriptive list of cattle shipped from, to be filed with
justice of the peace 814


empowered to remove commissioners of Opelika 468


amended, city of Troy 203


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CHAKTER— Continued—

amended, Home and Decatnr Railroad Conopan j 233

town of Greensboro 243

town of Ozark 318

repeal of present, town of Attalla 446

to establisn a new, town of Guntersville 373


to exempt from taxes township trustees in 254

amended, to change and define line between DeKalb and 261

commissioners of, to have survey made, maps, etc 454

requiring fines and forfeitures to be paid in U. S. cur-
rency 356

Coosa river to be a lawful fence through 752

Mount Vernon High School incorporated 815


to preserve order at Coldwater camp grounds 627

cattle shipped from, a descriptive list of, to be filed with
justice of the peace 814


to establish a new charter for 576

boundaries, election of officers, &c 577


to provide for appointment of three township trustees of
public schools in each township 733


criminal court, Greene county 273

circuit court to. transfer pending indictments to criminal

court Greene county 275

circuit court, Morgan county, ex officio clerk of county

court 335

circuit court, Morgan county, duties of 336

Clarke county, relief of 850

repeal of act consolidating Fayette county treasurer and

circuit court 360

circuit court Dallas county, to provide docket 371

town of Guntersville, duty of 379

to keep record of proceedings. . , 380

tax sales 388

inspectors of elections Mobile to make returns to 403

town of Brewton, duties of 480

election of 262

town of Attalla, corrected copy assessors book filed with 440


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CLEEK — Continued —

circnit court Wilcox county authorized to collect 475

to furnish statement and pay

over to treasurer 475

Dallas county, to attend all meetings of jury

commissioners * 494

Dallas county, compensation of 500

police board Opelika ex officio tax collector 514

copy assessors book filed with 519

Mobile, to draw out sufficientoiumber of jurors, &c 537

give jurors certitiRte of attendance 596

town of Oxford, to keep record, &c 639

circuit court, Henry county, oflBce where, to appoint .

deputy 726

town of Somerville, to keep record, &c 759

city council Montgomery, unpaid taxes to advertise prop-
erty for sale, &c 769

city council Montgomery, to give purchaser certificate. . 769

certificate of, authorizes pur-
chaser to enter upon 771

and register city court of Birmingham appointed by-
judge! 217

and register, fees, &c 218

to deliver papers, pleadings, &c 220


to change district school school line i^. 296

to amend liquor prohibition near Verbena 606

to regulate irrigation of lands for growing rice 647

cattle shipped from, descriptive list to be filed with jus-
tice of the peace 814


to fix time of holding chancery court 268

to amend section 750 of the code, annual report of treas-
urer, &c 259

collection and disbursement of fine and forfeiture fund . 337
fees of sheriff for executing process 370


Springfield Presbytery, incorporation of, powers, &c. . . 260
Methodist Protestant, incorporation of Samaritan Asso-
ciation 683


may purchase property sold for unpaid taxes 769


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right of redemption 770

additional powers conferred npon 560

right to condemn, for right of way 807

to grade streets, &c. . • 561


authority to borrow and expend for public schools, not

exceeding 805

a majority of, required i^ transact business 790

to appoint clerk, treasn w, &c 792

marshal and police 791

make and adopt by-laM's, &c 793

remove nuisances, prohibit gambling 794

establish cemeteries, parks, &c 795

contract for drainage 809

arrest with or without warrant 796

license, pass inspection laws, &c 797

require work on public streets 802

grade streets, levy and collect taxes 798

borrow njoney, and issue bonds 804

property taxable, exempt, &c 799

to levy poll tax, build underground sewers 800

sale of property for unpaid taxes 800

to establish a sinking fund, tines and forfeitures 801


of whom composed, eligibility of officers 585

road duty 586

prescribe duties of clerk, reinove nuisances 5^8

Keep up streets and alleys, levy taxes 589

• make rules and regulations - , . 590


amended, what constitutes a quorum 399


to validate incorporation, issue bonds 408


Escambia county, registration of, against fine and forfeit-
ure fund r 249

notice of 249

when barred 249

Franklin county, registration of, agtiinst tine and forfeit-
ure fund 253


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Marshall county, against fine and forfeiture fund, when

barred 367

Crenshaw county, due solicitors and clerk from tine and

forfeiture fund 289

prior to this act, when due 290

Barbour county, 1868 to 1874 inclusive, to be presented

for payment 295

pending against town of Brewton prior to incorporation

not effected 424


to fix time of holding chancery court 268

to legalize manufacture of wine 461

relief of W. W. Daflin, clerk of circuit court, Tiios. B.
Morris, late clerk, and H. W. Bnrge and David Car-
ter, late sheriffs 360

fees of sheriffs executing process 370

repeal of act to increase criminal jurisdiction of justices
of the peace and notaries public as relates to 564


435, requiring tax assessor Clarke county to perform

^ certain duties 325

750, annual report, treasurers of Choctaw and Washing-

,^^^ ton counties 259

1544, recommendation for liquor license 287

1630, 1631 and 1649, so far as relates to Jefferson county 458
1630, 1631, subdivisions of 1646 and 1649 road duty, as

* to Greene county 464

^v 1632, road law, so far iis relates to Dale county 352

1632 (1323) road law, so far as relates to St. Clair county 351
- -^^ 1653 (1346) mile posts and sign boards, St. Clair county 354
4927, fees of witnesses in criminal cases, as to Wilcox

county 597

< 5028, to reduce fees of register in chancery, as to Madi-
son county 614

' 5030 (3517)"to reduce fees of probate judges 591

\ 5035, fees, in prosecutions before county courts, as to

Vj Pickens county 625


repeal of an act to provide for examination of county

offices, jails, &c 326

to establish Haw Ridge school district 329

to allow tax assessor commissions on special taxes 360


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election of officers town of Leighton 225

liquor prohibition beat 6 228

election for or against liquor prohibition 396

sheriff to give notice 396

day of election, result, &c 397

Sheffield city authorities, to turn prisoners over to sheriff

of 802

Sheffield city prisoners may be confined in jail of 803


to preserve order at 627


incorporation of faculty, &c 575


to be determined by election if a term of the circuit
court shall be held at 726

limits of district 727


in nomination for permanent location of court house. . . 450


appointed by governor to each district of strangulated

counties 198

to take oath and give bond 198

to collect taxes assessed for years 1881-2 198

to recognize in Lee county voluntary payments of taxes

heretofore made 199

to make written report monthly to auditor 199

to appoint time and place 200

empowered to levj^ and sell 200

to assess taxes for 1383-4 200

to levy a tax to pay current expenses 201

to make monthly report to auditor and probate judge of

amount special taxes collected 201

compensation of 202

may be removed by governor, for cause 202

to collect poll tax 202

vacancies tilled by governor .' 203

duties of, in assessing and collecting- taxes Pickens and

Tallapoosa counties 273

appointed by governor for Randolph county 313

oath and bonds of 313

to assess taxes 1885-6-7 y. . . . 313


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to collect tax to pay current expenses 314

report to probate jnd^e 314

mak^ assessment tor State taxes 314

report to auditor 315

compensation of , 316

of districts, Coosa county to be elected for 1888 317

term of office 317

roads and revenue, Talladega county, to fix compensation

of 359

appointed to select site for Cahawba Bridge Co 427

"VVarrior agricnltural district, of whom composed 431

appointed, provided Calera is selected for site of court

house 450

authorized to erect court house 450

to issne bonds 451

to do all tilings needful 452

by governor for Opelika district 465

to take possession, vacancies, &c 466

prepare full list of debts and liabilities. . . 467
to take all property subject to liens and

realize 468

sale of property, compensation of 469

moneys received, how disposed of 469

make detailed statement every six months, 470

matured debts, city bonds, &c 471

ascertain value of taxable property 472

rate of settlement 472

styled police board, Opelika district 513

president of, ex officio recorder 514

roads and revenues, Chambers county, term of oflice, &c., 606

election in 1888 607

Wilcox county, to provide for compensation of 613

of election, city of Ironaton, of whom composed 742


of commissioners appointed by governor to collect taxes

in strangulated counties 202

commissioners appointed to assess and collect taxes in

Lee county 1885-6 203

registrar, Anniston 211

commissioner of taxes, Randolph county 316

assessors, Anniston 334

commissioners roads and revenue, Talladega county. . 359


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against owner of stock running at large, Surles beat 284


amended, indebtedness, city of Selma 398


to provide for enlargement of academy at Evergreen . . . 312

election to ratify liquor prohibition 428

fees to probate judge road services 732


Greene county, fees same as sheriflf 370

Troy beat, Pike county, and beat 21, Jefferson county,

may appoint deputies 395

that part of Mobile county included in city limits, to

provide for election of 402

that part of Mobile county, term of ofBce 406

beat 6, Chambers county, and beat 4 Henry county, au-
thorized to execute all papers or process issued by jus-
tice of the peace 607


to furnish apportioners a list of all parties for road duty 505


fine and forfeiture fund Marshall county 357

Dallas county, proceeds of, set apart for payment of wit-
nesses 371

on public roads, Jefferson county 709

board of superintendent roads and bridges, Madison, Tal-
ladega and Calhoun counties empowered to employ. . . 503


amended, to lay off into districts, election 1S88 317

repeal of game law 345

(le8criptive list of cattle shipped from, to he filed with
justice of the peace 814


created a lawful fence, so far as it extends through Chero-
kee county 752

joint resoUition and memorial to Congress asking in-
creased appropriation to open 831


name changed from Alabama and Mississippi Coal Co. . 566
capital, business, etc 567


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CORONA COAL CO.— Continued—

directors to manage and control the business, office 568

restrictions of stockholders 569


town of Attalla, of whom composed 434

mayor to preside at meetings 435

appoint clerk and treasurer 436

keep record of proceedings, make by-
laws, &c 487

prevent introduction of contagious dis-
eases, &c 438

open streets, police power, levy and col-
lect taxes 439

decision of, to be final 441

town of Clayton, of whom composed 576

election, powers, &c 577

make by-laws, grant licenses 578

repair streets, enforce labor, &c 579

hear complaints and correct errors of

assessment 580


Selma Bridge Co. constituted 265

town of Ozark, to make by-laws, regulate markets, li-
censes, &c 320

town of Ozark, building permits, &c 321


feeding stock, taken up when running at large 285


to lay off certain counteis into four districts 258

Perry county, increased jurisdiction 254

Talladega county empowered to borrow money 282

obligation and rate of interest 282

Dale county to make provisions for payment of bonds. . 294
Barbour county required to have section 1, act 177 ad-
vertised 295

Randolph county, with probate judge, to examine assess-

n)ent 314

power to levy taxes witiidrawn 314

Clarke county to* levy taxes for current expenses 326

Walker county authorized to issue bonds 342

Washington county, to regulate time of holding court. . 347
Perry county empowered to erect houses at place of
voting 424


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Shelby county to levy tax 452

CheroKe cpunty to have survey made 454

Marion county to regulate compensation of 460

Franklin and Madison counties, duty of 492

assigned road precincts in certain counties 502

to levy and collect taxes, per diem of 503

in relation to relief of Z. B. Trammell \ 507


Walker county bonds receivable for taxes 343


to fix time of holding in certain counties 268

Opelika District inventory filed with 467

to take jurisdiction 468

always open 469

Randolph county to fix time of holding 501

Autauga county to change time of holdinff 682

city of Montgomery appeal to, from recoraer's decision . 768


appeal to, from decision board of trustees Russell county 206

deiendant failing to appear 207

to issue writ ad qtt(zd aamnum., Gulf and Mineral Rail-
way Company 700

have "jurisdiction, trial of appeal 701

judgment, etc 702

change of venue 705

Henry county to regulate holding and decide where

second week term shall be held 725

clerks office, where 726

limits, etc 727

appeals to 728

criminal docket, when taken -up 729

first week term to be held at Abbeville . . 725
second week term to be held at Columbia
or Headland, as is decided by election . 725

to transfer pending indictments on adjournment 275

cause may be transferred to 276

Morgan county, clerk of ex-ofiicio clerk of county court. 335

Dallas county to regulate pay of witnesses 371

Mobile county judge to direct completion of jury 537

any person charged with capital offense . . 538
Macon county stock law, jurisdiction of 776


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place of holding and terms of 218

original and mesne process 219

election of solicitor, appeals from 219

powers as to special venires, bill of exceptions, etc 220

appeals to, from inferior courts, temporary adjournment 221
Montgomery to regnlate issuance of executions in crimi-
nal cases, returnable 268

Selma, judge of, member of board to superintend record-
ing deeds, mortgages, etc., Dallas county 273

no compensation 273

Mobile judge to direct completion of jury 537

Montgomery solicitor of, to attend each term 731

judge of, may make order suspending solicitor 732

to establish at Birmingham 216

judge of, appointed by governor 216

when elected 217

clerk and register appointed by judge 217


empowered to lessen amount of taxation in Lee county,

for years 1881-2 199

power to levy tax to pay current .expenses 1883-4, with-
drawn from 202

Chambers county, authorized to borrow money 215

to levy special tax 215

vested with full power 216

Washington county, to regulate time of holding 347

Sumter county, to authorize intendant of Livingston to

improve grounds, &c 531

Greene county, to establish stock districta 580

Jackson county, to provide for more eflScient working of

public roads 735

make rules and regulations 736

Jefferson county, authorized to issue bonds for repair of

jail 707

authority of, &c 708


Morgan county, judges fees 336

Walker county, to issue bonds for building court house. . 342
Wilcox county, relief of from all liability for the use of 401
to establish or abolish districts in which
stock may be prevented from running

at large 531

to hear petitions, &c. 532


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COURT, COUNTY— Continued—

Calhoun county, to better carry into effect liquor prohi-
bition 755

section 5035 of the code amended regarding fees in prose-
cution of cases before, so far as relates to Pickens

' county 625

Madison county, authorized to levy and collect tax to

pay bonded debt 630

collections to be invested in class "A"

State bonds 631


Greene county, to establish 273

style of and terms 273

• judge of, appointed by governor 274

concurrent jurisdiction with circuit court

in certain cases 274

judge of, to try laws of a general char-
acter 275

place of holding, costs and fees 276

powers of 278


Birmingham to have appellate jurisdiction 221


bonds issued by Mobile county to have seal of . / 609


Shelby county, to submit to vote of the people the re-
moval of 448

Dale county, authorized to issue bonds to build 291

Escambia county, authorized to issue bonds to build 298


sale of. Brush creek beat, Perry county, repealed 346


to collect and disburse fine and forfeiture fund 337

to prevent camp hunting in 367

fees of sheriff, executing process 370

to provide for election of county superintendent of edu-
cation : 721


to prevent stock running at large in Surles boat 284

to regulate fine and forfeiture fund ^ 289

amended, to enforce order at Rutledge camp grounds. . 452
New Providence academy, liquor prohibition 338


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proceeds of Dale county bonds 293


repeal of section 4369 of the Code 351

amended to provide for election of superintendent of

education and township trustees 355

to establish a separate school district in 461

trustees, duties, <fec 462

descriptive list of cattle shipped from, to be filed with

justice of the peace 814


clerk circuit court Clarke county, relief of 350


liquor prohibition, outside of Selma 239

to provide for re-binding and indexing deeds, mort-
gages, etc 272

to provide for and regulate State witnesses 371

criminal prosecutions, mileage, etc 371

regulate drawing of grand and petit juries 492

provide for more eiBcient working oi public roads. . . 507

divided into four districts 508

inspection of bridges, etc 509

to establish districts in which stock are prevented from

running at large 560

liquor prohibition outside of Selma, amended 722


authorized to issue bonds to build court house 291

interest of the people to be consulted 293

Ozark, town of, charter amended 318

to establish Haw Ridge school district 329

Magnolia school district 330

repeal of section 4369 of the Code 351

section 1632 amended, road law 352

amended act, so far as relates to, organizing system of

public instruction 648

repeal of section 37 651

applies only to. 652


Greensboro, town of, jury to assess 245

Greene county, caused by stock running at large, mode

of assessing 302


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DAMAGES— Continued—

Lee county, caused by stock running at large, mode of as-
sessing : 306

Surles' beat, caused by stock running at large, mode of

assessing 284

SheflSeld, right of way, assessment of 807

costs and fine, how paid 809


Mary Miller, constituted a 350


to provide for recovery of taxes, by mayor and aldermen. 569
list of taxes, certified by clerk, as evidence 570


surety, M. E. Pratt, settled 290

Opelika, matured, when paid 471


Birmingham city court, civil cases, demurrers and pleas. 218


amended, to change and define line between Cherokee

county and 261

solicitor" for, appointed by governor 675


Brownville school, may issue 348


Selma Bridge Company, board of 266


Baldwin county, superintendent of education, relief of. . 610
empowered to take legal steps 611


Marengo county, JeflPerson beat, permitted to sell liquor 237


Geneva county, to provide for election of superintendent 267

Brownville, to create board of 347

rules, regulations, &c 348

separate school for colored pupils 349

examination of teachers, disbursements, &c 349


repeal of act incorporating 717


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Anniston, town of, of officers 209

duty of inspectors 212

boxes opened and returns made 213

Birmingham, of judge city court, when 217

solicitors 219

Leighton, town of, to provide for, &c 225

Jackson county, liquor prohibition 226

Chambers county, liquor prohibition 232

if against prohibition application dis-
missed 234

Talladega county, liquor prohibition 234

time and place, mode of voting, &c. . 235

Etowah county, liquor prohibition 239

time, place, mode of voting, &c 240

of commissioners, to lay off certain counties into four

districts each 258

Brown ville, town of, of officers, amended 262

teachers 348

Dale county, Ozark, town of, liquor prohibition 263

Geneva county, of superintendent ot education 267

Lee county, for or against stock law 307

mode of voting 308

Coosa county, of commissioners for 1888 317

of county suj^rintendents of education and township

trustees as to certain counties, amended 355

Guntersville, town of, of officers 373

notice of, &c 374

contest, &c 375

Colbert county, for or against liquor prohibition 396

da^ of, result, etc 397

Mobile county, of justices of the peace and constables in-
cluded in city limits, time of, etc. . . . 402

ballots counted, etc 403

result, fees, etc 404

Brewton, town of, of officers 419

vacancies filled 420

Conecuh county, to ratify liquor prohibition 428

mode of voting 429

returns, etc 430

Attalla, town of, of oflScers, notice, etc 434

Shelby county, to decide on permanent location for court

house 448

Jefferson iron company, of officers, time and place 485


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Bienville water supply company, of board of directors. . 489

Uniontown, city of, of officers 544

registration of voters, etc 545

oath of inspectors 546

disposition of ballots, etc 547

Jacksonville, town of, of officers, who eligible, etc 585

Chambers county, commissioners of roads and revenue. . 607
Lawrence county, within six miles of Moulton, for or

against liquor prolribition 612

time, place, mode of voting, etc 613

Greensborough female academy, of trustees, when 618

Pike county, of superintendent of education 629

Eunola, town of, of officers 632

under direction of John T. Martin, jr. . 633

Oxford, town of, of officers 635

ballots disposition of, contest, &c 636

Lawrence county, near Oakville, for or against liquor

prohibition 658

day of, &c 659

, who qualified to vote at 660

Henry coufity, to prevent stock running at large 660

probate judge to order 661

mode of voting, result, contest, &c . . . 662

Madison county, to prevent stock running at large 660

probate judge to order 661

mode of voting, result, contest 662

for or against macadamized roads 664

Auburn, town of, for or against separate school district. . 715

Covington, county of, superintendent of education 721

Bullock, county of, superintendent of education 721

Athens, town of, for or against liquor prohibition 724

result, etc 725

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