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Suffered from "female trouble of the most aggravated nature,
followed by alarming complications. Nine weeks I had laid on
my bed : my friends were standing around me in sorrow waiting
for the end to come.* I became unconscious. ... I turned
myself in bed to make sure I was really on earth, and saw a lady
sittirtg by my bedside. I asked her if she was a nurse," etc.
Healed : and in four days was driving out.

141. Ella E. "My case was complicated, the physicians all
said, and when they attempted to give medicine for one trouble,
it would work against the other ailments." She specially mentions
"stomach trouble in its severest and most distressing form, and
chronic bowel trouble." Healed. Later, " I used some turpentine,
to wash some paint oflFmy arm, which at once became very painful
and presented an alarming appearance." Healed.

142. Mrs. P. "My husband has been healed of the liquor
and tobacco habits, and a great many forms of sickness have been
destroyed in our home."

143. Mrs. W. "I had been given up to die, as we had ex-
hausted materia medica. Two or three doctors had said that I
had a complication of diseases. I have been healed of severe
bowel trouble, female weakness, convulsions, and other diseases."

144. Mrs. G. "Years of invalidism : the undergoing of many
operations, which left me in a wretched state physically and men-
tally." Healed. Also, was able to leave off glasses.

145. Mr. B. Was enabled, by Christian Science, to give up
drinking and smoking. Was also healed of a "serious throat
trouble." t

146. Mrs. B. Healed, instantaneously, "when almost beside
myself with pain and suffering from an abscess in the ear."]:

* Compare cases 41, 87: perfect examples, all three, of ner-
vous mimicry of approaching death.

f The giving-up of tobacco and alcohol would cure the throat.
X A common case of discharge from the ear, with relief of earache.


147. Mrs. D. Healed of "abdominal trouble."

148. Mr. B. "I had been suffering for many years; and the
many physicians whom I consulted, with one exception, diagnosed
the case as a nervous disease.'* Also, healed of asthma, lameness,*
the tobacco habit, and "numerous other ailments."

149. Mrs. K. "Christian Science came tome about four years
ago. I could not then read a letter through, or even write a post-
card, but now I can read and write all I want to. My healing has
been slow."

150. Amanda L. Healed of "serious bowel trouble, and a
heart trouble for which I had been taking the strongest tonics."
Also of a hurt to the palm of the hand; and of "a sudden most
excruciating pain in my side."

151. Flora W. Got wet in the rain, and caught cold: "but,
through the realisation of the omnipresence of Love, I was soon
perfectly well again." Testifies, also, that her mother, after an
"injury to the spine," suffered from "nervous troubles, with nu-
merous complications"; was treated by massage, change of air,
electricity, magnetic healing, and mental science; was "several
times very near death"; and was healed by Christian Science.
"My mother's healing has been slow. The fear of food was over-
come immediately, and after several treatments chronic bowel
trouble was healed. The attacks of nervousness are only occa-
sional now, and less intense."

152. Mrs. S. Healed of "catarrhal trouble"; also, left off
glasses. Also, "I was blessed with a demonstration at the birth
of our baby girl, which all conversant with the conditions will
agree with me could only have been brought about by a much
higher source than materia medica. It was nothing less than the
demonstration of God's allness through true understanding.
The birth was a normal one, complete harmony prevailing. I
progressed rapidly."

* A typical example of nervous mimicry of paralysis.


153. Mr. M. "A nervous and mental wreck, a condition
brought on by drinking, a habit I had indulged for about seventeen
years." Cured, by Christian Science, in three weeks. Has gone
nearly a year without drink.

154. A. M. D. Healed of "periodical headaches, a painful
injury to the ankle, and other ills." Also, on a steamer, was not

155. A. L. S. "I suffered a complete physical breakdown,
which was diagnosed as stomach and nervous trouble, etc." Had
tried "mineral springs, osteopathy, homoeopathy, etc." Healed.

156. Mrs. H. Her little boy was healed of "a dreaded disease
of the kidneys." Later, after twelve weeks of Christian Science
treatment, healed of a "growth in the throat." *

157. Mrs. M. " I was only a young girl when Christian Science
found me, yet life seemed hardly worth while." She had "internal
trouble" from a fall. "I had a complication of diseases, so the
physicians had said, the internal trouble having brought on com-
plications of the stomach and bowels. I had had heart trouble
from childhood, and kidney disease developed later." Healed.

158. Mrs. W. "Quickly healed of serious troubles of long
standing." Also, had a very easy confinement.

159. Mrs. C. "It is scarcely necessary to say that poor health
was my portion : ten years of almost constant ill-health." Healed
also of "lung-trouble: it vanished as a nightmare."

160. Miss O'B. "The physicians who treated me did not
agree in diagnosing the case, but the existing conditions were said
to be an extreme form of blood disease, which transfusion had
failed to relieve; a helpless or partially paralysed condition of the
body from the waist down; severe spinal and bowel trouble, etc."

* Many children seem to have adenoids, who have only a
narrowness of the back of the throat. Of this case, alone of the
two hundred, the editor of the Sentinel proudly says that he has
a doctor's certificate.


Had been treated with electricity, osteopathy, change of air. "The
helplessness of my condition is indescribable, but it is sufficient
to say that most of the time (three years) I was kept in a darkened
room, with all bells silenced and all voices hushed, under the con-
stant care of from one to three physicians and as many professional
nurses; many times they worked over me all through the night.*
In all, I was treated by physicians from five different States, about
fifteen in number, and was cared for by as many, or more, of the
best professional nurses." Healed.

161. Mrs. P. Healed of "nervous and stomach trouble, fre-
quent attacks of headache, and an obstinate case (attack) of hay-
fever." Also, of a cut and inflamed arm.

1 62. Mr. W. Cured of drinking and smoking, and of " stomach
and throat-trouble." f

163. Mrs. R. "At 21 my health failed me, and I was given
up, after sounding the depths of materia medica" Healed, also,
slowly, of " serious lung trouble."

164. Mrs. G. "My little boy had a nail driven into his foot to
such a depth that force had to be used to withdraw it. The blood
gushed in angry spurts, t and the pain was intense, but an imme-
diate realisation of the allness of God and the nothingness of matter
overcame the trouble at once. Almost instantly the flow of blood
was staunched : and the next morning only a tiny spot remained."

165. Harriet P. Had "a serious condidon of the spine."
Healed. "I had suffered terribly from this trouble, and spent
a great deal of money for medical treatment. The last osteopath

* Compare case 41 : "All through the night, the nurse sat by
my bed telling me to breathe." Compare also case 87.

f A good case of a drunkard converted. The healing of the
stomach and throat troubles, of course, followed the giving-up of
the drink.

X The rest of the evidence is in a no less exaggerated style, and
of great length.


to whom I went finally said — " etc. Also, left off wearing glasses.
Also, had an easy confinement.

1 66. Mary T. "For five years I was a physical wreck, a con-
dition brought about by overwork in the schoolroom, grief, and
an accident which had resulted in a fractured hip, internal injuries,
and spinal trouble. Each year found me getting worse, with little
hope of my recovery." Healed. Mother healed of "stomach

167. Mr. F. Healed, two years ago, of" serious lung trouble." *

168. Mrs. S. "A year ago I was injured in an accident, and
as a result went down into the shadow of death, as it then seemed :
but through the power of God as understood in Christian Science
I was raised up."

169. Mr. W. Thrown from a horse. "I was injured in such
a manner that I could not walk or work in any comfort." For
this, had medical treatment, without an operation. Five years
later, had Christian Science treatment. "The enlargement grad-
ually decreased, until now the condition is very nearly natural." f
Later, was healed of "an eruptive disease."

170. Jeannette W. "Severe stomach and bowel trouble, and
several minor ailments." Also, "was a slave to the use of glasses
for nearly ten years." Healed.

171. G. V. H. Healed of "headaches" in six months y and of
"catarrhal trouble" in eighteen months. Also, eyesight improved.

172. Annie H. Healed of "trouble with one of her limbs."

173. Mamie D. "I seemed to have burned my hand very
badly." Healed.

174. Mrs. C. "I suffered for fifteen years with stomach

* It is not improbable, from this witness's account of his case,
that he was consumptive, and got well: but nothing is said of
any examination of the sputa.

f This seems to be an ordinary case of hernia, for which the
patient wore a truss.


trouble. I could not walk without a cane, from rheumatic trouble.
I also had an attack of paralytic trouble. For a time I was almost
blind." Healed.

175. Mr. S. Testifies that he had varicose veins, for which
he wore an elastic stocking, and that he no longer suffers from
cramp in the leg.

176. Mrs. R. Found a bee sticking to her child's chin, and
the child screaming, "I took the child in my arms, and began
to voice the truth. One statement after another, from Science
and Healthy came to me : and in a few moments his cries stopped.
There was only a tiny mark."

177. Mrs. M. "Three and a half years were spent in suf-
fering from nervousness and abdominal trouble, during which
time I dragged out a miserable existence. All hope of relief
from material means had fled." Healed. Also, left off wearing

178. Mrs. P. "Many physical ailments have been met and
overcome by Truth."

179. Mr. C. Healed of "malarial fever and other troubles."

180. Mr. H. Testifies that his wife was healed of "troubles
which had been a great burden to her for several years."

181. Mary T. Healed of "a sense of extreme nervousness,
throat trouble, and haemorrhages." *

182. Mrs. F. Healed of "neuralgic and stomach trouble, head-
aches, etc."

183. Mr. A. Healed of "some attacks of sickness."

184. Gwendolen B. Healed of "various heart and nervous
troubles. My stomach caused me great alarm: and I dared not
venture out on the street alone without some sort of heart and
nerve stimulant."

185. Miss P. "I fell off my horse, and seem ingl^^inju red
my spine: but I got up and mounted my horse, knowing that

* Nothing is said as to these "haemorrhages."


as God's child no error * could harm me. After I had ridden
a mile all pain had ceased. A few days later, I noticed that when
I stooped there seemed to be some trouble, and I then set myself
to work more earnestly than before. The result was that in three
days I was all right."

1 86. Mrs. H. Healed of "an abnormal growth,f ovarian
trouble, etc." Also, of "a severe attack of bowel trouble."

187. Mrs. X. "I had worn an elastic on my ankle /or ^/^/i/^i?n
years for an injury, and had always to use a stick to help me out
walking, but I was able to lay these aside at once when I accepted
Christian Science." Healed, also, of "sleeplessness and weak-

188. Mr. P. "I was relieved of a trouble for which I had
systematically drugged myself for the last twenty years."

189. Miss C. Healed of "a nervous breakdown, an attack
of throat trouble, fear of illness, stomach trouble, headaches,
debility, sleeplessness, depression, and an internal complaint."

190. Miss D. "For years I was practically an invalid, suf-
fering untold moral and physical agony, an awful abyss of suffer-
ing and despair." Healed. Also, "After having worn a brace for
a year, the same was removed without a particle of inconvenience."

191. Mr. H. Healed of "a distressing bowel trouble of over
fifteen years* duration."

192. Mr. H.I: Healed, after more than two months, of an in-
growing toe-nail. "For about ten days, I attempted to work
out the problem without aid, but gained no permanent relief.
I then asked a (Christian Science) pracritioner for help; and,
during the next two months, faithful and efficient work was done.

* Error, i.e. mistaken belief in the reality of injuries and dis-

t Nothing is said as to the nature of this "growth."
% I give this and the next case at some length, because they
illustrate so clearly the methods of Christian Science.


Not a moment of that work was wasted; for, during the time,
latent terror was replaced by courage; certain human footsteps
that were slow and uncertain had to be taken; environment was
gradually changed, and thought after thought was uncovered and
corrected, but the diseased toe still remained in evidence. We
did not doubt for a moment that God could heal all our diseases,
and at last the healing came quickly."

193. Alvaretta R. "For over fifteen years I suffered from
spinal trouble, different physicians declaring different causes for
its existence. I could walk only a little, could not sit up all day,
while I never slept more than four hours out of the twenty-four,
and was never without pain. I had serious eye trouble for years.
I also had stomach and bowel trouble. I had undergone one opera-
tion to no avail, and I almost passed on (died) under the influence
of the anaesthedc. I could scarcely eat anything. I also suffered
from heart and lung trouble. I had tried all systems of medicine.
I had been under medical treatment for fifteen years, and four
months with osteopathy. In this condition — without hope for
physical relief, and without belief that a God existed who answered
prayer — I was urged by a dear friend to try Christian Science,
and consented to go with her to a practitioner that day. I took
my first Christian Science treatment at 4 o'clock in the afternoon,
returned home, and enjoyed the first dinner of ordinary food that
I had eaten for more than a year. I slept all that night. The
first treatment healed me absolutely and permanently of the
stomach and bowel trouble, natural activity being re-established.
In a few weeks, the headache was entirely gone : the heart trouble
was also healed about that time; and the diseased lung was in-
stantly healed during the reading of the Bible Lesson at a Sunday
morning service. The eye trouble was almost entirely healed in
two years. It took nearly three years to overcome entirely the
spinal trouble, though it was partially relieved in a short time."

194. Mrs. C. "About fifteen years ago, my mother-in-law
was healed of a complication of diseases which the doctors had


failed even to relieve, and they had given her only a short time to

195. Lilian S. "For years I had suffered with an organic
disease, which at times caused me great agony and distress. At
times, I had to submit to go to bed." Healed. Also left off
glasses, "and experienced no inconvenience or strain."

196. Ella B. Healed of "a disagreeable eruption." Also,
of "severe headaches, a spinal affection, bowel and throat trouble,
besides a difficulty with the eyes."

197. F. W. "I suffered with headache, and had severe bowel
trouble for eleven days. I had Christian Science treatment, and
was entirely healed."

198. Mattie E. "I have seen colds, catarrhal trouble in a
very severe form, a severe injury to the ankle, and numerous other
diseases, melt away into their native nothingness." Also, "on
Monday evening, I was attacked by what seemed to me a most
serious case of illness. After working through the night for myself,
resisting the error, and declaring the truth of God's allness, I de-
cided in the morning to have some help : so I telephoned to a prac-
titioner, and was treated during that day, and arose on Wednesday
morning healed."

199. Mr. H. "About six years ago, I suffered greatly from
kidney trouble. I could not rest at night, and had sharp pains
during the day. I was under medical treatment for about five
years, but nothing seemed to do me any good." A year ago, he
got severely knocked by a street-car, and had Christian Science
treatment for the bruise of his side. "In four days I was back
to work, completely healed. The scar could hardly be seen,
and, what is more wonderful, my kidney trouble has vanished."

200. Mrs. N. "Two years ago, my young son was seriously
infected by a centipede, which crawled between his fingers, as
the creature's claws are said to contain poison-sacs, and wherever
they touch the flesh they pierce it. According to medical opinion
this poison is extremelj' virulent, producing very distressing results.


It was with this asserted law staring us in the face, and the fingers
in a pronounced state of inflammation, that Christian Science came
to the rescue. The inflammation was seen to be the effect of fear,
and we learned that divine Love casts out fear. Knowing there
is but one Mind, which is ever-active, ever-conscious, and ever-
present, and that in this Mind there is not a single element of poison
— this met and mastered the belief in poison, and in three days
the hand was healed."



Most of us, I think, will view these two hundred
cases with a measure of dismay, and even of disgust.
We shall admit that many are indeed cases of
healing. None the less, we shall say, here is a very
alarming picture of a nation obsessed by functional
disorders. So much neurasthenia, such decadence
of logic, such passion for signs and wonders, such
extravagance of imagination, so much talk about
stomach and bowels. They are not good reading:
there is something unwholesome about them. That
ill-used word, morbid, will be at the back of our
minds: there is nothing morbid, we shall say, in
the Bible stories of healing.

Still, they were healed. Does it matter how, so
long as they were healed ?

It does matter, very gravely. There is a certain
decency to be observed as to our insides. It is
unseemly to talk much of them to our friends: it
is more than unseemly to describe them to our
Maker. Or, shall we say that the Scientist urges
them into health, not by prayer, but by contempla-
tion ? The offence remains. Indeed, let alone the


Creator, it were offensive, for such a purpose, to con-
template the creature. If, by setting my thoughts
on Shakspeare, Beethoven, Darwin, or Joan of
Arc, I could regulate my insides, I would not.
It would not be gentlemanly thus to abuse these
great names: I might even feel some scruple over
contemplating to this end the Infinite Truth that
two and two make four. Anyhow, the vast majority!
of these testimonies are not worth the paper on
which they are printed.* What are kidney trouble,

* The following paragraphs are from Dr. Cabot's very valu-
able paper, "One Hundred Christian Science Cures," McClure's
Magaziney August 1908: —

"In the analyses of these cases, I am guided by my experience
with the diagnosis naively given by patients entering my office
for treatment: diagnosis based either upon their own unguided
observation, or upon what they suppose their own physician to
have said to them. In such instances, there is no possible motive
for deception or for exaggeration; the patient is saying exactly
what he believes; and yet, I have rarely found his statement to
be even approximately correct. For example, when a patient
comes to me with the statement that he has 'kidney and bladder
trouble,' I generally find both the kidneys and the bladder sound.
The patient has pain in his back, in the region where he supposes
his kidneys to be; he interprets his symptoms in the light of
what he has read in the newspaper advertisements, and what he
has been told by his kind friends, and arrives at what is, to his
mind, a perfectly solid conclusion. He has no doubts of the
diagnosis, states it as a fact, and asks only for treatment.

"So it is with patients coming for 'spinal trouble,' 'hardening
of the spine,' 'inflammation of the spine,' or 'spinal meningitis.'


lung trouble, heart trouble, liver trouble, and eye
trouble ? They are not chronic nephritis, phthisis,
valvular disease, cirrhosis, and cataract. Bov^el
trouble is ordinary constipation; stomach trouble
is ordinary indigestion and aversion from food;
spinal trouble is ordinary backache. These are not
testimonies, but testimonials; every advertisement
of a new quack medicine publishes the like of them.
We all knov^ Mr. A. and Mrs. B. and Miss C, who

They almost always turn out, on careful examination, to be suffer-
ing from some form of nervous prostration. In the interpreta-
tion of their sufferings, and in the names which they attach to
them, they have been guided, quite innocently, by hearsay.

"Similarly, when patients come to me for- what they quite in-
nocently call * heart trouble,' and turn out on examination to
be suffering from pain in the left side of the chest without any
heart trouble at all, I accuse them of no deception, but only of
incapacity for the active appreciation of the value of evidence.

"Certain other statements recur very often in the histories
given in all good faith by patients, whether in the doctor's office
or in a Christian Science experience meeting. I will quote some
of these : —

"*I have had a great many doctors, and each has made a dif-
ferent diagnosis.'

"*I am suffering from a complication of diseases, Bright's
disease, liver and lung complaint, and other ailments too numer-
ous to mention.*

"'I have had a great many operations performed on me.'

"Experience shows us that when a person has had many doc-
tors, many diagnoses, many * diseases,* or many operations, he
usually turns out to be suffering from nervous prostration or
some other form of functional nervous trouble."


bear witness to So-and-so's Pills. They had spinal
trouble and kidney trouble. There is a rough
sketch of fhem, doubled up with pain, or weeping
at the family tea table. And it is certain, that the
pills did them good.

Again, many of these witnesses are not telling
the truth. They are so excitable, so ill-educated,
that they fail to distinguish truth from falsehood.
They have given false evidence, have perjured
themselves, not wilfully, but from sheer inability to
be accurate.

Again, we all know that no statement is more
inaccurate than the average statement of "what the
doctor said." We listen with politeness to it, but
without acceptance: we think to ourselves, / wish
I knew what he really did say.

Again, what is the good of proclaiming that
Christian Science heals diseases which get well of
themselves ^ Time heals them. Here is a girl
with a cold in her head: she is healed "through
the realisation of the omnipresence of Love." Was
there ever such an insult offered to the name of
Love .?

Again, the healing of one "trouble" must not
be reckoned as the healings of half-a-dozen troubles.
For example, a woman is subject to aversion from
food, constipation, headache, backache, liver trouble,
and eye trouble. Christian Science, bidding her eat
more, amends all these troubles: and is thereby


encouraged to order plenty of solid food in cases of
gastric ulcer, and in cases of typhoid fever with
ulceration of the bowels.

Again, what is the good of testifying to the healing
of hernia ? Was it hernia ? Suppose that it was,
what sort of hernia was it ? Hernia will vanish for
ever so long, and leave no sign of its presence. Or,
take the cases of asthma. Were they asthma .?
Even then, asthma can hardly be called an organic
disease. Or, take the "tumours." Were they soHd
tumours, or cysts, or effusions, or deep-seated ab-
scesses, or inflammatory swellings .? Who made
the diagnosis I Were they subjected to microscopic
examination by a skilful pathologist ? Or, take
the "dislocations." Were they x-rayed .f" Were
they not the cases that bonesetters cure .? Or, take
the cases of "lung trouble." Most of them were

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