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School laws of Illinois, 1870. An Act to establish and maintian a system of free schools, approved February 16, 1865, together with the amendatory acts of 1867 and 1869 online

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Online Librarystatutes Illinois. LawsSchool laws of Illinois, 1870. An Act to establish and maintian a system of free schools, approved February 16, 1865, together with the amendatory acts of 1867 and 1869 → online text (page 8 of 8)
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to be certified by teachers 24

to be delivered to directors 24

to be examined by directors 24

to be certified by directors 24

to be filed with treasurer 25

not to be certified in certain cases. 25
Securities, .bound for demands against

principals S4

of county superintendent not exemp-
ted from liabilities 34

additional, may be required in cer-
tain cases 27

Settlement may be made with trustees by

petsons, indebted 16

Sites for schools, sales of, how made. . . 21

purchases of, how made 16

Sixteenth section declared school lands. 87
State shall pay interest on school fund. 32
Statement of condition of schools to be

prepared 14

what shall be contained in, 14




Statement of treasurer to trustees 29

what shall be contained in such ... 29
of sales of land and moneys received

by county superintendent 41

State's attorney to enforce collection of

fines, etc 38

to pay same to co. superintendents. 38

fees and commissions of 38

Suits may be brought on notes, mortgages,

etc., by county superintendent. . . 9

county superintend't may be witness 9

may be brought against treasurer . 16

may be brought against collector. . 20

damages to be awarded in 20

may be maintained for breach of con-
dition in mortgage 28

how brought for interest 29

all suits to be in name of trustees. . 29

against treasurer, on bond 29

in co. court against collector. ..... 33

against trustees for insufficiency of

treasurer's securities 34

may be brought against officers fail-
ing in'their duty 35

costs of, not to be charged in certain

cases 35

for trespassing on school lands. ... 37

how brought for penalties 38

against purchasers of land 40

Superintendent of public instruction,

when and how elected 3

term of office of 3

office of, where to be kept S

bond o'f, penalty and conditions of. 3

to preserve books and documents. . 3

to pay over moneys . 4

to advise county superintendents

and teachers 4

to have supervision of schools 4

to issue circulars 4

to make reports to governor 4

to issue state certificates 22

to make rules and regulations .... 4

to explain and interpret this act. . . 5
his decisions to be final, except in

certain cases 5

may cause funds to be withheld. ... 5

salary of, when and how paid 5

to be allowed postage, stationery,etc 5

Taxes, school, how distributed when new

district is formed 13

directors may levy 18

to be computed by county clerk. ... 19

how collected 19

to be paid by collector to township

treasurer . 20

in case of refusal of collector to pay 20

where district is in two counties. . 20
shall not be levied for extending

school longer than six months. . . 21

two mills to constitute school fund . 31

where county fails to collect 32

dividends of, to be made by auditor 38


Taxes :

persons of color to have benefit of. 31

Teachers, to be appointed by directors. 21

compensation of, fixed by directors. 21

may be dismissed by directors 21

to be examined 22

qualifications necessary for 22

to receive certificate 22

form of certificate , 22

meetings for examination of. .... . 23

to exhibit certificate before receiv-
ing funds 23

shall keep schedules 23

form of schedules 24

shall attach certificates to schedules 24
te deliver schedules to directors. . . 24
entitled to ten per cent, interest. . . 25
balances due, to be paid out of first

moneys 25

Title to real estate to vest in trustees in

certain cases 16

Towns and cities, special acts of, not

changed by this act 36

officers of, having in charge school,

duties of 36

Townships, apportionment among, how

made..... 7

distributive share of, to be paid to

treasurers annually 7

business of, to be done by trustees. 10

to be laid off in districts 12

map of, to be prepared 18

school districts to be formed from

several 13

when divided by county line, sepa-
rate enumerations to be made. . . 15
Transcript of sales of school lands to be

furnished to auditor 41

Treasurer, township, bond of, to be filed

by county superintendent 7

moneys, bonds, etc., to be delivered
to, by county superintendent. ... 7

to give receipt for same 7

receipt of, to be evidence 7

distributive share to be paid to, an-
nually 7

how appointed 12

township, account of to be examined 15
proceeds of sale of school sites to be

paid to 16

moneys for use of townships to be

paid to ...... 16

may be removed by trustees. ...... 16

may be sued on bond 16

to order district election in certain

cases . 18

to return certificate to county clerk 19
collector to pay over to, full amount

of tax 20

schedule to be filed with 25

to give bond and security 25

form of bond of 26

to provide books and keep accounts 26
accounts, how kept 27




Treasurer, township, shall loan money. . 27
terms and rate on which, shall loan 27

may loan funds to directors 27

former loans by, legalized 27

may require additional security.... 29
if not given, shall institute suit. ... 29
shall have debts due probated and

classed 29

may bring suits for interest 29

shall keep all moneys, books, etc,, of

townshi p 29

shall make statement to trustees on

certain days 29

what to be contained in statement.. 29
penalty in case of failure to perform

duties 30

not liable in certain cases 30

to settle with boards of directors. . 30
to deliver money, books, etc., to suc-
cessor 30

in case of death of 30

to pay only on order of directors. . 31

township, compensation of 34

exempted from working roads, etc. . 34

liabilities of 34

to receive pay as clerks 34

Trees, penalty for cutting on school

lands 37

Trespass on school lands, how punished . 37
Trustees of schools to be body corporate 10

name and style of 10

term of office 10

• eligibility of 10

first election of 10

to draw lots 10

when but two are present. . . 10

election of, may be postponed in cer-
tain cases 11

to act as judges and clerks at elec-
tions « 11

Trustees of schools, in case of refusal of,

to serve at elections 11

time and manner of electing 11

qualifications of voter for 11

in case of a tie in election 11

in case of a vacancy in board of . . . 11
election of to be ordered by county

superintendent 11

to be successors to trustees of sch'l

lands 12

property to be vested in 12

to hold semi-annual meetings 12

special meetings of, how called. ... 12
how board of shall be organized. . . 12
may appoint a township treasurer. . 12

may remove officers for cause 12

duty of president of board of 12

duty of clerk of board of 12

must lay township off into districts. 12


Trustees of schools, may establish one or

more districts in a township 12

to prepare map of township 13

may form school districts from seve-
ral townships 13

Trustees of schools, to make division of

taxes in new districts, and how. . 13
funds, how to be distributed by. ... 13
to ascertain amount in hands of trea-
surer 13

shall make statements of condition

of schools 14

what contained in statement of. . . . 14

failure to make report, penalty of . . 15

penalty of, how remitted 15

duty of, in case township is divided

by county line 15

shall make examination of books,

mortgages etc 15

may receive devise, gift or grant. .. 16

vested with title of school houses. . 16
president and clerk of board of, to

execute conveyances 16

shall cause all moneys to be paid to

treasurer 16

may remove township treasurer. ... 16

may sue township treasurer 16

may purchase real estate in satisfac-
tion of judgment 16

title to such estate to vest in 16

may settle with persons indebted. . 16
may receive deeds to real estate in

compromise 16

may cancel bonds, mortgages, etc. . 17

may lease or sell lands at auction. . 17

• shall not be interested in contracts. 18

shall not be director 18

execution may issue against 21

exempted -from working roads, etc. 34

liabilities of . 34

liable for insufficiency of treasurer's

securities ... • 84

Trustees of schools to pay treasurers for

clerical services 33

penalty for failing to perform duties 35
to continue in office until successors

appointed 36

how to proceed in selling sch 1 ! lands 37
Trustees of school lands, trustees of sch'l

declared successors of 12

Union districts, how formed 14

directors, powers of 14

Vacancy in office of county superinten-
dent, how filled 6

in board of trustees, how filled. ... 11

Witness, county superintendent may be 9
See "Evidence."


Absence of teachers at Institute 44

Act to amend school law, 1867 43

not to apply to Cook county 48

Act to amend school law, 1869 44

Acts,inconsistent or conflicting, repealed 44
Act relating to assessment in school dis-
tricts 45

Act concerning school and other reports 45
Act to establish county normal schools. 46

Annual reports, when to be made 45

Assessors, town, duty of 45

to note number of school districts. . 45

Blank books, to be prepared, how 45

Board of education, county. ... 46

Clerk, county, duty of 45

of board of directors, to make report 43

Cook county not included in act 43

County board of education. 46

how chosen 46

tenure of, 47

election of 47

powers and duties of 47

officers of 47

to report annually 47

not entitled to compensation 47

County normal schools, act to establish. 46

how established 46

management of 46

in two or more counties 47

already established, legalized 47

supervisors to establish 46

to be voted on, when 46

County superintendents, pay of 43

to report second Monday September 45

Courts, county, may establish county nor-

malschools 46

Definition of school month 44

Directors, must report to treasurers. ... 43
election of, in counties under town-
ship organization 44

to collect in certain cases 43

to allow teachers to attend institutes 44
to report first Monday, August 45

Directors, not reduce pay of teachers,

when 44

Districts, number of, to be designated.. 45

Election of school trustees , . . . 44

of school directors 44

French, teaching of, in public schools. . 44

German, teaching of, in public schools.. 44

Holidays, what shall be 44

Institutes, teachers may attend 44

Incorporated institutions to make reports 45
Institutions of learning to make reports. 45

Lawful holidays, what shall be 44

Literary institutions, reports of 45

Loss of time, not incurred, when. ...... 44

of pay, not incurred, when 44

Medium of teaching, when modern lan-
guages may be 44

Modern languages, may be used in teach-
ing same 44

Month, school, same as calendar 44

Normal schools, when established by two

or more counties 47

already established, legalized. ..... 47

Normal university, state, act for , . 47

Southern Illinois act for 51

Property, personal, assessment of . . 45

Per diem of county superintendents — .43
how paid 43

Reports of county superintendents, when

due 45

colleges and seminaries, when due. 45

school directors, when due. ....... 45

school trustees, when due 45

to be made September 15th, what. . 45

Returned soldiers to attend free 43

Schedules may be returned monthly 44

School month, how defined 44

Schools composed of pupils from different

townships 43

Soldiers, returned, to attend free 43

Southern Illinois Normal University, act

for 51

State Normal University, act for 47

Statistics, what, to be reported 46

Supervisors, may establish county normal

schools 46

may levy taxes for same 46

general powers of 46

Teachers, how paid in certain cases 43

may return schedules monthly 44

may attend institutes 44

not to teach on holidays 44

not to make up time, when 44

pay of, not to be reduced, when. . . 44
Treasurers must pay monthly schedules. 44

Trustees of schools, when elected . . 44

in counties under township organi-
zation 44

to report second Monday, August.. 45


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Online Librarystatutes Illinois. LawsSchool laws of Illinois, 1870. An Act to establish and maintian a system of free schools, approved February 16, 1865, together with the amendatory acts of 1867 and 1869 → online text (page 8 of 8)