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married Jacob Forney, a son of Gen. Peter Forney.''' of
Revolutionary fame, a resident of Lincoln county, N. C.
They had issue as follows: —

i. Maj. Daniel Peter Fornev, was born in Lincoln
county, N. C. , 1819, and died 18S1, unmarried. He was
educated at the University of Virginia, taking a course
in law, which profession he practiced a number of
years. He was a soldier in the INIexican War, was
captain of the Alabama State Troops in 1S61, and major
and inspector general of the C. S. Army
ii. Joseph Bartlett Forney was born 182 1, and died 1883.
He married Mary Whitaker, of Troy, N. Y. His busi-
ness was that of a merchant. He entered the Con-
federate Army, and was aid to his brother, Gen. John
H. Forney.

36. iii. Gen. William H. Forney, b. 1S23; m. Elizabeth Wood-


37. iv. Barbara Ann Forney, b. 1826; m. Maj. Peyton Rowan.

38. V. Gen. John H. Forney, b. 1829; m. Septima Sexta


39. vi. Emma E. Forney, b. 1832; m., first, Benjamin Rice; m.,

secondly, the Rev. Thomas A. Morris.

* The traditions of this Forney family are the same as those of the
Conewago (Hanover) Pennsylvania family mentioned elsewhere. Both
point to French extraction, having fled from religious persecution in
France to Germany, after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685.
The}' remained in Germany long enough to become citizens of that
country before emigratii:g to America. There are no records to show a
relationship between the Conewago, Pa., and the Southern family, but
a relationship may have existed in a higher branch in the Fatherland.

The Szvope Family. igi

vii. Col. George Hoke Forney, b. 1835. He was merchan-
dising until the breaking out of the war when he
entered the Confederate service in the company of his
brother, Daniel Peter, Jan., 1S61. In 1862 he was
major commanding the ist Confederate Battalion. In
1863 the 1st Confederate Battalion was increased in
number of companies, and he was promoted to lieu-
tenant colonel. " A rather unusual order was made by
the President in this, that the first battalion and another
named regiment was ordered from the army in Missis-
sippi to the army in Virginia to be placed in a brigade
commanded by Gen. Davis, a relative of the President."
A result of this transfer was that Col. Forney took part
in the battle of the Wilderness, and was killed there.
May 5, 1864. His battalion was composed of disbanded
regiments, in which there was many rough cases —
Mobile and New Orleans " wharfs " — still he held them
under complete control through the love they bore him.

40. viii. Ameija Catharine Forney, b. April 10, 1838; m. Maj.

John M. Wyly.

41. ix. Maria Eloise Forney, b. May 15, 1841; m. R. D.


X. Col. John D. Hoke' (Daniel Hoke*, Sabina (Swope)
Hoke', John Swope"', Yost Swope^) was born Sept. 18, 1803,
in Uncoln county, N. C. He died March 24, 1878. He
married Anna Maria Whitaker, of New York city. In
1835 he moved from lyincohiton, N, C, to Jacksonville, Ala.
He is described as a " noble character. ' ' He was colonel of
militia, and a fine, dashing .soldier. When the family moved
to Jacksonville his wife was the onl\- baptized member of
the Episcopal Church in that town. Through her persistent
and unflagging efforts, the most of the kin, who had been
Lutheran and German Reformed, were from time to time con-
firmed by the Episcopal Bishops, of Alabama. For quite a
number of years the}' were without a minister and a proper
building; finally the families built St. Euke's Church and
John D. Hoke became Sunday School superintendent and lay
reader. The services were gone through with regularity,
though the attendance was very small. The church by out-
siders was known as "Hoke's Church." A cruciform tablet
has been placed in the wall of the church bearing the follow-
ing inscription, "In memory of John D. Hoke, the founder

192 The Szi'Ope Faiiiilj.

and senior warden of this church. . . . Erected as a
token of affection b}- the members of this parish." They
had issue as follows: —

i. George Frederick Hoke, b. 1836; d. 1S49.

ii. Amelia C. Hokp:; married John Caine, and died a year

iii. John E. Hoke; died in childhood,
iv. Eugene Hoke; died in childdood.
V. Gertrude Hoke; died in childhood.
vi. Ida Hoke; died in childhood.

vii. Daniel Fornev Hoke, was born in Jacksonville, Ala.
He was graduated fron: the theological school of the
University of the South at Sewanee, Tenn., 1878, but
his father's death occurring about that time, he gave
up the ministry for a season, in order to more effectu-
ally assist in the support of the family. He is and has
been a deacon of the Episcopal Church, but is now
(1895) studying for priest's orders,
viii. Anna Courtney Hoke; m. Joseph M. Alexander, of
East Tennessee, who died. She is now living in Jack-
sonville, Ala., in widowhood. They had issue: —
i. Josephine.
ii. John Hoke.
iii. St.\r.
ix. Elizabeth Roozvelt Hoke; m, Henry Graham, and
resides in Jacksonville, Ala. They had issue: —
i. Henry.
ii. Fannie.
iii. John.
iv. Hoke.
v. An infant, 1S95.
X. John D. Hoke.

XI. Dr. George Frederic Hoke' (Daniel Hoke*. Sabina
(Swope) Hoke', John Swope", Yost Swope' ) was born, Nov.
4, 1805, in Lincoln county, X. C. He died May 19, 1863.
A relative says of him, that ' ' he was a very quiet, but learned
man." 'T was said of him while a student of medicine that
"the more you rub him the brighter he shines." After
graduating with the highest distinction, he commenced the
practice of medicine in Jacksonville, Ala., but lost among his
first patients a dear friend, after which he ceased general
practice. He did not marry until rather late in life. Dec. 28,

The Sicopc Faiiii/y. 193

1854, he married Martha M. Douglass, of Danville, Va.
They had issue: —

i. Mary Emma Hoke; m. Dec. 10, 1876, Daniel Warlick.
They had children: —
i. Gkor(;e Hoke.
ii. Jessie Deane.
iii. Fanny Forney.
ii. Sarah Louisa Hoke.
iii. Georgia EIvLA Hoke.

XII. Alfred Hoke' (Daniel Hoke*, Sabina (Swope)
Hoke', John Swope', Yost Swope') was born, July 4, 1810;
died March 5, 1883. He married, Sept. 28, 1837, Susan
Abernathy, who was born March 15, 1810, and died June
7, 1880. She was a sister ot Miles Abernathy, who married
Anna Hoke. Alfred Hoke was a man devoted to agriculture
and a model farmer. They had issue: —

i. John Hoke, b. July 9, 183S; m. Miss Goode. They had
six children. They reside in Texas, where he is en-
gaged in fanning.

42. ii. Many Ann Hoke, b. Aug. 7, 1840; m., Sept. 5, i860,

William Morgan,
iii. Alice Hoke, b. July 9, 1844; m. Frank Pinson, June 27,
1867. She died, 1877. They had issue: —
i. Thomas, b. April 15, 1869.
ii. MoEiJE, b. Feb. 23, 1871.
iii. GussiE J., b. May 17, 1877.
iv. Augusta Hoke, b. Sept. 28, 1846. Resides in Kendricks,

V. Bergman Hoke, b. July 16, 1849; d. May 7, 1883; m.,
April I, 1881, Lulu Harralson. He was a farmer by

43. vi. Sallie Hoke, b. July 21, 1853; m. William Crow.

XIII. Anna Hoke' ( Daniel Hoke', Sabina (Swope) Hoke',
John Swope', Yost Swope' j was born Nov. 6, 1812; died
March 4, 1887; married, June 18, 1835, Miles Abernathy,
born July 21, 1801; died July 25, 1877. They had issue as
follows: —

i. Sarah C. Abernathy, b. Aug. 17, 1S36; d. Dec, 1836.

ii. Frances Eliza Abernathy, b. Feb. 2, 1838; m., Sept.
30, 1858, Maj. Thomas W. Francis, b. July 22, 1837; d.,
Oct. 23. 1S90, at Jacksonville, Ala., where Mrs. Francis
now resides.

194 ^^^^ Sivope Family.

iii. Anna M. Abernathv, b. May 24, 1840; m. Daniel P.
Loretz, b. June 30, 1S42; d. Jan. 7, 1893. She resides
with her sister, Mrs. Francis, in Jacksonville.

iv. Macon Abernathv, b. Aug. 7, 1842. He was graduated
from the University of Alabama. He entered the Con-
federate arnn- and was among the first killed in the
battle of Frazier's farm.
V. Daniel Hoke Abernathv, b. Oct. i, 1844; d IMay 25,

vi. Emma Abernathv, b. Oct. 30, 1846; d. Dec, 1846.
44. vii. Mary Amelia Abernathv, b. Dec. 29, 1847; m. Hon.
H. L. Stevenson,
viii. Julia Swope Abp;rnathv, b. Feb. 11, 1850; m., Feb. 2,
1 87 1, J. Davidson Smith, who was born 1849. They
reside at Faunsdale, Ala.

ix. Ella Turner Abernathv, b. May 24, 1853; d. Feb. 9,

X. Caroline S. Abernathv, b. Feb. 18, 1856; m., Feb. 22,
1883, John F. Watkins, b Dec. 8, 1854. They reside at
Faunsdale, Ala. They had issue: —

i. Miles Abernathv, b. June 26, 1884.
ii. George Eegrande, b. June 8, 1886.
iii. John Franklin, b. Feb. i, 1888.
iv. Annie Hoke, b. Jan. 7, 1890
v. Mary Lilly, b Jan. 18, 1892; d. Nov. 28,

XIV. Eliza B. Hoke' (Daniel Hoke', Sabina (Swope)
Hoke^ John Swope", Yost Swope' ) was born in Lincoln
county, N, C, July 25, 181S. She died Sept. 15, 1879. She
married, Oct. 3, rS39, MosES Deane, of Ashville, Ala. He
was born May 5, 1S04, in Anderson county, S. C, and died
March 3, 1855. They had issue: —

i. S.\RAH EouLSA Dean, 1). Jan i, 1841; m., Oct. 2, i860,
William A. Edwards, b. March i, 1S22; d. Oct. 10, 1879.
Residence, Ashville, Ala. They had issue: —
i. John Henrv, b Sept. i, i86r.
ii. Augustus Deane, b. Feb. 11, 1864.
ii. William H. Deane, b. Oct. 6, 1843; m , July 24, 1884,

Ida M. Steele; d. Aug. i, 1885.
iii. A daughter, b. Aug. 11, 1845; d. Jan. 21, 1846.
iv. Walter Deane, b. Dec. 7, 1846. He is a merchant
of the firm of Rowen, Deane & Co., Jacksonville, Ala.
v. Alfred Hoke Deane, b. June 14, 1849. He is merchan-
dising at Attalia, Ala.

The SiL'opc Family. 195

vi. Julia Fornev Deane, b. Marcti 12, 185 1; d. Nov. 5, 1855.
vii. Mary Emma Deane, b. Jan. 17, 1853; "i-. June iS, 1890,
Samuel W. Vance, of Birmingham, Ala.

XV. Catharine M. Hoke' ( Daniel Hoke\ Sabina (Swope)
Hoke'', John Swope", Yost Swope') was born in lyincoln
county, N. C, June 30, 1821; died Feb. 26, 1886. She mar-
ried, April 26, 1843, Hon. J. C. Ci.a.rk, born Jan. 10, 1788;
died Sept. 5, 1870. They had issue: —

i. Edward T. Clark, b. April 23, 1844; m., Sept. 17, 1868,

Minnie Sheid. He is a merchant and planter,
ii. Annie E. Clark, b. Nov. 6. 1846; m., Sept. 18, 1878,
Joshua Draper, 1). Jan. 26, 1824; d. Sept. 26, 18S8.

XVI. Peter Hoke'' (Frederick Hoke*, Sabina (Swope)
Hoke", John Swope', Yost Swope' ) was born in York county,
Pa., Oct. 7, 1 79 1. He moved with his father's family to
Lincoln county, N. C, about 1797 or 1798. He was reared
on his father's plantation, on Liles Creek, and on attaining
manhood married Sarah Lorance. He died Nov. 23, 1864.
They had issue: —

45. i. Col. Franklin A. Hoke, b. July 7, 1815; m. Mary Zim-

ii. Catherine Hoke, b. Oct. 14, 1816; died in childhood,
iii. Alfred L. Hoke, b. April 12, 1818.
iv. John S Hoke, b. Aug i, 1819.
V. Frederick L. Hoke, b. Oct. 2, 1820.
vi. AnThia Hoke, b. Nov. 5, 1822
vii. Camilla Hoke, b. June 19, 1824.
viii. Euphemia HokE, b. Nov. 19, 1825.
ix. Candice Hoke, b. May 11, 1827.
X. Philo p. Hoke, b. Sept. 25, 1828.
xi. Louisa Hoke, b. Oct. i, 1834.

XVII. Catharine Hoke'', (Frederick Hoke', Sabina
(Swope ) Hoke', John Swope"', Yost Swope' ) was born in
York county. Pa., Aug. 28, 1795. She married, in Lincoln
county, N. C, Sep. 19, 18:2. the Rev. Ambrose Henkle,*
who was born in Shenandoah county, Va., July 11, 1786.
He was a son of the Rev. Paul Henkle, a distinguished
Lutheran clergyman of Virginia. The Henkle family in

*See note 7.

196 The Sicopc Faiiiilv.

America is remarkable for the number of ministers it has
furnished the church in all generations. Catharine Henkle
died Jan. 2, 1815, and was buried in the grave3'ard at Xew
Market, Va.. the Rev. Peter Schmucker officiated. They
had issue: —

46. i. Noah Isaiah Hexkle, b. Aug. 3, 1814: m. Mary M.


X\'III. Andrew Hoke' (Frederick Hoke*, Sabina
(Swope) Hoke^ John Swope", Yost Swope' ) was born on the
Liles Creek plantation, Aug. 3, iSoi. He died July 13,
1885. He married, March, 1820. Elizabeth Coulter, who
was born April 2, 1800; died Ma}' 6, 1878. She was a daughter
of Martin Coulter, of Catawba county, X. C. When quite
young Andrew Hoke was placed b}- his father in a mill to
learn the business. In this he continued during the most
active part of his life. Later in life he abandoned milling
and engaged in farming until his death. His sons who
reached maturity were all in the Confederate service. He and
his wife were life-long members of St. Paul's lyUtheran
Church of Catawba county, and in the graveyard of that
church repose their remains, surrounded by their kinspeople.
They had issue as follows : —

i Martix E. Hoke, b. March 3, 1821; d. Oct. 15, 1823.
ii. Mii.ES A. Hoke, b. Feb. 5, 1823; died in Arkansas, leav-
ing a family.

47. iii. Ermina Hoke, b. July 13, 1825; m. John Fry.
iv. Barteett E. Hoke, b. Oct., 1827.

V. WiLEEAM A. Hoke, b. Jan. 3, 1830. He lived near Rich-
burg, N. C, until the war, when he enlisted in the
Confederate service and was killed at Petersburg, Va.
vi. Robert H. Hoke, b. June 10, 1832; died in infancy.

48. vii. Frederick M. Hoke, b. July 11, 1833; m. Elvira Guil-


49. viii. John C. Hoke, b. Jan. 26, 1836; m. Elizabeth Robertson.

50. ix. Rhoda E. Hoke, b. May 13, 1839; m. William H. Bolch.
X. Anna C. Hoke, b. Dec. 15, 1841; died.

51. xi. JuEius B. Hoke, b. June 6, 1844; m. Jane C. Punch.

XIX. Elizabeth Hoke' (Frederick Hoke*, Sabina
(Swope J Hoke'', John Swope'"', Yost Swope' ) was born, Sept.
26, 1807, on her father's plantation. She died Oct. 12, 1S74.

The Szi'opc Faniilv. 197

She married, Feb. 17, 1825, Daniel RowE, who was born
Nov, 14, 1801, and died Nov. 30, 1878. After their mar-
riage they settled on his farm, a few miles distant from her
old home, where she lived until her death. A daughter says:
" I had the best of parents, loving and kind, loved not only
in their own family, but by all who knew them. Neither of
them ever had an enemy." They were members of St.
John's Reformed Church, a few miles from their home, and
there they are buried. They had issue as follows: —

i. Marcus M Rowk, b. Nov. 25, 1825; d. Feb. 5, 1S92. He
married, first, a ^Miss Cloninger They had six chil-
dren. He married, secondly, a Miss Bridges. They
had two children.

ii. Noah I. Rowe, b. Feb. 3, 1828; m., Dec. 18, i85i,Camila
Smith. They had ten children.

iii. CaTharink M. Rowk, b. Nov. 2, 1831; d. March 2, 1889;
m., June 25, 1850, Silas Wike. They had six children.

iv. Harriet L. Rovve, b. March 19, 1833
V. CoE. David Pinkney Rowe, b. May 3, 1836. He en-
tered the Confederate service and became colonel of
the Twelfth North Carolina Regiment. He was
wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville while in com-
mand of his regiment, May 2, 1863, and died the follow-
ing day.

vi. Sidney H. Rowe, b. Nov. 23, 1838. He entered the
Confederate army, and was in the battle of Chancel-
lorsville, where he was taken prisoner. He was taken
to Elmira, N. Y., where he died of pneumonia, Dec.
20, 1S64.

vii. Danipx L. Rowe, b. Feb. 12, 1842; m. Alice M. Bort.
They had seven children.
52. viii. Rebecca E. Rowe was born March 28, 1844; m. J. P.

ix. Marion J. Rowe, b. Jan. 17, 1849; m., Feb. 28, 1872, C.
E. Herman They had six children.

XX. Annie Hoke'' (Frederick Hoke', Sabina TSwope)
Hoke^ John Swope^ Yo.stSwope') was born, March 25, 1810,
on her father's plantation, on L,iles Creek, Catawba county,
N. C. She married. May 29, 1828, Daniel Roseman, who
was born Aug. i, 1801. He was engaged in various business
pursuits. For a number of years he was merchandising, and
later in life he purchased the Frederick Hoke plantation;

198 The Swope Family.

there he and his wife spent the balance of their hves. The
plantation, consisting of seven hundred acres, is now owned
b}' the two sons — Capt. D. Frederick and Marion I. Rose-
man. The mansion has undergone changes and been mod-
ernized since the time of Frederick Hoke, but the large rock
barn remains as he built it. Daniel and Anna Roseman were
members of St. John's Lutheran Church, two miles from
their home, and there their remains rest. They had issue: —

i. Cath.^rine M. Roshmax; m., March 17, 1S57, J. P.
Moser. They reside ii: Oakesdale, Washington. They
had issue: —

i. James E.
ii. AxxiE E.
iii. D. IMariox^.
iv. L. Alice.

V. Sarah E.
vi. Robert E.
vii Hkttie C.

ii. Harriet Rosemax; died.

53. iii. vSarah a. J. RosEMAX, b. July 11, 1834; m. Rev. Simon


54. iv. EuGEXiA D. RosEMAX, b. July 7, 1847; m. Dr. D. McD.

V. Mariox J. RosEMAx; in. Harriet Alexander. They have

four children.
vi. Capt. D. Frederick Rosemax; ni., Feb. 20, 1S71, F". D.
Cijx'E. They have issue —

i. R. f:., b. Oct 9, 1872.

ii. RiTTiK :\L, b. Sept. 9, 1874.

iii. Edgar D., b. Oct. 6, 1876.

iv. AxxiE E., V). June 20. 1880.


vi. \'IKGIXI.\.

vii. George Fraxki.ix Rosemax".
viii. JOHX- Ai.vix Rosemax.

XXI. Elizabeth Hoke' (Henry Hoke', Sabina (Swope)
Hoke\ John Swope", Yost Swope' ) was born in York county.
Pa., April 10, 1792; died Dec. 14, 1859. She married,
March 4, 1810, Michael Ouickle, who was born June i,
1796; died Jan. ir, 1850. They lived in Lincoln count\-,

The Sivope Family. 199

N. C. She was a pious and devoted member of the Lutheran
Church, and carefully reared her children in that church.
This is evinced by their early confirmation, all having been
confirmed before they reached the age of 21 years, by the
Rev. Adam Miller. They had issue: —

i. Anna M. M. Quicki,k, b. Sept. 25, 1814. She was bap-
tized V)y Rev. Daniel Moser, Dec. 11, 1S14. Confirmed
by the Rev. Adam Miller, Nov. 17, 1832. She married
Horatio Thompson. She d. Sept. 26, 1S51. They had
tw^o sons who died.

55. ii. Cephas Quicki^E, b. Feb. 14, 1819; m. Sarah Killian.

iii. Henry M. Quickle, b. Nov. 14, 1824. He was baptized
by the Rev. Daniel Moser, April 10, 1825, and confirmed
by the Rev. Adam Miller, July, 1845. He died at
Sparkling Catawba Springs, Aug. 4, 1845.

56. iv. Catharine M. Quickle, b. Nov. 4, 1827; m. Ambrose


XXII. Henry Hoke'' ( Henry Hoke*, Sabina ( Swope)
Hoke\ John Swope', Yost Swope' ) was born Oct. 10, 1796.
He married Susan Ramsaur. He was reared on his father's
plantation in lyincoln county, N. C. . and on reaching maturity,
engaged in farming in which he continued in Lincoln county
until 1855, when he and his family, except his daughter
Catharine, who married Levi Robinson, and is living at
Reepsville, N. C, moved to Cooper county, Mo., where he
died three years later, Aug. 31, 1858, and is buried in the
Brownlee graveyard. Cooper county. He was a member of
the Lutheran Church. Most of his descendants are living in
Missouri. They had issue: —

i. Daniel Hoke, b. Aug. 17, 1826. He married and died

in Texas, leaving four children,
ii. David Hoke, b. Nov. 21, 1827; d. 1862.
iii. Henry Hoke, b. Aug. 17, 1829; d. Feb. 17, 1877. I -^^\^^
iv. John Hoke, b Aug. 17, 1829; d. Aug. 15, 1866. '

57. V. Catharine E. Hoke, b. May 12, 1831; m. Levi Robinson.

58. vi. Mary A. Hoke, b. Feb. 28, 1833; m. Robert H. Reid.

59. vii. Jacob Hoke, b. June 12, 1S35; m. Virginia C. Brownlee.
viii. Adam Hoke, b. June 12, 1837; d. Oct. 6, 1865.

ix. Barbara S. Hoke.

XXIII. Daniel Hoke" (Henry Hoke*, Sabina (Swope)
Hoke', John Swope', Yost Swope') was born in Lincoln Co.,

200 The Swopc Family.

N. C, April lo, 1800. He died Jan. 16, 1877. It is said
" he and his brothers were genial, jovial men. fond of jokes
and fun. They were dear lovers of the chase, especially the
deer hunt, in which they were very successful; they were fine
marksmen." He was a farmer by occupation. In religion a
Lutheran. In politics a Democrat. He married, Nov. 18,
1835, Susan Rudasill. They had isssue: —

i William A. Hoke, b. May 13, 1837. He entered the
Confederate service in Co. B of the 23d North Carolina
regiment, and \vas killed at the battle of Gettysburg,
July 3, 1S63.

ii. JoxAS E. Hoke, b. Dec. 18, 1840 He was a member of
Co. B of the 23d North Carolina regiment, and was
killed in the battle of Chancellorsville, May 2, 1S63.

iii. David A. Hoke, b Oct. 25, 1842. He entered the Con-
federate service as a member of Co. B of the 23d North
Carolina regiment. He was killed in the battle of
Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

iv. Mary M. Hoke, b. Aug. 17, 1845; d. Dec. 30, 18S4. She
married, Feb. 18, 1869, Daniel Yoder. They had one
son, David, now living with his father in Lincolnton,
N. C.

V. Margaret S. Hoke, b. Feb. 27, 1S49; d. :\Iay 23, 1889.
vShe married, Dec. 30, 186S, Michael F. Carpenter.

vi. JoHX A. Hoke, b. Feb. 4, 1857; m.. May 10, 18S5, Rhoda
Heanner. The^- reside in Lincolnton, N. C.

XXIV. David Hoke' (Col. John Hoke', Sabina ( Swope)
Hoke", John Swope'"', Yost Swope') was born Jan. 3, 1S09.
He married, Feb. 9, 1832, Xancy A. Biyixgs. She was a
daughter of Dr. James Bivings, of Greenville, S. C. Her
maternal grandfather was Dr. John \^onstore, an eminent
physician from German}-, who settled in South Carolina.
David Hoke was by occupation a farmer. He was also Clerk
of the Superior Court at Greenville, S. C, for a ntimber of
years. He died of heart disease, Aug. i, 1865, a devoted
member of the M. E. Church. They had issue: —

60. i. Dr. Augustus D. Hoke, b. Nov. 27, 1832; m. Edith ^Nlills.

61. ii. Susan B. Hoke, b. April 11, 1836; m. Hon. Thomas O.

iii. Sarah H. Hoke was born, Nov. 10, 1844, at Greenville,
vS. C. She there married, Nov. 22, 1866, Col. J. F. B.
Jackson, who was born Jan. 29, 1832. He entered the

The Sivope Family. 201

Confederate service at the opening of the war and was
in many battles, and several times wounded. He now
resides in Birmingham, Ala., where he has large in-
terests in real estate and other forms of investments.
They had one daughter, Nannie Hoke, b. at Chattat
nooga, Tenn., July 17, 1868, and died Nov. 29, 1872.
iv. Fannie Catharine Hoke was born, 1847, and died Nov.
20, 1862, at Greenville, S. C. "The brightest and best
loved member of the household."

XXV. Michael Hoke'' (Col. John Hoke', Sabina (Swope)
Hoke'', John Swope% Swope^) was born May 2, 1810, in
Lincolnton, N. C. He was educated chiefly at Capt. Par-
tridge's Mihtary Academy, Middletown, Conn. He then
studied law with Judge Tucker, of Virginia, and finished with
Hon. R. H. Burton. In 1834 he was elected a member of the
House of Representatives for Lincoln county, which office he
held continuously until 1842. In 1844 he was nominated as
Democratic candidate for governor against Hon. Wm. A.
Graham, and "such was the fairness of his conduct, his open,
generous temper, his elevated mode of argument, that even
in high excitement, party spirit forgot its rancor, and he won,
as he deserved, the regard and respect of all parties." He ,.
died suddenly, 1844. ' Uris believed that he would have been-
elected governor had he lived. He was a member of the
Episcopal Church. He married Frances Burton. They
had issue: — " JT /?

62. i. Mary Brent Hoke; m. Dr Hildreth H. Smith.

63. ii. Gen. Robert t-. Hoke; m. Lydia Van Wyck.

iii. Dr. George Hoke; m. Violet McLean. They had two
children— Ellen died at the age of 23 years, and Augus-
tus, who married Hattie, daughter of Charles F. Hoke,
and granddaughter of Col. F. A. Hoke, of vSeneca, vS. C.
She died Nov. 25, 1891, leaving a daughter six weeks
old, now living with her father at Atlanta, Ga.

XXVI. Sarah Elizabeth Hoke' (Col. John Hoke',
Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John Swope', Yost Swope') was born
Dec. 19, 18 16, in Lincolnton, N. C. She married, May 14,
1835, Dr. Andrew Barry Crook,* who was born Oct. 16,

*Dr. Crook's maternal grandfather was Capt. Andrew Barry, of
Spartanburg, S. C, who fought during the w-hole Revolutionary war as

202 The S'n'opc Fauiily.

1802. He died, June 11, 1S62, from brain fever resulting
from overwork in caring for the wounded after the battle of
Manassas. He was an eminent physician and practiced his
profession at Greenville, S. C, for almost forty years. He
and his wife are buried in the Episcopal cemetery at that
place. They had issue: — ■

i. Sarah H. Crook was born 1S36, and married William
I'rancis Lester.

XXVII. Col. John Franklin Hoke' (Col. John Hoke',
Sabina (Swope) Hoke'\ John Swope^ Yost Swope^) was born
May 30, 1820, in Lincolnton, N. C. He was graduated from
the University of North Carolina, after which he studied law.
He was a volunteer in the war with Mexico, and was appointed
captain of infantry, and was in the severely contested battles
of Tolema, National Bridge and Cerro Gordo. He died from
heart disease, Oct. 27, 18S8, wdiile hurrahing for "the trtie
Democracy." He married Catharine Alexander. They
were members of the Episcopal Church. They had i.ssue: —

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