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* Compare cases 87 and 140.


43. Miss W. "I was so nervous that I could not walk alone,
could not feed myself, or even write my own name.*' Was healed
"in a comparatively short time." Also, was healed of "serious
rheumatic trouble."

44. Mr. S. Healed, after prolonged treatment, of "terrible

45. J. L. Healed of " stomach trouble and despondency."

46. Mrs. B. Had undergone two operations. Afterward,
had Christian Science treatment. "In three months I was cured
of a malignant growth, stomach trouble, and severe headache."
Has remained well for seven years.*

47. Kate M'G. "I suddenly became aware of a paralytic
condition affecting one side of my face." Healed in less than a
week. An ordinary case of " Bell's paralysis."

48. Mr. O. Healed of "throat trouble, bowel trouble, acute

* I have written to this patient, and she has kindly answered.
She tells me that she had a tumour in her breast, and that the
doctor said it was "cancerous." She tells me nothing as to the
extent of the operations, or the interval between them, or the
nature of the disease. It may have been sarcoma, not carcinoma.
There is no reason to think that it recurred after the second opera-
tion. She tells me that the doctor who operated on her is dead.
She is now a healer in Los Angeles, California, a great centre of
Christian Science; and she records many cases of healing in her
family. Her mother-in-law was healed of "very serious kidney
and heart trouble": her husband, of "nervous and stomach
trouble": her sister, of "asthmatic trouble in a cruel form."
This sister had left Chicago, and come to Los Angeles, for the
sake of the climate : and we may attribute her recovery to this
change of air and scene. If the reader cares to study the healings
at Los Angeles, he must read The Los Angeles Case^ a pamphlet
sold in Christian Science reading-rooms, giving a mutilated version
of a trial for the death of a child under Christian Science.


lung trouble, chronic headache, and other minor ailments." Three
of his children were healed of **a fever**: another was healed of
"a serious illness.'*

49. Mrs. S. Her child was healed of "bowel trouble.**

50. Mrs. M. Healed of "continual stomach and bowel

51. Mr. B. Healed of "severe stomach trouble, a throat
trouble, and a disagreeable-looking growth on my face.** Also,
of a stiflP knee. When he was a boy, he had cut his knee with an
axe, and thereafter "had been left in such a condition that he was
compelled to use a wooden stump.'* The knee "had been in a
very bad condition for fifty years.** Then, he had a fall, and
severely sprained the knee. During the Christian Science treat-
ment of this sprain, "the flesh became natural in appearance: and,
when I got around again, I found to my surprise that my toes came
about five inches nearer the ground than they did before I was
confined to my bed from the fall." *

52. Mrs. S. Testifies that her child, under two years old, hit
his forehead on a stone step : she reflected on the central doctrine
of Christian Science, and the child did not cry.

53. Mrs. L. Healed of headache. Also, one child was healed
of " a fever in its worst form " : another, of " a fever and rheumatic

54. Mrs. R. Her little boy had " rupture," and could not walk.

* This is a good instance of such cases as are cured by bone-
setters. The sprain broke some old adhesions, and forcibly
worked a joint that had been kept bent for many years. The
growth on the patient's face was doubtless an ordinary wart: it
had been burned once or twice, with acid or caustic, before he
had Christian Science treatment. He also testifies that his wife
was healed, in half-an-hour, of "bowel trouble." Also his grand-
daughter, twelve years old, was healed of "a nervous trouble,"
which prevented her from eating or talking.


After two hours of Christian Science, he walked two miles. **He
said he was not tired, nor has he complained since."

55. Mrs. S. Healed of "spinal trouble and heart trouble."
Later, "I met with a slight accident, causing a bruise, and a dis-
ease appeared on my body." Was healed of this "disease" by
Christian Science in three years.

56. Mr. R. "After three days' perusal of this priceless volume
{Science and Health) I discovered that I no longer needed glasses,
and that headaches, and all my physical ailments, which were
many, had been swept away."

57. Nellie M. " Eye trouble, and untold misery from stomach,
bowel, and spinal trouble." Under Christian Science, was slowly
enabled to do without glasses.

58. Mrs. E. "I was seemingly very near death's door. I had
been under the care of doctors constantly for nine years, besides
taking various kinds of blood-medicine. I was suffering from a
dreaded disease, which was then said to be in its last stage."

* I have written to this patient, and she has kindly answered
my letter. She says that she had cancer; and that for eleven
years she was miserable, never free from pain. It is incredible
that a patient, with cancer so far advanced as to be painful, would
live eleven years. She gives me the names of two doctors who
attended her, but tells me that they are dead. She tells me, also,
that she had a "cancer-doctor" a year before she found Chris-
tian Science. She tells me nothing more about her case. It is
not to be believed that any case of cancer would be treated, for
nine or eleven years, with "blood-medicine." She says nothing
as to the site of her malady, or as to any surgical treatment. She
does not even say that the doctors said it was canCer. I may
add that the contrast, between the style of her letter and the style
of her testimony in the Sentinel, shows how these testimonies are
corrected by the editor of that journal. See case 25.


59. Mrs. C. Had an abscess in the breast, which, she feared,
was cancer. Under Christian Science, "the abscess came naturally
to a climax, and discharged without medical aid." She alludes,
also, to "many other healings."

60. Ella M. Healed, slowly, of "a trouble of many years*
standing, which had expressed itself in an uninterrupted depres-
sion, and in many physical ailments. Life was a burden to me,
an inexpressible agony; every ray of light seemed to have vanished
from my consciousness."

61. Mrs. S. Suffered from "heart disease and great nervous-
ness." After three months of Christian Science, she was able to
do her housework.

62. Mrs. M. Her two children were healed of "bronchial and
asthmatic trouble in a severe chronic form, sore throat, and other

63. Mrs. H. Was healed, slowly, of "headaches, heart trouble,
and kidney trouble."

64. Miss B. Had "a very severe cold and fever, and coughed
almost continuously for several days and nights." Was completely
relieved by a week of absent treatment. Also, an earache was
"overcome in a very short time."

65. Mrs. T. "Physical ailments too numerous to mention
have been cured, including two cases * of a fever in its worst form ;
also a predisposition to throat trouble and almost constant colds."

66. Bessie S. "For six months I was not able to walk any
distance, on account of a malignant growth on my leg. I had
two doctors, but they did me no good." Healed. f

* I.e. attacks. The word case is often used, in these testi-
monies, for attack.

f I have written to this patient, but she has not answered.
There is not the faintest reason for thinking that the "growth"
on her leg was malignant. It is just a phrase, like Mrs. Eddy's
"most malignant contagion."


67. Mrs. H. "A miserable creature, constant backache and
periodical suffering, also many other ailments." Healed.

68. Mrs. Z. "When my baby, 18 months old, drank concen-
trated lye, we declared the truth, and in 24 hours she was free from
all trace of the severe burning, and joined the family at the table,
eating all kinds of food." *

69. Mrs. T. Was healed of "what seemed to be blood-poison-
ing. My hands, head, and face presented an alarming appear-
ance. Although there seemed to be much inflammation, there was
no fever, and very little pain." f

70. Caroline G. "For ten years I was a confirmed invalid,
having undergone four surgical operations, and having had nearly
every ailment that flesh is heir to." Was healed in two days.
Later, was healed of "a relapse of a number of old troubles, an
organic difficulty among others."

71. Mr. P. Was healed of "lung and paralytic trouble."
This patient is out in all weathers; and, on a winter's day, having

* Mrs. Z. also testifies that she was healed of "an enlarged
neck, accompanied by a choking sensation." Also, that her hus-
band was healed of a pain in his eye. If we assume that she
really had "an enlarged neck," let Us assume that she was sub-
ject to exophthalmic goitre. Then, we have, as commentary,
a case mentioned in the New York Medical Journaly November
18, 1899. "A woman, with exophthalmic goitre, had been under
the care of a number of skilled physicians, without benefit, and
had received most of the approved methods of treatment. At
last, she asked her doctor whether Christian Science would do
harm, and was told that it probably would not; and left him,
with the apparent intention of going to a Christian Scientist.
Two days later she began to improve, and continued to improve,
though she had not gone to any Scientist. Exophthalmic goitre is
a disease that is profoundly influenced by suggestion."

f It sounds like a rash from eating shell-fish.


gone to sleep on a sofa, he woke and found that he could not move
any part of his body except his left arm. He says that he was
paralysed about three weeks." *

72. Leila G. Healed of "an abscess in the ear, and numerous
bilious attacks.'*

'j-^. Josephine W. Healed of "a very bad catarrhal trouble,"
of six years* duration, which, she says, was affecting the ears.
Says that her hearing is perfect now.

74. L. S.W. Healedof" neuralgic headaches, stomach trouble
and an eye trouble." Also, of "colds, sore throat, and many other
discordant conditions."

75. Lillian B. Testifies that her father suffered from "rheu-
matic trouble'* for over twenty years: was cured by Christian
Science in two months, and has had no rheumatic trouble for
two years. "I may also gladly say that during the treatment the
desire for liquor entirely left him." f

76. Mrs. S. " I was taken with an acute illness in what seemed
to be its worst form. I suffered great distress, and my body seemed
racked with pain. A Christian Science practitioner was called,
and in one treatment I got up and walked without pain."

77. Mr. S. Healed, in August 1906, of "severe hay fever
and asthmatic trouble" of 30 years* duration. His father had
died with "asthmatic trouble.**

78. Mr. G. Testifies that his wife, by the help of absent treat-
ment, was enabled to overcome all fear prior to a confinement,

* If we assume that the evidence is accurate, it is possible
that the patient had a slight attack of myelitis, after exposure
to cold. He also testifies that his wife was "healed beautifully
of physical troubles of long standing*': and that all his five chil-
dren, who, attending the public schools, had "contracted a very
serious form of skin disease," were healed.

f The giving up of liquor would help to keep off the rheumatic
trouble. See case 127.


and nearly all pain during it. Also, he says, "toothache, colds,
headache, in fact every discord is yielding to Truth."

79. Mrs. L. "Very delicate from childhood: a sufferer from
nervous and stomach troubles.'* She had also worn a support,
for a hernia, for more than nine years. Under Christian Science,
her "physical troubles gradually disappeared" in 1904.

80. Mrs. L. "Severe nervous trouble and chronic liver com-
plaint. For seven years I suffered in mind and body. I was
healed with one treatment after all these years of suffering." Her
daughter, aged 12, was healed of a "curvature" of the spine.

81. Mr. M. "I was a physical as well as a mental wreck,
using a pair of crutches and suffering great pain from a severely
injured hip and other complications, besides being without hope
in the world and not caring what became of me." Under Chris-
tian Science, he slowly got rid of his crutches, and of a high cork
sole.* "I still have a few minor ailments, but am gradually over-
coming them."

82. Annice F. "I suffered from inflammation, rheumatic
trouble, etc. I also had to wear glasses." Healed.

83. Gustavus F. "From childhood I was nervous, weak, de-
spondent, morbid, afraid even to wish to be well and normal."

84. Emma H. Went to a Christian Science meeting. "An
experienced Scientist spoke, and while she was speaking I suddenly
realised that one of the ailments which had troubled me for five
years had passed away."

85. Mr. P. A hernia, which had come down, went back under
Christian Science treatment. "I would like also to state that my
wife was instantly cured of acute lung trouble ten years ago, and,
a few years later, of abdominal trouble. Each time, it was a case
of immediate healing."

86. Ruth R. Has "sometimes overcome a severe headache."

* An ordinary case of fear of leaving off crutches.


87. Mrs. T.* "A hopeless sufferer for ten years. In that
time, I suffered many things of many physicians. I was in despair,
in doubt and darkness, both spiritually and physically, being
obliged to remain in a dark room for weeks at a time. I had
reached the point of being almost willing to give up the struggle,
my physician having told me that I could not last long, and not at
all without the medicine. One day, when both he and my family
thought I was near the end, I turned away from ill, and asked God
to save my life for my child's sake, and I promised God then that
I would give the rest of my earthly days to His service. To both
the physician's and my family's surprise, I was better the next
day. Soon after this, I heard of Christian Science," etc.

88. A. J. Suffered from female trouble, and had been treated
by "osteopathy." After one treatment with Christian Science,
was able to walk feebly downstairs, and in three weeks was entirely

89. Mr. F. Was healed of a sprained ankle. Testifies also
that his wife, "sentenced to die by materia medicay* was

90. Mrs. H. Was healed, in three weeks, of "a rupture, ner-
vousness, and a severe bowel trouble."

91. W. S. I. "A sense of not being strong, of needing tonics:
shortsightedness was said to be hereditary, and I seemed to have
a very unhealthy, morbid thought." Healed.

92. Mrs. F. In 1902, had an operation for female trouble.
In 1905, "after having read one number of the (Christian Science)
journal, and part of another, I discovered that I had been com-
pletely healed of the disease." Has also been enabled to leave
off glasses, after wearing them for fifteen years.

* This case occurs not among Testimonies of Healing, but
among Letters to our Leader^ in the Christian Science Sentinel,
June 20, 1908. I have included it here, because of the light that
it throws on the healing of many of these patients.


93. Mrs. M. Healed of "chronic bowel trouble." Also,
had an easy confinement.

94. Mrs. W. Testifies, at great length, to the recovery, "by
the help of God," of her purse, which she had left in a shop. She
adds that she has "overcome many physical ailments."

95. Mrs. M. Testifies that her child, i8 months old, cut her
ear. A surgeon stitched up the ear, and a healer "commenced
to give the child treatment at once." Healed.

96. Florence W. "Without any warning, I was taken ill with
acute lung trouble." Next day, by the help of Christian Science,
was able to get about.

97. L. B. In childhood had "a severe and complicated eye
trouble." This came to an end, when she was about sixteen, under
Christian Science. Also, "a severe case (attack) of blood-poison-
ing has been met, and numerous other ailments have been de-

98. Mrs. S. "For sixteen years I was much of the time in
very bad health: for four years being almost helpless." She
had eleven physicians. "Their various modes of treatment only
added to my sufferings." Healed.

99. Clara B. "Through constant fear and worry, I finally
lost my voice. Peace and quietness and confidence have taken
the place of fear and anxiety, and my voice is being restored at an
age when mortal mind would and does deem it impossible."

100. Nellie R. "Heart trouble and severe headache, supposed
to be hereditary, were overcome." Also, her aunt was healed of

'very serious throat and rheumatic trouble."

loi. Cecilie R. Healed of "bowel trouble and a severe throat

102. Mrs. W. Healed, in six weeks, of "what the doctor
had called serious lung and bowel trouble."

103. T. M. G. Healed, in five minutes, of "a disease which
had been troubling me for two or three years."

104. Miss C. "I have been healed of many troubles, among


which were pneumonia and a tumour of between four and five
years' growth." *

105. Helen Y. "Not long since, I was taken with a pain in
my side, which seemed every minute to increase in violence."
Healed by reading one passage in Science and Health over and
over again. She also mentions a young lady who was healed of
"several serious diseases."

106. Miss M*C. "Ten years ago, I was healed of what the
doctors called consumption."

107. Mr. M. "About a year ago, I was thoroughly healed of
a chronic disease of fifteen years* standing. I was also a slave
to the tobacco habit for 35 years, and was a heavy drinker. There
seemed to be no cure for me, but after a few treatments the desire
for both tobacco and strong drink left me."

108. Mr. P. "At the age of forty, I was healed of serious kid-
ney disease, of a supposedly inherited stomach and rheumatic
trouble, etc." Was also cured of "the tobacco habit," after 25
years of the use of tobacco.

109. Mrs. P., aged 75. "I was very ill with stomach trouble.
I had been treated by doctors for seven years, but grew worse
day by day. ... I began reading (Science and Health) about
half-past five in the afternoon, and continued until half-past two
in the morning, when I knew that the truth had made me free."

no. Mrs. B. Healed of "an acute illness." Also, was able
to induce sleep in a woman who was " suffering severely."

* I have written to this patient, and she has kindly answered.
She says that the "tumour" was "in her side": that she never
showed it to any doctor. "I thought I would trust wholly to
Christian Science, which I did, helping myself what I could, until
the time came when I couldn't seem to stand the pain, so went
to a (Christian Science) practitioner, and was healed in eight
weeks' treatment." Thus we have not a particle of evidence that
she had a tumour, beyond her own belief.


111. Miss G. "I had been an invalid all my life, and for
15 years was confined to the house, most of this time being spent
in bed. One of my troubles was from frequently recurring abscesses
in my head (discharge from the ear), from which I suffered terribly,
being in constant pain. I also had severe stomach trouble, and
the physician could only keep me stupefied with opiates. In this
way the habit was formed, and for ten years I was never without
the drug." Healed in a few weeks.

112. Mrs. B. Testifies to "the overcoming of serious ailments
from which my little son was suffering : the overcoming of heart,
stomach, and kidney trouble, etc. All these cures, and more,
have been effected in my own immediate circle."

113. Mrs. H. **A tired feeling, and other discordant mani-
festations and ailments."

114. Grace N. Trod on a nail. "I began a mental protest
against the accident, and the possibility of its having any power
to give me pain. On the day following, there was a manifestation
of swelling, which was, however, speedily destroyed." Also, on
two occasions, was healed of a sprained ankle. Also, has been
healed of "supposedly hereditary and chronic diseases вАФ diseases
which are called incurable by reputable physicians."

115. Mr. M. "As far back as I can remember, I had gen-
erally been ailing, and when I reached manhood my sufferings
increased so that life seemed not worth living. I tried many
things, and * suffered many things of many physicians,* but was
not benefited. At last, one day, frantic with pain, I decided
that suicide was the only remedy." Healed. Also, was healed
of "the appetite for tobacco and other evils." Also, one of his
children was healed of a sore throat.

116. Mrs. A. Healed of "severe kidney, throat, and heart

117. Mr. E. "I woke up one morning with a pain so severe
that it frightened me." Was put to sleep, in half-an-hour, by
the reading aloud of Science and Health. Later, "a most serious


nervous disease, which had grown no better for seven years, left
me entirely." Later, on a steamer, was not seasick. "I had
never been seasick before, but, when every one around me began
to be ill, I was very much afraid I should be too."

Ii8. Eleanor B. "Headache, an attack of rheumatic trouble,
injury to the head, toothache, and many other ailments such as
seasickness and colds."

119. Winifred H. "Headaches, chronic catarrhal troubles,
bronchial and lung trouble."

120. Mr. B. "I had a spinal injury. I was helpless most
of the time for seven years. My mind was affected to the extent
that some of my family felt the only safe place for me was an
asylum for the insane." Healed. Also, left off spectacles.*

121. Lucy K. "For seven years I had scarcely seen a well
day." Healed.

122. Mr. H. "In the morning, I never felt better in my life.
About noon, I was taken with very severe heart trouble. I at
once telephoned for (Christian Science) help: and, being very
hungry, I ate a bowl of soup, after which I rested upon a couch,"
etc. Healed that afternoon.

123. Frau K. Healed in four days, of "what mortal belief
calls acute lung trouble." Later, her daughter was healed, in
fourteen days, of "the same complaint."

124. Mrs. R. Testifies that "colds, an eruptive fever, etc.,"
were healed. Also, " an attack of lung trouble."

125. Mrs. M. Healed of "supposed hereditary lung trouble,
together with kidney and stomach trouble."

126. Mr. Y. "When I first heard of Christian Science, I
was loaded down with all or nearly all of the diseases known to
materia medica." Healed.

127. Mr. H. Was a heavy drinker and an inveterate smoker.
"The greater part of my earnings went to satisfy the appetite for

* A typical case of nervous mimicry.


liquor." Was healed by Christian Science of both these habits.
Healed, also, of "severe rheumatic trouble and varicose veins."*

128. Mrs. H. Testifies that she had a painless confinement:
and that her husband was healed of "stomach trouble."

129. Mr. L. A burn of face and hands was healed, in three
and a half weeks, "without a scar." His wife was healed of
"stomach trouble": his daughter, of a "gathering in her ears."

130. Mrs. C. "Rheumatic trouble, and serious eye trouble."

131. Mrs. B. "Chronic bowel trouble, and many other serious

132. Emma N. Healed of "internal disease," after several
weeks of treatment. "Had it not been for Christian Science,
I know I could not have gotten through short of the surgeon's

133. Mr. S. Testifies that his child was healed of sore throat.
"Her aunt examined the child's throat, and pronounced it serious."

134. Mr. F. **I was healed of blood-poisoning of long stand-
ing, also of the tobacco habit and a desire for strong drink."

135. Elizabeth L. "Headaches, neuralgic trouble, and a
sprained ankle."

136. Mr. T. "A sore throat, and feeling generally miserable."

137. Mabel N. "I could not get rid of a temper that was the
terror of my life, until I knew that *the good shepherd* was leading
me." Healed, also, of colds, chapped hands, and the pain of an
injured finger.

138. Annie S. Healed, immediately, of "sleeplessness"; and,
gradually, of "chronic stomach and bowel trouble, severe headache,

139. Mr. L. Healed of "neuralgic trouble." Granddaughter
healed of "throat trouble."

* The giving-up of the drink would tend to improve the rheu-
matic trouble : see case 75. The improvement of the veins may
be due to his having worn an elastic stocking for thirty-one years.


140. Mrs. F. "I became only a shadow of my former self."

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